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Steffy signed the annulment papers, but Liam seemed to be in no hurry to file them. Hope and Brooke invited Liam to live in the cabin on the estate. Bill devised another loyalty test for Wyatt.
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Liam agrees to move onto Brooke's estate.

Liam agrees to move onto Brooke's estate.

Monday, April 23, 2018

At Forrester, Eric met with Emma and Simon, two interns who had sketches they wanted to run by Eric because Hope hadn't been around. Ridge entered as the two exited, and Eric showed Ridge the designs. Eric said that, with a little guidance, the designs could be good. Having spoken of guidance, Eric wondered when Hope and Steffy would be back at the office.

Ridge didn't know about Hope, but he'd just seen Steffy, who'd been visiting with her mother. Eric was surprised that Taylor hadn't stopped by to see anyone else, and he asked if she knew what had gone on. Ridge said Taylor knew that Bill had tried to wreck Liam and Steffy's marriage. Eric wondered if Bill would continue in that vein.

Ridge didn't have an answer. Eric was concerned about Liam and Hope working together because they'd been close. Eric felt that the timing couldn't be worse because of Steffy and Liam's predicament. Agreeing, Ridge said Hope's feelings for Liam were complicating things.

At the cliff house, Steffy gave Liam the signed annulment papers. She relayed that she'd also emailed Bill about buying the house. She didn't want to stay there if it was Bill's place, and she didn't want anything to do with Bill. She also didn't want to leave the place in which she and Liam had chosen to be a family. She hoped it would still happen, despite everything.

Steffy decided to ask Liam once more if they could start their life together again. Slowly, she kissed him. On the screen flashed images of Bill and Steffy locked in intimacy. Liam pulled away. Steffy said it was okay, but he replied that it wasn't. He wanted their family back together, too, but he couldn't even kiss her without seeing her with his father.

Liam wanted it to go away, but it was never going to go away. Steffy asked him not to say it. Liam didn't want to say it, but it was true. He loved Steffy and wished he could commit to more, but his mind wouldn't let him.

Steffy regretted that night, but she believed that she and Liam could work it out. She intended to keep fighting for their family and hoped he wouldn't file the papers right away. She suggested that he tear them up and give their marriage another chance. She promised that Liam wouldn't need to doubt her or their marriage again. Liam silently walked out of the house.

Later, Ridge was back, and Steffy said it was the second time that day. Ridge was there because his father didn't think he could run the company without his beautiful pregnant daughter. Ridge asked how things had gone with Liam and was surprised when Steffy said she'd informed Liam that she'd made an offer on the house.

Ridge got upset. Steffy knew Ridge didn't want her staying there, but she figured Bill wouldn't go by there if he didn't own it. Ridge asked who'd stop Bill from doing it. Steffy wanted to hold onto the place because she and Liam had wanted to have a family there. She added that she'd also signed the annulment papers. Ridge asked if it was really what Steffy wanted.

Thinking of what Bill had asked her to do, Steffy said she hadn't had a choice. Ridge assumed she'd done it for Liam. Steffy didn't want Liam to wind up resenting her. She wanted him to change his mind, and she was hoping he wouldn't file the papers. She said it wasn't the end. She wanted their family, and she asserted that they'd be together again.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke discussed Liam and Steffy's marriage ending. Hope wanted Liam to find closure and move on. "With you," Brooke said. Hope replied that no matter whom it might be with, Liam's marriage wouldn't overcome what Steffy had done with Bill. Brooke asked if Hope would be there for Liam as a friend or something else.

The subject moved to Liam living at the hotel. Neither woman thought it was good for him. Hope pitched letting him move into the cabin out back. She said they could make sure he was eating well, and he could decompress with tennis or by the pool. Brooke thought it was a good idea, and she wanted Liam to be surrounded by people who loved him.

Hope was happy about Brooke's decision, but she wondered if they should run it by Ridge first. Brooke wanted Hope to leave Brooke's husband to Brooke, and Brooke suggested that Hope invite Liam over there, so they could talk to him about it.

Later, Liam arrived at Brooke's house at Hope's behest. Hope asked how things had gone, and looking at Brooke, Liam guessed she knew about the annulment. Liam said he'd gotten the papers, but he didn't know what happened at that point. Brooke said that a change of scenery might be in order.

Hope said she and Brooke had been talking about all the time Liam had been spending alone. Brooke added that no one should have to live in a hotel for as long as Liam had. Hope wanted Liam to be somewhere that he could be nurtured and loved and asked how he'd feel about moving into Brooke's cabin on the estate.

Brooke pitched that it was a happy place, where he'd get home-cooked meals. Hope added that there was the pool and tennis, and she thought he should let them take care of him for a while. Liam asked if Ridge knew about it. Brooke hadn't told Ridge yet, but she didn't foresee a problem. Brooke noted that "you two" would be working on HFTF together either way.

Brooke decided to go upstairs and give Liam and Hope some time. After Brooke had gone, Hope said she wasn't trying to take advantage of what was happening, and it was up to Liam whether he decided to file the papers. Liam replied that he'd be living there while making the most important decision of his life. He knew he needed to move on, but it was his wife and daughter they were talking about.

Liam said that, on the other hand, he looked at Hope and couldn't stop thinking about the wonderful things she'd brought to his life. Hope asked if he was agreeing to it. Liam stated that he wanted to be there with her, and he definitely needed her in his life, "so...thank you..."

Hope said Liam would stay there, they'd help him feel a little better, and when he was ready, he could file the papers and move on with his life -- hopefully to "our" life together. Hope told him that she loved him and had never stopped, and then she kissed him.

Ridge and Steffy hear about Liam's new address

Ridge and Steffy hear about Liam's new address

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke discussed that Liam had prepared to move into the cabin on the property. Hope thanked her mother for allowing Liam to move in. They agreed it would be good for Liam to be surrounded by people who cared about him. Yet he would have the privacy he needed. Hope admitted that she had hoped it was the start of something positive. "There is something I want to tell you. I told Liam I love him," Hope said.

Brooke didn't seem surprised, and Hope added that it was obvious that Liam loved her also. Brooke noted that it was obvious that Hope cared about Liam, and she'd felt the cabin would be perfect for him. Hope asked what Ridge had said about the arrangement, and Brooke said that Ridge had arrived too late to discuss it the previous evening. She promised to tell him at work. Hope was worried and didn't want to cause trouble between Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke told Hope not to worry. Hope said that Liam was very grateful, and he had a lot on his plate, including living arrangements and becoming a father. Hope added that she hadn't wanted to push Liam, but she admitted, "I'd really like to be the woman in his life."

At the hotel, Liam and Wyatt packed up Liam's stuff, and Wyatt noted that it was a good move to get out of the hotel room. Liam agreed. He picked up the annulment papers that Steffy had signed and admitted that he didn't know what to do. Wyatt asked if he really wanted an annulment. "You've got a baby on the way. Can you really do this? Can you really end your marriage?" Wyatt asked.

Loam looked confused. Wyatt offered his brother the opportunity to crash at his house and teased that he wouldn't even complain if Liam filled the refrigerator with kombucha. Liam laughed and thanked Wyatt but added that he couldn't live in a property that Bill owned. Wyatt understood, but he said that it would be short term.

Liam announced that he planned to move to the cabin on Brooke's estate. Wyatt wondered if Liam was crazy and noted that he would make everything worse. Wyatt asked if Liam had considered what Steffy would think about it.

Liam countered that it wasn't about Steffy or Hope, but it was about what he needed at that time. He had spent too much time alone, and he admitted that he had chosen the hotel as an escape, but the cabin was a good next step. It was near the Forrester family but not too close. He added that Hope had offered him support from the beginning.

Wyatt disagreed and said that Steffy would be furious that Liam was looking for encouragement from Hope and Brooke rather than from her.

In Ridge's office at Forrester, Steffy announced that she had signed the annulment papers, and Ridge was surprised. Steffy said that she believed she could save her marriage. However, her husband had to make a move because she couldn't force him to return home, and she couldn't continue to apologize.

Two interns entered and introduced themselves. Steffy offered one a tour, and Simon, the other intern, asked Ridge about some items that were scheduled to be delivered to Liam. Simon added that Liam was moving. Ridge asked where they were sending the items, and Simon responded with the address that he had been given. Ridge was shocked and said it wasn't possible. "That's where I live," Ridge said. The intern looked confused.

Later, Hope was in her office, and Simon, the intern, entered and apologized that he had made an error. He shared the experience he'd had with Ridge, and Hope told him not to worry about it. "Ridge didn't seem happy about it," Simon said. Hope said it wasn't his fault.

After Simon had gone, Steffy entered Hope's office. They bantered about annulment papers, and Steffy shared that she'd hoped Liam would have torn them up, but he wasn't ready to return home yet. She still had faith in her marriage and her husband. She asked Hope to give Liam space and time. "Don't interfere," she said.

Hope listened intently and told Steffy that Liam had prepared to move. Steffy seemed surprised but tried to cover it. She said it was time for him to get out of the hotel. He needed a place of his own until he decided to return home.

Hope announced that Liam had decided to move into the cabin on her mother's estate. Steffy looked angry, but Hope shared that Liam needed to have some independence but still have some family around him. She felt that Brooke and Ridge could be a positive influence on him, but he would be far enough away that he would have his own space.

Steffy was livid. She noted that Hope had pulled Liam into her relaunch of Hope for the Future, but it wasn't enough. Hope wanted Liam to move in with her, as well. Hope answered that she wanted Liam to get back to his old self. She reminded Steffy that Steffy and Bill had nearly driven Liam crazy. "He thought he shot his own father. That's how messed up this got," Hope said.

Steffy maintained that she and Liam had a commitment. Hope countered that Liam needed to feel at home without any pressure from her. Steffy accused Hope of wanting Liam for herself. Hope defended herself and reminded Steffy that she had been there for Liam when he'd needed her. "It's working out pretty well for you," Steffy noted.

Steffy reminded Hope that Hope had supported Steffy's marriage previously, but Hope quickly noted that Steffy had slept with Liam's father. Steffy acknowledged that she had made a mistake, but she had a marriage and a family at stake.

Hope accused Steffy of creating her own problems after she'd slept with her father-in-law, who had later proposed to her. It had all driven Liam crazy because he had seen the proposal, and Steffy noted that Liam had suffered a concussion. "You don't get it. You broke his trust," Hope said.

"You want my husband," Steffy accused, and she added that she had no plans to give up on her family or her marriage because she had a baby on the way who "needs her daddy." Hope looked doubtful.

In Ridge's office, Brooke entered and kissed Ridge. She said she wanted to talk to him about something at lunch. Ridge questioned if Brooke had seen Hope, and Brooke responded that they had driven to work together. Ridge wondered if Hope had said anything out Liam moving out of the hotel, and Brooke said she had.

Ridge explained the situation with the intern looking for Liam's new address and that it was funny that the address the intern had been given was their home. "Do you know anything about it?" Ridge asked. Brooke calmly told Ridge that she and Hope had decided it would be good for Liam to live in the cabin on the property. Ridge looked bothered.

"Liam needs to go back to his pregnant wife," Ridge said. Brooke reminded Ridge that Liam had been isolated and wasn't ready to return to Steffy. Ridge argued that Liam had a wife who cared about him. Brooke said she wanted to offer Liam a place to stay until he figured out what he wanted to do next, and they were up the hill from the cabin if he needed someone.

Ridge shook his head, but Brooke continued to present the move as a positive. She told Ridge that he could be a "refreshingly different father figure." Ridge worried that Hope and Brooke had other motives -- like getting Liam and Hope back together -- while he was worried about Liam's wife and baby.

At the cabin, Wyatt and Liam discussed that Liam had to face a lot of changes in a new place. Liam said that Hope had been amazing to him after all that he'd been through. However, Liam admitted that he still loved Steffy. "I don't know what I'm gonna do," Liam said. Wyatt understood, but he noted that Liam could clearly end up with Hope.

Ridge gives Liam advice

Ridge gives Liam advice

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Steffy advised Hope that Liam's future was with her. Steffy added that Hope and her mother's best efforts to separate Steffy from Liam wouldn't work -- especially moving Liam onto Brooke's property. "Do what you want; it's not gonna work." Steffy said.

Hope reminded Steffy there was no reason for Liam to stay "in that awful hotel room." Steffy agreed, but she added that Liam could have returned to his wife. Hope noted that Steffy had signed the annulment papers. Steffy reminded Hope that her signature on annulment papers was not an invitation for Hope to make a move on her husband.

Steffy admitted that what had happened between her and Bill was the worst thing that could have happened. She acknowledged that Liam was hurt and confused, but she knew that Liam would not want to raise their child in a broken home. "He has a family now," Steffy said. She added that he was not the kind of man who would give up on his family.

Hope said she had a Hope for the Future meeting scheduled with Liam, and she invited Steffy to attend -- but only if she could be supportive. They argued, and Steffy thought about attending but said she had other plans.

Hope and Steffy argued over Liam's move to Brooke's property. Hope defended the idea and said it would give Liam some peace and space to be alone after all the pain he'd been living through. Hope mentioned "decency and goodness," and Steffy said that Hope had been throwing those words at her their entire lives to signal that Hope was better than Steffy, and she said it in a hundred different ways.

Steffy said she had too much to do to crash a meeting. She added that Hope was purposefully trying to destroy her marriage. Steffy left.

In Ridge's office. Liam entered and said he was looking for a meeting with Hope about Hope for the Future. They discussed that Liam had moved onto the property. Ridge said he was glad that Liam had people who loved him around him because what his father had done to him was awful. "Welcome to the compound," Ridge said and extended his hand to Liam.

Liam was grateful for Ridge's support. "You know I think of you as a son," Ridge said.

Ridge offered advice but realized that Liam might think he was a hypocrite because he'd had a few marriages of his own. Ridge admitted that it had taken him a long time to realize what was important.

Ridge understood that Liam had a tough decision to make. He noted that Hope was an incredible, wonderful woman, and Steffy was Liam's wife and carrying his child. Ridge added that Steffy had signed the annulment papers because she hadn't known what else to do. Ridge admitted that he was biased toward his own little girl, who was smart, beautiful, courageous, and flawed. He said that Liam would understand someday when he had his own daughter.

Liam agreed and said that he hadn't made a decision yet. Ridge understood, but he pointed out that Liam had pretty much moved in with his ex-wife. Liam was surprised. Ridge advised Liam that he had a simple decision. "You're a man of your word for better or for worse. It doesn't get much worse than this, but you made a promise to your wife and daughter. Honor it," Ridge ordered.

Ridge added that he wanted Liam to rip up the annulment papers. "Or you can let your daddy win and take your wife," Ridge said. Ridge acknowledged that Steffy had done something unforgivable, but he pointed out that he would never believe that Steffy deserved Bill Spencer. "I will not let you hand her over to that man," Ridge said. Liam understood. He promised to make a decision soon and not drag it out.

In Hope's office, she suggested to Emma the intern that Emma had articles to read. Hope had sent them to her so she could get a better understanding of the causes that Hope for the Future was working on. Liam entered and overheard. Hope told Emma they would discuss the vision for Hope for the Future later. Emma thanked Hope and left. Liam was proud of Hope for mentoring a young woman. He looked at some of the garments in the new line. Hope asked what he thought of them. He said there were a lot of great scarves. Hope agreed there were many accessories, and it had all been Thorne's idea.

Hope explained that people might not be able to afford a complete outfit but could invest in a scarf. She didn't want "any client to feel excluded." She said they could use scarves to celebrate. Liam agreed and said they could use the scarves as part of the program. Buyers could buy one and get one that they could give away.

Hope loved the idea. "Thanks for this," Liam said. He said that he had something to focus on. Hope said he was starting to seem like himself again.

Liam thanked Hope for giving him a chance to work with her. He admitted that he'd been in a dark place. Hope said that he had every right to be in the dark, but he was "back out into the light where you belong."

Steffy was in her office and recalled good times with Liam. Ridge interrupted and noticed she'd been deep in thought. Steffy agreed and asked her dad to speak to Brooke. Ridge understood. He said he'd already spoken to Liam. He felt Liam would give their marriage another try.

"You're my daughter. My loyalty lies with you," Ridge said. Steffy thanked him and said that she took full responsibility for what had happened, but with Hope back in town, everything had changed. Ridge felt responsible for Hope's return because he had encouraged it.

Steffy lamented that she just wanted Hope to leave Liam alone. She had a lot of anxiety as she waited for a call or some message that Liam had either moved on or chosen her. Steffy received a message that she had an appointment for an ultrasound. Ridge encouraged her to ask Liam to attend with her. Steffy agreed and hugged her dad.

In Hope's office. Liam wondered if Steffy and Ridge would sign off on a plan to "buy one, get one." Hope agreed they would because it was an effort to support the line.

Hope explained that Steffy was unhappy that Liam was moving into the cabin. Hope said that she wanted Liam to find a sense of healing.

Liam teased that the new line was helping, and he loved to accessorize. He and Hope wrapped each other in scarves and started to laugh. "It's so good to see you laugh," she said. Liam admitted it felt good to laugh. "Thank you for bringing it out of me," Liam said.

Liam agreed he'd made progress. Hope encouraged him to file the annulment papers so they could have a fresh start. "We could have the future we always dreamed about," Hope enthused. She urged Liam to leave all the pain behind him. Liam smiled, and they hugged.

Steffy entered, and Liam and Hope were embarrassed. Steffy said the meeting had clearly ended. She suggested it was good timing because she wanted Liam to attend a meeting with her. Hope interrupted to say their meeting had not ended, but Steffy said she had a doctor's appointment with an ultrasound scheduled "to see our baby."

"I know we're not a couple, but we're parents. Come see your little girl," Steffy advised. Liam looked at Hope.

A baby scare bonds Liam and Steffy

A baby scare bonds Liam and Steffy

Thursday, April 26, 2018

In the design office, Liam wanted to know the time of Steffy's ultrasound appointment. Steffy said she was on the way right then. When Liam seemed torn because he'd just started a meeting with Hope, Steffy said she could respect his time and obligations, as he'd done for her, and she didn't think it was a crisis if he needed to stay where he was.

Though Hope said it felt like she and Liam had just been getting started, she was okay with him leaving. She revealed that she'd planned to make him dinner to welcome him to the house, and she asked how Milanese risotto sounded. Steffy sniped that Hope had picked up some tricks in Milan. Liam decided to leave with Steffy and said that he'd see Hope later that night.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Phillips met with Steffy and Liam and began the ultrasound. Steffy and Liam asked questions as the doctor took measurements. With a concerned look on her face, Dr. Phillips asked Steffy to cough. She asked Steffy to do it a few times, and when coughing didn't seem to resolve whatever the issue was, she sent Liam for cold juice from the nurse.

After Liam left, Dr. Phillips said she didn't want Steffy to be alarmed. The doctor just wasn't seeing something she'd expected to see, but there was no cause for alarm yet.

Once Liam returned, Steffy drank the juice. Liam asked if it had to do with blood sugar levels. Dr. Phillips asked if Steffy was taking folic acid, and Steffy affirmed it. The doctor decided that Steffy needed to return in a few days, but Liam said they wouldn't sleep until they knew what was going on. Dr. Phillips revealed that she couldn't get the baby to move.

Dr. Phillips stated that the baby slept for nine to ten hours, and the baby had normal organ development. The doctor had seen something when the baby had turned. Apparently, the doctor couldn't get the baby to turn again. Liam asked if it was on the baby's back. He'd noticed that doctor had gotten quiet when they'd viewed the back, and he asked if it was spina bifida.

The doctor explained that spina bifida was usually lower, and it could have just been the baby's position. Liam pressed to know what the doctor had seen. The doctor called it a soft marker, which could indicate a potential risk. Liam didn't want to wait a few days for another appointment to find out what was going on.

As the doctor tried assuaging Liam's fears, Steffy felt the baby move. Relieved, Dr. Phillips returned to conducting the ultrasound. She said the baby hadn't wanted Liam and Steffy to worry another moment because there was nothing to worry about, and the baby was progressing fine. Liam and Steffy hugged.

Later, Steffy and Liam were alone and preparing to leave. They talked about how scared they'd been during the appointment, and Steffy was glad Liam had been there. Liam said he loved the baby. Steffy knew it and claimed to feel it. Getting teary-eyed, Liam stated that he knew that Steffy was the same person he'd rescued from the tub, fallen in love with, and married. He didn't give in to thoughts that she'd finally revealed her true nature, though he sometimes had them.

Liam expressed that in times like the one they'd just had, he could recognize "us," the kinds of thing they hoped for, and who they were when no one was looking. He wished it was enough to fix things. It wasn't, but having a life without anger, resentment, and fear seemed more possible because of Steffy and the baby. He wanted Steffy to know that, no matter what happened, he'd always be there for her and the baby. Steffy shed tears as they hugged.

In the CEO's office, Emma arrived with some files for Brooke. Star-struck by Brooke, Emma said that meeting face to face with an icon like Brooke was awe-inspiring. Emma stated that when people thought of Forrester, they immediately thought of Brooke. Ridge, who'd just walked into the office, said it was a good thing because his ugly mug couldn't sell gowns.

After Emma left, Brooke and Ridge flirted with each other and canoodled. Brooke started to leave with files for Steffy, but Ridge offered to review them because Steffy was on her way to an ultrasound. Brooke wondered if Liam were going to the appointment and said she didn't think he'd schedule a meeting with Hope if he'd planned on accompanying Steffy.

Ridge replied that the ultrasound trumped an HFTF meeting. Brooke clarified that she was merely saying that a commitment was a commitment. Ridge agreed that it was -- when it was about marital and parental commitments. Brooke scoffed.

Later, Hope arrived, looking for Ridge, but Brooke said he'd gone already. Brooke cooed about it being "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," and she remembered taking Hope with her to work when Hope had been small. Brooke was proud that Hope had chosen to work there with her every day, and Brooke decided that it should be "Watch Your Daughter Outshine You at Work Day."

Hope and Brooke hugged, and Brooke asked what Hope needed Ridge for. Hope explained Liam's "Style and Smile" scarf program to Brooke and how it would work. Brooke was glad the meeting had gone well. Hope stated that it had until Steffy had arrived to invite Liam to the ultrasound appointment. Hope was fine with it because Liam needed to bond with his child, but she said Steffy wasn't above using the pregnancy to reel Liam back in.

Hope wanted Liam to bond with the child, but she asked why everything had to be about the baby with Steffy. In Hope's view, it was even in Steffy's body language. Rubbing her belly, Brooke assumed that was the language Hope meant. Brooke said it was a natural, protective motion, and when Brooke had done it while pregnant with R.J., Stephanie had told Brooke to stop reminding Ridge that she was pregnant.

Hope asked if she were being unfair and jealous. Brooke said it was hard not to think of what it would be if there were no pregnancy. Hope didn't believe they could think that way, and Hope wanted the baby to grow into a happy, healthy girl.

Brooke felt that Hope was a better friend than Steffy realized because Hope was respecting the baby. Hope thought it was just human decency, and there shouldn't be anything between Liam and the baby. Brooke assumed that Hope knew it would make Liam and Steffy closer. Though Hope knew it, she felt that Steffy hadn't outgrown being her worst enemy, and because of what had happened with Bill, Liam could finally see that Steffy wasn't an angel.

Entering the room, Ridge assumed he wasn't supposed to hear what Hope had just said. He asked that Hope not badmouth Steffy in her own office or in front of her husband. Hope apologized, but Brooke said it was her fault for talking about the ultrasound. Ridge asked if it was possible for them all to agree not to pressure Liam to leave his family.

Hope asked if it was wrong to want what was best for Liam. Ridge didn't think it was wrong, but he did think it was arrogant to claim to know what was best for Liam when Liam didn't even know. Ridge asked if Hope would pat herself on the back if Liam remained estranged from his family forever. Hope replied that she wouldn't.

Ridge stated that it was obvious that Hope still loved Liam. In his view, there were a lot of questions to be asked, answers to be found, and judgments to be made. "But not by you, Hope," Ridge concluded, and he left.

Bill tests Wyatt's loyalty to Bill

Bill tests Wyatt's loyalty to Bill

Friday, April 27, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy unlocked her door and asked Liam, who was dropping her off, to stay a while because she was still shaken up by the doctor's appointment. Agreeing, Liam followed her into the living room, and they sat together on the couch. Liam hoped they never had to experience a scare like it again. She thanked him for being there and said it would have been much harder without him.

Steffy pulled out the sonogram photo and chuckled because the baby had "Steffy lips." Liam agreed and couldn't wait to meet the baby. Though Steffy wasn't so sure she should ruin the mood by broaching a certain topic with Liam, she asked if they could discuss him living on the same property as Hope.

Steffy asked if Liam would just move on with Hope, and Steffy said that after all they'd gone through, she and Liam were still worth fighting for. Liam knew it and was torn about it. Part of him wanted to return home to be a family. He'd never been as happy as when he'd found out about the pregnancy, but that moment had been blown away by the indiscretion.

It kept returning to that, no matter how hard Liam tried. The trust had been broken, and even though Liam loved Steffy, whenever he looked at her, he saw Bill. Steffy wanted Liam to see something very different.

Picking up some bags, Steffy said she'd been shopping for the baby and the nursery. She pulled an infant dress out of a bag and said that it was happening; their little girl was on the way. Steffy and Liam sorted through the items and cooed over tiny baby shoes. Liam picked up a framed photo and said he liked that picture of them.

Steffy said she'd chosen it for the baby's room, and she wanted the baby to wake up and see the people who loved her, even if Liam wasn't there. "We did this," Steffy said, admiring the sonogram photo. Liam stated that it was beautiful.

Crying, Steffy conveyed that she didn't want Liam to live at the cabin. She wanted Liam to stay at the cliff house. Steffy knew that she'd made a terrible mistake. She was sorry for it, and she said Bill meant nothing to her. Liam replied that he was trying to believe it. Steffy promised not to betray him. She felt that time and love worked magic.

Steffy said it was why she wanted to buy the place from Bill. She planned to make it a sacred foundation for their little girl. Steffy said it was what she wanted. Liam wanted it, too, and he wished he could snap his fingers and forget. She pressed Liam's hand against her belly and tearfully chuckled. Liam pull away and said that he couldn't.

Steffy started to cry. "Just not yet. Not yet," Liam said, heading out the front door.

At Brooke's house, Hope was anxious because she hadn't heard from Liam yet about the ultrasound. Brooke noted that doctor's appointments could be unpredictable. Hope claimed to want to know Liam's status so that dinner would run on time. Brooke asked if it bothered Hope that Steffy and Liam were bonding over the baby.

Hope claimed it didn't, and she said she knew it was what Steffy and Liam had to do as parents. Hope figured that Brooke was in a tough spot with Ridge due to Hope's feelings for Liam. Brooke said not to worry about it, and she added that they all wanted what was best for Liam.

Hope replied that she found it increasingly difficult to believe that Steffy was best for Liam. Hope wasn't hoping for the marriage to crumble, but she didn't trust Steffy to do what was best for Liam. Because Liam had the annulment papers and had moved onto the property, Hope couldn't help but look toward a possible future with Liam.

Brooke warned that a future with Liam might be harder than Hope imagined, because Steffy and the baby would be permanent parts of it. Hope believed that she would love the baby like her own, but she was sure Steffy would constantly remind Hope that the baby wasn't Hope's. Hope claimed that she'd back off and wish Steffy and Liam well if Hope thought that Steffy wouldn't even hurt Liam again, but Hope didn't believe it.

At Spencer, Justin said he hadn't been sure Bill should go to Europe so soon after the incident, but Bill didn't seem any worse for wear. Bill asked if Justin thought Bill would let a bullet keep him down. Bill wanted to get things back on track and asked if there were any more updates. Justin didn't have anything more. Bill admitted that he appreciated having Justin around, but he warned that he probably wouldn't say anything like that again.

Wyatt arrived, saying he'd heard that Bill was back. Wyatt thought Bill looked good, and Bill agreed that he did. Wyatt had been checking with the police, but there was no information on the shooter. Justin interjected that he'd increased security at the house and office. Though Bill appreciated it, he wasn't too concerned because he believed that Sanchez was "Taylor-made" for the investigation.

Justin took off, and Bill asked if Wyatt had something to tell him. Wyatt said he'd done what Bill had asked and ended the engagement with Katie. Bill was thrilled to hear it. Wyatt stated that Bill had said he'd make Wyatt the heir apparent in exchange for it, and Wyatt wanted to know if Bill intended to live up to his end of the bargain.

Later, Wyatt had filled Bill in on Wyatt's shock that Steffy had suddenly signed the annulment papers and that Liam had decided to move onto Brooke's estate. Referring to Hope and Liam, Bill said that men and women got close, and if given time, they'd get closer. Wyatt didn't think Liam was ready for a new relationship and said Liam was still in recovery, thanks to Bill.

Bill quipped that Hope seemed to be helping Liam with it, and Bill asked if Wyatt was opposed to Hope and Liam being together. Wyatt said he was a proponent of people being with whom they were supposed to be, and Liam was married to Steffy. "For now," Bill responded. Bill thought of Liam and Hope as inevitable, but Wyatt countered that Steffy was a fighter. It didn't make sense to Wyatt that Steffy could give in.

Changing the subject, Bill said that Wyatt knew how important loyalty was to Bill, and Bill needed to know that Wyatt was loyal to not just Bill but also the family. Bill had one more thing for Wyatt to do to prove it. Wyatt felt he'd already done it by ending his engagement. Bill said it was about Steffy and her future. "With Liam?" Wyatt asked. Bill replied, "With me."

Bill believed that Liam and Steffy's marriage was over, and Liam needed to move on with the right person. Bill believed that Liam and Hope were destined to be together, and if Liam found out that "Steffy hasn't been honest..."

Confused, Wyatt asked if Bill meant being honest about Bill. Wyatt asserted that there was nothing going on with Bill and Steffy, and Steffy only wanted to get her marriage back on track. Bill flashed a suspicious glare at Wyatt, but Wyatt refused to believe anything was going on with Steffy and Bill. Wyatt stated that, for the record, he was there to work, not facilitate Bill's fantasies of his son's wife.

Bill's phone rang with a call from Steffy. Bill put it on speakerphone. Steffy asked to see Bill, and he said he was at his office. She told him that she was on the way, and she thanked him for keeping their secret. Bill replied that he'd do anything she asked.

After the call, Wyatt became disturbed by the idea of a secret. Bill said Liam needed to hear the truth from Wyatt. Bill felt that Liam was on the fence because he didn't have all the facts about Steffy calling Bill and seeing him. Wyatt asked if it was on a regular basis. Bill replied that it had been once in a while, and Steffy couldn't help herself.

Bill believed Liam needed to know so that he could end his marriage and move on with Hope. Bill insisted that Wyatt tell Liam the truth. Wyatt's phone chimed. Bill said Wyatt should take the call, and Liam needed to hear the truth from Wyatt.

Wyatt left the office, answering the phone as he went. Bill flashed to having sex with Steffy and uttered, "She will be mine."

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