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Eric married Sarah and Rex. Sami fought "Nicole." Will gave Rolf's diary to Jack. Xander lied to Kristen about killing Ted and Kate. Justin signed on as Ben's lawyer. Lani and Eli talked. Stefan and Gabi had a date night. Eve protected Xander. Kristen texted Hope from Ted's phone. Haley reunited with J.J. Claire held a knife to Tripp's throat.
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Xander lied to Kristen about killing Ted and Kate
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Kristen struggles to maintain her ruse

Kristen struggles to maintain her ruse

Monday, June 24, 2019

by Mike

At the hospital, Rex stared at Sarah expectantly, waiting for her to explain why she didn't want to marry him right away.

As if on cue, Eric exited a nearby elevator just then and approached Rex and Sarah. "I'm glad you're here. I need to say something to Sarah...and you need to hear this, too," Eric told Rex, having apparently decided to take Sami's advice about making a play for Sarah. "Listen, I totally want to hear what you have to say, but [Sarah and I] have this news, [and] I gotta share it with you [right now]," Rex told Eric, ignoring Sarah's desperate protests.

Eric was stunned to hear that Rex and Sarah had decided to get married right away. "Obviously, we didn't want to do anything while Will was in the middle of his crisis, but now that he's through it...why wait? [I mean], if I learned anything from watching Sonny and Will all throughout Will's situation, it's that your life can change in an instant, and -- and you should never postpone happiness," Rex reasoned as Sarah squirmed. "[You know, Sarah, you] hated me after I broke [your] heart...[but], with Eric's help, I was able to win you back, so you know what we gotta do? We gotta help Eric win back Nicole," Rex spontaneously added as Sarah remained silent.

"I'm not sure that's what I want now," Eric admitted to Rex, causing Sarah to perk up a bit. "Well, isn't Nicole the love of your life, like Sarah's the love of mine?" Rex asked, confused. "Yes," Eric confirmed, causing Sarah's hope to fade at once. "You know, [Rex], you're right -- there is no reason to wait. Let's get married. Let's do it right now," Sarah spontaneously decided, pleasing Rex -- who suddenly realized that Eric could perform the ceremony. "You told me that a lot of your former parishioners asked you to perform their ceremonies, so you got ordained online," Rex excitedly recalled. Sarah played along, begging Eric to agree to the idea.

Kate entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Victor sitting alone in the living room, staring sadly at a photograph of Caroline. "Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to offer my condolences..." Kate began. "I'm fine. Go to work," Victor snapped. "Victor, you don't have to pretend with me. I know that you're not just mourning Caroline's death [but also] the chance to be with the one great love of your life," Kate countered.

"Thank you for your kind words...but I know you didn't come all the way over here [just] to express your sympathies," Victor guessed, prompting Kate to admit that there was business to discuss, as well. "I just learned that Stefan has hired Nicole to bring Basic Black back from the dead," Kate elaborated. "Yes, I did hear that unfortunate piece of news," Victor replied, and Kate agreed that the development had the potential to be bad for Titan. "Remember, I saw [Xander and Nicole] shaking hands together outside of her room, [so] maybe they are working together [and] using both companies for some secret ends," Kate suggested.

"I've learned not to underestimate either one of those nitwits. What they lack in intellect, they make up for in bad intentions. [And] I can't afford any distractions right now," Victor fretted. Nodding, Kate knowingly summarized that Maggie's sobriety had to be Victor's main concern for the time being. "She's going to meetings...[but] when she was on that bender, she went over to Nicole's room, [and] she swears that Kristen DiMera answered the door, [so you can see why I'm still worried]. Some people see pink elephants; Maggie sees a devil in a red dress," Victor explained, and Kate agreed that Maggie had to have been hallucinating.

Kate walked over to the bar and started to fill two glasses with vodka, believing that it wasn't right to talk about alcohol without simultaneously consuming it. "No, I can't; I've decided to abstain at home to support Maggie," Victor stressed when Kate tried to hand over one of the glasses. "What Maggie doesn't know won't hurt her," Kate reasoned, and Victor conceded the point then accepted the glass.

"Your secret's safe with me," Kate promised with a wink. "I'm more concerned with the secrets that Xander and Nicole may be keeping," Victor admitted. "You know, Nicole lives near me now... I could stop by her room, find a way to get in, and take a look around," Kate mischievously offered. "If you could do that, I would be very grateful," Victor stressed. "Anything to support Titan's bottom line," Kate reasoned.

Brady went to the Salem Inn to see Nicole but ran into Hope first -- and seized the opportunity to offer a few comforting words about Caroline. Hope thanked Brady then changed the subject, reporting that Nicole had just left a few minutes earlier. Hope was surprised when Brady revealed that Nicole had recently taken a job at DiMera Enterprises, of all places. Hope informed Brady that Ted was somehow involved with Nicole -- and was also missing. "That's just...weird," Brady mused. "It gets even weirder. After [Nicole] left, I called Ted's phone, and I heard a phone ringing in Nicole's room," Hope replied.

"Has to be a coincidence," Brady reasoned. "My gut says it's not," Hope argued. "You think that Ted Laurent is in Nicole's room?" Brady asked incredulously. "At the very least, his phone might be," Hope suspiciously replied. Brady pointed out that there was an easy way to test that theory, and Hope agreed, having already reached the same conclusion. However, when Hope dialed Ted's cell phone number again, nothing happened on the other side of the hotel room door -- because the device's battery had just died seconds earlier. "See? Coincidence," Brady maintained. "Maybe..." Hope muttered.

At the Horton Town Square, Kristen, still posing as Nicole, squirmed as Sami repeated, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Before "Nicole" could think of a response, Sami backpedaled, gently acknowledging, "Look, I shouldn't have started with that, Nicole; [I should have started by saying] I am sorry about Holly."

"[But] I'm not gonna let you get away with blaming my brother for her death. [I mean], losing your child is the worst sort of grief -- and I know, better than anyone, that grief can make you say and do terrible things -- but, Nicole, this is not Eric's fault. He loved and adored your daughter. He is devastated," Sami continued. "Save it. I've heard the sob story already," Kristen tiredly countered before recapping why Eric was being blamed for Holly's death. "[Now], get the hell out of my face!" "Nicole" concluded, confusing Sami.

"[Nicole, I get that] grief does crazy things to people, but...unbelievably, grief has made you an even bigger bitch!" Sami decided. "[And that's why] I don't feel bad about telling you what I really think [of you]. When Eric told me that he'd finally, finally given up on any sort of future with you, I celebrated! I celebrated the fact that he was finally gonna be free of your baby-stealing, child-snatching, soul-sucking drama! Thank God he can finally move on and forget all about you, and he can finally find a woman who'll appreciate what a wonderful man he is!" Sami added.

"Nicole" guessed that Sami was talking about Sarah. "I already gave Sarah and Eric my blessing. I just pray that they get together soon, so everyone gets off my back," "Nicole" stressed. "Well, for once, we actually agree on something," Sami mused, surprised. "[You know, Nicole], you are such a heartless slut, and you have chewed and spit out more men than you can count, [so] I'm thrilled that you're gonna end up alone -- and that Eric can finally move on and leave you in his dust...just like Brady did," Sami added, getting a reaction out of Kristen.

"Oh, yes -- I heard all about the way you threw yourself at Brady right after your daughter's funeral," Sami tauntingly revealed. "That is none of your business!" "Nicole" snapped, but Sami forged ahead. "Hurts, doesn't it -- knowing that Brady won't touch you with a ten-foot pole?" Sami guessed. "You bitch!" "Nicole" spat before slapping Sami, who responded in kind -- and, in the ensuing struggle, managed to rub off a portion of the mask that Kristen was wearing. Sami saw -- and felt -- the damage before Kristen could raise a hand to hide it. Sami suspiciously resolved to get a closer look at the oddity -- one way or another.

Brady and Lucas both happened to arrive while "Nicole" was trying to get away from Sami. "There is something weird on Nicole's neck, but she won't let me see it," Sami explained when Lucas and Brady intervened. "It's...a scar, okay? One of the many horrible reminders of what happened the night I almost died in the fire. [And] I'm not ready to let anyone see [these scars, so I cover them with makeup]. And after everything that happened with E.J., I would think you would be more sensitive," "Nicole" said to Sami. "Well, I'm not, so let me see it," Sami demanded, lunging toward "Nicole" again.

Lucas quickly dragged Sami away, drawing a sigh of relief from "Nicole." "[Nicole], why would you work at DiMera when you could come work for me?" Brady asked once the coast was clear, surprising "Nicole," who took that as a good sign. "Nicole" was disappointed when Brady clarified that the job offer was nothing more than a smart business move.

"Nicole" politely declined the job offer then tried to rush off, but Brady objected, wanting to ask a few questions about Ted. "That was probably my phone. I mean, I -- I left it in my room by mistake," "Nicole" claimed after Brady explained what had happened when Hope had tried to call Ted earlier. Brady nodded suspiciously as "Nicole" turned and walked away.

At the hospital, Sami continued voicing suspicions about Nicole while following Lucas to Will's room. "I have been going toe to toe with Nicole Walker for half of my life, and Eric's right -- there's something...different...about that woman. I mean, I can't put my finger on it, but she is hiding something -- and it is more than just that stupid scar," Sami insisted. "Just forget about it," Lucas advised. "How?" Sami asked incredulously. "When you came back to Salem, you thought this was the last time you were gonna see Will, [and then] a miracle happened, so count your blessings," Lucas reasoned.

"You're right. Of course, you're right. I should just go back to Europe -- back to E.J. -- and be happy with Will being healthy," Sami grudgingly conceded, drawing a sigh of relief from Lucas. Sami hoped that Eric would be able to move on, too -- and eventually find love with someone else. Meanwhile, in the chapel, Eric prepared to perform Rex and Sarah's impromptu wedding ceremony.

At the DiMera mansion, Ted faced off with Xander in a room in the secret tunnels, desperately stalling for time. "We can work out some kind of a deal," Ted insisted. "And why would I want to do that? You've been a very naughty boy, Ted -- sneaking into my room, taking things that don't belong to you..." Xander countered. "Your partner -- it's Nicole Walker," Ted suddenly realized. "Give the man a prize," Xander dryly confirmed. "And now that you've figured out that Nicole and I are in cahoots...well, that's just one more reason for you to die, [so] how does a bullet to the brain sound?" Xander added before pointing a gun at Ted's head.

Ted quickly produced the extravagant diamond necklace that had been meant for Hope, thinking that might be enough of a bribe to prevent Xander from pulling the trigger. "I used to deal in diamonds, [so I can tell] that bling is the real deal...[but] I could just shoot you and take [it]," Xander pointed out. "True...but I want you to consider [it just] a small token of my true value. [Remember, I can also give you] a free pass with the law [if I accept] a standing offer from the new police commissioner and the new mayor to return as Salem's D.A., [so] you gotta agree [that] I would be much more valuable to you alive than dead," Ted argued.

"As much as I like the idea of having a D.A. in my debt...that sounds like the long game, and my partner has a rather short fuse," Xander decided after a moment of thought. "Nicole does seem rather unstable..." Ted agreed. "Oh, she's downright nuts. If I defy her orders to kill you, then there's a good chance I'll be on the business end of a gun myself," Xander stressed. "Nicole doesn't have to know," Ted pointed out. "It's not worth the risk," Xander maintained before preparing to shoot Ted. "You can't do it," Ted guessed with a sigh of relief when Xander didn't pull the trigger right away. "Not because I've gone soft," Xander insisted.

"[It's just that] it happens to work directly against my goal," Xander defensively explained. "Sarah Horton -- I've been trying to impress her, and handing that diary over so she could save her cousin's life [really] scored me some major points..." Xander elaborated. "You know, I've been with a lot of women, but...Sarah's the first one that ever made me want to change my ways," Xander admitted with a sigh.

"I completely understand that, [because] my only motivation to bring that autopsy report back to Nicole [was] to show Hope Brady that I'm worthy of her love," Ted revealed. "Well, look at us -- two bad boys, [both] trying to win the love of a good woman. You know, if this gets out, our reputations will be ruined," Xander mused. "I won't tell if you won't," Ted promised, but Xander remained conflicted.

"Xander, think about Sarah! You're a hero in her eyes [right now]! Don't ruin it by killing me!" Ted desperately advised. "She'll never know," Xander pointed out. "No, but you will, [and] even if you win her over, you will always have that secret [between you, and] you will always know that you're not truly worthy of her!" Ted countered. "You do make a compelling case..." Xander admitted.

"Like I said, I'm not going soft," Xander reiterated, pointing the gun at Ted's head again. "[But] I've decided to let you live -- at least for another day," Xander assured Ted before lowering the gun.

Relieved, Ted again offered Xander the necklace. "Give it to Sarah. Show her how dedicated you are to becoming a better man," Ted encouraged Xander, who grinned and nodded in response.

"Nice move, Monsieur Laurent," Ted mused after Xander left. "You got Xander to take that necklace; now [you just have to] pray that, somehow, Hope will see it...[and] rescue me before it's too late," Ted added.

While passing through the park, Xander paused to take a closer look at the necklace. "I can't wait to see this around Sarah's beautiful neck..." Xander mused -- just as Hope approached. "You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that," Xander advised Hope while pocketing the necklace. "Why is that? You up to no good?" Hope asked suspiciously. "Me? Never!" Xander innocently replied before walking away.

At the Salem Inn, Kate swiped a master key card from an unattended cleaning cart and used it to enter the room that was supposed to belong to Nicole.

While Kate was snooping around, Kristen entered the room, still wearing a mask that was clearly damaged.

Kate confronts "Nicole"

Kate confronts "Nicole"

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

At the Salem Inn, Kate broke into "Nicole's" room to snoop. "Nicole" returned home and found Kate holding her red dress. Kate confronted "Nicole" about the dress and the burned paper in the trash can. "Nicole" laughed at the accusation that Kristen had been in the room in a red dress.

"And to think that we thought Maggie's stories were the ravings of a delusional drunk," Kate said. "She is a delusional drunk. Obviously, Kristen DiMera is dead," "Nicole" said. With a raised eyebrow, Kate asked "Nicole" if she had been the one in the red dress when Maggie had visited. "Nicole" said yes. Kate reminded "Nicole' that the day Maggie had seen "Nicole" in the red dress had been the day of Holly's funeral.

"None of this really adds up, and I'm going to find out why that is," Kate said. "Nicole" was defensive and forced Kate to leave. Unfazed, Kate told "Nicole" that the matter wasn't over. Kate marched out. In the hallway, Kate muttered to herself, "She's definitely hiding something. Victor and I got to find out what."

In the hotel room, Kristen ripped off her mask and chuckled. "Oh, Kate. You'll never guess my secret in a million years," Kristen said. With a smirk, Kristen picked up Ted's phone. "Ted's phone is dead, and he better be, too," Kristen said.

In the town square, Jennifer ran into Jack after he held a rally. Jennifer suggested that Jack's time would be better spent working on policy than holding rallies, since he had already been elected mayor. Jennifer asked Jack when he intended to drop the charges against J.J. Jack asked Jennifer if she was there to fight their son's legal battles.

"Neither. I'm here to talk about your past," Jennifer said. Jennifer told Jack that Xander had given Rolf's diary to Kayla. Jennifer added that the doctors had been able to synthesize a treatment for Will's tumor that appeared to work. With a contemplative scowl, Jack noted that the serum was too dangerous. Jennifer encouraged Jack to go to the hospital and talk to Kayla about his options. Jack argued that he was happy with Eve and did not want to remember his past.

At the police station, Justin informed Eve that he had agreed to be Ben's lawyer. Eve was dismayed that Ben had secured competent counsel. To eliminate the threat to her case against Ben, Eve offered Justin the D.A. position. Justin reminded Eve that the mayor was the only person able to appoint the D.A. With a shrug, Eve noted that Jack would agree with her. When Eve noted that she did not believe that Jack wanted to push for charges against J.J., Justin raised an eyebrow.

"I see. You want me to come on board to take it easy on J.J. But Ben Weston? Not so much," Justin said. Eve asked Justin if he wanted to put a murderer back on the street. "That depends on if he is guilty or not," Justin said. Justin said he understood that Eve felt like Ben had not paid for his crimes.

"Having lost my only child to that son of a bitch's hand? He hasn't paid nearly enough. You can rest assured that he will," Eve growled. As Jack walked in, Eve announced that she had been telling Justin that he would be a wonderful D.A. "I beg your pardon?" Jack stammered in confusion.

Eve pulled Jack aside and told him her dilemma. Jack reminded Eve that they could not trust Justin because he and Adrienne sided with Jennifer against them. Eve explained that she was desperate to get justice for her daughter, and she added that Justin was an honorable choice for the D.A. job. Reluctantly, Jack agreed to hire Justin. Jack welcomed Justin to the position as D.A. With a smirk, Justin said, "I'd rather gargle glass than work for you."

After Justin walked out, Jack told Eve about his conversation with Jennifer. Eve argued that the serum was too dangerous, and Jack admitted he had said the same thing to Jennifer. Eve asked Jack if he had changed his mind about being with her and letting go of his past. Jack stressed that he had not changed his mind, and that he loved his life with Eve. After Eve left for the courthouse, Jack picked up J.J's file and thought about when Jennifer had given him a photo album.

At the hospital, Kayla acted as a witness for Sarah and Rex's wedding. "Life is too short to not be with the person that you love if you can be," Kayla told Sarah and Rex. Eric stared at Sarah. Though Eric's face betrayed his feelings for Sarah, Eric pushed forward with the ceremony at Sarah's insistence.

After the wedding, Kayla walked down to the nurses' station and saw Jennifer. Jennifer congratulated Kayla on Will's continued improvement. With a groan, Jennifer explained that Jack had been uninterested in taking the serum because he was happy with his "perfect life with Eve." Kayla said that she believed Jack was scared of true happiness because he had grown up without love.

"Believe me, [Jack's relationship with Eve] is not going to last," Kayla said. Jennifer told Kayla that she had kidnapped Jack in the hope that it would jog his memory. With a sigh, Jennifer admitted that it had been false hope because Jack had married Eve right after the incident.

Kayla suggested that Jack was overwhelmed by all the love of his family. Kayla urged Jennifer to be patient and give Jack time. "He will come back to you, no doubt about it," Kayla said. When Kayla returned to work, Jack approached her. Jack told Kayla that he wanted to ask her questions about the serum.

In the park, Eve chased after Jennifer and stopped her. Eve accused Jennifer of endangering Jack's life by pushing him to take the serum. Eve yelled that Jack had made it clear to her that he was not interested in remembering his past.

At the Brady Pub, a somber Eric walked in. Roman suggested to Eric that he open up. Eric explained that he had performed Rex and Sarah's wedding ceremony. Eric told Roman that he had decided that there was no hope for a relationship with Nicole, and he had gone to the hospital to tell Sarah about his feelings for her.

With a deep sigh, Eric added that when he had arrived at the hospital, Rex and Sarah had asked him to officiate their wedding. Roman said that he was proud of Eric for sacrificing his own happiness and not interfering in his brother's relationship. Roman added that he was certain that Nicole would forgive Eric.

In the Kiriakis living room, Xander caressed the necklace he had taken from Ted. Xander started to pen a note for Sarah, but he realized that he had no explanation for how he had obtained the necklace. Xander also wondered aloud how he would explain to Kristen that Ted was alive. Xander talked through a few scenarios of what to say to Kristen, but then he sighed with dismay.

"[Kristen] is gonna kill me for allowing Ted to bribe me into letting him live. I can never tell them the truth," Xander whispered. "Tell who the truth about what?" Maggie asked as she walked into the room. With a fake smile, Xander teased Maggie for repeatedly eavesdropping on him. Maggie said she was concerned about Xander because she had hoped he was turning over a new leaf, but she had heard him talking about "secrets and lies" instead.

Xander explained that he had been debating whether to go through with something. Xander showed Maggie the necklace that he wanted to give to Sarah. Maggie reminded Xander that Sarah was engaged to Rex. Xander argued that Rex was a cheat, and he swore that he was not.

"I want to win Sarah's heart. And I believe I can," Xander said. Surprised, Maggie said she had not realized that Xander had such strong feelings about her daughter. Confused, Xander said he recalled that Maggie had been happy when Sarah had broken up with Rex.

"That doesn't mean you should make a move on her," Maggie said. "I see. It's fine when I nurse your hangover and take care of you after you get sick and share my melted ice cream with you, but heaven forbid I go anywhere near your precious daughter," Xander said. "I appreciate your support and friendship, and I will be forever indebted to you for saving Will's life," Maggie said. Maggie told Xander that she believed he was a good man, and she expressed the hope that Xander would continue to make an effort to improve.

"Just not good enough for your daughter," Xander said quietly. "I didn't say that," Maggie countered. "You didn't have to," Xander whispered. When Maggie asked Xander if he intended to give the necklace to Sarah, Xander explained that he needed to make a big gesture because Sarah was planning to marry Rex.

When Sarah returned home, Xander eagerly handed her the necklace, wrapped in a box. Sarah rejected the gift. With a nod, Xander said he knew that Sarah was engaged. "Actually, I'm not," Sarah said with a shrug. Xander asked Sarah if she and Rex had broken up again. With a sheepish smile, Sarah said she was married.

"You did what?" Maggie and Xander yelled in unison. Rex walked in and confirmed that he and Sarah had been married at the hospital. Sarah told Maggie that the only attendees at the wedding had been Eric and Kayla. Kate walked in, and Rex cheerily told his mother the news. Kate was thrilled to hear of the wedding, but Xander stewed in the corner.

"I wish you every happiness, as I'm sure Xander does, as well. So interesting to see you here," Kate said as she stared at Xander. "I live here," Xander stressed. Xander asked Kate why she wanted to treat him like the enemy. With a smile, Xander said he had already given a gift to Sarah. Sarah reminded Xander that she could not accept the present. Xander insisted.

"It's a wedding gift. For both of you. A piece of jewelry," Xander said. "How the hell is that for both of us?" Rex asked. "You can enjoy looking at your beautiful wife while she wears it," Xander pointed out. Xander's phone beeped with a text message from Kristen that read, "Is Ted DEAD?" With a smile, Xander said he needed to go.

"I wish you every happiness, and I hope you'll wear your gift in the spirit in which it was intended," Xander said as leaned in close to Sarah and grinned. Xander's smile fell away as he looked at Rex and then walked out. Suspicious, Kate followed Xander.

Xander went to "Nicole's" room at the Salem Inn. Kristen opened the door. Eager for a confirmation, Kristen asked Xander if he had finished the job. Outside the room, Kate struggled to eavesdrop through the door. Xander told Kristen that he had killed Ted.

Kate finds herself in danger

Kate finds herself in danger

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

by Mike

Jennifer rushed into Doug's Place after spotting Hope's vehicle in the parking lot.

"I just ran into 'Mrs. Deveraux,' [and] she was just gloating about how Jack is not interested in getting his memory back, even though Kayla recreated the formula," Jennifer complained after stealing some of Hope's wine. "Eve would say anything to get under your skin. You know that. [You should] talk to Jack directly," Hope advised. "That's the problem -- I did...[and] he said the same thing," Jennifer revealed with a sigh.

"Jack often says things he doesn't mean," Hope pointed out. "The old Jack [did, but] this new version -- I don't know why he does anything," Jennifer countered. "Mark my words -- eventually, he's gonna come around, and he's gonna want to recover his memory -- and his old life. He'll be talking to Kayla very soon," Hope maintained. "I wish I could be so sure..." Jennifer admitted, sighing again.

Changing the subject, Jennifer gently wondered how Hope was doing. "I'm good. I'm -- I'm okay. I am," Hope claimed with a shrug. "You just got divorced," Jennifer skeptically countered. "Ted Laurent still following you around?" Jennifer asked. "He vanished into thin air. I haven't heard from him in days, actually," Hope replied. "Well, he is a man of mystery, that's for sure..." Jennifer mused, and Hope agreed, thinking about Ted's unexplained involvement with Nicole. Jennifer advised Hope to talk to Abe or Stefan about that, since Abe had always been close with Nicole, and Stefan had just given Nicole a job at DiMera Enterprises.

At the hospital, Jack surprised Kayla with a sudden interest in taking Rolf's memory-jogging serum -- and, if necessary, the antidote for its known side effect -- as soon as possible. "It was...premature...of Jennifer to tell you anything about this," Kayla insisted, adding that neither the serum nor the antidote had received FDA approval yet. "[So, you're willing to bend the rules for] relatives you like, but not [for] the ones you don't," Jack bitterly summarized. "Don't make this personal. [Look], my hands are tied," Kayla maintained. "I won't rat you out to the FDA!" Jack promised. "But Eve certainly would," Kayla countered, and Jack conceded the point.

"Listen, um...the FDA controls the formula...but Rolf's original diary belongs to Will, [and] I didn't see any reason not to give it back to him," Kayla hesitantly revealed just as Jack was about to walk away in defeat. "The serum and the antidote could be recreated again [using the diary]..." Kayla continued. "[So], I should talk to Will about this? What room is he in?" Jack asked excitedly. "318...[but] I just went and looked in on him, [and] he's sleeping, [so]...maybe tomorrow," Kayla replied. "Great -- [that] will give me time to, uh, go get myself a chemistry set," Jack joked while jotting down Will's room number in a pocket-size notepad.

"You know, I wouldn't be glib about [this], Jack. I mean, the antidote did shrink [Will's] tumor, but we didn't have time to check [the antidote] for any kind of side effects. Will didn't have a choice; he had to be our one and only test case. [So], if you have to pursue this, just know that you are walking into unknown territory," Kayla stressed, and Jack seemed to take the warning seriously.

"Can we just keep this conversation between us?" Jack asked hopefully. "You don't want your new wife finding out that you're interested in your old life?" Kayla curiously replied. "I'm not really sure how interested I am. [I mean], from my reading, I know that I am the screwed-up son of a very powerful father who... [Well, let's just say] I'm glad to not be emotionally connected to any of that. [And] I'm not eager to live with what I did to you, and I'm sure there are a lot of other things I'd really rather not have to own," Jack stressed. "Then why even ask about the [serum]?" Kayla wondered.

"[Because] I have a son and a daughter I know next to nothing about," Jack explained. "And what about their mother -- the love of your life?" Kayla asked pointedly. "I don't even know what that phrase means," Jack admitted with a shrug. "You know what the definition is to me, Jack? It's when two people love each other so much that even when things go wrong -- I mean, really wrong -- they manage to find their way back to one another," Kayla summarized. "Are you feeling that pull, Jack?" Kayla curiously wondered. "Like I said, can we just please keep this conversation between us?" Jack evasively replied.

"[You asked] a medical question, and I'm required by law to keep those conversations to myself," Kayla grudgingly assured Jack, who breathed a sigh of relief then rushed off.

While walking away from Doug's Place, Jennifer received a phone call from Abigail, who wanted to know how Will was doing. "It was very scary, and we really thought we were gonna lose him, but Kayla and her team, they -- they came up with this drug that reversed the growth of the tumor, [and now] he is doing amazing, [so] you can probably call him yourself tomorrow," Jennifer reported.

"I don't know what that means for your dad, sweetie, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. I really don't think your dad is interested in getting his memory back," Jennifer warned Abigail.

Lani ran into Abe at the Brady Pub -- and was surprised to learn that he had recently accepted a position at DiMera Enterprises, of all companies. "Are you out of your mind? [I mean, you're] always saying the DiMera family is a nest full of vipers, [so]...why?" she asked incredulously. "I have my reasons," he vaguely replied. "And I know how to take care of myself," he added, forcing her to grudgingly promise to at least try to refrain from worrying about him. "I wish I could promise that about you," he admitted, confusing her.

"I can see you're not yourself...and I'd like to know why," Abe elaborated, prompting Lani to reluctantly recap everything that had happened recently. "Maybe caring for [Jordan's] baby has helped you grieve for your own," Abe suggested at the end of the tale. "I don't know...[but, in any case, at least I've finally] come to my senses. It's just too bad it happened after Eli walked out on me," Lani mused with a sigh of regret. "You love [him], and he loves you, [so] to him. What have you got to lose?" Abe advised.

At the Salem Inn, Kate contacted the police and quietly revealed that Xander Cook had just confessed to killing the former district attorney, Ted Laurent.

Meanwhile, Kristen excitedly probed for gruesome details about the murder, prompting Xander to vaguely brag that Ted had whimpered like a little girl right before the fatal shot had been fired. "Ooh, that is glorious!" Kristen declared with a squeal of delight. "Sexist, but glorious!" Kristen continued, cackling at the mental image Xander had just painted.

At the police station, Eve ordered Eli to forget about the anonymous tip that had just been received. "You...don't want me to check out a possible homicide?" Eli asked incredulously. "No, I don't!" Eve snapped. "I heard that most 9-1-1 calls are cranks, anyway," Eve reasoned with a shrug after calming down. "Oh, my God... Well, Eve, you've heard wrong," Eli tiredly clarified. "[Then] I'll send somebody else to check it out, 'cause I want you to stay on the Ben Weston case," Eve countered before producing a cell phone and ducking into one of the conference rooms.

Eve contacted Xander and explained what had just happened. "[I will forget about this anonymous tip if] you will forget who gave you Dr. Rolf's diary. Deal?" Eve offered. "Deal," Xander grudgingly agreed before ending the call, drawing a gun, and quietly advising Kristen to hide in the bathroom right away. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Kate pressed an ear against the hotel room door in the hope of hearing more incriminating information. When Xander suddenly opened the door, Kate fell into the hotel room with a gasp of surprise. "Gotcha," Xander triumphantly declared, pointing the gun at Kate. "I was just gonna knock on the door," Kate innocently stated.

Xander nodded skeptically then impatiently demanded to know everything that Kate had heard while eavesdropping at the door. "Now!" Xander snapped, pressing the barrel of the gun against Kate's chest. "I heard you tell Nicole that you killed Ted Laurent! [And the police] are on their way here right now, so whatever it is that you and Nicole are up to, it's all over, my friend!" Kate defiantly revealed. "Where is she, anyway?" Kate added. Kristen emerged from the bathroom just then and swung a blow-dryer at the back of Kate's head. Kate fell to the floor with a groan and immediately passed out, having never seen Kristen.

"That bitch has always been too nosy for her own good," Kristen told Xander. "Don't just stand there -- finish her," Kristen impatiently demanded. "Oh, right -- yeah, I should just fire a shot in a place where the walls are so thin, she heard me telling you I killed Laurent. Should I leave the blood spatter for the maid to clean up, too?" Xander sarcastically countered. Kristen grudgingly conceded the point but maintained that Xander needed to do something with Kate right away -- before the police arrived. "No one's coming," Xander coolly assured Kristen, who was pleasantly surprised to learn that Eve had intervened.

Lani went to the police station to see Eli -- who, having just finished his work shift, agreed to follow her to the park for a private conversation. She admitted, when they reached their destination, that he had been right all along about her unhealthy attachment to a baby who didn't belong to her. "After our big fight, I realized that I can't keep pretending to be a mother to a child that's not mine. The problem is, I don't know how to say goodbye to the baby that was mine. [You know], it's been almost a year since we lost [our son]," she tearfully added. "I know," he quietly replied before comforting her with a hug.

"I've missed you -- so much -- and I would really like it if we could get back to where we were...if you think that's possible," Lani stressed. "I've missed you, too...and I think if we can survive losing a son, we can make it through anything," Eli reasoned. "I think we should just face [the anniversary, so let's] go buy some flowers [then] go to the cemetery [and] tell David that he'll always be a part of us," Eli added, and Lani agreed.

Abe went to the DiMera mansion to discuss business with Stefan, who was furious because Nicole hadn't shown up for work yet. Abe calmed Stefan down then rushed off to investigate Nicole's unexplained absence. While en route to the Salem Inn, Abe dialed a cell phone number, and Kristen answered the call, feigning a hoarse voice to avoid having to sound exactly like Nicole. "Tell [Stefan] I got, uh...some kind of a bug," Kristen told Abe.

Meanwhile, Stefan received a visit from Hope, who explained that Ted was missing, and Nicole seemed to somehow be involved. "I thought you were fired from Salem P.D.," Stefan curiously noted. "I'm doing this on my own," Hope explained. "Either way, I still can't help you," Stefan insisted. "Hmm. Interesting...'cause the last time Ted Laurent was missing, you knew exactly where he was," Hope recalled. "Kate DiMera forced me to be [involved in that], so why don't you go talk to her," Stefan advised. Meanwhile, in the secret tunnels, Xander locked Kate, who was still unconscious, in a room with Ted.

Xander sent Kristen a text message -- "Mission accomplished. Kate has joined Ted in the bowels of hell" -- then mused, "It's not a total lie..."

Ciara and Tripp set a trap for Claire

Ciara and Tripp set a trap for Claire

Thursday, June 27, 2019

by Mike

Jack went to the police station to see Eve, who was quite eager to leave work and spend the rest of the evening with him.

"Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to pass," Jack announced, disappointing Eve. "I gotta work tonight -- [you know], I gotta meet with [some] constituents [and] talk about some boring stuff [like] zoning, budgets..." he claimed. "I don't know when I'm gonna be back," he added, shrugging. "Okay..." she muttered with obvious confusion as he rushed off.

At the hospital, Sonny entered Will's room while in the midst of a phone conversation with someone at an Italian restaurant.

"Let me guess -- tonight, we are honeymooning on the Amalfi Coast," Will summarized with a knowing grin when Sonny ended the call after placing a delivery order. "Freshest seafood in the world," Sonny, who was also grinning, enthusiastically assured Will. "And then, tomorrow, you can pick the destination," Sonny promised. "Awesome! I love this idea of spending our honeymoon -- each night [of it] -- in a different place," Will raved. "But...I'm hoping that tomorrow, we'll be able to, uh...spend the night at home," Will suggestively added.

"I want that, too...but, since they haven't signed off on releasing you yet, I thought maybe it would be cool if I could bring a bit of home to you," Sonny teasingly informed Will before opening a door and revealing Arianna, who had been waiting on the other side with Gabi. "Mommy said you're all better!" Arianna happily declared while racing toward Will to offer a hug. "Well, if I wasn't before, I am now," Will lovingly confirmed while helping Arianna onto the bed. Arianna was thrilled to hear that Will would likely be released from the hospital before the town's Fourth of July festivities, leaving lots of time for camping trips, pool parties, and visits to the state fair.

Shortly after Gabi and Arianna left, Will and Sonny received an unexpected visit from Jack, who had apparently decided not to heed Kayla's advice about waiting until the following day to ask about Rolf's diary. "I heard that congratulations are in order -- not only did [Will] dodge the ol' Grim Reaper, but the two of you are now married again. Spectacular news all around," Jack declared while trying to hand over a bottle of Champagne, which Will and Sonny both ignored. "What are you doing here, Jack -- and what the hell do you want?" Sonny suspiciously demanded to know as Jack placed the bottle on a side table.

"You are my sister's son, Jackson -- direct, to the point... I respect that," Jack declared. "Yeah? Well, how 'bout respecting that we're on our honeymoon [by] leaving us alone?" Sonny countered. "I promise to be brief," Jack stressed before forging ahead, admitting to being aware that Will was in possession of Rolf's diary. "I am currently weighing the risks involved in regaining my own memory, [but] Kayla made it clear that the hospital and the FDA don't give their approval [for anyone else to take the serum right now], so the only way to access it is through the diary," Jack explained. "And you expect me to hand it over to you," Will guessed.

"Presumably, you don't need it anymore, so...I -- I thought you wouldn't mind," Jack confirmed with a shrug. "Hmm. Well, you thought wrong," Will declared, surprising Jack.

"I, uh...I realize I don't have many fans in the Horton family, since I beat Abe in the election..." Jack began to acknowledge, assuming that was Will's only reason for balking at the request. "It's not that you won, Jack; it's that you did it by fearmongering and targeting good people -- including your own son," Will tiredly clarified, making Jack squirm. "J.J. and my ex-wife tell me that I -- I used to be a better person," Jack admitted. "Much better," Sonny stressed. "But, see, I -- I don't remember being that person; I don't remember anything about him," Jack reminded Will and Sonny.

"And -- and I've been okay with that...for a while..." Jack continued. "But there is always a part of you that knows it's not real -- that there's something out there that you're missing," Will knowingly concluded. "[Right...and] you've been in my shoes, [so] why won't you help me?" Jack curiously wondered. "I never said I wouldn't," Will pointed out.

"But it is going to cost you," Will warned, making Jack squirm again. "You and I both know that Haley did not deserve what happened to her -- [and] neither did your son -- so...I will give you Rolf's diary if and when all charges against J.J. are dropped," Will elaborated, surprising Jack, who protested that the district attorney was the only one who could make that call. "I have a feeling you can make something happen," Sonny countered. "And you better, because until I know that J.J. is in the, you don't get the diary, and, uh, you can stay lost in the dark," Will stressed. "I'll see what I can do," Jack promised before rushing off.

"That was pretty impressive -- the way you laid down the law with my uncle [and] made him squirm," Sonny raved. "You liked that, did you?" Will observed with a hint of suggestiveness. "I did," Sonny confirmed, grinning.

"I'm sure Eve is not happy about Jack wanting to get his memory back," Will mused, prompting Sonny to guess that Jack hadn't even told Eve yet. "Well, then, extra leverage to get the charges against J.J. dropped," Will mischievously noted, and Sonny agreed. "If this works, then maybe Jennifer and J.J. someday will get to experience what I did when you got your memory back," Sonny optimistically suggested before giving Will a kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan received a visit from Gabi, who happily reported that Will was doing much better and was expected to make a full recovery.

"That's great news. I'm happy for you," Stefan stressed before curiously noting that Gabi could have just delivered that information in a text message. "I wanted to say thank you [in person]. I was really struggling the other night, and you helped me get through that," she explained before starting to say goodbye to him. "I was just about to sit down to dinner, [so] to join?" he asked, stopping her.

"Ari's at a sleepover, so I'm free the rest of the night..." Gabi admitted before deciding to accept Stefan's invitation.

After dinner, Stefan and Gabi munched on cookies -- cookies that Holly had loved. Gabi could tell that Stefan really missed Holly -- and Parker, for that matter. "Everyone in this town thinks you're heartless..." Gabi informed Stefan. "Do you?" Stefan wondered. "Not anymore," Gabi admitted. "[But] don't worry -- I am not gonna ruin your spotless reputation for being heartless. I know you've worked very hard to cultivate that," Gabi added.

Gabi soon started to leave, but Stefan suggested that wasn't necessary. She gave the matter some thought then responded with a kiss, agreeing to spend the night with him.

At the Brady Pub, Claire idly stabbed pieces of lettuce with a fork as Shawn watched with obvious amusement -- which turned to concern when she defensively snapped at him for joking about what she was doing to her poor, uneaten salad. "Sorry. I shouldn't have lost it like that," she acknowledged after calming down. "I'm just bummed," she explained with a sigh.

"Honestly, I can't blame [Tripp] for ending things with me -- not after what I did..." Claire vaguely admitted, confusing Shawn, who curiously probed for more details. "I made a recording of Tripp admitting that his marriage to Haley was fake," Claire elaborated, drawing a sigh from Shawn. "I know, I know -- it was a horrible thing to do," Claire acknowledged. "And I'm so sorry -- I'm sorry for what happened to [Haley, and] I'm sorry for just about everything... [I mean], I ruined my own entire life, [too]; Tripp doesn't love me anymore, and I don't think anyone else ever will," Claire fretted.

"Claire, listen to me -- even if it is over with [Tripp], you are so young, [and] you've got your entire life ahead of you, [and] you are a wonderful person, [and] smart, [and] kind, [and] talented... I can't even tell you how proud your mother and I are of you --" Shawn tried to stress. "Well, you shouldn't be! You should not be proud of me! In fact, after the things I've done, no one should ever be proud of me -- ever again -- [and] no one should love me, either!" Claire argued, fighting back tears. "[But] thank you for believing in me," Claire added after calming down a bit. "Always," Shawn promised.

"I really do want to be the person you think I can be. [In fact], I am determined to be [that] person," Claire assured Shawn.

While passing through Horton Town Square, J.J. ran into Tripp, who had just finished a work shift. "Glad to see they didn't fire you for missing work," J.J. began in lieu of a greeting. "When I was helping Haley? No, they just docked my pay," Tripp confirmed. "I got off easy compared to you. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, you know, trying to put you into prison," Tripp stressed.

"Thank, but I wouldn't exactly say you got off easy. You and Haley almost died in that fire," J.J. pointed out. "And I don't understand it -- [I mean, if Ben] hated you because of everything that went down with Ciara, why would he wait so long to go after you?" J.J. curiously mused. "I just want whoever is guilty to get what they deserve," Tripp evasively declared, confusing J.J., who didn't see any reason to doubt that Ben was the guilty party. "I've never been a fan of Eve, especially after the way she went after Haley [and] brainwashed my father, [but] I'm with her on this -- Ben needs to stay locked up," J.J. insisted.

Tripp quickly changed the subject, wondering if J.J. had heard from Haley yet. "I tried to video chat [with her but] couldn't get a connection," J.J. reported. "I'm sorry. I wish I could have done more to help," Tripp stressed. "You did a hell of a lot," J.J. insisted before offering to buy Tripp a beer as a gesture of gratitude. Tripp checked the time then politely asked J.J. to pick another night to make good on the offer.

"Got plans with Claire [tonight]?" J.J. assumed. "Something like that..." Tripp replied before walking away.

J.J. headed over to the pub, where Shawn was sitting alone at the bar, drinking a beer. "I'm sorry about everything that you're having to go through," Shawn stressed before offering to buy J.J. a drink. "Wo ai ni," J.J. said, knowing that Shawn had spent a lot of time in Hong Kong. "I... I mean, uh... I love you, too, I guess?" Shawn replied with an awkward laugh, clearly confused. "Oh, I -- I thought that 'wo ai ni' meant 'thank you'... [See], that's what Haley said to me before they took her away..." J.J. explained, also confused. "Well, if Haley said that to you, what she said was 'I love you,'" Shawn clarified. "Oh..." J.J. sadly muttered.

At the loft apartment, Ciara received an unexpected visit from Ben -- who, thanks to Justin, had just been granted bail. "God, it is so good to see you...[but] you really shouldn't be here. [I mean], what if Claire was here?" Ciara pointed out. "[I just saw her heading] to the pub with her dad, [so] I knew it was safe," Ben explained before changing the subject, hoping to talk Ciara out of the risky plan to work with Tripp to set a trap for Claire. "This isn't my style, but I think we should [just] go to the cops [instead]," Ben suggested. "Without any hard evidence linking Claire to the arsons, [that's] not gonna work," Ciara argued.

"There's gotta be a way to bust her without you intentionally setting her off," Ben worriedly maintained. "Just trust me," Ciara dismissively replied.

"You need to leave, before Claire comes home," Ciara warned, pushing Ben toward the apartment door. "Be careful," Ben begged, and Ciara nodded in response.

As Ben was giving Ciara a goodbye kiss, Claire entered the apartment. "Get the hell away from me!" Ciara spat, shoving Ben. "He pushed his way in when I answered the door!" Ciara explained to Claire. "I can explain --" Ben began, playing along. "If you do not get the hell out of here right now, I'm gonna call the cops!" Claire warned. "Okay, I'm going," Ben agreed. "And don't you come near me ever again!" Ciara snapped.

"Thank God you walked in when you did! I was so afraid!" Ciara said to Claire after Ben left. "You're safe with me," Claire assured Ciara, who scowled while accepting a hug.

Shawn exited the pub just as Eve was about to enter it. "Well, well, well -- if it isn't the new police commissioner! I'm sure that criminals all over Salem are celebrating right about now, [knowing] that they have one of their own in charge," Shawn mused. "Just wanted to stop by and see your uncle -- [you know, to] offer my condolences about your grandmother," Eve explained, trying to ignore the dig. "He isn't here," Shawn reported before starting to walk away. "How's your family holding up?" Eve asked before singling out Claire as the main point of concern. "Why do you ask?" Shawn wondered, suspicious.

" to know her a little bit -- you know, [from the] Bella contest -- and, sometimes, I saw a little bit of myself in her, and...well, I know that she might act [like she's] all grown up and in control, but...inside, she's...she's very fragile," Eve explained. "I know that she misses you and her mother more than she lets on... You know, it might help if you stuck around to give her some guidance," Eve continued.

"Is there something you're not telling me?" Shawn worriedly wondered. "It's just a feeling; it's nothing personal," Eve claimed.

Ben approached just then, surprising Eve and Shawn, who were both annoyed to see that a judge had granted an accused arsonist bail. "If you go anywhere near my sister, I'm gonna take care of you myself," Shawn warned Ben before walking away. Eve stuck around to gloat that Ben would soon be locked up again -- for good. Ben maintained that Claire was the guilty party, but Eve feigned skepticism.

Jack managed to meet Will's demand then rushed off to J.J.'s apartment to deliver the good news in person. "What's the catch?" J.J. asked suspiciously. "No catch. [All the prosecutors] want to make me happy [right now]; they're all hoping that maybe I'll appoint one of them to be the next D.A.," Jack explained. "The Feds won't be pursuing this, either. Their focus is on deportation," Jack stressed.

"What's in this for you?" J.J. wondered, still suspicious. "Well, it or not, I'm still your father," Jack pointed out. "Not in any way that matters," J.J. countered. "If you're expecting me to say thank you...don't. You ruined Haley's life," J.J. snapped. "It was nothing personal," Jack stressed. "It was the most personal thing in the world to me," J.J. insisted. "Before she left town, she told me she loved me, [but] I didn't even know what she was saying...and now it's too late -- it's too late for me to tell her that I love her, too. Because of you," J.J. spat before slamming the apartment door in Jack's face.

At the hospital, Will raved, while gazing lovingly at Sonny, that the best part about honeymooning on the Amalfi Coast was the view.

Before Sonny could respond, Jack burst into the room. "Me again! Not interrupting, am I?" Jack began, oblivious. "Yes, you are," Will irritably stressed. "I have news! The charges against J.J. have been dropped! I just came back from telling him!" Jack excitedly revealed, handing over an official document that proved the claim. "Was he relieved?" Will wondered. "Uh...honestly, he was more concerned about Haley's future than his own," Jack reported with a hint of confusion. "He loves her -- and, because of you, he may have lost her forever," Sonny explained.

"We had a deal," Jack reminded Will, eager to change the subject. Nodding, Will produced Rolf's diary, opened it to the page on which the formula for the memory-jogging serum had been recorded, and handed it to Jack, who stared at it excitedly. "This could change my life!" Jack raved. "Well, it certainly changed mine..." Will confirmed.

"Look, um...could we...not tell anyone about my pursuing this? I don't want to get anyone's hopes up," Jack stressed. "What about Eve? Does she know?" Sonny wondered. "Um...let's just...keep this conversation between us," Jack evasively repeated before starting to rush off. Just before disappearing from view, Jack looked back at Will.

"You nearly died taking this [serum]. Do you regret it?" Jack asked. "No. I don't regret getting a second chance with the person I love," Will replied without hesitation, gazing lovingly at Sonny again.

Meanwhile, J.J. received another unexpected visitor -- Haley.

At the loft apartment, Claire slept soundly, unaware that Tripp and Ciara were setting a trap in the living room. Ciara, who was half-naked, lit a bunch of candles then found a hiding place for a cell phone that would record everything that was about to happen. Tripp, who was also half-naked, climbed onto a chair and raised a lighter to a smoke alarm. "Nice touch," Tripp told Ciara, noting that the lighter looked just like the one Claire had used to set the cabin fires. "Thank you. Anything to provoke Claire even more," Ciara reasoned. Tripp nodded then held the lighter's flame to the smoke alarm until it started blaring.

When Claire rushed into the living room to find out what was wrong, Tripp and Ciara were on the couch together, wrapped in each other's arms. Claire stared at the apparent couple in shock, furious.

Claire pulls a knife on Tripp

Claire pulls a knife on Tripp

Friday, June 28, 2019

Outside the pub, Ben sat on the bench and waited impatiently to hear from Ciara. Marlena said hello, and she asked Ben if he was okay. "No, I'm not. I'm worried about Ciara," Ben said. Curious, Marlena reminded Ben that the doctor-patient confidentiality was still in place, and she offered to buy Ben some food in the pub.

Once seated at a table, Marlena asked Ben if he was worried about his relationship with Ciara. With a shake of his head, Ben said he and Ciara were doing well. Ben confided that Ciara was anxious to prove his innocence, and he was worried that Ciara would put herself at risk in order to secure a confession from the arsonist.

"Are you saying you know who set those fires?" Marlena asked incredulously. Ben confirmed that he knew, but he was reluctant to tell Marlena because the information might be painful to her. Ben told Marlena that her granddaughter Claire had set the fires. Marlena gasped.

"I know it is the last thing you want to hear, but yes, it's the truth," Ben said. Marlena asked Ben why he believed Claire was to blame. Ben explained that the music he had heard in his memory from the night of the first cabin fire had been Claire's ringtone. Marlena said she had known that Claire had been upset about her breakup with Tripp.

"You believe me, don't you?" Ben asked. "I do. I just had no idea that Claire was capable of doing anything like this," Marlena whispered. Marlena asked Ben if he had talked to the police. With a grimace, Ben explained that he had told Eve the truth, but she had dismissed his claim outright.

"[Eve's] trying to hang these fires on me to punish me for what I did to Paige," Ben said. "So, we have a commissioner more intent on revenge than saving lives," Marlena said. Ben worried aloud that Ciara had put herself in danger, but he added that he had some comfort in knowing that Tripp was helping Ciara. Marlena asked about the plan.

"They're going to make Claire so jealous that she loses it. They're hoping that she freaks out, confesses, so that they can record it," Ben said. "That's a bad plan. She's so fragile right now, who knows what she'll feel or what she'll go and do?" Marlena said. Ben agreed. Marlena told Ben that they needed to stop the plan before something bad happened.

At the loft, Tripp and Ciara set the scene to appear that they were having sex on the couch. Tripp set off the smoke alarm to draw Claire out of her room. Acting, Ciara nervously said, "We thought you were sleeping." Claire angrily noted that she could not sleep through the noise. Tripp casually waved the smoke away from the alarm until it stopped beeping.

"What are you two doing practically naked?" Claire screamed. Tripp and Ciara hurriedly dressed. "This is exactly what you wanted. Is this why you broke up with me, Tripp?" Claire shouted. Tripp said that Ben's fires had reminded him and Ciara of their bond.

"Freaking stop it!" Claire screamed. Claire accused Ciara of pursuing Tripp in order to hurt her. Ciara lost her temper and yelled that Claire had hurt her first. "You lied to [Tripp], you tricked him, you blasted him to the police. That's why he doesn't want to be with you, Claire. You're just too needy to see it," Ciara said. Claire spotted a replica of the lighter she had used to start the fires and gasped.

"What is this doing here?" Claire demanded. Claire noted that the lighter looked like the one that had been used to set the cabin fires. "All I ever did was love you. Want to be with you. Make you happy. I was never quite enough, was I?" Claire asked Tripp. Claire noted that she had needed Tripp, and he had not been there for her. Ciara interrupted to say that she and Tripp had a strong connection. Ciara added that her connection to Tripp was likely why Ben had flipped out and set the fires.

"You are so stupid! Ben was not the one that lost his mind!" Claire yelled in frustration. Before Claire could blurt out her confession, her phone beeped with a text from Eve. The text read, "Ran into Ben earlier. Ciara might be on his side. They might be trying to trap you." Ciara asked about the text. Claire dismissed the message as unimportant.

"What were you going to say about Ben?" Ciara asked. With a shrug, Claire said she did not remember. Ciara encouraged Claire to open up to them. "Ben and I never really stood a chance, did we?" Ciara asked. Claire promised she would no longer be jealous or needy. Claire announced that she would pack her stuff and leave. Ciara encouraged Claire to talk to her.

"What else is there to say?" Claire said through gritted teeth. With her back to Ciara and Tripp, Claire pulled a large knife out of the knife block, and she gripped it tightly. When Tripp touched her shoulder, Claire spun around and shoved the knife at him. Tripp grabbed Claire's wrists and held her back, but Claire backed him up until he fell onto the table. Claire held the knife close to Tripp's throat.

"What are you doing?" Ciara asked with worry. Claire warned Ciara not to step any closer. "You both think you're so much better than me? I mean you almost slit Kayla's throat, Tripp, you're no freaking saint," Claire yelled. Tripp and Ciara both begged Claire not to do anything rash.

"You used me, and you jerked me around. It would serve you right if I slit your throat right now," Claire seethed. Tripp said Claire's name, and she screamed at him to shut up. Blood trickled down Tripp's neck. Ciara begged Claire to look at her, and she reminded Claire that she was the person Claire hated, not Tripp.

"It's me. Okay? It's been me all along. It's always been me. You hated me because of Theo. You've hated me because of the Bella contest. But Tripp? You love him. Look at him. You love him. You don't want to hurt him," Ciara pleaded. Ciara urged Claire to put down the knife. Claire struggled against the power of her anger.

At J.J.'s apartment, he was shocked to find Haley on his doorstep. Panicked, J.J. said he had a bag ready to go so that they could run. With a chuckle, Haley explained that she was in the country legally. Haley told J.J. that Melinda had convinced a senator to intervene on their behalf.

"Why didn't Melinda tell you about this before?" J.J. asked. Haley said Melinda had not wanted to get Haley's hopes up in case the senator would not be able to help. Haley added that her fight for a green card could take years, but in the meantime, she could stay in Salem with J.J. Elated, J.J. hugged Haley and lifted her off her feet as she laughed.

"I feel like I'm home. Is that weird?" Haley asked. "Right where you should be," J.J. countered. J.J. said he had not promised to move on because he could not forget Haley. "I didn't know how I was going to live without you," Haley said. "I was dreading every day that wasn't going to have you in it," J.J. responded. J.J. said that he refused to lose Haley again.

"Wo ai ni. You said those words to me the day you left. You told me those words meant thank you. I know now that what you said was 'I love you,'" J.J. said. "I had to tell you how I felt and the idea that I would never see you again, or be able to tell you those words," Haley started before trailing off. J.J. took Haley's face in his hands, and he told her that he felt the same way. J.J. and Haley kissed.

"I meant what I said to you before you left. I've never felt more alive than when I'm with you," J.J. said. "I've never felt so safe. So sure of what I want," Haley said. J.J. kissed Haley and scooped her up into his arms. J.J. set Haley down on the bed, and they started to make love.

In the DiMera living room, Xander groaned when Kristen called his phone. "What do you want?" Xander grumped. Kristen warned Xander about his tone, then she asked Xander if Kate was dead. "That's what the text said," Xander stressed. Xander promised that he had "killed them both."

"Who did you kill?" Sarah asked as she walked into the living room. Xander laughed and said he was not talking about people but news stories at the Spectator. Sarah's face softened and she said, "Good for you." Xander smiled and asked Sarah why she was alone. Sarah explained that Rex was in surgery.

"I hate to see a beautiful woman all alone on her wedding night," Xander said. Sarah protested that she was fine, but Xander asked Sarah to wait while he prepared a surprise for her. When Xander returned, he had a tray of food and an opened bottle of Champagne. Sarah thanked Xander for the food, but she noted that she intended to have dinner with Rex after his surgery. Xander countered that the surgery could take time.

"Who's the patient, anyway? Not your sister, I hope," Xander said. "Really?" Sarah retorted. Xander grinned. "What better way to apologize than with Champagne?" Xander suggested. As Xander poured two glasses of Champagne, Sarah noted that he was relentless. "Part of the charm," Xander said. Xander toasted to love. "Why not?" Sarah said with a shrug.

Xander noticed that his wedding gift was still wrapped. Xander asked Sarah to open the present. With a sigh, Sarah took the gift and unwrapped it. Sarah's mouth fell open when she saw the necklace. "I really can't accept this," Sarah whispered. Xander reminded Sarah that he was relentless, and he insisted that Sarah try on the jewelry. Sarah held back her hair so that Xander could put the necklace on her.

"You outshine that necklace. I don't know why anyone could cheat on you in a million years," Xander whispered. Sarah stared into Xander's eyes. The phone beeped. Sarah let out the breath she had been holding, and she noted that the text was from Rex, who was out of surgery. With a nod, Xander said, "Celebratory dinner."

"I'm sorry you went to all this trouble," Sarah said as she waved at the tray of food Xander had prepared. "That's all right. More for me," Xander said with a reassuring smile. Sarah started to leave but stopped in the doorway. "Thank you," Sarah said.

In the locked dungeon in the DiMera tunnels, Ted fussed over Kate in an effort to wake her up. Ted popped open a bottle of Champagne and gently poured some into Kate's mouth. Kate started to cough. "What, are you trying to kill me?" Kate sputtered. Ted explained that he had thought Kate might be dead.

"I thought you were dead," Kate countered. Kate groaned as she gingerly touched the lump on the back of her head. "You have to be kidding me! The DiMera tunnels?" Kate cried out as she looked around the room. Ted raised a surprised eyebrow. Kate explained that she had been held captive in the tunnels before. Kate grabbed the bottle of Champagne and warned Ted to get his own bottle.

"What are you even doing alive? Xander Cook said he killed you," Kate remarked. Ted told Kate the whole story about the doctored autopsy report. "So, it's possible that Holly is alive?" Kate suggested. Ted nodded. Ted explained that he had shared the information with Nicole, and she had hit him over the head with a fire poker. Kate asked Ted why Xander had not finished killing him.

"Xander didn't kill me because I convinced him that I was much more valuable to him alive than dead," Ted explained, Kate noted that it did not make sense that Nicole wanted to kill them. Kate told Ted that she had followed Xander to Nicole's room and had overheard Xander tell Nicole that he had killed Ted. Ted asked Kate how Xander had known that she had been in the hallway. Kate shrugged.

"I'm really not sure that it was Nicole," Kate said. Ted asked Kate what she meant. Kate explained that she had heard a woman's voice through the door, but it had not sounded like Nicole. "This is going to sound really insane, but that voice? Sounded like Kristen DiMera," Kate said. Ted agreed that the idea sounded insane. Kate argued that Kristen had returned from the dead before.

"Between that bump on your head and the Champagne, I think you're overthinking this," Ted said. "Nope. I am onto something. I am sure of it. What if Nicole is hiding Kristen in that room?" Kate wondered aloud. Ted wondered why Nicole would work with Kristen. Kate suggested it could be blackmail or mind control. The door opened, and Xander walked in.

"Good to see you're alive and well, Kate," Xander said as he offered up a plate of food. Kate demanded answers. "Is Kristen alive?" Kate asked. Recognition sparked in Xander's eyes, but he denied that Kristen was alive. Xander thanked Ted for the necklace. Once Xander left, Ted dug into the food. Kate asked about the necklace. "It was a gift I got for Hope, but she never accepted it. Now I'm hoping that this will be our ticket home," Ted explained.

In the square, Hope stopped "Nicole" as she walked by. "Nicole" said she had been out at the pharmacy to get some items, since she was under the weather. Hope remarked that "Nicole" looked off, and when Hope reached a motherly hand to "Nicole's" forehead to test her temperature, "Nicole" waved her off. "Nicole" asked how Hope had known that she was ill.

"I heard you missed your first day at DiMera Enterprises," Hope said. With a groan, "Nicole" asked Hope if anyone in town had anything better to do than talk about her. "I didn't mean to upset you. I'm concerned," Hope said. "Nicole" argued that her emotions were raw. Hope asked about Ted. With a sigh, "Nicole" said she did not know anything, and with a fake cough, "Nicole" walked into the Salem Inn.

When Kristen walked into her room, still dressed as Nicole, she called Xander. The call went to voicemail. Kristen muttered about Hope. "That bitch with a bone has got to go, and if I want it done right, I've got to do it myself," Kristen said. Kristen started to text Hope a nasty message from Ted's phone, but she reconsidered.

"My dear, beautiful, Hope. Our relationship means more to me than you can ever know, but after serious soul searching, I realized I'm not good enough for you. You are so perfect, and I'm so not," Kristen texted from Ted's phone. Kristen laughed.

Hope sat at the bar in Doug's Place and sipped a coffee as her phone beeped with a message. It was the text that Kristen had sent from Ted's phone. "What?" Hope said in confusion. The text explained that Ted had left Salem and wanted them to cut off contact with one another.

At a nearby table, Sarah waited for Rex, with Xander's necklace still around her throat. Hope went over to say hello to Sarah, and she stopped dead when she saw the necklace. "Where did you get the necklace?" Hope asked.

At the loft, Ben and Marlena rushed into the living room and were shocked to see something on the floor.



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