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Monday April 6, 1998

Inside the studio, Franco tells Sami that she shouldn't take the photos to Kate, she should get someone Kate trusts to do it. Sami thinks that Franco wants to hog all the credit, but he tells her that she has to trust him. Eric and Nicole come in to get their stuff and they both thank Sami for the opportunity. Lucas walks in on them and asks them all what in the hell is going on. Sami tells him that she let Eric photograph his friend. Lucas says that it is against policy to use the company for personal interests, but Sami says that he and his mom use the company jet and limos all the time. Franco stands up to Lucas. He says if there is something more going on here then they will answer to him and Kate. Eric leaves to get started on the photos Franco tells Sami that Lucas was just blowing smoke. Meanwhile, Eric offers to take Nicole home, but she declines the offer. Lucas confronts Eric about what was really going on and Eric says that he's just trying to help his sister succeed. Nicole tells Eric that he was really great standing up for Sami and Eric tells her that he's sure she'd stand up for her family.

Abe says they have almost have enough proof to get a warrant for Laura's arrest. Roman and Abe leave to check out some local stores that carry gloves like the one in the river. John stays behind and listens to Kristen's suicide phone call to him in hopes he may have missed something. Celeste is in Salem Place wearing a blond Kristen-like wig and is having visions of drowning "Kristen." She overhears Abe and Roman questioning a shop owner about the sales of a particular pair of gloves. Celeste also overhears Abe and Roman talking about how Lexie is worried about her mother. The store owner returns and gives Abe a list of all the people who purchased those particular gloves and Laura Horton is on the list. Abe says they can't ignore the evidence anymore, they'll have to arrest Laura.

Mickey thinks that Laura should make a formal statement, but Laura doesn't see the point. Laura wants to go to the Penthouse Grill to work on Susan and Edmund's wedding, but the others don't know if she's up to it. Laura says she is and walks off. After she's gone, Mickey wonders what Laura is hiding. Mickey decides to find out what is going on, so he calls the station. John answers and Mickey asks him if he knows if Roman and Abe have any evidence on Laura. John says that he can't tell him that, but he can say that Laura is the primary subject.

Kristen was getting ready to leave when Edmund shows up with Violet and Elvis. Kristen asks Edmund if this is his surprise and he tells "Susan" that it is part of his surprise. When "Susan" takes little Elvis, he starts to cry. Edmund wonders what is wrong with little Elvis and Violet says it is Susan. Violet says that "Susan" must have just scared the baby because she was so surprised to see him. "Susan" thanks both of them for bringing her baby home. A man shows up to take "Susan's" things to the airport, but she tells him he's not needed and slams the door in his face. Edmund looks at "Susan" and asks her if she was planning to leave without him. "Susan" just says that she was planning to go to England to get her baby.

At the hospital, Stefano is on the phone with Bart telling him to find Celeste. Stefano asks Lexie if she knows what the police have on Laura. Lexie tells Stefano that all she knows is that Abe went to Laura's place with a search warrant. Lexie thanks Stefano for trying to find her mother and Stefano says he loves her and will always care for her mother. Stefano also says that he will do what he needs to do to make sure that Laura is arrested for the murder of Kristen. The call is from the man who was supposed to take Kristen to the airport, but he told her that she wouldn't go. Stefano is puzzled and wonders what Kristen is up to now. Stefano calls Kristen and asks her why she hasn't gone to the airport and Kristen tells him that the baby is here. Stefano says that's perfect and he will make sure she disappears. Stefano tells himself that Kristen is getting away with murder, but he has to make sure that Laura Horton does not.

Kristen tells Edmund and Violet that the person on the phone was her hair dresser. "Susan" claims that she was going to get her hair done and go to the spa today. Edmund tells her that she should go, "Susan" says okay and goes to leave with Elvis. Suddenly Violet says that "Susan" can't take Elvis to the spa, so she will watch him. "Susan" says no! Violet asks Edmund if "Susan" is all right? Edmund tells his mum that "Susan" is just under an enormous amount of pressure. While searching for a pen and paper, Edmund comes across the Dear John letter Kristen wrote to him. "Susan" returns and stops Edmund from reading it because she claims it is part of her surprise for him. Edmund leaves to get his surprise for "Susan" ready and Kristen wonders how she will get rid of Violet. "Susan" tells Violet that she looks very tired and convinces her to take a short nap. Kristen tells her baby that it's time to go and they leave.

Stefano goes to the station and finds John listening to the suicide tape. They begin to argue over Kristen's death and John warns Stefano not to go after Susan's child. Stefano assures John that he has no intention of taking the boy away from Susan, but he is his son. Stefano also tells John that he will make sure that Laura is arrested.

Edmund goes to the Penthouse Grill and meets up with Maggie and Laura to plan the wedding. Edmund calls John, who is still at the station with Stefano. Edmund asks John if he's taken care of his part of his surprise and John says he's working on it. John tells Stefano that he has to leave now. Stefano asks what is up and John tells him that Edmund is planning a surprise wedding for Susan and he is arranging the honeymoon. Kristen goes to the airport with little Elvis in hope of escaping Salem, but she's caught by John!

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Celeste is wondering why Stefano told her she has jungle madness. Celeste is still having visions about the Blake house and she wonders if she was there that night. Celeste has a vision of drowning Kristen and she says "I did it, I killed Kristen!" Celeste takes out her tarot cards and gets the death card as well as the emperor. Celeste says that there is terrible danger for "Susan" and her baby. Celeste has another vision of Susan, Edmund, and little Elvis. Susan and Edmund are married, but then Celeste realizes that "Susan" is really Kristen! Celeste says she must warn them and she runs off.

Carrie shows up at the Penthouse Grill to tell Austin that she needs to work on a publicity article for Mike. Austin says he understand and as Carrie leaves, Sami and Franco show up. Also at the Penthouse Grill, Vivian compliments Laura on her fine performance at the Kristen's funeral. Sister Mary shows up and asks Vivian if she's going to give another Elvis impersonation.

Vivian says no, but she would like to donate some money to the convent. Vivian hands Sister Mary a check for 25,000 dollars! Sami says she doesn't know what she's talking about, but Vivian tells Sami that she knows she blackmailed Kate to get her job and she may be blackmailing Franco as well.. Sami admits to Vivian that she was blackmailing Kate, but Kate and Lucas have retaliated by telling her that they will take Will away if she makes her blackmail public. Meanwhile, Austin can't stop thinking about what Craig told him what he saw in LA.

Laura is driving and thinking about her part in Kristen's death. Laura starts hoping that the police will close the case on Kristen's death soon, and then she starts thinking about how her best friend turned her into the cops. Laura closes her eyes for a split second, and in that second she goes off the road. The police find Laura unconscious and call for an ambulance.

Stefano shows up looking for "Susan." Violet is shocked when he tells her that he is Stefano DiMera. Violet tells him to go away and to stay away from "Susan." Stefano realizes that she is Edmund's mother and she just wants to give "Susan" his best wishes. Violet says that will spoil the surprise, besides, "Susan" is not here. Stefano thanks Violet for her time and leaves. Stefano gets a call that "Susan" is at the airport and he tells his pilot to hold the plane until he gets there.

John finds "Susan" at the airport and he asks her if she is running out on Edmund. "Susan" says no, she came here because someone called her to come to the airport. "Susan" says that she thought it was part of Edmund's surprise, but John suspects that Stefano tricked her into coming to the airport. Suddenly Stefano shows up and "Susan" starts yelling at Stefano that he tricked her into coming here. John tells Stefano that he's just got himself arrested and Stefano throws something across the room and yells .Stefano asks "Susan" to excuse them and Stefano tells John that he was planning to send "Susan" to England to see her baby. However, Stefano says he didn't know that the baby was brought to Salem, so he came to the airport to stop "Susan" from leaving. John doesn't believe Stefano and he tells Stefano that he's going to suggest to Edmund that he adopt little Elvis. This enrages Stefano, who says he will never allow that to happen. Stefano leaves and John tells "Susan" that Edmund is waiting to meet her for dinner. "Susan" says that she just wants to go home

Carrie shows up and gives Mike the article she's written for the spectator. Mike is called away to check on a patient and Carrie asks Lexie why Mike is so tense. Lexie tells Carrie that he's worried about Laura, who is a suspect in Kristen's death. Later, Craig starts telling Carrie about how Mike isn't the right candidate for the Chief of Staff position. Suddenly Laura is brought in by the ambulance. Mike takes care of his mom, who is okay. Laura wants to leave, but Mike tells her that she needs to be x-rayed. Abe and Roman show up at the hospital and Carrie tells them about Laura's accident. Abe tells Mike that they have a warrant for Laura's arrest.

Violet calls Edmund to tell him that "Susan" and the baby are gone and Stefano was at Marlena's looking for them. Edmund panics and tells Caroline that they must call the police. Edmund thinks that Stefano is behind this and he decides to call the FBI. Lexie tells Edmund that she resent him blaming her father for this, but Vivian says that Stefano is usually to blame when things go wrong. Suddenly John shows up with "Susan". "Susan" asks what is going on and Edmund tells "Susan" that they are getting married!

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Susan is back in her palace prison and a man brings her her last meal. The man returns for Susan and she begs him once again to let her live. The man grabs her arm and drags her out of the room. Susan is taken to the leader is and is going to be beheaded. Susan is prepared to be beheaded when she notices that the leader is choking. Susan runs over to him and saves his life by using the heimlich. The leader tells Susan that her life will be spared. The leader tells Susan that from now on she will be his personal companion. Susan asks a man what that means and he tells her that he will be with the leader 24 hours a day.

"Susan" has shown up at the Penthouse Grill and is speechless when she is told she and Edmund are getting married. Marlena shows up to help "Susan" get dressed and Violet takes little Elvis. Meanwhile, Austin is upset because Carrie hasn't shown up.. Austin switches the subject to Sami and he asks Franco if he knows what Sami has on his mom..

Marlena helps "Susan" get ready for her wedding. Kristen begs Stefano to help her, but Stefano tells her that she has no choice but to marry Edmund. Marlena and John talk and John tells Marlena about what happened between "Susan" and Stefano out at the airport. As they are talking about the wedding, John kisses Marlena. Marlena tells John that she should go get "Susan." Marlena finds "Susan" alone and preparing herself to be married. Stefano, who was hiding in the closet, tells Kristen that she must go through with the wedding. The wedding begins and Belle is the flower girl, Brady is the ring bearer. John walks "Susan" down the aisle and the priest starts the ceremony. The ceremony has reached the vows and "Susan" and Edmund are pronounced husband and wife. Edmund thanks everyone for their support and he tells them to enjoy the party.

Sami goes to see Austin and thanks him for telling Franco that he believes she is a good mom. Austin says that he doesn't want to see her lose Will, unless she's blackmailing his mom. After they finish dancing, Edmund tells "Susan" that he can't wait to make love to her tonight.

At the hospital, Abe and Roman have shown up to arrest Laura. Laura walks out of her room and asks Mike to take her home. Laura looks around and Abe arrests Laura for the murder of Kristen Blake. Laura is furious and she tells them that she is not going anywhere with them. Craig shows up and learns that Laura is being arrested. Mike asks Carrie to please go get Mickey at the Penthouse Grill and have him get to the station. Laura still refuses to go to the station, but Mike tells his mom to cooperate for now.

Carrie shows up at the Penthouse Grill and Austin asks her where she's been. Carrie tells Austin that she must find Mickey. Carrie fills Mickie in on the news. Carrie also finds Marlena and John and tells them the news. Marlena says she must go, so John takes her to the station. Carrie also explains to Austin what happened. Austin just walks away from her when she said that she couldn't leave Mike alone.

Mike and Laura go to the station and Laura accuses Abe of trying to set a record for arresting innocent people. Abe tells Laura that she shouldn't say anything else until her lawyer arrives. Mickey shows up and Laura starts saying this whole thing is a joke, she didn't kill anyone. Mickey asks Abe to see their evidence, so they step outside. Mickey looks at the evidence and then goes back in to see Laura. Marlena and John show up and Laura tells Marlena that this is all her fault. Stefano has taken Celeste home and she becomes angry and violent with him. In a fit of rage, Celeste manages to break free from Stefano's grip. Stefano catches her and eventually knocks her out.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Eric develops his pictures of Nicole in the bathroom of his apartment. While he is waiting, he gets an unexpected visit from Lucas. Lucas plays nice, asking him how he is doing and how the photo shoot went. Eric is suspicious of his motives and tells Lucas that he is not using any Titan equipment or money, if that's what Lucas is checking up on. Lucas says he overreacted about the shoot and he wants to help out if he can. Eric says he can do it on his own, thank you. He asks Lucas why he's being so nice and then asks Lucas if he has a thing for Nicole. Lucas says that although Nicole is very pretty, he sees pretty girls every day in his business, so that's not turning his head. He tells Eric to let him know if he needs anything, and to beware of getting involved with Sami, who could bring him down really fast. Lucas leaves and Eric sees his first developed pictures of Nicole, seeming to be very pleased.

Nicole sits alone in her run down apartment, bemoaning her dreary existence. She remembers the beautiful clothes Sami picked for her and the glamour at Titan, and thinks to herself that although Sami is weird, she would do anything to live in her world. Nicole fantasizes about making it as a world- class model, to be loved and adored by people everywhere she went. She gets disgusted because her TV dinner reminds her how poor she is. She wonders if things will ever get any better and goes to get her mail. She goes through her bills and then gets a letter. As she reads it, her expression changes to shock and despair. She asks herself out loud, "When will this be over?"

At Kristen's house, Stefano drags an unconscious Celeste to a chair, where he ties her up so he can administer the jungle madness serum. Celeste wakes up with terrifying visions that Stefano is trying to kill her. She struggles to get away, but Stefano manages to inject the cure. When Celeste comes to, she is calmer and the madness is gone. She asks Stefano what happened and he tells her she had jungle madness. She starts to remember her visions about Kristen and Susan being one and the same, and Stefano tells her it's probably because she knows that Susan once impersonated Kristen. Celeste is upset and disoriented, but starts to remember more and more of the visions she saw.

At the police station, Laura angrily accuses Marlena of betraying her and of being happy to see her get arrested. Marlena is hurt and tells Laura she is devastated by what has happened. Laura obviously doesn't believe her and demands to know why she couldn't leave well enough alone. Jack and Jennifer arrive to offer support, but Laura quickly realizes that they don't believe her, either, and accuses Marlena of turning her children against her. Abe and Roman tell Laura that if she has anything to tell them, she had better do it now. Laura insists she has already told them everything. Then Abe shows her the glove they found in Salem Harbor, and says that they traced it to one she bought in the winter. They tell her they found a button on Kristen's terrace that matched one she had recently sewn on her coat. Most devastatingly, they found gunpowder residue on her clothing from that night. Laura finally breaks down and confesses that she did go over to Kristen's house that night, and that when she saw Kristen standing on the terrace, she got so angry that she tried to kill her by shooting at her.

At the Titan party for Edmund and "Susan," Kristen convinces Edmund to take her and Elvis home to Marlena's penthouse so they can get some rest before their honeymoon. Once she is there, Edmund says he can't wait to make love to her, but now he has to go back to the Penthouse Grill and give his thanks to all the people there. Kristen calls Stefano and tells him she has an hour alone, and that he needs to get the private jet fueled up and ready to take her and Elvis away. Stefano says no way; John, fearing that Stefano would kidnap baby Elvis, grounded the jet. Kristen says it's no big deal; she'll just take the Alamain that John got ready for Susan and Edmund's honeymoon and disappear. Stefano and Kristen say their goodbyes; then Kristen realizes she'll have to neutralize Violet before she can take the baby. She gets out her trusty tranquilizers and spikes Violet's tea. Violet passes out and Kristen prepares to drag her upstairs.

At the Titan party, while Edmund is saying his farewells, Sami and Franco watch as Austin and Carrie argue about Carrie's devotion to Mike's campaign. Carrie says that just as she was about to leave the hospital for the wedding, Laura was brought in from a car accident and she couldn't leave Mike's side. Then, when Laura was arrested for murder, with Craig watching, Carrie says she had to do something to help Mike. Austin finally says he understands and they should try to enjoy the party. They dance, but they are obviously still tense, and Sami and Franco notice gloatingly. Finally, they decide to go home early. Sami goes to get a drink and is stopped by Vivian, who has decided that Sami would make a great ally in her battle against Kate. Sami promises she will think about it, and then Vivian asks Sami what Franco wants from her. Sami gets defensive and says that Franco just likes her; Vivian tells her not to be naive. Sami goes to Franco full of doubts, and he reassures her with a passionate kiss that takes her breath away.

Friday, April 10, 1998

Celeste starts remembering her visions about Kristen's death, and is shocked when Stefano suggests that maybe Celeste is the one who killed her. Celeste says she could never kill anyone, but Stefano pushes her to remember the details of the evening. At first, Celeste remembers Laura coming and shooting at Kristen. Then she remembers blacking out, and concludes that Laura's last bullet must have grazed her on the head. When she came to, she realized that Kristen was still alive, and got up and went into the house. She can't remember much more, but Stefano suggests that maybe she held Kristen down in the water, and wonders if her gloves were dry. Celeste remembers that they were wet, but then recalls falling in the snow, and decides that must be how the gloves got wet. Stefano asks her if she didn't kill Kristen, and Laura didn't, then who did?

Laura shocks everyone down at the police station by confessing to shooting at Kristen, but then she tells them that she must have missed, since Kristen was not found with any bullet wounds and died of drowning and overdose. Abe and Roman don't know if they should believe her. Laura begs Mickey to at least get her out on bail for the night, but Mickey says that won't be possible until morning, and she'll have to spend the night in jail. Laura is horrified and hugs Jack, sobbing, begging him to help get her out of this. John decides to do whatever it takes to find evidence to support Laura's story.

As Kristen prepares to leave the penthouse with baby Elvis, Violet drugged into sleep upstairs, Edmund comes home. Kristen begins babbling an excuse about why she was going out, and while she is talking to Edmund, Violet comes downstairs. Kristen is confused and angry, because she thought she gave Violet enough tranquilizers to last for hours. Edmund suggests that they bring Elvis with them on their honeymoon and Kristen agrees, thinking that will give her more of a chance to escape with the baby. While they are talking, baby Elvis starts pulling his ear and Violet, afraid he has an infection, calls Marlena's pediatrician (who rushes right over, of course!). The doctor tells them that Elvis does indeed have an ear infection and that he needs to be inside for several days, and certainly can't ride on an airplane. Kristen is furious because she wants to kidnap the baby, but she uses Elvis' sickness as an excuse not to spend the night with her new "husband" Edmund. She sends him away and tries to figure out what to do next.

In the harem, Susan starts remembering the things that happened the night she was kidnapped from Salem. She remembers the mysterious woman who called her in England coming by to visit her and her memory reveals something startling - an English woman named Penelope who looks just like Kristen! Susan remembers thinking Penelope was Kristen in disguise, but it turns out Penelope is her long-lost sister, the fourth of the Banks quadruplets, who was given up for adoption and raised by a wealthy English family. Penelope is a B-movie actress and has a very high opinion of herself, but she and Susan get along very well, especially after Susan tells her about the problem with Kristen. Penelope suggests that she help Susan get Kristen put in jail by dressing up in the same clothing as Susan and acting as backup. The plan, Susan remembers, was for Penelope to give Susan fifteen minutes with Kristen and then to come after her if something goes wrong. Susan has the horrible feeling that Penelope didn't make it out of there alive...and now we know she's right!

At the Titan party, while Edmund is saying his farewells, Sami and Franco watch as Austin and Carrie argue about Carrie's devotion to Mike's campaign. Carrie says that just as she was about to leave the hospital for the wedding, Laura was brought in from a car accident and she couldn't leave Mike's side. Then, when Laura was arrested for murder, with Craig watching, Carrie says she had to do something to help Mike. Austin finally says he understands and they should try to enjoy the party. They dance, but they are obviously still tense, and Sami and Franco notice gloatingly. Finally, they decide to go home early. Sami goes to get a drink and is stopped by Vivian, who has decided that Sami would make a great ally in her battle against Kate. Sami promises she will think about it, and then Vivian asks Sami what Franco wants from her. Sami gets defensive and says that Franco just likes her; Vivian tells her not to be naive. Sami goes to Franco full of doubts, and he reassures her with a passionate kiss that takes her breath away.

Edmund sits alone up by the Blake house, worried about his Susan, who has not been acting the same since they got to Salem. Edmund swears he would do anything - ANYTHING - to protect his beloved Susan. He wonders if he should keep any more secrets from her, and if she should tell her what REALLY happened the night he arrived in Salem...

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