Guess who's back, back again? Steffie's back, tell a friend!

For the Week of January 9, 2017
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DAYS Two Scoops: Guess who's back, back again? Steffie's back, tell a friend!
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If they say you can't keep a good man down, then Stefano must be one of the goodest men in history! Has the Phoenix risen again? Should he!? Let's talk resurrection in the week's back-from-the-dead DAYS Two Scoops!

Happy 2017, DAYS fans! Um, maybe more: happy 2017? Full disclosure, a majority of 2016 seemed like a kick in the teeth in Salem and in the real world. Much crazy happened. So, I made it a point that when the magical ball dropped at midnight I'd face the new year with optimism. It's a fresh start. A new calendar page. Why not, right?

Well, that was working well, even when I tripped and subsequently cascaded across the wet pavement and landed in a puddle last Tuesday. It hurt. It was embarrassing. But -- BUT -- I got up, hobbled through the day as my clothes dried, and, after work, took the advice of my coworker and tried baklava cheesecake for the first time. Yep. That's a thing. I highly recommend it, but I digress...

The optimism thingy was going well even through said humiliating fall, but now it's being challenged. Many of you are aware at this point that DAYS is once again under cancellation rumors. You can read Soap Central's coverage by clicking here. I'll stress eat baklava cheesecake and wait.

Okay. Good. You're back!

So, there's been no certain cancellation at this point, but it's definitely a reminder that all fans should do all they can to make sure that doesn't happen. If it does, we'll react then, but I'm not going to Chicken Little and run around frantically over rumors and opposing reports. I'm going to take a stand to save our soap, and I encourage you to do the same. Simply follow this link to NBC's "Contact Us" webpage.

It's three easy selections from a drop-drown menu and then leave some feedback. Do that and, you know, watch DAYS, encourage others to watch DAYS -- turn it on in a break room at work, even. Don't have a break room at work? That's okay. Watch it on during a break or while at home. Point is: watch it! And then come to Soap Central's message boards and Two Scoops and talk all about it. Deal?

While I had grand visions of covering all things on-screen last week, I think now is an important time to do what I can to encourage readers to send NBC and Sony feedback as to why we watch DAYS. Is it always a flawless show? Nope. But it's our not always flawless show, and we should make our voices heard. Plus, Laurisa will be back next week to cover all things happening in Salem. In the meantime, I'm going to go through some quick Two Scooping below...

I love that Stefano is possibly alive. You know, again. This is classic Phoenix. Sure, it gets Hope out of trouble...ish...I mean, she did still attempt to kill a guy, but really, it's Hope. She's not going to linger in prison forever. I wasn't worried about her future, but I like the idea of Stefano being out there somewhere. He was a magical character played by an even more magical actor. Having the Phoenix alive casts a lasting shadow, knowing Stefano could someday reign in terror again (and is, I guess)! Plus, it's a nice nod to the ageless talents of Joseph Mascolo. I'm sure he would snicker knowing Stefano will live on in some form.

Plus, Stefano's alleged resurrection means adventure for several Salemites! Pack your bags! Marlena, Steve, Rafe, and Paul are going to Prague. Yes, please. It was a moment of awesomeness that Doc was like, "Shut down the chatter, boys, I'm going with." I paraphrased, of course, but she's right. She was Stefano's "Queen of the Night." If anyone has insight and can draw him out of hiding, it's Mar Mar. And let's not forget who laid out the groundwork for Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander to be caught, thankyouverymuch. #girlpower

I adore Steve and Kayla. I just wanted to rush to the Brady Pub to celebrate New Year's with them. They're certainly a DAYS bright spot. I also love how the family comes together to man the pub while Caroline is away in L.A. with Kim. Something tells me those two sassy redheads are having a ball in La La Land, but I'll stick with Steve and Kayla in Salem.

Alas, Jade had a miscarriage. While I wasn't entirely sold on this storyline, the outstanding acting sold me on Jade and Joey's commitment to their child and their devastation over their loss. My heart broke for them, actually. Those two troubled teens were really trying. It was endearing how much they were looking forward to making the best out of an unplanned pregnancy. And while how horrible Jade's life has been was played a bit heavy-handed, I really just wanted to give her and Joey a hug and remind them that things will get better. Thankfully, they have Steve and Kayla as a support system.

Speaking of "support," I hope that Chad gets a little. Sonny, Kate, or Marlena needs to sit down with him and help him sort through his feelings. While I have sympathy for Abigail's plight, she's not the only one who suffered. Chad directly suffered from her actions and the actions of those who helped her (hello, Andre and Laura). I think he's being more than understanding given the circumstances, and Billy Flynn is playing Chad's conflict superbly.

I was also glad that Chad stopped himself from making love to Abigail. He's not ready. She's not ready. They're not ready. Intentionally or unintentionally (I'm still unsure of which), Abigail is manipulating Chad's already mixed-up feelings, especially with her chant, "It's almost like no time has passed." Well, Abs, it has. And you made everyone believe you were dead during that time. I believe part of Abs gets that, but part certainly doesn't. Either way, Marci Miller is doing a brilliant job portraying Abigail's fractured state of mind.

Though, at this point, I'd really like to see Abigail either get some legit therapy or go straight up Kristen DiMera-brand crazy and mess with everyone involved. I could get behind a redeemed Abs or a totally off the rocker villain Abs, but as DAYS can't obviously handle a mental health storyline with the same respect they're handling Adrienne's cancer storyline, I need some movement in one form or another. And, okay, truth, part of me simply wants to see Marci Miller play a villain, as I think she'd completely crush it.

And so we go from "crush" to "crash." By "crash" I mean Lani, and by that I mean this storyline is crashing hard. Girlfriend just loves a little too hard, it seems. I'll never understand why the writers took a strong, driven cop and turned her into a sexual predator. I'd almost be willing to chalk the entire J.J./Lani hookup to, "Okay. Sure. They were REALLY drunk and both out of their minds," but she took a selfie with an unconscious man. That's creepy. Totally creepy. And she knew what she was doing even if he obviously didn't. J.J. is surely the victim of something, but I had to wonder: was that Lani's intent all along?

It's not a stretch to see that Lani isn't playing with a full deck of cards when it comes to men, but maybe she seized the day with J.J. to make others pay. After all, Rafe was her first crush followed by Shawn-Douglas. Rafe is Gabi's brother. Shawn-D is J.J.'s cousin. Did she want to implode both families at once, or is she just a misunderstood gal...who takes selfies with unconscious men!?

Another question: was anyone surprised Nancy outwitted Brady? She totally saw his jumpiness and swapped that swab. While I wish that someone would please tell Nicole that Holly is her baby, I didn't expect this storyline to wrap up that quickly. I hoped it would have by now but didn't expect it to. Here's to hoping we don't have to wait until February Sweeps to wrap this up. It's been well acted, no doubt, but there's only so much redundancy and crying a Two Scooper can take.

Finally, damn you, Deimos. Damn you. It's like one inch forward and twenty feet back. You did some super sweet Paulson shipping and then were such a "royal pain in the ass" that it drove Eve from Salem. I repeat, "Damn you, Deimos." You owe this shorty a solid (get Eve back to Salem) or else it's going to be all-out war between us.

Extra Scoops

Well, dang, Paige Searcy and James Lastovic just got their Emmy submission reels. I mean, wow! They were both fantastic as Jade and Joey faced such a tragic loss. I was seriously impressed. Ah-mazing. Cheers to Paige and James!

Oh, Lani. Lani, Lani, Lani. Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, I can sum up the selfie Lani took of her and an unconscious J.J. in one -- icky!

Steve's toast: "May the best part of last year be the worst part of the new year."

Deimos (to Sonny, on his status amongst the Kiriakis family): "You're the best of us."

Every time I hear "Shelia and Coco," I crack up. Though I can't figure out if "Shelia and Coco" sound more like a Captain and Tennille type '70s band or a trashy VH1 realty show following the life of has-been artists. Wait. That could be the same thing.

Abigail and Andre's, uh, friendship should be in Oprah's "Favorite Things" gift bags.

I loved Paul and Sonny's conversation about Stefano:
Paul: "They say he does the whole coming back from the dead thing a lot."
Sonny: "Well, there's that. Yeah."

Of course Nancy has fabulous post-show attire. I loved her colorful cover-up. Maybe it was a nightgown. Either way, fab.

Was I the only one that found it unintentionally funny that Nicole and Deimos had an entire scene while standing over a comatose Chloe?

Crap. At first I thought Kate was crazy to say Eduardo is the best man to come into her life in a long time. Then I realized her last suitors were Clyde and Ian. There's that. And it's probably better that she not tell Eduardo about her interlude with Rafe. I guess Eduardo is her current best choice (if you ignore Roman waving his arms in the background and screaming, "Hey! What about me!?), but she may want to speak to Adrianna and Eve about his success rate at being a mate.

Wait. No, really. J.J. told Gabi (re: Lani), "It was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life." Was it? Was it, J.J.? I mean, was it? #drugdealer #cheatingonPaigewithhermother/yourmothersworstenemey

Cheers to Jennifer and Valerie having some bonding time! I love to see friendships forming on soaps, but I did raise a Hope-like eyebrow when Jennifer said "ignorant and small minded." You know, like hating an entire family just because of their last name.

When Chad asked Abs what she was thinking and she said she was wondering what Thomas was thinking, was I the only one who thought he's probably like, "Where've you been, woman?"

Speaking of Thomas, he uttered his first words: "Dah dah." That's cute. But anyone else laugh at the obviously-not-that-child-talking sound bite? Then again, it wasn't the worst audio faux pas of last week, amIright, Mariah?

Wait! I thought Craig and Nancy lived in New York!? Maybe they're just staying at Chloe's place in Chicago with Parker. Maybe. I'm confused. Either way, shouldn't Craig pay a visit to Salem soon? Yes. The answer is yes.

Oh, Chad. That was not Abby's first time in public. She's been running around Salem for months. She was even in Horton Square already. Silly guy.

Val went with the classy approach to handling Theo's, um, whoopsy. By "whoopsy" I mean totally invading her privacy. I don't know if I would have been as understanding as Val, but I think Theo and Claire having to listen to my boring conversations would have been punishment enough, perhaps.

Oh, yeah. Claire needs to pump the brakes a bit. Remember when she was all, "Ciara you're acting crazy over Chad." Well, sister, the pot is here to call your kettle black. I just can't take their Scooby-Doo meets Saved by the Bell love triangle thingy seriously.

What's that you say? Jade's in the same room that Ava died in!? Well, la-di-fickin-da, Joey. I'm pretty sure everyone who's ended up in the hospital has been in that room. I'm also pretty sure that room has been offices, outdoor cafés, and a McDonald's ball pit. Take it down a notch, JoJo.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of January 9. Again, a gracious thank you to everyone who joined us over the holidays as Laurisa and I presented the 10th Annual Golden Donuts: The Best of DAYS 2016 and 10th Annual Alex North Memorial Awards: The Worst of DAYS 2016! She'll be back next week to keep the Two Scoops wheels spinning. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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