Do you have to, do you have to, do have to let it linger?

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Do you have to, do you have to, do have to let it linger?
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Chloe told the truth! Almost. The Prague Pack got Stefano! Well, almost. Deimos paid for his dirty deeds. Um, almost again. Is DAYS dragging its feet until February Sweeps, or am I horrible with anticipation? Plus, let's welcome back Eric Brady in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Put on your thinking caps, DAYS fans. You'll have to recall a few weeks ago. Remember those scenes where an emotionally distraught Nicole talks about her connection to Holly and thinks she had to say goodbye while knowing people look on? Remember that scene where the Prague Pack almost gets Stefano, but Shotgun Anna messes it up? Oh, and remember those scenes where the DiMera, Kiriakis, and Hernandez families try to one-up each other for the device and then plot revenge against one another? Well, if you don't, you're in luck! They all happened again last week. So, if you're having DAYSja vu, you're not the only one.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm totally impatient at times. What's that? Huh? Oh, sorry, I thought I heard people who know me shout-whisper, "Only at times?" Okay. Fine. I'll own my impatientness, but I have to wonder: is DAYS dragging its feet until February Sweeps, or am I just being, well, impatient?

Either way, I don't know if prolonging so many explosive reveals is the best thing for DAYS right now. I'm a diehard fan, but even my toes are tapping for something to happen. Don't get me wrong. The show is entertaining right now. Performances are super solid. I like the amped-up action and comedy, especially with the Prague Pack. But I find myself shouting, "C'mon!" so much lately. Does the fact that I'm interacting with my TV mean that I'm enthralled and DAYS is doing its job? Maybe, just maybe, but impatient me needs a bomb to drop as we're waiting for the others to do the same. I mean, c'mon, I can't wait until February (and neither can ratings).

So, instead of beating Two Scooping dead horses, well, storylines, as I feel they've been amply covered over the past few weeks, let's talk about something new. Like last week's big return. I want to break out a rolling Oprah-like greeting of, "Please welcome back, Errr-rrricccc Brrraaa-dddy!"

Yep! Sunny E's back and brighter than ever. Oh, nope. He's not. He's still reeling from his DUI downfall. I get that. I get that so much. And I don't care. I'm just glad to have the über talents of Greg Vaughan back in Salem, and I'll wave that banner unabashedly. Though...

While I'm glad Greg's Eric is back, I'm curious as to why the writers didn't link two storylines together. That is, Eric saved the life of the governor's emotionally and mentally unstable daughter, Alanna, who wandered out a window and was about to jump. He was then pardoned for his heroics. Mmm'k. That works in the soap world, where most incarcerations come with a "Get Out of Jail (Early) Free"-ish card, especially for beloved leading characters (sorry, Doc Baker and Vargas). So, in soap world, that "makes sense." However...

If any of the following words triggered something for you, you're not alone. They are: "emotionally and mentally unstable" and "wandered out a window." Okay. C'mon! That has Abigail written all over it. She was unstable, and going out windows is totally her jam. I can't believe they didn't merge the two storylines, especially since Eric and Jennifer were so, um, close before he left. Though having a grateful governor on one's side does carry more weight than an appreciative Horton, so for storyline reasons, I get why it was beautiful, blonde, unstable Alanna and not beautiful, blonde, unstable Abigail, but I still can't help but feel DAYS missed the boat ledge with this one just a wee little bit.

But bravery isn't the only burden Eric was carrying. He was also carrying Hope. Like, his aunt, not optimism. And he was literally carrying her. He's the dude who snatched her up and is nursing her back to health! Didn't see that coming, especially since he was the other Brady jailbird, but alrightythen. I'm, uh, hoping the long-term outcome of this storyline is mutual redemption. Two good people who've done bad deeds doing each other a solid. Please, writers. Please make that the outcome.

You see, what I'm trying not to say, but will anyway because I'm a glutton for punishment is, I really, really, like, a lot of "reallys," hope that Eric and Hope don't find romance while they find redemption. Ain't nobody got time for that noise, especially after the less-than-stellar ruckus that was Eric and Jennifer. As a DAYS fan who has grown up loving Jennifer and Hope's best friends forever/cousinpalooza, I really (again, a lot of "reallys") don't want to see Marlena's son get in the middle of that. Like, really.

Sorry, J.J., but I love Jennifer investigating his case! Gutsy Reporter Fun Jenny Bear was always my favorite flavor. I've been lobbying hard for years to see Journalist J-Ho again. So, stand down, Detective Deveraux. Please and thank you.

While I like the idea of Abigail and Gabi teaming up to help the boys avoid war, I'm not sure if their plan is exactly that brilliant. They want to destroy the device -- the possibly multi-billion dollar device. That just hurts my head. It reeks of when Old Rose tossed the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace into the Atlantic at the end of Titanic. S'rsly, you old fool!? That could have put the next five generations of your family through college. I'm sure great-granddaughter Rosie will totally thank you when she's eating Ramen and selling plasma for laundry money. Great call, grams. So, Abs and Gabs, don't be like Old Rose. Steal the device, blackmail them into signing a three-way peace treaty, and then we'll all celebrate with drinks in Horton Town Square. Hell, we'll buy Horton Town Square! And you're welcome.

Speaking of "the boys," Chad, Sonny, and Dario had a tête-à-tête about the device, officially named Orwell. It may have started out with well-meaning intentions but sort of just turned into a pissing match. I'm pretty sure we'll see that scene again soon, so don't worry if you missed it!

Okay, this is the part where I'm going to call Dario an idiot. He's an idiot. Why, oh, why did he give up the tech guy's name!? That's like Coke meeting with Pepsi and RC and Coke just giving up its super-duper secret formula during a tantrum. Guess what, Dim D? Chad and Sonny know how Google works. They're going to look up Myron and offer him more money. Dude, I'm trying here, but Dario, you're making it so hard.

Ah, well. At least Dario has a good game face. Nicole totally didn't suspect Dario was up to something. Good lord, man, at least try.

Alas, Eddie and Kate are having their fair share of problems, and Orwell is to blame for that, too. He thought she stole it. She was offended he thought that. She can't forgive him, which is so unlike Kate. She's never unforgiving nor would she eversteal something. Just ask Chloe and Tate.

I adore the mother/son chemistry between Mary Beth Evans and James Lastovic. It's very sincere. It's very adorable. Though, unless I missed a line or two, I think one of Kayla's stipulations is that Joey needs to stick with therapy in addition to school.

I'll gladly watch the shenanigans unfold at the College Crew's apartment if for no other reason than Ciara throwing shade at Jade. It's kind of amazing. And it's Kayla supported. That's all I need.

Ultimately, this li'l college love shack might end up getting messier than a Gallagher show. A love triangle, an estranged couple, and Claire's ego all in one place? Yep. This will get messy. Though I was proud of Theo for calling out Claire Bear on her sometimes shallowness. And she actually listened to what he was saying. See, kids, even when you put down the phone you can still communicate with people. Amazing.

Extra Scoops

Who else wants to have lunch with Kayla and Valerie!? I adore these two. For starters, Mary Beth Evans and Vanessa Williams are both amazing actors with charm and charisma to spare. Kayla totally lives up to her nickname "Sweetness." She was great with Chloe, Joey, and Ciara. Though she's tough, too, which is what makes her amazing. And Val's another compassionate, tough, smart pea in that pod, too. I admire the way she handled herself with Theo and Claire. She gets an A+ in classiness! More, please!

BONUS HOT: How hilarious is Austin Peck right now!? He's killing me. Again, "More, please!"

So. An entitled, arrogant Deimos throws a hissy fit and wants to wage war with two families to prove he's all that and a bag of pitas, and Brady, Sonny, and Nicole are okay with that? Honestly, though, I can't pin this one entirely on Deimos. Ad nauseam, Dirty D has proclaimed, "I've made it very clear who I was." He has. Like that asshat or not, he has. If the people in his life can't see that he can be a royal *insert colorful adjective of your choice* then that's on them, which doesn't bode well for normally smart characters or make them easy to root for. Though, since Nicole has been lobotomized for a while now and Brady proved he'll follow anyone with a shiny object, it's Sonny I'm most disappointed in. Hopefully, there's a long-term arch for Sonny, but right now, I'm a little underwhelmed by his loyalty to Deimos.

Valerie (to Theo and Claire): "Sometimes the best response to ignorance is no response at all."
Valerie (to Theo and Claire): "Nothing knocks down hate better than love."

Okay. "Dad joke" moment warning: am I the only one who wants Parker to look down at his kid half-sis and sing, " Oo-ee-oo I look just like baby Holly." Sorry. I'm so sorry. Moving on...

Justin's definition of "fine" was pretty spot on. He's a smart egg, that one is.

Loved this exchange:
Rafe (re: Anna): "She's really getting on my nerves."
Carrie: "Yeah. That happens."

Love you, Claire, but from what I've heard, statements like, "She's not your girlfriend, I am!" are not the best way to win a man's heart.

Was I the only one who did a double take when Brady referred to Chloe as his ex-wife? This seldom happens.

For a second, I was like, "Why is Austin being such a d-bag to Rafe!?" and then I was like, "Rrriiiggghhhttt!" Carry on, Not-Stoner Austin. Carry on.

Joey mentioned there's a tutoring program at Salem U if he needs it. Do I even need to make a joke here?

I noticed that part of the College Crew's new pad is Rafe's old apartment, and I'm totally okay with that. His old loft was great. And it grew millions of bedrooms when needed!

There need to be more Shawn-D and Claire scenes. Just saying.

Did Alanna remind anyone else of a blonde Shelley Hennig meets a blonde True O'Brien with a splash of Anna Paquin?

Remember that above-mentioned Austin hilarity? Well, I'm going to let him play this out. He had some amazing zingers regarding the situation with Anna.

Carrie: "Hey! Don't call my mom crazy."
Austin: "Would 'sanity-challenged' be okay?"

Austin: "Hello. Hello? He hung up on me. You don't think he thought I was crazy? How could he? I was only trying to track down a middle-aged woman with a gun and her husband's ashes who has a vendetta against a man who's recently come back from the dead."

Austin: "Where's Paul? Did she shoot him, too?"

Austin: "No, no, no, mother DiMera!"

Anna: "Stop yelling at me."
Austin: "Then stop shooting people!"

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of January 23. Don't forget to make your voice heard and tell NBC how much DAYS means to you by clicking here. It's just three easy steps, too. Much easier than the "Macarena" dance. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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