Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on DAYS

Austin and Lucas wanted Carrie to work for them. Mimi wanted to tell Shawn that he was Claire's biological father, but Bonnie pressured her to stay silent or lose him. Hope felt that Bo had betrayed her and Shawn by supporting Chelsea and Billie. She refused to sit with him at Zack's funeral.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, February 6, 2006

Billie, Patrick, and Chelsea watched as Bo and Hope's relationship began to crumble. At first, Hope was in denial and refused to believe that Bo would give Chelsea his car. She continued to believe that Chelsea was lying. Finally, Bo admitted the truth; he had signed for Chelsea to get a temporary license, and he had allowed her to drive his car. Hope was devastated and couldn't believe Bo had been part of the cover-up and lies. Bo was devastated as Hope rushed out.

Austin made his pitch to Carrie: she could work with him and supervise the product line of her old company, High Style. To Sami and Lucas's horror, Carrie was tempted. Lucas asked about Carrie's old employees. He wondered if Austin could afford to rehire them.

Lucas made a counter proposal: he and Titan would start a "High Style" division in Los Angeles and would hire back all of Carrie's former employees. Carrie, to Austin's disappointment and Sami's glee, accepted Lucas' proposal. Sami told Austin that since Carrie was working for Titan, he'd be attacking Carrie as well as Lucas. Austin knew, but Carrie hadn't left him any other choice.

Bonnie continued to play the "heart attack" card, stopping Mimi from telling Shawn the truth. Bonnie asked if, for her piece of mind, Shawn and Mimi would get married as soon as possible.

Belle talked to Caroline about her continuing love for Shawn. Caroline encouraged Belle to think about all she had in her life: a good marriage to Philip and their child. Besides, Shawn had moved on, and Belle couldn't be with him. He was about to marry Mimi.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Bo was torn between helping his wife and protecting his daughter. He desperately tried to track down Hope. Billie and Chelsea angrily reacted to Patrick, who had foiled their plans for Billie to take the blame for Chelsea's crime. Patrick defended his actions, but neither mother nor daughter wanted to hear it. Billie said their relationship was over.

Patrick got on Bo's case for obstructing justice as a member of the police force. Bo promised to do his best to take care of Chelsea. Billie was officially cleared of Zack's death, but charges were forthcoming for Chelsea.

Hope was furious with Bo for lying to her and found comfort with Jennifer. Jennifer couldn't believe the lengths Bo had gone to in protecting Chelsea. She tried to get Hope to give Bo the benefit of the doubt, but it fell on deaf ears. Patrick showed up, and Hope stunned them both. She never wanted to see Bo or Chelsea again.

While Mimi tried to tell Shawn that he was Claire's father, Bonnie continued to weave her web of deceit. She faked her illness, and Lexie bought it, telling Mimi that Bonnie potentially had heart disease. Bonnie got her "dying" wish when Mimi promised to marry Shawn.

Abe's corneal transplant was complete, but the one complication he hadn't bargained for was that Tek was apparently still after his wife. Tek kissed Lexie and said he loved her. Lexie insisted she was going to stay with Abe.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

While Lexie eavesdropped, Abe apologized to Tek for suspecting him of chasing her. Seeing a chastened Lexie, Tek said he wouldn't get between the Carters. Lexie thanked him for lying, but he mentioned he was in love with her. She explained she loved her husband then held Abe's hand as the nurse removed his bandages.

Lexie was the first thing Abe saw with his new corneas. They cried and embraced. Abe's happiness was tinged with sadness for his donor and his or her generous family. Lexie cried anew when they learned Zack had donated the corneas. Abe promised to cherish Lexie and not take anything for granted. They agreed to a new start in Zack's honor and exchanged "I love yous." Tek promised Lexie's happiness wouldn't last.

Carrie was uneasy about celebrating with Lucas when she hadn't signed a Titan contract. Roman ran into them and was ecstatic she was staying in town. Nicole finished a bottle of champagne and flirted with Roman before meeting her business partners. Investor Larry Tate wanted to arrange more takeovers for Austin. He resisted, but Nicole said he could use Tate's money to buy six companies and give one to Carrie.

Roman thought Nicole might have a heart. They shared champagne, and she offered to go home with him. He begged off because of the alcohol, but she followed him to his hotel room.

Carrie overheard Austin assert takeovers were his future. She took him to task for firing everyone and ordered Tate to shut up. She stormed out with Austin on her heels. The only thing she was ashamed of was not leaving him sooner. They weren't meant to be. Sami prevented Lucas from following; she said their siblings wouldn't end up together.

Chelsea cried in the courtroom and wished she had a second chance. Kate gently said there was no way to go back, and she was going to use her influence to spare Chelsea from justice. A.D.A. Brent Weitz told Chelsea that not speeding wasn't enough. He suggested she get an attorney, because a witness had seen her reaching for her phone. Bo insisted to Billie he didn't have to choose between his wife and daughter.

Weitz asked Bo to arrest Chelsea. The D.A. didn't like that she had no remorse. Bo claimed Hope would "come around," but Chelsea said her stepmom would never forgive her. Billie dreaded Hope's vehemence. Kate looked forward to it pushing Bo back to Billie, but she refused to capitalize on the tragedy. Chelsea cried as Bo led her to jail.

Alice and Maggie had joined Jennifer to support Hope. She would never forgive Bo; she couldn't even look at him. Alice said she had to, and Jennifer elaborated that Hope needed to save her marriage. After Addie died, Alice and Tom had held on to each other. Jennifer mentioned the difference: Chelsea.

Hope declared that if Bo supported his daughter, he'd lose his marriage. When Jennifer tried to call him, she activated a saved voicemail of Zack saying it was time for Mommy to pick him up from school. The ladies insisted Hope needed Bo. She agreed to talk to him, but "God help him" if he was with the Reeds. In the courthouse, Hope saw Chelsea hugging Billie goodbye as Billie said she and Bo would be there for her.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

On the morning of Zack's funeral, Bo still couldn't find Hope. Very concerned about her, he went to see Jennifer and Frankie. Jennifer told him that Hope had spent the night, but she had gone to church and didn't want to see Bo. He was heartsick, desperate to be there for his wife at a time of such deep sorrow and grief.

Jennifer helped Frankie get ready for the funeral. She lent him a pair of Jack's cufflinks and remembered romantic times with Jack. Jack appeared to Jennifer and again urged her to be with Frankie. Helping Jennifer with her coat, Frankie, who was still in a leg cast, lost his balance, and they fell onto the sofa -- and into a passionate kiss.

Kate visited Chelsea and urged her to attend her brother's funeral to make her look more sympathetic in court. Kate's real objective was to drive a further wedge between Bo and Hope so that Billie could be with Bo. Chelsea was torn. Irate, Billie called her mother on what she was doing. Kate played innocent and left. Billie warned Chelsea not to go to the service.

Bonnie spent the night with Mimi and Shawn, recuperating from her "cardiac episode." Mimi, deeply worried about her mom's health, made her a healthy breakfast, which turned Bonnie's stomach. Faking illness to push Mimi and Shawn to marry quickly, Bonnie begged her daughter not to tell Shawn the truth about being the biological father of Belle's baby. Mimi was deeply torn. Kate showed up, and Bonnie let on that Mimi knew the truth. Kate realized she'd have to keep an eye on Mimi.

Doug and Julie took Hope to St. Luke's. Needing to check on him, Hope opened his coffin and lovingly combed Zack's hair and gave him his favorites to keep him company. Bo showed up to comfort her, but she rejected him and refused to sit with him at the service. Bo was devastated at the ongoing rift between them.

Caroline, Grandpa Shawn, Victor, Kate, Alice, Maggie, Jennifer, Frankie, Shawn, Mimi, Belle, and Philip all arrived for the service. At the funeral, Shawn delivered a deeply moving, tearful tribute to his brother, stressing Zack's honesty. Mimi was profoundly affected, knowing she had to tell Shawn the truth. To everyone's surprise, Chelsea showed up, and Hope went ballistic and slapped her son's killer in front of family and friends.

Friday, February 10, 2006

John took a moment to visit with Abe, who was thrilled to actually see his friend again after the cornea transplant. He explained that he was not at Zack's memorial service because Marlena was there with Alex. Assuring him Marlena would "come to her senses," Abe suggested John use his ISA expertise to investigate Alex.

Thanks to a guard's mistake, Lois discovered the door to her room was unlocked, and she slipped out. Leaving the memorial service because Alex was feeling light-headed, Marlena took him back to the penthouse, and he boasted that the next time they were in a church would be to renew their wedding vows. When Lois called, Alex ordered her to go back, but she threatened to tell John his real plan if he didn't go help her. He finally calmed her down, but when he told Marlena he had to run an errand, she wouldn't let him leave.

After Hope slapped Chelsea for showing up at the memorial service, Bo asked Billie how she could have allowed Chelsea to go to the church. Shawn was stunned to learn that Chelsea had killed Zack. Chelsea told Shawn she was sorry, but he yelled at her to get out. He then stared at his father in disbelief. Victor offered to stay with Chelsea, but Bo claimed Hope didn't want him, so he'd help his daughter.

After warning Mimi never to lie to him, Shawn blasted his father for lying to Hope. Patrick arrived and tried to comfort Hope. Bo ordered him to stay away from her, but Hope claimed she could trust him more than Bo. While arguing with Kate about Bo and Hope, Billie yelled at Chelsea when she started complaining. Back at the loft, Mimi caught her mother drinking beer and announced that she was going to tell Shawn the truth but would probably lose his love.

Lois returned to her room just before John entered and injected her with a truth serum.

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