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Monday, July 4, 2011

At Eric's house, Eric asked why Ridge was rushing into marriage. Ridge said it was because he feared forgiving Brooke. At a loss for words about Brooke's actions, Eric stated that Ridge would forgive Thomas and Brooke one day, but Ridge would always suffer over what they'd done. Still smarting from Ridge's betrayal with Brooke, Eric said a father always prized his son; however, such a betrayal made the son become just another man who coveted the father's possessions. "You think he's you, but he's not. He's the end of you," Eric said.

Ridge grimly apologized. Eric said that his fatherly role had passed, and he no longer had to watch his back, because he had nothing left that Ridge wanted. Differing in opinion, Ridge asked Eric to be his best man. Eric wondered if it mattered that he thought the marriage was a mistake, or that Taylor would inevitably be hurt. Ridge said he had no one else to ask. "All right. I'll be your last resort. What's a father for?" Eric bitterly replied.

Eric asked if his wedding speech should be about always ranking second in his and Ridge's lifetime competition for Brooke and Stephanie's attention. Ridge suggested that Eric express pride in his son; however, he advised Eric to look at Thomas upon saying it. Ridge wished never to discuss the situation again, and Eric said Ridge had taken the words out of his mouth.

At Brooke's house, Donna and Katie paraded in with ingredients for shrimp scampi. Brooke, however, didn't want company, because she was ashamed of how she'd driven Ridge into another marriage. Brooke went upstairs, and Hope told her aunts that Brooke needed to march over to Taylor's house and tell everyone that Thomas was a liar.

Katie claimed that Brooke had accepted Thomas' version as true, but Hope reasoned that being under the influence of drugs didn't alter a person's core nature. As Brooke returned, she agreed with that, and Hope asked why Brooke had readily believed that she'd been sexual with Thomas. Brooke said the berries hadn't changed her. Instead, they'd shown her who she really was, and she couldn't change that.

Brooke sadly retreated to the terrace, where she remembered each of her weddings to Ridge. At the same time, Ridge stood outside his parents' house, doing the same thing.

In Taylor's bedroom, Stephanie was astonished that Thomas would hurt his mother on her wedding day. Thomas said it had been wrong to rip Brooke's life apart, and he'd tell the truth -- without or with Stephanie. Stephanie asserted that people made choices and lived with the consequences. "I thought you were man enough to do this; am I wrong?" Stephanie challenged.

Dayzee tried to defend Thomas, but Stephanie quipped that it wasn't Dayzee's business. Dayzee retorted that Thomas was her business, and she expressed disappointment that Stephanie wasn't truly turning her own life around. Stephanie admitted that they'd done something wrong, but it was the only way to fight the husband-stealing Brooke. "She stole my husband, and she married your Uncle Thorne, for crying out loud!" Stephanie seethed.

Dayzee understood Stephanie's pain, but said Stephanie couldn't use Thomas to fight her battles. Stephanie yelled that it wasn't her battle. It was Ridge and Taylor's battle for happiness. Stephanie asserted that "an eye for an eye" was sometimes the only justice in life.

Stephanie, Dayzee, and Thomas returned downstairs in time for the last party game, in which participants stated the best advice their mother had ever given them. Dayzee started by saying that loving a person for who he was also meant loving the person who wouldn't let him be who he was. She touched Stephanie's shoulder. Others repeated their mothers' advice, and then Thomas said his mother had taught him not to fear being wrong, because most people would be at some point. Taylor said her "surrogate mother," Stephanie, had taught her to believe in herself and persevere to the fulfillment of her dreams.

Stephanie proclaimed that Taylor would have her happily ever after. Dayzee looked expectantly at Thomas; however, he hung his head and kept quiet as Stephanie dotted on Taylor.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

by Pam

At Taylor's place, Taylor awakened to a ringing phone, and it was Ridge. Taylor complained that she had awakened to a cold and empty bed where Ridge belonged. Ridge said that it would never happen again. Taylor told Ridge how happy she had made him. He said that he would see her in a few hours for the wedding.

At Stephanie's house, the Forrester family had gathered for the wedding. Stephanie told Ridge that she wanted him to be happy. Ridge said that he had to leave and visit R.J. Stephanie urged Ridge to hurry because it was his wedding day.

Thomas ran into Stephanie and he tried to persuade her that they needed to tell Ridge and Taylor the truth, but Stephanie argued that he would ruin Taylor's happiness. Stephanie bullied Thomas into keeping his mouth shut. Stephanie walked away to place flowers in another room. Hope showed up and menacingly warned Thomas that the truth would embarrass him. Stephanie rescued him and suggested that Hope should leave.

After Stephanie had left Thomas, Dayzee entered and warned Thomas that he had to tell his parents the truth. Stephanie interrupted, and she, Thomas, and Dayzee argued several times before the wedding. Stephanie insisted that they needed to remain quiet. At one point, Stephanie warned Dayzee to stop glaring at her, but Dayzee said that she no longer knew who Stephanie was. Stephanie angrily told Dayzee to get out if she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Dayzee was angry and offended.

At Brooke's, Ridge showed up, and R.J. was elated to see his father. Brooke was surprised to see Ridge, but Ridge explained that R.J. had called him because he wanted to see his dad. R.J. hugged Ridge, and the boy asked his dad to join him in his room to see an art project he had worked on. Ridge agreed, and Brooke said that she wanted to give R.J. and Ridge some private time together. She added that R.J. did not know about the divorce or Ridge's wedding to Taylor.

When Ridge returned to talk to Brooke, she was outside on the veranda. Ridge and Brooke agreed that they had been very happy in the house, and had planned to spend their lives together there. Brooke told Ridge how handsome he looked, and she presented him with a rose for his lapel. She pricked her finger on one of the thorns and blood trickled from the cut. Brooke told Ridge that Taylor would make him happy.

Brooke and Ridge embraced, and Ridge left. Brooke cried, and she wiped away the tears with her bloody finger, and left a drop of blood on her face. Later, Hope tried to persuade her mother to eat something, but Brooke was too depressed.

At Stephanie's, Taylor arrived and thanked Stephanie for everything she had done. Taylor called Stephanie her best friend. Taylor thanked her for the beautiful flowers and everything for the wedding. They embraced. Taylor headed out to the guesthouse to dress for the wedding.

In the guesthouse, Steffy said that she had never seen her mother look so happy. Steffy offered a bracelet that Phoebe had made when they were children. Steffy suggested that Taylor place it in her bouquet. Taylor said that she knew Phoebe would be happy. They agreed that Phoebe was with them. Thomas and Stephanie happily joined Taylor, and she finished preparations for her wedding.

Inside the mansion, Thorne told Eric that what Ridge was doing was wrong. Eric remained stoic and said that it was what Ridge wanted. Stephanie returned to the mansion, and Felicia showed up and kissed her mother and made small talk. Pam entered with desserts and asked where the dessert table was, but Stephanie said that she did not have one. Pam was mortified. Stephanie asked if Stephen was with Pam, but Pam said that Stephen knew that he needed to spend the day with Brooke.

Ridge returned, and Dayzee again warned Thomas to tell his father what had happened. Dayzee started the conversation and told Ridge that Thomas had something very important to tell him. Thomas covered. He told Ridge that the wedding had made Taylor very happy. Thomas and Ridge embraced.

Inside, Oliver entered and met Marcus in the living room. They had an awkward exchange, and Oliver told Marcus that Stephanie had asked him to take photos of the wedding couple. The rest of the guests arrived. Nick, Jackie, and Owen all showed up. Nick remarked to Eric that the wedding seemed to have happened too quickly, but Eric dismissed the remark.

Steffy arrived and the wedding music started. Steffy met Taylor at the front door. Dressed in a lovely white pantsuit, Taylor entered and walked toward Ridge, Eric, and Thomas who waited for her in the living room.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke and R.J. played video games, but R. J. said that his father was a much better player and that he missed him. Brooke said that she missed Ridge also. R.J. started asking a lot of questions about where Ridge was and what he was doing. Brooke explained that he was at Grandma and Grandpa's home, and R.J. wanted to go.

Brooke explained that Ridge had a very important appointment that they could not interrupt. Hope and Liam entered, and R.J. was happy to see them. Liam gave R.J. his phone to play with, and Hope and Brooke talked. Hope tried to encourage her mother to stop the wedding, but Brooke refused.

Hope told her mother that Thomas was lying, but Brooke refused to believe it. Hope said that even if Thomas had not been lying, there were extenuating circumstances. Brooke said that Taylor would make Ridge happy. She wanted Ridge to be happy. Hope was surprised that her mother was giving up.

Later, Liam and Hope talked outside, and Liam wondered what had happened to Brooke's marriage. Hope said that it was all Thomas' fault that Ridge and Brooke had broken up, but she declined to explain anything else. Inside, Stephen tried to cheer Brooke up. Brooke said that she had made mistakes, and Stephen told her to stop beating herself up, but Brooke was in tears. Stephen said that he knew what had happened.

Brooke was surprised, but Stephen explained that Katie and Donna had told him all about the island incident. Stephen told his daughter to forgive herself. He supported her, and she thanked him. Brooke said that she would be busy with her foundation and she would have to rebuild her life without Ridge.

At Stephanie's house, the Forrester family watched the minister begin the wedding ceremony for Taylor and Ridge. He talked about the importance of honesty and integrity in a marriage. It was time for Thomas to conduct a reading and he looked guilty, but he completed the reading.

When Ridge and Taylor shared their vows, they also talked about how honesty and integrity were critical in a marriage, and Ridge thanked Taylor for delivering that to his life. Ridge also thanked Steffy and Thomas for having faith that he would find his way back to their mother.

Ridge told everyone that he wanted to start a new life with forgiveness and rebuilding. He apologized to Steffy and Thomas for being absent from their lives. Ridge promised to be more involved. Ridge told Thomas that they would heal their family and that he loved him.

When it was Taylor's turn to take her vows, Taylor told Ridge how much she loved him, and that their lives had taken many turns away from one another. She was happy that they had finally gotten together again. She interrupted her vows and thanked Stephanie for becoming a role model to her. Taylor pressed on about how honest and exemplary Stephanie had always been. Taylor lamented that she had never had a role model when she was growing up, and she was eternally grateful to Stephanie, who had been the epitome of grace and honesty. Stephanie was surprised, and Taylor embraced Stephanie.

Taylor continued her vows while Thomas and Stephanie looked guilty, and Dayzee glared at all of them. The minister continued his speech reiterating how honesty was important in a marriage. He got to the part where he asked if anyone had any reason to stop the wedding, and Thomas appeared to step forward, but Stephanie spoke first. She said that she had something to say.

Everyone in the crowd whispered, and Dayzee glared at both Thomas and Stephanie.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At home in the garden, Brooke continued to recall her memories of her love affair with Ridge. She returned inside, and Stephen said he hated to see her hurting. Brooke hoped that Ridge's new marriage would make it easier for her to move on. She continued to blame herself for the incident on the island, and she felt that she deserved for Ridge to marry Taylor.

Stephen asked if Ridge had even given the marriage to Brooke a chance, but Brooke thought that would be asking too much after all Ridge had already put up with. She recalled running toward Ridge on the beach when he'd rescued her. She said she'd never forget the love and the joy they'd experienced; however, she sadly added that, at the time, Ridge had been ignorant of her betrayal. Hugging his daughter, Stephen promised she'd always have her family.

At the Forrester mansion, everyone seemed surprised by Stephanie's interruption. Stephanie said she didn't want Ridge and Taylor to continue the wedding under any misconceptions, and she asked Steffy to entertain the guests in the guesthouse for a little while. Stephanie instructed Thomas to remain, and the others filed out of the house.

The guests crammed into the guesthouse, and Steffy apologized for its messiness. Feeling crowded, Thorne decided to wait in the courtyard, but Felicia warned him to stay put. Pam chose to make food, but then berated Steffy upon finding empty kitchen cupboards. Thorne and Felicia wondered what could have made Stephanie stop the ceremony, and Jackie announced that it was the worst Forrester wedding she'd ever been to.

Steffy thanked Dayzee for giving up the guesthouse, so that Steffy could move in. Dayzee said she'd hardly used the place, and she remarked that Steffy was being unusually pleasant. Steffy stated that her brother's near-death experience had changed her perspective. Steffy then wondered if Dayzee knew why Stephanie had asked Thomas to remain at the house. Dayzee stammered, and Marcus and Owen pulled Steffy into the kitchen to help Pam.

Later, Pam cranked up the blender, and Steffy stared out of the window. Oliver said not to worry. Steffy said they'd waited a long time for that day, and she couldn't imagine why Stephanie would interrupt it. Staring across the room at Dayzee, Steffy vowed to get answers.

In the main house, Taylor and Ridge couldn't understand why Stephanie had stopped the wedding. Stephanie said it was just a short break, because she had to tell them the truth about what had happened between Brooke and Thomas on the island. The couple thought that was hardly the thing to discuss on their wedding day, but Stephanie said she'd feel better once they knew everything. Taylor replied that they knew enough, but Stephanie insisted that she couldn't let them get married until they knew the truth.

Stephanie started by saying Brooke had given Thomas the berries. "Don't blame Brooke!" Thomas interjected. Ridge and Taylor didn't want to hear about it, because they already couldn't get the image out of their minds. Stephanie claimed the talk would help, but Taylor said nothing short of saying it hadn't happened would do that. Stephanie shot a conspicuous look at Thomas.

Stephanie said the Taboo line had set it all in motion, and she reminded Taylor that they "just had known" it would happen. Sighing, Stephanie mumbled that she'd convinced Thomas to say he and Brooke had slept together. Ridge guessed his mother meant that she'd encouraged Thomas to step forward; however, Stephanie clarified that she'd convinced Thomas to lie.

Taylor and Ridge were stunned, and Stephanie added that it wasn't like the event hadn't been inevitable, so it really wasn't a lie. "You mean you and Brooke didn't...?" Ridge asked his son. Stephanie shook her head and confessed that Thomas and Brooke hadn't slept together.

Relieved of her burden, Stephanie apologized and guessed it was time to get back to it. "Get back to what?" Ridge asked and insisted upon knowing if what Stephanie had said was true. Stephanie quibbled that Thomas didn't remember either way, but Thomas asserted that Brooke and he had been dressed the entire time. Stephanie asked Ridge not to blame Thomas, but Ridge recalled that a teary-eyed Thomas had looked him in the eyes and lied.

Thomas stammered for a reply. Ridge ordered him to speak, and Thomas sputtered that he'd lied. Stephanie reasoned that they'd still crossed the line by kissing, and Brooke had no decency. "Brooke has no decency?" Ridge countered, and his ominous stare startled Stephanie.

Taylor looked as if she might be ill as Stephanie tried to convince Ridge that he was about to marry the pillar of decency, and he couldn't punish Taylor for Stephanie and Thomas' lie. As Ridge glared at Thomas, Stephanie apologized for letting the lie go too far; however, she reasoned that she couldn't let the marriage start out based on the farce. "But that shouldn't change the wedding!" Stephanie declared. Taylor, Thomas, and Ridge all stared at Stephanie.

Friday, July 8, 2011

In the guesthouse, Pam, Thorne, Felicia, and Eric continued speculating about the wedding, but Steffy said she'd go nuts if she didn't find out what was happening. Steffy took off for the main house, where Dayzee halted her on the terrace. Dayzee deterred Steffy from interrupting the living room conversation, and Steffy assumed Dayzee knew what the discussion was about. Dayzee said it wasn't her place to speak on it. As Steffy continued to worry, Dayzee hinted that no matter what happened, nothing would ever be the same.

At Brooke's house, Brooke figured that Ridge and Taylor had married by then. Brooke decided that she needed time alone, and Stephen reluctantly left. After a while, he returned to the house to retrieve his phone. Brooke was nowhere in sight, and he received a call from Pam, who was stressed out about Steffy's cramped kitchen and the dubious wedding state. When Stephen heard that Stephanie had halted the ceremony, he started searching the house for Brooke.

In his anxiousness to find Brooke, Stephen called Katie, but she had no idea where her sister was. Stephen shared the wedding news with her, and she urged him to find Brooke. As Stephen resumed his search, Pam called him back to say that he should hold off on telling Brooke anything. Because the guests hadn't been sent home, Pam reasoned that Ridge and Taylor might be working things out. Stephen agreed not to get Brooke's hopes up.

Outside in the garden, Brooke meandered down one of the steep staircases that framed her terraced water fountains. At the bottom, she sat on a bench beside the fountains and cried.

Inside the Forrester mansion, Stephanie assumed the ceremony would continue, but Ridge asked if he was supposed to pretend that it wasn't all a lie. He ordered her not to push him, because he needed time to think. Stephanie persisted, and Taylor snapped that Ridge had said not to push him. Taylor then asked Thomas how he could do such a thing.

Stephanie defended Thomas' desire to have his parents reunited, but Taylor said she'd never approve of a lie being the catalyst for it. Taylor couldn't believe Thomas and Stephanie didn't even know her or what she stood for. Taylor ranted at Thomas because she'd assumed that her son had been abused and molested by Brooke. Taylor said she'd thought that Brooke had corrupted Thomas. "But it really wasn't her. It was you!" Taylor accused, turning to Stephanie.

Taylor asserted that Thomas had let his parents to make fools of themselves and had even allowed them to go before a minister. Thomas said he'd wanted to speak up, but he knew that Taylor loved Ridge. Thomas added that Stephanie had made him promises, too.

Just then, Eric entered to find out what he should tell the guests. He noticed the thickness in the air and demanded to know what Stephanie had gotten herself into that time. Ridge said it was best that Eric let them talk it out. Upon leaving, Eric ordered them to settle the matter fast.

Ridge returned his attention to Thomas, who revealed that Stephanie had willed him her stock in Forrester. Stephanie said he deserved it, but Taylor and Ridge called it a bribe to get rid of Brooke. Stephanie admitted seizing the opportunity, but Taylor accused Stephanie of cruelly building Taylor up to have her dreams yanked away. Stephanie said Ridge should never have left Taylor in the first place, and Stephanie saw no other decision but to proceed with the wedding.

Taylor wished there was a way to resume the ceremony, but said she was sensible enough to know that everything had changed. Ridge stated that he still loved her, but she acknowledged his feelings for Brooke, as well as Brooke's innocence in the matter. Not desiring a marriage based on a lie, Taylor decided she was okay with whatever Ridge wanted to do to make it right.

Later, Steffy, Dayzee, and Eric returned to the guesthouse with no new news about the wedding. Steffy begged everyone to cling to hope. Stephanie arrived, and the moment she opened the door, everyone buzzed with questions.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke saw pink rose petals falling into the fountain water. She glanced up the fountain's long incline and was amazed to see Ridge at the top, dropping petals from his boutonniere. Their gazes locked, and Ridge grinned as she gasped.

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