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Monday, February 25, 2008

Roman visited Bo in the hospital and questioned him about the plane crash. Shawn, Belle, Claire, and Caroline arrived at Bo's room to try to cheer him up. Bo was feeling upset and guilty about being the cause of Shawn Sr.'s death. Caroline asked Bo to tell her about Shawn's last moments. Bo was very emotional as he told his mother what happened. Bo explained that there was not enough oxygen for everyone to survive. Shawn Sr. knew Bo was ill and refused to take the oxygen. Bo later passed out from his injuries and symptoms of his illness. When Bo regained consciousness he learned that Shawn Sr. gave his life to save his family. Bo felt he might die anyway and that maybe Shawn ended up giving his life for nothing.

Lexie walked into the room and told Bo that no one was going to die on her watch. She ordered more tests to find out exactly what was wrong with him.

Caroline told Bo never to apologize again about his father's death. Caroline was proud that her husband died a hero for his family. She told Bo to follow the doctor's orders and get well. After everyone left Bo's hospital room, Lexie promised Bo that she would tell him the truth as soon as she knew the test results.

Caroline later returned to check on Bo. They reminisced about all the wonderful times they shared with Shawn and the family. Caroline told Bo that even when Shawn learned that Victor was Bo's biological father, Shawn remained loyal and hardworking and never changed his feelings toward Bo. Caroline said that Shawn was angry about her affair with Victor, but he remained a faithful husband and devoted father. Shawn always told Caroline that his job was to remain true to those ideals forever. Caroline comforted Bo and reminded him that Shawn lived and died by those words and that he would be with them forever.

Steve and Kayla were released from the hospital and returned home to relax and think about the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Steve was troubled by this woman from his past and found a way to leave the apartment to find her. Steve located his mystery woman in a back alley. When Steve asked her what she wanted with him and tried to dismiss her, her bodyguard roughed up Steve. She told Steve that she managed to get away from her father to find him, first in Ireland, now in Salem. She confirmed that her people were responsible for tampering with the plane. She told Steve that they were only supposed to prevent the plane from takeoff and no one was supposed to be injured or die. She asked Steve why he left her without even saying goodbye. She screamed at him in anger and confusion and asked him how he could forget their years together. She reminded Steve that he told her that he wanted her to have his child. She demanded that Steve explain what happened and why he left her. Steve fought off the bodyguard and warned this woman to leave his family alone. Steve left, but she vowed that their relationship was far from over.

Steve returned home to Kayla. Kayla mentioned to Steve that there were strange noises overhead the entire time that he was gone. Steve told Kayla that he would do anything to protect his family. After Kayla left to get some rest, Steve locked all the doors and removed his gun from the drawer. Stephanie arrived and noticed that Steve was on edge, but ignored it and went to speak to Kayla.

The Theta sorority women called a meeting to discuss Chelsea's betrayal and disclosure to the police regarding Ford's death. After careful consideration, they realized that Chelsea did what she thought was right and that they admired her courage. They wished Chelsea had trusted her sisters with her decision to go to the police, but said that they understood. The sisters agreed that they should put this tragic incident behind them and move on with their lives.

Chelsea and Stephanie tried to comfort Max as he mourned the loss of his father. Max regretted that he did not get a chance to say a proper, loving goodbye to his father. Morgan told Max that Stephanie loved him and she knew that he didn't love her. Max was grateful for Morgan's friendship and both agreed that they wanted to remain as friends.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sami and Belle arrived at the Brady Pub together, and paused when they saw the sign on the front door that read: CLOSED DUE TO DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Sami said she still couldn't believe her grandpa was gone, and they both agreed that the pub-and the family-would never be the same. Inside, Caroline greeted them both with hugs, and explained that she, Roman, Shawn, and Father Jansen were discussing Shawn Sr.'s funeral arrangements. Just as Caroline was asking where all the children were, E.J. came in, pushing the twins in a giant stroller. Caroline asked why Sami hadn't left them with Maggie and Alice, who were also looking after Ciara and Claire. E.J. said he loved spending time with the twins, and Sami said he was great with them. When Father Jansen mentioned the eulogy, Roman said he'd like to do it. Father Jansen gently suggested to Caroline that he, Roman, and Shawn could finish the arrangements if it were too difficult for her. Caroline snapped that she'd know better than anyone what Shawn would want-then she immediately apologized.

E.J. was waiting in the cold outside, where Caroline found him and said, "I know exactly how you feel." E.J. was taken aback, but she explained she could tell he felt the same way she had in the past-that he'd made mistakes and wanted to fix them, though he didn't know how. He was surprised she could tell all this from just a look, but she said she could see how much he cared about Sami, and how he was really trying to change. She advised him not to dwell on his mistakes. E.J. said he didn't understand how anything good could come from all the things he and his family had done to Sami. Caroline said she had felt the same way, but Bo had come from her affair with Victor. She said even Shawn's death had brought the family closer, and shown them that they had to live life to the fullest. She invited E.J. to Shawn's funeral to see all this for himself, and he agreed to come.

Sami asked Belle if she and Shawn were back together, and Belle said they were. Belle asked Sami how she was coping without Lucas. Shawn admitted to Roman that he was having a tough time, with Bo being so ill in addition to Grandpa Shawn's death. Roman assured him Bo would be fine, and suggested they bring up a keg from the basement so the bar would be ready for Shawn Sr.'s wake.

After assurances from Grandma Caroline that she truly didn't need any more help, Sami and E.J. left with the twins. Roman, Shawn, and Belle asked Caroline what else needed to be done. Caroline said that Shawn Sr. had always felt the Brady Pub was the perfect pub for an Irish wake. "I am determined to give him the best sendoff that any Irishman ever had," she continued with a smile. She set them all to work cleaning glasses, plates, and silverware, stocking the bar, planning the menu, and ordering rye bread, corned beef, and cabbage. Later, Roman asked Caroline what she and E.J. had talked about, and she confided she'd told him to stop being so hard on himself. Roman asked if she really thought a DiMera could change. Caroline said anyone was capable of change, and added, "You just need someone or something to make you want to do it."

Back at Sami's apartment, Sami told E.J. not to put too much stock in what her grandmother had said, since Caroline was grieving. Suddenly Sami broke down, mourning her grandpa, and E.J. took her in his arms and comforted her as she sobbed against his chest. He kissed the top of her head, and Sami abruptly seemed uncomfortable by their closeness. She pulled away, apologizing, and went into the other room.

Steve tried to convince Kayla to take it easy until the baby was born, and she tried to convince him the baby was fine. He finally got her to compromise and lie down for an hour. As soon as Kayla had closed the bedroom door, Steve made a phone call and arranged to meet someone right away. Before he could get out the door, he bumped into Stephanie, who immediately said she could tell he was upset about something. Steve covered by saying his ribs hurt, but Stephanie said she wasn't buying it-she could tell he was hiding something. Just then Kayla walked in, so Steve covered by saying Stephanie was giving him a hard time for making Kayla stay in bed-and asked why Kayla was up. Kayla said she got hungry, so Stephanie offered to fulfill her mom's cravings and left to get potato chips and onion dip. Later, Stephanie returned with the food to find that Steve had left, so mother and daughter retreated to the bedroom to snack in front of the TV.

Meanwhile, Steve returned, and after he checked to make sure Stephanie and Kayla were in the bedroom, he removed a gun from his waistband, took off his jacket, and stashed the gun in an inside jacket pocket. He again dialed his mystery contact, and said the info they had given him didn't trace back to Ava. He insisted Ava was in Salem, and that he needed to find her before she hurt anyone else. He continued that Ava was crazy, and a part of his past that he wanted to forget. He told the person on the other end of the line to keep digging to find out where Ava was. "I got a new life, and I can't let my past touch my family again," Steve said, then hung up, just before Stephanie and Kayla emerged from the bedroom. Kayla asked where he'd been, but he just asked her again why she was out of bed. She replied that she'd be more relaxed hanging out with her husband and daughter. When her parents started getting a little too cozy on the couch, Stephanie excused herself. She teased them about embarrassing her, told them she loved them, then blew them a kiss and left.

Ava pulled a picture of her and Steve from a drawer, then made a phone call and asked the person on the other end for help. She told them Daddy wouldn't let her out because he found out she went to see Patch, who was back in Salem. She asked them to find out everything there was to know about Patch and "that bitch who is carrying his child." Ava said that since Patch had walked away from her, it was time for him to pay.

Marlena arrived at the DiMera mansion, where John had summoned her. He said he wanted her to get him in to see Stefano. Marlena said she didn't understand why, since Stefano was in a catatonic state. John reminded her that Stefano was his half-brother. Marlena wondered how Stefano would react when he found this out, and when he learned that Colleen was John's mother. She then realized that, while seeing Stefano might be dangerous for him, it might also trigger something in John's memory, so she agreed to go. Before they could leave, Abe met them at the front door. He reminded them John had never been released from protective custody-and Marlena was in hot water for sneaking him out of the hospital. Marlena argued that John had never been charged with a crime, but Abe believed John was dangerous. Marlena said firmly that John was not Stefano's soldier anymore. "You're even prettier when you're angry," John said approvingly. Marlena, ignoring him, stated that she didn't believe he was dangerous, but Abe threatened to hold John for 72 hours. John said he could prove he wasn't a threat, and left to make a phone call. Soon Lexie arrived, and she and Abe were surprised to see each other there. Lexie and Marlena both vouched for John that he was in perfect health and a danger to no one. Abe said he didn't understand why they were both defending him. Lexie maintained that John was no more like Stefano than she was. Finally Abe gave up, but warned John he'd be watching him. Marlena apologized to Abe on her way out.

At the sanitarium, Stefano lay trapped in his paralyzed body, his mind fully alert. Marlena waited by the window while John stood over Stefano and had his say. He said that Stefano's egotism had been his own undoing, because he had brought John and his mother together-the last two people on earth he should have ever brought together. John then explained that he was the bastard son of Colleen and Santo-and Stefano's half-brother. John said that he had almost fulfilled Stefano's mission, but something had stopped him-he didn't know what it was, but it was more powerful than Stefano's training. He continued that Colleen had died happy, with her family all around her, while Stefano's family had deserted him and condemned him to spend the rest of his life in that condition. Then John concluded, "I hope you're enjoying your new life, because I'm going to be enjoying your old one. I'm gonna go back to your house, which is now my house. I'm gonna drink your booze, smoke your cigars, eat your food, and sleep in your bed. And time will go by. And before long, it will be as though you never even existed." He and Marlena then departed, leaving Stefano to silently shout after him, "Damn you, John. Damn you and your whore of a mother!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's the day of Grandpa Shawn's funeral. Bo, who's still undiagnosed, is being released from the hospital to attend his father's funeral. He's weak and in a lot of pain.

At the Brady pub, Max, Stephanie, Kayla and Steve wait to take Caroline to the church. Kimberly arrives and greets her family. Victor enters. He would like to escort Caroline to St. Luke's. Kimberly doesn't think that's appropriate. Caroline tells her family to go ahead. Victor and Caroline share a warm moment and talk about the past. Then she tells him she wants to walk to St. Luke's alone.

Everyone is at the church waiting for the service to begin. John questions Marlena about their marriage. Do they have an open marriage? Is she dating anyone? Marlena's offended and tells him she loves her husband, but the man standing here is not her husband. John reminds her they made love.

Steve catches Ava spying on him but she gets away. Steve tells Abe he needs to speak with him later.

Before the service begins, the four original Brady children gather around their father's coffin and pray. During the funeral, each of Shawn's children gives a eulogy to their father. Chloe sings an Irish funeral song as the congregation passes by the coffin to pay their respects. The funeral ends with Caroline resting her cheek on top of her beloved husband's coffin as she tells him a final goodbye.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grandpa Shawn's wake is taking place at the pub. The Bradys continually mention that the wake is supposed to be fun, but nobody is enjoying themselves. Shawn's children, grandchildren, and Abe take turns giving tear-jerking speeches. Kimberly is reluctant to leave early, but everybody encourages her to get back to her life and her husband. Hope is concerned about a visibly ill Bo. She wants to take himd to the hospital, but he refuses. After a while, Bo can longer carry on the act and must be taken to the hospital.

Outside the pub, Steve helps take Bo to the car. Bo asks Hope to stay at the pub for his mother. Hope reluctantly agrees. Hope thanks Steve for his helps and gives him a hug. Ava, who is lurking about, takes a picture of Hope hugging Steve.

Back inside the pub, Hope tells Lexie that Bo has gone to the hospital, and Lexie leaves to check on him. E.J. tries to offer condolences to Kimberly. Kimberly is not interested in speaking to him. E.J. tells her not to judge him because of his family's misdeeds. Kimberly assures him that she is judging him based on what he has done to her family. E.J. declares that he has made mistakes and is trying to do the right thing. Kimberly tells him it takes a real man to admit his mistakes.

Kimberly says goodbye to her family. She has a plane to catch. Hope decides to check on Bo. While Hope is standing outside the pub, Ava approaches her. Ava wants to know if Hope loves Steve. Hope tells Ava that she does love Steve. Hope asks who Ava is, but Ava simply walks away.

Inside the pub, Max gives another speech for his father. Then, everybody drinks and takes turns telling Irish jokes. The wake seems to have turned into what Shawn would have wanted. Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

At the hospital, Bo urges Steve to leave to take care of Kayla. Steve eventually agrees. After Steve leaves Bo's room, he asks a nurse to take good care of Bo. She says that she is going to connect Bo to the monitors. When the nurse enters Bo's room, he is unresponsive-he has no pulse and is not breathing. The nurse calls for Lexie. Lexie begins CPR and sends the nurse to retrieve the crash cart. When the nurse arrives, Bo begins breathing. Hope, Shawn D, and Chelsea arrive and are concerned about Bo. Lexie tells them she has the test results. Bo's pancreas is slowing shutting down. If his pancreas continues to shut down, Bo will die.

Ava looks at pictures of several Bradys. When she comes to Hope's picture, she says that Hope has made a big mistake by loving Patch.

Steve arrives back at the pub, and asks Abe to run a police check on a lady named Ava Vitali.

Tony arrives at his office. He makes small talk with his new assistant and begins working, but cannot stop thinking about Anna. He decides to go to Anna's office to take her to lunch.

Anna arrives in her office and receives a call from Lumberg. He wants her to get to work and get new clients. Anna tries but everybody she contacts is a client of DiMera Advertising.

Tony brings flowers to Anna's office, but she is not there. Tony writes Anna a note and leaves.

Anna goes to DiMera Advertising, but Tony is not there. She walks into his office only to be confronted by Tony's new assistant. Anna wants to know if Tony has given her the "birth control" talk. Anna tells the young lady that she will eventually have to sleep with Tony-if she doesn't, she will lose her job. Tony later arrives to find his new assistant packing her belongs. She quits and calls Tony a pervert.

Tony goes back to Anna's office. She starts to apologize and Tony kisses her.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Bo awakened in his hospital room to find Hope sitting at his bedside. After she told him she'd slept in the chair next to him the night before, he asked about his test results. Later, he worried that he might die, and bemoaned how his father had refused oxygen on the plane so the others could live. Hope wouldn't hear it. "You are going to get well, end of story," she said, and told him not to argue with her about it.

In the hallway outside, Chelsea brought coffee to Shawn, and they agreed they were glad they could be there for each other. Victor arrived and overheard them talking about Bo's pancreas shutting down, and jumped to the conclusion that Bo had pancreatic cancer, which had claimed the life of Victor's daughter, Isabella. Lexie assured him they had found no malignant cells, but they still didn't know why Bo's pancreas was failing. Victor angrily accused Lexie and the hospital of incompetence, and said he'd bring in every expert in the world if he had to. Caroline arrived, and Lexie didn't mince words telling her about Bo's condition. Victor promised Caroline he wouldn't let their son die. "I know you mean well, Victor," she sighed, "but you're not God, and it would seem that Bo's life is in His hands right now."

Chelsea tearfully admitted to Shawn that she was afraid they would lose their father, because she'd lost everyone she loved-her adoptive parents, Zack, and now her grandfather. Shawn sternly assured her they weren't going to lose him, because Bo was a fighter. She confided that she knew her dad loved her, but now that she finally believed it, and felt it, she didn't want to lose that feeling-or him. Shawn tried to comfort her with a brotherly hug. He admitted they'd never been that close, but he wanted them to be able to lean on and support each other. He continued that she had to be strong for their dad, because, he said, "His family is the only thing that's going to get him through this."

Victor and Caroline joined Bo and Hope in Bo's room, and when he alluded to not being around much longer, Caroline stopped him. "Beauregard Aurelius Brady, I never want to hear you talk that way again. Do you understand me?" she said firmly, shaking a finger at him. "Yes, Ma," Bo replied with a weak smile. Lexie advised them all that, since Isabella had had pancreatic cancer, it might mean the family had a genetic predisposition to disorders of the pancreas. She said if they knew what was causing Bo's problems, it would help them treat it better. If they couldn't, his pancreas would continue to lose function until it eventually shut down. "So, I got a chance of beating this, right?" Bo asked. Lexie was fairly confident they could identify and treat the problem, but welcomed Victor's offer to bring in other doctors. Chelsea and Shawn joined them, and Chelsea told her dad they were all going to help him get well. She leaned down and hugged Bo and told him she loved him. "I love you too, kid," he replied.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena told John she was surprised that he'd invited her over. He asked for her help with Stefano's financial papers. She refused, and said she wished he'd just give the DiMera blood money away. Before they could argue in earnest, they were interrupted by Belle bringing Claire over to see her "Pop-pop." John tried to get rid of them by saying he was too busy, but Claire looked up at him sweetly and said, "Pleeeease?" Warming a bit, he relented, and set the tot up to play at the desk. Belle confessed that she had wanted to see him, too, because he was important to her. Unmoved, he rebuffed her rudely. Marlena reproached him for being mean, and tried to comfort Belle by reminding her John wasn't himself. Disheartened, Belle handed John a picture of him and Claire, and told him it was Claire's favorite picture. Meanwhile, Claire found a jewel box on the desk that contained a small computer disc, and held it up, asking John, "What's this?" John said it was probably blank, since it wasn't labeled, and tossed it back on the desk. He finally convinced Claire it was time to go by promising she could come back soon, but just then the doorbell rang. It was Richard Griffin, Stefano's lawyer and executor of his will, who told John he had interesting news about Stefano's estate. Richard began by explaining that Stefano's holdings were complicated, and he had many lawyers all over the world, most of whom had no idea what the others were doing. He suggested that the rest of the family should be there for the rest of what he had to say, so John began calling them.

Stefano lay in his bed at the sanitarium, still imprisoned by his own body, paralyzed by the drug Marlena had given him but fully conscious. Tony and Anna dropped by for a visit. Anna said she was creeped out because Stefano's eyes were open, and Tony explained that it was just a muscle tic. As Tony marveled aloud that he didn't feel anything at seeing his father like that, an impatient Anna excused herself to wait outside. Tony asked Stefano if he regretted anything, and Stefano remembered how pleased he'd been when he erased John's cognitive abilities and memories. "I wonder if we'll ever know the true extent of all your evil," Tony continued. He then asked what future plans Stefano had had for John. Stefano silently told Tony that John was a man without a past, because he would never know how to retrieve his memories. Tony said he'd only come by because he wanted to reassure himself that Stefano could never hurt anyone again. After Tony left, Stefano continued to recall the day he'd extracted John's thoughts and memories-everything that John was-onto a disc. In the hallway, as Tony was reassuring Anna that Stefano's prognosis hadn't changed, his cell phone rang. He hung up and told Anna it was John, who'd asked him to come to the DiMera mansion. With a mischievous smile, Anna offered to come along.

Sami had just collapsed on the couch in exhaustion when E.J. knocked at the door. When she told him Johnny was napping because he'd been up since 4:00 a.m., he asked why she hadn't called him for help. She said she had it covered, and asked what he wanted. He said he wanted to talk about the night before, when she'd needed comforting over her grandfather's death. She said the only thing she wanted to talk to him about was their annulment. He confessed that he'd been enjoying "playing house" and helping her with the twins. Sami admitted he'd been helpful, but said there was a big difference between helping out and pretending they were really married. He conceded, and said he'd draw up the papers right away. She said she'd prefer to use Mickey Horton, and asked why she should trust E.J. to handle the annulment without a lawyer. He explained that he'd gone to law school before becoming a racecar driver, and that an annulment was fairly cut-and-dried. Sami agreed to let E.J. handle it, as long as she could have Mickey look it over. As E.J. was leaving to start on the paperwork, John called to summon him to the mansion. E.J. invited Sami to come along. "What the hell?" she said with a shrug.

After everyone but Lexie, who was tied up at the hospital, had gathered at the mansion, Richard told them that John asked him to go over the distribution of Stefano's estate. E.J. grumbled that he wasn't aware Stefano was dead. Richard explained that Stefano was unlikely to recover, and that he hadn't given anyone his power of attorney before he became incapacitated. So, as the executor, it was up to Richard to decide who should manage Stefano's vast and complicated empire. Sami and Anna pressed him to get to the point. Richard stated that, while this wasn't a formal execution of Stefano's will, he was using it as a guideline for his wishes. He said Stefano had cut all his children out of his will and cancelled E.J.'s trust fund, leaving only a trust for Johnny when he turned 21. Richard ended by saying that, as Stefano's only other surviving blood relative, John was entitled by default to control the estate. E.J. protested, saying not only was Stefano unaware that he and John were related, but John was the last person he would want his money going to. Anna asked how much the estate was worth, and Richard replied that it was in the tens of millions. "There's my new jet," John smirked. Marlena told him she was disappointed he was keeping the money. Richard told John he'd send over the necessary paperwork, and then he left, followed quickly by Tony and Anna. A bemused Sami hugged Marlena good-bye, as John got in a dig at E.J. about being cut out of the will. E.J. cheerfully retorted that he should never have told Marlena that John was alive, then escorted Sami out. Belle told Claire to tell her grandparents goodbye, so the child gave Marlena a hug and kiss, then walked over to John. He picked her up awkwardly, but when she sweetly bid him goodbye, he kissed her cheek. Belle and Claire departed. Marlena then admonished John, saying the man she knew would never have taken Stefano's money. When John wisecracked in return, she declared, "There just has to be a way to reach you. There has to be a way to get John back." He said he didn't think so, and invited her to stay and have dinner with him to celebrate. Without hesitation, she refused, and left without saying goodbye.

In his hospital bed, Stefano remembered John's final words to him about how he would be living Stefano's old life. He thought with perverse glee that John would never know how close he was to regaining his true identity and reclaiming his life. "And the new life that you are pursuing will be almost unbearable for your loved ones to observe-so much so that, eventually, they may prefer that you had stayed dead and never come back to them at all!" he predicted with a silent, evil laugh.

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