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Quinn poured Donna's chances with her honey bear down the drain. Intimates rolled out its new line. Emma broke up with Xander after his fashion debut. When Bill couldn't get the truth out of Brooke, he hired Ken to crack the judge's cell phone.
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Quinn listens as Eric and Donna reminisce about their past

Quinn listens as Eric and Donna reminisce about their past

Monday, November 5, 2018

In the Forrester photo studio/backstage area, Wyatt and Quinn worked. Wyatt hadn't meant to drag his mother away from the family dinner. Quinn thanked him for rescuing her, and he asked why she'd have to be rescued from a family dinner.

Quinn replied that it was Eric's house, and she sometimes felt as if she didn't belong. In Wyatt's view, Quinn, as Eric's wife, should be the ultimate insider. Quinn told him to tell it to Pam and the Logan sisters. Wyatt asked what was going on. Quinn replied that it wasn't easy listening to the Logans giggling and to Donna calling Eric a "honey badger" or whatever it was.

Reasoning that everyone had a past, Wyatt advised Quinn not to get too worked up about it because it didn't mean anything. As far as the problem with Pam, Wyatt said Quinn had known Stephanie's sister was part of the package.

Agreeing that she'd known, Quinn stated that she was usually good at tolerating Pam at the office, but not at the mansion, where Pam regularly barged in to say Quinn would never compare to Stephanie. It got to Quinn's insecurities. Wyatt said Quinn had no reason to feel insecure. Quinn replied that it felt like "they" were starting to undermine her and Eric again.

Wyatt began to get a weird vibe off his mom. Quinn warned him not to dare say "the old Quinn." Wyatt called the vibe "Pre-Eric Quinn" and warned her not to mess up a good thing. Quinn didn't intend to mess it up; however, she asserted that she wasn't a doormat, and if someone came at her, she'd fight back. Wyatt asked if she really thought Pam was doing that.

Quinn believed that Pam wanted to replace her and that Eric was willing to let it happen. Wyatt assured his mother that she was all Eric wanted. Calming down, Quinn said she knew her son was right. She decided that she should be at home by her husband's side, being the hostess and matriarch. Wyatt heartily agreed. The two hugged, and Quinn took off.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne mentioned that Ivy wanted some of them to travel to Australia for the showing. Brooke stared up at Quinn's portrait as Thorne floated the idea of honeymooning there with Katie. Donna asked if Brooke was okay.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Brooke replied that she was thinking of dessert. She asked if she should retrieve it, but Eric preferred to wait until Quinn returned home. Brooke asked what Thorne and Katie were talking about regarding a honeymoon in Sydney, and Katie said she wasn't sure if she should travel that far without Will.

Ridge didn't understand why Katie couldn't take Will to Australia with her and Thorne. Katie replied that she might need permission to from Bill. "You have full custody. Why?" Ridge asked. Katie thought it could get sticky when the child didn't have the last name of the adult traveling companion. Ridge thought it was an easy fix. "Change his name to Forrester," he proposed.

Thorne said "that judge" could help with it. Brooke told Thorne that it wasn't funny. Thorne tried to say he hadn't meant it any kind of way; however, Brooke asserted that she knew what he'd meant, and he'd been making fun at Bill's expense.

Others in the room exchanged concerned looks at they listened. Ridge proffered that Bill had put it on himself. Brooke believed they all could agree that Bill's newest difficulties hadn't been entirely his fault. Ridge asked to speak to Brooke in private. Getting up, Brooke said that she and Ridge would get the dessert, after all.

In the kitchen, Ridge asked why Brooke was defending Bill during a nice family dinner. Brooke said she had a hard time listening to Thorne and Ridge rejoice over Bill losing custody of his son. "You dug Bill's grave, and I just don't want to watch you dance on it!" Brooke replied.

Ridge asked why Brooke was defending Bill. As she prepared dessert, Brooke asked what was wrong with defending a person who needed it. "What are you? Pam or something?" Ridge asked. He said she didn't need to feed people. He wanted her to talk to him instead.

Brooke said she understood that Ridge didn't like her to defend Bill, but she didn't like for Ridge to trash-talk Bill. Ridge replied that it was just how Bill affected him. Brooke told Ridge that he didn't always have to vocalize it. She reminded him that he and Thorne could have wound up in jail if not for Bill. Disagreeing, Ridge said Bill had thrown the first punch, and Bill hadn't pressed charges because Bill knew he'd struck first.

Brooke said Ridge had done other things -- like rigging a hearing. Ridge asked why she kept saying such a thing. In his view, there was plenty of other evidence against Bill without Ridge's involvement. "Then why would you do that? Why would you influence a judge? That scares me. Who are you? Who are you becoming? You're acting like a bully in a schoolyard," Brooke said.

Ridge asked who Brooke was becoming and said there wouldn't have been a fight if she hadn't been kissing Bill. Brooke warned him about throwing stones about kisses, and she let him know that all the Australia talk had reminded her of what he'd done there. Brooke was still bothered by seeing Ridge kiss Quinn -- and Brooke was also bothered by Quinn's portrait.

Ridge said the kiss had been a long time back, and he'd already apologized for it. He was willing to apologize again, but he didn't know why Brooke had mentioned it after all Bill had done. Ridge felt that, to protect his loved ones, he'd sometimes get his hands dirty, and that was just the way it was. Brooke still didn't understand why he could hate enough to commit a crime.

Ridge quibbled that talking to his friend wasn't a crime. Brooke disagreed. Ridge said Spencer had gotten what he'd deserved, and if Ridge had to do it again, he wouldn't change a thing.

Later, Brooke and Ridge returned to the living room, and Brooke informed everyone that she was leaving. Ridge started to get his keys, but she told him to stay and have his fun while she relieved Will's babysitter. Katie said it was fine for Brooke to do that, and Brooke left.

Back in the kitchen later, Eric and Donna did dishes. She said it took her back. Eric gave her a look. She asserted that she'd done dishes before. He asked if it had been on Linda's days off. Eric wondered if Brooke was really okay. Donna replied that it was Ridge and Brooke, and they always wound up together in the end.

Just then, Quinn rounded the corner to enter the room. She stopped short and hung back behind a wall to listen. Donna said she'd always thought the same thing about herself and Eric as she did about Brooke and Ridge. Eric replied that he and Donna had had good years. Donna called them the best in her life, and Quinn scowled.

"I miss you, honey bear," Donna said. Quinn became irked. Donna checked a cabinet and pulled out a bear-shaped honey container. Shaking it, she said it was still in the same spot. She wondered if he thought of her when he used it. Eric asked how he could avoid it.

Eric received a call from Japan. As he left to take it, Donna started packing leftovers. She jumped, startled, when she heard Quinn say she didn't have to do that. Donna said she didn't mind cleaning up. Quinn claimed not to care if Donna did that, but Quinn didn't think that Donna needed to keep flirting with Quinn's husband.

Surprised, Donna said she didn't know what Quinn meant. Referring to the honey bear bottle, Quinn said it had long been forgotten, and the honey was past its expiration date. Donna corrected that honey didn't spoil.

Quinn said she'd meant that Eric wasn't interested in trying it anymore. Quinn said she and Eric had a good marriage, and she wouldn't let anyone interfere with it. Donna claimed to merely be trying to clean up the kitchen. Quinn stated that Donna's sisters had their Forrester men, but Donna wouldn't get one. Quinn vowed to destroy Donna if she tried to get her hooks into Eric.

Back in the living room, Katie advised Ridge and Thorne to go easy on the guy who'd decided not to press charges against them. Thorne replied that he hadn't meant anything by his words. Ridge said he didn't like to upset Brooke, but he couldn't have her defending Spencer -- ever.

At Spencer, Bill was livid that Ridge had been visiting Judge McMullen around the time of the hearing. Justin said his contacts still needed to confirm it. In a huff, Bill got up to leave, but Justin warned Bill not to confront Ridge.

Bill said he was going to see Will, who was in the care of a babysitter. Justin replied that an unsolicited visit would be frowned upon; however, Bill doubted that Katie would be doing any frowning because Bill had just saved Thorne and Ridge from going to jail. Justin believed that Bill should have pressed charges, and Justin remarked that Bill still could.

Bill thought about it, but he said that would be like the old Dollar Bill; the new Dollar Bill was trying something different. "But if I find out that Ridge messed with that judge -- !" Bill stated, his voice raising. Justin advised Bill to breathe and go see his son while Justin awaited confirmation about whether Ridge had actually been McMullen's mystery visitor.

At Katie's house later, Bill shoveled out some bills to pay Kendra, Will's babysitter, and said he might hire her sometimes. Kendra said she'd thought Will was with Katie full-time. As Bill tipped her, he replied that it wasn't so.

Will entered and asked what Bill was doing there. Bill asked how Will felt about his father spending time with him. Will replied that it felt like a million bucks, and the two hugged.

Later, Bill and Will played a board game. One of Bill's moves caused him to owe Will two hundred dollars. Will said to hit him with it. Bill pulled out a golden money gun and sprayed dollar bills all over the room.

After Bill had put his son to bed, he started cleaning up the money that was scattered all over the room. Justin called to say he had photo confirmation that the guy visiting McMullen had been Ridge. Justin wasn't sure it would hold up in court and said they didn't even know what the two had talked about. Bill believed he knew exactly what Ridge and the judge had been discussing.

Just then, Brooke arrived, and Bill ended his call. They each wondered what the other was doing there. Bill said he'd spent time with his son, and he'd thought Brooke had been at a boring party at Eric's. Brooke sighed and shook her head. Bill asked what was wrong, but she said that nothing was wrong. Bill guessed that the problem was Ridge.

Brooke tried to change the subject to how she'd arrived to relieve the babysitter, but Bill cut her off, realizing that Brooke was upset because she knew, too. Brooke asked what she knew. Bill explained that Justin had just told him something.

Brooke changed the topic to why there was money all over the floor, and Bill said that he and Will had been playing a game. She thought it was nice that Katie was letting Bill have more time with Will. Bill agreed but said it was still frustrating not to have a say in his son's life. Brooke noted that he could see the child whenever he wanted. Bill replied that it was so until Katie changed her mind. Brooke replied that Katie wouldn't. "She knows..." Brooke stated.

Bill asked what Katie knew, and Brooke fidgeted nervously. Bill assumed Brooke meant that Katie knew that the judge's decision had been a bad one, and he guessed Brooke knew it, too. Brooke agreed that it had been wrong. Bill stated that Justin's news could change everything. Brooke asked what Bill meant.

Bill explained that someone had seen Brooke's husband with Judge McMullen on more than one occasion. Bill stated that even though Steffy had told Ridge otherwise, Ridge insisted that Bill had done terrible things to Steffy, and Ridge would stop at nothing to get payback, including stealing Bill's son from him. Bill asked if that was what had happened.

Brooke stared at Bill. Bill asked if Ridge had gotten to the judge. Bill implored ther to tell him if it was true, and if it was true, Bill wanted to know exactly what Ridge had done.

Donna gives as good as she gets when confronted by Quinn

Donna gives as good as she gets when confronted by Quinn

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

At Katie's house, Brooke tried to maintain an innocent expression as Bill beseeched her to say what she might know about Ridge and Judge McMullen. Brooke said Bill had to stop. She empathized with him about the judge's ruling, but she reasoned that he'd subsequently gotten more time with Will. "But what you're doing -- " she started to say.

Cutting in, Bill said that what he was doing was asking for help in finding the truth for his and Will's sakes. Brooke replied that she had to go, and she hurried out of the house.

In the Forrester kitchen, Donna said she'd thought Quinn had gone to the office. Quinn stated that she'd arrived home in the nick of time. Donna asked what Quinn had been in time for. Quinn said she'd been in time to watch the former Mrs. Eric Forrester in honey-bear-bottle action. Donna deduced that Quinn had been eavesdropping on Donna and Eric.

Quinn called Donna "such a piece of work." Quinn supposed that Donna was pretty enough, but Quinn didn't know what Eric had seen in her. Donna asked if Quinn treated all the guests that way or if she just liked picking on the Logan sisters. Quinn noted that two of the sisters were Forresters and asked if Donna was trying to make it three-for-three.

Donna wondered how it could be possible to accomplish if Eric was happily married to Quinn. "He is happily married, right?" Donna asked. Quinn stated that all the honey in the world hadn't saved Donna and Eric's marriage, and yet, there Donna was in Quinn and Eric's home.

Guessing that Quinn saw Donna as a scheming ex-wife, Donna reminded Quinn that Donna was an ex, and Eric had remarried. Quinn said it hadn't stopped Donna from missing her life with him -- at least that was what Quinn had overheard Donna saying to Eric. Holding up the honey bottle, Donna decided that she'd make sure no one was listening in the next time she was alone with Eric and "this."

Quinn took the bottle to the kitchen sink, flipped it upside down, and squeezed it. As honey flowed down the sink, Quinn said Donna didn't have to worry about that because Quinn wouldn't let it happen again or let anything intrude on the happy life she'd found with Eric.

In the living room, Ridge told Katie and Thorne that the evening hadn't wound up as expected; Eric was on a call, Quinn had gone to the office, and Brooke had left. Katie reasoned that it was good for Brooke to spend time with her nephew, whom Brooke didn't often see.

Ridge didn't know why he'd fought with Brooke. Thorne stated that Brooke just needed time away. Ridge clarified that it was time away from him, and he stated that she hadn't gotten over the judge's ruling. "And the fact that you pressured him to rule in my favor. Yeah, that's been kind of tearing her up." Katie added.

Ridge replied that it was because of Spencer. It was always because of Spencer, and Brooke kept defending Spencer, who didn't deserve it. Ridge didn't know why Brooke couldn't just forget about him and McMullen.

Later, Katie was surprised to see Brooke entering the mansion and asked about Will. Brooke explained that Bill had been at Katie's house, and he'd relieved the babysitter before she'd even gotten there. Katie assumed that Brooke had been alone with Bill. Brooke said not to tell anyone, especially Ridge, who'd just get upset.

Brooke asked where everyone was, and Katie explained that Thorne and Ridge had joined Eric in the den to help him with a business call. Katie was concerned about the tension from before and asked if Brooke was okay. Brooke replied that she was fine.

Ridge and Thorne returned to the room. Ridge greeted Brooke with a kiss and asked if he could get her anything. Brooke said she didn't need anything. Ridge quietly apologized, but Brooke waved it off, saying it was fine. Brooke asked where Eric was, and Thorne explained that Eric was still on the call. Brooke asked where Donna was.

Just then, Donna returned to the room. Katie asked what had taken Donna so long. Giggling, Donna reminded them that she was easily distracted. Katie asked what had distracted her. Donna asked if the stories about Quinn were true and if it was possible that Quinn was still a little "off the beam."

Katie asked why Donna would want to know that. Donna replied that she didn't really want to get into it there -- in "Eric's" house. Getting Donna's hint, Thorne and Katie decided that it was time for Katie, Thorne, and Donna to go on home. Before leaving, Katie asked if Brooke was sure she was okay. The reticent Brooke affirmed it, and the two hugged.

Once Ridge and Brooke were alone, Ridge apologized again for the earlier fight. Ridge said he and Brooke didn't agree about Spencer, but they loved each other and would fight through it. Ridge didn't want anything to get between him and Brooke. Becoming tearful, Brooke replied that she didn't want that, either. "I don't," she emphasized, and they kissed.

Later, Quinn was alone on the sofa when Eric finally emerged from the den after what he called the longest business call in history that could have actually waited until another time. Eric claimed that Quinn had been missed when she'd left for the office. Doubting it, Quinn said the Logan sisters couldn't care less whether Quinn was around, and Quinn believed Donna would have preferred to have all of his attention.

Eric replied that Donna had hardly had all of his attention, especially with all the others there. He had to admit that he did like that Donna was living close, and he said Donna and Quinn might become friends. Quinn flashed him a sharp look. Chuckling, Eric said, "Or not." Quinn turned down that idea. She didn't know what he even saw in Donna, who was "so blonde."

Quinn turned the topic to the tension between Brooke and Ridge. Eric replied that "we" all knew what it was about. "Bill," Quinn guessed.

Quinn and Eric cuddled on the sofa. Quinn wanted Eric to know that she'd always put him and his happiness first. She knew that he'd had a lot of drama surrounding him in the past, and she pledged that, as his wife, she'd never let anyone do that to him again. The two kissed.

Back at Katie's house, Bill was all smiles when Thorne, Katie, and Donna arrived. Thorne asked what Bill was doing there. Bill told Thorne not to be rude because he wanted to discuss first things first. Turning to Donna, Bill said it had been a long time, and she was as beautiful as always. Donna was amazed that Bill's bump on the head had turned him into a sweetheart.

Thorne bit out that it was what Bill would like people to believe, and he asked why Bill was there. Bill claimed that he'd been Will's babysitter that night, but Thorne asked where Kendra was. Bill said he'd paid her and sent her home. Bill wondered what the big deal was, and Thorne replied that he and Katie should have been given a heads-up.

Katie interjected that she'd known about it, and Brooke had mentioned that Bill had been there. Donna asked if Bill and Will had been up past bedtime, talking about investments and stock tips. Bill replied that it hadn't been that way, and he'd had Will in his bed with his teeth brushed on the dot at bedtime. Bill wanted to set the best example for his son.

Donna said that she was impressed -- if it was true. Bill thought it was funny that she mentioned truth. Bill had once thought that the truth was overrated, but he'd learned that it could make all the difference in the world. Thorne wondered if Bill was getting at something. Bill responded that he just wanted to thank Katie for giving him more access to Will. Bill guessed he'd always wonder what had caused the judge to rule against him in the first place.

Later, Thorne, Katie, and Donna were alone in the living room. Katie had just returned from checking on Will, and Donna said she'd been telling Thorne about the run-in with Quinn earlier. Donna conveyed that Quinn had slithered back into the mansion, seen Donna talking to Eric, and jumped to all sorts of naughty conclusions.

Donna hadn't let Quinn get to her, but Donna hated that someone like that was in Eric's life, let alone his wife. Donna thought that being a sweet man made Eric a target for the likes of Sheila and Quinn. To Thorne, it sounded like Donna still cared about Eric. Donna replied that she'd always care about Eric.

When Donna and Katie were alone later, they remarked upon the tension between Brooke and Ridge. Katie revealed that Brooke hadn't wanted Ridge to know that she'd been there alone with Bill. Donna asked if anything had happened between Brooke and Bill.

Katie readily said it hadn't, but then she said she didn't know. "I doubt it," Katie concluded. Deciding to say what she did know, Katie stated that secrets had a way of getting out when one least expected it.

At Bill's house, Bill was shirtless in his darkened bedroom, preparing to retire for the night. Propped against his bed pillows, he sent text messages to Justin to find out if Justin had learned anything else. Justin hadn't but was still on the case. Bill texted that he was going to focus on Brooke, who might know something.

In Brooke's bedroom, Ridge wondered if the quiet Brooke was still upset with him. She said it wasn't that, but he had to know by then that "when [he] went off on Bill like that -- " Finishing her sentence, Ridge said that she'd jump to defend Bill. Ridge thought she had to know by then that no one else in the world upset him like Bill did.

Brooke didn't want to talk about Bill anymore because it never ended well when they did, and she didn't want to argue. In a rush of words, Ridge said he didn't, either, but she had to understand what that guy did to him. "I do -- I do understand!" Brooke said in an escalating tone.

Brooke wanted Ridge to understand that they might not have control over certain things. Ridge asked what she meant by that. In her silence, Ridge asked if she wanted to say anything to him. He again apologized and said he couldn't help himself when it was about Spencer. Brooke believed that Ridge was obsessed with getting even, and it had led him to lean on the judge.

Ridge claimed he'd done it to help a little boy. Brooke stated that there had been a bonus because he'd gotten revenge on Bill. Her voice had raised again, and Ridge calmed her down, reminding her that they weren't going to fight. He decided to take a shower and asked if she'd join him. She said she'd be right there.

After Ridge had gone into the bathroom and started his shower, Brooke's phone rang. She answered it, saying that it wasn't a good time. Bill claimed to just need a minute. He explained that he'd been lying in bed, thinking of his life. He'd been robbed of Wyatt and Liam's childhoods, and he couldn't accept losing custody of Will -- especially if Ridge had been involved in making it happen.

Bill knew that he was putting Brooke in a tough position by asking her to rat out her husband. He said it was his relationship with his son that they were talking about, and if Ridge had done anything wrong, she could help make it right. Bill urged Brooke to tell him anything she knew.

"I'm sorry, Bill. I gotta go," Brooke hastily replied and clicked off the line.

Forrester prepares for the Intimates show

Forrester prepares for the Intimates show

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

by Pam

At Spencer, Justin and Bill discussed that Ridge had been seen visiting the judge who had decided the custody case for Will, but Justin didn't have enough information. Justin had a source who had said that Ridge had been near the judge's chambers at a time before or after the custody hearing.

Justin said he didn't have any evidence that Ridge had done anything wrong. "All we have is speculation," Justin said. Bill was impatient and insisted that "something was foul" about Ridge's visits. Justin agreed but said they'd been behind closed door. Bill worried about the timing, but Justin said there was nothing solid to connect Ridge and the judge.

Bill doubted that it was just coincidence. Justin emphasized there was nothing to prove any wrongdoing. "There's nothing to get Ridge arrested," Justin said. Bill replied that he felt Justin was on the right track.

Bill added that his "Spencey senses" told him Brooke could be the key. Bill lamented that Brooke was loyal to Ridge, which was a good quality, but Ridge had dumped her for another woman before. "And she still married the creep," Bill said. He added the he knew Brooke would protect Ridge, and that was an admirable quality.

Bill was convinced that if Brooke knew something, she would tell him. Bill was outraged that Ridge "sits in judgement of me." He was angry that Ridge had stepped in to try to take his son away. Bill said that Brooke had supported him the entire time during the custody dispute. He recalled that Brooke had tried to persuade Katie not to pursue full custody. Bill was convinced that Brooke would help him again. "I'll make sure of it," Bill said.

At Forrester, Ridge entered the office where Brooke and Steffy were working. He wondered if Steffy had a few butterflies before the showing for the Intimates line. She said she did, but she was prepared, and so was her team. Ridge suggested that Brooke -- the "master of the fashion show" -- should offer some advice. Brooke seemed distracted. She unemotionally noted that Steffy was prepared and should "just go with the flow."

Steffy looked surprised and sarcastically said, "Got it." Ridge was disappointed and asked if that was all Brooke had to offer. She reminded Ridge that it bothered her that Hope for the Future was suffering while they were all celebrating the Intimates line. Steffy and Ridge looked disappointed.

Steffy left, and Brooke flashed back to her conversation with Bill in which Bill had mentioned that someone had seen Ridge with the judge. Bill had asked her point-blank if she knew anything about it, and Brooke hadn't discussed it. Ridge interrupted her thoughts. "What's going on?" Ridge asked. Brooke gave him her squinty eye.

Backstage at the fashion show, models prepared for the Intimates fashion show launch, and Wyatt shot casual photos of the models dressed in white robes.

Wyatt stopped to see Quinn and reminded her that he remembered at one time she'd been doing all the jewelry work in a tiny little apartment. Quinn thanked him. She said they had come a long way. She asked about "the redhead."

Wyatt rolled his eyes and said that Sally was in the cutting room for some last-minute fixes. "Good for her," Quinn said. Wyatt sighed and changed the subject. He complimented some of Quinn's jewelry, and Quinn said it was what Steffy would be wearing for the showstopper.

The models milled around, waiting for the show to start. Zoe stood with Xander and told him he had to be excited about his first big runway show. Xander admitted he was nervous. "You'll be fine," Zoe said. She added that the nerves would go away when he hit the runway. "And you're a natural," she said. Xander thanked her. Zoe also reminded him that he was "selling the brand." "You should always take my advice," Zoe said. Emma had been eavesdropping a short distance away.

Emma walked over to where Hope had been standing, and they lamented that it was "a little weird" to be there. Hope sighed that the Hope for the Future line had been scaled back, but Steffy's line was on the runway. Emma was sad, but Hope encouraged her and said the line would be back -- "and better than ever."

Emma and Hope agreed the bustle and excitement of the event were reminiscent of the Hope for the Future show. Emma said it had been "one of the highlights of my life." Emma flashed back to modeling and dancing in the Hope for the Future show. "I still haven't thanked you enough," Emma said to Hope.

Hope said the line had benefited from Emma's vision. Steffy entered with Ridge and wanted everyone's attention. She said she was proud of the team and all they had accomplished. "Let's take this to the next level ... and blow away that audience," Steffy said.

Ridge agreed. He said they all had a lot invested in the line, and he believed it was a big day. Everyone clapped. Later, Hope privately wished Steffy good luck and said she had to leave. Steffy was surprised that Hope would not be there. "It still stings a little. Break a leg," Hope said, and Steffy thanked her.

Hope left and joined Brooke in a Forrester office. Hope asked if she could hang out in the office to get away from the show. Brooke was distracted, and Hope wondered why.

Brooke said she'd found out something she wished she hadn't known. She also admitted that she was miffed with Ridge because he'd funded Steffy's line over Hope's. Brooke wondered how Hope was coping, and Hope said it was difficult, but she was happy for Steffy. She added that the line was impressive, and Steffy deserved success.

Brooke said she was disappointed that Ridge had made a few recent bad decisions that had hurt people she cared about. Hope left, and Ridge entered. He was excited and wanted Brooke to join him for the show, but she looked angry. Ridge wondered what the problem was. Brooke said that she was disappointed in some of his recent decision-making.

Ridge wanted to have it out, and Brooke started with her disappointment about Hope's line being downgraded in order to promote Steffy's line. Ridge was amazed that she was still angry, and he thought they'd resolved that. Brooke said she wanted to drop it, but Ridge wondered why she would bring it up again. Brooke admitted that the show brought up bad memories, but she said there was more. "It's about Bill," she said. "Oh, goodie," Ridge responded.

Brooke understood that Ridge didn't want her to defend Bill, but she reminded him that when Katie had gone through postpartum depression, Bill had taken care of Will. It was unfair that anyone would try to take his son away. She understood that he had blown his chances when he'd chased after Steffy -- Ridge reminded her that Bill had ruined Steffy's marriage while she'd been pregnant with Kelly.

Ridge argued that Bill should never have had custody. Brooke said that Ridge should never have influenced the judge. He had been manipulative when he had interfered. Ridge and Brooke argued. Ridge started to walk away, but Brooke warned him that his secret would come out. "Bill's onto you," Brooke announced. She added that Bill had quizzed her about Ridge's connection to the judge. Ridge looked angry.

Forrester Creations presents Intimates

Forrester Creations presents Intimates

Thursday, November 8, 2018

At Spencer, Justin tried to tell Bill that their evidence against Ridge might not amount to anything. Bill stated that they'd gotten someone to identify Ridge, and there was no other reason for Ridge to talk to the judge before and after the hearing. Though Bill's conclusions seemed logical to Justin, he pointed out that the evidence was circumstantial.

Bill shouted that it was "circumstantial my ass" because all the pieces fit. Justin replied that Ridge's alleged plot sounded like something the old Dollar Bill would do. Bill quipped that he would have gotten away with it, too, but Ridge wouldn't.

Bill instructed Justin to track down Brooke. Justin assumed she'd be at Steffy's fashion show. Scoffing, Bill asked if it was the show for the line promoted at the expense of Hope's line. Citing that it was another example of Ridge's disrespect for Brooke, Bill doubted that Brooke would be there. He said she'd probably need a friend that day.

Justin asked if Bill really wanted to provide Brooke merely friendship. Bill replied that he wanted to do that, but he also wanted to get her to open up about the judge and Forrester. Bill believed Brooke knew something, and there was more to it between Ridge and Judge McMullen.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke revealed that Bill thought there was a connection between Ridge and Judge McMullen. Ridge asked if she'd been discussing that topic with Bill. She replied that Bill had reached out to her. "He's reaching out a lot, isn't he?" Ridge asked.

Brooke wondered if Ridge would really concentrate on that while Bill had information that someone had seen Ridge with the judge. Ridge stated that no one had seen anything, and Bill was bluffing. Brooke insisted that Bill had suspicions and wouldn't let it go.

Ridge prompted Brooke to get going because they needed to be at the Intimates showing. Brooke sighed, and he told her that everything would be fine if she just stayed away from Spencer. Brooke didn't know how Ridge could say that when Bill had told her that someone had seen Ridge. Ridge insisted that Bill would have gone after Ridge already if Bill had proof.

Ridge asked Brooke to go downstairs with him, but Brooke said that he could go on ahead. Brooke knew that Ridge wanted to support Steffy, but Brooke felt she needed to be with Hope on that day because it was really hard for Hope. Brooke also couldn't stop worrying about Bill.

Ridge instructed Brooke to just not say anything to Bill. Ridge decided that he really needed to get downstairs. Brooke wished him luck. He said everything would be okay, and he loved her. Brooke replied that she loved him, and they kissed and hugged.

In the showroom, Forrester prepared for the Intimates fashion show. Steffy talked to a guest, who wondered what the CEO, mother, and fashion line model couldn't do. Steffy conveyed that it was a lot of work, but she wanted to be a good role model for her daughter.

Steffy went backstage to check on things. The place buzzed with activity. She checked in with Wyatt, and then moved on to Quinn. Steffy wondered if Quinn had seen Ridge. Quinn hadn't.

Elsewhere backstage, Vivian and Julius excitedly greeted Xander. Julius thought it made sense for his nephew to be a fashion model because his nephew had his good looks. Julius just didn't know about modeling underwear. Zoe approached, and when Xander introduced her as a fellow model, Julius stated, "Now it makes sense."

Nearby, Sally approached Steffy and stammered about it being her first Forrester showing. Steffy looked at Sally as if to prod her to spit out what she had to say. Sally stated that her Grams was in town. Nodding, Steffy began typing a message on her phone. Sally asked if her Grams could be admitted to the show. Steffy sent the text message and said it was done.

Steffy gathered everyone for a pre-showing pep talk. She said it was a line for people with really busy lives, and Forrester was about inspiring romance in a world that desperately needed it.

Everyone applauded, and Shirley squealed as she rushed up behind Sally. Shirley was excited that Sally would be featuring designs in her first Forrester showing and said that, no matter what happened, she was proud of Sally. As they hugged, Steffy looked at them and grinned.

Later, Wyatt's voice sounded throughout the dark showroom. "The House of Forrester presents Intimates," he said. Light illuminated the stage, and music similar to HFTF's last showing played as the first models took to the stage one by one.

The theme for the clothes was strappy women's lingerie and men's bedroom wear accented by formal attire and accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, neckties, suspenders, bowties and wrist cuffs, and sexy coat and tails.

Backstage, Steffy finally found her father, and she asked what he thought. Ridge seemed distracted, and she asked where Brooke was. Ridge replied that Brooke was spending time with Hope. Steffy asked if Ridge was okay. He affirmed it, but she said he didn't look it.

As Ridge watched the show alone later, he imagined a police officer arriving backstage with Bill, who was dangling a pair of handcuffs from his finger.

Near the stage curtain, Xander was nervous. Zoe advised him to imagine everyone in their underwear. She asked if Emma was there. He said Emma wasn't attending the showing. Zoe figured that Emma was more of an HFTF type person. Quinn motioned for Zoe to get into place, and Zoe told Xander to let her inspire him.

Zoe took to the catwalk and received exuberant applause for her strappy black teddy with bottom coattails attached at the waist. Xander went out next, and in the crowd, Julius seemed tickled to see Xander strutting his stuff.

Near the curtain, Sally told Zoe that she had done well. Zoe peeked out at Xander, and Sally noted that the two seemed to be getting closer. Zoe replied that a certain someone was still in the picture, and Sally guessed it had to be Emma.

Quinn called for Sally to take her spot next. Xander arrived backstage, and Zoe told him that he'd rocked it. He replied that he'd taken her advice about imagining people in their underwear -- until he'd gotten to Aunt Viv and Uncle Julius.

On stage, Sally modeled another strappy teddy. Accenting hers was a long-sleeve shirt that only buttoned at the neck. Featuring a hollowed-out chest, the shirt hung at her sides, fully exposing the lingerie.

After Sally's turn, the lights dimmed for the showstopper. When the lights turned back up, Steffy was posing on stage with a walking cane and a hat covering her face. She tossed the hat and pranced down the runway in a wet-look bra and panty set with a high-waisted garter belt attached to nude thigh highs. A lot of the outfit was covered by a pinstripe jacket with white cuffs and matching ruffles around the bottom jacket hem.

The other models joined Steffy on stage for the final round of applause. She thanked Sally Spectra, the models, and the crew for their hard work, and she asked the audience to keep romance alive.

The models returned backstage and were greeted by the applauding Quinn, Wyatt, and Ridge. Steffy believed they'd been a hit, and she said that Sally's designs, paired with Quinn's jewelry, had brought down the house. Steffy raved about the models and the hair and makeup team. She thanked Ridge and said it wouldn't have been possible without him.

Ridge believed that it wouldn't have been possible without Steffy and what she'd done with her amazing team. Ridge stated that Steffy's "I choose me" message had inspired everyone, and she'd set a powerful example for women everywhere.

Ridge hugged his daughter then sent a text message to his wife to let her know that the show had been a success, and he wanted to continue their talk.

Alone at Il Giardino, Brooke talked on the phone to Hope, who didn't feel well enough to make it out for lunch. Brooke advised her daughter not to worry about it and to get some rest. After the call, Brooke grabbed her purse. Sitting at Brooke's table, Bill asked her not to leave on his account. "It's exactly why I should leave," Brooke quipped.

"I know. The dressmaker won't like it," Bill stated. Brooke asked what had happened to the new-and-improved Bill Spencer, and Bill replied that old habits died hard.

Bill noted that Brooke was skipping Steffy's showing. Brooke explained that she'd been set to have lunch with her daughter, who wasn't feeling well. Bill hoped it was nothing serious. "I think she's just feeling -- " Brooke started to say.

"Steffy's big day," Bill concluded and stated that it was another example of Ridge putting Brooke and her daughter second. Brooke called it a business decision. She didn't want to talk about it and said she shouldn't even be talking to him at all. Bill asked if it was because of something she knew about what Ridge had done.

Bill began to talk about the possibility that Ridge had tampered with the judge, but Brooke asserted that she really didn't want to talk about it with Bill. Bill didn't want to discuss it, either, but he felt that he'd been robbed of his son. "Ridge made sure of it, didn't he?" Bill asked.

Bill didn't like to pressure Brooke, who'd stood up against her family for what had been right. He said she'd known it had been wrong to rob him of his son. He felt that she was the only person who knew him, and it was why he needed her in his life. Bill claimed that he loved her too much to put her in the middle of a war between him and Forrester.

Bill insisted that what had happened with the custody ruling had been wrong, and if Forrester had one shred of decency, then Forrester knew it, too. Bill believed that Judge McMullen had ruled against him, not because he was an inadequate father, but because Ridge had gotten to the judge. Bill didn't care what Ridge had on the judge. Bill just wanted his son back, and he asked Brooke to just tell him the truth.

Bill hatches a new plan to get the truth

Bill hatches a new plan to get the truth

Friday, November 9, 2018

Backstage in the showroom, Wyatt thanked the last of the setup crew as they left. He discovered that Zoe and Xander were still there and still in their Intimates outfits. Wyatt congratulated them on the job they'd done. After Wyatt had gone, Xander recommended that he and Zoe change clothes. She, however, said they'd have more fun celebrating if they didn't.

Xander asked if Zoe planned to celebrate with the rest of the crew. Zoe replied that he was invited, too. Xander conveyed that he'd text-messaged Emma, and Zoe asked if he'd celebrate their success with milk and cookies instead of with people who'd been in the show.

Xander was grateful for all the support Zoe had given him at work. "But you don't want to celebrate with me," she replied. He indicated that he'd made other plans. "With that little girl," Zoe said. She stated that Emma had thrown a fit when Xander had begun modeling with Zoe. In Zoe's view, Emma didn't appreciate what the job took and would be happier if he wasn't doing it.

Xander asked Zoe to congratulate Danny and the others for him. Zoe asked if he was sure. Just then, Emma arrived, saying that she'd gotten his message. She remarked about all the bustle upstairs with the reporters, and Xander said he couldn't wait to hear about it. Zoe took that as her cue to leave, and she advised Xander to contact her if he was free later for the party.

Zoe left, and Emma asked what she'd heard about a party. Xander explained that the models were getting together. Emma noted that Zoe wanted him to party with her. Xander replied that he wanted to spend time with Emma. It had been an exciting step forward for him in his career, and he'd thought that he and Emma could make it an exciting step forward for them, too.

Xander didn't want to share the night and experience with anyone but Emma. He remarked that he'd been really busy, and things had changed a lot since they'd met. They'd learned a lot about themselves and each other. Agreeing, Emma said she felt it, too. She knew herself better. She knew what she wanted, what she was ready for, and what she wasn't ready for.

Emma recalled that Xander had wanted their relationship to be more serious. Xander said he hadn't meant to pressure her. Emma hadn't felt any pressure. She said he'd been sweet and understanding. In her view, making love was a big step, and a woman should wait until she was ready. He agreed.

Emma liked Xander and knew he cared about her, but she had to focus on what was best for her. She felt that Xander was smart, handsome, and talented. Even though it could be a romantic night for them, she wasn't ready to take things further with him yet. Xander respected that choice and admired her even more for being able to vocalize it. He was fine with waiting, but she said it was about more than that.

Emma knew that Xander liked her, and she thought that he was one of the most amazing guys she'd ever meet. However, she needed to do her own thing. "Oh," Xander replied.

Emma imagined that they'd be perfect together if they'd met five years into the future, but they were in two different places in their lives. She wanted to focus on what she could accomplish with work and dancing, and she wanted Xander to be free to do other things while she did that.

Xander said that he'd thought he and Emma could do it together. Emma replied that she had thought that, too. Taking his hands, she said she'd treasure her time with him and brag about the time she'd dated a hot Forrester lingerie model. The two hugged.

In the design office, Zoe was with Wyatt, who beamed about social media "shipping" her and Xander. Zoe said they were picking up something she was missing. Wyatt wondered why she wasn't still on a high after the showing.

Zoe was glad for the successful showing, but she'd thought she'd be celebrating it with Xander. She claimed that she and Xander had been in love for a long time. Zoe had hoped that working together would help him remember that, but it seemed that he only had Emma on the brain.

Wyatt wondered if Zoe had thought about moving on. He said she was beautiful, talented, and ambitious enough to land on her feet. Zoe thanked him and said it meant a lot to hear it. Wyatt replied that he couldn't let her feel bad on the biggest day of her career.

Zoe hadn't lost sight of her work accomplishments. She knew that she'd made bad first impressions, but she'd wanted Xander "so much" back then. It had led to a new, fairytale existence for her, but she was bummed that she had no one to share it with.

At Il Giardino, Bill didn't believe that Brooke wanted to keep the secret for Ridge. Brooke asked who had said she was doing so. Bill could see it in her eyes every time he mentioned Ridge and McMullen. Bill urged Brooke to tell him for Will, who hadn't gotten the fair hearing he'd deserved. Bill asked if Ridge had contacted the judge or interfered with the judge's ruling.

Brooke didn't know why Bill was wasting the time he could be spending with Will. Bill said it would be a lot easier if he had equal custody. He apologized for putting her in a tough spot, but he said he was just trying to get to the bottom of it.

Standing to leave, Brooke said she'd thought Bill had wanted to do things differently. She reminded him that he'd said he'd changed. She urged him to act like it by focusing on what was important, and she ordered him not to turn it into an obsession.

After Brooke had gone, Bill called Justin and asked him to get that computer genius. Bill had a job for him.

At Forrester, Ridge was in his office, fielding questions from reporters about the Intimates line. One reporter asked him to compare it to Brooke's Bedroom. Ridge zoned out and flashed back to Brooke telling him about Bill's suspicions regarding the judge.

Katie rescued Ridge, telling the reporter that asking such a question was like asking Ridge to choose between his wife and daughter. She thought it was enough to say that, through Intimates, Forrester was continuing its tradition of making people feel beautiful, empowered, and sexy. Katie concluded the session and ushered the reporters out.

Alone with Ridge, Katie asked what was wrong. Ridge explained that Bill had been asking Brooke about whether Ridge knew the judge. Ridge doubted that Bill had anything concrete, but he said that Bill was indeed questioning Brooke, who was still upset with Ridge about talking to the judge.

Katie wasn't sure that Brooke being upset would lead Brooke to telling Bill. Ridge said Brooke wouldn't say anything, and he trusted his wife to keep a secret. In Ridge's view, that didn't mean Bill wouldn't stop digging or accusing.

Brooke arrived. Katie and Ridge seemed grim, and Brooke asked what was going on. Katie said Ridge had apprised her of Bill's suspicions. Brooke stated that it wouldn't stop, and Bill had just been with her at Il Giardino. Brooke relayed that Bill was convinced that something had gone on with the hearing, and he was pressing her to say what she knew about Ridge and McMullen.

Ridge asserted that Bill needed to leave Brooke alone. Brooke exclaimed that Bill wouldn't let it go, and all the denials in the world wouldn't convince him. Katie asked if Brooke thought Bill would find out. Brooke did, and she was getting uncomfortable with keeping it a secret for Ridge. Katie's eyes glazed over, and Ridge scowled.

Later, Katie had gone, and Ridge told Brooke that he didn't know how Bill could find out anything if Brooke or McMullen didn't reveal anything. Brooke didn't intend to reveal anything, but she wasn't happy about the position Ridge had put McMullen in by tampering with the judge. She said that if Bill found out that Ridge had talked to Craig, Ridge would go to jail.

Ridge recalled that Bill was supposed to be a different person, one who didn't want to fight anymore or hold vendettas. Brooke believed in Bill's change, but she felt that because it was about his son, Bill would do whatever he had to do to find the information that would help him.

In Bill's office, Bill told Justin that Brooke had barely been able to look at him, and it was because he was on the right track. Justin insisted that Bill couldn't do anything without proof. Bill wanted to know where the IT guy was, and Justin said one couldn't contact Ken as easily as an IT department. Justin asked what Bill wanted Ken to do. "What I ask," Bill quipped.

Just then, Ken arrived, assuming Bill had a job too big for anyone else. Bill said it was too big and too sensitive. Bill was ready to get to work. Ken glared at Bill. Rolling his eyes, Bill shouted that it was fine, and he'd get Ken his freaking tea.

Later, Ken summarized Bill's problem, saying that the husband of one of Bill's ex-wives had made a sneaky backroom deal, causing Bill to lose a case against another ex-wife. Bill corrected that he hadn't lost; he'd been railroaded. Ken said Bill didn't need a computer expert. Ken believed Bill needed to stop getting married -- or at least to treat the wives he got better.

Bill said that he needed proof that his case had been tampered with, and he knew where to get it. Bill asked if Ken could access Judge McMullen's cell phone. Ken quipped that one never asked if he "can" do something. Bill replied that he "can" pay whatever it took to get it done.

For a while, Bill and Justin waited and watched Ken work. Ken suggested Bill walk down the hall and get Ken more tea. Bill asked how long it would take, and Ken said he was done. Bill rushed around Ken's work area to stare at Ken's monitor. "This is how I get my son back and uncover the truth about the judge. Nobody outsmarts me," Bill said.

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