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Sami couldn't resist asking Rafe to tell her the truth about Nicole's baby secret, but he told her that the topic was off-limits. Daniel told Jennifer that he planned to resign from the hospital and leave Salem. Nicole purposely bumped into Jennifer in Horton Square, and the two women had another terrible fight. Abigail was confused about why Melanie had left town, and Chad, Gabi, and Nick refused to tell her the truth about what had happened. Bo told Hope about his plans to sail around the world. Caroline and Bo met with Kayla to discuss her bouts of memory loss and confusion, and feared that the cause might be Alzheimer's disease.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 8, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, October 8, 2012

by Mike

In Rafe's apartment, Sami vowed that she would never forgive E.J. Sami said that she understood why Rafe and Nicole were trying to keep E.J.'s baby away from him, and she eagerly offered to help.

Rafe wondered why Sami had been willing to believe that E.J. had changed. "Because I was alone. Because...I had nothing left to lose. Because he said the right things. Because I was an idiot. I'm sorry, okay? But I -- I'm not going to fall for it again," Sami firmly stated. Sami added that she knew that Rafe would never lie to her the way that E.J. had.

Rafe nodded and quickly tried to change the subject, but Sami ignored the attempt. Sami said that she knew E.J. better than he knew himself. Sami noted that E.J. hated to lose and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Sami guessed that it would only be a matter of time before E.J. decided to make his next move. Sami suggested that she could trick E.J. into believing that she was still interested in him.

Rafe declared that Sami's plan was insane, but she disagreed. "You know, if he and I are close, then he'll confide in me. He'll tell me things. He might even tell me what he's planning with the paternity suit and stuff, and then you and Nicole could stay one step ahead of him. It's sort of the perfect plan," Sami said. Rafe noted that Sami seemed excited about the idea, but she insisted that she simply wanted to help him.

"I mean, if you trust me enough to be honest with me about this baby, then we can work together to keep E.J. in the dark. We just have to make sure that there are no secrets between us. That's the only way this is gonna work, right?" Sami asked. Rafe maintained that he was the father of Nicole's baby, and he wondered if that was going to be a problem.

Sami shook her head and assured Rafe that he was going to be a great father. Sami added that she simply wanted a fresh start with Rafe. Sami told Rafe that she wanted their relationship to be perfect -- just like it had been before. Rafe hugged Sami and promised that everything was going to be perfect.

At the hospital, Nicole watched as Daniel inspected Jennifer's hand injury. Nicole quietly returned to her examination room, assuming that Daniel had been holding Jennifer's hand. "No, this isn't -- this isn't happening. This is not happening. This isn't -- this is not real. My baby is not -- my baby is -- my baby's not gone. Oh, God, Daniel. Daniel, I need you. I need you. Why are you with her?" Nicole tearfully asked.

Nicole glanced at the ultrasound machine, which had been turned off. As Nicole looked around the room, she noticed the bag of baby clothes that she had purchased earlier. Nicole reached into the bag and retrieved the Halloween outfit. "No! Why is this happening to me again? Why? It's so unfair. It's so unfair!" Nicole shouted, emptying the bag and tossing the articles of clothing across the room.

Feeling sick, Nicole grabbed her purse and started to exit the room, but she paused before reaching the door. "I don't have anywhere to go. No one's waiting for me. I don't -- I don't understand. I don't -- just a half hour ago, I saw my whole life before me. I don't understand. I don't -- I don't understand!" Nicole tearfully exclaimed, screaming as she angrily slammed her purse onto a nearby table.

As Nicole continued to sob, she saw a scalpel laying on the table. Nicole picked up the scalpel and stared at it for a moment before placing it back on the table. "There's got to be another reason -- a bigger reason -- why this is happening. I have to start making some sort of sense of all this, because I can't -- I can't have gone through all this just to be alone again," Nicole muttered.

Someone knocked on the door. Nicole imagined that the visitor was Daniel, who wanted to tell her that he and Jennifer were back together. The visitor knocked again, interrupting Nicole's thoughts. Nicole quickly tucked the scalpel into her purse. A nurse entered the room and apologized to Nicole, referring to her as Mrs. Ripley.

Before Nicole could correct the mistake, the nurse nervously explained that she was a new employee. The nurse said that she had been trained on the hospital's computer system, and she admitted that the recent technical issues had flustered her. The nurse laughed as she added that everything was being recorded the old-fashioned way -- with a pen and a piece of paper.

The nurse placed Nicole's chart on the table, congratulated Nicole, and abruptly excused herself. After the nurse left, Nicole inspected her chart, which stated that the sonogram had failed to detect a fetal heartbeat. Nicole sobbed as she stuffed the folder into her purse. After placing the baby clothes back in the gift bag, Nicole quietly exited the room.

Elsewhere, Daniel wrapped a support bandage around Jennifer's hand. Jennifer said that she wanted to talk to Daniel about Nicole. Daniel sighed and walked away, refusing to respond to Jennifer's request. Meanwhile, Kayla approached Jennifer and Daniel, announcing that the power had been restored. Jennifer agreed to revise her press release.

After Kayla left, Jennifer tried to say something else to Daniel, but he ignored her. Kayla watched as Jennifer stormed off. Kayla approached Daniel and tried to find out what had happened, but he feigned ignorance. Kayla wondered if Daniel knew why Jennifer had decided to quit her job. Daniel shrugged as he tried to hide his reaction to the news, and Kayla reluctantly walked away.

Later, Jennifer returned to the waiting area and glanced around the room. Kayla guessed that Jennifer was looking for Daniel, and she revealed that he had left earlier. Kayla wondered if Jennifer had decided to quit because of Daniel and Nicole. Jennifer insisted that Nicole had changed Daniel, adding that she couldn't continue to work at the hospital and watch him ruin his life.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Nicole ripped the hospital documents into tiny pieces and tossed them into a nearby trashcan. A moment later, Billie passed through the area, and she said that Nicole was glowing. Nicole forced a smile, and Billie abruptly excused herself. Elsewhere, Rafe waited for Sami, who was purchasing a bottle of wine for their picnic. Nicole spotted Rafe as she walked through the town square.

In E.J.'s office, E.J. reluctantly answered Stefano's phone call. E.J. told Stefano to stop calling, adding that there was nothing left for them to talk about. Stefano, who was at a fancy restaurant in an undisclosed location, knowingly observed that something was wrong.

"You see, I can hear the desperation in your voice. Now, something is bothering you. Listen to me, Elvis -- you are my son, my flesh and blood, all right? If somebody was to hurt you, that means they are hurting me just as much, all right? So...give me a name, and I will make them pay," Stefano promised. E.J. claimed that he wasn't interested.

"You are a DiMera. If you have been wronged, you strike back, all right? Vengeance must be had," Stefano insisted. E.J. claimed that he would be able to handle the situation without Stefano's help. Before Stefano could protest, E.J. abruptly ended the call. Stefano shook his head and sighed heavily.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas greeted Kate, who was working on her latest scheme to destroy Sami's life. Kate could tell that something was bothering Lucas, and she urged him to tell her what had happened. Lucas explained that he had seen Will and Sonny together earlier. Kate was pleased to learn that Sonny and Will had worked everything out. Lucas nodded and elaborated that he had seen Will and Sonny kissing in public.

"Well, gay people do kiss too -- you knew that, right?" Kate sarcastically asked. Kate could tell that Lucas wasn't amused, so she added that she had been under the impression that he had already accepted the fact that Will was gay. Lucas conceded that he had known that Will would eventually be in an intimate relationship with another man. Lucas argued that knowing and seeing were two completely different things.

Kate summarized that Lucas had been taken aback, and he agreed. Lucas admitted that the public display of affection had made him feel uncomfortable. Kate hoped that Lucas had managed to hide his negative reaction from Will. Lucas remained silent, and Kate groaned as she realized that Will had already learned the truth. Lucas defensively stated that he had been unable to hide his feelings.

"You should have seen the look on his face. It was like...he was just purely disappointed in me. He said if I couldn't get over this -- if I couldn't accept him and what was going on -- then there was nothing more for us to say to each other," Lucas said with a sigh. Kate gently stated that Will was absolutely right. "I know that in my head, Mom, but honestly, it's hard for me, because it's the last thing I ever wanted for my son," Lucas admitted.

"Honey, look -- it's not up to you to tell your son who he can fall in love with...or who he should build his life with. Believe me," Kate pointedly stated. Lucas worried that he might not be able to change the way he felt about the situation, and he wondered what that said about the kind of man that he really was. Kate insisted that Lucas was not malicious or homophobic, but he sadly noted that Will believed otherwise.

"Okay, then you just have to prove him wrong. And I'm not saying that's going to be easy -- it's going to take time, and it's going to take effort -- but you are going to get there, because that's what parents do for their children. And there's something else that you should remember -- it took Will a long time to accept being gay, and he had struggles -- struggles that we're never even going to know about -- but as a result of that, I think he's going to be a lot more patient with you than you realize," Kate predicted. Lucas thanked Kate for her great advice, kissed her on the cheek, and quickly exited the pub.

At Common Grounds, Victor spotted Will and Sonny, who were sitting at a nearby table. After holding Sonny's hand for a moment, Will apologetically pulled his hand away and said that he needed to resume his studies. Will was reading the Spanish translation of Don Quixote on his tablet computer, and he noted that the book was nine hundred fifty-six pages long.

Noticing that Victor had entered the coffeehouse, Sonny asked a passing barista to grab the bag of Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha that was sitting on his desk. Will wondered if Sonny was trying to show off his Spanish skills. Sonny laughed and explained that Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha was a rare coffee bean that Victor had ordered. Victor approached the table and added that it was also the most expensive coffee bean.

Sonny firmly stated that Victor's money was worthless at Common Grounds. Sonny led Victor over to the bar so that they wouldn't distract Will. As Victor took a seat at the bar, he glanced back at Will. Sonny noticed and wondered if something was on Victor's mind. Victor said that it was none of his business, but Sonny insisted that he wasn't interested in keeping secrets from his family members -- including Victor.

Pointing out that Sonny and Will had been holding hands earlier, Victor said that it seemed like they were more than just friends. Sonny smiled and confirmed Victor's suspicion. Sonny wondered if Victor was going to have a problem with that. "I don't know what I have to do to convince you that your being gay is not an issue with me. As long as you're happy, I have no problem," Victor assured Sonny.

Sonny was glad to hear that, and he confirmed that he was happy. Victor walked over to Will's table. "You should come over to the house sometime, Will -- visit with your aunt Maggie and me. In fact, we'll make a day of it -- put Henderson to work on the grill," Victor suggested. Will smiled and eagerly accepted the offer, and Sonny agreed that it sounded like it would be a lot of fun.

The barista returned with Victor's bag of Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha, and Victor excused himself. After Victor left, Will wondered if he had missed something. Sonny beamed with pride and said that Victor was simply being a great guy. Later, Will announced that he only had three chapters of Don Quixote left to read. Sonny found it hard to believe that Will could read the entire novel that quickly.

Sonny grabbed Will's tablet computer and noted that Will was reading the English translation instead of the Spanish translation. Feigning innocence, Will theorized that Sonny had accidentally changed the language when he had picked up the tablet computer. Meanwhile, Lucas entered the coffeehouse and wondered if he could talk to Will.

Will shrugged and agreed, but he added that he had nothing left to say to Lucas. Lucas understood and said that he would do all of the talking. Sonny started to excuse himself so that Will and Lucas could have some privacy, but Lucas stopped Sonny and asked him to stay.

"When I confronted Adrienne that day about my concerns -- that was really stupid of me. I made a complete ass of myself, and what I said to you that day, Will, was also wrong. It's just -- when I saw you guys kissing like that in public, in front of everybody, it -- it -- I don't know, it just made me feel uncomfortable. You know, I really wish that it hadn't, but it did. And I guess that's the thing about feelings -- you can't really control your feelings, know, you can control the way you react to them, and that's -- that's what I'm trying to do right now. I mean, anybody with half a brain can see that you have something very special here, so...I think that's great," Lucas said.

"Well, geez, I mean, with both your parents behind us, and my parents, we're pretty much doomed," Sonny jokingly told Will. Lucas laughed and insisted that Will and Sonny were not doomed. Lucas advised Sonny and Will to do whatever they wanted to do, and he told them not to listen to idiots like him. Lucas started to excuse himself, but Will stopped his father and hugged him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor greeted Daniel, who wondered if he was busy. Victor said that he always had time for his godson. Daniel noted that Victor seemed to take his role as Daniel's godfather quite seriously. Victor nodded and started to recall Daniel's baptism ceremony, where he had vowed to treat Daniel like a son. Daniel acknowledged that he had always had Victor's support.

Victor wondered if Daniel was trying to say that he needed Victor's support again. Daniel shook his head, silently recalling his promise to be Nicole's son's godfather, and he said that, for once, he knew exactly where he was going. Victor said that he was proud of Daniel, and he added that anyone would be lucky to have Daniel in their corner. Later, Daniel returned to the hospital and told Jennifer that she didn't need to resign, because he was going to resign instead.

Back at the Brady Pub, Kate greeted E.J., who seemed to be in a bad mood. Kate knowingly stated that Sami was the only person who could put that kind of expression on a person's face. E.J. refused to discuss the situation with Kate, and he quickly changed the subject. E.J. revealed that he had talked to Stefano earlier, and he said that Stefano had failed to ask about Kate.

The news seemed to sadden Kate, but she admitted that she wasn't surprised. "It's almost amusing, really, isn't it? I mean, he has this, um...sort of uncanny ability, even when he's a world away, to reach out for me when my defenses are if he knows that there's a time when I might be tempted to fall back into league with the devil that is DiMera," E.J. bitterly stated, and he insisted that he was done with Stefano.

Meanwhile, Stefano placed a phone call to someone. "I have not been able to convince Elvis to take his right place in the family, so...I am calling you...because I feel as if you are the only hope I have," Stefano said.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nicole saw Rafe in the town square, and she imagined telling Rafe that she had lost the baby. As Nicole stood on the other side of the square, staring sadly at Rafe, he received a call on his phone from Sami. Nicole eavesdropped and heard Rafe tell Sami that whatever wine she picked out for their picnic would be the best because he would be drinking it with Sami.

Upset, Nicole muttered to herself that she needed to talk to Rafe because he was the only person that cared about her. As Nicole approached Rafe, Sami cut in front of her and reached Rafe first. Nicole ducked behind a tree and watched as Rafe and Sami headed out of the square with a picnic basket. Shaken, Nicole noted to herself that it was unfair that Sami had Rafe when Nicole had lost everyone.

When Nicole's phone beeped, she realized that it had a voicemail message from Daniel on it. In the voicemail, Daniel told Nicole that he wanted to talk to her about Utah. Confused, Nicole wondered aloud whether Daniel had left her the message before or after she saw Daniel holding Jennifer's hand at the hospital. Confused, Nicole wondered whether Daniel knew about the baby.

Sami led Rafe to the wooded site where they'd had their first date. Rafe and Sami reminisced about that date. Sami apologized for not changing enough in their relationship, and Rafe noted that he did not want Sami to change.

"I wanted to be someone that you can depend on, someone that you can trust," Sami said. Sami noted that she could not forgive herself for hurting Rafe. Sami added that their relationship would not work if Rafe could not forgive her. As Rafe opened the wine, he explained that he had asked himself the same question. Sami noted that she should not have lied to him about her one-night stand with E.J., but Rafe countered that Sami had been right to lie to him. Noting the shock on Sami's face, Rafe explained that she had known how he would react to the news.

"As many times as I've pushed you away, you never give up," Rafe said. Rafe told Sami that he forgave her, and he asked her if she could forgive him. Stunned, Sami asked what Rafe meant. Rafe explained that he wanted Sami to forgive him for pursuing Carrie. When Sami noted that Rafe's feelings for Carrie were real, Rafe agreed, and he added that his feelings for Carrie were in the past.

Rafe informed Sami that Carrie had told him that he was in denial about his feelings for Sami. When Sami raised an eyebrow, Rafe said that Carrie was right. "I want to take responsibility for what I did because it was wrong. So, do you forgive me too?" Rafe asked. Overwhelmed, Sami told Rafe she forgave him and fell into his arms.

As Sami and Rafe started to pull the food out of the picnic basket, Rafe mentioned Nicole. Rafe apologized to Sami for his involvement with Nicole, and Sami countered that she was not upset with Rafe for his actions while they were apart. Sami added that Nicole was a part of their life in the same way that E.J. was a part of their lives.

"If you really are the father of Nicole's baby," Sami started before Rafe cut her off. "If I really am? What's wrong with you?" Rafe groused before getting up and walking a few feet away. Sami apologized to Rafe and stressed that no matter how she felt about Nicole, she would love Rafe's baby.

Rafe kissed Sami, and the two sank down onto the picnic blanket. When there was a sound of a stick cracking, Rafe and Sami looked around frantically for a park ranger. After laughing, Rafe noted that he wanted their first time together after reuniting to be special. Sami and Rafe made plans to make love later that evening.

At the coffeehouse, Hope met up with Bo. Bo explained that he wanted to sail around the world with Ciara. As Hope looked at Bo's travel plans, she noted that the ports on Bo's list were in cities where there was a DiMera subsidiary. As Hope smiled at Bo, Marlena entered the coffeehouse, Bo thanked Hope and rushed out to go to the pub. Hope explained to Marlena that Bo had planned an extended sailing trip.

With a serene smile, Marlena asked Hope why she had not told Bo she was not as excited about the trip as he was. Hope explained that she had been relieved to return to Salem after their last sailing journey.

"I'm afraid he is rushing into this without thinking of the consequences," Hope confided. Hope noted she did not want to ruin Bo's happiness. Marlena urged Hope to be honest with Bo.

At the Brady Pub, Bo called someone and made plans to inspect their boat that was for sale. After Bo hung up the phone, he informed Caroline of his plans to buy a boat and sail off to meet up with Shawn, Belle, and Claire. When Caroline asked Bo when they were leaving, Bo informed her that it would be soon and that they would be gone a long time.

"I've always told you, Roman, the most important thing in life is to follow your heart," Caroline said. When Bo noted that Caroline had called him Roman, she joked that her mother had frequently called her by the names of her siblings. Caroline remarked that everyone forgot things and that Bo did not need to worry about her.

Bo walked over to the bar and asked Gabi if Caroline was okay. Gabi noted that Caroline was the best boss but that she seemed overworked. Gabi explained that Caroline had accidentally mixed up Shawn's name with Victor's name. Nodding, Bo asked Gabi to call him if Caroline seemed tired. After his talk with Gabi, Bo walked to the town square and met up with Hope. Hope confided to Bo that she was unsure about his plan to sail around the world.

Jennifer was working at her desk when Daniel marched in and asked her not to resign from her job. Daniel offered to resign instead of Jennifer. Worried, Jennifer asked Daniel whether he was leaving his job for Nicole. Daniel refused to explain his plans to Jennifer. Jennifer argued that Nicole did not need Daniel and that Nicole would ruin his life. Frustrated, Daniel disagreed.

Jennifer told Daniel that she had a bad feeling about Daniel's plan to resign and that she worried that Daniel would lose his medical license if he helped Nicole. "I am never going to talk to you about Nicole. Do you hear me? Never!" Daniel said before he walked out of Jennifer's office.

Frustrated, Jennifer muttered, "I hate her!" over and over as she straightened up her desk. Billie walked in the office and heard what Jennifer said. When Billie inquired who Jennifer hated, Jennifer grumbled that she was referring to Nicole. Jennifer switched the subject to Mad World's donation to the hospital, but Billie changed the topic back to Nicole. Billie asked why Jennifer had asked Nicole to move in if there was such animosity between the two of them.

Jennifer explained that she had asked Nicole to move out. Confused, Billie asked Jennifer what Nicole had done. "Let's just say that I can't wait until I never have to see that woman again," Jennifer said.

As Nicole sat on a park bench, Daniel called her cell phone. Daniel told Nicole that he wanted to talk to her about Utah at the coffeehouse. When Daniel arrived at the coffeehouse, he sat Nicole at a table and noted that she looked pale. Daniel explained that he had been dealing with an issue at the hospital that had caused patient data to be deleted from the hospital's server.

Daniel noted the server crash was not his problem because he intended to resign from the hospital and join Nicole in Utah. Thrilled, Nicole said that she wanted to go to Utah with Daniel. Daniel's phone beeped, and he excused himself to call Melanie. Alone at the table, Nicole talked to her baby and wondered if Daniel would take care of her. Nicole muttered that if Jennifer knew that Nicole had lost her baby that Jennifer would be happy.

When Daniel returned to the hospital, he said hello to Billie at the nurses' station. Billie asked Daniel why Jennifer was upset about Nicole. When Daniel asked Billie what Jennifer had said, Billie explained that she had never seen Jennifer that upset before.

Nicole returned to the Horton house and found her suitcases packed and sitting in the front hall. Annoyed, Nicole announced that Jennifer had done her a favor because she was ready to leave. "Guess what? I get Daniel and you get nothing, except you never have to see me again," Nicole said as she grabbed her bags. Nicole opened the front door and found Jennifer arriving home.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kate ran into Chad outside Horton Square and expressed her sympathy about Chad's breakup with Melanie. Kate asked if Chad had heard from his father afterward, but Chad didn't buy Kate's reasons for questioning him about it. When Kate mentioned that Stefano loved Chad very much, Chad scoffed at the idea. Kate somewhat hesitantly confided that she was still in love with Stefano and added that love wasn't just a switch one could turn on and off. Chad wondered how long he would feel heartbroken about Melanie, but all Kate could say was that he would feel that way until he didn't.

In Horton Square, Hope addressed her concerns to Bo that it wasn't the right time for them to take a cruise around the world. To her surprise, Bo agreed that he needed to stick around home for the time being. He reluctantly admitted that he was worried about his mother. He related some of the mixed-up and forgetful things that Caroline had been doing and saying

A concerned and sympathetic Hope realized that Bo could be right. Hope asked when Caroline's last checkup had been, but Bo didn't know. Bo fretted, "I don't want her to feel disrespected or embarrassed." Hope pointed out that they also didn't want Caroline to hurt herself. Bo insisted on going to talk to his mom alone, so that she didn't feel like he and Hope were ganging up on her.

At the Brady Pub, Abigail asked if Gabi had heard from Melanie or if she knew any more about why Melanie had left town, but Gabi was evasive. Abigail demanded to know if Gabi had somehow been behind Melanie's reasons for leaving town. As Gabi was firmly denying it, Nick appeared behind the bar from the kitchen, and Abigail spotted the cuts and bruises on his face. Although Nick claimed that he had simply fallen, Abigail quickly figured out that Chad had beaten Nick up. Nick and Gabi urged Abigail to let it go. Fed up and frustrated with getting stonewalled, Abigail stormed out.

Kate approached Nick at the pub and asked if he had a moment to discuss his job prospects. Nick reminded her that the last time he'd done a job for her, it hadn't worked out well -- but he reluctantly agreed to take a walk with Kate to talk about it.

Nick took Kate back to the Kiriakis mansion to discuss the job opportunity. Kate summed up the project in two words, "Synthetic organics." She added that she was aware that Nick was one of the few researchers who had experience in that field. Nick suspected that since Countess Wilhelmina was the only company who knew about his experience, Kate was trying to take down the competition. "I'm not asking you to do anything illegal," Kate maintained. "Yet," Nick finished for her, then asked her politely to leave.

When Bo showed up at the pub, he was surprised to find that his mom had closed it to try to straighten out the bank statements. Bo offered to help, but Caroline declined. Bo then mentioned that he'd decided not to leave town just yet, and Caroline could hardly contain her joy. She began relating a cute story about Ciara and Theo that Lexie had supposedly just told Caroline the day before. Bo gently corrected his mother that Lexie had passed away in June.

Caroline irritably accused Bo of being the one who was confused. Bo asked his mom how she'd been feeling, and she insisted that everything was fine, but she might be a little overworked. She started bussing the tables that Gabi and Nick had left unfinished, although Bo offered to help, and then Caroline spilled and broke a whole tray of dishes and glasses. Shouting, Caroline blamed Bo for the accident -- but called him Shawn as she berated him. "Ma, stop! Look at me," Bo said gently. Caroline quickly calmed down and took a good look at her son -- as if she had just realized who he was.

Abigail and Chad ran into each other at Common Grounds. Abigail gently asked what had happened between Chad and Melanie, but Chad politely refused to discuss it. Abigail pressed the issue, but Chad wouldn't engage her. He turned and walked out while she was still railing at him to tell the truth.

At the hospital, Billie admitted to Daniel that she had never seen Jennifer so unhinged and furious, and it seemed to all revolve around how Nicole was supposedly ruining Daniel's life. Daniel refused to discuss the situation with Billie. Billie had to leave for a meeting, but she first pleaded with Daniel to call her if he thought of some way to help Jennifer.

Brady arrived right after Billie left. Daniel asked for Brady's help with Jennifer, who appeared to be "unraveling." Daniel explained that instead of dealing with Jack's death, Jennifer seemed to be getting fixated on other things -- and asked Brady to at least check on her. Daniel continued that he wouldn't be around to look in on Jennifer because he was leaving town for a while.

Brady agreed that he, too, was worried about Jennifer, especially after her recent rowdy run-in with Nicole in Horton Square. Neither man could figure out why Jennifer was still so furious about Nicole. Daniel urged Brady to let his and Jennifer's mutual grief be a way to keep communication between the two of them open. Although Brady wasn't convinced he could help, he agreed to go see Jennifer right away.

As soon as Brady had gone, Maggie arrived. She admitted that Victor was thinking about taking the Kiriakis yacht to the Greek isles for the holidays, and she wanted to talk about it with Daniel. Maggie could tell from the look on Daniel's face that he'd made other plans.

Maggie and Daniel headed back to Daniel's apartment so they could talk in private. Daniel reluctantly confessed that he was leaving town. Maggie asked if it had something to do with Jennifer, and Daniel admitted that he wanted to give Jennifer some space, but she wasn't the only reason he was going.

Maggie pleaded with her son to tell the truth about what was happening with him, or at least tell her where he was going. Daniel apologized that he hadn't been able to get things figured out before Maggie had found out. He asked her to keep things quiet until he could let people know in his own time. A tearful Maggie agreed, and made him promise not to make any sudden moves. She then hurried out.

As Nicole headed out the door of the Horton house with her belongings, Jennifer refused to let her leave until they talked. Jennifer tricked Nicole into admitting that she was leaving town with Daniel. Although Jennifer accused Nicole of using and manipulating Daniel with her unborn child, Nicole refused to discuss it. When Nicole tried to leave again, Jennifer blocked the doorway, and forbade Nicole from going anywhere with Daniel.

Although Nicole scoffed, Jennifer refused to let Nicole get away with getting Daniel's medical license and maybe even his freedom taken away -- and threatened to stand in front of Nicole's car to keep her from leaving. Nicole calmly stated that Jennifer needed serious help. Jennifer shouted that if Nicole planned to use her baby to hold on to Daniel, Nicole would lose. "I already have! I've lost my baby, you bitch!" Nicole blurted angrily.

Nicole quickly corrected herself, and recalled how she had miscarried her first pregnancy. Jennifer softly apologized, but launched right back into her accusations about how Nicole was using Daniel. Nicole had finally had enough and headed out the door with her bags -- and opened the door and found an alarmed Brady on the doorstep. "Would you just keep her away from me, please? She is crazy!" Nicole alleged as she stormed away. "This is not over!" Jennifer shouted.

Once Brady and Jennifer were alone, Jennifer began ranting and raving about how Nicole was going to ruin Daniel's life. Brady gently pointed out that she was spiraling out of control and urged her to calm down. '"Stop telling me to calm down! I am calm!" Jennifer shrieked. She was insistent on not letting Daniel leave town with Nicole, but Brady pointed out that it wasn't Jennifer's job to fix Daniel's life.

Brady gently suggested that the two of them get to a bereavement support group meeting right away, but Jennifer shut that idea down right away. "I couldn't save my husband, but I am going to save Daniel. Is that enough for you?" Jennifer demanded then charged off to find her phone to call the airline.

Daniel tried to reach Rafe to let him know what was going on but had to leave a voice message instead. Just as Daniel hung up, Nicole knocked on the door. An anxious Nicole related how Jennifer had been eager to get Nicole out of the house -- but then she had tried to refuse to let Nicole leave. "We need to get out of here, like, right now!" Nicole insisted. Daniel informed Nicole that he needed a week, maybe more, to notify everyone that he was leaving. Somewhat flummoxed by her panicked behavior, Daniel rolled Nicole's suitcases into the guest bedroom.

Daniel questioned why Nicole was in such a hurry to leave town and asked what she planned to tell Rafe -- and pointed out that she needed to get checked out by her obstetrician before they left town. Nicole reminded Daniel that she would be traveling with a great doctor, so she would be fine. Her voice breaking, Nicole explained, "Daniel, I know that you are trying to be reasonable and logical, but there's no time for that... It's just this survivor sense or something, and I've learned to listen to this voice, Daniel -- and it's telling me that we need to leave right now!"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

by Mike

Outside Sami's apartment, Rafe cleared his throat and knocked on Sami's door. When Sami opened the door, Rafe handed her a bouquet of flowers. Sami was wearing a sleeveless red dress, and Rafe admitted that he might not be able to trust himself to act like a gentleman for the entire night.

"If you can trust yourself, I spent too much money on this dress," Sami joked, leaning in to kiss Rafe. Meanwhile, E.J. exited his apartment, loudly slamming the door to make his presence known. E.J. announced that he was going to be moving out of his apartment. E.J. claimed that he was moving on to better things, adding that Sami wasn't worth the trouble.

Sami theorized that E.J. was just jealous because the better man had won. Sami excused herself so that she could take a phone call. E.J. started to leave, but Rafe stopped him. "You know, using my sister's problems to keep me away from Sami -- that was low, even for you. If you pull a stunt like that again -- you use my sister -- I will rip you limb from limb...literally. I mean it," Rafe vowed.

E.J. dismissively stated that Rafe had never been willing to follow through with any of his threats in the past. Rafe warned that he would do whatever he needed to do to protect his family. E.J. countered that he wasn't going to let anyone take his family away from him. As E.J. entered the elevator, Rafe told him to stay away from Nicole.

Later, at Common Grounds, Rafe insisted that Sami deserved to be taken to a fancier restaurant. Sami said that the coffeehouse was fine, but Rafe was certain that he could manage to find an available table elsewhere. Rafe quickly changed his mind when Sami suggestively pointed out that the coffeehouse was close to her apartment.

As Rafe and Sami waited for their order, Rafe started to get impatient. Rafe complained about the poor service and considered canceling the order. Sami refused to leave, pointing out that Will would not be pleased to learn that she and Rafe had complained about Sonny's restaurant. "Is it really bad service? I mean, couldn't you just see it as, like, European? You know, unhurried -- leisurely, even," Sami suggested.

Rafe laughed and admitted that he had missed Sami. Sami agreed, adding that she had assumed that she would never get another chance to share a table with Rafe. Rafe declared that he and Sami were starting over, and he leaned across the table to kiss her.

At the Horton house, Jennifer tried to grab her phone, but Brady stopped her. Jennifer told Brady to leave, but he refused to do so, noting that he was worried about her. Jennifer said that she would be fine once she took care of Nicole. Concerned, Brady wondered how Jennifer intended to do that. "With a candlestick in the conservatory," Jennifer dryly stated, and she told Brady to stop acting like she was crazy.

Brady said that Jennifer was focusing too much of her attention on Nicole, and he wondered if Jennifer had made the situation personal. Brady gently told Jennifer that she needed to mind her own business. Jennifer nodded and claimed that she was going to take Brady's advice. Jennifer asked Brady to leave, explaining that their conversation had given her a headache. Brady promised to call Jennifer later.

After Brady left, Jennifer stormed out of the house, muttering that she wasn't going to let Daniel lose his freedom or his career because of a viper like Nicole. Later, Abigail opened the front door and found E.J. standing outside. E.J. demanded to talk to Nicole. Abigail informed E.J. that Nicole had moved out. E.J. exited the house, determined to make Nicole pay for keeping his child away from him.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel insisted that Nicole couldn't leave Salem until her doctor declared that she was healthy enough to travel. Nicole sighed defeatedly and conceded that Daniel was right. Daniel promised that everything was going to be all right, and he excused himself so that he could go to the hospital. After Daniel left, Nicole started to sob.

Out of options, Nicole grabbed her phone and reluctantly started to call her doctor. Meanwhile, Daniel's house phone started to ring. Nicole abruptly ended her call and listened as Jennifer left a message on Daniel's answering machine, asking Daniel to meet her in the town square. "Damn her! Damn her to hell!" Nicole shouted, angrily tossing her purse across the room.

A few items fell out of Nicole's purse, including the scalpel that she had stolen from the hospital earlier. Nicole picked up the scalpel and stared at it for a moment before stuffing it back in her purse and storming out of the apartment.

At the hospital, Daniel greeted Kayla. Before Daniel could talk to Kayla about his resignation, he received a phone call from Victor, who said that he was sick. Daniel rushed over to the Kiriakis mansion, where he found a very healthy Victor waiting for him in the living room. Maggie, who had heard the front door close, entered the room and wondered what was going on. Daniel explained that Victor had lied about being sick.

Victor warned Daniel not to talk about honesty, revealing that he knew that Daniel had planned to leave Salem without saying goodbye to Victor. "I wasn't lying when I said I was sick. This whole thing makes me want to throw up, because I know what's going on. Every time I see a supposedly intelligent, educated man make a complete idiot of himself, who comes to mind? You're throwing away everything -- your family, your career, your future -- for -- for a conniving bitch," Victor snapped.

Inadvertently confirming Victor's suspicion, Daniel warned that he would leave the mansion if Victor called Nicole another name. Daniel insisted that he didn't owe Victor an explanation, but he added that he did owe Maggie one. Daniel apologized for being insensitive earlier. Maggie wondered why Daniel wanted to leave Salem. Daniel started to stammer out a response, but Victor interrupted him.

Victor mockingly stammered that Daniel was leaving Salem because Nicole had asked him to. Victor guessed that Nicole had some sort of self-serving reason for dragging Daniel off to Mozambique, Easter Island, or some equally ridiculous place. Ignoring Victor, Daniel informed Maggie that he was going to be moving to Utah. Victor wondered why Nicole wanted to go to Utah.

Daniel continued to ignore Victor, suggesting that Maggie could eventually take a trip to Utah and help out with the baby. "Oh, maybe Rafe can go along with her. You remember him -- he's the father of the baby!" Victor reminded Daniel. Daniel groaned impatiently, and Maggie warned Victor to back off. Maggie knowingly stated that screaming at Daniel wasn't going to convince him to change his mind.

Undeterred, Victor insisted that Nicole was a man-eating harlot who was going to destroy Daniel. Daniel sighed and said that he was sorry for hurting Victor and Maggie. Daniel firmly stated that there was nothing that Maggie or Victor could do to convince him to change his mind.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer impatiently waited for Daniel to return her phone call. From a distance, Nicole stared at Jennifer and recalled some of their previous arguments. Nicole reached into her purse and wrapped her hand around the scalpel as she started to approach Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jennifer dropped her cell phone on the ground. Nicole quickly stuffed the scalpel back in her purse.

Jennifer spotted Nicole and insisted that she wasn't in the mood for another argument. Jennifer started to leave, climbing a nearby staircase to the upper level of the town square. Nicole chased after Jennifer, grabbing her wrist to stop her. Jennifer told Nicole to leave her alone.

"You want me to leave you alone? You're the one who's trying to ruin my life. You're trying to poison Daniel against me!" Nicole shouted, as Brady and Billie entered the town square. As Jennifer struggled to free herself from Nicole's grip, Nicole lost her footing and tumbled down the staircase. Billie and Brady rushed to Nicole's side, worried about the baby.

At the Brady Pub, Bo managed to stop Caroline's outburst. "'s you. Oh, my -- Bo, I'm scared. I thought you were Shawn. I'm scared, Bo -- I'm so scared," Caroline sobbed, hugging Bo tightly. Bo took a cup of water to Caroline, who joked that she might need something stronger. Unamused, Bo noted that Caroline had a habit of making jokes when she wanted to change the subject.

Bo said that he had never before heard Caroline admit that she was scared. Bo insisted that he and Caroline needed to talk about what had happened. Caroline reluctantly admitted that she had started to occasionally forget minor details, but she defensively added that it was normal for older people to forget things. Bo gently reminded Caroline that she had mistakenly referred to him as Shawn earlier.

Caroline theorized that she was simply overwhelmed due to Kayla's recent departure from the pub. Bo agreed that Caroline had been working too hard lately, and he urged her to take some time off. Caroline refused to do so, stating that the pub was who she was. Bo insisted that Caroline was much more than just a pub owner, adding that she was also much more important than the pub.

"I don't want you to say anything against this pub. Shawn and I built this from the ground up, and I don't want anybody -- even you -- to take it away from me. I've seen what happens when people don't work -- when they don't have a purpose -- and that's not gonna happen to me," Caroline firmly stated. Bo said that he was simply suggesting that Caroline needed to take a break and talk to Kayla to make sure that everything was all right.

"Kayla? No. No! I absolutely refuse!" Caroline adamantly stated. Bo apologized for upsetting Caroline and gently tried to convince her that she needed to make sure that there wasn't a medical explanation for what was happening to her. Caroline insisted that she was perfectly healthy, adding that she had taken a two-mile walk earlier that day. Caroline started to exit the pub, and Bo wondered where she was going.

"I am going home, and I don't want you to follow me!" Caroline snapped. Bo stopped Caroline and told her to take a look around the room. Caroline's eyes widened in horror as she realized that she was already at home, and she gasped as she hugged Bo. Bo comforted Caroline, who apologized for yelling at him. Bo jokingly stated that he and Caroline wouldn't be Bradys if they didn't yell at each other occasionally.

Caroline tearfully admitted that it might be best for her to talk to Kayla. Caroline insisted that she didn't want anyone else to know about the issue yet. Caroline said that she had never wanted to be a burden to anyone. Bo assured Caroline that she wasn't a burden, and he excused himself so that he could get her purse. After Bo left, Caroline sighed as she looked around the pub.

Later, Bo and Caroline entered Kayla's office. Bo started to carefully explain the situation to Kayla, but Caroline impatiently stopped him. "Bo, we don't have all night. Uh, there's something wrong with me, and I -- I think it could be serious," Caroline admitted. Kayla listened as Caroline described her recent instances of forgetfulness and confusion.

"I mean, sometimes it's bad -- like tonight, when I was with Bo, I forgot where I was -- who I was talking to. I -- I go into the past," Caroline explained. Bo asked for Kayla's opinion. "Oh, you know what she thinks. You know what we all think. You know what is the matter with me," Caroline impatiently stated.

At a fancy restaurant in an undisclosed location, Stefano sighed as he stared at a picture of Chad and E.J. A woman approached Stefano's table. "I'm so glad you came. It's been much, much too long," Stefano said, standing to greet the woman. Later, Stefano placed a phone call to someone, who gave him an update on E.J. and Chad's recent activities. Stefano sighed heavily as he ended the call.

"Nothing has changed. Elvis and Chad are still on the outs, and, naturally, they are not going to talk to me right now. My wonderful, beautiful family is coming apart, and I am not going to have it. That's the reason why I called on you -- because I feel that you are the only one who can save us," Stefano told the woman. The woman summarized that Stefano wanted her to help him make peace with the rest of the DiMera family.

"I felt that you were the only one who could bring us back beautiful, beautiful daughter," Stefano said, placing his hand on top of Kristen Blake's hand.

Friday, October 12, 2012

In Europe, Kristen was incredulous that Stefano expected her to make peace between him and the rest of the family. Stefano implored his adopted daughter to return to Salem. Kristen didn't think she could, even though she appreciated the financial support that Stefano had given to her over the years.

"My good times in Salem were far, far outweighed by my bad times," Kristen maintained. Stefano pointed out that Kristen was letting the past get in the way of her future with her family -- including her new brother, Chad. Kristen flatly refused to return to Salem.

At the hospital, Kayla explained to her mom and Bo the many different medical reasons that Caroline could have been suffering from memory lapses and disorientation. A pragmatic Caroline declared that the spells she'd been having had to have been because she had Alzheimer's. Kayla reasoned that Caroline should have some tests first to rule out other things besides Alzheimer's. Caroline asked if they could keep it between the three of them until they had a diagnosis. Kayla agreed and took Caroline to have some blood drawn. Caroline reassured Bo and Kayla that she loved them both very much.

After the tests, Kayla and Caroline returned to Kayla's office. Bo was happy to see that his mom seemed in such good spirits. Caroline admitted that it helped to have admitted out loud what might be wrong and expressed her good fortune at having such great kids to help her through it. The three hugged. Caroline confided that Shawn had always told her that the only thing one could do was to play the cards one was dealt. Caroline then left for the pub, as Kayla and Bo embraced anxiously.

At Common Grounds, Sami and Rafe waited impatiently for their to-go order to take back to his loft. Just then, Rafe got a message that Daniel wanted to talk to him. Sami lightly assumed that it had to do with Nicole and warned Rafe that if E.J. believed that it was his baby -- despite what the lab results said -- he wouldn't give up. Rafe questioned whether Sami believed that he was really the father of Nicole's baby.

Sami reassured him that she did believe him, because he was the most honest person she knew. Sami declared that they should change the subject while they waited for their sandwiches, and as the two of them were kissing, John and Marlena walked in. "Thank heaven!" Marlena joyfully declared to John.

John and Marlena happily greeted Rafe and Sami, who explained that their reunion had happened rather suddenly. The men then went into the kitchen to find out why Rafe and Sami's order was taking so long. Marlena told Sami, "Nice to see you so happy. I hope this time it works." Sami confided that she understood that the only way things would work out with her and Rafe was if the two of them were completely honest with one another.

Privately, John admitted to Rafe that he'd been impressed when he'd broken up the fight between Rafe and E.J. -- because Rafe had been fighting for what he'd wanted, and had obviously won.

After Sami and Rafe had gone, John and Marlena agreed that it was nice to see Rafe and Sami so happy together again. John toasted to "nothing but smooth sailing" for him and Marlena in the future. Marlena agreed, and kissed him passionately.

Rafe and Sami returned to Rafe's loft. The two kissed as they prepared to spend the night together.

On the stairs in Horton Town Square, Nicole had a vice-like grip on Jennifer's arm, as Nicole vowed that she and Daniel would be together no matter what Jennifer did. Trying to get away from Nicole, Jennifer shoved at her rival -- sending Nicole tumbling down the stairs onto the tiles below. Brady and Billie arrived in the square around the same time -- in time to witness Jennifer's shouting and Nicole's fall.

Brady and Billie rushed to Nicole's side to make sure she was all right, while Jennifer could only watch in horror from the landing above. Billie quickly called for an ambulance while Brady tried to make Nicole comfortable. As Jennifer slowly made her way down the stairs, Brady snapped at her. "She pushed me," Nicole whispered, as Brady and Billie glared accusingly at Jennifer.

Jennifer moved forward to check on Nicole, but Nicole shrieked, "Stay away from me!" Suddenly, Nicole looked with terror into Brady's eyes. "The baby's coming!" Nicole declared anxiously, adding, "You did this, Jennifer. You wanted to hurt my baby!"

When the paramedics arrived, Brady informed them that Nicole had fallen down the stairs and was having contractions. "I didn't fall -- she pushed me," Nicole managed weakly. The EMTs stated that they had to report the incident to the police. They quickly loaded Nicole onto a backboard and prepared to take Nicole to the hospital. A worried Jennifer wanted to follow the ambulance to the hospital, but Brady ordered her to stay away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel refused to listen to anything negative Victor had to say about Nicole. Maggie tried to keep the peace while the two men argued. Brady called during the argument, and quickly filled Daniel in that Nicole had fallen and gone into labor. Daniel promised to get to the hospital right away. As Daniel hustled out with a brief explanation, Maggie and Victor followed behind in their car.

After Brady left with Nicole in the ambulance, a concerned Jennifer paced back and forth as Billie tried to calm her. Billie urged Jennifer to stay put, since Roman was on his way to interview them. Jennifer admitted to Billie that she couldn't remember exactly what had happened, except that she had been angry and trying to get away from Nicole. Roman arrived and asked for Jennifer's version of the events.

Roman informed Jennifer and Billie that other officers would take statements from other witnesses, but he wanted to take both of theirs personally. Jennifer was more worried about how Nicole and the baby were doing. As Roman asked questions, Jennifer admitted that she had only wanted to get away from Nicole, and she couldn't remember exactly what had happened as the two had argued on the stairs.

Roman asked if Jennifer had pushed Nicole, and Jennifer admitted that she hadn't intended to. Billie interjected that perhaps Jennifer needed a lawyer before she went any further. Roman agreed that he would go and check on things at the hospital, but he wanted Jennifer to wait there.

At the hospital, Nicole was in hard labor as Cameron worked to deliver the baby, while Maxine and a couple of other nurses assisted. With Cameron's encouragement, Nicole delivered the baby. The room suddenly went quiet, and Nicole asked why. "The baby was unresponsive. I'm so sorry. He must have suffered a trauma during the fall," Cameron explained gently. As if not hearing him, a delirious Nicole asked how the baby was.

Cameron reiterated gently, "He didn't make it. I'm so sorry." Nicole asked to hold the baby, so Maxine swaddled the tiny body and placed it in Nicole's arms. Beaming, she greeted her son, and then when the reality hit her, she broke down. Tears streamed down Maxine's cheeks as she waited a few moments before taking the little lifeless form away from Nicole.

When Daniel arrived at the hospital, Maxine informed him that Nicole was going to be fine -- but the baby hadn't made it.

Daniel stuck his head in the door of Nicole's room as she was wondering to Cameron why she was fine but her little baby was gone. Daniel stepped back outside for a moment to gather his thoughts, and to wipe the tears from his eyes before he went into Nicole's room.

Cameron exited when Daniel entered the room. "I can't believe this is happening!" a devastated Nicole admitted. She wondered tearfully how she would go on without her son. Daniel took her in his arms and tried his best to comfort her as she sobbed inconsolably. When she had calmed a little, Nicole confided that she'd gotten to hold her son. "He was so beautiful... This wasn't supposed to happen!" she wailed.

Daniel tried to reassure her that it had just been a terrible accident, but Nicole informed him that Jennifer had pushed her down the stairs. Daniel found that hard to swallow, so Nicole explained how Jennifer had screamed at her again that night on the stairs in the square before Jennifer had shoved her. "Jennifer killed my baby!" Nicole cried.

Cameron then returned to examine Nicole. Daniel promised that he would be waiting right outside. He kissed Nicole on the head before leaving the room.

In the waiting room, Daniel informed Victor, Maggie, and Brady that Nicole was all right physically, but emotionally, she was shattered. He continued that Nicole had accused Jennifer of pushing her down the stairs. Maggie and Victor were incredulous, but Brady noted that he and Billie had witnessed the encounter, and what Nicole had said might be true.

Cameron gave Nicole a sedative to help Nicole get some rest. As she fought drifting off, Nicole cried, "Oh, God, what am I going to do without you? Oh, my baby! My sweet baby!" She began to weep inconsolably.

Back in Horton Square, Jennifer fretted that she was going to go crazy until she found out what had happened with Nicole and the baby. Billie agreed to call Brady to find out what was going on. As Billie stepped away, Jennifer prayed that the baby would be all right.

In the waiting room, Brady related to Victor and Maggie what he knew about what had happened between Jennifer and Nicole. Maggie and Victor were alarmed to hear that the police were involved. Just then, Billie called Brady, who informed her sadly that the baby hadn't made it.

As Brady hung up, Roman arrived to take Brady's statement. Brady admitted that he hadn't seen exactly what had happened, but he had heard Jennifer screaming at Nicole -- and before, he'd heard Nicole accuse Jennifer of being out of her mind, plus he'd overheard Jennifer accusing Nicole of being a "disgusting bitch." He added that he had not seen whether or not Jennifer had pushed Nicole down the stairs.

Billie relayed the news to Jennifer, who was devastated. Sobbing, Jennifer put her hands over her face as she cried, "Oh, Billie! Oh, God, I can't believe this. I just wanted her to get away from me. I didn't want to hurt her -- I didn't mean to hurt that precious little baby!"

Roman returned just then and reluctantly read Jennifer her rights as he arrested her for the murder of Nicole's unborn child.

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