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Katie and Thorne tracked the creepy web posts to Sally's IP address, and Thorne fired Sally. Zoe, the real web poster, stalked Xander and Emma at Bikini Bar and Forrester. Bill questioned whether Steffy really wanted a man who was having a baby with Hope.
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Liam doesn't know if he should get married

Liam doesn't know if he should get married

Monday, July 9, 2018

At Forrester, Hope met with the interns about the showing. She'd given a lot of thought to the photo incident, and she believed Emma had made a rookie mistake. Emma was happy to hear it, and Hope said they'd have a fresh start, which included revisiting Emma's choreography for the showing. Xander said Emma wouldn't let Hope down.

Hope left the interns to work on things, and Xander said he knew Hope would figure out there was no deep, dark thing Emma was hiding. It had also gotten him to thinking, and he wanted to reveal something about himself to Emma because he felt the two were getting closer.

Xander revealed that he'd been born in England. Emma thought he was joking, and assuming a British accent, she said she was the queen mum. Dropping his American accent, he said her British accent was good, and she said his was, too. Xander insisted that it was because it was real, and he explained that his mother was British.

Emma was tickled by his accent, and she wondered why he'd been hiding the information. Xander said he'd left something behind at home, and he'd been hoping to make a fresh start in Los Angeles. He hadn't been expecting to meet such a literal knockout like Emma. She'd gotten his attention, and he'd been looking ever since.

At Wyatt's house, Sally and Wyatt were kissing after taking a morning swim. They discussed how the swim was helping her get over the feeling she had that Hope hated her. Figuring there was more work to do to help Sally, Wyatt kissed her again.

At the door, a woman poked her head in the house and asked if she should return later. Wyatt told the British woman, Zoe, that the mural awaited. Zoe went to the wall, where a partial beach scene had been started.

Sally decided to confess something to Wyatt, and Zoe asked if she should leave. Sally said Zoe could stay because she'd heard Sally talk about Hope before. Sally confessed to listening at the door when Hope had warned Wyatt away from Sally, and Sally asked where Hope got off meddling in Sally's personal life. Wyatt asked if Sally had heard his response to Hope.

Sally stated that Wyatt had said he cared about her and admired her. Wyatt asserted that Hope didn't have any influence over him regarding Sally. Sally noted that his father had tried to ruin her, and Hope was trying to do the same. Wyatt claimed it hadn't been personal with Bill.

Zoe said it sounded personal with Hope, who Zoe assumed was jealous. Sally asked if Hope was using her power to keep Sally down. Zoe replied that some women were just like that. Sally quipped that she didn't like the view from down there and might come up swinging.

Wyatt and Sally talked to Zoe about the mural's progress. Zoe figured that they wanted it done and her out of their hair, but Sally said they'd hardly get any work done if Zoe wasn't there. Wyatt joked that they'd do the important thing.

Sally began to think of work, and Wyatt noticed the unhappy look on her face. She wished she could look forward to work instead of worrying that Hope was devising ways to make her feel unwanted. Wyatt advised Sally to be a force that Hope couldn't deny and to do every menial task so well that Eric noticed. Wyatt believed that if Eric was on Sally's side, others would follow, leaving Hope no choice. Zoe thought that would be sweet revenge.

Sally decided to check in at work and wondered if anyone had seen her laptop. Zoe glanced down to a laptop tucked beneath a tarp by her feet, and she kept painting. As Wyatt and Sally looked for the laptop in another room, Zoe tucked the device between the pillows on the sofa.

Sally and Wyatt returned and looked around more. Zoe pretended to discover the device on the sofa.

At the Bikini Bar, Katie was in a bikini and was with Thorne. They were having drinks and playing hooky from work. Thorne believed that he needed to inform Katie about the website comments he and Liam had been monitoring on the HFTF site. Katie was upset to hear about it. Thorne showed Katie a deleted message and said it hadn't been the only one.

Katie figured the poster didn't like Hope, but it didn't mean the poster was dangerous. Thorne said it was why he and Liam were being low-key about it, but they had put Ridge in the loop. Thorne said they'd thought about requiring web registration or having no comment section at all for the site. Katie said they didn't want to change the spirit of the site over one troll.

Thorne said they were looking at all possibilities, and he'd overheard Hope's team venting about her. Katie didn't seem sold that it was one of them. Thorne remarked upon Sally and said there was no love lost there. Katie asked what Hope thought, but Thorne said Hope didn't know.

Later, Katie ordered Thorne to put away the laptop and said it wasn't what playing hooky was about. Thorne felt he needed to stay on top of the situation. Katie claimed to have a better idea, and she kissed him. Another message arrived on the website from the stalker with the crossbones icon. It wished Hope luck and said she'd need it. Thorne said they needed to get to the bottom of whether someone was really stalking Hope.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam were in the living room after a rough night of taking turns with Kelly. Steffy still couldn't believe Hope was pregnant. Liam said Hope hadn't done it on purpose. Steffy knew that. She blamed it on Bill, who'd caused a lot of turmoil. Steffy noted that they were still standing and felt they could handle anything as long as they did so as husband and wife.

Liam was amazed that Steffy wasn't more upset about it. Steffy said she wasn't happy about the pregnancy, but she, Liam, and Kelly were already a functioning family. Steffy thought they might as well get married. Liam looked hesitant, and Steffy asked if he still wanted to marry her. In his silence, Steffy told him that it was okay to say he'd changed his mind about marrying her.

Liam said that it wasn't about Steffy, but he suddenly felt as if he wasn't in a position to get married at all. It was complicated to him. He was living a wonderful life with Steffy and Kelly, but he had to figure out what Hope's pregnancy meant for all of them. Steffy claimed to understand, but she was disappointed because she loved him and wanted to marry him more than anything.

"Yeah," Liam uttered. Steffy said that he could take whatever time he needed, and she knew that their future was together with their child.

Later, Steffy was alone with the baby in her arms. She tearfully promised the child that they would be a family with Liam.

At Brooke's house, Liam arrived while Hope was making herself some tea for her nausea. She didn't mind the sickness because it was a reminder that she was pregnant. He conveyed that he'd told Steffy about the pregnancy, and Steffy he taken it in stride, saying they'd deal. Hope asked if it was all that Steffy had said. Liam added that Steffy still wanted to get married.

Liam decided to tell Hope what he'd told Steffy, which was that he couldn't make a decision yet. The news was life-changing for Liam, and he felt that he needed to sit with it and to see what it meant. He said he loved his daughter, and he was a family with the baby and Steffy. Liam added that he was about to be a family with Hope and her baby. Hope said she didn't mean to complicate his life. He replied that it took two, and he wasn't sorry.

Liam said that he loved Hope, and he could get lost in her; however, the "inconvenient fact" was that he loved Steffy, too. Hope asked if he'd stay with Steffy. He replied that he had to be close to his daughter, and he asked if Hope could give him time. Hope said it wouldn't be easy to carry his child while he was living with Steffy, but she refused to get between him and Kelly.

Liam thanked Hope, and they hugged. She told him that she loved him very much, and he replied that he loved her, too.

Zoe zeros in on Xander and Emma

Zoe zeros in on Xander and Emma

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At Forrester, Thorne said Katie smelled like suntan lotion. Katie joked that it was almost as if the couple had been on the beach earlier, drinking Bloody Marys. Thorne liked the idea of being a couple with her. She decided that they needed to transform into dutiful Forrester employees, and the topic turned to the comments on the website. He asked who'd want to mess with Hope.

Katie didn't get why anyone would go after Hope, the least controversial person Katie knew. Thorne reminded her that they weren't telling Hope, just in case it wasn't serious, but they still had to investigate it. Thorne vowed to get to the bottom of it. He'd called the best IT person in town and said if anyone could track the poster, it was that IT person.

Later, Thorne and Katie sat down with Ken, the IT expert Bill had used the year before. Ken asked Katie not to use Ken's association with Bill against Ken. Scrolling through material on a laptop, Ken noted that someone didn't like Hope. He checked the site's firewall and noted that it wasn't a poorly constructed site. Ken thought there might be a bot problem.

"A bot?" Katie asked. Ken named different kind of website robots, whose purpose was to perform tasks at a higher rate than humans. Ken decided that it wasn't a bot, but a lone person posting from a single IP address. Ken said the person could be using a virtual private network. Thorne instructed Ken to do what was needed to find the person.

After Ken looked through the web programming that comprised the site, Katie showed him the website from a viewer's perspective. Ken griped about the good-looking people in the photos. Katie showed him who the target was and said Hope for the Future was Hope's line. Ken snickered at the originality in the line's name.

Thorne said they'd reprised HFTF because it had been a hit in the past. Thorne wanted to find out who was behind the threatening messages before the fashion show arrived. Katie added that they wanted to make sure Hope wasn't in any danger.

At the beach house, Zoe worked on the mural as she eavesdropped on Sally and Wyatt. Sally figured it was time go to work, and Wyatt said not to sound too excited. Sally was glad for the opportunity, but it was hard because Hope was railroading Sally personally and professionally.

Sally thanked Zoe for finding the laptop and asked what part of the U.K. Zoe was from. Zoe said, "Mostly London, whereabouts." Sally wondered what had gotten Zoe to go to Los Angeles. In Zoe's silence, Sally remarked that London and L.A. were far apart, and she asked if Zoe had loved ones in town. Zoe replied that she knew a few people.

Wyatt was sure Zoe would make new friends in town. Zoe replied that she wasn't really focused on that. Sally again asked what had gotten Zoe to go to L.A. Sally asked if Zoe was in art school. Zoe revealed that she was a self-taught artist. Wyatt added that Zoe was very good, and Sally needed to see Zoe's portfolio. Sally was glad Zoe had work because it was hard being an artist, something Sally knew through experience.

Zoe said people arrived in L.A. to follow their dreams, and she was doing the same thing. Zoe's phone chimed. It was a selfie of Emma with Xander in the background. Emma had posted it to an app called Photograms. Zoe decided to take a break to let her work dry. She told Sally not to forget her laptop. At the door before leaving, Zoe watched Sally and Wyatt kiss.

Once they were alone, Wyatt said he thought Sally was abandoning him for work. Shoving him down on the sofa, Sally decided that she had something better in mind.

After Sally and Wyatt had sex, the two cuddled under blankets together. Wyatt said he could get used to it. Sally replied that she could, too, but one of them had to work. He designated her for the job and said he was tragically unemployed. Wyatt had money saved and planned to enjoy his sabbatical while it lasted. Sally demanded that he have meals ready when she got home from work, and they couldn't be from a box. Wyatt said he was an out-of-the-box chef.

Sally decided she'd pick up food on the way home. Sally appreciated how much Wyatt believed in her and supported her. Wyatt enjoyed having her around. He didn't want her to feel like she had to have a sense of gratitude for anything he did for her. He wanted to do things for her. He wanted the world to see what he saw. Sally glanced at herself in the blanket.

Wyatt said he hadn't meant that. "I mean you can," he told her, but he preferred to reserve her state at that moment for at home. Sally believed she was allowed to tell him that she was grateful for his faith in her, and she hadn't gotten that from Forrester -- Hope in particular. Wyatt was sure it would change and said Sally and Hope might even become friends. Sally rolled her eyes, but he noted that crazier things had happened.

At the Bikini Bar, Emma was excited and glad Xander had chosen to go there to celebrate Hope and Emma's renewed consensus about the choreography. Emma didn't know why he was hiding his sexy accent. She said if she was British, she'd never stop talking. Xander didn't think it was that big of a deal and said he'd just wanted to change things up a bit.

Emma guessed that Xander was a spy or in a witness protection program. He denied the guesses, and she asked what was so bad about his past that made him want to hide it. Emma kept guessing, but he assured her that there was nothing there. Xander understood her curiosity, but he wanted to leave his past behind and focus on his present. He told her that no one knew about it except her, his family, and Simon.

Emma heard an alert on her phone and cooed about getting more likes on her photo. She showed it to Xander. He saw himself in it and asked when she'd taken it. She said it had been earlier, and she already had four hundred likes on it. Xander didn't seem happy about it. She asked if he'd seen it and noted that she'd tagged him in it. "You tagged me?" he asked. She affirmed it and asked if it was okay.

Emma said she should have asked before she'd posted the photo. Xander replied that it should be okay. She assured him that she hadn't made it seem like he was on a date. He said he'd thought they were on a date. Giggling, Emma stated that they were if he said so.

Xander liked hanging out with Emma. She giggled as he told her that he liked her vibe and that she was smart and driven. He loved that she loved to laugh and wasn't about drama or being jaded. He felt that she was easy to be with, and he was happy that she was in his life.

Unbeknownst to Emma and Xander, Zoe arrived and watched them from across the crowded restaurant. Emma touched Xander's hand. Zoe flashed back to being in Xander's arms in London when he'd told her that he loved her.

Thorne fires Sally for harassing Hope

Thorne fires Sally for harassing Hope

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

At Forrester, Katie and Thorne were in the CEO's office, working with Ken, who wanted to see the picture beside one of the negative comments. Katie showed him a picture of Emma, Hope, and another woman. Ken said Hope was pretty, but he'd stalk Katie before he stalk Hope. "Uh, thank you?" Katie dubiously replied.

Thorne served Ken some tea, and Katie and Thorne wondered how long the job would take. Ken wanted a lemon, and Thorne murmured that they were working on it. Ken figured the job would take a couple of hours and told Thorne that he could get Ken's lunch from Il Giardino. Ken wanted extra capers and reminded Thorne about the lemon.

Later, Thorne returned to the office as Ken was finishing up his meal. Katie shoved some dishes in Thorne's hands and said he could mind the troubled genius. Claiming not to be troubled, Ken said he had gotten the answer twenty minutes earlier. He just hadn't wanted to rush his dessert. Katie asked if Ken knew who was threatening Hope.

Ken didn't know how threatening "she" was, but he'd found her IP address and had also tracked it on job hunting sites. Katie gleaned that he thought it was a woman. He said it could be an Italian man named Salvatore, or a woman named Sally Spectra.

Katie and Thorne asked if Ken was sure. He was sure, and he also knew the posts hadn't been made from Forrester because they would have been masked by a blanket IP address used by everyone in the building. Ken said the police would say the woman hadn't done anything illegal.

Thorne said they'd handle it internally, and he'd get Ken a check. Ken replied that it had been too easy, and he didn't need a check. He shook Katie's hand and locked eyes with her. He said they could just call it a lunch date. At the door, Ken winked at Katie then exited.

At the beach house, Sally and Wyatt languished together on the sofa, and Sally wondered if Zoe would soon be knocking. Wyatt asked why Zoe would knock when she had the key. Sally asked what would happen if Zoe stole something. Wyatt replied that he didn't have anything she'd want to steal, and Zoe would be crazy to steal from Sally.

Sally decided to get ready for work. She still wasn't thrilled about Hope, but Wyatt said to look at it as a little hazing. He was sure that if Sally handled the initiation with charm, they'd love her.

Later, Sally and Wyatt had gotten dressed and were searching for her ringing phone. Wyatt found it in time for her to take a call from Thorne. She apologized to Thorne for not knowing what time it was and claimed she'd been working at home for Hope. Thorne asked her to meet him in his office right away. After the call, Sally was excited about what Thorne could want.

When Sally arrived in the CEO's office, she was excited to see what Thorne wanted. Katie was there with him still and noted that Sally didn't spend much time at the office. Sally said Hope didn't really know what to do with her, so she was sitting tight at home. Sally figured there were things she could be doing if Hope would let her. Sally had her laptop and sketchpad and asked if Thorne wanted to see what she was working on.

Thorne and Katie exchanged glances. Katie asked what Sally thought of the HFTF site. Sally said she hadn't spent much time there. Thorne stated that someone had been making threats from the site, and he and Katie were sure Sally knew who was responsible. Sally didn't know why they'd think she'd know who was badmouthing Hope online.

Katie asked Sally to describe her relationship with Hope in one word. "Touchy," Sally replied. Katie took exception to the word, and Sally asked Katie how she'd described her relationship to Hope. Katie said Hope was her niece, and Katie didn't appreciate people threatening or intimidating Hope. Sally said Katie sounded as if she believed Sally had done it.

Thorne asked if Sally had hoped to design. Sally said she'd always wanted to design for anyone who'd let her. Thorne asked if it had come up with Hope. Sally said it had, but she knew it wasn't why she'd been hired. Sally realized Thorne and Katie were accusing Sally of making threats.

Katie said they knew it was Sally, and Thorne added that the site had logged her IP address. Sally said she'd looked at the website like everyone else. She offered to let them look at her laptop, but Katie said it wouldn't yield any information. Thorne decided that they had to let Sally go, and he warned that the statute of limitations hadn't run out for them to press charges for the year before. Sally insisted that she hadn't done it, and Katie asked who had done it, if not Sally.

At the Bikini Bar, Emma and Xander continued having lunch as Zoe watched from the bar. Xander received a call from Maya, who wanted to know where he was. After the call, he told Emma that his cousin wanted him back at Forrester. He thought he should have told Maya about being at lunch, but Emma said he was right to tell Maya he'd be there because they were only interns.

Xander left his credit card for Emma to use for the bill. He kissed her cheek, and as he walked off, she wondered if they'd know she wasn't Alexander. Emma tried to figure out if she should use his card. As she searched her purse, a cold drink cascaded over her shoulder.

Emma hopped up and exclaimed that the woman who'd bumped into her needed to watch where she was going. Zoe, who'd purposely spilled the drink on Emma, pretended that it had been an accident. She wanted to pay for Emma's dry cleaning or at least her meal. Emma said it wasn't necessary, but Zoe reached on the table, retrieved the bill folder, and handed it to the server. Zoe said she hated it when people didn't clean up their messes.

As Emma dried off, Zoe, who hadn't introduced herself yet, signed for the bill and swore that her oats weren't toasted. Emma said it was a funny expression and noted that Zoe spoke like Emma's boyfriend. Zoe asked if that was the nice-looking man who'd just been there.

Emma said he was English, too, but then she thought that Zoe could be from somewhere else. Emma also decided that she shouldn't call the guy her boyfriend. Zoe asked why. Emma said it was still a new situation, and they weren't anything yet.

Later, Zoe was alone at the table. She slipped something into her purse and flashed back to returning home with food for Xander. In her memory, she entered and apologized for the way she'd acted. She said she knew she was impossible when her paintings weren't going well. She promised that it wouldn't happen again. She knew she'd said it before. She just loved him so much.

In her memory, Zoe was still speaking when she found a note on a closet door. It was from Xander, who said he'd moved out because it wasn't good for either of them to go on that way. Zoe sobbed and opened the closet. It contained empty hangers.

Zoe snapped out of it when Emma returned from the bathroom, saying it had worked. She was totally dry. Zoe said she could still see the stain, but Emma was sure it would wash out. Zoe said clothes were like people, and some injuries never went away. Emma decided it would be a memento from the time a nice stranger had bought her lunch.

Zoe said everyone was a stranger to her because she'd just moved there. It was time for Emma to go. She hoped she'd see Zoe around. Zoe was sure of it. Emma left smiling.

Zoe flashed back to being in bed with Xander and then to him kissing Emma on the cheek.

In the Forrester design office, Maya was with her father. Maya was questioning when he'd last seen Xander. Julius asked if Xander had been five at a particular family reunion, and Maya said she wouldn't know. She just wanted to make sure Xander was who he said he was. Julius assumed she thought her cousin was hiding something, and Maya revealed that the intern had given Forrester a fake social security number.

Later, Xander had arrived and was staring at a piece of paper. Julius noted that there were no letters in social security numbers. Xander realized that he'd given Forrester his NINO by mistake. It was a national insurance number from his home country. Maya said they couldn't pay him without a social security number, and he needed to take the correct number to Ridge.

Xander guessed he'd have to tell Ridge about Xander's dual citizenship. He remarked that he'd told Emma, too, when they'd been out to lunch together. Maya warned him to be cautious about who he gave his information to because it could be used against him.

Xander said he trusted Emma. He also trusted Maya and his aunt and uncle, so he wanted to divulge the reason he'd been so secretive. He said it was regarding his ex-girlfriend in London, and he'd rather not be findable for a while.

Xander claimed the woman hadn't done anything harmful, like trying to kill him, and she was a good person at heart. Julius said everyone was that way until they weren't. Maya noted that he was halfway around the world from the woman. Xander said he and Maya had the same last name, and he wanted to lay low after how he'd left things.

Julius deduced that his nephew had been the one to break it off. Agreeing, Xander said the woman had been a little too attached. Julius remarked that women flocked to Avant men like bees to honey. Maya said bees made honey. "Always so literal...always so literal," he replied and changed his analogy to ants to a picnic.

Julius was tickled that the woman still couldn't stay away after Xander had put an ocean and continent between them. Xander stated that she had stayed away -- for all he knew. Maya stated that everyone had a bad breakup story. Julius asked if his nephew had used moving to Los Angeles as a reason to escape.

Xander said it wasn't the main reason, but it was one of them. Xander claimed the woman had been obsessive after the breakup. Maya asked how. He didn't know why they should get into the details. He was satisfied that he hadn't heard anything else from the woman, and he assumed that she'd moved on to better things.

Hope and Steffy stake claims on Liam.

Hope and Steffy stake claims on Liam.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

In the CEO's office, Sally plead innocent to posting threatening messages to Hope. Thorne and Katie were adamant that it had been Sally, and Katie couldn't believe it was the way Sally would repay Eric and Hope for the job they'd given Sally. Sally persisted in her innocence, even after Thorne and Katie had showed Sally the threats.

Thorne said an I.T. person had traced the threats back to Sally, but Sally replied that the posts seemed pretty tame for a serious stalker. Sally thought Katie and Thorne were overreacting and had targeted Sally because it was easy. Thorne and Katie claimed to have investigated until the trail had stopped at Sally. Sally advised them to keep looking because she hadn't done it.

Thorne told Sally to prove she hadn't done it. Sally said she couldn't. Katie asked if they were supposed to just believe her. Sally didn't care if they did or not, but she believed that if they were concerned about who was doing it, they needed to keep looking because the culprit was still out there.

At Zoe's place, Zoe stroked a white cat named Harry and told it that she'd "happened" to run into the other woman that day. She assured the cat that "daddy" was nearby and would be coming back to them. Zoe had known that Xander's uncle and cousin lived in Los Angeles, and Xander had talked about working at Forrester someday. It had been a safe bet for Zoe that he'd turn up in L.A., and Zoe had used Wyatt Spencer as her way in.

Still stroking and talking to the cat, Zoe explained that she'd sweet-talked her way into painting Wyatt a mural because his mother and exes worked at Forrester. Zoe pitied Sally, whom Zoe hadn't meant to get involved. Zoe had had to use someone else's computer for the posts to avoid them being traced back to her.

Zoe gazed at three framed photos of Xander. She picked up one and said it had been good to see him again -- just not with Emma. Zoe didn't think Emma would be a problem much longer. After that, he and Zoe would be together, and Zoe wouldn't let him out of her sight again.

At the beach house, Liam stopped by to see Wyatt. Wyatt figured his brother should be somewhere changing diapers. Liam asked why Wyatt and Sally weren't doing whatever he and Sally did. Wyatt bragged about doing it already, and the grossed-out Liam begged Wyatt to stop talking about it. Liam asked how Sally's job was going. Wyatt said not a lot of Forresters were fond of her, but she'd make believers out of them.

Liam complemented the mural, and Wyatt explained that an artist he'd met on the boardwalk had talked him into it. Noticing the bags under Liam's eyes, Wyatt quipped that they were getting darker and darker. Liam said to bite him. He stated that it was temporary, and Kelly would soon sleep through the night. "Before you know it, Steffy and I will -- " Liam said.

"You'll have another one," Wyatt interjected. He said it would start all over again. Wyatt asked if Liam would give Kelly a sibling. Liam stated that he kind of already had. Wyatt was amazed that Steffy could get pregnant again so quickly. "No. No, not Steffy...Hope..." Liam uttered.

Wyatt was shocked. He asked what Steffy thought. Liam said Steffy was handling it. Wyatt reasoned that there was handling it, and then there was "handling it." Wyatt was sure Hope was stoked to be pregnant by the man she'd never stopped loving.

The brothers had beers as Liam explained that Steffy had decided she was ready to get married. Liam said he loved Steffy, but his head had been spinning. He needed time. He had a child with Steffy and one on the way with Hope. Liam it was his new reality. Wyatt interjected that Liam loved both women, which was also a reality.

Wyatt didn't want to be in such a position and asked how one decided. The brothers agreed that someone would get hurt either way. Liam asked if Wyatt had any advice, but Wyatt said he wasn't an expert at relationships. Wyatt was sure Hope had expectations, and if not, she should. Liam said he'd always be there for Hope -- for both women.

Wyatt asked if that meant Liam would stay with Kelly and Steffy. "I didn't say that," Liam replied. Wyatt asked if Liam was leaning that way. "I didn't say that, either," Liam stated. Wyatt called it complicated. Liam hated that word.

Raising his voice, Wyatt asserted that Liam had back and forth between those women for years, and the stakes were even higher because two children were involved. Liam said it was all he'd been thinking about, but it would be several months before the baby arrived. Wyatt asked if everyone would just be in limbo. Liam replied that he knew he couldn't do that.

Liam had been ready to forget what had gone on with Bill and Steffy. Wyatt said Liam had another family in the making, and it put the brakes on Liam and Steffy. Liam replied that he couldn't ignore what had happened, and he didn't want to. Liam said Wyatt was right; Liam did love Hope. Wyatt replied that there were not two Liam's. Liam stated that no matter what happened, he could only see his baby with Hope as a blessing.

At the cliff house, Hope visited Steffy. Hope guessed it had been a shock to Steffy when Liam had told her about Hope's pregnancy. Steffy agreed that it had been, but she said it didn't change anything. Hope was surprised that Steffy didn't think Hope's pregnancy changed anything. "For you. But I'm talking about Liam and me, our situation," Steffy replied.

Hope asked what situation that was, and Steffy said she and Liam were living together and raising a child. They weren't married, but it was enough for Steffy. Hope wondered if that were true because it sounded to her like Steffy was sending Hope a message.

Steffy claimed to be just saying where she and Liam stood. "Despite that the fact that I'm carrying his child," Hope said. Steffy replied that she had a child with Liam, too. Hope said she respected it, and ideally, a child should have both parents. Steffy conveyed that if Hope believed it, then she'd do what was right and refrain from interfering in Steffy's family and life with Liam.

Steffy thought it was important that the women understood each other. She said she and Liam would get married soon, and they already had a baby. Hope asserted that she'd just learned about her pregnancy, and she and Liam believed it was a blessing. Steffy claimed to believe it, too, and said she'd never not want Hope to have her own child. Hope figured Steffy just wished Hope wasn't sharing it with Liam.

Steffy didn't believe Liam would abandon Hope's child, but Steffy said he had chosen to be with her and Kelly. Hope thought it was too soon for either of them to speak for Liam, who'd need time and space to process it without pressure. Hope said she'd never interfere with Steffy's family, but Steffy needed to know that Hope was fighting for her child and her family, which were Hope's first and only priorities.

Claiming not to be speaking for Liam, Steffy said she was just telling Hope how things were. Hope corrected that it was how things had been, and Hope was carrying a child that she wanted very much. Steffy added that Hope wanted Liam very much, too.

Hope replied that she and Liam had been denied their future many times, but she was carrying a child that they both wanted. Hope wanted a future with the father of her child, and she wouldn't just hand him over to Steffy.

Steffy quipped that Liam wasn't a thing that Hope could hand over. Steffy explained that they weren't playing house together. She and Liam were sleeping side-by-side, and Liam was taking care of the baby. Hope expected Liam to be there for his daughter. Steffy said it wasn't just for Kelly, but for Steffy, too.

Hope believed Liam wanted to be with her. Steffy asked if Liam had said so. Hope noted that they'd had almost gotten married. Steffy said Liam hadn't gone through with it after learning about Bill's ploys. Instead, Liam had returned home. "That was then. This is now," Hope concluded.

Steffy accused Hope of trying to steal a man. Hope denied it. She said that while Liam was taking time to process things and decide his future, she wouldn't give up. She planned to make her desires clear. She wanted to live with Liam and their child as a family. Steffy called Hope naive and said it was a fantasy. Steffy asserted that a life for Hope and Liam wouldn't happen.

Hope had figured Steffy would say such things, but Hope didn't think it was a fantasy at all. Steffy asked if Hope really thought Liam would go back to her. Hope did. She said there was only one woman he could commit to, and at the bottom of her heart, she knew that woman would be her.

Zoe creeps her way into Forrester Creations

Zoe creeps her way into Forrester Creations

Friday, July 13, 2018

At the beach house, Wyatt offered Bill a drink. Bill gestured to the mural and ranted about Wyatt altering the wall without asking. Believing Bill was there to take the house back, Wyatt said Bill could have it. Wyatt didn't want to be indebted to Bill for anything after the sick and twisted lies and manipulations. "You're right," Bill murmured beneath Wyatt's continued arguing.

Wyatt stopped mid-sentence and asked what Bill had said. Bill repeated that Wyatt was right, and Bill was there to apologize. In a low voice, Bill admitted that he'd been wrong, and he'd gotten a little obsessive. Wyatt asked Bill to speak louder. Bill said he was trying to make amends. Wyatt guessed Bill was serious and asked if he wasn't there to take the house back.

Bill didn't want the house. He wanted Wyatt to forgive him and return to work. In Wyatt's silence, Bill said Wyatt had to be missing his father. Wyatt asked if Bill would stop obsessing over Steffy. Bill replied that he'd respect the relationship and that Liam and Steffy were going to be married. Wyatt stammered, and Bill wondered what was going on. Wyatt figured Bill would know sooner or later, and Wyatt revealed that Hope was pregnant.

"I'll take that drink, after all," Bill decided. Bill couldn't believe it had happened because the couple had been together for such a short time. Wyatt began berating Bill because his lies had been why Hope and Liam had been together. Bill grabbed the bottle and tripled the drink Wyatt had poured. Bill guessed Liam was in full panic mode. Wyatt said Liam had called it a blessing.

Bill said Steffy had to be hurt and angry. Wyatt reminded Bill of what he had just said about not obsessing over Steffy. Bill wasn't listening. He was in his own thoughts about Hope being pregnant. Wyatt said Bill had created the whole thing. "Dad!" Wyatt yelled. Snapping out it, Bill wondered what the walking ping-pong ball would do that time.

At the cliff house, Steffy believed that Hope was setting herself up for disappointment because Liam had already returned home to his family. Hope claimed that she hadn't fought it because she knew what a good family man Liam was, but she pointed out that he had two families.

Hope said Steffy wasn't Liam's wife anymore, and she and Hope were just two women who cared about Liam. Hope said one woman had lied to him, and one had been faithful. Hope wondered which one was setting herself up for a disappointment.

Steffy stated her intention to look out for her child and fight for her child to live with both parents. Hope said it was Liam's choice. Steffy replied that neither woman could make it for Liam. Steffy wasn't worried. She knew that Liam would be there for Hope's child, but he wouldn't abandon the one he already had.

Later, Steffy let Bill into the house and unenthusiastically asked what he wanted. Bill said he'd heard from Wyatt about Hope's baby. Steffy blamed Bill for it, but Bill said it wasn't his fault. She persisted in blaming it on Bill and his ugly lies. "Yeah, I made Liam run and jump in bed with Hope in five seconds," Bill quipped. Steffy insisted that it could have been avoided, and he knew it.

Steffy asked if Bill was there to rub it in, and he said he was there because he cared about her. Steffy didn't want Bill to care about her. She said it was poisonous. She seethed that his "caring" might have taken her family away. She asked if he thought Hope's pregnancy was his excuse to go back on his word, but Bill said he'd never go back on his promise to her.

Bill said that Taylor was safe, and if Steffy really thought Liam was the one for her, Bill would think it, too. "But is a man having a baby with Hope really the one for you?" Bill asked. Bill said that he and Steffy might still have their day. "No, no, no, no, no. Can you just please get out, Bill? Get out..." Steffy hopelessly whined.

Bill believed Liam would be forever juggling two women. Disagreeing, Steffy said she had faith in him and their relationship. She was sure Liam would be with her and her family, not Hope.

At Forrester, Pam was at her desk with Thorne and Katie. Pam noted that Sally had left in a huff, and Pam wondered what had gone on. Thorne said Sally had made bad choices.

Liam arrived as Thorne and Katie had requested, and they went into the CEO's office. Liam asked if there had been more threats. Thorne said there wouldn't be because they'd figured out who'd been sending them.

Later, Liam was amazed and asked if the IT guy was sure. He remarked that Wyatt and Sally were getting really close. Katie said Wyatt might want to rethink it. Thorne and Katie explained that Sally had no excuse and had just denied it. Liam felt better about Hope's safety, but he didn't think Sally would hurt Hope. Katie quipped that she'd like to see Sally try. Katie was glad Liam was still a part of Hope's life. Grinning, Liam said it would always be that way.

Later, Liam was using his phone in the corridor as Hope arrived. He said he'd just been texting her. She told him not to let her stop him. Liam completed the message, and Hope's phone chimed. She read the message and said something had come up. She stated that her baby's father was in the building and wanted to see her.

Liam said to message the guy back because she didn't want to disappoint her baby daddy. Hope replied that it was the last thing she wanted to do. Liam stated that he was sure her baby daddy didn't want to disappoint her, either.

Hope and Liam went into the CEO's office. They discussed her morning sickness. Liam felt guilty because he'd caused it, but Hope said they'd done it together. She was thankful and could handle morning sickness. Liam believed she could handle anything. Hope said that included interactions with his ex and wondered what the correct term even was for Steffy.

Liam hoped the women hadn't fought. Hope said they were two mothers who wanted their children to have lives with the children's father. Hope thought it was worth fighting for and asked if Liam thought the same. Liam thought that fighting with Steffy was worse than morning sickness.

Hope said it hadn't been a knock-down, drag-out fight. It had been civil and caring. Hope stated that her baby's future was at stake, and she wouldn't waste time playing games with either of them. Hope wanted to be direct and honest. Liam believed she should be. "How's this for honesty? You will not be happy with her," Hope asserted.

Sighing, Liam said Hope's name. Hope insisted that it was true because of what Steffy had done with his father. Liam grew uneasy. Hope claimed to hate to dredge it up, but to her, it spoke to Steffy's character. Hope thought it spoke to Liam's character that he would build a life with Steffy for the sake of his child, but Hope's child gave him an option to live a life without the lies.

Hope wasn't claiming it would be perfect, but she wondered if it wouldn't be some comfort to Liam. Liam started to say that if his father hadn't lied. Hope finished Liam's sentence, saying Liam would be with Steffy. Hope reasoned that the lies had given her and Liam the baby, and maybe they could have two, three, or four. Liam laughed.

Hope wanted a big, happy family. She knew Liam wanted the same. When she looked at him, she could see that he wanted a future with her. Hope believed Liam's future was with her.

In the design office, Xander joked about a model's résumé that said she could ride horseback and also juggled. Emma said they didn't want jugglers on horseback; they wanted dancers. Xander asked when he'd get to see Emma in action again -- from a distance. He asked if Emma had the choreography all planned out in that cute head of hers.

Emma had a few things in mind and wanted to impress Hope. Xander moved some furniture around. He said she could impress him and then impress Hope. Emma asked if he'd really make her do it, and he reasoned that it was best to work the kinks out in front of him before she showed Hope. Emma advised him to take a few steps back to be safe.

Emma played some upbeat music and gave Xander a taste of some side-to-side moves and poses. He asked if it was all he got, and she said she was just giving him a sample. Xander said she was beautiful when she moved like that -- or even when she stood still.

Emma and Xander kissed. The door opened, and they scattered to different parts of the room. Entering, Pam apologized for interrupting. She'd heard the music and had thought there might be a sock hop. "A what?" Emma asked. Pam revealed that she and Charlie were taking dance lessons, and she'd learned how to do "the Floss."

Pam demonstrated it and encouraged the interns to join in. Her desk phone started ringing. She said duty called, but she'd be back to show them the dance. From the door, Xander watched Pam answer the call, and he whispered that it was time for him and Emma to make their escape.

At Zoe's place, Zoe petted Harry and stared at the framed pictures she had of Xander. She asked if they should make another post. She said Harry was right; they should wait, and they knew how to get Xander back. Zoe fed the cat and said he was being good, unlike "daddy," who thought he could leave them. Zoe was sure he'd be back. They just needed Emma to stay away.

Zoe looked up the address for Forrester Creations and noted that it wasn't far from her.

Later, Zoe arrived in the Forrester parking lot. She saw a guy wheeling a rack of clothes. She hid on the other side of it and kept up the pace with the guy as he entered the building.

Backstage, Xander and Emma arrived. He said he'd taken her there to tell her in private how much he'd liked her dance moves. Emma expressed how happy and lucky she felt to be working at Forrester on HFTF, and she was happy to be doing it with him. They kissed.

Zoe crept behind some clothes racks and spied on Xander and Emma. "Get your hands off him," Zoe whispered in an angry voice. "Stop it. Stop it right now."

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