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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nick and Jack arrived home to find Aggie busily wrapping gifts. Nick advised her to put the gifts beneath the tree at the last minute on Christmas Eve, if she expected them to remain unopened until Christmas Day. He reasoned that she could accomplish that by spending the night with him and Jack on Christmas Eve. A delighted Aggie said there was no place she'd rather be.

After preparing Jack for bed, Aggie returned downstairs to find Nick snooping in her shopping bags. She playfully admonished him and said Jack had been upstairs marveling about Santa Claus. Jack returned, and the three worked on Jack's letter to Santa.

Aggie called Whip to say that she'd missed him and Taylor at dinner earlier. Whip apologized for being unable to make it and mentioned that he was at the "Taboo" showing. Whip confided that he'd had enough of Ridge interfering in the Jones's marriage. Whip intended to do something big to give "Mr. Arrogant" a wakeup call. A leery Aggie thought that she and Whip ought to talk about the problem first, but Whip declared that the time for talk was over.

Later, Nick read from Jack's list, and Aggie relayed her concern about Whip, who had serious issues with Ridge. "Well, who hasn't?" Nick replied. Aggie stated that Ridge was spending too much time with Taylor, and Whip wouldn't put up with it anymore.

As they cuddled on the sofa, Nick recalled forcing Aggie to get into the Christmas spirit the previous year. Aggie said that the changes in the past year had made her feel completely different. She was anticipating Christmas, and it was all due to Nick and Jack.

In the Forrester Creations showroom, Rick and Thorne hustled to prepare for the "Taboo" showing. Donna greeted Marcus and lauded his modeling talents. Justin entered, and she grinned. Marcus' parents wished him luck, and he went backstage. Justin remarked that Marcus was a fine man, and Donna replied that Marcus was handsome, just like his father.

Summer led Taylor and Whip backstage, where Thomas worried that he might let Ridge down. Ridge expressed pride in his son and advised Thomas to keep things simple. To himself, Whip murmured that Ridge should smile while he could, because it was about to get ugly.

Whip joined Thomas and Taylor as Jarrett confirmed that he'd get a backstage exclusive of the crew preparing for the finale. Taylor barred Whip from giving Thomas any advice about creating stunts. Whip tried to escort Taylor to her seat, but she opted to stay behind to talk to Ridge about Thomas. Whip stared bitterly at them before walking off.

Thorne and Rick called a meeting backstage, and Whip listened in the shadows as Thorne explained to the models that their outfits were located in quick-change cubicles backstage. Thorne emphasized the need to check a clipboard with the list of the appropriate changing areas. As the meeting concluded, Whip's scheming gaze surveyed the backstage area.

Ridge parted the curtains to enter Brooke's changing cubicle. As he helped her with her zipper, she remarked that Whip had seemed tense earlier. Ridge said he'd been surprised to see Whip because the men had argued earlier about Ridge's relationship with Taylor. Ridge stated that Whip had childishly asked how Ridge would feel if someone interfered in Ridge's marriage.

Brooke didn't like the sound of that, but Ridge attributed it to stress. Brooke promised that the evening would be about Forrester's style and elegance. She was sure that after the showing, everyone would be less stressed, including Whip.

Whip found his seat beside Taylor in the audience. She apologized for the trouble they'd been having, and Whip said he'd warned Ridge of the consequences for interfering in the Jones's marriage. "And he better damn well believe me," Whip concluded.

The show opened to applause, and men's winter coat designs hit the runway. Whip slipped out of the showroom to take a call. After several models strutted across the stage, Taylor wondered what was taking Whip so long to return.

Backstage, Ridge once again reminded Thomas to stay the course and let the designs speak for themselves. Thomas promised that there would be no scandals. Lurking behind the scenes, Whip grabbed the clipboard with the wardrobe lists on it. Whip then switched the locations of a couple of garment bags and grinned to himself.

On stage, Brooke pranced down the catwalk with a young male model and wowed the crowd when she kissed his cheek. Jarrett headed backstage for some behind-the-scenes shots.

Backstage, the shirtless Thomas panicked upon realizing that the showstopper wasn't in his cubicle. He parted some curtains and inadvertently barged into a cubicle where Brooke was changing clothes. The lingerie-clad Brooke shrieked, and Thomas darted his gaze downward. He said he was looking for his suit, and the two frantically searched her cubicle for it.

Jarrett waltzed through the curtains to photograph Thomas, but was mortified to see Brooke and Thomas half-dressed in the tiny space. Thomas grabbed Brooke and shielded her from Jarrett's view. It looked as if Thomas and Brooke were holding each other as he warned Jarrett not to take any photos. "Stop staring at Brooke!" Thomas ordered, but a bewildered Jarrett exclaimed, "I'm not!" Stammering that he'd catch Thomas after the show, Jarrett quickly backed out through the curtains.

A hand with a cell phone slipped between the curtains and discretely snapped pictures. Whip pulled his hand back and viewed the photo of the seemingly embracing Brooke and Thomas. "Payback time," Whip uttered with a devious grin.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke, Thomas, Ridge, and Taylor discussed the success of the "Taboo" fashion show. Thomas struggled with his conscience, and started to babble about the insanity of quick changes and all the backstage confusion.

Ridge interrupted and said that it was the standard during a fashion show, but Thomas was thinking about the incident where he had been shirtless and Brooke had been in her underwear when they were startled by Jarrett.

Brooke quickly changed the subject and asked Taylor if Whip had commented about the show. Taylor seemed surprised that Brooke would ask about Whip, but Brooke said that Whip had marketing expertise, and he worked for the competition. He had a lot of insight. Taylor said that she hadn't heard from him. Ridge and Taylor gushed about their pride in Thomas, his creativity and good judgment in what was tasteful. Thomas and his parents embraced, and then Ridge and Taylor left.

Thomas told Brooke that he had wanted to tell his parents about the incident, but Brooke wondered how they'd ever explain it. Brooke worried that Jarrett had posted something about it on the Spencer website. Thomas and Brooke agreed that Jarrett had not had a camera with him when he had walked in on them. They hoped that he had not posted anything that would result in a scandal.

Brooke worriedly checked the Internet, and viewed two incriminating photos of Brooke and Thomas. Brooke and Thomas wondered what they should do and how they could explain what had happened. Ridge entered and asked what they were so intently studying on the computer. Thomas and Brooke froze. Ridge insisted that they show him the computer. Thomas turned the screen for Ridge to see the photos of Brooke and Thomas, and Ridge's face filled with fury.

At Taylor's, Aggie visited Whip, and Whip angrily admitted that he'd had an unfriendly encounter with Ridge. Whip shared that Taylor had called Whip by Ridge's name during a lovemaking session. Whip had advised Ridge to stay away from Taylor, but Ridge had dismissed Whip. Aggie wondered what Whip had in mind, and Whip said that he would get Ridge's attention. Aggie warned Whip to be careful.

Aggie left, and Taylor entered. Taylor told Whip that she had been pleased that nothing inappropriate had happened at the show. Taylor blissfully reported that the show had made Ridge and Taylor very proud of their son. Whip later was alone and checked his computer. The steamy images that he had taken of Brooke and Thomas popped up. Whip celebrated with a drink and a smile.

At Spencer, Liam and Hope hung out in Liam's new office. Hillary, Liam's new assistant, asked "Mr. Spencer" if he needed anything. Hope asked what was up with the new name and an assistant. Liam admitted that Bill had planned an announcement that Liam was no longer Liam Cooper but rather William Spencer III, and it was part of a total marketing plan.

Liam added that his father had asked Liam to start marketing Spencer to a younger demographic and to begin with the company website. Liam showed Hope that he had updated the website so stories that had received the most viewers continued to move onto the home page's top story list. The site had a picture of Liam and editorial that ranked it as the top story. Hope teased that it said Liam was an eligible bachelor, but Liam said it was all marketing.

Liam added that he had decided to use his new position and all its perks to take care of his girlfriend. Since he knew that Hope loved sushi, Liam had hired the best sushi chef in Los Angeles to make sushi for them, and Hillary delivered it on a table with a white tablecloth and silver platters. Hope laughed, and she and Liam kissed.

After they ate, Liam wondered if Hope was in trouble because she had missed the "Taboo" fashion show. Hope said that she doubted anyone had missed her. Liam suggested that they check the Spencer website for news, and he clicked on the site. Suddenly, two racy photos of a shirtless Thomas and underwear-clad Brooke showed up. Hope was shocked. Liam pointed out that Brooke would never cross that line again. He was sure it was someone's idea of a joke or a clever Photoshop job.

Hope was shaken, but Liam tried to remind her that it had nothing to do with them or her. Liam comforted Hope. He promised that he wouldn't allow anything that her mother had done to resurrect bad memories.

At the beach house, Oliver checked his computer for reviews of the "Taboo" fashion show. Amber entered and she rubbed his chest and shoulders. Oliver warned her to stop, but Amber sat on his lap and reminded him that they had already had sex. She knew that he was tempted to give in.

Oliver refused. Amber moved to another seat and checked the computer. She decided that she needed to get out from under the dark, depressing cloud she had been stuck under since she'd lost her job. She looked at the computer screen and discovered the Spencer website with eligible bachelor Liam Spencer. Amber decided that she had found just what she needed to lift her spirits -- Liam Spencer.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At Taylor's, Taylor handed Whip a cognac and he wondered why she had poured him a drink. Taylor remarked that Whip liked to celebrate with a cognac, and she wanted to drink a toast to Thomas. They toasted, and Whip asked if Taylor preferred that he get rid of the liquor and the liquor cabinet, but Taylor said that it was nice to look in the liquor cabinet and see adult beverages again.

Whip suggested that they invite Brooke and Ridge over for a cocktail to celebrate Thomas' success. Taylor wondered why he'd want to invite them over, but Whip said that he had come down hard on Ridge and wanted to apologize. Taylor complimented Whip for being a thoughtful, handsome, and loving husband.

Taylor called Ridge, and Ridge told her that he didn't have time to talk because he was dealing with "it." Taylor asked what he had meant, and Ridge realized that she had had not yet seen the photos posted all over the Internet. Ridge told her not to look at the Internet or take any calls until he returned her call.

Ridge hung up, and Taylor pulled out Whip's laptop to see what was going on. She found the photo of Brooke and Thomas and angrily stormed out of the house to confront Brooke. After Taylor left, Aggie showed up and suggested that Whip had downloaded the photo.

Whip said that Ridge was going to get exactly what he had deserved. Aggie warned that it might not have been a good idea. She reminded Whip that he had a wife who loved him, and he needed to forget about her previous husband. Whip said that Taylor was the one who needed help in letting go of the past.

At Forrester, Ridge angrily asked who had taken the photo of Brooke and Thomas and wondered how it had happened. Brooke and Thomas explained to Ridge that in all the confusion, Thomas had discovered that his suit was not in his dressing room, so he'd looked in other dressing rooms.

Thomas admitted that he'd run into Brooke's dressing room by mistake, and she was undressed. Her outfit was also missing. Thomas added that Jarrett had barged in, and Thomas had hurried to shield Brooke from Jarrett's gaze. Then someone had taken the photo. Ridge said that it was obvious the photos had taken place in a dressing room, but he was curious who had taken them. Neither Brooke nor Thomas remembered Jarrett using a camera.

Ridge accused Thomas of setting up the photo as another publicity stunt, but Brooke denied that Thomas had anything to do with it. Thorne entered and exclaimed that the company's computer servers were crashing with all the orders that had been placed and feedback from the public on the photos.

Ridge explained that another Internet photo was causing the overload. Ridge asked Thorne if he had taken the photo of Brooke and Thomas. Thorne snickered and said that he had no time to plan a publicity stunt and take a photo. He had been extremely busy trying to cycle everyone through dressing rooms.

Brooke warned Ridge not to blame Thorne because he had nothing to do with it. Thorne agreed and provided the script for the fashion show, and it indicated the tight scheduling. Thorne admitted that it had been mass confusion backstage.

Thorne added that if he ever discovered who had taken the steamy photo that had hit the Internet, he wanted to punch the photographer for messing up the computer servers. But Thorne added that he also wanted to shake hands with the culprit because it might have been the best thing that had ever happened to the men's line.

Thorne, Ridge, Brooke, and Thomas agreed that no copyright appeared on the photo. That meant that a Spencer magazine photographer had not taken it. Taylor entered and immediately shouted at Brooke for entering Thomas' dressing room and putting her hands all over him. Taylor continued to rant, and no one bothered to stop her. Thorne left, and Thomas and Ridge tried to explain that half-naked men and women backstage at a fashion show was nothing unusual. Whoever had shot the photos had taken advantage of the situation.

Taylor continued to blame Brooke and said that dressing rooms had assignments. Brooke interrupted and tried to explain that her outfit had not been in her dressing room, but Taylor continued to lecture. Taylor said that she and Ridge were not going to allow Brooke to "whitewash" another seductive photo with Thomas.

Taylor quizzed Brooke about why she hadn't left the dressing room if Thomas was in it, and Brooke said that she hadn't wanted to walk out in her underwear. Taylor argued that Brooke had made a career of parading up and down catwalks in her underwear.

Ridge attempted to interrupt Taylor to explain that the incident had been nothing but the norm at a fashion show, but Taylor refused to be silenced. She wanted Ridge to do something. Taylor worried that Ridge was going to overlook the issues with Brooke and Thomas until they were "in bed together." Ridge looked disgusted.

At Spencer, Hope encouraged Liam to figure out if the photo of Brooke and Thomas had somehow been altered. Liam said that he hadn't seen any signs of it, but Hope was still convinced that someone was out to get her mother. Hope quizzed Liam about his father, Justin, and Jarrett. "They were all at the fashion show, weren't they?" Hope asked.

Liam was insulted. He told Hope that he realized Justin had been in on the plan that had used Steffy's computer to embarrass Brooke previously, but he reminded Hope that Bill would kill Justin if he did something like that again. Hope wasn't so sure.

Liam added that it was insulting to him that Hope or anyone would accuse his father of something. Liam reminded Hope that she was equally as insulted when people accused her mother of things. Hope remarked that the press portrayed her mother as a person who slept around, and Hope appeared to be "a Sunday school teacher."

Hope worried that Liam disliked the extremes in her family. Liam disagreed. He told Hope that his mom had given him some good advice about life, and that work was all a game that lasted about 20 years. Love was what lasted. They agreed to stop arguing.

At the beach house, Amber told Oliver that she had discovered there were only two ways to get money. "Be born into it, or marry into it," she said. Oliver shook his head. Amber had set her sights on Liam, but Oliver suggested that she get a job and stop stalking men.

Amber quizzed Oliver about what had happened between them. Amber reminded Oliver that they had enjoyed many rounds of sex the night that they had spent together. Oliver said that he didn't remember, and Amber feigned insult.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

At Oliver's house, Amber marveled about Bill Spencer's monetary worth. She figured Liam was worth a lot, too, which made him irresistible. As she dreamed of lobster dinners and trips to Paris, Oliver said money didn't equal happiness, especially if it made people act like Bill.

A pouting Amber wished to have money again. In debt and unable to find a job, she said she was really struggling. Oliver had debt, too, but he was satisfied with his job and house on the beach. Figuring that he wouldn't be completely happy without Hope, Amber reasoned that getting her hands on Liam would give Oliver another shot at true love.

Oliver figured that Amber had a better chance of winning the lottery than having Liam, who was devoted to Hope. Oliver guessed Amber just wanted Liam's money, but Amber said not to knock her for desiring something better in her life.

Amber recalled that being married to Rick had been the best time of her life. Though the Forresters had despised her, others had treated her like royalty. Amber stated that Oliver could have that, too, if he were with Hope. Oliver, however, said he didn't care about rich trappings. Amber asserted that she'd go after William Spencer III, and he wouldn't know what had hit him.

At Spencer Publications, Bill entered his office and interrupted a kiss between Liam and Hope. Bill announced that he'd planned a party for Liam the next night, and Hope guessed that it was to celebrate Liam's bachelor persona. Liam seemed unsure about the event, but Bill insisted that it was vital for their company and their family.

Liam assumed that Hope would be his date for the party. Bill, however, said it wasn't a high school prom, and Liam needed to focus on business. "He doesn't want me to go," Hope concluded. Liam insisted that Hope meant too much to him to leave out, and Bill conceded and agreed to let her attend. Once Bill left, Liam expressed his excitement about sharing his big night with the woman that he loved.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas said Taylor was overreacting about the photo, and Brooke explained the wardrobe problem that had landed her and Thomas in the same dressing area. Taylor asserted that Brooke should have left the dressing room. Knowing the chaos that typically unfolded backstage during shows, Ridge interjected that the mishap had been plausible. Even so, he deemed it inappropriate for the two to have changed clothes in the same area.

Taylor asked to speak to Ridge alone, and Thomas and Brooke begrudgingly left the room. Taylor said that Ridge had promised to pull the "Taboo" line if there were another scandal. Ridge, however, decided that it wasn't Brooke's fault, and he had to let it go. An outraged Taylor asked if he planned to keep dangling Thomas out there like bait. Ridge claimed that it was about creating a buzz, and nothing would actually happen between Thomas and Brooke.

As Taylor flipped through Thorne's clipboard, Brooke and Thomas strode back into the room. Taylor was convinced that it hadn't been an accident, but Thomas implored Ridge to believe what he and Brooke had said. Ridge replied that the line would continue, but Thomas only had one more chance. Taylor expressed her bitter disappointment in Ridge and ordered Brooke to keep her clothes on around Thomas. Taylor stormed out, and Thomas followed her.

Brooke was sorry for the tough situation Ridge had been in with Taylor. Ridge said it hadn't been Brooke's fault, but Brooke asked for forgiveness anyway. She offered to quit the "Taboo" line because her marriage meant everything to her. Ridge valued the marriage, too, but he said those types of things couldn't keep happening.

Brooke stated that she didn't ever want to jeopardize their marriage, and Ridge said he believed that. Ridge knew that she hadn't crossed any lines, and she'd been a great asset to Thomas; however, Ridge warned that nothing inappropriate could ever happen again. Brooke promised that it wouldn't, and as they hugged, he said she had the worst luck of anyone he knew.

Brooke couldn't explain why those things kept happening to them, but she felt it made their connection even stronger. She was awed by Ridge's compassion and understanding. Ridge affirmed that he'd always believe in her, and nothing would ever get between them again.

At Whip's house, Whip told Aggie that the less she knew about things, the better. Sure that Whip had taken the photo, Aggie wondered what would happen if Ridge dumped Brooke to pursue Taylor. Whip insisted that his marriage was solid, but Taylor's disillusionment over Ridge's tolerance for the "Taboo" line would only get worse. "And that's when I'm gonna be the one who's laughing," Whip concluded.

Later, Whip was alone when Thomas and Taylor arrived. As Taylor fumed, Whip pretended to be a concerned, but innocent, bystander in the matter. Thomas insisted Taylor believe that nothing would happen between him and Brooke. Taylor sighed and hugged her son.

After Thomas left, Whip asked about Ridge's reaction to the picture. Taylor said Ridge had been shocked, but he'd looked the other way, as usual. Whip disapproved of Ridge's blind spot for Brooke, whom Whip considered to be a loose cannon. Taylor exclaimed her gratitude to finally have someone on her side. Whip said that as long as Thomas and Brooke worked together, those incidents would keep happening. "I just feel that," he ominously added.

Alone in the living room later, Whip painfully recalled Taylor calling out Ridge's name in bed. Whip stated that if Ridge messed with Whip's marriage, then Whip would return the favor. "I'm not done with you yet, Ridge. Not by a long shot," Whip decided.

Friday, December 17, 2010

At Brooke's house, Brooke lent some jewelry to Hope for Liam's party. Brooke assured Hope that a harmless dressing room mix-up had led to the compromising photo of Brooke and Thomas. Liam called Hope, and she offered to forgo the party, since Bill didn't want her there. Disregarding Bill's desires, Liam insisted upon sharing the evening with "[his] girl."

Marcus arrived with a dress that Liam had asked Ridge to rush into production specifically for Hope. Hope cooed that it had been her favorite design. Marcus said he had to run some proofs over to Oliver's house before attending the party. Brooke guessed that Justin probably wanted to show off his son at the party, too.

After Marcus left, Hope told Brooke that Bill was creating an eligible bachelor persona for Liam. Brooke said Bill couldn't expect Liam to pretend that he didn't have a girlfriend. Hope worried that Bill would shove her aside by pressuring Liam not to mention her or take pictures with her. Hope feared it would leave people to their own assumptions about Liam's private life.

Brooke advised her daughter not to let Bill disrupt her relationship with Liam. Brooke had learned that lesson from her battles with Stephanie. Brooke asserted that Bill could only call the shots if Hope let him. Hope thanked her mother for knowing exactly what to say.

At Oliver's house, Amber reviewed the photo of Brooke and Thomas, but Oliver said she was supposed to be searching for a live blog about Liam's party. Amber decided that if Oliver wanted the inside scoop, then he should finagle her a party invitation. As they read a party blog, Amber grew anxious. She figured that Liam would soon be out of her league, so she had to get to him before he became William Spencer III.

Marcus arrived with the proofs and asked if the housemates were happy. Oliver panicked upon realizing Marcus had discovered that Amber was living there. Amber said Marcus had known for a while, because he'd stopped by a few times before. Oliver worried that Hope would find out, but Marcus told him to "chill," because it wouldn't get out.

Marcus mentioned attending the party. He said he'd seen Hope earlier, and he'd gotten the impression that she wasn't looking forward to the event. Declaring that she'd party if Hope wouldn't, Amber talked Marcus into having Justin put her on the guest list.

At Insomnia, Donna encountered Justin and remarked that she'd miss the coffeehouse, since it seemed to be the only place she ever saw him those days. Figuring that he wouldn't socialize much after Bill's big party for Liam, Justin wished he'd seen Donna's name on the party's guest list.

As Donna and Justin chatted, Justin said that, even though Marcus was doing well in the fashion industry, he wanted Marcus to know that corporate law was just as glamorous. Justin wished to know his son better, and Donna said Marcus would be just as impressed with Justin as she was. Justin invited Donna to the party, but she claimed she hadn't been fishing for an invitation. Justin, however, said he'd be honored if she'd join him.

At Spencer Publications, Katie said Liam looked fabulous. "I look like your husband," Liam, wearing an open collar shirt and sword necklace, responded. Liam said Hope had tried to back out of the party, but he'd changed her mind. Bill wished Liam hadn't done that.

Bill stated that they were celebrating Liam's place in "the Spencer pantheon," and Katie said Hope understood that. Liam claimed to understand it, too, which was why it was so important to him that Hope be by his side. Bill let out a frustrated sigh.

Later, Liam, Katie, and Bill arrived backstage at the party. Liam was nervous, but Bill said that Spencers didn't get nervous; they got pumped. Liam's jaw dropped when Michael Buffer, a major shareholder in the company, arrived. Justin entered with a script for Liam. "Me and my dad. Two peas in a pod," Liam pretended to read in a robotic voice. Bill corrected that they were two ambitious men who lived life to the fullest.

Reviewing the script, Liam realized that Hope, the biggest part of his life, wasn't in it. Bill tried to reason with Liam about it, but Liam received a message that Hope had arrived. He scampered off before Bill could say another word. "He's killing me," Bill murmured to Katie.

After greeting Hope and mingling with the crowd, Liam decided to slip backstage to review his script. Katie, however, told him to forget the script, because in her opinion, Bill hadn't really thrown the party for some big marketing campaign; he'd done it because he was proud of Liam. "He's treating you like a big deal because you are a big deal to him," she said. A few yards behind her at the bar, Bill winked at Liam, and Liam humbly smiled.

As the party went on, Donna arrived. Justin complimented her, and Marcus smiled at them from across the room. Amber arrived and grinned to see her name on the list. She spotted Liam, her target for the night, and whispered that she'd treat him like royalty.

Liam joined Bill on stage, and Bill told his son to relax. To himself, Liam uttered that his whole life was about to change. "Goodbye Liam Cooper. Hello William Spencer III," he said.

Liam waited backstage as Bill promised the guests "an extravaganza Dollar Bill style." He claimed that the magazine industry wasn't dead. Instead, it had embarked upon a new era the very moment Bill had learned that he had a son. Bill declared that his son would prove that Spencer Publications was young, hot, and sexy.

Bill stated that his son was unlike anyone he'd ever met. Bill hoped to enrich Liam's life and make Liam a better man, because that was exactly what Liam had done for Bill. Liam shed a tear as Bill stated that it was the greatest gift that any father could receive.

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