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Monday, April 23, 2012

In Steffy's office, Steffy reveled in the memory of the kiss she'd shared with Liam the other night. Taylor entered and was thrilled to learn about the kiss and the possibility that Liam and Steffy might be together in Aspen for fashion week. Steffy was sure it would be the thing to reunite her and Liam.

In Bill's office, Liam figured his father would be pleased to know that Liam had wound up with Steffy, not Hope, at the Bikini the previous night. Against his own better judgment, Liam revealed that Hope had fallen asleep at home after taking a pill for her panic attack. Liam, who knew of Bill's views about people who sought professional help, said he didn't want to hear a lecture, because Hope was done with the pills. Bill wondered if she were done with "the crazy," too.

Bill suggested that Liam send Hope to a spa for a break, but Liam said he'd already decided to take Hope to Aspen to enjoy the secluded family retreat. Taylor entered in time to hear the men and was unhappy about Liam's Aspen plans. She'd figured that Liam would be with his wife, Steffy, in Aspen.

Liam left without a comment, and Bill struck up a conversation with Taylor about the use of psychotic medications. Taylor asked if he needed an appointment, but he balked at the thought of needing such a thing. "It's not about me. I'm perfect. You know that," Bill quipped. He claimed it was about Hope, the pill-popping woman who was dragging Liam down.

Taylor didn't want to encourage Bill's vitriol against therapy patients or Hope; however, Taylor did agree with him about Liam and Hope's affair. Taylor asserted that Liam had been happier with Steffy, and things would worsen if Hope didn't get her situation under control. Bill wanted Hope to get help, "in a nice padded facility, far away from my son. He would go running back to Steffy so fast," Bill reasoned. Taylor didn't know how Liam and Steffy would reunite, but Bill said Aspen was the key.

In Aspen, Bill's reporters, Ramona and Oliver, prepared for fashion week. Ramona noted that someone named "God" was calling Oliver's cell phone, and Oliver quickly answered Bill's call. Bill explained that Liam would be in Aspen with his girlfriend, Hope, and Bill had called because he was sure that Oliver could handle a problem. "Hope's a problem," Bill stated.

Oliver listened as Bill spoke to him on the phone, and then Oliver said he was uncomfortable with the plan. Bill stated that he was extremely comfortable firing people, so Oliver acquiesced to Bill's request. Bill was pleased, because he was tired of Hope pulling his son into a pill-popping abyss.

After the call, Bill picked up his computer tablet and pulled up a tabloid cover, featuring Hope and Liam. Bill pressed an "app" button, and Hope's face burst into a ball of flames.

At Forrester, Hope called Amber into Rick's office to apologize for leading Amber to believe that Hope could support Amber, or that Amber was good for Rick. In Hope's view, going to bat for Amber -- or taking Amber's pills -- had been mistakes. Hope took responsibility for her actions, and she'd realized that it had been foolish and dangerous to accept those pills. She hoped Amber wasn't using pills from that site, because there was no telling what was in them.

Amber said the pills were generic, but had to be about the same thing that Hope's doctor had prescribed. Hope relayed that she'd been dizzy, thirsty, drowsy, shaky, and light-headed. Amber agreed that it had been wrong to use the site, but wondered if Hope had gotten a new prescription. Hope asserted that she didn't require pills, because Liam was all the support she needed. Amber was glad that Hope had Liam, because the two were right for each other, just like Amber and Rick.

Hope growled Amber's name, but Amber insisted that one knew when a person was right for her. Hope replied that she also knew when someone was completely wrong, and she didn't want Amber back with Rick. Amber figured that it was just because of the pills, which had helped Hope despite Hope's aversion to them. Hope agreed that they'd eased her stress, but not in a good way. Hope insisted that she only needed Liam, and she wanted nothing to do with the pills -- or Amber -- again.

Amber left, and Steffy entered with paperwork for Rick. Hope grimaced and was tight-lipped when Steffy mentioned Hope's no-show at the bar the previous night. Steffy revealed that she knew Hope was seeing a therapist and needed "a little extra umph" to get her through the day. Steffy claimed that Hope's little secret was safe with her, but Hope said her seeing a therapist was no big secret.

Steffy mentioned the pills, but Hope said she wasn't taking them anymore. Steffy doubted Hope was over all her anxiety just like that, but Hope stated that she had Liam, who was all she needed in her trying times. Hope told Steffy to "bring on" all the stress she could muster, because the divorce was imminent. Steffy barely listened as she fantasized about her hug and kiss with Liam. Steffy then stated that the marriage might end, but her tie to Liam would remain.

Liam entered, and Steffy, who claimed to be on her way out, said it had been good to see Liam the other night, and she'd see him in Aspen. "Yeah...umm...Hope and me both," Liam replied and then announced that he'd arrived to invite Hope on the trip. Hope wasn't sure she could handle the press, or that her line could take more bad press. He told Hope to leave it to him. Steffy guessed they'd all be together in Aspen again. "This should be fun," she said, masking her disappointment as she left.

Alone with Hope, Liam explained that Hope could relax in the Spencer retreat, and she didn't even have to leave the house as he covered fashion week. He figured she deserved a break from reporters. Hope was delighted by the thought of their own retreat. She hugged him, saying it was exactly what she needed.

In her office, Steffy stared at a photo and relived moments with Liam in Aspen. She had a thought and then grinned to herself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope happily agreed to travel to Aspen with Liam. They discussed what the weather was like, and Liam encouraged Hope to relax and enjoy the privacy of his father's Aspen home. Liam said that Hope would be able to ski and have a quiet getaway while he was covering fashion week. Hope was grateful that Bill had offered his home to them. She wondered if he had accepted her. Liam looked puzzled.

Hope said she would be glad to get away from the Los Angeles media. Hope teased that they should invite Steffy over for dinner because they needed to work on their relationship with her. Liam was skeptical. He left, and Brooke entered. Brooke discouraged Hope from flying to Aspen.

Brooke believed the media would taunt Hope even worse in Aspen than they had in Los Angeles. Hope disagreed. Hope said that she would be holed up in Bill's private estate. She added that Liam wanted her with him. Hope admitted that if Steffy was going to be in Aspen, Hope would be there also. Hope said that she was confident that she and Liam would soon be married.

Brooke asked Hope about Dr. Barton and the pills. Hope said that she had taken the two pills that Dr. Barton had given her and ordered more from an online pharmacy. Brooke wondered how Hope had gotten pills without a prescription. Hope said she did not want to discuss the pills and was no longer taking them. Brooke admitted that she felt she had not done an adequate job of parenting with Hope, but Hope disagreed. She told Brooke that she had been a wonderful mother.

At the Forrester reception desk, Rick greeted Donna and discovered that Thomas, Ridge, and Steffy were in a meeting regarding a new ski line Steffy wanted to start. Rick wanted to walk in. Donna told him he hadn't been invited, but she relented. Caroline showed up, and Rick pulled her along with him.

In the meeting, Steffy discussed that they needed to study ski styles while they were in Aspen because it was a style with which Forrester was unfamiliar. She mentioned the neon colors that were important for safety on the slopes. Rick and Caroline burst in. Steffy noted that Rick had not been invited. Rick said that neither had Hope or Brooke. Steffy said that she would give Caroline the real scoop on Rick.

Rick complained about Steffy's plans to go to Aspen. He said that she could go to Aspen anytime to study the fashions. He accused her of wanting to attend during fashion week to be close to Liam. Ridge, Thomas, and Steffy wondered if Rick had anything to offer at the meeting.

Rick agreed that the ski line was a good idea because it would redirect attention away from the Hope for the Future line, but he disagreed with the timing. Steffy admitted that she had wonderful memories of Aspen, but she wanted to launch a line. She reminded Rick that she and Liam were still married.

Steffy asked to speak to Rick alone. She warned Rick to watch his step because he had been making a lot of demands. Steffy reminded Rick that her father ran the company, and she was a part owner. Steffy added that they were not going to relinquish any control to Rick.

At Spencer, Bill ordered his secretary to get Oliver Sharpe on the phone in Aspen. When Oliver's phone rang, the caller ID said "God." Oliver answered, and Bill inquired if Oliver had done everything Bill wanted to get Hope Logan "out of the picture."

Oliver agreed that he was taking care of things. Oliver worried that he would be in terrible trouble if anyone ever found out what he had done. Bill reminded Oliver that neither one of them wanted to get caught. He insisted that Oliver keep him informed.

Justin entered and warned Bill that his interference was going to make him lose his son and his wife. Bill assured Justin that Liam would never find out. Liam entered and asked what it was that he would never find out. Justin covered by saying that they had been talking about Marcus. Justin left, but Liam asked about Marcus, and Bill changed the subject. Bill started dissing Hope and her "psychiatric problems." Liam argued with Bill and said that Hope was off the pills.

Bill suggested that Hope had lied before about the pills and would do it again. Bill tried to make Liam understand that everyone had dreams that were destined to never come true. Bill said that Liam couldn't see it, but that was what Hope was -- a dream that would never come true.

Liam looked puzzled and disheartened. He left Bill's office. Bill later spoke to Oliver, who said that everything had been prepared. Bill noted that Hope would be responsible for her own demise, and Liam would soon be free.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

by Pam

In Aspen, Oliver and Ramona discussed Bill's plan to hound Hope with media the entire time she was in Aspen. Bill called Oliver and ordered him to get the job done. Oliver shared that he had told Ramona about the plan, and Bill angrily told Oliver that no one could know. Bill reminded Oliver that he expected the media to mercilessly harass Hope, call her names, and follow here everywhere.

Bill said that Hope had already been called an adulteress and home wrecker. She was very fragile, and he wanted the media to push her over the edge. Oliver hung up. Ramona chastised Oliver for participating in the plan. Ramona said that Steffy would not approve of such tactics.

Oliver reminded Ramona that Bill was the boss. Oliver and Ramona gathered the press and pressured them to be relentless in their coverage of Hope because there was money in it for them. Oliver and Ramona promised cash for coverage, and they encouraged the media to strategize because Hope would be landing soon, and she was staying at the Spencer retreat.

At Spencer, Justin warned Bill that he was taking a huge risk. Bill insisted that Liam would never find out. Bill said that he didn't want Liam tied to a weak and useless girl like Hope for the rest of his life.

At Forrester, Steffy and Brooke argued about Hope going to Aspen. Steffy warned that the press would be everywhere, and Brooke blamed Steffy for causing the scandal in the first place. Steffy said Hope had caused it for herself.

Brooke suggested that Steffy take the annulment papers with her because Steffy was going to see how happy Liam and Hope were together. Steffy said the annulment would never happen because Liam would return to Steffy. Steffy warned Brooke to prepare Hope to lose Liam because Steffy was sure he would return to her.

Brooke visited Bill at Spencer. Brooke said that she was uncomfortable with Steffy being in Aspen when Hope and Liam were there. Brooke worried that the last time Steffy, Liam, and Hope had been in Aspen, Bill had collaborated with Steffy to keep Hope from seeing Liam. Brooke added that Bill and Steffy had also been in cahoots in Cabo San Lucas.

Brooke begged Bill to stay out of Liam's relationship this time. Bill pretended to know nothing. Brooke worried that the press would hound Hope in Aspen. Bill was unconcerned. Bill said that he had called his caretaker to assure that everything would be beautiful for Hope and Liam when they arrived at the Spencer house. Bill said that he guaranteed that Hope would never want to leave the house. Brooke said that she was sure Liam would take care of Hope.

On the Forrester jet, Liam and Hope kissed. They laughed and discussed how much they looked forward to getting away for a few days. Hope told Liam how glad she was that he had the opportunity to cover Aspen Fashion Week. The pilot entered and told them that they had to wait for another passenger, Steffy. Hope laughed, and Liam promised that Steffy wouldn't give them any trouble.

Steffy boarded the jet in time to catch Hope and Liam kissing. Steffy told Hope that she didn't think it was a good idea for Hope to go to Aspen because the press would be everywhere. Hope said that she was planning to stay away from the fashion shows and hide out at Bill's private retreat. Steffy pulled out a deck of cards and asked to play war. When Hope was out of earshot, Liam thanked Steffy for being nice to Hope.

Steffy said she felt at peace with herself, but she added that Liam could make it better if he returned to her. Steffy added that Hope always had some kind of drama in her life. Steffy said that she was convinced Liam was beginning to realize that. Steffy waxed about how wonderful it was to get back to the place where their romance had begun. Steffy admitted that she had made mistakes, but she teased that she wasn't that girl anymore -- she was better.

Steffy told Liam that she knew Liam still loved her. Steffy added that she had given up a lot to prove her love for him. Steffy explained that she had given up their marriage temporarily and allowed him to carry on with Hope in their home. Steffy promised the cha-cha-cha would continue if he returned to her. She knew that things would work out for them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rick was sketching in his office when Brooke entered to announce that Hope was on her way to Aspen. Rick didn't understand why Hope would go to a place that would be swarming with the press. Brooke doubted that Hope would go near the rabid reporters, and Rick guessed he was underestimating his strong sister. Brooke seemed hesitant, and Rick asked what she knew that he didn't.

Brooke confided in Rick about Hope's anxiety, the therapy, and Hope's foray into online drug purchases. Rick grew worried that Hope was addicted; however, Brooke dispelled that idea and assured her son that Hope was on a better path. Brooke said Hope just needed a good support system around her. Rick pledged his support, but he became even more concerned about his little sister's ability to handle the press, or any machinations that Bill Spencer might contrive against her while she was away. Rick wished he'd gone to Aspen, too, as his instincts had urged him to do.

Figuring someone had to have Hope's back, Rick called Othello, his Aspen friend, and asked for another favor regarding Hope, who'd returned to Aspen with Liam. Othello was aware of the bad press surrounding Hope and said he'd watch out for her as if she were his own sister. Rick ended the call, but wished he were in Aspen himself, because there was no telling what Bill might do -- even from a distance.

In Bill's office, Justin apprised Bill that the Forrester jet had landed, and in turn, Bill called Oliver for an update. Oliver said everything was set, and Bill stated that they'd see what Hope was made of.

After the call, Justin suggested that Bill could still call things off and let fate play its own hand. Bill, however, had no intention of leaving his son's happiness to fate. Justin reasoned that Liam had to decide about Hope for himself, or Bill's efforts wouldn't gain any traction. Justin also contended that Hope had a lot of good things going for her, but Bill insisted that Hope was a crackpot.

The persistent Justin claimed he wouldn't steer Bill wrong, and he instructed Bill to butt out and concentrate on his own wife. Bill said he'd do that once Hope passed the test and proved she was fit to be Liam's spouse. Bill believed that he was giving Hope a chance to show what she was made of, and Justin guessed Bill thought he was doing Hope a favor. "Call me 'Altruist Bill,'" Bill snickered.

Justin felt sorry for Liam, but Bill asserted that he was just making sure that Hope had what it took to be a Spencer. Bill felt that Liam, who would inherit Bill's empire, needed a wife who could handle adversity. Justin contended that Hope was Liam's choice. Bill claimed that Liam didn't smile with Hope, and Hope needed to be like Katie, who challenged Bill and made him a better man. Bill figured Hope might rise to the occasion, but either way, his actions would leave his son in a happier position.

The Forrester jet landed in Aspen, and Steffy encountered Ramona at the fashion conference's outdoor venue. Steffy beamed about the lively runway set and guessed the press was there. Ramona grumbled that the press was ready to go. Steffy and Ramona talked about Steffy's ski line and marriage. Ramona bet that Steffy hadn't given up on Liam. "Not a chance," Steffy replied.

Unbeknownst to Steffy, Othello reached a hilltop and spotted her talking to Ramona. Steffy admitted that she'd made mistakes with Liam from the start by manipulating him into marriage. Steffy was disheartened by the thought of him being at their honeymoon place without her. Steffy figured that she had to let it go, because Liam had to return to her in his own time. Ramona hinted that Aspen could be magical again, and Steffy might be flying home with her husband by week's end.

Elsewhere in Aspen, Liam and Hope got an SUV and headed for the compound. Some reporters spotted the SUV, and one of them cheered, "Game on!" Liam took Hope to the Spencer compound, and they made low-key plans to spend time together after he worked in town.

The couple toured the grounds, and Liam suggested that he and Hope try out the hot tub. He went inside to change into his trunks. In the bedroom, he flashed back to making love to Steffy on their honeymoon. Shaken by the memory, he slowly exited the room.

As Hope and Liam soaked in the hot tub, Liam tried to convince her to watch an old Bob Hope movie later in the evening. They joked about it, and Hope thanked God that the troubles were behind her. They said they couldn't wait to be married, and Liam revealed that he wanted six kids and a Saint Bernard named Bubbles. Hope called Liam a dork, and they kissed.

Back in Los Angeles, Bill called Oliver for an update. Oliver conveyed that some of the press had spotted Hope and Liam, and Oliver assured Bill that reporters would be on Hope like bees to a hive the following morning. Bill concluded that, unless he'd underestimated Hope, it would all end the next day.

Paparazzi swarm Hope with questions and call her a fraud

Paparazzi swarm Hope with questions and call her a fraud

Friday, April 27, 2012

In Bill's office, Justin guessed that a good night's sleep hadn't changed Bill's mind about his plan. The stubborn Bill insisted that he was acting in his son's best interest, but Justin foresaw that there would be "hell to pay" if Liam found out about Bill's plan. Bill was willing to risk it to save his son's future, because he couldn't live with himself for letting Liam make the mistake of marrying Hope.

Justin asked what would happen if Bill were wrong about Hope. Bill claimed that if Hope proved herself, then he'd back off. Justin asked if Bill would wish the couple well. Bill stammered, and Justin figured that Bill's sole agenda was to get Steffy back into his family.

Ramona called Bill to express her leeriness about the plan, and she added that Steffy didn't wish any trouble for Hope. Bill asked if Ramona had exposed his plan, but she said she hadn't. Bill asserted that Hope's fitness as Liam's wife needed to be tested, and Liam would see by the way Hope handled the reporters. Ramona was still uncertain, and Bill reminded her that she worked for him, not Steffy.

After the call, Justin scowled at Bill, who insisted that he was doing what he had to as a father.

At Forrester, Rick was unhappy to hear from Othello that Ramona and Steffy were hanging out in Aspen, because the last time, the two had caused trouble for Hope. Brooke strode in as Rick ended the call, and Rick feared that Hope would go to the Aspen show. Brooke was sure Hope was at Bill's house, reading a book. Rick doubted that, and he disliked Steffy being in Aspen. Brooke thought Steffy had learned her lesson regarding how Liam felt about schemes, but Rick doubted that, too.

Brooke believed that Othello would look out for Hope, and Brooke figured the press wouldn't focus on Hope, because the event coverage was their main concern. Rick considered that it was a big event, and it wasn't like the reporters even knew Hope was there. "Unless someone tips them off," Brooke realized. Rick said that if the press did discover Hope, it wouldn't be by accident.

Brooke believed Liam would protect Hope. Rick, however, noted that Liam hadn't done it up to that point. Rick was sick of seeing his sister be torn apart, and Brooke said he was a good big brother. Rick felt useless being miles and miles away from Hope. Liam's presence in Aspen was no consolation for Rick, who hoped he wouldn't regret not going to Aspen himself.

In Aspen, fashion week got underway, and Hope informed Liam that she was leaving the Spencer compound with him to enjoy the festivities. Liam wasn't sure it was the best idea, but Hope believed that reporters would be too focused on the event to even know she'd be there. She planned to don a disguise and watch the celebrations from afar while Liam worked.

Liam and Hope went to town, and Hope suggested that Liam work while she hung in the background in her black hooded parka, ski cap and oversized sunglasses. Unbeknownst to Hope, Ramona and Oliver spotted her on the fringes of the crowd. "Let the feeding frenzy begin," Oliver said.

Ramona went to alert the press, and afterward, she discovered Steffy in the crowd. Steffy looked glum as she watched Liam, who was interviewing the attendees. Standing behind Steffy, Ramona stated that Liam had arrived with Hope, but it was whom he left with that really counted.

Steffy sauntered up to Liam to discuss the fabulous event. She noted that Aspen was special for them, because they'd begun there. Liam said it was magical, and he didn't see it changing anytime soon. Liam walked off to resume working, and Ramona approached Steffy and claimed that Liam and Steffy had looked as if they were in love.

On the other side of the event, Oliver sicced the press on Hope, and in an instant, she found herself swamped by camera flashes, anxious bodies, and a sea of loaded questions about herself and Liam. Hope darted away from the reporters, but they pursued her.

Othello arrived, observed Hope's escape, and called to alert Rick of the development. Othello said the press was chasing Hope, but he'd get her back to Bill's house. After the call, Rick tried to call Hope and Liam, but couldn't reach either of them. Brooke, who was still with Rick, wondered how it could be happening to Hope. "Oh, I wonder. Maybe we should be calling Steffy," Rick concluded.

Back in Aspen, Oliver directed the press to Hope's hiding spots each time she ducked and covered behind whomever and whatever she could. Steffy had somehow learned that Hope was under siege by the press.

Snagging Ramona's arm, Steffy decided that they had to help Hope. The two combed the streets, but couldn't find Hope. Ramona wondered why Steffy even cared. Steffy said that she'd seen how the scandal was driving Hope insane. Steffy didn't wish that on anyone -- not even Hope.

Driving his convertible, Othello located Hope running down the street, and he urged her to jump into his car. Oliver sighed as the pair sped away, and he called Bill with an update. Bill ordered Oliver to get the press over to the Spencer house and put Hope's feet to the fire.

At the event, Liam began to wonder where Hope was. Encountering Oliver, Liam asked if Oliver had seen her, but Oliver responded that he hadn't. Liam wondered where she could be.

Othello returned Hope to the Spencer house, and she assured him that she'd be okay there alone. He took off, and Hope went to the bedroom to change. Outside, reporters crept like ninjas through the snow and woods around the house. They surrounded the bedroom windows and set them ablaze with camera flashes.

A terrified Hope gasped and scrambled to close the blinds. She knocked over her toiletry bag, and her bottle of pills tumbled onto the floor. As she clamped her hands to her head, she saw the bottle. A panic attack brewed inside her, and she picked up the bottle. Camera flashes lit up the windows like flickering disco lights, and the reporters yelled, "Hope! Hope! Hope!"

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