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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Melanie told Philip that she had decided that if Chloe made Daniel happy, then Melanie was happy. Daniel overheard Melanie and said that Melanie had made his wedding day. Daniel had assumed that Melanie was going to "blow up on Chloe again." Philip excused himself and left the father and daughter to talk. Melanie gave Daniel the Patron Saint of Marriage as a necklace. Daniel called Melanie a "very sweet girl." Melanie said she noticed it when Daniel had said he couldn't handle losing the love of his life again, and she hoped that he didn't lose Chloe.

Daniel asked what made Melanie change her mind about Chloe. Melanie said he heard Daniel tell Chloe that Chloe would be okay, and Melanie wondered whether she was "freaking out" because of Chloe or because Melanie wasn't ready to share Daniel yet. Melanie thought that Daniel considered her to be a mistake, but he reassured her that Melanie's conception was not a mistake -- she was a welcome accident. Daniel said he would take the necklace she gave him wherever he went. Melanie went to get ready for the wedding.

Chloe thought about Carly's insistence that Chloe tell Daniel about her cheating before they get married. Carly walked into Chloe's room, and Chloe told Carly that if Carly wanted to tell Daniel about what Chloe did, she should "go for it," but Chloe was not willing to give in to Carly's "self-righteous blackmail." Chloe asked Carly to keep Chloe's secret. She reminded Carly that she wasn't having an affair, and she loved Daniel. Carly said she thought she was doing the right thing by hiding Melanie's existence from Daniel, but in the end, everyone suffered.

Chloe asked if Carly thought Daniel would easily forgive her if he heard that she had slept with someone else. Carly thought it was possible. Carly said she wasn't trying to be evil -- she was grateful to Chloe for saving Carly's life. Chloe said that Carly had saved Chloe's life. Carly wanted Chloe to convince Daniel to postpone the wedding until Chloe was fully recovered. Chloe reminded Carly that she had cheated because she thought that Carly and Daniel were cheating. Carly didn't understand why Chloe had thought that. She reassured Chloe that it would be okay once she told Daniel what she did.

Vivian stopped by Chloe's room to find out what happened. Chloe explained that Vivian's plan was a mess from the beginning and Chloe had changed her mind about it then ended up in the elevator. Vivian said she had heard about Chloe's accident and wanted to see if she was okay. Vivian denied being involved and accused Chloe of being on strong medication. Chloe said she knew what she was saying. Chloe assured Vivian that she would be fine. Vivian rushed out of the room and vowed that Chloe would pay for it.

Philip visited Chloe at the hospital, and she complained about her run-in with Carly. Chloe thought that the best thing to do was tell Daniel about her cheating, but she thought of telling Daniel that she had sex with a random guy from a bar. Philip didn't think it was a good idea and that Daniel would see through it. Chloe said that Carly wanted her to postpone the wedding until she could figure out a way to tell Daniel about her infidelity. Philip said that Daniel was eager to get married and if Chloe postponed it for any reason, Daniel would be suspicious.

Philip said that if Chloe postponed her wedding, Carly would win. He said that Chloe had the upper hand, although it didn't feel like it to Chloe. Philip said in the worst-case scenario, Carly could tell Daniel about Chloe's infidelity, but Carly didn't know who the guy was that Chloe slept with. Chloe assured Philip that Carly would never find out who it was. Philip advised Chloe to marry Daniel and forget about Carly. He said every day that Chloe was married to Daniel was another day that what Philip and Chloe did slipped further and further away. Daniel and Melanie showed up with the priest for the wedding.

Melanie gave Chloe the bouquet, and Daniel said that was just the beginning, because they were going to be happy together. Carly showed up just as the priest started to begin the ceremony. Chloe interrupted him and said that they couldn't get married.

Dr. Baker urged Nicole to calm down, because E.J. didn't know what Nicole did. Nicole reminded Dr. Baker that she didn't do the muggings -- Dr. Baker did. Nicole also warned him that if E.J. went after her, she would rat Dr. Baker out. Dr. Baker reminded Nicole that she had said they were in it together, but Nicole said she had lied. Dr. Baker pointed out that she helped plant evidence implicating Arianna in the muggings. He warned her that he would "roll on" Nicole in a heartbeat.

Nicole asked Dr. Baker what they should do, and Dr. Baker suggested that they prevent E.J. from creating any reasonable doubt about Arianna's innocence. Nicole agreed that pointing the finger at Dr. Baker and vice versa was counterproductive. Dr. Baker reassured her that if they kept quiet, no one would find out about either of their involvement. Nicole said that Dr. Baker's plan was flawed, because of his partner's involvement. Dr. Baker had assumed that since he hadn't heard from his partner, she had left town.

Nicole ordered Dr. Baker to "go underground and stay there." She warned that if E.J. saw Dr. Baker, E.J. would remember that Dr. Baker was the man who attacked him. Dr. Baker wanted to play poker, because he was on a winning streak and had a "cash flow problem." Nicole told him that his winning streak wouldn't do much good if E.J. saw him. She ordered him to try his luck at solitaire. Dr. Baker decided to ignore Nicole's warning.

A man told Brady that he saw a money clip like the one Brady had at a backroom poker game. Brady asked the man who had it. The man said he didn't pay attention to the faces at the table - he just dealt the cards. Brady offered him some money and asked how his memory was. The man felt that Brady's offer was too low, because he would be giving up regulars from his card game.

Brady explained that whoever mugged him also stole his wallet, and an innocent woman was accused. Brady took a picture of the man and threatened to go to the police with his theory of the crime. Or instead the man could tell Brady the poker game was, and Brady could keep the man's name out of it. The man gave Brady the address to the poker game.

Rafe and Shane worked on their escape plan. Rafe thought they had a chance to get out of there "in time." Shane asked what Rafe meant by that. The guard told Rafe that the police wanted to interrogate Shane about his attempt on their president's life, and if Shane didn't cooperate, he was as good as dead. Another guard showed up and told Rafe that he was there to release Rafe.

The guard said that he was a friend sent by a friend at the FBI. He told Rafe to get his stuff, because he was taking Rafe out of there. Rafe looked outside the cell, while the guard prepared to strangle him. Rafe told the guard that they needed to rescue her cellmate, because Shane was ISA. The guard strangled Rafe.

E.J. was in the living room at the DiMera mansion and thought about the kiss he shared with Sami. Sami was thinking about the same thing, and she tried to sneak out of the house, but before she could leave, E.J. asked where she was going. Sami said she was going to her place to make sure the contractor was there doing his job. E.J. told Sami not to run away from what had happened between the two of them.

Sami said that running was what she did -- it was a like "an Olympic event." E.J. pointed out that Sami kissed him. Sami said she was lonely and vulnerable, and E.J. was there. E.J. didn't believe her, and he said even if it were true, that wouldn't explain how he felt. She asked if he still wanted her. E.J. caressed Sami's hair and admitted that he still wanted her. He told her that if she were honest with herself, she would admit that she wanted him too.

E.J. was getting ready for his meeting with Arianna, but Sami ordered him not to walk away from her. She asked if he thought that all she wanted was for him to chase after her. He picked up a picture that Johnny drew of them as a family and said that was what he wanted and that was what their son wanted. He said he didn't know what Sami wanted. Sami stormed out of the room. E.J. explained his theory to Stefano about Nicole setting Arianna up. Stefano advised E.J. to keep the pressure on Nicole and she would crack.

E.J. noticed that something was wrong with Stefano, and Stefano told E.J. about Alice dying. E.J. didn't think that Sami knew. Stefano said he saw Alice all the time in Will, especially when Will looked Stefano straight in the eye and disagreed with something that Stefano had said. Stefano thought that Alice was a formidable opponent, who made life interesting, not unlike Sami. E.J. told Stefano not to mention what was happening with Alice to Sami while E.J. was away, because E.J. wanted to tell Sami himself.

Stefano received a phone call from a contact that was ordered to "take care" of Rafe. Stefano told him that they would deal with Anna next.

Sami tried to reach Rafe, but got the voicemail again. She wished she could talk to Rafe about her living situation, but since she couldn't, she realized she would have to figure things out on her own. Sami fell asleep and dreamed that Rafe was in her bedroom. Sami asked if he was ever going to return to Sami, and Rafe said he didn't think so. Rafe pointed out that E.J. and Sami kissed, which meant that there was no longer an "us," as in Rafe and Sami.

Rafe said that Sami was two people -- the smart, strong Sami that Rafe loved, and the Sami that was still in love with E.J. Sami said that if Rafe were there, she wouldn't even know that E.J. existed. Rafe pointed out that he wasn't there and might not return to Salem. Sami asked if Rafe was in trouble or if he was letting Sami go. Sami woke up startled and looked around, only to find that Rafe wasn't there.

Nicole stopped by the Kiriakis mansion and was looking for Brady. Vivian asked Nicole why she was at Vivian and Victor's wedding. Nicole explained that she accompanied Brady to the mansion to provide emotional support because Brady thought something had happened to Victor. Vivian asked if Nicole still loved Brady.

Vivian grilled Nicole on her feelings for Brady. Vivian warned Nicole that Brady was engaged to another woman, so Brady would not return Nicole's feelings. Nicole pointed out that Arianna was in jail and therefore unavailable. Vivian said it was no wonder Nicole was alone. She said that men went on the offensive when their women were accused of something they couldn't possibly have done. Vivian said even if Brady went back to Nicole for "support," his heart would always belong to Arianna.

Brady went to the poker game and bribed his way in. Dr. Baker showed up shortly thereafter. Dr. Baker started to enter the room, but he saw the back of Brady's head and quickly shut the door. He told one of his poker buddies that one of the men inside the room was a cop. Dr. Baker told the man to watch things at the poker game and Dr. Baker would be right back.

Brady threw the poker game and put his money clip on the table. One of the guys noticed it, and Brady said he won it from the guy who told him about their poker game. Dr. Baker gave money to the man outside the room to slip a drug in Brady's drink the next time he asked for another one. Brady was getting close to finding out who'd had his money clip when the guy Dr. Baker had talked to walked in and asked who wanted a refill on their drinks. Brady said he did, so the man poured soda into his cup away from him and added the drug that Dr. Baker gave him. Brady said he had his money clip appraised and it was solid gold and worth a fortune.

Nicole returned to the pier where she was earlier with Dr. Baker, but he was gone. She tried to call him, but E.J. sneaked up on her and asked who she was calling. E.J. accused Nicole of framing Arianna and said that she thought she covered her tracks well. Nicole denied framing Arianna.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outside the floating poker game, Dr. Dick Baker observed the goings-on through the door, which his buddy had intentionally left slightly ajar. Dick's buddy surreptitiously poured a drug-which Dick had supplied him-into Brady's ginger ale, and then delivered the drink to an unsuspecting Brady. Holding up his money clip, Brady asked, "So this guy who had this money clip-you guys know him or what?" No one answered, and the dealer pressed Brady for his bid. Brady's vision began to blur, so he folded his hand, and quickly made his exit. Dick bolted away from the door seconds before Brady opened it to leave.

Dick followed at a discreet distance as Brady walked home along the water. Brady's pace slowed considerably, and his gait became erratic, until finally he crumpled in a heap on the sidewalk. Ambling over to Brady's unconscious form, Dick pulled a flask out of his jacket pocket. "What a waste of good Scotch," he muttered, shaking his head. "But I can't have you remembering anything from today, pal. And if you do, no one's gonna believe a word you're saying."

Dick took a swig from the flask, then poured a little into Brady's mouth before sprinkling the remainder on Brady's clothing. "You picked the wrong loser to go after, pal. Next time, pick somebody who doesn't know you, like I do." Dick wiped his fingerprints off of the flask, and then placed it in Brady's hand. Smacking Brady lightly on the cheek, Dick muttered, "Sweet dreams," and then walked away, leaving Brady seemingly passed out on the docks.

In the South American prison, Rafe struggled with the guard, who had slipped a cord around Rafe's neck and was trying to strangle him. Rafe somehow freed himself from the noose, but then the guard shoved him violently against the bars of the cell, and Rafe collapsed onto the floor, apparently unconscious. As the guard approached to try to strangle Rafe with the rope again, Rafe suddenly sprang into action, catching the man off-guard and knocking him out with a couple of well-placed punches.

As Rafe was catching his breath, another guard returned with a badly beaten Shane. When the guard saw that the cell door was already open and the other guard was out cold, he drew his gun and ordered Rafe to put his hands up. Rafe limped over to stand next to Shane, as the guard inspected the unconscious man. "Who is that? I do not recognize him," the guard declared.

While the guard was taking a closer look at the impostor, Rafe charged the guard and grabbed his gun, then knocked him out. Applauding, Shane declared, "Bravo. Now let's go." Rafe locked the two unconscious men in the cell. Shane and Rafe wished each other good luck, and then hurried out.

In the South American hospital, Anna opened her eyes and looked around groggily. Obviously weak and in some pain, she sat up, and yanked off the leads to her heart and other monitors. She pleaded with her legs to work-and to get her out of there before Stefano's men returned. She managed to get dressed, but had to sit down to rest when she got dizzy.

Just as she had finished putting on her shoes, Anna heard voices in the corridor, so she quickly got back in bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. A man entered her room, stood by the bed, stroked her on the chin, and then left the room through a side door. Anna waited for a moment before getting back out of bed. She gathered her things and unsteadily made her way to the door, and had to rest for a moment in a chair.

"God, I'm as weak as a kitten!" Anna complained anxiously. "Thanks a lot, Rafe. You blow my cover and you get me poisoned and you leave me here at the mercy of Stefano's goons!" Finally she heaved herself back out of the chair and opened the door, but recoiled in horror at what she saw outside.

When Rafe arrived at Anna's hospital room shortly afterwards, he found her bed-and the room-completely empty. "Anna?" he called warily.

E.J. was walking along the pier when Stefano called him on his cell phone. E.J. wanted an update about Anna's condition, because he didn't want her to spoil things for him and Samantha by opening her mouth.

In the parlor of the DiMera mansion, Sami read in the newspaper about the evidence against Arianna, and grumbled aloud that Rafe should be there to help his sister. "You and I both know she didn't do it," Sami muttered. "So where are you?" Lucas called Sami just then, and she was in tears by the time she hung up, just as E.J. returned home.

Sami explained to E.J. that Lucas had called to tell her about Alice. E.J. acknowledged that he already knew, although he had hoped to be the one to break the news to her. He then offered, "It would be a real privilege if you'd let me take you over to see her." Sami fretted about Sydney and Johnny, but E.J. assured her that he would have Mary and Harold look after them. "Thank you for being so nice to me," a grateful Sami stated. "I'm sorry I was such a bitch to you this morning. I shouldn't have kissed you last night." E.J. dismissed her concerns and gently escorted her out the front door.

Adrienne opened the door at Alice's to let in Stephanie and Nathan, just as Jennifer returned from upstairs. Everyone hugged and quickly caught up on one another's lives; neither Jennifer nor Adrienne could believe how grown-up Stephanie and Nathan were. Jennifer reported that Alice was sleeping a lot, but her doctor had said that was what they should expect. She asked for Nathan's advice, and the two of them went upstairs so he could check on Alice.

As Stephanie and Adrienne went into the living room, Stephanie whispered that she was not pregnant. Adrienne was relieved. Stephanie told her aunt how great Nathan had been when she'd told him about the missed birth-control pills, although she hadn't told him that she'd done it on purpose. Stephanie added, "You know, I couldn't help but wonder what Philip would have said." Adrienne divulged that she'd seen Philip leaving Daniel and Chloe's apartment earlier. Philip had clearly been uncomfortable, but then he'd claimed he was just there to pick up something for Chloe.

Nathan and Jennifer returned from Alice's room, and they reported that Alice had opened her eyes when she'd heard Nathan's voice. "She asked me when Mickey would be here," Nathan added sadly. Jennifer believed that Alice just wanted to be with Tom, Mickey, and Addie.

When Sami and E.J. rang the bell, Adrienne answered the door, and E.J. hung back as Sami greeted everyone with hugs. Nathan and Stephanie had to leave for the hospital, so Adrienne walked them out. Jennifer took Sami upstairs, while E.J. waited in the living room. As soon as the others had gone, he called his father to inquire about Anna again.

When Sami returned a little later, E.J. was sending a text message. He asked how Alice was. "It was nice to sit with her for a little bit," Sami replied. "She didn't say anything, but she seems peaceful." Sami asked what E.J. was doing with his phone, but didn't believe him when he told her he'd been arranging a meeting. She yanked the phone away from him, and exploded when she saw what he'd been doing.

"You knew, and you didn't say anything to me?" Sami fumed. "My place is fixed and I'm the last to know!" After she had calmed down, E.J. quietly explained that he'd seen how upset she was earlier, so he had called her contractor. E.J. admitted that he had planned to tell her later, because she had just gotten the news about Alice, plus he hoped to help her break the news about Alice to Will. E.J. wanted Sami to stay at the mansion, but he understood if she wanted to leave.

Just as Jennifer returned from upstairs, E.J.'s cell phone rang, so he went outside to answer the call. Jennifer asked Sami about her kids, and Sami's face lit up as she talked about them. A sympathetic Jennifer acknowledged what a rough year Sami had gone through with Sydney's kidnapping, and then expressed her surprise that E.J. had driven Sami to Alice's. Sami explained that she was staying at the DiMera mansion while her mom's townhouse was being fixed.

Before Jennifer could interject anything negative, Sami cut her off, admitting that she already knew what Jennifer was going to say. "I know everything bad you have been through with E.J., and with Lucas," Jennifer acknowledged. Sami related, "I met this guy. His name's Rafe, and I thought he was perfect. [But] he found out how far from perfect I am. ... I just thought he was the one." Jennifer took Sami's hand supportively.

When Jennifer remarked that she needed to stay busy, Sami understood. "I'm hungry," Sami declared. "E.J.'s probably hungry too." Grateful for something to do, Jennifer bustled into the kitchen to get them something to eat.

Sami gazed lovingly at a photograph of Tom and Alice on the mantel. "Oh, Mrs. Horton, what would you say?" she asked with a fond smile. She remembered Alice giving a pregnant, teenage Sami advice about love. "Relationships have changed so much since my day," Alice had said. "But there's one thing that hasn't changed, and that is the power of love. When two people love each other, nothing can keep them apart."

Sami had asked Alice for advice: "I'd really like to have someone in my life, but I don't know how." Alice had told her that kindness and understanding were most important, but there was no magic formula. "That you care for someone, that you're aware of their problems-well, just that you show that you care for someone," Alice had asserted, and then assured Sami, "I'm sure you'll find a wonderful man to share your life." Smiling wistfully at the memory, Sami remarked to herself, "But I did. Too bad I blew it."

Outside, E.J. was talking to Stefano. "Now you are absolutely sure, father? Anna's not going to talk about Sydney's kidnapping to Rafe or anybody else?" He hung up with a sigh of relief. "Thank God for that!"

When Sami and E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion later, E.J. asked why Sami had been so quiet on the ride home. Sami confessed that it was partly because of Alice, and partly because of what E.J. had said about her staying at the mansion. E.J. declared that he didn't want her to feel like she was being forced to live there, so if she wanted to leave, he would have Harold pack for her and the children. Sami assured him that she was grateful for his help in dealing with the contractor to get her mom's townhouse repaired-and for paying for all the work. "I hope you don't think it was a waste of money," she added. "Because I'd like to stay." E.J. nodded, fighting hard not to break into a grin.

Carly, Melanie, and Philip were gathered In Chloe's room at Salem University Hospital, where Father Matt was about to perform Chloe and Daniel's wedding ceremony. Suddenly Chloe interrupted. "I'm sorry, Father-we can't get married," she blurted. Daniel wanted to know what was wrong, and observed with concern that her pulse was racing. After a long, awkward moment, Chloe finally asked to speak to Daniel alone.

When the others had gone, Chloe reassured Daniel that she was physically all right. Although she wanted to marry him more than anything in the world, she couldn't. Before she could get very far with her explanation, Father Matt returned and asked if there were anything he could do to help. Chloe said that there was. "I haven't been my best for a really long time," Chloe explained to Daniel and Father Matt. "And before we start this new life together, I'd like to go to confession, and I'd like to receive absolution." Daniel didn't really get it, but agreed to let Chloe speak privately with the priest.

In the hallway, Melanie wondered what was going on, and asked about the look she'd seen Carly give Chloe. Carly maintained that she was merely worried about Chloe's health, and concerned that Daniel and Chloe were rushing into marriage when they still had things to work out. When Carly suggested that she and Melanie go someplace private to talk, Philip blurted, "No!" He quickly stammered that he just wanted to be able to find them if Chloe decided to go ahead with the wedding. Carly promised to ask a nurse on duty to keep her posted, and then left with Melanie.

When Nathan and Stephanie arrived at the hospital, Nathan-who knew that Chloe had cheated on Daniel-was stunned to learn that Daniel and Chloe were about to get married. Privately, Stephanie asked Philip why he seemed so on edge, and then told him she knew that Adrienne had seen him leaving Chloe and Daniel's apartment. Philip maintained that it was none of Stephanie's business. Stephanie argued that if something were going on between Philip and Chloe, Melanie would immediately run to Nathan to cry on his shoulder. "Melanie and I are happier than we've ever been," Philip insisted before stalking away.

At the Brady Pub, Carly confessed that she didn't really want to talk about the Daniel and Chloe situation, but she knew Melanie would never let it go. Melanie chuckled. Carly admitted she was worried that Chloe might hurt Daniel, and she thought Chloe and Daniel were rushing into marriage. Melanie pointed out that she and Philip had gotten married when she still had feelings for Nathan, but those feelings had gone away, and things between her and Philip had never been better.

Carly hoped that Melanie would be there for Daniel if things between him and Chloe didn't go well-and that Melanie would rely on Carly if Daniel weren't available. "Kinda like a mom?" Melanie asked. "Kinda like a mom," Carly concurred, and Melanie suppressed a shy smile.

Alone with Father Matt, Chloe reminded him what a basket case she'd been after finding out that Melanie was Daniel's daughter. She explained that during that time, she'd been made to believe that Daniel and Carly were having an affair, but instead of confronting Daniel, Chloe had sought comfort in the arms of her old friend, Philip Kiriakis, and they had slept together-and then she'd found out that nothing had happened between Carly and Daniel.

Chloe continued that Carly had found out what she had done, although not that it was with Philip, and she kept threatening that if Chloe didn't tell Daniel the truth, Carly would. Chloe believed that Daniel wouldn't rest until he found out whom Chloe had slept with, and then her relationship with Daniel would be over, and so would Philip and Melanie's marriage.

Chloe implored Father Matt, "If you could just talk to Carly and tell her that she's doing a really bad thing, you could stop her from ruining all of our lives." Father Matt gently but firmly refused, asserting that Chloe should be honest with Daniel, and Philip with Melanie. He believed that eventually, Melanie and Daniel would forgive them. "Marriage is a sacrament," Father Matt pointed out somewhat sternly. "It cannot be based on a lie."

As Father Matt exited Chloe's room, Daniel was eager to get started with the wedding. "I'm sorry, Daniel," Father Matt replied. "I can't perform this marriage."

A bewildered Daniel went into Chloe's room and asked what had happened to cause Father Matt to say he couldn't marry them.

Later, Jennifer was surprised when Nathan returned to Alice's so soon after leaving for work. He told her that he'd gotten someone to cover for him at the hospital. "I've heard that when someone is dying, sometimes they'll hold on until people who love them have a chance to say goodbye," Jennifer noted hopefully, adding, "I really hope that happens here." As Nathan went upstairs to check Alice's vital signs, the doorbell rang. Jennifer was stunned and thrilled to find her parents, Bill and Laura Horton, on the doorstep. Jennifer threw her arms around them both, and the three of them embraced each other for a long moment in the doorway.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Chloe's hospital room, Daniel demanded to know why Father Matt had refused to perform Daniel and Chloe's wedding. Chloe appeared ready to tell Daniel that she had slept with Philip, but then she lied that there was some problem with the validity of her annulment from Lucas that Father Matt had to research before he could marry them. Daniel declared that it didn't make any sense, and Chloe claimed that she was confused, as well. Daniel wanted to know exactly what Chloe had told Father Matt.

Chloe insisted that she couldn't explain what the problem with the annulment was because she didn't understand it; she hadn't wanted to disrespect Father Matt by pressing him for more details. Daniel was frustrated, but determined to find someone else to marry them. Chloe didn't want anyone besides Father Matt to perform the ceremony, and urged Daniel to be patient while the priest figured things out. Daniel didn't want to wait, and set out to call a former patient who was a justice of the peace.

"Daniel, no-you can't!" Chloe cried. She explained for a bemused Daniel that she wanted to get married in a church once Father Matt straightened things out. Chloe promised that when they got married, everything would be perfect. A supportive Daniel assured her that he would try to understand, and then told Chloe with a wry smile, "Since we're not getting married today, I should probably cancel a few surprises." He kissed her goodbye and left.

Bo was in his living room, on the phone with Hope, when Carly arrived. He promised Hope that he would visit "Mrs. H." later, but urged Hope to get some rest. After he hung up, Carly asked if she could go with him to the Horton house, because she had always loved Alice, but then realized that she was being selfish and presumptuous, since Alice was Hope's family.

Bo became choked up as he reminded Carly that Alice had never been judgmental, especially about his feelings for Carly. Carly kissed him and embraced him tenderly. Carly then had to leave to check on a patient. Bo reassured her that the two of them would visit Mrs. Horton soon-together.

Later, Carly arrived at the hospital and went into Chloe's room. Chloe exclaimed, "You bitch! You did this to me! This is all your fault!" Chloe proclaimed that Carly was a hypocrite for not telling Daniel about his daughter for twenty years and then tormenting Chloe about a single mistake. Carly wanted to know what had happened. Chloe revealed that although she hadn't been able to tell Daniel the truth, she had postponed the wedding. Carly believed that Daniel would forgive Chloe. "You need to trust him and the love he has for you," Carly asserted. "You need to do the right thing."

When Daniel retuned to Chloe's room, she asked him to please be patient with her. "I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone," she declared. "And I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Daniel returned Chloe's genuinely happy smile, and promised, "And you will-I'll make sure of that."

Nicole found Brady passed out on the pier and reeking of booze. She looked him over and ascertained that he wasn't injured, but his drunken state alarmed her. She called his name and got him to open his eyes, and when Brady could focus, he slurred that she looked pretty. Nicole helped him to his feet, but he lost his balance and fell against her. It seemed as if he were going to kiss her, but then he stopped himself and apologized.

Brady put his arm around Nicole so she could help him get home, and as they were walking away, and weaving a bit, a police officer appeared. "Everything all right here, folks?" Nicole insisted that everything was fine, and she was just taking Mr. Black home because he was a little under the weather. Brady became argumentative, slurring his words, and the officer immediately recognized that Brady was drunk.

Nicole tried to cover for Brady, but he was obviously very inebriated. The cop pointed out that public intoxication was a misdemeanor, and when he grabbed Brady's shoulder to keep him from leaving, Brady took a swing at him, but missed. Spinning Brady around to handcuff him, the officer began, "I'm putting you under arrest for drunk and disorderly-" Brady struggled a bit, mumbling belligerently, "Oh, I'm under arrest." In the middle of a word, Brady abruptly collapsed onto the concrete, out cold. Nicole rushed over to him, and anxiously checked his pulse.

Later, Nurse Maxine got Brady settled into a hospital bed and hooked up to monitors. "Binge drinking," she remarked disdainfully. "People don't understand how dangerous it can be." Nicole insisted that Brady did, which was why she didn't understand why he'd done it. Maxine asserted that Brady was lucky, because if he'd had a couple more drinks, he might have died from alcohol poisoning. Bo arrived just as Maxine left, and asked Nicole, "What the hell happened?"

Bo and Nicole went into the hallway, and he questioned her about what had happened. Bo believed Nicole had gotten Brady drunk, but she insisted she'd found Brady unconscious on the pier. "Bo, I care about Brady. I would never do this to him," she declared. Bo wondered if perhaps Arianna's arrest and refusal to accept Brady's help had sent him over the edge. Remembering how she'd conspired with Dick Baker to frame Arianna for the muggings, Nicole blurted, "It's all my fault."

Nicole explained that she was supposed to have been Arianna's alibi, but it had fallen through. Bo still couldn't figure out why Brady would get drunk and take a swing at a cop. "That's why I called you," Nicole stated, worried that Brady could end up in jail. "You're his uncle-can't you make this all just go away?" A bit surprised, Bo looked at her thoughtfully. "You really do care about him, don't you?" Nicole admitted that she did, but after seeing Brady so drunk, she'd realized how much he loved Arianna.

Nicole quietly entered Brady's room and sat beside him on the bed. She took his hand and gently woke him up. He slowly opened his eyes and peered at her, confused. Blinking his eyes several times as if to clear them, he asked what had happened. "You deserve to know," Nicole replied. "I want to tell you everything."

In his hotel room, Dick placed a bet over the phone with his bookie. As he hung up, Dick recalled staging Brady's drunkenness. "I'm sorry, Brady," Dick said to himself. "But there's no way I'm going to let you find out that I framed your girlfriend. You're going to have a hell of a hangover, my friend, but with that drug I slipped you, you won't remember a thing."

Carly found Bo by the nurses' station as he was leaving a message for Victor. As soon as he hung up, she wordlessly went up to him and put her arms around him.

As Chad and his mom, Madeline, arrived at the Brady Pub to have lunch with Chad's father, she stopped outside to reiterate her warning for Chad to stay away from the DiMeras. Chad irritably reminded his mom that he'd heard it all before, and he didn't appreciate her telling him what to do and whom to hang out with.

Madeline insisted that she just wanted her son to be safe and happy. Chad was still peeved that his parents had shipped him off to boarding school, and meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend had given birth to his baby, who had died. Madeline listened sympathetically as Chad became emotional, confessing that he would never stop thinking about his daughter, or wondering why Mia had lied to him.

Madeline returned after making a phone call and was surprised to find Chad still waiting outside the pub. He admitted somewhat angrily that he was having second thoughts about having lunch with his parents, because he wished they would at least consider letting him make his own decisions and choose his own friends.

Victor arrived at the Brady Pub and found Maggie waiting at the bar for a takeout order. Taking both of her hands in his, he expressed his sympathy about Alice. Caroline emerged from the kitchen just then, and her face fell, but she delivered Maggie's food to her. Caroline declared that Maggie's order was on the house, and a grateful Maggie thanked her and left.

Victor tried to order a cup of coffee, but Caroline refused and turned to go back into the kitchen. Realizing that she'd heard about his marriage to Vivian, Victor stopped her. "It's big news in Salem-front page of the society section!" Caroline confirmed, adding sarcastically that she was deliriously happy for the two of them. She made another acerbic crack about how Victor's bride liked to bury people alive and throw them off roofs, and then began cleaning tables.

Victor followed and reminded her that he'd recently expressed his wish that there could be more than friendship between them, but she had rejected him-and broke his heart. "And you're lashing out about my marriage," he wondered. "Could it be because you regret what you told me that day? That Shawn is the only man you could ever love?"

Caroline declared proudly that she had no regrets, adding, "Shawn is the only man in my life." Victor respected that, but wished Caroline respected his decision to marry Vivian, "Since I did it to protect our son." An incredulous Caroline demanded to know how that could possibly help Bo, but Victor couldn't divulge more. Caroline scoffed, disgusted with herself. "What a fool I've been. I thought there was good in you!" Victor replied, "Well, you were wrong, weren't you?"

Kate entered the parlor of the DiMera mansion and told a distracted Stefano that she'd just gotten off the phone with Lucas. Stefano was busy with the forged papers for Kate to impersonate Madeline Peterson-Woods and gain access to Madeline's safe-deposit box, and didn't hear a word Kate said. Kate was irritated that Stefano hadn't bothered to ask about Lucas or Allie, and she became enraged when she learned that Stefano already knew that Lucas's grandmother, Alice, was dying, but hadn't told Kate.

Stefano waited for Kate to quiet down, and then explained that he hadn't told her yet because he knew it would humiliate her when the Hortons-who he believed hated Kate-threw her out. A furious Kate didn't care, declaring, "If I was fazed by everyone who hates me, I wouldn't even bother to get up in the morning!" Stefano tried to interject with an apology, but she cut him off indignantly: "How dare you decide what's important to me!" She stormed out.

At Alice's, Jennifer greeted her mom and dad with a warm embrace. Bill then went upstairs to check on Alice, and when he returned, he reported that she was resting, as was Hope. Laura and Jennifer then went up to Alice's room.

When the doorbell rang, Bill was taken aback to find Kate on the doorstep with a bouquet of colorful flowers for Alice. Kate was equally caught off-guard. The two of them went into the living room to catch up, and Bill wanted to know why Kate had become Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Kate somewhat scornfully asserted that Bill had no right to ask her that, since he was no longer part of her life. "Kate, we share a son," Bill reminded her. "I'll always be a part of your life." Kate countered that Bill had left her for parts unknown, and Lucas had grown up not knowing who his father was.

Bill pointed out that Kate had wanted it that way. Gazing at her contemplatively, he admitted that he wondered how things might have turned out if he had chosen to share his life with her. "Do you think if I'd stayed with you, Kate, that we'd still be together?" he mused. "And if we were, do you think we'd be happy?" Kate replied softly that it was a little late for them to be second-guessing their life choices. Bill asked if she was proud of the person she'd become. His question upset Kate visibly, and as Bill reached out gently to touch her face, Laura returned from upstairs.

"Hello, Kate," Laura said icily. "I can't say it's a pleasure." Laura clutched Bill's arm and stroked his hair possessively. Kate asked if they were a couple again, but Bill replied that they had only arrived in Salem at the same time. Laura curtly informed Kate that the gathering was for family only. Kate graciously stated that she had just wanted to deliver the flowers, because she thought they might cheer Alice. Bill thanked Kate for her thoughtfulness, and Laura scoffed and rolled her eyes. Kate stated sincerely, "Alice is a very special person. She truly does make the world a better place." Kate kissed Bill on the cheek, bade the two of them goodbye, and left.

Laura wanted to know what Bill and Kate had been talking about. Jennifer returned just then and was appalled that Kate had dropped by when Alice was so sick. Bill firmly asserted that Alice would have welcomed Kate's visit, and reminded them both, "Mom doesn't judge anyone." Shamed, Laura agreed, "Maybe we should all take a page from her book right now."

When Kate returned to the mansion, Stefano apologized sincerely to her for not telling her about Alice. He admitted that he could have tunnel vision when it came to protecting his family, and assured her that he would find another way to take care of Madeline's incriminating tape.

Kate was touched, especially when Stefano declared gently, "You don't get it, do you, Katherine? How much I really care for you? I want to spend my life taking care of you." Kate asserted quietly that if she'd had doubts when she married him, she no longer did. She added that she was determined to find the tape and negate Madeline's blackmail-and they would do it together.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sami warned Will that he needed to get ready to say goodbye to Alice, his great grandmother. Sami and Will planned to go see Alice together. Will retrieved Sydney's sippy cup from Sami's bag and found an invoice from the contractor who had worked on Sami's house. He asked if it meant that Sami could move back home, but she told him that she was going to be staying at the DiMera mansion for a while.

Will asked Sami why she didn't want to stay at the mansion. Sami said it was partly because of Will but also Johnny and Sydney. She said they would return to her house, but for the time being, it was good for the kids to spend time with their father. Will asked if Sami felt it was good for her to go back to the DiMera mansion, and Will asked her if she was doing it for herself. Sami got defensive and said she wasn't doing it for herself -- she was doing it for her kids. Will told her to do whatever she wanted, since she usually did.

Maggie received word from Lexie that Brady had been admitted to the hospital with drugs and alcohol in his system. Maggie went to the hospital to see Brady and ran into Victor. Victor told her that he knew exactly who to blame for Brady's condition. Maggie told Victor not to berate Brady about Arianna, because Brady would shut Victor down. Maggie asked Victor to trust her that she knew how to deal with Brady.

Brady woke up and wondered why he was in the hospital. Nicole said he "fell off the wagon" because of what she did. Nicole said she felt responsible for Arianna being in jail. She said if she hadn't followed Brady to Santa Domingo, he and Arianna would have gotten married and Arianna wouldn't have had so much pent-up anger and taken it out on the men, especially Brady.

Brady said someone must have knocked him out and put the drugs in his system. Nicole asked who would set him up. Brady explained that he went to the poker game to catch the mugger after someone at the Brady Pub recognized Brady's money clip -- which was identical to the one that had been stolen from Brady. Brady said he didn't remember where he went to look for the money clip.

Lexie interrupted Nicole and Brady's conversation and announced that Nicole saved his life by getting him to the hospital when she did. Brady held Nicole's arm. Nicole realized that Dr. Baker was behind Brady's condition. Nicole sneaked into Dr. Baker's bedroom and chewed him out for drugging Brady. Dr. Baker explained that it was all he could think of. Nicole screamed at Dr. Baker and said that Brady didn't deserve being treated that way. Dr. Baker said it wasn't about what people deserved -- it was about keeping people from finding out about what they did.

Brady explained to Maggie and Victor that he didn't drink or willingly take drugs. Maggie pointed out that the real mugger had to know that Brady had a substance abuse problem. When Maggie and Victor left Brady's room, Victor told Maggie that she seemed to understand him better than most people.

E.J. told Arianna that he had bad news about her arraignment. The judge had taken ill and all of her cases were being pushed back. Arianna was frustrated that she was even in jail, and E.J. vowed to find out why she was accused of being the mugger. E.J. said he believed that Nicole had framed Arianna, and he asked Arianna to be patient and trust him.

Madeline tried to strategize with her husband before Chad joined them, but Chad overheard her and assumed that she wanted to strategize about making him go to Wake Forest. Chad said they could save their breath, because he was staying in Salem. Chad's father and mother argued with him about his decision not to go to Wake Forest. Chad said he wanted to go to Salem U. because it was close by and his friends were there.

Madeline wanted to know why Chad was being so defiant. She was thinking of giving Chad a gift, which she was hiding in her safe deposit box, but she didn't want Chad to think she was offering him a bribe.

Stefano devised a plan for Kate to open Madeline's safety deposit box and presented Kate with the key. Stefano said that Madeline had to learn not to underestimate him. Stefano guessed that in a few hours, Madeline wouldn't have anything to hold over them anymore and their secret would be safe forever.

Madeline went to the bank to access the safety deposit box but realized that someone else had already accessed it.

Doug asked Julie what she was thinking about, and she said that Alice had always been the rock in the family and, no matter what, the "house and grandma was always here, always here to welcome you with open arms." Julie realized she wasn't ready to say goodbye to Alice, and neither was Doug.

Mia ran into Gabi and said she wanted to be friends, but Gabi saw through that. Mia said that Chad was the one Mia wanted. Chad told Mia that he wasn't going out of town to school -- he was staying in town and going to Salem U. Chad admitted that he was staying because of Mia as well as other reasons. Gabi tried to leave, but Mia encouraged her to stay. Chad said that his parents were afraid of Chad hanging around Will more than they were worried about Chad being with Mia.

Will went by to see Alice and had a talk with Doug. He admitted that he lived at the DiMera mansion. Will said that Stefano seemed to be a good guy. Meanwhile, Sami was talking to Julie, who warned her against hooking up with E.J. Sami defended E.J. to Julie. Julie accused Sami of trying to replace Rafe with E.J.

Lexie called E.J. so that E.J. could tell Arianna about Brady. Arianna called Brady, and he swore to her that he didn't use

Kate returned to the DiMera mansion with the contents of Madeline's safety deposit box. Stefano said that Madeline was finished.

Friday, June 18, 2010

At Alice's house, Melissa arrived in town and greeted her mother. Maggie informed Melissa that Alice's condition was worsening. Teary-eyed, Melissa wondered aloud what to say to Alice. Grasping Melissa's hand, Maggie advised her daughter to hold Alice's hand and sit by her side. Wiping away the tears, Melissa headed upstairs.

After visiting Alice, Melissa returned to Maggie to chat. Sniffling, Melissa started to talk about Nathan and said she was relieved that he was no longer dating Melanie because "she was trouble." Pursing her lips, Maggie looked uncomfortable with Melissa's characterization of Melanie, but she said nothing.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla surprised Stephanie by creeping up behind her and hugging her. Kayla explained that Steve and Joe were not going to be able to visit, but that they sent Stephanie their love. When talk turned to Nathan, Stephanie confided in her mother that her relationship with Nathan was getting serious. Stephanie admitted that she did "something really stupid" because she felt insecure. Though failing to explain what she did, Stephanie noted that she learned that she did not need to "trap" Nathan. Curious, Kayla asked Stephanie where her "desperation" came from. Stephanie admitted that Melanie unnerved her.

Nathan entered the pub, greeted Kayla, and informed her that his mother, Melissa, was visiting with Alice. After chatting with Kayla, Nathan excused himself to get a cup of coffee. With a slight smile on her face, Kayla confided in Stephanie that she approved of Stephanie's new boyfriend and that she hoped the relationship worked out. "It will. I'm gonna make sure of it," Stephanie said.

While Nathan was fixing a cup of coffee for Melissa, she entered the pub and sneaked up behind him. Thrilled to see his mother, Nathan spun around and pulled her in to a bear hug. "I got a surprise for you," Nathan said with a grin. Taking his mother by the shoulders, Nathan spun Melissa around to face toward Kayla. "Kayla!" Melissa shouted. Kayla ran over to Melissa and hugged her.

Over coffee, Kayla and Melissa sat with Nathan and Stephanie and reminisced about Alice. "She never ever forgot how important it is to be with the ones you love," Melissa said with a smile. While Kayla and Melissa continued to chat, Nathan and Stephanie went over to the bar and discussed dinner. Nathan reached into his pocket to grab a surprise for Stephanie, but finding it was not there, Nathan noted that he had to run home and get the surprise before dinner.

In Dick Baker's hotel room, Nicole confronted the doctor about drugging Brady and leaving him on the pier. When Baker joked about his handiwork and noted that he needed to get Brady out of the way, since he was close to finding out about Baker, Nicole shook her fist angrily. "You're so stupid! He is an addict. You could have destroyed his life!" Nicole bellowed. "He is?" Baker asked, surprised. Baker apologized but noted that he was acting based on his survival instinct. Nicole admitted that she felt so guilty seeing Brady in the hospital that she almost told him the truth about Arianna.

Nicole explained that she stopped herself from telling Brady the truth because she loved him too much. With rising anger, Nicole began to rant about Baker's foolishness. Furious, Nicole rounded on Baker and warned him, "If you hurt Brady like this one more time, I will want your head on a platter, and I think you know, when I want something, I get it!"

From jail, Arianna called Brady in the hospital to check on him. Arianna urged Brady to be honest with her about his relapse. "You don't believe me, do you? Why don't you believe me?" Brady asked with a hurt tone. Unsure how to answer, Arianna said that she had to go, then hung up the phone and went back to her cell. In disbelief, Brady stared at the phone in his hand.

As Brady got out of bed and got dressed, Nathan entered his room and warned Brady to be careful, since he was still recovering. Frustrated, Brady insisted that he did not take any drugs or alcohol the previous evening and that he needed to talk to Arianna. After Brady left, Nicole stopped by the hospital to visit him and learned that he had checked himself out. As Nicole started to walk away, she overheard a nurse mention x-ray films for Chloe.

In Maggie's kitchen, Daniel dropped by to visit Melanie and inform her that the wedding was on hold. When a small smile crept onto Melanie's face, Daniel asked her if she was happy about the postponement. Melanie admitted that she was happy because "I can't shake this feeling that Chloe's going to break your heart." Daniel assured Melanie that his relationship with Chloe was "solid" and that he intended to marry her in a church at a later date. "I have the best daughter and I'm gonna have the best wife," Daniel said.

Daniel inquired about Alice and asked Melanie why she was not over at Alice's house with Maggie. Melanie admitted that she felt like an outsider and that she was worried she would bump in to Nathan if she stopped by Alice's house. With a grin, Daniel informed Melanie that he learned that Nathan was going to be at the pub and that they had a window of opportunity to visit with Maggie and Alice. Pleased, Melanie thanked Daniel for thinking about her. "You're the best dad ever," Melanie said cheerfully.

Maggie was pleased to walk into Alice's living room and find Melanie and Daniel waiting for her. Daniel inquired about Alice, and after a brief update, Maggie asked Melanie to head to the kitchen and finish making the lemonade. Once Melanie was gone, Maggie asked Daniel about his voicemail. "I've got some news about your illness," Daniel said. Daniel told Maggie that the medication she was taking for her illness had caused it to go into remission. Overjoyed, Maggie hopped up and down and noted that she would be able to take care of Alice full-time. Though Daniel advised Maggie to "take it easy," Maggie countered that she wanted to be able to take care of Alice as Alice had taken care of her over the years.

While Daniel was upstairs with Alice, Melanie returned to the living room with the lemonade. Taking Melanie's hand, Maggie said, "I'm in remission. The medication they're giving me is doing the trick." Thrilled, Melanie started to run to the phone to call everyone, but Maggie asked her to wait so that Maggie could focus on Alice. When Melanie excused herself to leave, Maggie stopped her. Melanie explained that she felt like "poison" to the Hortons, and Maggie countered that the Hortons had their problems just like other families.

"I don't want you to feel like they're judging you. And if they are, they shouldn't be. No one should. You are a lovely person with a kind and a good heart, and they should be very proud to have you around, just like I am. You lift my spirits, my darling girl, just by being you," Maggie said softly. Overcome, Melanie fell into Maggie's arms and hugged her. Wiping away her tears, Maggie excused herself to check on Alice. As Melanie opened the front door to leave, she found Nathan standing on the front porch.

An annoyed Father Matt visited Chloe in her hospital room, and he questioned why she did not tell Daniel the truth about why he was not performing the ceremony. "You're piling one sin on top of another. I will not be part of this. Do you understand?" Father Matt said softly. Worried, Chloe asked Father Matt if he intended to tell Daniel that she slept with Philip. Chloe worried aloud that Daniel might ask Father Matt questions. With a grimace on his face, Father Matt assured Chloe that he would be meeting with the bishop out of town, so he would not be available should Daniel want to ask him any questions. Father Matt continued that it did not matter if Daniel questioned him because Chloe needed to tell Daniel the truth regardless.

"The truth is bound to come out, as it should," Father Matt advised. As Father Matt started to leave, he cautioned Chloe to be strong and come clean to Daniel. Depressed, Chloe buried her face in her blanket just as a hand gently touched her shoulder. Chloe turned to find Nicole standing beside her bed. Chloe told Nicole about her elevator accident, and Nicole apologized for not keeping up with the news. When Chloe asked Nicole why she was at the hospital, Nicole informed Chloe that she had taken Brady into the hospital because he was filled with drugs and alcohol. Nicole noted that Brady said that someone drugged him and that she believed him. With an arched eyebrow, Chloe asked Nicole why she believed Brady. "Why would you? Unless you know something, right? Nicole, what else is going on?" Chloe probed.

Nicole explained that Brady's tone and body language made it seem like he was telling the truth. Nicole added that Brady was under a lot of strain while he was working to prove Arianna's innocence. "She's the worst thing that could have happened to him," Nicole muttered. Chloe confided that she was worried that she was the worst thing to happen to Daniel. Curious, Nicole asked Chloe whether she was referring to the "supposedly awful" thing she did. Chloe explained that someone told her that Daniel was sleeping with Carly in a motel, but by the time she learned the truth, "it was too late."

With comprehension dawning on Nicole's face, she quietly asked Chloe whether she had slept with someone. Chloe admitted that she slept with someone once and that she was resisting telling Daniel the truth. Confused, Nicole asked Chloe why Daniel needed to find out about the affair. Chloe explained that Carly knew the truth and that she was threatening to tell Daniel. Nicole urged Chloe to follow her advice. "Daniel can't know I was here, otherwise it would look too suspicious," Nicole added.

Headed for Chloe's room, Daniel rushed down the hospital hallway. As Daniel reached Chloe's doorway, a nurse stopped him and diverted him to the emergency room. While Daniel reluctantly turned around and headed for the ER, inside Chloe's room, Nicole divulged her plan. Nicole advised Chloe to marry Daniel right away because Carly would not be able to do anything once Chloe was married to Daniel.

Trying to put her plan in motion, Nicole checked with the nurse to see where Carly was and learned that she was going to be in surgery for the next few hours. Giggling, Nicole informed Chloe to move forward with the plan. Noting the sour look on Chloe's face, Nicole asked what was wrong. Chloe told Nicole that Father Matt knew about the affair and had refused to marry her and Daniel. "This is your only chance," Nicole whispered. Grabbing the phone, Nicole urged Chloe to call a hospital chaplain.

While Chloe sat alone in her room and contemplated the phone in her hand, Daniel entered. Chloe suggested that they get married right away instead of waiting for Father Matt. Concerned, Daniel grabbed the phone from Chloe's hands and asked her why she had changed her mind about Father Matt after she was so adamant about waiting. When Chloe explained that she was not thinking clearly because of the pain medication, Daniel noted that she was not taking pain medication because of her head injury. Suspicious, Daniel urged Chloe to tell him the truth.

At the jail, a police officer led Brady to Arianna's cell. "You should be in the hospital," Arianna said quietly. Brady assured Arianna that he was fine. "You've been clean for so long and then to go out in one night and get so wasted..." Arianna said before Brady interrupted with protestations about his innocence. Brady explained that he was not sure what had happened but that he did not take any drugs. "You need to admit what happened and get yourself into the program," Arianna argued. Angry, Brady repeatedly noted that he was innocent, but Arianna kept urging him to come clean.

"The shoe's on the other foot, isn't it? This isn't about some split-second flicker that maybe caused a little doubt. This is you saying 'Brady, I really don't believe a word you're saying.' Sounds like a real ending to me," Brady said as he seethed with frustration. "This isn't about what I believe or what I don't believe," Arianna said. Brady interrupted and admitted he had made a mistake, but then he corrected Arianna when she suggested that he return to rehab. Brady noted, "I stumbled for one second in my total belief in you and you saw it in my eyes and you haven't forgiven me since. And I don't know, maybe it's a good thing."

Confused, Arianna asked Brady why it was a good thing. Brady promised to continue to work on proving Arianna's innocence but that he wanted to rethink their relationship, since it seemed like she had already rethought it. Bowing his head, Brady turned and left the jail. Worried, Arianna paced her cell, then begged the guard to let her make a phone call. "I need to tell someone that I was wrong," Arianna pleaded. The guard denied Arianna's request and noted that she had already had her one phone call for the day.

Brady went back to the Kiriakis mansion and thought about the first time that he and Arianna told one another that they loved each other. Heartbroken, Brady punched the door. Still fuming when the doorbell rang, Brady answered the door to find Nicole. Worried, Nicole asked Brady whether he was all right. Brady thanked Nicole for believing in him and worrying about him. "I always have; I always will," Nicole said. Brady explained that he visited Arianna in jail but that he did not want to talk about it. "She didn't believe? I'm so sorry," Nicole said as she pulled Brady into a hug.

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