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Hope spread intrigue about the new woman in Deacon's life. Steffy and Hope bickered about Douglas, while Brooke and Taylor squirted paint all over each other. Thomas told Hope that she was the only woman for him. Sheila received hope for a chance with Finn.
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Brooke and Taylor got into a paint fight. Thomas told Hope she was the only woman for him. Sheila received hope for a chance with Finn.
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Deacon orders Sheila to get out, but she refuses to go

Deacon orders Sheila to get out, but she refuses to go

Monday, August 29, 2022

At Deacon's place above Il Giardino, Hope said she could have sworn she'd met Deacon's new lady friend before. Assuring her that he hadn't, he said it was late, and Lina had to get going. Hope was sorry they didn't have more time for her to figure out where she'd seen Lina before.

In a southern accent behind her mask, Sheila said Hope was making her daddy antsy. Hope realized she had intruded on Lina and Deacon's evening. Taking a rain check as she headed to the door, Hope said it had been nice to meet Lina. Once Hope had gone, Deacon locked the door and told Sheila that if she wanted to stay there, she'd better stay away from his kid.

Sheila tried to get Deacon to relax, but he was upset that Hope had seen Sheila. Sheila said it was his fault for not telling her Hope would be there. Deacon indicated that he hadn't known until Liam had told him. Sheila said Deacon was overreacting, but he stated that seeing her with Hope had him reconsidering things. Upset, Sheila said she would never hurt his daughter.

"Just like you didn't hurt your own kid?" Deacon asked. Sheila called him mean, and he assured her that he'd get meaner. He ordered her to pack up and get out because the roommate thing was not working out. He insisted that it was too dangerous, and he didn't know why he'd ever listened to Sheila. "I was dealing with it!" Sheila yelled.

Knowing how Sheila "deals with things," Deacon said it was why he'd rushed up there at Liam's call. Sheila told him to get a grip, but he asked about the chance Hope had recognized Sheila. Sheila ordered Deacon to pull himself together because the panicky thing didn't do it for her.

Sheila told Deacon he'd made things worse by chasing Hope out of there, and Sheila suggested he lock the door the next time he left. "Sheila, you gotta go!" he unequivocally yelled. Sheila contended that she and Deacon had done more than talk the other night, and he hadn't had a clue that it had been Sheila. Deacon wondered who knew how many drinks he'd had that night.

Sheila figured Deacon should be glad Hope hadn't recognized Sheila because it meant that no one else would, either. Deacon asked if Sheila thought it was a game. Sheila explained that she knew very well that she had to be in hiding for the rest of her life or spend it in prison. She felt that her life was on the line and said that, like it or not, they were in it together.

At Brooke's house, Liam ended a call with Douglas. Liam said he had thought Douglas had called to reconsider spending another night at Eric's, but Douglas had merely wanted to tell Liam a joke Eric had taught him. Shrugging, Liam said it sounded as if Douglas was having fun.

"Of course, he's having fun. He's with his dad," Ridge chimed in. Brooke frowned, and Liam wondered if he should wait for Hope at the cabin. Ridge said he hoped that Hope and Deacon hadn't caught up with each other. Admonishing Ridge, Brooke replied that Hope wanted Deacon around, even if Ridge didn't. Ridge claimed it wasn't about him; it was about Deacon hurting Hope once his bad habits resurfaced.

Brooke said she intended to respect Ridge's feelings, but she wouldn't let anyone stand in the way of her daughter's relationship with Deacon. She said Hope trusted Deacon, and she trusted Hope. Bringing up the night Brooke had spent with Deacon, Ridge insisted that Sheila had used Deacon as a weapon to get to Brooke because Sheila had known the damage it would cause.

Hope arrived, and Liam said she'd heard Douglas would stay another night with Eric. Liam guessed Beth would soon be home. Liam asked if she'd seen Deacon and if he'd been acting a little squirrely. Hope wondered why Liam would ask that. Brooke stated that Ridge had gone to see Deacon, and Ridge added that Deacon had run off, probably to see Hope.

Figuring it explained things, Hope said she'd been wondering why she hadn't heard from her father, but she'd found out that there was a new woman in Deacon's life. Brooke was surprised to hear that a woman had been at Deacon's house when Hope had arrived and that Deacon had never mentioned it. Hope figured that it was because it was new, and her father had seemed kind of nervous around the woman. "Nervous?" Ridge asked.

Hope deduced that it had been awkward because they hadn't expected her to be there. Hope said the woman's name was Lina, and Hope had a strange sense that she'd met Lina before. Hope figured it might be a friendship between Deacon and Lina, or it could be more. She admitted that she just didn't know why Deacon hadn't told her about it.

Ridge gleaned that Deacon was keeping the woman secret. Shrugging, Hope replied that Deacon had said he'd known Lina for a while. Hope said she hadn't had a chance to talk to Lina because it had been the wrong time for Hope to visit Deacon. Ridge asked what kind of a crazy woman would want to be with Deacon.

At Forrester, Zende and Quinn met to pair jewelry to his designs. She declared that she loved the fantasy aspect of his designs, and she felt he'd grown as a designer. Zende replied that her talent shined, as well. Carter arrived, unable to agree more. Carter said that when he thought of beauty, he thought of Quinn.

Zende said it was good to see Quinn and Carter happy. Quinn replied that the road had been filled with twists and turns, but it had led her to Carter. Zende left, and Quinn and Carter kissed.

Later, Carter closed the office door after someone had set up a romantic dinner for two at the conference table. Carter had ordered the meal to surprise Quinn. She said he always surprised her, and the biggest surprise was that a woman like her could be lucky enough to fall in love with an incredible man like Carter. Again, the two kissed.

After dinner, Quinn said there had been a time when she would have balked at all of Carter's attention, and in the past, she would have been unable to admit that she liked it, needed it, or was worthy of it. She would have balked at him if he'd told her that she was worthy.

Carter replied that Quinn's self-awareness was sexy, brave, and beautiful. He said her openness had attracted him to her. He believed that Quinn could see deeply into things, finding beauty in an unpolished rock or piece of metal. When he was with Quinn, he said he saw deeply, too. He claimed he could see an entire future in her eyes. Quinn hoped he wouldn't compare himself to an unpolished stone because, in her view, he was chiseled to perfection.

Brooke and Taylor have a colorful disagreement over Douglas

Brooke and Taylor have a colorful disagreement over Douglas

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

At the cliff house, Finn returned inside from surfing. Steffy still couldn't believe he was there. He said he was almost back to where he'd been. For him, the center of his whole world was their family, and he promised he wasn't going anywhere but to work later.

Steffy looked forward to going to work and hearing about Thomas and Douglas. Finn asked how Hope felt about the changes Thomas wanted to make. Steffy said that if Hope cared about Douglas, she'd be grateful and understand that it was time for Douglas to be with Thomas.

Later, Finn and Steffy had dressed for work. They thought about how their lives had changed since that day in Monaco and agreed it was a day they'd never forget.

At Brooke's house, Brooke asked why Hope couldn't pick up Douglas herself. Hope said she hadn't wanted to make a scene, and she'd heard how excited Douglas had been. Hope said she wanted the child to have sleepovers with Thomas. Brooke replied that Thomas wanted Douglas to live with him full-time, and Taylor wanted the little boy taken away from Hope.

At Eric's house, Douglas painted at a table by the front door. Taylor arrived and complimented Douglas' work. She asked if she could have one of Douglas' paintings. The one she selected was reserved for his mother, but he offered to make another for Taylor.

Thomas handed Douglas the phone, saying it was time to call his mother, who was probably worrying about him. As Douglas called Hope, Eric warned Thomas not to clean up the art supplies because Eric wanted to join Douglas once Eric returned.

During his phone call, Douglas told Hope how much fun he was having biking, swimming, and painting. Hope was glad to hear it and asked if she could talk to Thomas. Once Thomas was on the line, Hope said Douglas seemed to be having fun. She was happy to hear it, but she thought it was time for Douglas to go home.

Thomas remarked that Douglas was at home at the Forrester home, where his father lived. Hope got that, but she said Thomas had had Douglas longer than they'd agreed to. Thomas stated that he knew Hope missed Douglas, but Thomas and Douglas needed the time together. Before Hope could say more, Thomas said he'd be in touch, and he ended the call.

Later, Thomas and Douglas left to get some more art supplies, and Taylor decided to hang out at the house to take a conference call.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke asked when Douglas would be home, but Hope stammered that she didn't know. Upset, Brooke said that was no way to co-parent, and it proved that Thomas didn't have Douglas' best interests at heart. Hope asked if she was supposed to go to court. Hope didn't want to put Douglas through it. Grabbing her purse, Brooke said she hoped it wouldn't get down to that. Brooke decided to go to Eric's to find out "what the hell" was going on.

When Brooke arrived at Eric's house later, she wasn't surprised to see Taylor, the ringleader behind the plot to take Douglas away from Hope. Taylor guessed everyone had a villain in their stories. Brooke asked where Douglas was and if Thomas was taking Douglas home. Taylor reported that he was at the art store, but she said it wasn't her call to make about when he'd go back to Hope. Taylor was sure Hope and Thomas would work it out.

Brooke stated that Hope had made it clear that Douglas would be gone for one night only and had been generous to let Thomas keep Douglas longer. Taylor noted that Brooke thought Hope could dictate when Taylor's son saw his son. Brooke scoffed, and Taylor said she felt the same way. Taylor began to say something about her grandson; however, Brooke said Douglas was her grandson, too, and Brooke thought Taylor should understand that Brooke wouldn't allow Thomas to take Douglas away from Hope.

Taylor replied that Douglas was a Forrester, and being with his only remaining biological parent wasn't "taking him away"; it was bringing him home to his family. Taylor asserted that Thomas was ready to take on a bigger role with Douglas, but Brooke noted that it hadn't been that long back that Thomas had been highly unstable.

Taylor asked Brooke not to do that after Thomas had worked so hard. Brooke replied that it was the truth, and Taylor, the psychiatrist, should know better than anyone what Thomas had gone through. Taylor said Thomas had gone through a crisis and shouldn't be punished for the rest of his life or made to feel as if he couldn't take care of his son.

Brooke asked if Hope should be made to feel that way after she'd been the one parent who hadn't used Douglas, manipulated him, or treated him badly. Brooke said that she'd think Taylor should be happy about the way Hope had cared for Douglas, but Brooke figured that it wasn't the case because Taylor wanted to create a conflict between Ridge and Brooke.

Taylor claimed she'd never use Douglas to try to manipulate a situation with Ridge like Brooke had done. Brooke said that Taylor was transparent. Taylor replied that she wouldn't let Brooke and Hope get between Thomas and the life he was building. Brooke refused to let Taylor use Douglas so that she could make a play for Ridge.

Taylor tried to push by Brooke to get to the front door. Brooke blocked the path, and Taylor hit a can of paint, knocking it all over Brooke. Taylor laughed, and Brooke snarled, swiping up a paint brush and branding Taylor with an "X" across her shirt.

A paint fight ensued, with the women squirting paint all over each other. "Okay!" Taylor finally relented. Laughing, she said she hadn't been expecting "this." Brooke replied that she hadn't, either, just like she hadn't expected Taylor to try to steal Brooke's husband away once again.

At Forrester, Hope arrived in the CEO's office to see Ridge, but he was in a meeting downtown. Steffy asked if Hope wanted to talk about the HFTF deadline, but Hope said she'd wanted to talk to Ridge about the situation. Assuming it was about Douglas, Steffy said that Douglas being with his father wasn't a "situation"; it was life, and a normal father/son relationship.

Hope said she supported that, but the "situation" was Thomas wanting to change Douglas' home. Steffy noted that Thomas was Douglas' father. Hope countered that she was his adoptive mother, and she and Thomas shared custody. Steffy asked how much sharing had been going on, but she was sure things were about to change.

Hope asked why Steffy acted as if there was a wrong that needed to be righted. Steffy said that Thomas not having access to his son was wrong. Hope wondered who'd said he didn't have it. She asserted that Thomas knew that she fully supported him spending as much time with Douglas as he wanted to. Steffy countered that it was only on Hope's terms.

Steffy stated that she was grateful that Hope had cared for Douglas. Hope snapped that she hadn't cared for him like some nanny -- she was raising him. She asked if Steffy needed a reminder of why Hope had adopted Douglas. Steffy stated that Thomas had changed. Hope wanted to believe that and said they'd been doing well co-parenting.

"But the way he's been acting lately -- " Hope stated. Steffy interjected that he was acting like an involved father, but Hope replied that he wasn't respecting the agreement they'd put into place. Steffy asserted that Douglas was a Forrester, not a Logan. Hope asked why Steffy had to make everything "Forrester versus Logan." Steffy wondered if Hope had to ask.

Hope said she'd love to know why. Steffy blamed it on Brooke, who constantly threw herself at Ridge and married every man in the Forrester family. Steffy said Hope would have animosity about that, too, if it was her family, so it would always be Forresters versus Logans.

Hope questions if Thomas is truly thinking of Douglas' needs

Hope questions if Thomas is truly thinking of Douglas' needs

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

At the Forrester mansion, a paint-covered Brooke asked Taylor if she was proud of herself. Taylor rolled her eyes in disbelief as she listened to Brooke's assertion that Taylor was the cause of the paint war. Taylor noted that Brooke had been an equal participant. Declaring that she had "missed a spot," Brooke grabbed a bottle of green paint and splattered it on Taylor's neck. When Brooke was done, Taylor said that Brooke looked cold and could probably "use another coat." With that, Taylor grabbed yellow paint and doused Brooke's hair with it.

As the paint flew, Ridge returned home and looked on disappointedly at the women. Taylor claimed that while she'd been trying to leave, she had gotten some paint on Brooke. Brooke poked fun at the "animated" way that Taylor talked. "This is unbelievable," Ridge shouted. He asked what they would have done if Douglas had returned and seen them. Brooke and Taylor both apologized. Taylor, however, stated that their argument had not been about Douglas... it had been about him.

Taylor said that Brooke had accused her of using Douglas as a way to sidle up to Ridge. Brooke disagreed with Taylor's explanation. As they started to squabble, Ridge once again scolded the women for their behavior. Brooke commented that Taylor would eventually come to thank her one day "for finding the color that suits [Taylor's] personality -- green with envy." Taylor wondered what color represented "delusional" as she reached for the orange paint.

Ridge ordered the women to stop and to wash up. Taylor headed upstairs, but Brooke lingered in the living room with a suggestion that Ridge join her in the shower. She wrapped her arms around Ridge, slathered paint all over his new suit as Taylor watched from the staircase.

At the cabin, Bill told Liam that Thomas could not be permitted to have sole custody of Douglas "under any circumstances." Bill remarked that the stable living environment that Liam and Hope had provided was the only home Douglas had ever known. Allowing Thomas to have custody of Douglas would, according to Bill, be akin to moving Douglas to "Crazy Town."

Liam didn't disagree with his dad's assertions. Liam wondered why Thomas, who he said had "complete access" to Douglas, would suddenly want to change the status quo. Bill admitted that because he had missed out on being a part of Liam and Wyatt's lives when they'd been young, a small part of him understood "Thomas wanting to be with his kid."

Bill wondered if the dispute over Douglas' living arrangements would lead to a courtroom. If it did, Bill noted that "all the wacky things" that Thomas had done in the past would work in Hope and Liam's favor.

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy bickered over the "Logan versus Forrester" feud. Hope asserted that Douglas had become a victim in the ongoing war between the families. Hope said that she saw no reason for Douglas' life to be uprooted. "Thomas is Douglas' blood," Steffy fired back. Hope countered that she was Douglas' mother.

The conversation ground to a halt when Thomas entered the office. Thomas didn't need to ask what Steffy and Hope had been talking about. Thomas asked if he could speak to Hope privately. "This doesn't have to be a bad thing. The only thing that really changes is Douglas' address," Steffy said before leaving.

Once Steffy had left, Hope questioned if Thomas was putting his own wants and needs ahead of Douglas'. "I actually think it's the opposite," Thomas replied. Hope reminded Thomas that it had been his idea for her to become Douglas' mother. "He is so lucky to have you," Thomas responded. Hope said that she would never want to interfere in Thomas' relationship with Douglas, provided that Thomas was in a "good, happy, healthy place."

Thomas asked Hope to give him a chance to prove himself. Hope understood why Thomas wanted to spend as much time with Douglas as possible. She countered that Douglas didn't have to move in order for Thomas to do that. Thomas said that Douglas was having fun "learning about his birthright" at Eric's house.

Thomas praised Hope's influence on Douglas. "You gave Douglas unconditional love when he needed it. You gave him a blanket of security when he longed for it," Thomas said. Thomas insisted Douglas was his number one priority. He implied that "deep down," Hope knew that letting Douglas live with him was the right thing to do.

Hope checks up on Douglas and Thomas

Hope checks up on Douglas and Thomas

Thursday, September 1, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke was surprised to learn that Douglas was spending another night at Eric's house. Hope said Douglas was having a great time, and she was trying to be supportive of Thomas and Douglas spending time together. Liam quipped that quality time together wasn't really the concern. Brooke suspected that Thomas didn't plan to ever return Douglas to Hope.

Brooke believed it was time for Douglas to return home. Agreeing, Hope said she and Thomas had talked about it, and Thomas had asked her to give him the benefit of the doubt. Brooke felt that Hope had been doing that for years. While Hope believed that Thomas had changed, Brooke felt that Thomas was "trying" to change and wasn't changed enough to have primary custody of Douglas.

Hope said that she didn't want to start a nasty custody battle. "That you'll win," Liam murmured. Hope replied that they didn't know that, and she didn't want to put Douglas through it. Brooke stated that Thomas wanting Douglas was about Thomas, not about Douglas. Hope said she intended to pay Thomas and Douglas a surprise visit to find out.

Later, Liam and Brooke were alone, and she asked how he was handling things. Liam replied that he didn't want to push too hard, but he didn't trust Thomas. Liam said that Hope had an amazing ability to forgive and see the good in people. But Liam didn't want Thomas to manipulate Hope into letting him keep Douglas full-time. Brooke agreed that they couldn't let that happen. Brooke said she feared for Douglas if he were to be taken from the home Hope and Liam had created.

Liam admitted that he still hated the thought of Thomas and Hope alone together. Brooke gleaned that Liam believed that Thomas was still obsessed with Hope. Liam tapped his nose, but he said he did want Hope to go to Eric's and see with her own eyes what the deal was with Thomas and Douglas.

At Eric's house, Douglas apologized for not making Taylor a painting. He said all of his paints had disappeared while he'd been gone. He guessed that one of the housekeepers had tossed them out. The adults let him believe that, and Taylor promised to buy him all new supplies.

Eric thought Douglas was a great artist -- definitely a Forrester. Douglas thanked Eric for letting him stay at the house, adding that he was enjoying it and having the best time with his dad. Eric stated that, as long as it was okay with his mom and dad, Douglas could stay as long as he wanted.

Douglas wanted to paint right then, but Thomas sent him to do his reading first. After Douglas had gone, Eric remarked that Douglas reminded him of Thomas. Thomas felt as if he'd lost a lot of time, and he didn't want to be apart from his son for another day. Thomas knew that in the past, he hadn't been fit to raise Douglas, but he believed he'd become the father Douglas deserved. Thomas was adamant that he wouldn't push for it otherwise.

Eric said that Thomas could be in for a long, difficult custody battle. Thomas hoped it didn't wind up like that. Thomas believed he could convince Hope that Douglas belonged with Thomas.

Later, Taylor and Thomas were alone when Hope arrived. Taylor left them alone to talk, and Hope said she'd decided to take Thomas up on his offer to see what it was like for Douglas at Eric's house. Thomas thanked Hope for trying and for giving him and Douglas a chance.

Douglas rushed out to tell Thomas what he'd learned while reading. When Douglas saw Hope, he hugged her and expressed that he missed her, Beth, and Liam. Douglas said he was having a lot of fun and thanked Hope for letting him stay at Eric's house.

At Deacon's place, Deacon teased Sheila, calling her "Stumble-dore." She asked if it was wise to tease someone willing to cut off her own toe. Deacon thought that it was disturbing the lengths Sheila would go to in order to get what she wanted.

Changing the topic to Finn, Sheila said she couldn't go to prison because she'd already missed too much of Finn's life. Deacon advised Sheila not to even think about trying to see Finn. She reminded Deacon of her disguise, but Deacon pointed out that Hope had found the mask-wearing Sheila "familiar." Plugging in his phone, he advised Sheila not to do anything to land them in prison.

Sheila assured Deacon that she hadn't cut off her own toe to only to land herself back in prison. Sheila bragged about how he and Hope had fallen for the mask.

Deacon said he understood that Sheila needed to see Finn again, but Deacon insisted that it was too dangerous. He warned her not to do anything risky. Deacon left, and Sheila noticed that he'd left his phone charging. She took it outside and tried to get his attention, to no avail. She went back into the apartment and changed into her mask.

At Il Giardino, Li and Finn were discussing how glad they were that they'd survived Sheila. Li was surprised he'd chosen to have lunch there, but Finn joked that he couldn't get the restaurant's ravioli anywhere else. Finn refused to let what had happened with Sheila define him. Li was gleeful that Finn was healthy and happy. Finn, in turn, called his mother a miracle worker.

Li figured Finn had "complicated" feelings about Sheila's death. Finn replied that he wished things had been different and that Sheila had been different. Instead, Finn said that Sheila brought nothing but "darkness" to his life by trying to kill Li, Steffy, and him. Li rejoiced that Sheila's death meant they were finally free. Li moved to change the topic because she didn't want to spend all their time talking about Sheila.

Finn revealed that he'd been talking to Taylor, who'd advised him that it was good to find the silver lining in traumatic events. He stated that he'd saved Steffy's life, and they were back together. It had deepened their love -- just like Li risking her own life to save him had deepened their mother-son bond.

Later, Finn was alone when he encountered Deacon. Finn readily hugged Deacon and thanked him for the life-saving help in the alley. As Finn and Deacon talked about how Finn's family was doing, Deacon saw Sheila near the bar, waving his phone. Deacon's smile dropped, and Finn turned to see what Deacon was looking at.

Thomas expresses his true feelings to Hope

Thomas expresses his true feelings to Hope

Friday, September 2, 2022

At Il Giardino, Finn chatted with Deacon, but Deacon was distracted by "Lina," who stood by the bar, waving his cell phone in the air. Pretending he needed to check on something for work, Deacon ambled to the sidebar and mouthed to Sheila to leave right then.

Finn sat at his table, and his eyes locked with "Lina." Finn seemed unnerved. Deacon arrived with water and offered Finn a free beer. They were interrupted when Bill arrived. He gave Finn a hearty hug. Deacon glared at Sheila, mouthing at her to leave.

Sheila watched intently as Bill sat at a table with Finn. Finn thanked Bill again for all he'd done to help Finn's family. Bill asked what Finn was doing alone and hoped he wasn't hanging out with "this bozo." Deacon grimaced, and Bill asked if Deacon had dishes to scrub. Bill ordered a scotch and told Deacon not to spit in it. "I hadn't thought of that," Deacon said, walking off.

Finn explained that he and Li had had lunch there earlier. Bill asked how Li was, and Finn said she was great due to Bill rescuing her. Bill didn't want Finn to keep thanking him. After all, Steffy was his granddaughter's mother, and they'd been Sheila's victims.

After telling Paul to charge drinks to Deacon's account, Deacon took Bill and Finn drinks and said they were on the house. Bill asked what the catch was. Deacon left, and Bill expressed surprise that Finn was at Il Giardino. Finn remarked that driving there had been chilling, but he wouldn't let Sheila dictate his life. Bill felt that the bear had done them a favor, ripping Sheila apart like the animal that she'd been.

Finn saw it as a brutal way to go, and Bill remarked that payback was "a bitch." Finn didn't know why Sheila had done the things she'd done. Bill called her a certifiable maniac, and Finn stated that she'd definitely had issues. "But she is the woman who'd given birth to me. I wouldn't be here without Sheila Carter," Finn recognized. Sheila gazed at Deacon.

In Deacon's loft later, Deacon berated Sheila for going down to the bar. Sheila said she hadn't expected to run into anyone she knew, let alone her son. She felt it had been a blessing to see Finn and hear what he'd said. She was convinced that Finn missed her and still loved her. She could sense that he was sad that she'd "died." Sheila was floored that Finn still cared.

Deacon said it was the last time Sheila would see Finn, but Sheila insisted that everything had changed. There was no way she'd leave the city, not after she'd learned that she had a chance with her son.

At Brooke's house, Liam and Brooke were worried about Hope and doubted Thomas deserved Hope's faith. They believed Thomas was trying to convince Hope of his parenting skills, but Liam didn't think Thomas was doing it for the right reasons. Liam had once thought Thomas had changed, but Liam was no longer so sure. He wondered if he should have gone with Hope.

Brooke doubted that Liam had been invited. Liam believed that Hope could handle herself, but Liam figured that Thomas would exploit Hope's desire to do anything for Douglas. Brooke didn't believe there was any way Thomas would convince Hope to let Douglas live at Eric's house.

Brooke said she hated to be that way about Thomas. Liam remarked that it wasn't like she didn't have a reason to be. She said that Taylor thought Thomas was a perfect saint. Because everyone had said Thomas had changed, Brooke was trying to let go of the past and see him in a different light. Recalling that Thomas had been obsessed with Hope, Liam said it had made Thomas unstable around Douglas. Liam was also struggling with Thomas' behavior in the present.

Brooke said she felt as if they were going backwards. Liam figured he'd always have his guard up, and he said that in a perfect world, he'd want Hope to never interact with Thomas. Liam knew that it was impossible because Hope and Thomas were Douglas' parents.

Brooke said it blew her mind that Thomas hadn't even been capable of or focused on parenting, but suddenly, it was all he wanted to do. Brooke hoped it wasn't a ploy or game, but she stated that even if Thomas was on the up and up, he still shouldn't have Douglas full-time. Liam didn't know why Thomas was doing it to Hope, Douglas' adoptive mother. Brooke asserted that "this" was Douglas' home with Hope, Liam, and Beth.

At the cabin later, Liam paced, waiting for Hope to message him back. He flashed back to telling Hope that Beth was alive and to battling Thomas on the Forrester rooftop. "Don't let him get inside your head," Liam uttered, looking at a photo of Hope.

At Eric's house, Douglas and Thomas played "I Spy" with Hope. Douglas was glad Hope was visiting. Hugging Thomas, Douglas said he loved spending time with his dad. Douglas went on about how great his dad and Eric were. Douglas said Thomas had even made pancakes, but they hadn't been as good as Hope's. Thomas said he'd enjoyed having his son to himself.

Douglas said he wished he could see Thomas every day.

Hope asked Douglas how he felt about school. Douglas said he couldn't wait to tell his friends that he and his dad had gone camping. Hope looked puzzled. Thomas explained that after camping for 45 minutes on the grounds, he and Douglas had realized that their beds were inside.

Hope asserted her certainty that Douglas would have a good school year. Thomas promised to be there to help with homework or talk about girls. Douglas thanked Hope for letting him spend so much time with Thomas, whom he missed when they weren't together. Thomas hoped they'd get to spend more time together soon, and the two hugged.

Later, Thomas and Hope were alone together. Thomas said he hadn't coached Douglas on what to say to Hope. She replied that she knew. He stated that he'd vowed to be a better man and a father Douglas could be proud of. Thomas believed he'd straightened himself out. He hoped that Hope believed it, too.

Hope admitted that she could see that Thomas had changed. Thomas said it was why he needed to show Douglas, but Hope had had Douglas for "so long." Hope questioned Thomas' phrasing, saying she hadn't just had Douglas -- she was his mother. Agreeing, Thomas said Douglas needed his mother and his father. She stated that Douglas was having a good time, but it was because it was new, exciting, and different; however, it wasn't Douglas' home, where he had a sister who missed him. Hope didn't know why Thomas would take that from Douglas or her.

Thomas claimed to want the best for Douglas, and the ideal thing was for him to live with "both of us." Thomas got that it was impossible because she was with Liam. "But unlike Liam, or my father, I'm a one-woman man. And that woman is you," Thomas revealed.

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