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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, September 23, 2002

Brandon demands the whole truth about what has been going on from Sámi; she immediately becomes defensive. Brandon defends Nicole much to Sami's chagrin. She reminds Brandon about the tape (in Victor's possession) where she recounts all her past lies. Brandon says that the tape she has regarding Franco's murder should cancel out anything Victor has against Sami; Sami admits that due to her foolishness Victor now has both tapes. Sami says that she wants to forget all past mistakes and start fresh. Brandon thinks that it's a good idea if she means it. Sami tells Brandon she'll never be an open book; Brandon confesses that he'll never be one either. He only asks that he can be able to trust her.

Chloe and Brady sit and joke around the campfire. They fantasize about being in Italy and they sit and look at the stars. Brady shows Chloe the star that John had named after Isabella. When Brady asks about Philip she admits that everything she thought she saw in Philip was never there in the first place. After a swim Brady cannot find his clothes! As she passes him a towel Chloe catches a glimpse of the "full Brady." It is an awkward moment. Afterwards they feast on s'mores and Chloe falls asleep on Brady's shoulder.

Nancy and Craig ask Philip where Chloe is; Nancy faints when Philip says he doesn't know where she is. Craig wants to talk to Philip as does Victor who says they can all meet up at the hospital. Once there Nancy demands to know where her daughter is. Craig tries to calm her. Colin takes over so Craig can go talk to Philip. Needless to say Craig, Victor and Kate are all pissed. Philip tells everyone that Chloe is safe with Brady, but will not elaborate on their whereabouts. Everyone assumes they are in NYC. Belle shows up and gives Craig Brady's cell phone number. She then follows Philip. Philip tells them Chloe dumped him. He then storms off. Shawn tells Belle to leave Philip be as he needs to work things out himself. They then head back to the dorm.

Kate and Victor find Philip. Victor Threatens to cut Philip off if he does not go to college, but says they can discuss it all in the morning. Craig returns to Nancy who is still worried. She wants to go but he insists on waiting for her blood test results. Colin returns with her results; Craig announces to Nancy that she is pregnant!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Sami wants to plan a romantic getaway with Brandon, but realizes she can't afford the place she has in mind; a headline soliciting stories for cash in The Intruder makes her think she can find a story for them. Lucas shows up, demanding that Sami sign the custody papers for Will. Brandon intervenes, but Sami signs the papers out of fear that Lucas will reveal the tape from Vegas. Brandon gets a call from Lexie and leaves; before Lucas takes off, he tells Sami that her dad is putting the moves on Kate. Sami goes to confront Roman, who's trying to win Kate over, and overhears him referencing Kate's past with Stefano. She confronts Kate, but Roman forces Sami to leave. Sami returns to her apartment with an idea to expose Kate's past with Stefano to finance her getaway with Brandon. In the meantime, Roman asks Kate out on a real date and she agrees. After he leaves, Kate scoffs at Roman's spiel about genuinely caring for her and is furious when she learns she lost a big account to Titan... Jennifer and Maggie are watching Abby and Will at the park. Jennifer opens up to Maggie about her persistent feelings for Colin and her lingering feelings for Jack. She admits she still loves Jack, but is afraid of getting hurt again. Will hits Abby with a swing and she sustains a head wound. Lucas shows up and takes Abby and Jennifer to the hospital. Abby cries to see her daddy and Jennifer asks Maggie to call Jack...

Colin tells Tony he's sure that Jack is just looking for dirt for his story; he's cool with Jack when he enters, but Colin has to leave when he's paged. Jack's cell phone vibrates in the foyer (it's Maggie calling about Abby) and Colin turns it off and pockets the phone. Jack does try to get information on Colin from Tony; he also tries to work Bart after seeing Bart's dislike of Colin. Tony overhears and realizes that Jack is out to get Colin. Meanwhile, Lexie tries to feed Jack information to write about her to look good in Abe's eyes. Cameron arrives and blows it when she says they'll make Abe pay. Lexie and Cameron meet with Brandon; they try to offer Brandon money for his silence. He's adamant that he won't help her and his silence cannot be bought...

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Lost in the basement of University hospital, Sami overhears John talking to a Federal agent about the Gemini Twins. She immediately jumps to the conclusion that there are aliens in Salem, and ponders over sending the story to a tabloid magazine.

Earlier, Sami and Nicole battle it out after Nikki tricked her down to the hospital's morgue by making her think was meeting Brandon. Sami pens Nicole down and leaves. Victor later finds Nicole after the hospital calls him and informs him that she is missing. Later, while in the hospital room, Victor brings Nicole a romantic dinner. Victor promises Nikki that once they are married she will have everything her heart desires. The two toast to their engagement and also celebrate the new account, which Titan stole from Basic Black. Meanwhile, Kate watches them and vows revenge.

Meanwhile, a homeless Philip searches for a place to live after being booted from the Kiriakis household by Victor for skipping his first college semester. Philip runs into Kate who also refuses him shelter saying that she thinks the experience will teach Phil independence. Philip later seeks refuge in Belles' dorm room.

Belle and Shawn fall out over the Gemini twins after Shawn sides with her dad. John refuses to let Belle tag along with him when he goes to see the twins and tells Belle that she is too obsessed with the situation. Later, when Shawn expresses the same sentiments, Belle becomes angry and tells Shawn that she is only protecting the Twins just as he did with Jan, and then suggests that she no longer trusts him.

At the Wesley household, Craig and Nancy celebrate the news that they are going to be new parents. Nancy expresses brief worries that something could go wrong with her pregnancy and that the baby might not be a donor match for Chloe. Craig reassures her that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Chloe and Brady call Craig and Nancy to let them know they are fine. Craig tries to tell Chloe about her new brother or sister to be, but Nancy stops him. Nancy later says she doesn't want to get Chloe's hopes up too soon.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Brady are still camped out in the woods. Hopeless about her situation, Chloe suggests that she and Brady return to Salem. Brady, in turn, vows that he will never give up on Chloe and tells her she will overcome her illness. Meanwhile, Chloe picks up hints from her conversation with Craig and Nancy that something is wrong back at her home. She becomes worried.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Shawn and Mimi are studying in the dorm lobby. Mimi gripes about calculus and realizes Shawn isn't paying attention. He tells her about the fight with Belle, Mimi understands both sides, especially over the Jan scenario. Cynthia overhears and tells Shawn that if he ever needs to talk they can grab a latte together. Belle comes down to look for her art history book and her and Shawn eye each other. Mimi tells her to talk to Shawn, Belle tells her that she has studying to do plus Philip is in her room. Belle asks Mimi not to tell Shawn because he thinks she is a busybody; always worried about others problems. She heads upstairs with Cynthia following her, again overhearing the conversation. Shawn asks Mimi if Belle is still mad and she says yes, he goes off to get drinks for their study fest and Mimi wonders if Hartley House really is Heartbreak House.

Belle took Philip to the cafeteria for some dinner. When they get back to her room, Belle gets Philip to open up more about his situation. Philip breaks down, swears Belle to secrecy and tells her the entire Dr. Sykes/Dry Creek story. She is surprised and yells at Philip for ruining Chloe's chances of finding Sykes at the clinic. Philip continues his poor me session as Belle goes downstairs to get her art history book to study. While she is gone, Philip tries to call Marie and Nico for help with money. Victor told them not to help Philip at all. Belle returns and tells Philip that he can stay in her room for the night. Of course, Cynthia is in the hallway and can't wait to tell Shawn her juicy gossip.

Jack finally got Jen's message about Abby and rushes over to see how she is. Jennifer tells him that she is asleep and explains the story. She faults him for never being reachable when there is trouble. He profusely apologizes and swears it will never happen again. They get into another argument about Colin, Jennifer admits that she isn't suspicious of Colin anymore, but won't tell Jack why. Jack leaves frustrated and tells Jen she doesn't have to tell him and he respects it, but he doesn't like it and asks her to be careful. Jennifer wonders if she is really doing the right thing.

John drops by the hospital to speak with Marlena, but she is unavailable, he visits the twins. They are excited when they see him thinking he brought Shawn and Belle. John wants to ask them questions and at first they seem reluctant, but Cassie remembers that he unlocked their bracelets for them. Rex tells him they will answer his questions. He asks them if they remember anything of how and why they came to Salem and who sent them. They don't know. Rex shows John the phoenix tattoo and tells him that Belle said they were trendy. John takes off his shirt and reveals an almost identical phoenix tattoo on his back. Rex explains that Marlena told them about the phoenix as a mythological bird. A doctor comes in to tell the twins that is it bedtime. They lay down and make plans to escape, figuring Belle is the only one that can help them. As John prepares to leave, Tony calls him and wants to see John and Marlena to discuss the Gemini Project with them.

Tony wants to get information from John, when he arrives at the mansion, alone. Tony asks him about Marlena. John tells him she is busy with patients at the hospital. Tony begins to talk about the Gemini Twins (the myth) and the constellation. He asks John if he knows anything about them, John says no. After casual, but no doubt strategic banter, Tony asks John if either himself or Marlena knows of any charities that he can help underwrite. John says Yes, Marlena has two needy cases at the hospital, Tony is intrigued, however, John doesn't tell him anything stating he need to discuss it with Marlena first.

Colin returns Jack's cell phone, which he took, to the DiMera Mansion and goes to speak with Tony. Tony is upset that Colin has not uncovered any information about the secrets in the hospital basement. He tells Colin that instead of chasing after women he should be helping him find his future and the key before John gets the best of him. Colin promises that tomorrow he will investigate. Tony informs him he will be going tonight.

Colin sneaks down to the hospital basement, waiting for the doctor and security guard to leave the door unguarded. He ties fishing line across the stairs causing the doctor to trip and fall hitting his head. Colin then chloroforms him and grabs his identification badge. Throwing a towel over the outside video camera he opens the door only to find another camera just inside. He finds an alternate route through the a/c vents. He manipulates the inside video camera to continuously play a freeze frame feed so he can snoop about the rooms. He takes pictures of various computers, beds, and medical devices. As Colin in looking at the twins the security guard comes in, however, he thinks Colin is the correct doctor and tells him he left the door open. Colin yells at him to get out or he'll wake the twins. Alone again, Colin enters the "bedroom" and takes more pictures. The twins are having a restless nightmare where Shawn and Belle come to rescue them from a man in a white coat (the face is hidden). They both roll over to reveal their tattoos to Colin, who takes more pictures. Tony calls him to say that John is headed back to the hospital Colin says not to worry and he has everything Tony wants.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Brady awakened Chloe singing "Happy Birthday." He presented her with a twinkie with 2 candles, one for this year and one to grow on. Chloe told him it was the best birthday surprise she'd ever had. Brady promised her that she would have many more birthdays and that he would celebrate each one with her. Chloe thanked him for giving her hope and making her laugh. They toasted (their twinkies) to next year. After some discussion about Philip, Brady admitted to Chloe that he has feelings for her. Finally, Brady gave her a birthday gift: Tickets to the Metropolitan Opera...for the next four seasons. Chloe was very touched. They shared a tender kiss.

Craig and Nancy discussed their excitement over Nancy's pregnancy. They decided that they have a long road ahead and need to concentrate on Nancy's health.

Spector came to visit the twins. They told him a man was visiting earlier asking lots of questions. Spector was nervous and curious to know who the visitor was. They told him it was John. Cassie got defensive when Spector asked about their "secrets." She insisted that they aren't keeping secrets; they don't know the answers to the questions. After he left, the twins found the Declaration of Independence on their laptop while surfing the web. They decided that they were being denied their "unalienable" right of the pursuit of happiness. They devised a plan to "break out" of their room.

Colin arrived at the mansion to report his findings to Tony. Colin told an attentive Tony everything he had found out about the twins. Tony was intrigued that the twins had a matching key, even more so that the twins had phoenix tattoos. Tony wanted to speak to the twins, but Colin said there was no way to get past security. Colin said he had the next best thing; he presented Tony with the pictures he had taken of the twins. Tony was impressed with the information, but was stumped as to their connection to Stefano. He vowed to get them out of government control and under his control.

Brandon overheard Sami talking to the Intruder about getting money for the story on the secrets in the hospital basement. A guilty Sami was pleasantly surprised that Brandon was just toying with her about making personal phone calls. He apparently hadn't heard what she was talking about. She did reveal that she is planning a big surprise for him. Just then a reporter from the Intruder arrived to get the details of Sami's story. Brandon nearly threw him out of the hospital because of the sleazy stories he writes. Then Brandon asked him why he wanted Sami. The reporter played along with Sami's story about him picking up x-rays. Craig came up behind them and told the reporter he had been told to never step foot in the hospital again. The same x-ray story appeased Craig. After Craig left, the reporter assured Sami that the alien story was about to break any minute.

At Nancy's first pre-natal appointment, Craig and Nancy scheduled an amniocentesis, which will determine if the baby will be a match for Chloe's bone marrow transplant. As a celebration gift, Craig gave Nancy a photo of Chloe when she was a baby.

As Colin and Tony tried to plot a way to get control of the aliens, Bart interrupted with the latest edition of the Intruder. The headline read "Space aliens invade Salem...Kept in hospital basement."

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