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Steffy zip-lined into her wedding, and the wedding crasher Sally wound up all wet at the reception. Quinn shared her feelings with Ridge, and Brooke caught Quinn and Ridge kissing.
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Brooke caught Quinn and Ridge kissing
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Eric and Quinn enjoy a day exploring Sydney Eric and Quinn enjoy a day exploring Sydney

Monday, March 20, 2017

In Australia, Katie pulled Brooke aside to discuss what Katie had seen between Ridge and Quinn on the plane. The rest of the group dispersed for the hotel, so Brooke decided that she and Katie would deal with it at the hotel later.

In Eric and Quinn's room later, Quinn called Eric her hero when he told her where her makeup bag was. Eric gave her some wine and talked about how things had changed from their last trip, when Quinn had arrived in secret. Eric stated that because of Ridge's change of heart about Quinn, the other family members had experienced a change of heart, too.

Quinn looked for her scarf because it might be windy where she and Eric were going. Eric hadn't been aware that they were going somewhere. She said she wanted to take him someplace, and deciding to leave her scarf behind, she and Eric left the room.

Quinn took Eric down to the harbor, where the blue water glistened around them. She asked him if it was the same blue as her eyes. She conveyed that she'd never forget when Eric had made the statement about her eyes and the Mediterranean when they'd been in Monaco. Eric replied that her appearance had taken his breath away. She remarked that a lot had happened since then, and he said that she'd become his.

Quinn still couldn't believe the changes that had happened or the acceptance she'd finally gotten. She noted that Eric hadn't answered her question about the blue water matching her eyes. Eric stated that the waters of the world were all beautiful hues of blue, but they all paled in comparison to Quinn's eyes. He called her his force of nature and said he couldn't imagine his life without her. The two kissed.

In Ridge and Brooke's room, Ridge snapped Brooke out of her thoughts. Brooke relayed that she'd been thinking of what Katie had said to her. Ridge asked if there was a problem, and Brooke said she wasn't sure there was one. He replied that she was talking in circles. Brooke decided that they shouldn't talk at all, and she kissed him.

Ridge asked if Brooke was sure that she was okay. Brooke stated that she was about to marry the man she'd loved almost her entire life, and she asked why she wouldn't be okay.

Someone called the room, and after Ridge took the call, he told Brooke that her wedding dress had been delivered to Katie's room. Brooke decided she needed to check on it. As she motioned to leave, Ridge clasped her wrists and asked if she was sure everything was okay between her and Katie.

Brooke insisted that it was, but Ridge asked if Katie would agree. Brooke invited him to go to Katie's room with her to see for himself. Ridge didn't want to go. He just wanted Brooke to make it a quick visit so they could start their honeymoon early.

In Katie's room, Katie mulled over all the strange times she'd seen Ridge and Quinn together. Brooke arrived, and Katie mentioned that someone had delivered the wedding dress. Straight to the point, Brooke stated that she was going to say it once more. Brooke didn't know why Katie kept mentioning things about Ridge and Quinn, but it had to stop. Brooke asserted that she didn't want to hear one more word about Ridge and Quinn.

Katie figured that Brooke was upset with Katie, but Katie had thought Brooke had needed to know what Katie had seen. Brooke said there was nothing to know, and Katie asked if Brooke had talked to Ridge about it. Brooke asserted that she'd known Ridge most of her life; he wasn't that kind of man and wouldn't do what Katie was saying he was doing.

Katie reasoned that she wasn't making accusations. She'd just wanted to relay what she'd seen and heard. Brooke replied that Katie had misinterpreted things, just as she'd done the other day when she'd spied on Ridge and Quinn at work. Katie insisted that she hadn't been spying and that she'd just seen something that had made her think. Brooke asked if Katie knew how ridiculous suspecting Quinn and Ridge of having an affair sounded.

Katie apologized because she didn't want to hurt Brooke. Brooke yelled for Katie to stop it because Brooke didn't need her little sister putting doubts in her head about the man she was about to marry. Katie stated that Brooke had Katie's support. Brooke contended that if Katie supported Brooke, then Katie would admit that she'd misinterpreted the looks and "feel."

Katie asked Brooke to listen, but Brooke said that Katie needed to listen. Brooke didn't want to hear one more word about her fiancÚ and Eric's wife. Brooke said that if Katie didn't understand it, then Katie needed to take the next plane back to Los Angeles. Brooke told Katie that nothing was going on with Quinn and Ridge.

In another hotel room, Thomas wondered when Steffy would reveal the wedding plans she and Ivy had cooked up. Steffy said she and Ivy were co-conspirators and had to have their secrets. Steffy was glad Thomas had flown out for the wedding. He replied that, despite their issues, he wouldn't have missed her happily ever after. The two hugged and expressed love for each other.

Thomas compared the next wedding to the mountaintop wedding, and Steffy quipped that the mountain wedding had been just a dress rehearsal. She said he might get married in Australia someday, but Thomas replied that he hadn't even been able to get a date for the wedding.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Ivy was showing Steffy a tablet as the women discussed wedding logistics. Steffy warned Ivy not to tilt the tablet and reveal their secrets to Liam, who was picking grapes out of a welcome basket. Liam guessed he was in trouble if the groom couldn't even know how the wedding would be. He recalled Steffy's surprise appearance on Ajax Mountain for their first wedding and her idea to ride a motorcycle down the aisle for the second wedding.

Liam figured Steffy wouldn't top the first two weddings and advised her to be traditional and normal. Steffy flashed him a pointed stare, and he said she could do whatever she wanted. "That's better," Steffy replied.

Ivy left, and Liam decided to tickle the wedding details out of Steffy. She said they'd have a party with Champagne. He tried to tickle her more, but she said she was entitled to the element of surprise. Liam gave up on tickling her, and she assured him that she'd make it a wedding day for them that no one would forget.

On the flight to Australia, Sally seemed annoyed as Kieran and Matt hummed a song, but Sally smiled endearingly at them when they joked about Kieran marrying Matt for his money. The discussion turned to Sally and "her guy," and Sally admitted that they hadn't had a first date yet.

Matt asked if Sally was sort of stalking the guy, and Kieran asked how Sally felt about bunny rabbits. Kieran decided that Sally was too young to have seen the movie Fatal Attraction. Sally quipped that her life was better than any movie. Matt grabbed a bag of popcorn and asked Sally to go on.

Sally conveyed that her parents had been carnies, her great aunt hung out with cabana boys, and Sally's Grams believed she was a southern-fried Mata Hari. Sally said she shouldn't even get started on Saul and Darlita. Kieran asked if those were Sally's pets, and Sally decided to stretch her legs.

Kieran pressed Sally back into the seat before Sally could get up and asked about the date in Australia. Sally explained what Thomas had said before he'd left Los Angeles and added that the problem was Thomas' sister, who was the bride and who hated Sally -- with good reason. Sally felt she could handle the bride, but Sally didn't want to do anything to upset Thomas.

After the plane landed, Matt and Kieran asked Sally to take their picture so they could show Rusty that they'd landed. The couple joked about crashing the wedding with Sally. Matt said they were kidding, and Kieran added that they were rooting for Sally and Thomas.

Before Sally disembarked, she received a text message from Thomas with a photo of himself in Australia. He told her to look at what she was missing and asked if Australia could be more awesome. Sally grinned and headed for the exit.

Back at the hotel, Thomas left his bathroom, wearing only a towel. He received a call from Sally, who said his text and photo were his way of rubbing it in that he was in sunny Australia. Thomas guessed that it was raining in Los Angeles. She replied that she wouldn't know because she wasn't there. He asked where she was calling from.

Sally asked if Thomas had meant the thing he'd said. Thomas asked what thing and noted that he said lots of things. She clarified that it was the thing about him taking her to the wedding if she was in Australia. Thomas affirmed it.

Someone knocked on Thomas' door, and Thomas asked Sally to hold on while he took care of the room service order he'd made. When he opened the door, he saw Sally standing on the threshold. "I'm here," she stated. Thomas pulled her into the room and kissed her.

Steffy glides down the aisle

Steffy glides down the aisle

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On the steps of the Sydney Opera House, Steffy and Ivy posed in gowns for a Forrester photo shoot. After the session, Ivy and Steffy had a press conference. The press was amazed that Steffy would work on her wedding day, and they asked if there would be press at the wedding. Ivy said no photos or footage was allowed, and it was strictly a private family event.

Thomas tried to end the conference, but a reporter asked Steffy to marry him instead of Liam because the reporter was a good cook. Steffy called off her wedding, but Ivy asserted, "Not on your life." Everyone laughed, and the conference concluded.

Ivy and Steffy went to the hotel, where the wedding attendants did their hair and makeup in a hotel room. Steffy said she could never have pulled the wedding off without Ivy. Ivy had enjoyed doing it with Steffy, and she wanted Steffy to know that she was good with being Liam's past and Steffy being Liam's future.

In Brooke's room, Brooke helped Ridge get dressed. She couldn't believe that Steffy was doing a photo shoot with Ivy. Brooke had expected Steffy to only be in bride mode that day. Ridge replied that it was just how Steffy was, and he wanted a drama-free day for her.

Later, Ridge stopped by Steffy's room for a moment with his daughter. Ridge became emotional, and Steffy said she didn't expect that there wouldn't be any tears. Ridge had been thinking of Steffy's childhood smile and wanted to make sure she had smiles for her husband. Steffy said that she did, and she wanted Ridge to know she'd always be his little girl. The two hugged.

In Thomas' hotel room, Sally was on the phone with Grams, talking about how beautiful Sydney was. Grams told Sally to remember why she was there. Sally said it was to attend the wedding as Thomas' date. Grams added that it was to get some pictures or footage to create some buzz. Grams insisted that the future of Spectra was in Sally's hands.

Sally emphasized that she was Thomas' date, but Grams insisted that Sally get the pictures. She said they'd post them on the Internet, and the pictures would go viral. Sally replied that she had to go, but Grams repeated for Sally to get the pictures.

In Los Angeles, Saul was unhappy about the whole thing with Sally being at the wedding and asked if Thomas even knew that Sally would take pictures. Darlita told Saul not to worry about Sally using Thomas because Sally actually liked Thomas. Shirley stated that Darlita was not helping and reassured Saul that Sally was just there to get Spectra the publicity they needed.

Back in Sydney, Thomas rushed into his room and began getting out of his clothes. Sally asked if she should go in another room. Unbuckling his pants, he asked if he was offending her. She replied that he wasn't, and he remarked that it had been cool of her to jet out to Sydney. Sally didn't think Steffy would agree. He replied that it was Steffy's problem, and he kissed Sally.

Thomas told Sally that there was one important thing -- there could be no photos or videos of the wedding. He asked if Sally could handle the stipulation. Thomas said it was typical of high-profile weddings, and sometimes, guests even had to check their phones at the door.

Sally asked if they had to do so for Steffy's wedding. Thomas said they trusted all of their guests, and he asked if Sally was trustworthy. Sally responded that her mother had always said so. Thomas stated that they just didn't want photos getting leaked online; Steffy would go ballistic if it happened.

In Liam's room, Bill helped the groom get ready for the wedding. Liam thanked his father for being there. Liam knew it was awkward for Bill because Brooke was also getting married that day. Bill said the day was only about Liam and his bride. Bill assured the nervous Liam that nothing would go wrong. It would be an exciting day that Liam wouldn't forget.

In another hotel room, Brooke helped Katie with her finishing touches and proclaimed what a fun day it was. Before they left the room, Brooke turned and asked Katie if they were indeed having fun. Katie affirmed it. Brooke asked if they were in agreement that there would be no more talk of Quinn and Ridge. Katie squirmed and tersely smiled in agreement.

In Eric's room, Eric asked if Quinn was ready for the wedding. "Another fabulous Forrester wedding," she said. He believed she'd get used to it and said there were a lot of weddings in the family. Quinn refused to get used it. She said most people's dreams began when they fell asleep, but hers began when she awakened. She loved Eric and wanted him to never doubt it.

On a grassy area behind some wrought iron gates opposite the opera house stairs, Liam and Bill waited for the wedding party. Liam was so excited that he was tingling. "You sound like a girl," Bill quipped. Liam replied that men could tingle, and Bill didn't have to be so macho all the time. Bill replied that he was what he was.

The officiant arrived. Liam tried to ply some of Steffy's wedding details out of him, but the officiant said she was a mysterious bride. Bill asked to have a word with the clergyman, and Liam walked off to call Steffy.

Liam asked if Steffy wanted to share anything about what was about to happen. Steffy said he knew her better than that. She stated that she couldn't wait to fly into his arms. He ordered her to hurry up and get to the wedding site.

Later, Ivy arrived, and she introduced Liam to Noah, the wedding coordinator. After Noah left, Liam said he'd thought Steffy would be with Ivy. Ivy sensed that Liam was trying to get details out of her, but she refused to give any up.

Ridge approached to ask for a moment alone with the groom, and Ivy obliged him. Ridge told Liam that Steffy would be his wife. To Ridge, Steffy was his joy, his everything, and she'd always be Daddy's little girl. Ridge felt that it took a strong man to love a strong woman. He urged Liam to love Steffy the way she loved Liam, and everything would be okay.

Thomas and Sally arrived, and Liam marched over to object to Sally being at the wedding. Thomas told Liam to relax because he'd been allowed to have a date. Liam replied that Steffy hadn't known that Thomas would invite Sally. Sally stated that she could leave. Thomas insisted that it was fine. Liam decided that it was his wedding and Thomas' funeral.

Ivy got everyone's attention to remind the guests that it was a family-only, private event, and as requested by the bride and groom, there could be no photos or videos. Everyone took their seats and places. Ivy gazed over to the opera house and announced, "Here comes the bride!"

The family looked around for Steffy. Thomas spotted his sister in the air. Steffy was on a zip line trapeze-like swing, gliding over the opera stairs toward the courtyard. She wore a lace bodysuit with a train hooked around her waist. She landed at the end of the aisle, where Ridge greeted her. The amazed guests cheered, and Sally sneaked in a selfie with Ridge and Steffy walking down the aisle behind Sally.

Steffy's mouth dropped open when she passed Sally, but Steffy quickly recomposed herself and made her way to stand at the altar beside Liam. The officiant remarked that it was quite an entrance and announced that they'd gathered there to witness Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester commit themselves in holy matrimony.

Wyatt drinks as Steffy and Liam wed

Wyatt drinks as Steffy and Liam wed

> Wyatt drinks as Steffy and Liam wed

Wyatt drinks as Steffy and Liam wed

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

At Il Giardino, Nicole and Zende spotted Wyatt having a drink at the bar. They decided that, because of what was happening at that time, Wyatt needed some company. Wyatt said he'd actually thought about taking the free trip Down Under and catching waves with Thomas, but after thinking about the exchanging of the vows, Wyatt had decided to pass.

Wyatt asked if he still had to get a wedding gift or if giving Steffy a divorce had been enough. He told the wordless Nicole and Zende that he was joking. Wyatt wished Steffy and Liam a great life, but Wyatt just hadn't been able to be there while they kicked it off.

Zende and Nicole ordered water, and Wyatt told the bartender to put it on his tab. The couple insisted that they were there for Wyatt, and he said they were keeping him from drinking alone. Nicole's phone chimed, and Wyatt asked if it was Steffy. Nicole said she hadn't heard from Steffy since the plane had landed in Australia. Wyatt assumed Nicole didn't know what was going on then, and Nicole asked if Wyatt would really want the details.

Wyatt said he hadn't been able to be there, and he knew Steffy and Liam hadn't wanted Wyatt to feel shut out. Wyatt believed they'd welcome him on the trip, but it was just too soon. He recalled that they'd had good times at Forrester, and Zende agreed. Wyatt stated that every day had been an adventure with Steffy, who was an original. Nicole said Wyatt was one, too.

Wyatt joked that Nicole was posed for the "You're a great guy. There will be someone else" speech. Nicole emphasized that he was a great guy. Zende asked Wyatt to stop beating himself up over it. Wyatt replied that he wasn't, and it wasn't as if he and Steffy had failed. Instead, they'd been ensnared in his mother's web.

Wyatt concluded that Steffy was getting married to Liam, and Wyatt was getting too buzzed. Wyatt didn't begrudge his brother, who'd been through a lot. Wyatt couldn't be upset that his brother was happy -- probably the happiest guy on earth.

Wyatt received a message that Phil would be there soon. Nicole and Zende asked if Wyatt would be okay. Wyatt said he would, and it was only hard because he knew it was happening right at that time. He said the couple might already be married. Wyatt decided that Steffy deserved to have the life she wanted with the guy she loved, and Wyatt toasted to the happy couple.

In Australia, Reverend Harris began Steffy and Liam's wedding with a few words about the scenery, and he announced that the couple's fathers would speak. In the audience, Sally Spectra sneaked cell phone pictures of the event.

Bill stood before the couple and also remarked upon the extraordinary architecture, the scenery, the people, the boats, and the steel buildings around them. Bill said a unique, peaceful, and good soul drove the city, and the soul was just like Liam's. Liam's wisdom soared above skyscrapers, and his grace was as pure as the finest architecture. Bill said that Steffy wouldn't settle and wanted only the best. Bill concluded that Liam and Steffy had each found the best in each other.

Ridge spoke next about sticking together in good times and bad. He said that Bill was right about Liam being a good man. Ridge respected Liam and admired his bravery for marrying someone who'd do the unexpected and completely insane. Ridge became tearful about his "little daredevil" and his "kick-ass little tomboy" who'd given him joy and happiness. He wanted the same for Steffy and Liam. Ridge hugged the emotional Steffy.

The pastor moved to describing the sanctity and intent of marriage. He asked the bride and groom to announce their intentions to their guests. Liam and Steffy each asked the audience to witness them taking each other into lawfully wedded matrimony. The officiant asked the couple to join hands and make their solemn promises to each other.

Steffy and Liam exchanged personalized vows. Steffy said that Liam set her free to fly and had never given up on them. He was patient to take her on, and she was excited to spend the rest of her life with him. Liam said Steffy had turned his life upside down, and she pushed him to do things he'd never dreamed of doing. Not knowing what was next was terrifying, but he loved it and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Reverend Harris asked Steffy and Liam to exchange rings as symbols of their love and commitment to each other. Harris pronounced them husband and wife. Steffy screamed. Liam dipped her and kissed her as the guests cheered.

After the wedding, the family gathered around the newlyweds and talked about how great the wedding had been. Quinn decided to call Steffy by the name Tinkerbell after the entrance she'd made. Steffy announced that she and Liam were making a pit stop at the hotel to change into their bathing suits for the reception.

Later, the family had changed clothes, put on life vests, and boarded a cigar boat. They cheered, and some took selfies as the boat sped from the harbor.

This episode featured the song "Stranger" by Peking Duk featuring Elliphant.

Brooke and Eric reminisce about the past thirty years

Brooke and Eric reminisce about the past thirty years

Thursday, March 23, 2017

In Australia, Steffy and Liam took their guests on a winding cigar boat ride to Shelly Beach. Upon landing, they were greeted by the sound of the didgeridoo and the sight of aboriginal dancers. The guests joined in the dance of the chanting Komari group. Afterward, Steffy welcomed everyone to get a drink because it was just the beginning.

Steffy, Thomas, and Sally reached an outdoor buffet table at the same time. Steffy quipped that her drink offer had only been for the invited guests. Thomas replied that Sally had been invited. "Not by me. By you," Steffy quipped. Sally decided to let the siblings speak alone.

After Sally had gone, Steffy asked if Thomas had invited Sally to stage some sort of protest. Thomas said it wasn't that. Steffy told him to keep Sally away from her, and Steffy marched off.

Thomas found Sally by the outdoor bar, and she wondered if she should go. He replied that he thought she should stay. He kissed her, and she easily gave in to staying.

At the bar later, Bill stared at Ridge and Brooke, who kissed and canoodled by the seafood buffet. Eric was observing, too, from another point on the beach, and noted to Quinn that the couple was cute. Quinn replied that Ridge and Brooke looked happy. Eric said everyone was, and even Thomas had a date. Quinn quickly recognized Thomas' date as Sally Spectra.

"You gotta be kidding. Sally Spectra?" Eric responded. Eric figured that Sally would be one to watch, but not that day. That day was for the family. He said Steffy and Liam were together, Ridge and Brooke were on their way, and Eric could have Quinn anytime he wanted.

Later, a guitarist and a woman who sang the lyrics, "You're like Sydney to me," serenaded the guests. Afterward, Ivy announced some beach activities available to the group then she decided it was time for toasts.

Liam toasted to his jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, high-flying bride, who outdid herself over and over again. All of the guests said a few words except Sally and Ridge. Steffy stood and thanked them all for taking the journey. She announced that it was time to party. The beach deejay started the music, and everyone danced to the techno beat.

Later, Eric found Quinn at a table and wondered about her thoughts. Quinn said she was married to the most amazing man and was part of an amazing family. He replied that being a Forrester looked good on her. Quinn stated that she wasn't perfect. She made mistakes, but doing so would never change her love for him.

Eric told Quinn that she should start the walk on the beach she'd wanted to do, and he'd catch up later. Before she left, he told her to kiss him as if it was the last time. She replied not to say that because their love would last forever. They kissed, and she left.

At another table, Ridge and Brooke canoodled and were excited for their wedding the next day. She asked if he had second thoughts. Ridge replied that he was made for her, and she should never doubt it. They kissed. Ridge grunted when he saw Eric. Brooke noticed that Eric was alone. She left to talk to Eric, and Ridge decided to go "explore."

On a secluded stretch of rocky beach, Ridge and Quinn encountered each other. Quinn said that Steffy had made a beautiful day, and Ridge had to be proud. Ridge was, and he added that he'd liked Quinn's toast earlier. Quinn said she'd meant it. She felt lucky and honored to be Eric's wife.

On a pier, Sally stared at a wedding photo she'd taken and thought of Shirley's insistence that Sally get something to help the business. Thomas approached. The two flirted, and Sally announced that she was going to leave. He insisted that she was his guest, not his sister's, and he wanted her there.

Sally said that Thomas had the wrong picture of her. She stated that she was too bold and brash. She didn't have his breeding or style, and it would only be a matter of time before Thomas figured out that she didn't fit in there. He said she kept saying things like that, but he liked what he saw. He decided he'd go get them some drinks. He smiled. Sally said she was a sucker for his smile.

Thomas left. Sally stared at the picture on her phone. Her finger hovered over the "share" and "delete" buttons. She pressed one, and closed the phone.

A woman named J.J. approached Sally to ask if Sally was indeed the Sally Spectra, whom J.J. followed online. Sally replied that J.J. had her in the flesh. J.J. remarked upon seeing Jarrett's designs review, and Sally said it had been unfair. "Unfair? Well, they were awful. They were hideous!" J.J. exclaimed. J.J. went on to mention Sally sponging off Steffy and the Forresters, but Sally told J.J. to buzz off before she could finish her sentence.

Sally strode down the pier and answered a call from Shirley, who wanted the wedding photos. Sally said she'd "decided not to." Shirley warned Sally not to get caught up because they were stealing from the Forresters. Sally knew what they were doing but said the ceremony had been private. She also didn't think it was wise to make waves while poaching designs.

Shirley asked if Sally had fallen for Thomas and if that was what the wavering was about. Sally saw Steffy approaching and quickly clicked off the call without an answer.

Steffy parked herself in front of Sally, and Sally said she hadn't had a chance to congratulate Steffy. "You know you shouldn't be here," Steffy stated. Sally replied that Thomas had invited her, but Steffy believed he'd done so because he was unhappy that Steffy was in charge at the company with their father. Steffy stated that Sally was there, but Sally had better not dare to ruin the day for Steffy and her family.

As the sun set, Brooke sat in the sand with the waves before her, and Eric handed her a glass of Champagne as he sat down beside her with his own glass. Eric asked if she could believe how long it had been for them. He remembered the first time he'd laid eyes on her thirty years earlier and said she'd changed the family forever that day.

"Thirty years," Brooke said. Eric stated that he wouldn't change a minute of it, not even the conflicts, which had helped take them to where they were that day. "The Forresters and the Logans," Brooke said.

"Yes, and the Spencers, and the Avants, and the Spectras," Eric added. He said there had been happiness and hardships, but they were all still there. They toasted "to us" and clinked their glasses.

A montage of thirty years' worth of scenes played on-screen, from the excitement of the fashion show that opened the show in the beginning to the weddings, the fashion shows, and the reunions. Eric said there had been many memories.

"They've been bold," Brooke said.

"And beautiful," Eric added. He and Brooke laughed and toasted.

Quinn and Ridge have one last kiss

Quinn and Ridge have one last kiss

Friday, March 24, 2017

At the beach in Sydney, Brooke told Eric that when she'd first met him, she never would have believed him if he'd said she'd be in Australia thirty years later. Eric added, "Marrying my son." Brooke said that, back then, she would have fantasized about the wedding -- but never believed it would happen. Eric noted that he and Brooke were lucky to marry their fantasies.

Brooke admitted that Eric had seen something in Quinn when all the others hadn't. Brooke reasoned that Quinn actually did love and adore Eric, and the family was finally understanding it. Eric said that Ridge had had the same doubts, but Quinn and Ridge seemed to have grown to care about each other. Brooke gave Eric a skeptical look.

Eric asked if Brooke didn't believe it. Brooke said Quinn and Ridge had made improvements. Eric picked up on the doubt in Brooke's tone. She said it was nothing. When he insisted she reveal her issue, Brooke said she'd just been thinking of something Katie had said. Brooke dismissed it as being silly and said to forget she'd said anything.

The talk turned to Ridge and Brooke getting married the next day, and Eric said the Logans and Forresters would be together again. Brooke stated that it had better be her last wedding. Eric believed that it would be, and she and Ridge were both ready for it. Brooke said it was a loving, trusting relationship, and Eric conveyed that it was exactly what he had with Quinn.

At the reception, Liam sat by Bill at the bar and asked if he was okay. Bill said he was at his son's wedding and enjoying a fully stocked bar. Bill asked why he wouldn't be okay on a beautiful day like that. Liam replied that there was another wedding the next day. Bill said that, at that moment, being the father of the groom was all that mattered.

Later, Bill was at a table, and the bartender filled Bill's champagne glass. The bartender asked what had gotten Bill down and remarked that weddings were happy occasions. Bill started to say that weddings normally were; however, he abruptly stopped himself and said, "You know what? We're not doing this."

The bartender wandered off, and Katie approached. She remarked that Bill was drinking alone. Bill noted that he didn't see anyone else around. Katie asked where Ridge and Quinn were. Bill shrugged with an expression that said he didn't know or care.

After a while, Bill was alone again, and Brooke strode up. She asked if he'd seen Ridge, but Bill pretended not to know the guy. Brooke called Ridge the dressmaker, and Bill asked if she meant the poseur.

Bill said he'd really been sure that Ridge would screw her over before the wedding. Bill wondered what he'd do at that point, because he'd really believed that it had all been about his and Brooke's destiny. "And who knows? Maybe it still is," he said. Bill told Brooke to know that he'd be there, and he'd always think of her -- even if she wasn't his.

At the bar, Katie found Eric alone. They chatted about her possibly going kayaking, and she wondered where everyone was. Eric guessed he was holding down the fort alone. She asked if he hadn't seen Brooke, Ridge, or Quinn, and Eric guessed everyone had gone exploring.

Later, Thomas was at the bar, finishing a drink. Ivy approached, and he asked if she thought Steffy was still mad at him. Ivy didn't think Sally had been his best idea. He stated that Steffy had said he could take a date. Ivy replied that it shouldn't have been a woman Steffy hated, and he quipped that Steffy should have been more specific.

On the pier at the Manly Surf Pavilion, Sally admitted that she'd caused trouble in the past, but she promised Steffy that she was there in peace. Steffy asked why Sally would be there at all. Steffy stated that her wedding was supposed to include people she cared about, and Sally definitely wasn't one of those people.

Steffy believed Sally had crashed the wedding for publicity. Sally insisted that she hadn't crashed it because Thomas had invited her, and after traveling such a distance to be there, Sally didn't want to be treated like a second-class citizen. Sally said she was there to wish Steffy the best. Extending her hand, Sally asked if the "princess" wanted to start over.

Steffy said she and Sally hadn't started yet and never would. Thomas arrived with drinks. Steffy noted that Sally's date had arrived. Steffy quipped that it would be the first and last date Sally would have with Steffy's brother. Thomas asked what was going on, and Sally explained that she'd extended a hand to Steffy. Steffy said Sally had no intention of being friends, and Sally just wanted to use Thomas and Steffy. Thomas asked Steffy to calm down.

Steffy asked Sally where the cameras were. Sally, who no longer had her wallet/phone case in hand, decided that she hadn't flown all the way there to be treated that way. She began making her way down the pier. Steffy followed Sally, saying that Sally was there to throw cake on Steffy or toss another drink on her. Steffy insisted that it wasn't happening, and Sally was leaving.

Stopping at the end of the pier, Sally asked if Steffy wanted Sally to leave the reception. Steffy insisted that Sally would leave Australia. Steffy grabbed Sally's hand and tugged her. Sally tugged back and fell backward into the water. "Bon voyage!" Steffy exclaimed, laughing.

Thomas fished Sally out of the water. When they were back on the pier, he jokingly rated her amazing belly flop. They decided that hers was a ten, but she give his dive in to save her a four and a half. As they laughed, Thomas kissed her.

At Manly Beach, Quinn wondered why Ridge was out there, and Ridge indicated that it was the wedding location for him and Brooke. Quinn said it would be a beautiful day and the beginning of Ridge and Brooke's life together. "And the end of our foolishness," Ridge added.

Quinn stated that the foolishness had stopped awhile back. Quinn hoped Ridge and Brooke would be as happy as Eric and Quinn. Ridge said they would be. He called his father lucky. Ridge hadn't seen it before, but saw it "now." Quinn decided that she needed to get back to Eric, and she wished Ridge luck for the wedding the next day.

After taking a few steps, Quinn turned around. She stated that something powerful had happened between her and Ridge. No matter how far it had gotten, they'd always have the memory. She said that if he saw a glint in her eye, he should know that she was thinking of their time, their special secret that they should treasure.

In Ridge's silence, Quinn apologized. Ridge neared her, saying that she shouldn't be sorry because they both knew what could have happened, even as much as they hated each other. Quinn added that they always would hate each other. He admitted that there had been a connection. It had been very strange and very special, but it was over.

Quinn told Ridge that she'd fallen hard for his father, and Eric had given her everything she'd always wanted. Before Eric had been in her life, she'd believed everyone who'd told her that she was a witch who didn't deserve anything or anyone. Eric had helped her to see that she deserved happiness. She'd waited her whole life to feel that way. "Look at me now. I found love. Not once, but twice," she stated. Ridge stroked her cheek.

Quinn claimed she didn't need anything from Ridge. She'd just wanted him to know that she hadn't been able to open herself to love until Eric, and her ability to love a man was there for Ridge, too. She didn't want Ridge to leave Brooke. Quinn thought the impending wedding was wonderful. She'd merely felt that "this" was something she and Ridge needed to acknowledge.

Quinn said Eric had opened her heart, and it had enabled her to let the great Ridge Forrester really see her and what she'd been hiding. She said no one would know about them or the kisses they'd shared, but she and Ridge would know and always carry it with them. Touching his chest, she stated that she was grateful. Quinn said goodbye to Ridge and wished him nothing but happiness.

Nearby, Brooke was making her way toward the beach. She stopped in the thicket and observed Ridge and Quinn clasping each other's wrists. Quinn leaned in and kissed Ridge on the cheek. Brooke gasped. Ridge cupped Quinn's face and gave her a lingering kiss. He turned and left.

Quinn held her fingers to her lips as she watched Ridge go. When she turned around to head back herself, she found herself face to face with the angry Brooke.

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