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Monday, March 5, 2012

At the Spencer beach house, Katie and Bill undressed each other. Bill doubted that anyone had needed to talk Katie into her first time with him, as Katie had done in Hope's situation with Liam. Katie, however, referred to herself as Hope's sounding board, and she concluded that Hope's mind was made up. Declaring that his mind was made up, too, Bill asserted that Steffy was the one for Liam.

Bill felt that Hope put too much thought into her first sexual experience, but not enough passion. Katie stated that passion would be there, but Bill doubted it, because Hope wasn't the kind of girl who could let herself go. "She's got more rules than golf," he quipped.

Bill guessed Hope's need to control things stemmed from having Deacon Sharpe for a father. Katie said Hope was nothing like Deacon, who hadn't even been in Hope's life. Bill reasoned that it was because Hope had done all within her power not to be like her father, but she'd still take all her baggage into the bedroom that evening. Denying that her niece had issues, Katie ripped off her husband's shirt and ordered him to shut up and kiss her.

In Steffy's office, Steffy pleaded with Liam to stay, but he declared that his future was with Hope. Steffy said that it felt like a final choice, but Liam replied that they'd already agreed to vacate the marriage. She clung to him and begged him not to leave, but he pried himself away and took off.

As Steffy sadly remembered fond times with Liam, Brooke entered. Rolling her eyes, Steffy conveyed that Hope and Liam had been there already to announce their anticipated evening together. Brooke said she was sorry, because it was difficult for Steffy and for Hope, but Hope and Liam had waited long enough. Steffy quipped that Hope shouldn't do it if it was difficult. Steffy declared that it wasn't right; she knew it, Brooke knew it, and deep down, Hope and Liam knew it, too.

Steffy revealed that she'd told Hope straight out that it was adultery. Brooke admonished Steffy for doing that, because Hope had already been very hurt by those she'd trusted. Brooke declared that Hope had decided what she wanted, and no one would ruin it for her. Steffy vowed to put things back right, but Brooke asserted that things were put right, because Liam was back with Hope. Steffy insisted that she wouldn't give up, regardless of what would happen that night between Liam and Hope.

At Liam's house, Liam arrived and found his home decked out with candles, twinkling lights, and shear curtains. Standing near the flaming fireplace, Hope welcomed him home and said she'd put her things in his room. Calling it "our room," Liam kissed her, and Hope deemed it the beginning of their future together.

Liam couldn't take his eyes off Hope, and they recalled that he'd been that way right before their first kiss at that carriage house. He said that the shine from the carriage house was back in her eyes, and the night was theirs. He led her to the candlelit bedroom, and she flashed back to the first time he'd said he loved her. Sitting on the bed with Hope, Liam assured her that they would be married, and his third marriage proposal to her would stick.

The couple flashed back to the first two times Liam had proposed at the fashion premiere, and Liam professed that Hope was his wife in his heart and mind. He expressed complete trust in her and promised to always be there for her, as she'd been there for him. "You're my wife in every way that counts," he told her. Hope responded in kind and added that no paper or declarations to a minister could make their commitment more real.

Liam said that it was just the two of them, and they had all the time in the world. As he kissed Hope, fireworks exploded outside, interrupting them. He asked if she wanted to see them, but she preferred to stay in the bedroom. As the fireworks burst over the cliff house, Liam pressed Hope onto the pillows, and they kissed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Due to a Presidential news conference, today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was not shown. This programming pre-emption was not anticipated, however, there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

The episode that was to have aired today will now air tomorrow, Wednesday, March 7. Subseqeuent episodes will be pushed back one day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's, fireworks went off outside, and Liam tried to start up the fireworks inside with Hope. Liam and Hope declared their love for each other. They kissed, and Hope smiled and encouraged Liam to slip her nightgown off. They kissed passionately, and Hope hesitated because Steffy's voice was replaying in her head, telling her that Hope was committing adultery and that her night with Liam would be tawdry and immoral. Liam asked if Hope was okay, and she insisted she was.

Hope kept hearing Steffy's voice, but she insisted that she wanted to make love. The entire time they were intimate, however, Hope recalled her own press conferences, talking about being a role model and holding herself to a higher standard -- waiting for marriage. Hope couldn't get Steffy's voice out of her head along with echoes of Steffy's accusations of adultery.

After Liam and Hope made love, Liam asked if she was all right. Hope looked shaken but claimed she was fine. She admitted that she had been too nervous. Liam said that it had only been their first time, and they had the rest of their lives to make love. Hope looked distant.

At Forrester, Steffy sulked around her office and stared at her wedding photo with Liam. She recalled kissing Liam and making love. She remembered when Liam had slipped Hope's engagement ring onto her finger. She reminisced about happy times with Liam, and then she left.

In Stephanie's office, Taylor and Stephanie conversed about Hope, Steffy, and Liam. Stephanie shared that Hope had planned to move in with Liam immediately. Taylor said that it clearly meant they were going to be intimate, and it had to hurt Steffy that her husband was moving on with another woman. Taylor said it was creepy that everyone seemed to know the intimate details of Liam and Hope's relationship -- something that should have been private. Taylor worried about Steffy.

Taylor called Steffy and left a message of concern. Taylor acknowledged to Stephanie that if Hope and Liam had moved in together, Taylor hoped that Steffy would let Liam go immediately. Taylor did not want Steffy to waste any more time waiting for Liam. Taylor didn't want Steffy waiting for Liam the same way that Taylor had waited for Ridge. Taylor didn't want Steffy to be treated like a doormat the way Taylor had been. Taylor said that Hope had stolen Steffy's husband the same way all the Logan girls had stolen husbands.

Stephanie disagreed that Steffy should give up on Liam, but Taylor pointed out that she had spent most of her life waiting for Ridge to return to her. Stephanie argued that Liam was like Eric, not Ridge. Stephanie recalled that Eric had pined over Beth and Brooke, but he had ended up with Stephanie "because that old fool loves me," Stephanie said. "When I look in Liam's eyes, I see that he still loves Steffy."

Stephanie was convinced that Liam and Steffy were perfectly matched. Stephanie said that Hope had been dealt a lousy hand in life. Stephanie said that Hope needed to spend some time with a psychiatrist, and Taylor agreed. Stephanie was convinced that Liam would eventually figure out that Hope came with a lot of baggage. Stephanie predicted that Liam would return to Steffy because he would miss her.

At home, Brooke and Ridge discussed Hope and Liam's decision to live together. Ridge worried that Hope had made a hasty decision to move in with Liam. Ridge said that Hope had been committed to waiting until she was married, and she was not married. He worried about her. Brooke thought that Ridge was worried about Steffy, and Ridge admitted that he worried about both of the girls.

Brooke thanked Ridge for treating Hope like his own daughter. Brooke reasoned that Hope had wanted to fall in love and spend her life with one man. Brooke lamented that it was all because Brooke had left Hope with scars. Brooke recalled that she had not been a good role model for Hope. Brooke had paraded around in lingerie on billboards, and Hope's conception had been an embarrassment.

Brooke admitted that her behavior with men had confused Hope, and Hope had been through some difficult times. Brooke remembered that Hope knew about the hell that Brooke had gone through when Brooke was attacked. Brooke also remembered when a photographer had tried unsuccessfully to rape Hope.

Brooke said that Hope had grown up to be a remarkable young woman. Brooke added that she was very proud of Hope. Brooke told Ridge that Hope had fallen in love with one man and would have waited for him no matter what -- the same way that Brooke had waited for Ridge.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

At home, Brooke awakened with a gasp because she hadn't done a thing to plan for Eric and Stephanie's anniversary. Ridge said his parents might not even want an anniversary because they weren't remarried. Brooke wondered if the couple even knew that, and she couldn't believe Stephanie of all people was living in sin. Brooke giggled that she and Ridge weren't married, either. Ridge said Hope was living with a married man, and the family was full of degenerates.

Brooke suggested that she and Ridge have a double wedding with his parents, but Ridge squashed the idea. She decided that she'd plan a party for Ridge's parents, but first, she wanted to see how Hope and Liam were that morning. "I wonder if they would notice..." Brooke started to say, and Ridge grimaced as she left the room.

At Liam's house, Hope awakened in bed that morning and admired the sleeping Liam. He stirred and awakened to say that, for months, he'd dreamed about the day he'd wake up to see her. Hope pulled the sheet over her shoulder, and concerned, he asked why she'd cover up. He said it was a new day, but Hope murmured that it wouldn't be if she disappointed him again. Liam claimed that he wasn't disappointed, but she guessed that made her the only one.

Liam claimed that the main event was waking up to her every morning -- not sex. He said the first time wouldn't always live up to expectations. Hope stated that the problem hadn't been Liam, or nervousness. She'd had a lot of thoughts in her head the previous night, and because of the way she'd grown up, she'd protected herself by putting boundaries around certain events in her life. She admitted that the hardest thing for her to deal with was knowing that she'd just slept with a married man.

Liam got dressed. Though it wasn't required, he'd decided to go in to work that day. He told Hope that their peak experience was still on its way. Liam exited, but Hope still looked concerned.

Later, Brooke sneaked into the house with groceries. She'd intended to surprise the young couple with breakfast, but she was the one surprised when Hope revealed that Liam had gone to work instead of remaining home to loll in bed. Hope said they were a regular couple starting their future together, so they were doing regular things. Hope exclaimed that all her dreams had happened, and it was the happiest day of her life. Brooke cooed that it was wonderful, but Hope burst into tears.

At Stephanie and Eric's house, the matriarch and patriarch of the family wondered if they ought to get married for their anniversary. Stephanie declined, joking that Eric was a lousy husband. Just then, the new landscaper, Gladys, arrived at the door and asked Eric if he wanted her hands in his dirt. As Gladys went about her outdoor duties, Eric returned to Stephanie and said the landscaper was old enough to be his grandmother. Stephanie thought the name "Gladys' Gardening" sounded familiar.

Eric wondered what it said about him that he kept marrying Stephanie again and again. He wanted to celebrate the anniversary, but Stephanie suggested that he go celebrate one with Brooke or Donna. He stated that those marriages hadn't lasted. "Neither did ours," Stephanie quipped.

Gladys entered the house, and upon seeing her, Stephanie exclaimed, "You?" Gladys replied, "Queen Stephanie," and she wondered who was doing Stephanie's hair those days. Stephanie stated that Gladys was Sally's old hairdresser, and Stephanie asked if Eric remembered all the schemes that Gladys and Sally had cooked up. Gladys said that hard times and hit, and she had a lot of gigs.

Gladys handed Eric a bunch of business cards, and he noted that one was for wedding officiates. Gladys asked if anyone there needed a ball and chain, but then she recalled that Eric and Stephanie had been married since the beginning of time. Stephanie replied that she and Eric were just shacking up. The couple joked about getting married, but Eric decided that they weren't really prepared, because they didn't even have a license. Gladys, however, claimed she could print one from her truck. "All I need is a photo ID and thirty bucks," Gladys said and strolled outside.

Eric figured that he and Stephanie could be legitimate that very day. "Come on, Stephanie. Marry me," he proposed. Stephanie recalled being fresh-faced kids in college the first time they'd done it. She wondered if he would have said "I do," while knowing then what he'd learned later. He said he probably wouldn't have, and she responded that she wouldn't have either.

Stephanie figured that Eric just didn't want to be old and alone. He agreed, and she said he wanted her to be the sound of someone rattling around in the other room. Eric conveyed that marriage was the most outrageous request a man could make because of the fear of the unknown. He declared that he wanted Stephanie's criticism, her sweetness, her divisiveness, her cancer, and her dying -- once it got down to that. In return, he merely asked that she liked him enough to say "yes" to marrying him.

Friday, March 9, 2012

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie joked that she and Eric should celebrate their divorces, since there had been more of them than marriages. Gladys Pope entered in a frumpy tuxedo with a marriage license her in hand. Stephanie looked appalled, but Gladys seemed just as appalled by Eric and Stephanie's leisurely attire. Eric stated that they weren't ready, but Gladys wondered how much time they thought they had left to think things over.

Eric stated that Stephanie didn't want to remarry him. "Well, I need the money. Come on, Queenie," Gladys quipped. Gladys asked Eric if he'd take Stephanie as his wife -- or at least feed her. Stephanie laughed, unable to take the ceremony seriously.

Eric reasoned that Stephanie just wouldn't take their history seriously, but in his view, he had no life story without her. Stephanie challenged Gladys to ask Eric how many women he'd had. Eric rasped that he'd been a boy then; however, he'd become a man, and the only woman he wanted was Stephanie.

Gladys asked if Stephanie would take Eric for better or for worse, for richer -- or for all he was worth. Stephanie said to stop. She told Eric that they'd raised children together, and she wasn't going anywhere. However, she was worried that Eric's words didn't mean anything. Eric asserted that he'd meant the words "I do" each time he'd said them. He questioned whether Stephanie had.

Rolling her eyes, Stephanie guessed that Eric had worn her down. "I do!" she rasped. Gladys pronounced them husband and wife, and she instructed them to kiss each other. "And you owe me thirty bucks," Gladys added. Eric told Stephanie to pay the woman.

Later, Stephanie mixed martinis, but wondered "what the hell" she and Eric had just done. He claimed that they weren't shacking up anymore. He guessed that hadn't mattered much to the reluctant Stephanie, and she apologized for hurting his feelings. She wondered if the kids would be upset that they'd missed the event, and then she insisted upon knowing why remarrying had mattered so much to Eric.

"It mattered to me, Stephanie. It mattered to me," he responded. They chuckled about again being newlyweds, and Eric said he loved her. Stephanie replied that she'd always loved him.

At the office, Bill was surprised to see Liam at work, but he wasn't surprised that Liam seemed disenchanted. Liam claimed he was just exhausted, but Bill suspected his son had been unfulfilled by the night with Hope. Liam admitted that the night had been beautiful, but not perfect. He asked if Bill had arranged the beach fireworks, and Bill reasoned that he would have gotten big brownie points for that.

Bill persisted in learning why Liam wasn't at home with Hope. Liam said she needed time to adjust to her new living arrangement. Bill then asked what Liam needed to adjust to. Liam claimed Hope had gotten first-time jitters, but she'd tried. Bill thought the problem was that Hope was trying too hard.

Liam said he liked it better when Bill didn't dictate his life to him. Bill decided that he and Liam should get down to work. As Bill sorted through contracts, Liam located his sword necklace in a drawer and then latched it around his neck. "Just like that?" Bill asked. Nodding, Liam replied, "Just like that."

At the cliff house, Brooke guessed that Liam and Hope had argued, but Hope said that Liam had been very supportive the previous night. Brooke suggested that her disillusioned daughter talk to someone about the problem. Hope didn't think talking would help, but with some prodding, she opened up about the dreamy start to her and Liam's evening -- which had been complete with actual fireworks. Hope stated that things just hadn't wound up being as she'd thought they'd be.

Hope said she hadn't behaved as she'd predicted. Brooke advised Hope to be patient with the new experience. A teary Hope wondered how one could relax when another was touching body parts that had never been touched. Brooke said Hope needed to become comfortable enough to tell Liam what touches felt good. Hope conveyed that she'd been unable to tell him what she'd wanted to. Brooke asked what Hope had wanted to tell him, and Hope replied, "To stop."

Hope revealed that she was disturbed by Liam being married. She'd thought she could overlook the waiting period, but hadn't realized how wrong being with a married man would feel. Brooke didn't see what the issue was, and Hope said it was a mistake talking to Brooke about it. Brooke recommended that Hope talk to Brooke's friend, who was a therapist and author. Hope was hesitant about talking to a stranger, but Brooke advised that it was the best thing to do to make things right for Liam.

Later, Brooke and Hope arrived in the office of Brooke's friend, Dr. Barton. Brooke briefly outlined Hope's issue, but Dr. Barton preferred to hear it from Hope. The doctor also remarked that sessions were private, but Hope asked Brooke to stay. Once the session began, Hope explained that she and her fiancÚ had made love for the first time, but it hadn't been all she'd hoped it would be. Hope wanted to fix it because she didn't want to lose him, and his happiness meant everything to her. Dr. Barton said that as long as Hope felt that way, it was fixable.

The doctor explained that intimacy wasn't easy for everyone, and sometimes, one had to learn how to let someone in that closely. Hope was relieved to hear that she wasn't a freak. Dr. Barton assured Hope that she wasn't and said Hope would have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with the man she loved. Hope acted as if she was reassured, but she gazed skeptically through her smile.

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