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Wyatt and Flo deepened their relationship. Thomas kissed Hope, but she insisted that Liam was the only man she loved. Hope asked Steffy to make a family with Liam. As Hope and Liam spent one last night together, Xander confronted Zoe upon overhearing that Beth was alive.
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Xander overheard Zoe and Flo talking about Beth being alive
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Hope urges Steffy to make a life with Liam

Hope urges Steffy to make a life with Liam

Monday, May 27, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Flo was taking in the beauty of the home when Wyatt arrived, seeking his mother. Wyatt had forgotten that Flo had moved in there, but he was happy to encounter her. She explained that Eric and Quinn had taken a spa trip. Wyatt stated that his mother never told him anything. He was glad that Quinn wasn't there because he could focus all his time on Flo.

Wyatt asked how Shauna was enjoying living there. Flo conveyed that her mother loved it and had driven out to Las Vegas to get more of her things. Assuming that meant they had the house all to themselves, Wyatt became even happier that he'd dropped by.

Wyatt imagined the parties that he and Flo could have had at the mansion if they'd lived there during high school. Flo was amazed by the pool and said she'd thought about using it that day. Noting that it had been awhile since he'd seen her in a bikini, Wyatt didn't want to be the one to stop her from doing it. Flo joked that she hadn't seen him belly-flop in a while.

Wyatt made excuses for belly-flopping in the past and claimed to be a lot better. Flo challenged him to show her. He said he knew where the Forresters kept the spare swimsuits, and Flo expressed disappointment that he wouldn't be stripping down to his "skivvies."

Later, Wyatt and Flo changed into swimsuits, and Wyatt was impressed by how Flo looked in her bikini. Flo couldn't get over the fact that "this" had become her life and that she was with family, friends, and her first boyfriend. "Look at us after all these years," Flo said.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke continued to deliberate Hope's decision to leave her marriage. Ridge thought it might be best for everyone. Brooke said that they should be supporting the marriage, not encouraging the couple to give up. He noted that the couple had been in a bad place for a long time. He said that no one wanted to see Hope in perpetual pain, so moving on might be the answer.

Brooke was adamant that Hope didn't have to end her marriage, but Ridge wondered if Liam and Hope, who seemed to be just going through the motions, might need a break. Brooke refused to believe Hope wanted that. In Brooke's mind, Hope was under pressure. Ridge asked by whom, and Brooke replied, "You tell me."

Brooke insisted that Liam and Hope loved each other and had planned a future together. Ridge reasoned that it sometimes took more than that, and Brooke might need to respect Hope's decision. He asked if she was trying to talk Hope out of it. Brooke replied that Hope was listening to Thomas, not her mother, and Brooke hoped he wasn't getting into Hope's head and making things worse.

Unable to just stand by while Hope made the biggest mistake of her life, Brooke said she had to keep trying because Liam and Hope were strong enough to get through it. Ridge didn't want to fight about their kids. Brooke didn't want to, either, but she didn't think Ridge had compassion for Hope. Claiming that he did, Ridge stated that it was also about his children and grandchildren, and Thomas and Steffy were on their own with their children.

Brooke affirmed that Steffy was proud to be raising the girls alone. Even though Brooke had compassion for Thomas, she didn't know why, out of all the women in the world, it had to be Hope for Douglas. Brooke believed that Hope could be a mother figure to Douglas without Thomas filling her head with things.

Ridge insisted that Thomas wasn't doing that and that it was Hope's idea for Liam and Steffy to be together. Brooke said Liam could be there for the girls and be married to Hope. Ridge asked Brooke to consider that Hope didn't want that. He asked if it wouldn't be best for everyone if Steffy and Liam found their way back to each other.

Brooke feared that losing a daughter and marriage would break Hope. Ridge reasoned that Hope was already broken, and it was time for her to move forward with her life. Brooke doubted that moving forward had to be by pushing Liam toward Steffy and by mothering Douglas. In Brooke's view, it was like putting a Band-Aid on a huge wound, and it wouldn't heal Hope.

Brooke believed that losing Liam would devastate Hope, and she said, "He is her person. You and I know a little bit about that, Ridge." Brooke affirmed that one had to fight for the person one loved, not just give the person up. Ridge kissed his wife and said it was about the grandkids. Brooke was willing to take care of the kids and cherish them, but she was adamant that Hope not end her marriage to Liam.

At Forrester, Liam and Thomas continued arguing about Thomas trying to guilt-trip Hope into leaving her marriage. Thomas refused to be sorry that Hope was finally doing the right thing for herself and the kids. Liam noted that Thomas had been trying to stir things up ever since he'd arrived in town. Asserting his spiel about being a father to a motherless child and an uncle to nieces who needed their father, Thomas said it was a simple solution for Hope to end her marriage so that Liam could be with his girls.

"I love how no one ever asks me what I want," Liam griped. Thomas asked if Liam was saying he didn't want to be there for the girls. Liam accused Thomas of twisting people's words and cited the time Thomas had said Hope would be in "good hands" if Liam went to Paris. Thomas grinned. Liam said Thomas could smirk all he wanted, but it wasn't happening for him.

Thomas yelled that he wasn't making Hope do anything she didn't want to do. In his view, she enjoyed spending time with his son, and it had been helpful and healing for each of them. Agreeing, Liam said it meant a lot to Hope. Thomas stated that Liam should see them together and observe the way Hope loved Douglas. Liam told Thomas not to get it twisted because, while Hope cared for Douglas and might love him, she'd never love Thomas.

At Steffy's house, Steffy thought Flo being a Logan helped make sense of Hope's connection to Phoebe. Steffy decided that she should put Phoebe down for a nap. Hope offered to do it, and Steffy agreed. As Hope took the child into the bedroom, worry crept into Steffy's mind.

Later, Hope returned to the living room after the baby had gone to sleep. She thanked Steffy for allowing her to spend time with Phoebe. Hope was sure she'd still be in bed at the cabin with the covers over her head if it hadn't been for the baby. Hope was grateful for the time with Phoebe and said it meant more than Steffy could know.

Steffy didn't think Hope needed to end her marriage to Liam, who was committed to Hope. Hope said that she was the problem. Describing her feelings toward Phoebe as unhealthy, Hope said that Thomas had suggested that she channel the feelings toward Douglas instead. She intended to do her best to pull back from Phoebe and stated that Douglas might be the child she was meant to raise on her own.

Hope loved Phoebe very much and felt the need to protect and nurture her. Hope didn't know if it was transference or the family relation that caused it; however, she knew that it wasn't okay, because Steffy was Phoebe's mother. Hope had begun to accept that Beth was gone. Steffy said that Liam and Hope could try again.

Hope didn't want to put anyone through the pain of trying again. Steffy suggested adoption. Hope appreciated what Steffy was trying to do, but for Hope, it was deeper than that. Hope was adamant that she was taking Liam from the girls, and she couldn't live with that.

Hope explained that her and Douglas' shared losses had bonded her and Douglas. She and Douglas were yearning for the ones they'd lost, and she believed that they could make something magical out of the tragic situation. In order for it to happen, Hope had to end her marriage.

Taking Hope's hand, Steffy expressed sorrow for Hope. Hope said she couldn't keep living that way or let Liam live that way when he could be happy with Steffy and the girls. The assurance that the kids would be okay was the only thing that took Hope out of the darkness. Hope implored Steffy to encourage Liam to be there with her and the girls. Steffy seemed uncertain, but Hope tearfully insisted that Steffy and the girls could make a life with Liam.

Wyatt and Flo have their date

Wyatt and Flo have their date

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

At Steffy's house, Hope became emotional while discussing the hardest thing she'd ever had to do. She would always love Liam, but she felt compelled to do what was best for the children. She believed that the kids needed "us" to do "this" for them. In Hope's vision, Steffy and Liam would be there for the girls, and Hope would be there for Douglas.

"Whoa, whoa..." Steffy replied, shocked to be having the conversation. Steffy conveyed that she'd already made her choice. She'd chosen herself and to raise the girls independently. Steffy stated that Hope ending her marriage didn't mean Steffy would return to Liam.

Hope said that she'd been drowning and unable to move forward; however, she felt she could move forward if they all made the children their priority. Hope implored Steffy to make a home for the girls with Liam and convince him that it was best for everyone.

Later, Hope was gone, and Ridge arrived for a visit. He wanted to see his grandchildren, but they were asleep. He decided to talk to Steffy about something. Steffy stated that if it was about Hope and Liam, then she already knew. Ridge conveyed that Brooke was having a hard time with it, and it didn't make sense to Brooke that Hope would end her marriage.

Steffy said Hope had put it in a way that made sense to Steffy. Steffy explained that Hope had tried to end it before, but Liam had refused to agree to it. Viewing the situation as complicated, Steffy said Hope's feelings about keeping Liam from the girls had solidified. Hope didn't want to have a family with Liam and wanted him to make one with Steffy and the girls.

Ridge pondered about what could happen if Liam was single. Steffy wasn't convinced that the divorce would happen because Hope loved Liam and because Liam would always love Hope. Ridge countered that Liam loved Steffy, too. Steffy didn't know what it all meant for her and Liam, but she was focused on her girls and herself.

Ridge stated that Hope was doing the right thing for all of them. Steffy asked if Brooke knew how he felt. He replied that he and Brooke wanted the best for their daughters, and he felt he had to believe that Hope had thought about things long and hard. Ridge knew that it wasn't what Brooke wanted for her child, "but maybe it's what I want for my children."

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was nearly in tears but snapped out of it when Douglas and Thomas knocked on her door. Hope greeted them and pretended to be in an upbeat mood as Douglas hugged her. Hoping that it was okay to pop in, Thomas said Douglas had missed her. Hope said she'd missed Douglas, too, and told the boy that he gave the best hugs in the world.

Douglas said that Hope gave hugs like his mommy. Thomas asked if he didn't give great hugs, and Douglas murmured that his father was teasing him. Thomas claimed that he was just joking, and everyone laughed. Hope said that it felt good to laugh, and Douglas stated that his mother had laughed a lot. Thomas said Caroline's face would light up, and Douglas told Hope that his mother's face had lit up the same way Hope's did.

Thomas decided that it was time to get Douglas a bath before bed. Douglas told Hope that he loved her "so much," and he hugged her.

Later, Hope had changed into a pajama shorts set. Thomas returned to the house. Pam had arrived at the main house for a visit after Douglas' bath, and Pam and Douglas were watching a movie before lights out. Thomas had returned to see Hope because he'd noted earlier that something was going on with her, and he asked if she was okay.

Hope revealed that she and Liam were ending their marriage. Feigning surprise, Thomas asked if Liam had finally realized that he needed to be with Steffy and the girls. Hope replied that it had been her idea, and she'd finally gotten through to him. She didn't love Liam any less. In fact, she'd always love Liam, but she couldn't take him from the girls for one more day.

Hope asserted that Liam's place was with the girls, and her place was with Douglas. Thomas expressed surprise. Hope said Caroline's letter had really spoken to her, and Hope wanted to be the one to put love back into Douglas' life. Hope wanted to give the child everything that Caroline wanted for him. "That is what my life is about now," Hope concluded.

Thomas was happy to hear that Douglas had a place in Hope's life and heart and said that when Douglas was with Hope, it was the way it had been with Caroline. Before Hope, Thomas hadn't been sure Douglas would ever feel safe and loved again. Saying that he could never thank her enough, Thomas hugged Hope. He kissed her, and Hope pushed him back and stared at him.

At the Forrester mansion, Wyatt and Flo returned to the living room after swimming together. They flirted with each other and discussed Wyatt's surfing hobby. Flo had never been on a surfboard, and Wyatt offered to teach her to surf. They leaned in to kiss each other, but he pulled back, recalling that he'd promised her a date.

Wyatt suggested that he and Flo go out to eat and catch a live band. Draping her arms around his neck, Flo expressed her preference for being alone together in a mansion with a chef's kitchen. He replied that she did not have to cook him dinner, and he made her promise that if they got dinner, dessert would be on him.

Later, Wyatt and Flo settled down in the living room to enjoy some takeout and Champagne. Glancing up at Quinn's portrait, Wyatt said he hadn't pictured their date happening while his creepy mother stared down at them. Flo offered to relocate, but he said he'd ignore "Quinn" like he always did.

Flo and Wyatt flirted more with each other. She felt as if she was in a dream world. She hadn't believed that a future with him was possible, but she'd come to believe that anything was possible. "It just feels right," she uttered, and they kissed.

Flo pulled back, wondering if she and Wyatt should slow things down a bit. Wyatt asked what was wrong. She stated that he was going through a lot. Assuming Flo meant with Sally, Wyatt revealed that Sally knew that he was seeing Flo. He'd felt the need to be up-front with Sally because honesty and having no secrets was important to him.

Flo suddenly kissed Wyatt, silencing him. She said she'd thought she'd never have a chance with him again. Wyatt replied that one never knew what would happen from one moment to the next. It was getting hot in there for Flo, and she suggested that they go somewhere that Quinn wouldn't be staring down at them.

Wyatt and Flo went upstairs to her room. Sensual music played over the scene as they took off each other's clothes and kissed. Flo said she'd never stopped loving him, and the two sank down on the bed.

Wyatt and Flo make love

Wyatt and Flo make love

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Liam sent a text message to his brother, asking if he could sleep on Wyatt's couch. Brooke entered and wondered if everyone in the family had lost their minds. Liam understood, but he said he had tried to talk Hope out of ending their marriage. "You have to take control, Liam," Brooke said.

Liam told Brooke that he had sent a text to Wyatt to see if he could stay at Wyatt's place because Hope didn't want him staying in the cabin. Brooke was alarmed. She encouraged Liam to fight hard for the marriage that he had already fought so long and hard for. Liam reminded Brooke that it was Hope's decision, not his.

Brooke sighed and said that Hope was still distraught after losing Beth. "You can't give up on her," Brooke advised. She encouraged him to continue to fight for his marriage, but Liam said that Hope had been stubborn, and Thomas was constantly hanging around because he had "a thing for her." Liam worried that Brooke would defend Thomas, but Brooke shook her head and said that Thomas needed to mind his own business.

Brooke suggested that Liam needed to step in and stop Thomas from manipulating Hope. "I love Hope and have zero desire to end our marriage," Liam said. He added that he had tried everything. He had reasoned and pleaded, but she wouldn't change her mind. "Just don't let her walk away. She may never come back," Brooke said.

Liam blamed Thomas, but Brooke said that Hope was attached to Douglas, not Thomas. "That bond is just going to grow," Brooke said. Liam agreed, but he said nothing had been the same, and nothing ever would be the same after their daughter had been taken from them.

At the cabin, Hope pulled away from Thomas after he kissed her. Thomas apologized and admitted he shouldn't have tried to kiss her, but he had been caught up in the moment and wanted to express his gratitude. He added that his son needed "so much," and Thomas was glad that Hope was willing to give Douglas so much of her love and at a great personal cost. Thomas said it made him love Hope even more.

Hope looked shaken. Thomas realized he had shocked Hope. He said he didn't want to overstep, but he appreciated that she had ended things with Liam.

Hope told Thomas that he was getting ahead of himself. Hope promised to comfort Douglas and do what he needed, but she was clear in her message to Thomas that the only man she ever did and ever would love was Liam. She encouraged him to leave. Thomas was silent.

At Wyatt's, he and Flo were making out passionately and in their underwear. They moved to the bedroom and made love. Afterward, they cuddled and agreed that making love again after so many years had "felt the same but completely different." "Even better than I remember," Flo said. Flo added that she "didn't know I was starting the best day" when she'd awakened that morning. They agreed they were happy to be reunited.

Wyatt said he was happy for Flo because of all the good things that had happened to her since she had moved to Los Angeles. He couldn't think of anyone who deserved it more. Flo said it was crazy that literally everything in her life had changed. She told Wyatt that she had never stopped thinking about him -- even though she'd had other boyfriends. "None of them measured up to you," she said.

Wyatt wondered who had been so special to her because she had been pregnant and had Phoebe. Flo grew quiet and distant. Wyatt apologized and said he didn't mean to pry, but he was curious. Flo said it was important that they were together, and she had gotten lost along the way. Wyatt encouraged her to open up because they "had known each other forever."

Wyatt's phone had been dinging with text messages, and he finally checked his phone and read a message from Liam that Hope was ending their marriage. He read it out loud, and Flo became upset. "That's terrible. They can't break up," she said. Wyatt thanked her for caring so much, but Flo continued to express her disappointment. She insisted that Hope and Liam couldn't break up.

Wyatt wondered what had upset Flo, and he encouraged her to tell him what was wrong. She suggested that they just enjoy the moment they were sharing together. She said that she had made mistakes, and everyone made mistakes. They cuddled some more.

Liam returned home to Hope and explained that he had just left Brooke at the office. He added that she had tracked him down. Hope said she was sure she knew how the conversation had gone. Liam said she had been passionate about how ending their marriage would be a huge mistake, "and I obviously agree with her."

Hope smiled, and Liam confessed that he didn't know what to do. He wanted to fight for their marriage because he didn't want to lose her. "I love you," he said. Hope smiled and said she loved him. They discussed that their love was important. Hope felt she was ruining his life because he had family that needed him, and he was worried about her. She added that Douglas needed her.

Liam disagreed that they needed to separate to help others. He felt they had enough love to make it work with Douglas, Kelly, and Phoebe. Hope didn't want to be selfish, but Liam felt it wasn't selfish to want Hope and a life with family. "We can give them everything they need," he said.

Hope cried and apologized. "We can figure this out together," Liam said. Hope said their dream had become a nightmare when they'd been in Catalina. Liam hugged her, and they embraced and cried together.

Xander confronts Zoe about her talk with Flo

Xander confronts Zoe about her talk with Flo

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hope arrived at the cliff house in the morning. Steffy had just put the girls down after their morning routine. Hope was there to ask if Steffy's guest rooms were made up just in case that night would be the night. "For?" Steffy asked. Hope replied, "For Liam to move back in."

Steffy replied that Hope couldn't force Liam to move back in with Steffy. Hope knew that she was going about it all wrong; she just didn't know how to go about it right. She conveyed that she and Liam were spending one last night together. She was sure Liam hadn't thought to make "any plans," but she knew that Steffy had room there.

Steffy stated that Liam was welcome there at any time. "And you won't tell him to leave?" Hope asked. Steffy asked Hope if she was hurting Liam more instead of helping him. Hope was adamant that it hurt Liam to remain committed to a future that they couldn't have anymore. Steffy asked if Hope really thought she'd never change her mind about getting pregnant again.

In Hope's silence, Steffy again suggested adoption. Hope didn't think she could justify adopting a child to see if doing so would hold her marriage together. Steffy asked how Hope could not justify remaining in a marriage for love. Steffy said that Hope thought she was doing the right thing, but it wasn't what anyone wanted -- not even Hope.

A baby cried, and Steffy went into the bedroom. When Steffy returned with Phoebe, Hope stated that she knew she was doing the right thing whenever she thought of what her actions would do for that amazing child. Hope asked if Steffy would let Hope stop by from time to time after it was all over. Steffy implored Hope to reconsider ending her marriage and said Phoebe didn't need that kind of sacrifice. "Well, what if I need it?" Hope asked.

Steffy didn't get why. Hope said that not failing Phoebe would help Hope forgive herself for failing Beth. Hope asked Steffy to do what Hope asked and help Liam make a life with Phoebe and Kelly. Steffy replied that she couldn't tell Liam what to do. Trusting that Liam and Steffy would figure it out, Hope told Phoebe that she'd have the best daddy in the world.

In Brooke's cabin, Wyatt waited for Liam to finish showering. When Liam emerged from the bedroom, Wyatt asked if Liam needed help moving. Liam looked confused, and Wyatt reminded him that he'd sent a message to Wyatt the previous night. Liam said he'd been exploring his options, and it hadn't been an emergency.

In Wyatt's view, Hope ending the marriage was an emergency, and he said his brother didn't need reservations to stay with him. Liam stated that he'd thought losing Beth had been hurting Hope, but what was really hurting Hope was that Liam kept hanging onto the dream they'd had for so long. Wyatt conveyed that it sounded like the only person getting what he wanted was the wannabe dressmaker Thomas Forrester.

Liam said Wyatt sounded like their father. Liam didn't have the answers and said that sometimes the best thing to do was the thing that hurt the least. Taking a key off his key ring, Wyatt said he already knew Liam had a key to the beach house, but Liam staying at a crummy hotel was not an option.

Liam thanked Wyatt and said he was about to prepare something for Hope. Wyatt assumed that Liam intended to make a final plea for the marriage. Liam replied that he wouldn't do that; everyone had already done enough of that, and each time, all Hope heard was how wrong she was. Instead, Liam wanted to give his marriage to Hope a more dignified ending than their daughter had had.

Changing the subject, Liam asked if Bill was cracking the whip at work. Wyatt said Bill was strangely happy those days, and Wyatt kind of was, too. Liam assumed Wyatt and Sally had reunited. Wyatt stated that he didn't even know where he and Sally stood. Liam guessed that someone else was making Wyatt happy and that Wyatt and Flo were getting close.

Wyatt stammered that it was true after what had happened the previous night. Liam replied that he was happy for Wyatt if Wyatt had what he wanted. Wyatt wished that Hope and Liam could be together, holding Beth in their arms. Liam sadly nodded.

Later, Liam was alone, preparing a romantic dinner setting, when Hope arrived. She said everything looked good, and the food smelled nice. Liam joked that she wouldn't have to put up with his cooking after that night. She replied that she loved his cooking, and she loved him.

Pulling out a thesaurus, Liam said he'd found something. He asked her to look up the synonyms for love. For some unsaid reason, Liam had been looking for a book that was "undisturbed." He said that the book had been so undisturbed that he'd forgotten... "Olive leaves from Puglia, from our wedding," he said as she lifted the pressed leaves from the page he'd had her turn to.

Hope was moved to see that Liam had saved them. Liam replied that she could still change her mind. Hope stated that it wouldn't change reality. She didn't want "this." She said they should be sleep-deprived parents, surrounded by car seats and bassinets, wanting to spend every moment with the little girl they'd planned to adore.

When Hope started to cry, Liam took her hands and said they'd use the night to honor everything good that they had had and been to each other. He asked if she'd do that for him -- with him. She agreed. He was glad. He stated that he didn't see a way forward yet without her. The tearful Hope hugged him.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Zoe was preoccupied with thoughts of her and Flo arguing about telling the truth about Beth. Xander snapped Zoe out of it with a kiss. He said she was always a thousand miles away, and he'd finally figured out what he'd done to deserve it. "Nothing," he concluded. He said he couldn't make her talk about her problem, but he was done pretending that the matter didn't exist.

As Xander conveyed that Zoe could confide in him, Maya entered. She'd just been sidetracked by Brooke. He asked what was wrong. Maya assumed that everyone would find out, and she should probably save Hope the trouble of continually having to announce it. Zoe asked if something was wrong with Hope. Maya revealed that Hope was ending her marriage.

"No, she can't," Zoe responded. Xander asked if the breakup was mutual, but Maya had sensed from Brooke that it was Hope's choice. That made sense to Zoe because Hope didn't feel she could be a mother but wanted to give Phoebe and Kelly a father. Maya said that if she had lost Lizzy, she would have gone into a room and never reemerged.

Flo arrived to learn how to schedule models. Noticing the looks in the room, Flo asked if she was interrupting something. Zoe replied that Hope and Liam were splitting up. Flo replied that Wyatt had told her. "It's not right, and you know it," Flo stated.

Later, Zoe and Flo were alone in the office. Flo said they'd been kidding themselves to believe things would just blow over with time. Zoe expressed that, for once, she might agree that something needed to be done. Zoe contemplated leaving town. Loving her life there, Flo refused to go. Zoe assumed Wyatt was one of Flo's reasons for staying. Flo affirmed that it had become about him more than ever.

Zoe tried to sit down with Flo to go over model scheduling, but Flo couldn't talk about schedules and spreadsheets while Hope was going through what she was because of Flo and Zoe. Flo didn't see any other option but to tell Hope the truth. Feeling that she and Zoe should be suffering the consequences instead of Liam and Hope, Flo stated that the couple wouldn't be separating if they knew what Zoe and Flo knew.

As the women spoke, Xander cracked open the office door and listened in. Zoe was telling Flo that it was the ugliest thing Zoe had ever done, and Zoe would have a stain on her soul until her dying day. "If anyone was to find out that Hope and Liam's daughter was still alive, it would only get uglier," Zoe said.

The shocked Xander listened on as Zoe continued, saying there had never been a good way for it to end; however, she and Flo had to live with the way things were turning out. Zoe didn't know what choice they had because it was a story that her father, who was in London, would never tell. "And neither will you," Zoe concluded, and Flo silently left the office.

Xander watched Flo leave then he entered the office. Zoe tried to tell him that it wasn't a good time for her to talk. "Beth's alive," he stated. "What's going on, Zoe? Is this what's had you tossing and turning and crying out in your sleep? Hope and Liam's little girl didn't die? So, where is she? Because it kind of sounded like you know." In Zoe's apprehensive silence, Xander demanded that she tell him.

Xander is mortified by Zoe's secret

Xander is mortified by Zoe's secret

Friday, May 31, 2019

At the cliff house, Thomas and Douglas arrived with stuffed bunnies that Douglas had gotten for his cousins during a trip to the toy store earlier that day. Steffy stated that the girls were lucky to have a cousin like Douglas. Douglas replied that Phoebe and Kelly were lucky because they had their mommy.

Steffy told Douglas that his mommy would be proud of his bravery. Douglas replied that Hope also "says" that. Steffy figured that he was fond of Hope. Douglas exclaimed that he loved Hope, and Thomas replied that Hope loved Douglas, too.

The girls began to cry, and Steffy announced that they were awake. She took Douglas with her to the bedroom so that he could give the girls the bunnies. Thomas glanced at the portrait of Liam and Steffy on the wall.

Night fell, and Thomas emerged from the bedroom and told Steffy that Phoebe had fallen asleep and that Kelly and Douglas were reading books. Thomas and Steffy were glad that their kids would grow up together.

Steffy remarked upon Hope and Douglas' bond, and Thomas stated that Hope was great with Douglas. Thomas asked if Hope had told Steffy about soothing his son after a nightmare. Steffy didn't know about that but revealed that she knew about Hope's impending divorce. He hoped that Hope would play an even bigger role in his and Douglas' lives once her marriage was over.

Steffy went to check on the kids, and when she returned, she said that Douglas was entertaining both girls, singing "Baby Shark." Steffy and Thomas were glad that Douglas hadn't lost his ability to feel joy. Thomas had been worried about the way the grief would affect Douglas, but then Hope had gotten Douglas to open up, express his feelings, and be okay with feeling happy.

Steffy got why Thomas wanted Hope to play a role in his son's life but sensed that there was more to it for Thomas. "I love her, Steffy. She's the one woman I've always loved," Thomas readily admitted. Amazed, Steffy said she'd thought she'd have to drag that revelation out of him.

Thomas asserted that he wasn't hiding his feelings from anyone. "Even her?" Steffy asked. He replied that he'd told Hope himself. In his view, there was too much at stake to not be transparent, and he believed that the futures of his and Steffy's children depended upon him and Steffy being honest about their wants and needs.

"I mean, why is this here?" Thomas asked, gesturing to the portrait on the wall. Stammering, Steffy said it was there for Kelly to see how much her parents cared about each other. Thomas stated that it wasn't about honoring the past. He thought she'd put the portrait there to remind her of what she wanted for the future.

In Steffy's wary silence, Thomas said that Steffy was independent and could do it on her own, but the portrait reminded her of having Liam around. Thomas told his sister that if she wanted Liam back, she had to tell him, and if she wanted Liam back, it could happen.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam prepared to have dinner and make the most of the time they had left together. He'd thought of making more elaborate plans, but he'd realized that the cabin held many memories for them, and it had been their sanctuary in the woods. For Hope, the cabin had been more than that. It had been their home, and it would have been Beth's home.

As their food cooked, Liam and Hope had wine on the sofa. He'd decided to make Italian food and said that he'd been his happiest when he'd been with her beside the ocean at their wedding in Italy. Hope felt the same way. Liam had thought the feeling of that day would last forever -- as if nothing bad would ever happen to them.

Liam checked on dinner in the kitchen and returned to the living room. Hope thanked him for doing all of it. He said he'd done it to thank her for all the joy she'd brought to his life. Though the good times had been buried under a lot of grief, they still had great memories.

Liam recalled that Hope had been his best friend when they'd met. As he'd planned the night, he'd recalled all the towns they'd visited in Italy. She laughed, remembering how everyone there had kept trying to feed them. Liam said Ridge would have had to sew another button on Liam's suit if Liam had kept eating. Hope replied that Liam had never been more handsome, and he told her that she'd never been more beautiful than that very night.

Hope smiled sadly and sighed. Liam missed her smile. All he'd ever wanted was to make her smile. He said that if ending their marriage was the only way to get her out from under all her pain, he'd do it. Sobbing, he said he'd do anything to make her happy again.

Over dinner, Hope complimented the chef. Liam said that if he'd had more time, he would have ordered some of the various cheeses they'd had in a little shop in Italy. Flashbacks of Liam and Hope's trip to Italy played on the screen, and Liam and Hope discussed how magical their wedding, the most beautiful moment of their life, had been.

Liam recalled that they'd put a lock on the bridge, and he wondered if it was still there. "I hope so, because it's still true," Hope replied. She affirmed that he'd always be the love of her life. She'd thought that when they'd remarried, it would be for the last time. Hope had known that there would be challenges, but "what we've been through...losing Beth..."

Hope had promised herself that she wouldn't be sad that night. She felt blessed to have shared time with him, and she thought she was the luckiest girl in the world to have loved him and been loved by him. She'd wanted their life together and their family. She'd wanted Beth.

At Forrester, Zoe and Xander's conversation moved from the CEO's office to the design office, and Xander continued to demand that Zoe tell him what was going on and why she'd said that Beth was alive. Zoe wanted him to forget that he'd heard anything, but he refused to be put off again as she'd done to him for weeks. He insisted upon knowing why she'd said that Beth was alive. Zoe admitted that it was because it was true, and Beth was alive.

Xander was in disbelief. Crying, Zoe said she couldn't lie to him, and it was true. He thought she was talking crazy. She explained that her father, desperate to escape the threats of some goons who'd held his gambling debts, had done the worst thing he'd ever done in his life. Xander asked what Reese had done.

Still crying, Zoe said Reese had told Liam and Hope that Beth hadn't made it through delivery. "But she was fine, Xander. She was fine," Zoe revealed. Xander asked why her father, a doctor, would tell a lie like that. She repeated that it had been because of the gambling debts, and she went into detail about the way the men had threatened to harm her and had sent her father photos of her. Xander asked what had happened to the baby and where the baby was.

Zoe started to explain that she'd tried to get Reese to confess, but Xander interrupted, fearing that Reese had sold Beth to pay his debt. Zoe claimed not to know. "He sold Hope's baby to criminals?" Xander asked. Zoe assured him that he didn't have to worry about the baby, who was safe in a new home with good people right there in Los Angeles.

Zoe revealed that Beth had been adopted into a loving home. Xander asked if Zoe knew who'd adopted Beth. Confirming that she did, she said that he did, too, and would understand why she'd had to keep it quiet.

Zoe said her father had left town, and the adoption had already been finalized by the time she'd learned about it. She believed that innocent lives would have been ruined if the truth had been uncovered. "She didn't know," Zoe stated. Xander asked to whom Zoe was referring.

Continuing to speak, Zoe explained that the adoption had appeared legitimate to the new parent. Xander asked who the parent was, and Zoe stated that Beth was with Steffy. "Steffy? Stef -- Steffy Forrester?" Xander asked. Zoe replied that Steffy was raising Hope's child.

"Phoebe is actually Beth? Hope needs to know!" Xander exclaimed. He didn't know how Zoe could have kept such a secret. He asserted that they had to tell Hope that her baby was alive.

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