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Katie was heartbroken after Wyatt broke things off, but Thorne offered to make her forget all about Wyatt. Hope put her feelings aside to support Liam's marriage. Steffy and Liam attended a sonogram and learned the gender of the baby.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 12, 2018 on B&B
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Wyatt sets Katie free

Wyatt sets Katie free

Monday, February 12, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge canoodled in the dark living room. Brooke cooed about it being the happiest day of her life. She was thrilled that they'd been surrounded by family and that they'd had a positive effect on their loved ones. Ridge said that it had been Brooke's effect on everyone, and as far as he was concerned, she'd become the family matriarch.

R.J. descended the stairs and apologized when he saw that he was interrupting his parents as they kissed on the sofa. Brooke and Ridge claimed it was fine because they'd just been discussing the wedding. R.J. wanted them to know that he appreciated what they'd done that day. Ridge said he and Brooke knew, and the threesome hugged.

R.J. prepared to leave the house. Ridge handed his son money. Brooke said to be home at a decent time, and Ridge warned R.J. not to search the house for his parents if he didn't see them downstairs. R.J. said Ridge was being gross.

Later, Ridge entered the bedroom, and Brooke strode out of the bathroom in a white corset teddy and robe. Ridge wondered how she got more beautiful and sexier every year. Brooke said he made it easy. There was no one she wanted more than him, and she said the feeling he experienced was her desire for him.

Ridge stated that he and Brooke needed to plan a honeymoon. Brooke didn't think it was necessary because she'd make the rest of their lives into one long honeymoon. Ridge promised that his happiest days would be shared with her.

An instrumental played over a montage of Brooke and Ridge making love.

Afterward, Brooke said it had been like the first time again. The two reflected on the wedding, and Ridge said it had been as if Stephanie had been there. Brooke affirmed that Stephanie had been, and she'd told Brooke to be a good wife. Ridge replied that it sounded like his mother. Brooke insisted that Stephanie was happy for them.

"Yeah, sure," Ridge quipped. Brooke asked if he believed in ghosts. Ridge "yeah-yeah"ed Brooke, but Brooke persisted, explaining that she'd had a conversation with Stephanie. Brooke bet that Stephanie was with them right then. "Stephanie, if you're here with us, knock twice," Brooke said. Ridge thought it was baloney, but Brooke said to give it a chance.

After a few moments, they heard two knocks. Brooke exclaimed that she'd told Ridge. Brooke then asked Stephanie to knock twice if she approved of the marriage. Brooke frowned when all was silent, but moments later, Brooke and Ridge heard two knocks. Brooke repeated that she'd told Ridge, and Stephanie did approve.

Ridge gave Brooke a look, and she noticed that his hand was off the side of the bed. He made the knocking noise again, and Brooke huffed.

Ridge concluded that knocking or no knocking, Stephanie had blessed the marriage. "I know -- I know she has," Brooke insisted. Ridge said he loved Brooke, and she replied that she loved him. They cuddled in bed together.

At Katie's house, Wyatt sadly shoved a bouquet of flowers into a bag. Katie entered and was happily surprised to see him. She greeted him with a kiss, but his expression soured. He pulled back, and she asked what was wrong.

Wyatt claimed that it had been a tiring day. He said he'd been with his brother. Katie was sorry for what Liam was going through. Draping her arms around Wyatt's neck, she wondered if she could think of anything that could cheer up Wyatt. "Not likely at the moment," Wyatt replied, pulling himself away. He said he needed to talk to her about something.

Wyatt wanted to discuss their relationship -- "or whatever this is." Wyatt had been thinking about them a lot lately. Katie said she had, too. He said she drove him crazy, and she asked him to show her how crazy he was about her. Wyatt replied that as much as he wanted to do it, he couldn't. She asked why.

Wyatt said he'd been thinking about his life, his future, and his father. Distancing himself from Katie, Wyatt said it had been great but complicated. He figured that there had been a reason they hadn't had a commitment. He said neither of them had been ready then and probably still weren't. He asked if Katie disagreed.

Katie wondered if Wyatt wanted her to disagree. Wyatt wanted a relationship with his father, and he said there were many opportunities for him at Spencer. Katie assumed her relationship with Wyatt threatened those things. Wyatt agreed. Katie said Bill would deal with it as he did everything. Wyatt questioned if it were so after all Bill had been through.

Wyatt stated that Katie was raising a son with Bill, and Will's parents needed to have a good relationship. Wyatt said it wouldn't happen if Bill found out about Wyatt and Katie. Katie asked what Wyatt was saying. Wyatt said that, with everything that was happening, he believed they should call it quits.

Katie hadn't seen it coming. Wyatt replied that he hadn't, either. She stated that she'd thought things had been great between them. Wyatt had thought so, too. Katie figured that "this" was what having no strings was all about. Wyatt stated that Katie deserved more. He had a future to consider, too, and he guessed it was inevitable. Wyatt cared about her too much to hold her back from anything.

Katie understood how Wyatt felt and said she wouldn't stand in his way. Wyatt replied that he wouldn't stand in her way, and she was free to explore any possibilities. Katie stated that she'd never felt otherwise, and Wyatt said he guessed that she hadn't.

Katie wanted Wyatt to know he'd been good for her, and he'd gotten her to open up. She didn't want to lose the friendship. Wyatt didn't think they could get back to that. Katie suggested that that they just be friends without benefits.

Wyatt guessed that was it. He asked if Katie had any regrets. She said she didn't. She handed him the backpack he'd had, and she wiped away a tear. A flashback montage of the relationship played. Wyatt kissed Katie and said he'd never forget the impact she'd had on his life.

When Wyatt exited, Katie sat down and sobbed.

In the Forrester living room, Maya entered and saw Thorne standing by the fireplace alone. She flashed back to seeing him kiss Katie. Maya greeted Thorne and asked him if he felt the romance in the air. Thorne seemed confused, but Maya patted his shoulder and insisted that he felt it. Thorne didn't know what Maya was talking about.

Maya said she thought she'd proven her point. Thorne decided that he had some best man duties to finish up, and he asked if she knew where Carter was. Maya indicated that Carter was out back. As Thorne turned to leave, Maya revealed that she'd seen the kiss. She asked if Thorne and Katie had something going on.

Thorne asked if Maya had been spying, but Maya said she'd been going to check her phone. She stated that it hadn't been as if he and Katie had been hiding. Thorne insisted that it hadn't been what it had looked like. Maya responded that it had looked kind of sweet.

Thorne acted embarrassed, and Maya guessed that it had been the first kiss. Thorne affirmed it and said it had just happened. Maya noted that Thorne seemed bewildered. Thorne conveyed that it had been hard to lose a wife and daughter, and when he'd returned to Los Angeles, Brooke had been with Ridge. Thorne said he and Katie had been thrown together.

Maya assumed Thorne had begun to see Katie differently. Thorne guessed that he had. Maya left, and alone, Thorne grinned as he thought of the kiss.

Steffy and Hope hash out relationships

Steffy and Hope hash out relationships

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke had breakfast. "Turn down the brightness," Hope teased. Brooke admitted she hadn't been able to stop smiling since she'd become Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Brooke wondered if Steffy was all right. Everyone had been disappointed that Liam hadn't shown up for the wedding.

Hope confided that she didn't know what to think or do in regard to Steffy. Hope admitted that she felt she had to be there for Steffy because "she was hurting." But Hope added that Steffy had slept with her father-in-law.

Brooke said Steffy regretted it. Hope countered that Steffy had broken Liam's heart. Brooke recognized that Hope still cared about Liam. "Yes, but a baby is on the way," Hope said. She added that everyone had to do what was right for the baby, "including Liam." Hope added that she had always loved Liam.

At home, Steffy did yoga and took vitamins. She called Hope at Brooke's and asked to see her in person. Hope agreed.

Later at Brooke's, she opened the door to Steffy, and Brooke went upstairs to give Hope and Steffy some privacy. Hope asked how Steffy was. Steffy admitted that her life had become crazy. Steffy worried that Hope had returned because she feared a part of Liam would always love Hope. Hope added that they all shared a lot of memories, but some weren't very good.

"I love you, Steffy; we're family, but you manipulated Liam," Hope said. She advised that Steffy had broken Liam's heart and had slept with Liam's father. Steffy explained that it had all started with the Spectras, and she explained how Liam and Bill had argued to the point that their relationship had been nearly destroyed. "Bill was furious," Steffy said. She admitted that she felt she'd lost her husband to Sally when Liam and Sally had kissed.

Steffy said that she'd left Liam and gone to the guesthouse to be alone, but Bill had shown up and been supportive. Hope wondered if Steffy wanted a relationship with Bill because some part of her had to have wanted a relationship with him. Steffy denied it. "I just want my husband back, and I need your help to hold onto my marriage," Steffy said. She worried that Hope was the one woman who could destroy her marriage.

Ridge entered Liam's hotel room, and Liam admitted that he was sorry he had disappointed Brooke and Ridge. "I wanted to be there. I just couldn't do it," Liam said. "I get it," Ridge said. However, Ridge advised that Liam had to figure out how to make everything work. "Steffy's hurting -- your wife and kid need you," Ridge said.

Liam acknowledged that it was killing him to miss out on things, but he couldn't forgive and forget that Steffy had "chosen to sleep with my father."

"Bill Spencer caused a lot of damage," Ridge countered. He added that Liam needed to open his heart. "Steffy never stopped loving you. Don't discount that," Ridge said.

Ridge added that "we all make mistakes." He shared that he and Brooke had made plenty, but age had a way of making people see the bigger picture. He advised Liam not to throw it all away.

"Fight for your family," Ridge advised. He reminded Liam that a baby needed him, and he and Brooke had made it against all odds. Ridge warmly grabbed Liam's shoulder and left. Liam took a deep breath. Liam sent a text message to Hope, asking to see her, and Steffy saw it on Hope's phone. Steffy wanted to know if Hope wanted a life with Liam. "Tell me the truth," Steffy demanded.

At Katie's, she walked into her living room and looked sad. She had remembered seeing Wyatt and all their playful times together. She smiled briefly and remembered times in bed with Wyatt and on the couch.

Thorne showed up and asked to take Katie to work, but she said she was going to take a personal day. She explained that she and her boyfriend had broken up. Thorne playfully advised her to move on.

Katie offered Thorne a cup of coffee, and Thorne said he'd been unable to stop thinking about their kiss. He added that Katie was sexy. Thorne flirted, and Katie giggled.

Katie loved the attention, but she added that she didn't want to be on the rebound. Thorne offered to take her to lunch or dinner, and Katie agreed that it would happen soon, but not right away. Thorne took his phone and left.

At home, Brooke looked at wedding pictures, and Ridge entered. He shared that he'd gone to see Liam but hadn't made any real progress. Brooke noted that Hope and Steffy were having a discussion of their own. Brooke wondered if they should eavesdrop. Ridge declined. He wanted to spend time with his bride. They kissed.

Hope sees Liam on Valentine's Day

Hope sees Liam on Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Steffy and Hope discussed Steffy's separation from Liam. Liam had sent a text message to Hope, asking to see her, and Steffy had seen it. Steffy wanted to know if Hope wanted a life with Liam.

Hope shook her head, and Steffy begged Hope not to take advantage of her situation. Steffy acknowledged that she'd made a mistake, but she felt she still had a chance to make it right. Hope admitted that she'd always loved Liam, but she added that a baby was on the way.

Hope worried about Steffy and Bill and what Bill's response had been to all the trouble he'd caused. "He doesn't see it as a mistake," Steffy said. She shared that Bill had wanted them to run off together. Hope wondered if any part of Steffy wanted the same thing. "No, no, no! I want my husband back," Steffy said. She begged Hope not to take advantage of her separation.

Hope nodded. "Please don't let him down. Stay away from Bill," Hope advised. Steffy promised Bill would never be a problem. Steffy asked Hope to give Liam some candy hearts she had. She said it was a valentine from his wife. "I'm glad you're home," Steffy said. Hope left, and Steffy looked at wedding pictures.

At Liam's hotel room, Hope arrived, and Liam said that Ridge had been there earlier to defend Steffy and encourage Liam to return to her. Hope was sympathetic. Liam said that he had lost a lot, and instead of connecting with the mother of his child, he was alone. Hope encouraged him to speak to a professional, but he said he would rather not talk to a stranger.

Liam said he preferred to talk to a friend -- someone whose advice he respected. "Are you getting what I'm saying?" Liam asked. Hope smiled. She said he could reach out to her and trust her because she felt the same way about him.

Hope admitted that she had tried to forget about Liam and replace him, but it hadn't worked. "Turns out there is no other you," she said. Hope said it felt good that after all they'd been through, they were still friends. "We should write a book, 'How to Remain Friends with an Ex,'" she said. Liam agreed but he said there had to be a chapter on how one's new wife cheats on him with his father. He apologized for being so negative.

Hope said she'd thought Liam had been happy. She wanted him to be happy, and she promised to be there for him as a friend. They clasped hands. Hope said that Steffy planned to fight for her relationship with Liam. Hope said she didn't blame Steffy.

Hope shared that Steffy had asked if Hope planned to pick up again where she and Liam had once been. "It's impossible now. For a million reasons," Hope said.

Hope added that Steffy had sworn she'd made a terrible mistake and would never do it again. "I'd be thinking differently, but she is sincere ... She will honor and respect you, and give you the life you deserve," Hope said. She believed it was worth a second try for Liam.

Hope gave the box of candy hearts to Liam and said it was from Steffy. Liam marveled that "Hope Logan is playing matchmaker for Steffy Forrester." Hope said she wanted what was best for Liam and his family. Hope wished Liam a happy Valentines Day, and they shared the candy hearts and smiled.

At home, Ridge gave Brooke a Valentine's present. It was a brooch that had belonged to Stephanie. Ridge said it had been a gift on Stephanie's 20th wedding anniversary. "She told me she wanted you to have it," Ridge joked. Brooke was thrilled. Brooke said she had something for Ridge. She left the room and returned in a red negligee with a heart headband that had bobbing hearts. Ridge said he was happy.

Brooke and Ridge kissed, and Brooke felt she needed to check on "the girls." Ridge disagreed that Hope and Steffy needed any help. He said he needed her attention far more than their daughters. They kissed passionately.

Ridge said that Brooke made him happy. "My forever valentine," Ridge said. They fell on the bed and made love. Ridge put the heart headband on his head. They laughed. Brooke was glad to be back in his arms and wearing his ring. "The person I belong with -- the greatest love of my life," Brooke said. Ridge promised to help keep her smiling all the years ahead. Brooke said she believed him.

At Forrester, Maya and Rick discussed that Pam had taken Lizzy to her house for some baking fun. Maya guessed that there would be flour everywhere at Pam's, and Lizzy would be banned from Pam's kitchen for a long time.

Rick suggested they make the most of some time alone on Valentine's Day. He added that he'd heard that Pam planned to make lemon bars, brownies, and heart-shaped cookies with their daughter. Maya figured that Pam had offered to take their daughter so they could celebrate Valentine's Day alone. She wondered where Rick wanted to go for dinner because she needed to make reservations. Rick said it had already been taken care of. He encouraged his wife to "sit back and relax and be my valentine."

Later, in the steam room, Rick asked if Maya was disappointed that he had planned a low-key Valentine's Day. "Not at all," Maya said. They agreed they didn't need to get dressed up and "have anything fancier than a towel." Rick said that even towels could be too fancy, and he threw his towel on the floor. Maya agreed and cast her towel aside. She and Rick made out, and she said she appreciated it. "Alone time with my man is the perfect gift," Maya said. Rick pulled out a box from under some towels and presented a beautiful silver heart locket to Maya with a picture of their family inside. They kissed passionately.

Hope convinces Liam to go Steffy's appointment

Hope convinces Liam to go Steffy's appointment

Thursday, February 15, 2018

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived to check on Steffy. He felt guilty that he'd just married the love of his life, but his daughter was heartbroken. Steffy didn't want Ridge to feel guilty, and she hoped that she and Liam would have the same thing as Brooke and Ridge had.

Ridge was happy to hear Steffy hadn't given up after Liam hadn't gone to the wedding. Steffy said it had hurt, but Liam hadn't been aiming to be cruel. She added that Hope hadn't, either. "Hope?" Ridge asked. Steffy, who had always seen Hope as competition, had thought Hope had returned to town to be with Liam. "One more thing I was wrong about," Steffy concluded.

Ridge figured he should have thought about the ramifications of getting Hope back to town. Steffy dismissed it, saying he'd done it for Brooke. Steffy believed she'd been wrong about Hope, who wasn't trying to take advantage of the situation. Instead, Hope was doing the opposite. He asked how Hope was doing that.

Steffy explained that she'd visited Hope to see how Hope would respond if Liam were vulnerable. Hope had surprised Steffy by lending support to Steffy and the baby. Ridge was cynical about Hope supporting the baby and the marriage. Steffy said that Hope wanted to do the right thing for everyone. "Including herself," Ridge noted.

Steffy said that Hope would always love Liam, but Hope couldn't live with herself if she used the separation to take Liam away -- especially with a baby involved. Ridge asked what Hope wanted in return, and Steffy stated that Hope wanted assurance that the thing with Bill would only be a one-time thing. Upset, Ridge started to say Bill had taken advantage.

Interrupting Ridge, Steffy said she wasn't going rounds about it again. She'd made it clear that she'd be a good wife, and she'd never hurt Liam again. Ridge believed Steffy. She replied that Liam didn't, and it was why it was hard for him to forgive. Ridge asked if Steffy thought Hope would do it. Steffy wasn't counting on it, but she said it was possible that Hope could be the bridge to putting Steffy's marriage and family back together.

Later, Steffy was alone when she received a call from Dr. Phillips, who wanted to know how Steffy was doing. Steffy explained that she was following the orders of Drs. Phillips and Campbell and wasn't doing anything strenuous.

Dr. Phillips decided she'd be extra cautious with Steffy's pregnancy due to the past issues Steffy had had with pregnancy. A slot had opened up on the doctor's schedule, and she offered to do Steffy's first ultrasound early. Steffy couldn't wait to see the baby for the first time. Dr. Phillips said it was exciting for mothers and fathers, and she and looked forward to seeing "you both."

At the Dakota, Liam said it felt good to see Hope's smiling face. Hope replied that it was good to see his, too. Liam had never thought he'd smile again after what his wife and father had done. Hope said they all needed to put the needs of the child first, especially Liam. Hope hadn't known if Steffy deserved Liam or could give him the life that he deserved; however, "after listening to her today..." Hope began.

Liam cut in and remarked upon how insane it was that Hope would advocate for Steffy despite the history the two women had. Hope said she wasn't advocating for anyone. She was trying to do the right thing. Liam noted that she always did the right thing.

Hope didn't know about that and said she might feel different if there wasn't a baby. Hope stated that Steffy would love Liam for life. Hope asked if Liam could find forgiveness so that he and Steffy could give the child the life it deserved.

Liam couldn't even say the phrase "forgive Steffy." He didn't know if he'd ever forgive. Hope knew it felt like the worst betrayal imaginable. Liam asserted that it had been. Every time he saw Steffy, he saw his father. Hope said that Liam needed to think of the child. Hope was sure that he could find it in his big heart to get beyond it, but whatever he decided, she'd be there for him.

Grinning, Liam was glad Hope was back in town. Hope decided that Liam needed to get out of the hotel room. Liam refused to go back to work at Spencer. Hope got an idea. She explained that she wanted to restart HFTF to continue its charitable work. Liam had always loved that Hope incorporated her work with good causes.

Hope asked Liam if he wanted to help in the event that Forrester allowed her to restart the line. She said he had experience due to the Spencer Foundation, and it would give Liam a purpose for leaving the room. She asked him to just think about it.

Liam's phone rang. Checking it, he said it was Steffy. Hope directed him to answer it.

Steffy informed Liam that she was going to her first ultrasound. Liam asked if they could see the baby already. Steffy said they could, and she hope he'd go with her to experience seeing the baby for the first time together. Liam thanked Steffy for letting him know.

After the call, Liam relayed to Hope what Steffy had said. Hope assumed he'd go. She said it was an important event, and it would mean a lot to Steffy if he went. Liam asked if Hope really thought he should go. Hope affirmed it, and he said she was a good friend to him. Hope replied that she was there whenever he needed her. "I have a feeling I'm going to be needing you a whole lot more," Liam concluded.

In the sky lounge, Rick worked out with Thorne. Rick was surprised that Thorne had been Ridge's best man because Thorne had had feelings for Brooke. Thorne replied that it was easier to move on when one could focus on someone else.

Rick tried to guess which model Thorne was interested in, but Thorne said it wasn't a model. Thorne explained that there was another man in the picture -- or at least there had been.

Rick began asking questions about Thorne's new love interest, but Thorne got defensive. Rick wondered why and asked if it was someone the family would disapprove of. Thorne didn't think so. Thorne said he'd known the woman for many years, but he'd begun to see her differently.

Later, a funky phone chime filled the air. Chuckling, Thorne asked if that was Rick's phone. Rick replied that it was Thorne's. Thorne quipped that it wasn't with a tone like that. Rick showed Thorne his non-ringing phone, and Thorne rushed to pull the ringing phone out of his bag. He saw a message pop up on it from Wyatt.

Wyatt said he already missed Katie, and he suggested they rethink the breakup. Thorne expressed shock, and Rick asked if something was wrong.

At Katie's house, Maya arrived with some papers. She'd heard that Katie wasn't feeling well and had taken the papers there in case Katie wanted to work from home. Katie revealed that it was more of a personal day. In confidence, Katie told Maya that Katie was having love life problems. Maya replied that she thought a woman would be thrilled to have Thorne's interest.

Katie acted as if she didn't know what Maya was talking about. Maya revealed that there had been rumors that Katie had a mystery man, and Katie's personal day might signify that it was over. Katie replied that it apparently was. Maya thought that it set Katie free to explore things with Thorne, whom Maya had seen kiss Katie.

Katie couldn't believe Maya had seen it. Maya said she hadn't told anyone, not even Rick. In Maya's view, Katie was on a roll, and even if it hurt to lose the mystery man, there was a caring man willing to help Katie forget all about it. "I know what I would do," Maya said.

Thorne offers to fill Wyatt's shoes.

Thorne offers to fill Wyatt's shoes.

Friday, February 16, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge were in the living room when Hope entered. The anxious Ridge said he'd heard about Hope's conversation with Steffy, and he asked if Hope really thought she could convince Liam to take Steffy back. Hope replied that she'd done her best, and she'd left Liam's hotel after Steffy had called to invite him to the ultrasound. Ridge asked if Liam would go to it. Hope said she hoped that he would because he needed to see his child.

Brooke didn't think Liam would miss seeing his child for the first time. Hope said it could be a turning point and the first step in putting their family back together.

At the doctor's office, Steffy was with Dr. Phillips, who wondered if Liam would be there for the ultrasound. Steffy replied that she'd asked him to meet her there, and she hoped he'd make it.

The doctor stepped out, and Steffy received a call from Ridge. He explained that Hope had told him about the test, and Hope had been with Liam when Steffy had called about it. Steffy asked if Liam was on the way, but Ridge said Hope didn't know. Ridge wanted to attend the appointment so that Steffy wouldn't be alone, but Steffy believed there was still time for Liam to show up.

After the call, Steffy sat alone, staring at her phone. The door opened, and to her surprise, she saw Liam standing in the doorway. Steffy sent a message to Ridge to let him know that Liam had arrived.

Steffy thanked the standoffish Liam for making it. Liam replied that he was glad she'd called about it, and it was important. Liam was concerned about why the doctor had called the ultrasound, but Steffy assured him that Dr. Phillips was just being cautious due to Steffy's history. She said it meant a lot to Steffy to have Liam there.

Dr. Phillips entered and asked if they were ready to see the baby. The doctor explained that they'd do extra blood tests and ultrasounds as precautions, and they'd be monitoring stress. Steffy said that taking care of the baby was her first priority. Liam said it was his, too.

Dr. Phillips began the ultrasound, and as she waved the wand over Steffy, she asked Steffy if the baby had started moving. Steffy said she sometimes felt fluttering. Liam was surprised to hear it. The baby appeared on the screen, and excited, Steffy grasped Liam's hand. Liam and Steffy became emotional as they learned that the child seemed to be good.

The doctor asked if Steffy and Liam wanted to know the gender, and they agreed to hear it. Dr. Phillips announced that it was a girl, and Steffy cooed about having a little girl.

Later, Liam and Steffy stared at the sonogram photo. Steffy asked if he believed in divine intervention. Sobbing, she said it was the only thing to explain her happiness at that moment. Steffy had feared that what she'd done would hurt the baby and the baby's future.

Crying Steffy said she'd made a terrible mistake. She felt miserable. She thought she'd never feel joy and that she didn't deserve to. Liam told her that she couldn't think that way. Steffy said that their little girl needed her parents. Steffy needed to know, before the baby was born, if they could live under the same roof.

Steffy believed that she and Liam had been given another chance, and their daughter mattered more than anything. Steffy would teach the girl what a kind and compassionate man the girl's father was and how much Steffy respected and adored him. Steffy said the girl would grow up knowing that nothing could ever tear their family apart.

Steffy decided to ask Liam again, for the sake of their daughter, if he could find it in his amazing heart to have forgiveness. She told Liam that she loved him and begged him to forgive her.

Back at Brooke's house, Ridge, who'd been about to go to Steffy's appointment, was relieved that Liam was with Steffy. Ridge said it was a positive time in the couple's life, and he complained that the couple had the shadow over them. Hope said Liam couldn't help how he felt, and the incident had devastated him. Ridge asked how Hope thought Steffy, who'd been taken advantage of, felt.

Ridge apologized for his tone. He thanked Hope for respecting the marriage. Hope didn't think he needed to thank her because, regardless of the turmoil, Steffy and Liam were married. Hope started to say that if they could work through it and Steffy could remain loyal, but Ridge cut Hope off, insisting again that Bill had taken advantage of Steffy.

Hope stated that it hadn't been what Steffy had said. Hope believed that Steffy was determined to make it work. Hope wanted to help as long as Steffy respected Liam and honored her commitment to him. She promised not to interfere with the marriage.

Later, Brooke and Hope were alone. Brooke was proud of Hope for speaking on Steffy's behalf and getting Liam to go to the ultrasound. Hope believed it had been the right thing to do, but Liam had decided on his own. Brooke said it had been incredibly unselfish after what Steffy had done.

Brooke said she was Hope's mother, and Hope admitted that it had been hard to talk to Liam about Steffy. Old feelings had resurfaced, but the child had to be the priority. Hope said that if Steffy could stay faithful to Liam, "then..." Brooke asked if Hope thought Steffy could.

Hope did. She said Steffy had been very sincere about loving Liam and regretted what she'd done. Hope knew how important being a family was, and she hoped Liam could forgive Steffy. Brooke said she was proud of Hope, who was a strong woman, and they hugged.

At the sky lounge, Thorne read Wyatt's message on Katie's phone and realized that Wyatt was the man in Katie's life. The phone alerted that "Thorne" was calling. Thorne answered it for Katie, who said she thought he had her phone. Thorne said it had taken him a minute to figure out what had gone on, but he had gotten it.

Katie offered to meet Thorne at Forrester to pick up the phone, but Thorne wanted to use the mix-up as an excuse to visit her. Katie thanked him and said she'd see him soon. After the call, Thorne deleted the message from Wyatt.

At Katie's house later, Thorne and Katie exchanged phones. Thorne noted that there was a lot of information on her phone, and everyone had their secrets, like Katie did about her mystery man. Katie asked if they were still on that topic, and he replied that he knew who the man was. Thorne told her that it was Wyatt Spencer.

Katie asked how Thorne had found out, and Thorne asked if Wyatt was the guy. Katie said Wyatt had been the guy, and she recalled that she'd told Thorne that it was complicated. Thorne replied that Wyatt was like a stepson. She insisted that it hadn't been like that, and she and Wyatt had just been two consenting adults. She added that it had started long after her marriage to Bill had ended.

Thorne asked if Bill knew about it. Katie said Bill didn't, and it was one of the reasons that she and Wyatt had ended it. They'd had to think about Wyatt's family and future. She said that there were a million reasons that she and Wyatt shouldn't be together, so it was a good thing it was over. Thorne said Katie kept telling herself that, but she was still thinking of Wyatt.

Katie admitted that she'd gotten more involved than she should have. She thought it was silly and said she'd get past it. Thorne offered to help her if she wanted him to. He didn't think she had to stop having fun just because Wyatt was out of the picture. Katie asked if Thorne was saying she should jump into another relationship, but he asked why she had to label it.

Katie guessed it was an old habit. Thorne stated that something had led him back to Los Angeles, but when he'd gotten back to town, he'd gotten sucked into the old drama of Brooke and Ridge. Katie said it was an old habit of Thorne's. Thorne had questioned whether being there was the right decision, but he wondered if he'd returned for her.

Katie thought it was nice of Thorne to say. She began conveying that she wasn't saying that she wasn't intrigued or attracted. Thorne closed in on her. She said she just wasn't sure she was ready. Thorne said he'd thought she liked to take risks. He said that if she let him, he could help her forget about Wyatt. Thorne gave Kate a long, deep kiss, and Katie gasped.

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