Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on DAYS

Jack and Jennifer prepared to marry on their television show. Marlena encouraged Sami to stay clear of Tony and make peace with Lucas. Victor was behind Chloe's newfound success. Nicole paid the price when she learned Victor planned to break up Brady and Chloe. Marlena worked with John to stop Tony. Kate warned Lucas about working for the DiMera organization.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, May 19, 2003

Bo continued his trek after Vin Ramsell and stopped at a small back road bar in Oklahoma. He ate breakfast then showed the locals a photo of Ramsell. Nobody admitted to recognizing Vin, so Bo apparently left. As Jake, one of the patrons, made a call to Vin, Bo reappeared to take the phone. Jake, threatening Bo with a gun, got the phone back. After he left, Bo managed to write down Vin's phone number that he had memorized when he'd had the phone.

Rex had a luncheon at Tuscany to celebrate his early completion of courses at Salem University. Before everyone left for the luncheon, Marlena visited Sami and Belle, asking them to be mentors to Cassie.

Meanwhile, Tony warned both Lucas and Cassie to stay away from each other after he witnessed an exchange between them. Cassie ignored Tony and asked Lucas for a ride to Tuscany. As the guests arrived and Maggie seated them, Rex and Cassie were surprised to learn of all their other half-siblings that Marlena had had with previous men. Marlena and John overheard Sami talking to Tony and learned about the incident at the Blue Note.

Marlena told Sami to stay away from Tony, but Sami later told Tony that their relationship hadn't changed. Tony was glad because he would like Sami to help him break up John and Marlena. Tony ordered Lucas to stay away from Cassie again, but Cassie had other plans. She planted a kiss on Lucas.

Throughout the luncheon, Rex and Mimi cleverly collected DNA samples from all of his unsuspecting family members for his research. Afterward, they went back to his room to start analyzing the samples, but Mimi successfully distracted him as they made out.

Jennifer and Hope were planning the wedding as Jack talked on the phone about the show. Station manager Barry Schmenkmen dropped in and proposed that Jack and Jennifer seriously consider broadcasting their nuptials on their show. Although hesitant as first, they changed their minds and agreed to have their wedding aired for all of Salem to see. Before Hope left, she told Jennifer to get ready for her bachelorette party. Outside the house, Hope called Bo to check on him and wished him a continued safe journey.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

by Joan

Brady surprised Chloe with news that she would be auditioning for Cecilia Marin that evening at the Blue Note. Chloe was distraught that her voice was not at its best -- and was perhaps lost due to her illness. Encouraging her to harmonize in a duet with him, Brady restored Chloe's confidence in her talent and herself.

Philip stopped at the Kiriakis mansion to say goodbye before leaving for the Marine base. Nicole's delight at welcoming Philip went downhill when she learned Victor had been reporting how happily married they were. Moments after Philip left, angry at being ignored by Victor, Nicole picked a fight and hit him with a glass vase. Nico helped Victor to his feet then Victor immediately ordered Nico to lock Nicole in her room.

Belle and Shawn were having trouble spending time together, even in public at the Brady Pub, because of Belle's Love is Blind fame. Gabby was quick to remind her of contract commitments, while Philip arrived to say the appearance would be his last for the dating show. Still interested in Philip, Cassie begged to join Shawn when the two were left behind at the pub.

At the DiMera mansion, Tony interrupted a near-kiss between Cassie and Lucas. During business discussions, Lucas said he was impressed with the extensive power of DiMera Enterprises, noting Tony's goal was to "neutralize" Victor. An unexpected visit from Sami sent Lucas hiding on the terrace. He listened as Tony and Sami played a cat and mouse game, discussing Lexie and Brandon's night together. She remarked that she had taken care of Lexie but suggested the need to keep Brandon and Lexie apart just as Tony wanted to break up Marlena and John.

When she'd left, Lucas confided his desire to get even with Sami. Tony agreed to hand Sami over to Lucas once he got the information he needed about John -- even offering his assistance to Lucas. Tony sealed the alliance with a toast, "To John and Sami," as a delighted Lucas replied, "They'll never know what hit 'em."

Philip quietly passed the Blue Note, seeing Chloe and Brady singing together. Moving to a secluded pier, he opened his duffel bag and removed his rifle.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Bo had followed Vin to Texas. He stopped by a Tex-Mex store/restaurant to eat. From there, he called Jack to have him research the Del Rios hotel. It was a hot spot for murderers, drug dealers, and every other common criminal. Jack returned Bo's call quickly, even forfeiting the final tux fitting for his wedding. He let Bo know that an ex-con, Jasper, owned the place; he was also a former cellblock mate of Vin Ramsel. Bo, armed with a few names, arrived at the sleazy hotel. Bo found Jasper and two other men sitting in the lobby.

After drinking tequila and starting on a beer, Bo asked about Vin and claimed he was looking for work and a room. Jasper said that Vin was fishing and probably wouldn't be back for a week. Bo didn't care; he would wait on him and wanted a room. Jasper didn't have work and said rooms weren't for free. Bo pulled out a wad of cash and counted it in front of the three gentlemen. Jasper walked away from the bar as his two friends walked up behind Bo. Using his cop instincts, Bo hit one with a bottle and the other with his fist, and a fight ensued.

Chloe was nervous, as the night of her performance had arrived. She wouldn't let Nancy or Brady invite her friends, so the Blue Note was empty except for the staff, pianist, Nancy, and Chloe. Chloe told Nancy she was going to cancel, but Brady arrived at the right moment and told her no. Over his shoulder, Chloe saw Philip; she thought he was still in love with her and had arrived uninvited. Nancy wasn't happy to see him and suggested he leave.

Brady announced that he had invited Philip because he had thought it would be good for Chloe. Philip wished her luck and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Brady showed Chloe a stuffed pig and reminded her that Cecilia Marin, who had just arrived, had once been a measly hog-caller. Nancy invited Cecilia to sit with her, but she was looking for Craig. Nancy informed her that Craig was in surgery and wouldn't be attending.

Chloe got more nervous as Cecilia approached the table. Chloe introduced herself and thanked Cecilia for being there and for the flowers during her hospital stay. She apologized because she hadn't performed in a while. She said she might not be perfect. Ms. Marin informed her in no uncertain terms that she had not traveled to see mediocre; she wanted perfection.

Jack and Jennifer decided to sleep apart the night before their wedding. Jack headed to his parents', and Jennifer went to her bachelorette party.

The party was at Echelon. It was ladies' night, and the hosts were all handsome men. A nice table was set up for the party, and the guest list included Jennifer, Hope, Maggie, Lexie, Marlena, Belle, Cassie, Sami, and Kate. Basic Black had provided gift bags for the ladies, including new perfume and a prototype of days of the week panties courtesy of Ms. Belle Black. Cassie thought it was lame that Jennifer was marrying the same man again and got intrigued by the waiter, eventually slipping away to meet with him. Sami forgot her present and went to the car; she bumped into Lucas on the way and wondered why he was there.

Kate spotted Lucas as well and asked him what he was doing there, considering it was closed to men. Lucas revealed that he was working for Tony, and Kate fainted. The ladies rushed over, and Marlena tried to wake Kate up. Maggie noticed Lucas and also asked the same question. She was sure that Lucas wasn't a patron of the place.

Lucas feigned forgetfulness, claiming he had forgotten it was ladies' night. Sami didn't buy it and tried to start something with Kate and Lucas; Marlena dragged her away and back to the party table. Belle told the group she hoped that when she and Shawn got married, she had a party just like that one. Cassie asked her what made her so sure that they'd get married.

Mimi stopped by to see Rex, but he was too busy to talk -- until he saw the red dress she was wearing. They kissed -- to relax him, according to Mimi. Rex was hungry, so they took Mimi's new car, courtesy of the Love is Blind winnings, and got take-out Chinese food. Rex wanted to get back to the house; he was waiting on the lab results of the DNA samples. When they returned, Rex wanted to skip the meal and get to dessert, à la Mimi.

The test results were faxed to Rex, and he wasn't happy with the outcome. He got mad and yelled that something was wrong with him. He thought the results were wrong.

Thursday, May 22, 2003


Chloe was too nervous to sing at the Blue Note. The pianist started the song many times before she apologized to the audience. Brady told her that she would not quit and that her voice was fine. In the meantime, Belle, Shawn, Victor, and a reluctant Nicole arrived to see the performance. Belle wanted to go talk to Chloe, but Shawn thought Brady could handle it.

Brady decided to start singing a duet to encourage Chloe. He began, and after just a few chords, bowed out and let Chloe shine. She did wonderfully and received a standing ovation. Belle and Shawn congratulated her; she wondered how they had known to be there. They revealed that Brady had told them. Victor also congratulated her; Nicole did, too, in her own little way.

Ms. Marin told Chloe that she had grown in her singing ability. She could tell that Chloe was a woman who had been through a lot; she sang from her soul. Ms. Marin said her goodbyes and told Chloe she would be in touch. Nancy and Chloe shared a very special mother/daughter moment when Nancy said how proud she was of Chloe. She couldn't believe the woman Chloe had become.

Victor stopped Ms. Marin before she left and spoke quietly with her. Nicole was unhappy to be there and drank martinis until it was time to leave. During the commotion of Chloe's congratulatory sentiments, Philip slipped out unnoticed. Shawn and Belle were dancing, and Belle wondered where Philip could have gone without saying goodbye.

Rex told Mimi that the DNA tests had to be wrong or that his study of his own DNA was wrong because it had revealed that Belle was not his sister. Their DNAs didn't match at all. He was very upset and mad, thinking he might not be as smart as he had once thought.

Mimi's cell phone rang. It was Mark, a Love is Blind fan. He invited Mimi out for a latte. She asked Rex if she should go. It was obvious Rex was jealous and didn't want her to, but he told her to go ahead because he was too busy anyway. She confirmed the location of the date, kissed Rex on the head, and left.

Philip arrived at the pier after leaving the Blue Note. He was dressed in scuba gear and slipped into the water with an underwater camera. His job completed, he changed clothes and began to do Morse code with a flashlight. Mimi saw him and called his name. Philip was startled to see her and asked what she was doing on the pier. She explained about her date and that it wasn't with Rex. Philip told her not to worry; it was Rex's fault if he didn't see how gorgeous she was. He promised to spend some time with her in a few days, and she left. Philip continued with his Morse code.

Bo was still at the Del Rio, fighting the two men. They had knives, but Bo wasn't deterred. He kicked the knives from their hands and sent them to the street. Hope was in Salem and got a feeling something was wrong. She called Bo's cell phone, but he was unable to get it due to the fight. He called her back afterwards, and she sensed he was in trouble. Bo told her that he had been in a fight, but he was fine. Hope wanted to go to Texas, but Bo told her, "No, it is too dangerous."

Bo and Hope hung up; Bo was ready to eat and headed to the store. Meanwhile, Hope called Caroline and Shawn Sr. to see if they would watch Zack while she went to Texas. They thought it was a great idea, and so did she. Vin arrived at the Del Rio while Bo was out. Jasper told him someone was looking for him.

Vin didn't want to see anyone and advised Jasper to lie and get rid of whoever it was. He went upstairs to bed, and moments later, Bo returned and asked for his key. He asked Jasper if Vin was back. Jasper told Bo that Vin might never return. Bo wasn't upset; he couldn't wait a few days and went to bed.

Friday, May 23, 2003

by Joan

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor recalled Nicole's drinking embarrassing him at the Blue Note. Nicole's accusations that Victor was trying to get rid of Chloe resulted in his threatening to keep Nicole from going anywhere. Once again, Nicole was locked in her room while Victor was delighted. Later, Victor was on the phone, discussing specified funds being transferred to a European account.

Jack broke with tradition, seeing Jennifer before the wedding. Confirming that the best man, Lucas, had the ring, Jack realized he and Jennifer had one another's vows. Sneaking into the salon while she had a facial, he heard Jennifer speak of her love for him as he exchanged the pages.

Celebrating her successful audition, Chloe had a brief visit from Philip, who was surprised to find her wearing the pin he'd given her. Shortly after, Cecilia Marin arrived, offering a job touring with her company through Europe instead of the Julliard scholarship. Both Chloe and Brady were taken aback hearing it would be years, not months.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas followed orders by frisking business visitors before entry. Arriving simultaneously, Marlena was astonished to learn that Lucas was involved with DiMera. She told him the association would prove him an unfit father -- and that she would testify on Sami's behalf to gain full custody of Will. Overhearing that, Tony told Marlena she would never do that or anything to cross him. Concerned that the twins were in danger, Marlena announced that she would take them out of the mansion. Tony's swift reply was that her motive for being there was because they wanted each other -- followed by a kiss -- for which he was slapped in return.

Ops paid an unexpected visit to John, informing him of Lucas' affiliation with Tony. Planning to learn more from Lucas at the wedding, John insisted that Ops immediately bug Lucas' car and apartment instead of legally waiting for a court order. Despite Ops's arguments, John felt he had to play the game DiMera's way, even if it involved killing Tony. Returning from the DiMera mansion, Marlena was in agreement with John that Tony had to be stopped but didn't mention Tony's advances. A phone call about their "special moment" made Marlena hang up on Tony without telling John.

As Jack and Jennifer nervously awaited a promised wedding gift from Bill Horton, Jack opened the door and found a surprise waiting. At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole was in her room, wondering if Victor would let her out to attend the wedding. Hearing Philip in the hall, she told him the door was locked from the outside and begged that he get her out.

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