How Marlena got her groove back

by Tony
For the Week of December 3, 2007
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If ANYONE deserves revenge, it's Marlena. It would take at least fifty pages to list all of the things that the DiMeras have done to her, and she's never retaliated...until now.

Did you see her? If you count the previous week (Friday), Marlena was shown for nearly four days in a row! Hallelujah! Deidre Hall is seriously out of the gates and gunning for that Emmy. I mean, her performance this week alone should be "and the award should go to ..." Hall flexed her acting muscles more times then E.J. calls Sami "sweetie," and "darling." It's nice to see you again, Doc! I hope it's not another month until the next time you show up.

But, I have to say, this was another gold star week in Salem and some of that has to do with the behind the scenes gang. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but they seem to be taking some more chances with camera angles and lighting lately. It's been very interesting. One time they came back from a commercial and Dumb-Belle was standing at the window and I thought, "wow, this looks like top notch movie lighting." Then again, I have an odd way of seeing random, dare say, arbitrary, things. Ok, enough about that, lets talk about Days!

Black In Black (Marlena)

So ... Doc put on the black attire and took a shot at old Elvis! The plot thickens. I have to say, I'm pleased with this turn of events. It really makes for good drama! Gold star for the writers and how often do you hear that from me!? Also, a pat on the back to Bo and Hope for figuring things out so quickly and acting on their instincts. These two, I tell you, they make me remember why I watch Days.

Now, I don't condone violence, but if ANYONE deserves to get some revenge its Marlena. This column would be an easy fifty pages if I listed all of the things the DiMeras have done to this poor woman and she's never really retaliated - until now. And she's not even sorry, you go Dr. Evans! Hippocratic Oath, blah! First do no harm, yack, yack, yack! Vigilantly justice, now we're talking! Sweet!

Like I said, I love this twist for several reasons. First, and foremost, Marlena gets screen time as well as a meaty plot for Deidre to sink her more then capable acting chops into. Second, this entire storyline has succeeded in integrating so many different characters from each generation where other ones have failed miserably. Third, we get to see Doc as the strong woman she is and not the kidnapped, suffering victim they always make her out to be. Finally, and most importantly, John's death is finally getting avenged. Not many of use were happy with it to begin with, so at least this way it wasn't all in vain.

Down With The Ship (Kate)

Kate. KATE. KATE! Wake up, honey, you're ex-husband is trying to get you off the hook so please work with him! She made her bed, yet he is desperately trying to straighten up the corners and she keeps tugging the blankets in the opposite direction.

Judging from the look on her face when she overheard the officer telling Roman about Marlena's gun, you can tell she's now a little worried about which ex he's going to be more eager to help out. I don't think Roman will pick you over Marlena, sorry. Whoops, she should have listened when she had the chance. But, at least, she's making sure she's not going down alone. Paging Philip, you're on for accessory to murder in five!

Anna Get Your Gun? (The Third Suspect)

Just a random thought - maybe being married to Roman makes you want to kill someone. This might be plausible now that two of his ex-wives are now attempted murderers. Could Anna be the third suspect? A funny notion, but I doubt it. So let's get serious and take a shot at figuring out who the third suspect is.

There's now a "Unabomber" type cabin that was found less then two miles from the crime scene full of evidence. Inside were bullet casings, candy wrappers, and other junk that made the police think it could have been a younger person's hangout. "Someplace one would go to sneak a six pack," Bo said (and I'm totally paraphrasing).

Hmm, that makes me think of someone who was recently picked for underage drinking. Someone who didn't like the idea of Sami and E.J. getting married. Someone who could get a gun from, say, a grandfather, great-uncle, or, well, heck, they seem to hand them out in Salem like garlic bread at an Italian restaurant. Someone that was shipped to Switzerland. Could the third shooter be Will?

It did seem kind of random that he left so quickly. Unbeknownst to Will, maybe Lucas saw him take a shot and is protecting him. That would explain why he agreed to help him leave so quickly and why Mr. Lucas looks so suspicious. He would in fact be covering something up, just not the something we thought. Interesting. Then when the police find this out there will of course be some international regulations as to why they couldn't extradite him back to the States. That would legitimately, well at least in the world of Salem, get Will off the canvas for a while and let him return in a few years, a little older, and with more storyline potential. And, of course, by then his crime would be water under the bridge much like Cassie's existence.

The Wheels on the Bus ... (E.J., Sami, and Lucas)

I think Alison Sweeney is amazingly talented and absolutely beautiful, but it was kind of refreshing to have a semi-Samiless week. Actually, E.J. was cracking me up on Monday when he was kidding around about "Nurse Bertha". But that's not the point, the point is that Sami's fangs finally came back out in a big way when she put her foot down about not letting Stefano get his claws into Johnny. Now that's the Sami we love and remember!

E.J., of course, was trying to run interference between his daddy and wife. I know that crossing Stefano isn't exactly high on anyone's "to do" list, but if he really is the "changed man" he claims to be, he needs to realize that his father only wants Johnny to become the next DiMera puppet. The Phoenix isn't exactly the type to take the tyke out for a stroll and share in a "Werther's Originals" moment by handing him a piece of butterscotch candy from his cardigan.

Then after the fight, Sami went home and she and Lucas talked about the twins and loving each other and the time she spent with E.J., blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc. Do I really need to scoop that? Didn't think so.

Mama Bears (Hope and Marlena)

There's that old woodland advice about never getting in between a mother bear and her cubs and, boy, I wouldn't have wanted to be sitting between Marlena and Hope this week! The claws were out! It was kind of unnerving to watch two of my favorite daytime divas go at it! I mean, who do you root for?

In one corner we had Hope, who is kinda acting slightly "Kate" lately, but I really can't blame her. Yah, she was a "little" intrusive by checking D.B.'s phone message, but she kinda had a good reason, don't you think? And, she fessed up to it. That's a plus. Besides, she legitimately cares for D.B. and its breaking her heart just as much as anyone else. Granted, the right thing to do would be to tell Shawn because we already know the sometimes spoiled brat Brady boy will throw a major hissy fit when he eventually finds out, but, then again, I guess he'd be justified this time.

Then in the opposite corner we have Marlena. At first, I had to keep reminding myself that she was just doing the same thing as Hope - looking out for her child. Yet, I could understand Marlena's hesitance to believe that her prefect prince's tiara might be a little tarnished, but the last thing D.B. needs is a sympathetic, non-judgmental talk. She needs a huge, heaping helping of reality and a common sense spritzer to wash it down with. I know Doc is grieving, but like Hope said, "they've all been through a lot." If Marlena really wants to get her affairs in order before potentially being shipped to the slammer, she needs to be a little sterner with both of her girls gone wild.

Mother Knows Belle (Marlena and Dumb-Belle)

I'm just kind of over D.B. at this point. Really. I love Martha Madison and think she does an outstanding job, but where I'm from we have a few names for a character like hers. Of course, I would never call her a liar or skanky ho, because, really, that would be beneath me, but Little Miss Perfect needs a makeover stat - by the way, D.B., stat is a term used in hospitals, where there are nurses, and you would know that if you stayed away from Phil and went to class. I'm just saying.

Now, I know her waterworks to Marlena and her confession to Philip were supposed to make us feel bad for her or perhaps help us understand her conflict, but it didn't really didn't do much for me. At all. Thank God Marlena saw through the muck she was slinging and called her out. I mean, D.B. was basically calling Hope a gossiping, delusional liar and was using John's death to score sympathy points with her mother. That was kind of lower then low and she's hanging out in the basement these days. At least Mama Black knew that and told her she had to make a choice, which is about as effective as telling Stefano not to roll his Rs, but at least she tried. At this point D.B. needs to go meet Cassie and Jett for some coffee.

Bad Cop, Good Cop, Stripper Cop (Shawn Douglas)

I think it's safe to assume we've all thought Shawn D has acted a little dense, stubborn, and immature on occasion, but this is the first week since the D.B./Philip affair began that my anger over their actions was surpassed by sympathy for him. He really seems to be trying these days. And, albeit a bit racy, his seductive cop/stripper routine was such a fun newly wed thing to do. See, he's attempting to make D.B. happy. Awe! I just wish she deserved it. Poor Shawn D honestly has no clue his world is clasped together like a loose pair of handcuffs on someone with skinny wrists.

Ok, the blockhead did accidentally destroy evidence and started to whine when he was reprimanded, but he eventually came to his sense. Then again, those senses returned because he thought he was a "hero," but they returned nonetheless. In general, it was kinda heartbreaking - he was so proud of himself. It reminded me of when a young child brings you a piece of artwork made up of macaroni, glue, and glitter. He was just all smiles. This boy and the deep end are going to collide very soon when he finds out what everyone has been keeping from him.

The Fiddler is Aloof (Dumb-Belle and Philip)

He's good, he's really good. Philip has learned to play D.B. like a fiddle. First he gives her an offer knowing very well that her mock-reluctance would soon turn into an "ok, since you twisted my arm." Then, just as she admits her *insert gagging sounds* feelings for him, he pulls the "No, I Can't" card before they can hit the hotel sheets.

I think his sincerity was little doubtful considering he just lied to his mother which caused her to be arrested (not that she didn't deserve it, but I'm just bringing home the point). I believe he does have feelings for her, but it's kind of like Stefano's "love" for Marlena. It's part infatuation and part taking something away from someone you despise. I also believe, it's part loneliness. A lot of us tend to take a fuzzy stroll down memory lane when lonely and think "my ex wasn't THAT bad." I know I've done that, but then I remember an ex is an ex for a reason! You're ex, Phil, was in love with another man before, during, and after you were married. Run for the greener pastures pal!

The Artist Formally Known As Mrs. Black (Chloe)

Chloe's back and she brought the twins with her! I mean, really, va-va-va-voom! I admitted in my first column back in October that she was never one of my favorite characters, but I may have spoken too soon. This new, improved, vamped up Chloe might turn out to be a lot of fun after all! I mean, snap, she called D.B. to the carpet within a minute and anyone who can put Little Miss Thing in her place these days gets a round of applause from me.

Now, I know a lot of people are disappointed that Brady isn't following in her footsteps, but let's not forget, before there was "Broe" there was "Phloe" and it only took about two seconds to realize the chemistry is still there. I also mentioned in that article that I could see Dumb-Belle being very jealous, very soon and now it looks like her green eyed monster is going to make a major appearance. Philip already seems enthralled by his former flame and I wouldn't be surprised if when the truth comes out about the affair Shawn and Chloe commiserate over their failed marriages but hitting the airport Hilton. I'm sensing a D.B./Shawn/ Mimi, whoops, Chloe/Philip love fest happening sooner then we expected. Get ready for a whole lot of longing glances at the partner you wish you were with, but aren't.

To Almost Catch a Predator (Nick, Chelsea, Team Brady and Ford)

The part I enjoyed the most about the Nick and Chelsea scenes is that they knew right off the bat that their plan had more holes in it then Swiss cheese and even joked about it. Neither of them knew how to pick a lock and knew if they got evidence it would be inadmissible, yet up the tree they went. If I didn't like them together so much, I would have been more annoyed that Nick went along with things, but at least they were in it together. Yay for happy couples!

So, of course, they found what they needed and, of course, Ford got ride of it before they could go back with a legal search warrant, BUT Chelsea was smart enough to send in the posse - a.k.a Bo and Steve. These two were hysterical! From the moment they were sipping beer at the pub discussing life, to when they (almost) simultaneously put on their black leather jackets, they (literally) kicked some butt. I wouldn't have wanted to be Ford when these two came a knocking!

The big revelation, however, is that we 100%, without doubts, know Ford attacked Stephanie. Chelsea seems to be tapping into her inner Brady detective genes lately and I think she'll be the first to add Ford's disgusting "rating system" and Stephanie's erratic behavior to come up with what happened. Seeing how protective she is of her new friends, I can only imagine how angry she'll be when she discovers he hurt her B.F.F./cousin! Not to mention Steve's reaction. I think it's safe to assume he'll be a "little" miffed. Oh Ford, your "days" are so numbered!

Extra Scoops

Hot and Not

Hot: Hello, Chloe! Her entrance was nothing overly splashy, but she looked amazing and I love the new attitude! I just wish that Nicole was around so they could really square off. I don't think Ms. Walker would underestimate the "new" Chloe.

Not: I love Bo, but I have to reiterate, he needs to work on his tact a little more. I know he was trying to rattle Marlena for a confession, but, hi, she is one of your oldest friends and she just lost her husband, one of your best friends, I think he could have approached things a little more delicately.

Line of the Week:

"That went really well I think," Hope to Bo after Marlena stormed out of their house when he accused her of being "The Woman in Black."

The Milk Carton:

Miss some of your favorite Days characters? Yah, me too! This section highlights a person (or persons) who needs the Salem P.D. to put out an A.P.B. for.

With two main characters (and a possible third) facing time for attempted murder, we need Uncle Mickey back! He's always off on a case, but, come on, no one in Salem works that much! I know the original one left for medical reasons, but my suggestion - how about casting a beloved veteran actor to show up now and then? As a fan of the now defunct Another World, I was thrilled to see Kale Brown (ex-Michael Hudson on AW) periodically playing Dr. Berman. So how about some other "blast from the past" showing up to bail out some of the incarcerated Salemites?

Parting Thoughts ...

This is really random, but I was thinking the other day - how cool would it be if Dumb-Belle's passion for fashion was rekindled and she started a design firm with her aunt, Anna DiMera, Days' original fashionista? It's not that I don't have the utmost respect for nurses, because I do, but there are endless possibilities there. It would be a family business (a merger of the Blacks and DiMeras), eccentric Anna would get more airtime, and they would need investors therefore the wealthy of Salem would all have a hand on the plot, I mean pot. Ah-ha! So, yah, Sheffer, call me when you're done striking, we'll do lunch.

And now for some shameless self promotion for Laurisa and I ... make sure to check out our super special two part end of the year "best of" and "worst of" extravaganza. The "awards" will be revealed on December 31st and January 7th! Who will we vote in as best character, worst storyline, and hottest Salemite? That'd I don't know. Wait, actually I do, but you'll have to log on to find out!

Thanks again for reading! As always, your feedback is much appreciated. And that folks, is Two Scoops for the week of November 26th through the 30th and, as John would say, "That's a fact."

Best wishes for a great December!

Tony S
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