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by Tony
For the Week of September 10, 2007
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Shawn has decided to become a cop. Honestly, the boy seems to have trouble counting to twenty without taking his shoes off at times, but not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.

Welcome to the first week of our Two Scoops auditions, Soap Central fans. In our first column, Tony has offered up a column for your enjoyment. Please take some time to read over it and then drop us a line to let us know what you think, whether you'd like to read more from Tony every week -- or if you'd like to wait to read from someone else.

If you've ever had a flirtatious phone conversation with someone you love (or have budding feelings for), you'll understand the concept of knowing the person on the other end of the line is smiling without being told so. That feeling is like Days of our Lives since Hogan Sheffer took over because you can simply tell the actors are loving the fact they have more (dare I say better?) material to work with. The dialogue is less forced and repetitious, and they are obviously having a blast with it. Just seeing Roman strung out on a sedative a few weeks ago is enough to support that theory (Peter Reckell [Bo] could barely keep a straight face)! It's so nice to see the characters we love being portrayed with such passion again. The new-old DAYS since Sheffer's tenure has begun really pulls you into that hour a day we all love, crave, and missed. So without any further rambling ... on with the show (sorry, I've always wanted to say that)!

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (Hope and Shawn)
Although I see Hope's point as a concerned mother (and Kristian Alfonso portrayed that beautifully), I like the idea of Shawn doing something (I reiterate something) with his life, and being a cop makes sense. It's in his blood. Honestly, the boy seems to have trouble counting to twenty without taking his shoes off at times, but then again, not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up. And, really, who could argue that he'd probably fit right in with the Salem P.D., as their hindsight is always a little better then their instinct. It's a good step forward to redeeming his sometimes-dull character whose only concern is "who does Belle like more, me or Philip?" I have to say, I already have a Leslie Nielsen from The Naked Gun trilogy-type scenario rattling around in my head, so this should be interesting!

De-liver Us from Evil (Kayla, Lexie, and Benjy (sort of))
Who knew Kayla and Lexie were so close? They were a Cosmo away from bonding over Benjy's comatose body. So, after shaking up an antibiotic cocktail (as she called it), Kayla chatted with Lexie about the curse of the DiMera bloodline, Lexie's remorse for her actions, and Kayla's regret for not taking action and offing the Phoenix when she had the chance in Italy. In true Sweetness fashion, though, the kind, gentle look returned to her face, and she apologized for threatening Lexie's father's life, but Lexie admitted she had the same murderous thoughts. If they're eventually gearing up for a "Who Killed Stefano?" storyline, flashbacks of Kayla saying she could murder him will be in abundance because of all the times she's mentioned this over the last few months. Maybe we'll get to see Kayla pregnant in jail for a second time!

Tony, Can You Hear Me? (Stefano and Tony)
So ... after agreeing to help the Brady Bunch "off" his old man, Tony saunters into Stefano's room, and they have a good old-fashioned father and son heart-to-heart. The "olive branch" is eventually extended -- Stefano forgives him and wants him to take over the DiMera Empire someday. It wasn't entirely clear if Tony was playing his part well or he actually felt compassion for his "ailing" father. Given that he was "Gilligan'ed" on an island for twenty years by dear old dad's doing, I couldn't imagine the later. I have a feeling, however, Stefano is a little suspicious and playing along. I mean, these two have had more animosity for each other then Philip has dimples, so I can't imagine a quick "I'm sorry" is going to patch that up.

Aftershock (Lucas, Sami, and E.J.)
Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! For a man who is concerned about his wife and unborn children (oh yeah, and that Will kid they mention from time to time), he sure has been pushing her hard the last few weeks, and she isn't even in labor yet. Sure, I'd be concerned if my wife was hanging around a rich, handsome man with an accent (who could resist?), but it's starting to go from worry to obsession. He acts more like her father than Roman does! On Tuesday, he basically scolded her (again) and (again) accused her of having feelings for E.J. (who casually strolled into her hospital room shortly after to say hello). Like clockwork, Lucas tells him to leave, they share some witty banter before he goes, and Lucas gives Sami some scowling looks once E.J.'s gone. Hmm. Also like clockwork, E.J. peers around the corner and, as soon as the coast is clear (Lucas leaves to lend Kate a hand), he reenters Sami's room for a little round of "but, I know deep down you love me too." Of course, she denies this, but unlike before, her foundation seems a little rocked when she recalls kissing E.J. while giving him CPR after he was shocked in the steam room. I think not only are the fans and Lucas onto this, but Sami is starting to sense her underlying feelings as well, which is making the newly entitled "Mrs. Roberts" more than a little nervous. And let's face it, when Sami feels threatened, her claws tend to come out. Like her counterpart, Colleen, the halo can only stay on so long before a little devilment comes out (or, in Sami's case, returns).

No Love in an Elevator (Lucas, Kate, and Roman)
Kate almost took the plunge -- literally! While Lucas is badgering Sami with his latest bout of parental-like ultimatums regarding E.J., Kate calls him with the news that Andre tried to kill her. Like a good son, he showed up to the Brady Pub a few minutes later and tried to convince her that, amongst other things, she should seek refuge with him and Sami! Now that would be a sleepover worth slipping on some pajamas for! Kate refused, prompting Lucas to sneak off and call Roman. In a show of tenderness, "The Commish" offered Kate a place to stay -- at his house. Lucas had an interesting smirk on his face as he sat and watched as the former spouses exchanged admiration and fluttery eyes. I think Roman and Kate, Part II, might be in the making, as she agreed to stay and he handed her a key. I guess if it wasn't for ex-wives, poor Roman would never have a love life!

Extra Scoops

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Good: I know I'll get some heat for this, but not seeing John and Marlena make out like teens for an entire week has been refreshing! Granted, I hope I still have an active love life when I'm in my pretend 50s, but they need to cool the jets on the Black Bird a little more often and pay attention to their messed-up family.

The Bad: I love what the writers are doing for the most part, but let's not re-write history -- again! We're seeing Young Shawn (a.k.a Grandpa Shawn), but what about Young Eric (Colleen's other brother)? I can understand them not wanting to cast him, but they could at least mention he's playing with leprechauns or something.

The Ugly: Old news, but still stick icky -- poor Benjy and Benjy's liver.
Line of the Week: (E.J. to Sami after pointing out she's lost her feistiness) "... you have suddenly morphed into a modern day version of a Stepford Wife, and I may just have to join the Rotary Club and run for office."

The Milk Carton:
Miss some of your favorite Days characters? Yeah, me too! This section will highlight a person each week who needs the Salem P.D. to put out an A.P.B. for them.

Victor K., where have you been? With the Kiriakis bloodline flowing in a missing heir, you'd think he'd be front and center to help Philip find his son, but not so much. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Sheffer plans on doing a serial killer storyline, as Vic seems to score more screen time when he's supposedly "dead."

Next Time on Days ... (spoilers from the previews):
Nick tells Billie he doesn't think the children he is taking care of are actually China Lee's. Stephanie and (Uncle) Max discuss their kiss (again). Jett warns Chelsea that Jeremy is about to get busted. Finally, Sami screams at E.J. that she hates him, and it looks she kicks him out of her hospital bed!

Before I go ... A big round of applause to Alison Sweeney (Sami) on her September 4th premiere as the new host of NBC's The Biggest Loser. For more information, check out Soap Central's story.

So, friends and Days fans, that's "Two Scoops" for the week of September 3rd, and, as John Black would say, "that's a fact."

Reminder: To let us know what you thought of this week's audition, please drop us a line.

Tony S
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