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Feisty, fiery Samantha Brady is back, and she's ready for a fight.

Watch out for those loaded fists - they'll get ya every time! LOL. Say what you want about EJ; but he gets some darn funny lines. I think that even Bo chuckled when EJ said that. (Bo noticed the purple bruises and ice pack on EJ's face and surmised that Steve had already visited him). Phew, EJ's had a busy week, hasn't he? He broke in to Bo/Hope's house with Phil to set up the 'secret' cameras; he had Kayla run off the road and then went to the hospital to threaten her; he made plans to marry Sami and also stalked/smooched her at every opportunity; he got called on to the carpet by Lucas for embezzling money and paid Will to hook up his cell phone to his television (so that he could spy on Bo and Hope more easily); and that's on top of the beating he took from Steve. I'm not even mentioning the countless phone calls, eavesdropping and meetings he's conducted along the way. When does the guy have time to sleep? How about just sitting around and vegging for an hour; does the guy ever relax? LOL

Well I asked for it, and I got it - feisty, fiery Samantha Brady is back and she's ready for a fight. This time her fight is with EJ and her big plan is to pretend that she loves EJ and not Lucas. Sigh...this story is slowly driving me crazy. Mostly because Lucas loves Sami SO MUCH and all he wants is the truth, which is something that Sami should tell him! Celeste and Nick both know that EJ raped Sami; isn't it about time that Lucas does as well? No, of course not. Silly me for even thinking that. So instead...Sami decided to go along with Celeste's idea to kill EJ. Hmmm...tell the truth or kill a guy? I'll take "Tell the Truth" for 1000 please Alex! Anyhow, Celeste came up with a perfectly dastardly plan to add a narcotic to Sami's lipstick (what? No poison ring?). Her idea is to render EJ unconscious; then she and Sami will douse the cabin in gasoline and have themselves a little barbecue. I guess that living with the DiMeras all those years finally paid off eh Celeste? Was it just me or was the scene of them talking hilarious? Celeste wanted Sami to say that EJ had to die "out loud" and then she says, "say it again Samantha, with conviction!". I snickered a bit here and wondered if the actresses did too, the intensity was a bit much, non? I'll tell you what though...I wouldn't want Celeste on my bad side. Nosirree! She's scary when she's mad! Oh well, any storyline that gives Tanya Boyd something to do other than spouting psychic ramblings, is okay by me. Oh and I caught a comment that Celeste made to Sami about John being in the hospital. I guess that answers my questions on John's whereabouts.

So it looks like we have quite the list of suspects building with motive to kill EJ. Sami, Celeste, Steve, Kayla, Lucas, Marlena, Abe, Bo - okay the last 3 may be a stretch but I think they all have motive. I don't have any special knowledge about what will happen next but I can't think of a juicier storyline that a good Whodunit Murder-Mystery, especially with a villain as despised in Salem as EJ Wells is. Having said that however; I can't see TPTB killing EJ off. He'll probably end up in a coma or something and we'll end up with a attempted-murder-mystery. That wouldn't be a bad thing though. What will be bad is if EJ figures out Sami and Celeste's plan ahead of time and manages to escape injury altogether. That may very well happen if Sami doesn't learn to put tape over her mouth or something. She told Lucas that EJ should be put in the 'ground'. Lucas said, "What, are you going to kill him?" Hello Sami! You're trying to keep 'secrets' from Lucas, remember?

I will admit that I'm torn about the Sami/EJ/Lucas triangle. Part of me is enjoying Sami's pretense with EJ and I find myself almost wishing that she would run off and marry him - just to see what would happen next. But then I remember that he's a murderer and a rapist and I'm brought back to reality. James Scott is such a fine actor that you get sucked right in to his suave-charming-guy persona. Plus, EJ and Sami have so much chemistry together that they could set the cabin on fire without gasoline! LOL. Regardless of the chemistry between Ejami (hee) - Sami and Lucas belong together - and I for one hope that they can overcome the "truth" and actually be together!

Steve acting crazy, barking like a dog and jumping around like a monkey made me smile. The scenes of Steve goading the other patients to hoot and holler, ordering pizza and giving his doctors/orderlies a hard time, were fairly entertaining. Those were the upsides of the storyline. The downside is the fact that the story is still dragging on and is no further along than it was 3 weeks ago. Most of the scenes feel like time-filler, especially the endless dialogue between Steve and Kayla "you have to leave me for your own good" "no, I'll never give up on you" ...y-y-y-awn...I admit that my FF button got a workout during a few of their scenes. Kayla was run off the road but she was not seriously injured - other than the ubiquitous bandage over her eye (everyone who gets into an accident ends up with a bandage over their eye, eh?). Again...time-filler. The only thing that really caught my interest was when Kayla was talking to Sami and she said that she was turning Steve in to the PD. Sami urged Kayla to let Steve kill EJ if that was his intent. Kayla explained why she felt she needed to report Steve's escape but she didn't once ask why Sami was so focused on the idea that EJ had to die. I think most people would have asked, "Why does it matter so much to you?" But she didn't. Well; given that 'all' Bradys pretty much hate EJ, maybe it didn't strike Kayla as an odd comment.

Philip and EJ; well...I think I'm in the minority here but I like "angry" Philip. It keeps the character interesting at least. I don't necessarily like him partnering with EJ though, it kind of feels like the little boy biting off more than he can chew. At least he made it clear that he didn't want Billie to be used or hurt. They agreed on this point and then moved on to the next step; installing Billie's new security/surveillance system in Bo and Hope's house so that they could find out where Shawn is. Everything was going according to plan until the painter called Bo to tell him of the two 'strange men'. Bo raced home but - naturally - before he could catch EJ & Phil red-handed, he received a call that Kayla had been in an accident and he went over to the hospital instead. However, in an amazing feat of rubbing 2 brain cells together to create a spark of reason, Bo did not forget the fact that strangers were in his house and he concluded that EJ had the house bugged. What a switch! It's about time that Bo started using his considerable detective skills again. He told Hope that they would stay at the pub until the house is 'clean'. Unfortunately - EJ saw/heard every word of this exchange so who wants to lay bets that he'll plant some decoys for the Techies to find when they sweep the house? Bo and Hope will think that the house is safe, they'll move back in and EJ will end up hearing something about Shawn. Sigh...it just gets so predictable at times. Or maybe it's just me?

Awww...wasn't Bo's apology to Chelsea sweet? And long overdue! Look at me - actually sticking-up the former demon-seed! Who would have thunk it? So, Bo convinced Chelsea to move in with him, Hope and Ciara. Chelsea is thrilled of course and began moving her boxes over to their house right away. Billie ain't too happy about the move (choosing the front of Bo and Hope's house to confront her about it) and Chelsea could care less. Not only that but she crushed her mom in one fell swoop by telling her that they would never have a mother-daughter relationship. That grudge that Chelsea is carrying must be re-e-e-ally heavy! I suppose she had a small point in saying that Billie isn't a good influence on her (ouch) but ever since the truth came out about Zack's death - Billie has worked hard to get Chelsea to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. That seems like a fairly good role model/influence to me. All right, yes, Billie did get drunk and sleep with Nick. But a) it's not like she got drunk in front of Chelsea, or allowed her to drink as well and b) Nick was NOT Chelsea's boyfriend at the time! Sheesh! When is Chelsea going to get over that? Not any time soon evidently. Oh, I'm positive that she'll end up changing her tune when the business about the brush comes to light and Bo kicks her out again, but - until that time - Billie is persona non-grata.

The only thing standing in the way of Chelsea's ultimate happiness is that damn brush. Don't ask me why Nick went to all the trouble of stealing the brush but then not tossing it away. He's hanging on to it because he's still having a crisis of conscience...should he admit what he's done and get Chelsea in trouble or toss the hairbrush for good? Personally, I don't see the dilemma in the situation. Nick has already done the deed; there really is no going back. What's he going to say, "Oops...I must have placed the 'very-important-evidence' in my backpack and plum forgot about it!" I don't think so. Just get rid of the darn thing and be done with it! The more I think about it...why hasn't it occurred to Nick that he could clean the brush and then put it back in the lab for DNA testing? Then all he has to tell the cops is that there was no recoverable evidence on the brush. Bingo-bango; done! Well...there I go, thinking 'all' logical and stuff again. : Anyhow, it's too bad that Chelsea and Nick's romance is all snaggled up in their mutual lies because I really like the couple together; their happiness is infectious and they always brings a smile to my face. I just hope that she doesn't dump him again when she finds out that he kept the incriminating brush. Everyone together now "THROW IT AWAY NICK"!

Shawn and Belle's storyline continues to be a snoozer...let's see; Snoring, I mean, Shawn and Boring, um Belle, have to make a fast exit from the island before they are caught like prize cattle and turned in for 250Gs. Yes, it seems that Phil has managed to land them on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list (if that isn't the laugh of the century, I don't know what is) and has posted a reward for their capture. Gabby offered them her boat so that they could go to Australia but now she's trying to hitch a ride along with them. Belle is not happy about that and has quickly reverted to her "I don't know what you want Shawn" insecure-shrill persona. She doesn't trust Gabby (frankly, neither do I) and she's working hard to convince Shawn of that fact. Which may take a while because Shawn is just a smidge dense. Gabby, on the other hand, continued to express a greater-than-average interest in Claire by offering to take her for walks and cooing endlessly about what a "great" kid she is. This is probably the only part of the story that interests me because it seems as if TPTB are building toward having Gabby kidnap Claire or something. But why? Did Gabby lose a child or has she decided to play insta-mommy because she thinks Claire is cute? Well...that about exhausted my interest in the issue...moving on...hmm...I sure wish DOOL would move on with this storyline as well.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column - so keep them coming!

From Jean W: "Pamela- Thank you for defying your sickbed to give us your comments. They are always enjoyed. I have just a few thoughts that I would like to share with you.
1.- If Celeste is such a wonderful psychic as she has told us all these years, why can't she 'picture' or conger up where her daughter and Tek are? Or at least if they are alive or not.
2.- How did Kate, during her hosting a bridal shower, manage to get 2 tickets, pack. and get to the airport and finally...to the wee little island so fast?
3.- What product does Duck and Gabby use to keep the rattan furniture looking like new, being out in the topical sun like it is?
4.-I personally do not care for the mamby-pamby wuss that Lucas has become. He is not the man he used to be before Sami and Kate beat him down...
5.- Shouldn't they at least 'call' Abe once in a while? Or Gran? Just mentioning a name is good.
Take Care. Jean"

From Jenny: "I have to agree with your column this week. I have to say what could have been a really good story of Shawn and Belle finding their way back to each other while trying to keep their daughter has turned pretty blah. There are moments that as a fan of their I love, but overall the story has lost steam. Gabby is nothing more than another female that wants Shawn for herself. How many times have we seen this story?"

From Carry W: " In regards to Mimi & Philip's surrogate, when Bonnie came home and Mimi asked her how she got money for bail, Bonnie said something about getting money from Victor. I'll bet she told Victor about Lauren the surrogate, and Victor probably paid Bonnie's bail, and probably Lauren as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the Shawn/Belle/Claire "on the run" storyline comes to an end by Victor handing Philip his newly born biological child! Philip will be so happy, he finally comes to his senses and stops acting like such a lunatic! (Just a theory). I find it VERY suspicious that Sami & Willow both got pregnant at the same time! Perhaps after the babies are born, EJ will kidnap Sami's baby & replace it with Willow's? Somehow, I think these two pregnancies are connected. Time will tell! Thanks again, Carrie"

From Scott: " My wife and I agree with you, the show has been almost unwatchable lately. Thank God for Tivo, we are sick to death of watching Sami and Lucas sucking face 15 minutes every show. One word about the Italy visit to find Stefano "who the hell puts their name on the door of their room?" Etched in glass no less. I thought that the show was supposed to be getting better with the new head writer?? Is he on vacation?? Everyone else seems to be: John, Marlena, Abe and others. There was a time when I thought this shows was getting it right with Stephanie, Max, Chelsea, Abby, Mimi, Shawn, Nick, and Philip. Younger actors with interesting characters. Then they wrote Steph out, Mimi out, replaced Shawn, Philip and now Abby. How much are long time viewers supposed to take?? (20+ years for us) Any word on Mascolo returning as Stefano?? Or is it not in the budget?? LOL!!! Stefano the hairy hand does not strike fear into anyone."

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