Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on DAYS

Maggie and Nick had words over his dependence on painkillers and his obsession with Melanie. Bo and Hope were surprised that Nicole's testimony placed Nick at the scene of Trent's murder. Stephanie ended her relationship with Max and grew closer to Philip. Rafe learned that Sami was pregnant, but he agreed to keep the news secret.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 10, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nick apologized for startling Melanie with her surprise birthday cake. Melanie said she understood that he was just being sweet. She confided in him that she felt like she was being watched when she got a call from someone claiming to have seen her on the night Trent was killed. Melanie blew out the candles on her cake. Then she admitted that she wished she knew who killed her father, but Nick couldn't make that dream come true. Nick tried to convince Melanie to move on and not obsess about Trent's killer, but Melanie said she couldn't move on.

She said she would wonder for the rest of her life whether she killed her father. Nick said it wasn't in her to kill Trent, but she said she didn't know that and he was just saying that because he was a nice guy. Nick pointed out that Trent treated her badly, but Melanie said Trent was still her father. She wanted to go to bed, but Nick convinced her to open her birthday presents. He bought her a snow globe of Marseilles. Nick got a call from Max, and was happy to tell Melanie that Max had figured out one of the equations on his alternative fuel project, which meant she could get her money sooner than they thought.

Melanie wondered why Nick always talked about her when he talked about his project and not how he was going to benefit from it. Nick said it was because he would do anything for her. Before she opened up her next gift, Nick explained that the next two presents went together. He got her a picture frame, which she said was just what she wanted. Then she remembered she had a photo of her and her father that she could put in the frame.

After she ran off to get it, Nick quietly opened up the next gift - a photo of Nick and Melanie. Nick was confused as to why Melanie wanted to frame a picture of her and her father, but she pointed out that Trent was still her father. Melanie was ready to eat some cake, so Nick went to get a knife to cut it. He remembered stabbing Trent in the back the night he was murdered. Then Nick slowly walked toward Melanie while holding the knife.

Bo and Hope went over Nicole's testimony that she went to the graveyard with a gun with the intent to kill Trent but didn't. They started to believe Nicole's claims that she was innocent and suspected that the guy Nicole claimed to have seen that night might be the real killer. Bo was beginning to have second thoughts about being the police commissioner after receiving a call from the district attorney for them to have a breakfast meeting with him. Bo and Hope realized that Nicole's testimony did not clear Melanie as a suspect. Hope theorized that whoever killed Trent was connected to Nicole or Melanie.

Nicole accused E.J. and Stefano of setting her up for Trent's murder to take away her baby. Nicole pointed out that E.J. forced Sami to live in the DiMera mansion to be near him. Nicole was afraid that E.J. was going to use her situation against her in a custody case, but he said there wasn't going to be a custody case, and he begged her to trust him. She though trusting E.J. was the last thing she should do.

E.J. tried to convince Nicole that he wouldn't try to take her child from her. Nicole said she was afraid that someone would try to take the baby away from her or that she would be a bad mother. She was terrified knowing her baby was counting on her. E.J. told Nicole they both wanted what was best for their child, and they needed to trust each other. E.J. said he wasn't trying to take his son, Johnny, away from Johnny's mother, Sami, because Johnny needed her. What E.J. was trying to do was get closer to Sami.

He said he would never take Nicole's baby away from her or set Nicole up for murder, because it wouldn't be the best thing for their child. E.J. promised to get Nicole off, even if she had murdered Trent. E.J. had thought Nicole might have killed Trent, but he didn't believe that anymore. Nicole said E.J. was a smooth talker, and he said he was being sincere and they needed to trust each other for the baby's sake for starters. He said if they decided to trust each other because they thought it was the right thing for the baby, it might turn out to be the right thing for them.

Sami demanded that Rafe give her back her clothes, which he stole while she was in the shower so she wouldn't be able to escape. Sami threatened to report him. Rafe passed the time by watching the game. After Rafe refused to give her back her clothes, Sami cried, saying she felt alone, but Rafe wasn't sympathetic. Rafe teased Sami while she hid in the bathroom naked, taunting her with food and saying he planned to leave her in the bathroom all night.

Sami decided to drive him crazy by banging on the wall and singing. Rafe realized he lost a bet he'd made after his team lost, and Sami teased him for losing money on his game. Rafe asked if there was anything she needed before he went to bed, and Sami realized he still wasn't going to give her back her clothes. A few moments later, she looked out the bathroom door and saw Rafe asleep on the couch with headphones on. Sami snuck out of the bathroom and went through Rafe's things, but he caught her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Though Sami tried to deny it, her swollen belly told the whole truth, and Rafe quickly deduced that she was pregnant. She indignantly claimed that if she were, she'd be proud of it. Rafe apologized for having been rough on her, but he was furious that she hadn't told him sooner. Sami insisted that she'd told her father, who not only respected her privacy, but had insisted she not tell the FBI about her pregnancy. Rafe, fed up with her lies and machinations, threatened to call Roman to confirm her story. Sami tried to dissuade him, and when she saw that he was actually going to go through with it, finally admitted the truth: she was indeed pregnant, and she hadn't told anyone, including her father. Rafe began chastising Sami for compromising the program's protocol, until her face dissolved into tears. Though exasperated, he questioned her gently, and, between sobs, she filled him in: she was unhappy not to be able to celebrate her baby's life; she was terrified that the baby's family would destroy his or her future; she had been about to tell the baby's father the day she'd witnessed the mayor's assassination; and she'd been miserable since entering witness protection because she couldn't be with her children.

Rafe told Sami that, while he sympathized, it didn't excuse her irresponsible behavior since she'd entered the program. Sami retorted that Rafe would feel differently if he'd ever had to deal with the baby's nefarious grandfather, Stefano DiMera. Rafe acknowledged that he understood why she would use the witness protection program to keep the truth from the baby's father, and he respected her decision. Sami was relieved to hear that, and to have time to figure out how to keep the truth from E.J. once the mayor's killer was caught. Rafe warned her that he had to inform his superiors about her pregnancy, and it was probably only a matter of time before her father-and the baby's father-found out, as well. Though Sami pleaded with him not to, Rafe began dialing the phone.

At the jail, a grateful Nicole expressed relief that E.J. was truly on her side, and that, with any luck, she wouldn't go to prison for a crime she didn't commit. She and E.J. were sharing a tender moment when Bo and Hope arrived. Bo informed them that they had made some progress on Nicole's case, and although they weren't dropping the charges, he had asked the judge to release her on bail. E.J. promised a thrilled Nicole that he'd get her out posthaste.

A short while later, E.J. escorted Nicole into the DiMera mansion living room. After ensuring that she was comfortable, he observed that she seemed rather forlorn. Nicole confessed that his doubts about her innocence had disheartened her, and so she was moving out. A bemused E.J. wanted to know if her earlier emotional declarations had been truthful or just manipulations. Nicole replied that she had been sincere, because she had believed he wanted her, but then he had suspected her of murder. She continued that despite his occasional tenderness, he was often not present emotionally, and she could sense his ambivalence about her.

As Nicole headed upstairs to pack, E.J. stopped her in the foyer and implored her not to go. He maintained that, despite how undemonstrative he could be, he felt like they'd grown closer since her arrest. He added that he had actually been thinking about their getting married, because he believed that if they committed themselves to each other and to being a family, they would have a wonderful life. Nicole admitted she was skeptical because of Sami. E.J. swore that he had let go of Samantha, and then kissed Nicole tenderly.

While preparing to slice Melanie's birthday cake, Nick recalled the night he'd seen Melanie struggling with Trent in the cemetery. When Nick had seen Trent fling Melanie to the ground, he'd angrily confronted Trent, who had just scoffed at Nick and called him a dork. Nick had found the knife on the ground and, in a fit of rage, stabbed Trent in the back. Melanie noticed how distracted Nick seemed, and asked what was wrong, snapping him back into the present. Nick confessed that he'd just been thinking about what a rough time Melanie had been through, and how happy it made him to see her smile again. She then asked about her other presents, so he presented her with another gift: a ring made of her birthstone. As he slid it on her left ring finger, he reassuringly told her that it was a friendship ring, and that they would be friends forever.

Although clearly uncomfortable, Melanie expressed her gratitude for everything Nick had done for her. Nick asserted that she was amazing, and that he would do much more for her-and had. Melanie asked what he meant by that. Nick covered, saying he only meant that, in defending her, he'd alienated his friends. Melanie acknowledged that she felt terrible about that.

Just then, Hope knocked on the back door. Seeing the cake, she told a skeptical Melanie that she hoped it had been a happy birthday for her. Hope then told Nick that she needed to talk to him alone. Though Nick protested, Melanie announced that she was going out for some fresh air so the two of them could talk. Hope asked Nick how he was doing with Mickey and Maggie out of town. Nick inferred that she was concerned about his being alone with Melanie, and hotly told Hope to leave Melanie alone. He pointed out that the police had arrested Nicole, which meant that Melanie was innocent. Hope cautioned him that the case against Nicole wasn't closed yet. Seeing the troubled look on Nick's face, Hope wondered if he knew something about Trent's murder, but he denied it. Hope confessed that she was concerned about Melanie being in Nick's life. Nick angrily declared that Melanie didn't kill Trent, and Hope couldn't make him say that she did.

Daniel had called Lucas and Philip to the hospital at Kate's request, and they arrived with Chloe in tow. Daniel informed them that Kate had become anemic from the chemotherapy. When Philip saw how weak and pale Kate looked, he ordered Daniel to stop the chemo. Daniel pulled everyone back out into the hallway and pointed out that it was not Philip's decision. Although Lucas also tried to reason with him, Philip was adamant that he didn't want Kate to suffer, especially if she didn't have much time left. Daniel maintained that if they stopped treatment and Kate's cancer returned, it would almost certainly kill her. Philip then asked if it were possible to slow the treatment, so Kate could get stronger before continuing, and Lucas soon repeated the question. Daniel admonished Philip and Lucas again that all treatment decisions were solely Kate's, then left to make rounds.

When Lucas and Philip left, separately, to get some air, Chloe slipped into Kate's room. She took a sleeping Kate's hand in hers, and tearfully informed her about what Lucas and Philip wanted to do. Speaking from personal experience, Chloe pleaded with Kate to fight like hell, because it was the only chance she had, and because her sons needed her. As Chloe tiptoed back out of the room, Kate whispered, "Thanks, Chloe."

Melanie ran into Philip in the park. When he tried to dismiss her and her problems, she told him he deserved whatever it was that was making him miserable. "Really?" he retorted. "Because I just found out my mother is dying." Mortified, Melanie confessed that she had forgotten that Kate was sick. She quickly blurted that she hoped his mother would be all right, and ran out of the park.

Lucas and Philip returned as Chloe was exiting Kate's room, and she informed them that Kate was awake. They immediately rushed in and asked Kate how she was feeling. Kate, looking a little sickly and pale, admitted that she'd felt better. Philip tried to persuade her to stop the chemo, since that's what was making her so sick, but Kate weakly refused, arguing that it was her only chance. Lucas confessed that they hated seeing her suffer. Kate was sure that everything would be all right, and she would be cured. Philip agreed to accept and support her decision.

Daniel stepped into the hall and asked Chloe if she'd talked to Kate. Although she didn't verify it, he thanked her.

Melanie returned to the Horton house and overheard Nick defending her to Hope. Hope then said her goodbyes and left. When Nick told her that Hope had just been nosing around for information, Melanie was worried that he would start to believe the things Hope seemed to be insinuating. Nick asserted, "How can I, when I know the real truth?" Melanie asked how he could know the truth about her father's murder, but Nick only replied that he knew in his heart that she didn't do it.

When Hope returned to the station, Bo asked if she thought Nick was protecting Melanie. Hope confided that she sensed something wasn't right, adding that she was afraid Nick's involvement with Melanie would have disastrous consequences.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the park, John surprised Marlena, prompting her to scold him for sneaking up on her at night. When John asked about her trip to Colorado, she admitted that she had come back that morning. John was dismayed that she had not let him know she was returning, but Marlena explained that she had to go to the hospital and catch up on her work. John acknowledged that he had received the divorce papers, and Marlena explained that they needed to be divorced. Looking sadly into one another's eyes, John and Marlena agreed that they would not try to avoid one another. Cautiously, Marlena asked about John's health, and when he responded that no one could help him, Marlena reminded him that he had said those exact same words when they first met. Marlena urged John to accept her help, but he again declined. John then collapsed in pain in Marlena's arms, undercutting the argument he was making that he did not need any medical attention. Once John seemed okay, Marlena asked him what he was thinking of prior to his collapse. John quickly changed the subject and the two talked about being alone. When Marlena mentioned that Sami was in the witness protection program, a surprised John responded that he had an idea to help.

At the Cheatin' Heart, a panicked Chelsea met up with Philip to learn the news about Kate. Philip calmly updated Chelsea on Kate's condition and told her that due to the severe reaction and neuropathy pain that was caused by the chemotherapy treatment, Kate was not allowed to receive any visitors. Philip and Chelsea hugged and comforted one another, then Chelsea excused herself to go home and work on her paper for school.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie stopped by to return a shirt to Max. Not wanting to prolong the breakup, Max declined the shirt but Stephanie insisted, saying, "I don't want it." With pain in her eyes, Stephanie reminded Max that after their first breakup, she had been so devastated that she had left her family behind. Stephanie assured Max that she was stronger and that she would not be leaving town again. When Max asked if they could be friends, Stephanie softly said, "Someday."

Outside the Cheatin' Heart, a frustrated Philip kicked the wall of the bar in frustration just as Stephanie walked up next to him. Stephanie offered her support for Philip, and the two went inside to get a drink. They talked about their last conversation and Philip renewed his offer for her to work at Titan. Though still a bit reluctant, Stephanie agreed to take the job.

At the Brady Pub, an emotional Chelsea ran inside to cry. Not expecting to find anyone there, Chelsea was startled when Max came out from the back room. Chelsea wept and then she and Max talked about Kate. When Chelsea attempted to change the conversation to Max and Stephanie's relationship, Max responded that they were definitely finished. As Chelsea started to joke about her brief fling with Max, she accidentally knocked over a cup of tea on the shirt that Stephanie had returned earlier. Apologizing profusely, Chelsea offered to buy him a shirt to replace it. Max declined the offer, saying that the shirt was just "an old rag."

At the Kiriakis mansion, a glowing Nicole reveled in her freedom from jail. E.J. suggested that they go out on a date, but Nicole vehemently rejected the idea, stating that she was worried that dating would ruin a good thing. E.J. argued that he was concerned by her insecurities, but Nicole argued that she felt it was better not to get to know one another too fast. E.J. relented and agreed not to date. The two discussed their preference for the gender of the baby and agreed that the gender was irrelevant, so long as the baby had love and laughter. Concerned, Nicole again began to worry about prison, but E.J. vowed to protect her. When Nicole turned her attention to the mirror, E.J. assured her that she had never looked lovelier. Nicole and E.J. cuddled up next to one another on the couch and fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the safe house, Agent Rafe Perkins threatened to call his boss and inform him that Sami was pregnant, but Sami pleaded with him not to. Sami argued that she feared for her baby's safety should the DiMeras find out that she was carrying E.J.'s baby. When Rafe continued to try to call his boss, Sami cried out, clutching her belly. Concerned, Rafe hung up the phone and tried to call 9-1-1. Sami assured him she was fine and then put his hand on her belly to feel the baby kick. Clearly uncomfortable, Rafe pulled his hand away. Sami joked about his reaction but Rafe assured her he just wanted to protect her child from harm.

When Sami then joked about preferring to be "on death row again" rather than telling anyone about the pregnancy, Rafe's mouth dropped open in shock. Sami quickly explained the circumstances of her incarceration and argued that, though the DiMeras were not to blame for that incident, they were to blame for many other crimes against her family. After rattling off some of the DiMeras' schemes, Rafe seemed to soften to Sami's request. When Rafe promised to think about keeping Sami's secret, she thanked him and went to bed noting, "I forgot how pregnancy can wear you out." "Tell me about it," Rafe responded under his breath. Sami asked him to repeat what he'd said, but Rafe lied and said he was only telling her to get ready for bed. While Sami slept, Rafe contemplated his phone and then made a phone call.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lexie and Theo went for a walk in the park, and Theo had a meltdown; Chelsea was able to calm him down by singing to him. Chelsea explained to Lexie that autistic children had unusual sensitivities to music. Lexie tried to get Theo to show Chelsea her toy, but he had another meltdown. Chelsea calmed him down again, and Lexie wondered why Chelsea was so effective with Theo.

Chelsea said it was because she wasn't his mother, and kids acted out with their parents, because they knew their parents would love them no matter what. Chelsea asked to spend time with Theo at the playground, so Lexie let them have time alone, because she felt Theo liked being alone with Chelsea. Lexie said goodbye to Theo and tried to get him to look at her before she left, but he wouldn't.

Maggie returned from her convention and told Nick she had a problem with Melanie still living at her house. She said wherever Melanie went, trouble seemed to follow her. Melanie overheard their conversation and interrupted, thanking Maggie for her hospitality. After Nick left, Maggie laid out the ground rules for her.

Melanie assured Maggie that she and Nick were just friends, and she showed off the ring Nick gave her, explaining that it was just a friendship ring. Maggie filled Melanie in on Nick's past relationship with Willow and how Willow took advantage of him. Maggie explained how Willow died and that Nick got in trouble trying to help Willow. Melanie said she had no intention of hurting Nick, and Maggie said if Melanie hurt Nick, Melanie would answer to Maggie.

Nick tried to get a refill on his pain medication to help him cope with the pain from his gunshot wound. He saw a doctor at the hospital, who wrote him a prescription. Nick tried to rush off when he ran into Kayla. Nick mentioned that he was getting more pain medication, and Kayla told him that the drug might be addictive.

John dropped by Marlena's place unannounced to tell her he'd hired a private investigator to track down whoever shot the mayor so that Sami could leave witness protection. There was a knock at the door, and John opened it to find Brady. Marlena was overjoyed to see him, but John wasn't. Brady said he'd stopped by Marlena's place hoping to surprise her after dropping by John's place first and finding him gone. John didn't feel like talking to Brady, and told him he was interrupting John and Marlena's conversation.

Brady told Marlena he'd spent the last six months working on a farm as part of his drug addiction recovery. Marlena invited John to sit down and talk with her and Brady, and Brady said he needed to make amends with the people he'd hurt, which was why he wanted to see his father. John made up an excuse to leave, and Brady was hurt that John was so emotionally distant. After John left, Marlena told Brady that John wasn't well.

Marlena explained that John was having bad headaches and seizures but, despite abnormal test results, he refused medical treatment, which was why she had filed for divorce. Brady figured out that John was afraid of getting help because of what was done to him in Stefano's lab. Brady told her she couldn't give up on John, and she said she would never give up.

Brady offered to help. Marlena suggested that Brady stay close to John, and she offered to let Brady stay at her place. She said it might help John see Brady more as family. John knocked at the door and informed Marlena that his contact was on the case. He was surprised to see Brady was still there, and Brady said he wasn't going anywhere. Marlena suggested that John stay and get reacquainted with Brady, but John said he was busy, and left. Brady admitted that he'd hoped that John would remember him. Marlena said one day John would look into Brady's eyes and the old John would come back.

At the hospital, Max apologized to Kayla for the way he treated her and the rest of the family. Kayla said she was glad Max went to France to find his sister. Later, Max ran into Melanie at the park, and he told her that Nick said he was in love with her. She was surprised to hear that Nick was in love with her, and Max noticed the ring Melanie was wearing, but she tried to explain that it was a friendship ring. Max told her to give the ring back and stop leading Nick on. Melanie denied that she was leading Nick on, and resented being characterized as a scheming bitch.

Nick was upset with Maggie for telling Melanie not to hurt him, and accused Maggie of treating him like a child. He said Melanie was a good person. Maggie got a phone call and left the room, so Nick took his pain meds while she was out of the room. The bottle fell on the floor when Maggie returned, and she confronted him about it. Maggie reminded Nick that the drugs were highly addictive, but he said they were only addictive if you took them for a long time, and she said he'd obviously been taking them for a long time. Maggie assumed he'd been taking the drug when he got arrested for drunk driving, and reminded him that she knew something about addiction.

Nick got angry and went off on Maggie, and she was hurt, because he'd never spoken to her in that way before. Maggie made him promise to take care of himself. She said they would talk about it later, but Nick said to himself that they wouldn't discuss it later, because he and Melanie were taking a trip. Melanie overheard him talking to himself and asked him about what he'd said. Nick said he was just thinking the two of them should go to the Green Mountain Lodge and go for a dip in the hot tub. Melanie turned him down, so Nick walked out.

Lexie ran into Kayla and Joe at the Brady Pub. Lexie confided in Kayla about how Theo had a meltdown at the park and Lexie wasn't able to calm him down, but Chelsea was. Lexie said she felt like Theo would rather be with anyone but her, and she thought it was because Theo sensed that she was anxious because she felt guilty that Theo had autism.

Kayla told her it wasn't her fault, and Lexie said she knew that in her head, but emotionally, Lexie felt like there was something she could have done to prevent it, and she felt like a bad mother. Kayla said she refused to let Lexie beat herself up over Theo's autism. Kayla said there were times when every mother failed at being patient. Lexie said she couldn't picture Kayla ever failing, but Kayla told Lexie about the time Stephanie was colicky as a baby and Kayla couldn't comfort her, so she lost her patience and cried.

She said the only person who could comfort Stephanie at the time was Kayla's mother, and even though Kayla was grateful, she felt inept. Kayla said she eventually accepted that she might not be able to comfort Stephanie always in the way Stephanie needed, but Stephanie knew that her happiness was the most important thing to Kayla. Kayla said Theo knew Lexie loved him, and he always would.

Kayla said Theo was lucky to have Lexie as his mother, and Lexie said as much as she got frustrated, there were times when Theo would look into her eyes, and her heart would melt because she felt his love, and she knew he felt hers.

Chelsea and Theo ran into Max in the park, and Chelsea said she was grateful that Max was there for her the other night when Chelsea was an emotional mess. Max said Melanie was still staying with Nick, and Chelsea predicted that Melanie would end up breaking Nick's heart even more than Chelsea did. Max told Chelsea she didn't mean to break Nick's heart, but Chelsea felt responsible for pushing Nick to someone who would break his heart more than Chelsea did. Max told her that Nick gave Melanie a friendship ring, and Chelsea said if that was what Nick wanted, she wished him nothing but the best of luck. Max said he had the feeling Nick would need it.

Melanie got a call from Maggie, who was trying to reach Nick. Maggie told her to tell Nick to call her immediately. Melanie looked for some paper to write down the message, and she found the paper Nick used to write the blackmail note to her. She compared it to the blackmail note and realized it matched.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sami awakened at the safe house to find Rafe already up and reading the paper. She declined the cup of coffee he offered her, citing her pregnancy-which she thanked him for keeping a secret from his superiors. She was furious when he told her that he had talked to his boss after she'd gone to sleep the night before. They bickered briefly, and then he informed her that Nicole had gotten out on bail. Sami was incensed, and worried that her son could be living with a murderer. Rafe tried to reason with her, arguing that perhaps Nicole had been wrongly accused, since she was no longer the primary suspect. That only infuriated Sami further. She began noisily washing dishes, ranting about how Nicole was manipulating E.J., while Rafe tried to tune her out. Suddenly he put down the newspaper and declared that he finally understood why she'd been so ill-behaved since entering witness protection: She was still in love with E.J.

E.J. bumped into Nicole as she was leaving the DiMera mansion for a prenatal checkup, and asked if he could come along.

A bit later, a gown-clad Nicole waited with E.J. in a hospital exam room, where Daniel found them. He asked about Nicole's symptoms, and then listened to the baby's heart. Nicole was very relieved when Daniel pronounced everything to be progressing just as it should be. Daniel then informed them that they might be able to find out the sex of the baby when Nicole had an ultrasound at her next appointment.

Daniel left so Nicole and E.J. could discuss whether they wanted to learn the baby's gender. Nicole voted for being prepared, so they could paint the nursery the appropriate colors, but E.J. preferred to be surprised. When Daniel returned, they told him they didn't want to know the sex, though he cautioned that they might find out accidentally. E.J. had to leave to take a phone call, so Nicole used the opportunity to ask Daniel if it were safe for her and E.J. to have sex. He reassured her that it would not harm the baby.

When Daniel went into the hallway, E.J. also pulled him aside to ask if he and Nicole could safely have sex.

Chloe was picking up a to-go order at the Brady Pub, and was stunned to suddenly find her ex-husband, Brady, behind her. When she asked how he was doing, Brady informed her that he'd been clean for about a year. Chloe asked why he'd returned to Salem, since he'd been so reluctant to while he was in rehab. He replied that he'd come back to see her. Chloe didn't seem to buy it, so Brady played along, teasing her that he had only run into her by coincidence. But when he saw the hurt in her eyes, he earnestly reassured her that he really had come back to see her, so they could figure out what had gone wrong in their marriage.

Chloe maintained that she was to blame, because she'd been so focused on her career that she'd neglected him. Brady countered that he should have been more supportive of her dreams, and asked for her forgiveness. Chloe was still angry with herself for standing idly by while he self-destructed, but Brady insisted that he was the only one responsible for his addiction. She pointed out that people should be able to help those they loved make better choices, but she hadn't. Brady asked if they could then forgive each other, since they had each taken responsibility for their actions. She took his hand and declared, "Brady, I forgive you for giving up on our marriage. I know it's because you lost yourself. And I hope you forgive me for not trying hard enough, for abandoning you when you needed me most." Brady replied, his voice thick with emotion, "Chloe, I forgive you." Chloe's eyes filled with tears as they embraced, and they held each other for a while.

Soon the tension and uncertainty melted away, and Chloe asked Brady if he planned to stay in Salem. He said he hadn't decided, and asked if she was helping Lucas with Allie while Sami was in witness protection. Chloe tried to pretend that talking about Lucas didn't make her uncomfortable, but quickly changed the subject. She remarked that it must be strange for Brady to come home to a father who didn't know him. Brady acknowledged that it was. He was further taken aback when she informed him that John had been hanging out with Nicole-and that Chloe and Nicole had become friends.

A little later, Chloe stopped by the hospital to check on Kate. Though Daniel told her that Kate still couldn't have visitors, he said that she'd heard every word of Chloe's recent pep talk. Chloe was surprised, because she'd thought Kate was asleep, but Daniel thanked her for inspiring Kate.

Back at the mansion, E.J. and Nicole excitedly talked about how thrilling it was to hear the baby's heartbeat. They began kissing, and E.J. suggested that they move to the bedroom. Nicole sent E.J. upstairs ahead of her, and was eagerly pondering what to wear when the doorbell rang. She was completely floored to open it and find Brady standing there.

In the Horton kitchen, Melanie was searching in the desk for something to write on. Suddenly she found some paper that matched that of her threatening notes, and stared at it in disbelief. Nick came in just then, startling her, and asked what she'd been looking at. Melanie made an excuse about having a headache, and tried to go upstairs to lie down. Nick stopped her, asking somewhat insistently if something were bothering her. Melanie stopped trying to pretend nothing was wrong, and angrily confronted him with the stationery, pulling the crumpled note from her purse to show him that they matched. Sobbing, she expressed her disbelief that he'd been the one terrorizing her all along, when she'd trusted him and considered him a friend. She shouted at him to just admit it, so at last he did. Melanie was horrified and furious, but Nick declared that he'd always felt connected to her. She accused him of trying to frighten her into staying close to him, because he thought he was in love with her. Nick declared that he'd done it to protect her, because what he'd written in the note was true: he'd seen what happened in the cemetery the night Trent was murdered. Her voice shaking, Melanie asked if that meant he'd killed her father. "No, Melanie," Nick replied. "You did."

Reeling, Melanie reached for a chair and tried to suppress her sobs as she demanded Nick tell her everything he'd seen. All the while remembering how he had stabbed Trent, Nick spun a web of lies: he'd been worried about her that night, so he'd followed her to the cemetery, where he found her and Trent arguing and struggling with the knife. He then saw her stab Trent in the back. Afterward, she'd fainted, falling and hitting her head on a tombstone.

Melanie broke down, hysterical that she could have killed her own father, and cried that she had to turn herself in. Thinking fast, Nick pointed out that the police would never believe that she'd killed Trent in self-defense, and declared that they had to leave town immediately. He lied that she was again the main suspect, but she insisted she could handle the cops. Nick then argued that pressure always made him nervous, and he might unintentionally let something slip about what she'd done. He urged her to go upstairs to pack right away, because it was their only choice. Finally, reluctantly, she agreed, and ran out of the kitchen. Nick's eyes filled with tears as he heaved a sigh of anxious relief.

At the police station, Bo and Hope agreed that they had to identify the tall man Nicole had seen at the cemetery the night Trent Robbins was murdered. After making some phone calls, Hope informed Bo that Ray Jackson, the caretaker, had actually been at the cemetery that night. She continued that Ray had lied to them because he'd been stealing headstones and selling them on the black market.

Later, Bo and Hope went to the Cheatin' Heart on a tip. They found Ray Jackson at the bar, and began grilling him. Ray insisted that he hadn't been on duty on the night in question, but finally admitted it when Bo threatened to bust him for his illegal side business. Hope asked if Ray had seen anyone else at the cemetery that night, and she and Bo were stunned when Ray said that he had. They showed him some photos, asking if the person he'd seen was in any of them. Ray stopped on a snapshot of Melanie, so they asked him to indicate exactly whom he'd seen. With absolute certainty, Ray pointed to Nick, in the background of the picture.

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