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Kayla put Kate in a medically induced coma. Jake told Gabi that he wanted to be with her. Chanel told Lani about her crush on Allie. Allie and Tripp kissed again. Kristen paid Xander to kill Sami and Lucas, but Sami paid Xander not to kill them. Nicole told Ava about her one-night stand. Lani arrested Kristen. Kristen offered a deal for Chloe's life. Gwen told Jack that Abigail had not pushed her. Dr. Snyder blackmailed Gwen. Abigail left Salem. Ciara sent divorce papers to Ben. Claire kissed Ben. Shawn attempted to get a confession from Jan. Jan learned that Shawn knew she had faked her coma, and she took Claire hostage.
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Kayla put Kate in a medically induced coma and Kristen paid Xander to kill Sami and Lucas
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Kate is rushed to the hospital

Kate is rushed to the hospital

Monday, May 17, 2021

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Xander showered while thinking about what had happened with Nicole the previous night -- and someone knocked on the hotel room door during the memory. "Well, well, well -- look who's back for more!" Xander mused with a smirk before donning a towel then emerging from the bathroom and opening the hotel room door.

Xander's smirk faded with the realization that the visitor wasn't Nicole. "Kate? What the hell are you doing here?" Xander asked incredulously. "I'm not Kate -- she's dead...[and] I'm the one who killed her," Kristen matter-of-factly clarified. "Oh, wow -- I thought the Nicole one was good, but this is..." Xander observed after Kristen finished shedding the Kate costume.

Xander stepped back into the bathroom to get dressed then rejoined Kristen. "Who else can you be whenever you feel like it?" Xander wondered. "No one -- just Nicole or Kate," Kristen claimed, squirming a bit. "Hmm..." Xander muttered before changing the subject, wanting to know what had prompted Kristen to start posing as Kate, of all people. "I didn't have any other choice," Kristen reasoned with a shrug.

Kristen told Xander about the scheme to end Kate's relationship with Jake but declined to explain why it had been necessary to do such a thing in the first place. "You had no other choice," Xander sarcastically repeated at the end of the tale. "Just like I didn't have a choice with Lucas Horton, Sami DiMera, and Chloe Lane," Kristen shamelessly maintained. "You killed all those people, too," Xander incredulously translated. "Well, no -- no, they are still alive...for now.... And, see, this is where you come in," Kristen clarified with a wicked grin before begging Xander to handle the matter.

"They all know too much, [so] they have to go...[but] I can't afford to have all that blood on my hands," Kristen explained. "You killed Kate -- you've already got blood on your hands," Xander argued. "I'm not absolutely sure that she's dead -- you see, I hit her with the fireplace poker, and she fell to the ground like the Hindenburg, [and] she certainly looked dead, [but] I just didn't have time to make sure that she was... [So, actually], you may have to finish her off, too," Kristen backpedaled.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Gabi dressed while thinking about what had happened earlier with Jake. "Well, what do you know -- one of my dreams finally came true...and I didn't [even] have to drug anybody to make it happen!" Gabi mused with a chuckle. "[But] I have a feeling [that Kate] is definitely not going to take this news lying down," Gabi added with a groan.

Gabi soon headed downstairs -- and saw that Kate was sprawled out on the living room floor, and Jake was performing CPR. "Oh, thank God -- she's breathing again..." Jake eventually declared. "Did she faint when you told her it was over?" Gabi wondered. "No, she didn't faint -- I found her like this," Jake answered. "Well, she [did look] like she was gonna pass out when she left my room [earlier]..." Gabi recalled. "No, she didn't pass out, [either] -- she's got a gash in her head; somebody tried to finish her off," Jake clarified before directing Gabi's attention to a nearby fire poker then guessing that Kristen was responsible.

At the police station, Rafe informed Eli that Marlena had just called to report that Kristen had escaped from Statesville again sometime in February and had been posing as Susan since then. "Not easy to put out an APB when the suspect could look like herself, or Nicole, or Susan..." Rafe grumbled. "Every time she's in a bind, she goes straight to Lani..." Eli fretted.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Chanel surprised Lani with a batch of cupcakes. "To thank you for letting me stay here," Chanel explained. "You bake?" Lani asked incredulously. "When you have a career woman for a mother, you end up spending a lot of time with a housekeeper -- [and ours] made the best curry, and she taught me how to bake," Chanel matter-of-factly replied.

"So, when I'm feeling low, I break out the flour and sugar," Chanel admitted before telling Lani about everything that had happened the previous day. "So, you're bisexual? Or pansexual?" Lani summarized at the end of the tale. "The only labels I acknowledge are the ones I shop on Rodeo...[but, basically], I don't like to limit myself -- I'm attracted to the person, not their gender or gender identity," Chanel responded with a shrug. "Does your mama know?" Lani wondered. "When it comes to my mama, I like to keep my private life private," Chanel stressed.

"I don't think she'd have a problem with it, though," Chanel argued. "You don't think so?" Lani skeptically repeated. "Why do you ask? Do you have a problem with it?" Chanel countered. "I have two babies that I love dearly. [Now], I have no idea what they're gonna grow up to be when they get older, [and] maybe they will go through phases that I am not crazy about...but I will never judge them for who they want to be with -- and that goes for you, too," Lani insisted. "Well, you seemed a little put off," Chanel suspiciously observed. "Because I was surprised...[but] I'm cool with [it]," Lani maintained.

"[In fact, I'll have you know that once upon a time], my friend Kristen and I, we were so close that people thought there was something going on between us..." Lani revealed before starting to tell Chanel about having bonded with Kristen at a convent in Rome. "How come I didn't know [that] you were in a convent?" Chanel incredulously mused before curiously trying to determine if there was any truth to the rumors -- a question that Lani dodged. "[Look, the point is]...I get what you're feeling, and I'm happy you told me about it," Lani summarized.

Chanel -- who had never identified the girl or the guy who had been mentioned in the earlier story -- hoped that kissing the girl hadn't ruined their friendship. "I know you, and you don't give up easy...[so, actually], you're still hoping you and this girl can be something more," Lani guessed. "I don't know what I was hoping for [before the kiss]...but it doesn't matter now -- I got the message when I saw her making out with that guy; he's the one she wants," Chanel responded.

Allie entered the Walker-Brady apartment with Henry -- then greeted Nicole with a sigh of relief. "Holly was really worried when you weren't here this morning -- and so was I," Allie, who had just finished dropping Holly off at school, revealed. "I had a...not-great night," Nicole admitted before giving Allie the same story that Rafe had gotten earlier.

"I hate to think of you all alone in that hotel room, being miserable... [Look], I wouldn't have judged you -- [I mean], how could I, [given my history]? I wish you'd come back here," Allie declared. "Yeah.... Me, too..." Nicole whispered. "God, I can't believe Uncle Eric did this to you again! Do you want me to call him and let him have it?" Allie offered. "No, honey -- that won't be necessary," Nicole insisted. "But he's totally taking you for granted -- I mean, does he not realize how lucky he is to be married to someone like you?" Allie argued. "Oh, I am not a saint, believe me," Nicole stressed. "Okay, well, who wants a saint, [anyway]? You're cool, and you're fun, and you take such good care of Holly and Henry and me! Uncle Eric, he's done his good deed, [and] he needs to come home [already]!" Allie countered.

Nicole thanked Allie for the support then begged for a change of topic. Allie complied, telling Nicole about everything that had happened the previous day. "Just how many people did you kiss last night, young lady?" Nicole teasingly challenged Allie during the tale. "Definitely more than you," Allie dryly answered before quickly apologizing, realizing that had been an insensitive thing to say to Nicole. "No, it's okay...[and] you're right -- you definitely kissed more people than I did last night," Nicole assured Allie with a forced smile before again changing the subject, wondering where things stood with Tripp. "I don't know -- I haven't stopped thinking about him, [and] I hope he's feeling the same way, [but] I haven't heard from him today," Allie revealed. "Well, med students have busy lives...[but], you know, you could text him..." Nicole suggested. "I don't want to seem desperate," Allie explained.

Nicole grasped Allie's hands and started to offer a few words of comfort -- then released a gasp of horror. "Where's my wedding ring?" Nicole wondered before realizing, with another gasp of horror, that it was probably at the Salem Inn.

At the hospital, Tripp asked Kayla for an update on Brady's condition. "His surgery was more complicated than I expected, but he's out of the ICU [now], and I expect him to make a full recovery," Kayla replied. "That's good -- I mean, the guy's been through a lot the last few months," Tripp mused, and Kayla agreed.

Changing the subject, Kayla wondered if Tripp was having a good day. "I've spent most of it avoiding Dr. Snyder -- I mean, he's all over everything that I do," Tripp grumbled. "Want me to talk to him?" Kayla offered. "No -- thank you, but it wouldn't help; I mean, he's had it in for me ever since he caught me holding Allie's hand," Tripp responded.

"[Dr. Snyder's being] ridiculous -- you are [simply] her son's uncle!" Kayla argued, drawing a coy grin from Tripp that suggested otherwise. "I saw her last night, and...we sort know...kissed each other," Tripp revealed after some prodding from Kayla. "[But then] she had to go before we could talk [about it]...and I thought about calling her last night, but I didn't want to seem too pushy -- [especially since] it's a weird situation..." Tripp added before starting to tell Kayla about the series of events that had led to the kiss -- but Jake and Gabi exited a nearby elevator just then and interrupted the conversation to report that Kate was en route to the emergency room. Kayla rushed off to check on Kate, with Tripp in tow -- and a short time later, Rafe and Eli joined Gabi and Jake at the nurses' station.

Jake and Gabi took turns explaining everything to Eli and Rafe. "Huh," Rafe muttered when Gabi admitted to having been in bed with Jake when Kate had stumbled into the DiMera mansion after escaping from Kristen. "Better add that to the APB..." Eli grumbled when Jake revealed that the reunion with Gabi had been set in motion when Kristen had started pushing for it while posing as Kate. "And you didn't have a clue?" Eli incredulously challenged Jake. "Why would I? I just moved to this town a year ago -- I didn't know this kind of crap went on here!" Jake defensively countered. "[But now that Jake knows], he still wants me -- he still does, in case any of you weren't sure about that!" Gabi randomly bragged.

"Right..." Rafe muttered before changing the subject, wondering what had prompted Kristen to devise a scheme to end Jake's relationship with Kate. "I don't know the answer to that," Jake admitted with a shrug. "Obviously, Kate realized that Kristen was pretending to be Susan," Gabi guessed -- and as Rafe and Eli pondered that theory, Kayla and Tripp approached Jake.

"[Kate's] extremely dehydrated -- I don't know the last time that she ate -- but the worst of her problems is [that] she has a traumatic injury to her brain, [so] I've put her in an induced coma until the swelling on her brain goes down, [and] she's also on a vent until she can breathe on her own. [Unfortunately], I can't give you a prognosis for her -- we're just gonna have to watch and wait," Kayla reported before leading Jake to Kate's room. "Can I say something really selfish?" Gabi asked Rafe as Eli rushed off to check on Lani. "Sure," Rafe replied. "Kate's hurt so badly -- what if that changes Jake's mind about being with me?" Gabi fretted.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Chanel fretted again about the possibility that a friendship had been ruined the previous day, prompting Lani to advise that it would be best to just talk to the girl about the matter right away to make sure that everything was still okay. Meanwhile, at the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie waited impatiently for a text message from Tripp. "What do you think, baby -- did Tripp get freaked out and run for the hills?" Allie asked Henry -- and Tripp knocked on the apartment door just then, armed with a bouquet of flowers.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen continued begging Xander for help. "Maybe you didn't get the memo, but I'm out of that [assassin-for-hire] business," Xander declared. "Oh, come on -- I mean, you were just acting like a good boy for Sarah Horton's sake, [so] I thought you'd give that [act] up once she dumped you and ran off with Rex," Kristen countered. "How'd you know about that?" Xander wondered. "Brady told me, of course," Kristen claimed after a moment of hesitation. "That bastard -- he's the one who told Rex to fight for Sarah; if I should kill anyone, it's him!" Xander spat. "Don't you dare touch him!" Kristen warned, poking Xander's chest with a finger to punctuate the threat. Unfazed, Xander lifted Kristen's finger and pushed it away.

"Why would I lift a finger to help you?" Xander challenged Kristen. "Because you're flat broke, and I'm filthy rich -- and I will pay top dollar for anyone who rids me of these thorns in my side," Kristen responded before encouraging Xander to name a price. "You must be bloody desperate if you've come to me for help -- you hate me," Xander mused. "If you and Victor hadn't decided to tell Brady and me that our little girl was dead, I wouldn't have lost my mind [and] stabbed Victor, [and] I would be having this beautiful life with Brady and Rachel [right], yeah, I hate your lousy guts! [Unfortunately], I don't have any other options -- [see], Ava, I heard that she turned over a new leaf for her son, [and] Lani, she would never do this, so that leaves you," Kristen admitted.

"And killing three people -- that's the only way?" Xander wondered. "I don't know...but, like I said, they know too much, [and] if Brady finds out [what they know], then that's the end of us, and I cannot let that happen," Kristen answered. "Wasn't he just in a car crash?" Xander recalled. "Yeah, he was..." Kristen, who hadn't mentioned that part of the adventure with Kate earlier, vaguely confirmed before quickly changing the subject, demanding to know if Xander was going to accept the assassination job.

"The risk factor is quite high -- a Horton, a Brady --" Xander began to summarize. "And a slut -- and no one's going to miss Chloe," Kristen concluded. "Yeah, but the Hortons and Bradys won't let this go!" Xander predicted. "[Look], you are broke, and you are out of luck! [And besides], aren't you just sick and tired of being a good boy when all it got you was dumped on your wedding day? Come on -- just embrace who you are!" Kristen urged Xander. "Funny -- I just gave someone else that same advice..." Xander admitted to Kristen -- just as Nicole knocked on the hotel room door and called out a greeting.

Nicole tells Ava about her affair

Nicole tells Ava about her affair

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

In Xander's room at the Salem Inn, Kristen asked Xander if he would agree to murder Lucas, Sami, and Chloe for money. As Xander hesitated to answer, Nicole knocked on the door. "Get rid of her," Kristen whispered. When Nicole threatened to break down the door, Kristen scurried into the bathroom so that Xander could answer the door.

"Just couldn't stay away, could you?" Xander said. "I left my wedding ring here, you idiot," Nicole said. Nicole grabbed her ring off of the bedside table, and she warned Xander to keep quiet about their night together. "This is Salem. Inquiring minds will want to know," Xander said. Nicole told Xander her cover story, and she confirmed that no one knew they had slept together.

Xander suggested to Nicole that they have another roll in the hay. Nicole shoved Xander away. "Do you want me to hurt you?" Nicole growled. Xander promised not to tell anyone about their night together. In the bathroom, Lucas' phone in Kristen's purse rang with a call from Rafe.

"Is someone else here?" Nicole said. Xander noted that he had left his phone in the bathroom. "If it's important, I'm sure they'll call back," Xander said. With a shrug, Nicole said she was leaving. "Not a word to anyone," Nicole said. "My lips are sealed," Xander promised.

After Nicole left the hotel room, Kristen sauntered out of the bathroom. "You are a naughty boy. And Nicole," Kristen said with a wicked grin. Xander asked Kristen to leave. "I'm not going until we have a deal," Kristen said. "I told you, my mercenary days are over. I'm not going to kill Sami and Lucas, or Kate and Chloe, or anyone else," Xander said. Kristen threatened to tell everyone about Xander and Nicole's affair.

"Nicole might be desperate to keep our little tryst under wraps, but I couldn't care less. I still remember the look on Eric's face when I told him that Nic and I were married. I would pay to see his reaction when he finds out that we finally consummated our relationship," Xander said with a chuckle. "You don't mind me broadcasting this news?" Kristen asked. Xander told Kristen that if she wanted anyone murdered, she would have to do it herself. Kristen complained that she did not have the time to kill everyone.

"I suggest you prioritize. Move Sami and Lucas to the top of your list," Xander suggested. Kristen asked for advice. Xander reminded Kristen that she had said that Kate was almost dead. "You don't sound particularly concerned about Chloe, so you must have found a good place to stash her," Xander said. Kristen warned Xander that Chloe was none of his business because she wanted to confirm Chloe's "demise" herself. With a sigh, Kristen noted that she could not be everywhere at once.

"You managed to be several people all at once. I'm sure you'll figure it out," Xander said. Kristen begged Xander for help. "It is tempting, but I know I'll regret working with you again," Xander said. Xander told Kristen to clean up her own mess. As Xander opened the door for Kristen to leave, a hotel employee walked in with Xander's overdue hotel bill. "You're being evicted," the employee said.

After the employee left, Kristen reached into her purse and pulled out a stack of cash. "That should cover your bill. And there's plenty more where that came from. All I need is proof that Sami and Lucas are dead," Kristen said. After Xander left, Kristen checked the voicemail from Rafe on Lucas' phone. Rafe confirmed that Kate was in a medically induced coma after Kristen had attacked her.

At Lani's apartment, Chanel confided in Lani about Chanel's kiss with Allie. "I hope I didn't do something stupid that could lose a friend. I really don't have that many," Chanel said. Lani encouraged Chanel to talk to her friend. "If you want to fix it, I say there is no time like the present," Lani said. Lani told Chanel she could stay another night at the apartment so that she could focus on her friend.

"I promise I will take care of everything else tomorrow. But yes, I do want to settle things with this girl. She's really my only friend in this town," Chanel said. Lani told Chanel that she was also Chanel's friend. "We're cousins and friends," Chanel said with a smile. "It means a lot to me that you feel like you can confide in me with all this stuff," Lani said. With a nod, Chanel left.

Tripp visited Allie at Nicole's apartment. After handing Allie flowers, Tripp broke the news that Kate was in the ICU. "What happened?" Allie asked. Tripp updated Allie on Kate's status, and he told her that Lucas had not been at the hospital. "Well, that's weird. Where else would he be?" Allie said. When Lucas did not answer his phone, Tripp told Allie not to worry because Kayla had promised to track down Lucas. Allie said she was worried about Kate, and Tripp offered to wait with her for any news.

"I'd like that," Allie said. Tripp asked to talk about their kiss. When Tripp asked Allie if she had been as into the kiss as he had been, Allie said, "Only one way to find out. Tripp and Allie were about to kiss when Chanel knocked on the front door.

"How did you know where I lived?" Allie asked Chanel. Chanel said she had looked up Nicole's address. When Allie asked what was going on, Chanel said she wanted to make sure that Allie was not upset about the kiss. Allie invited Chanel in, and Chanel saw Tripp.

"I didn't realize you had company. Sorry, I'll go," Chanel said. Allie explained that Tripp had been keeping her company while they waited for news about Kate. Chanel hugged Allie, and she looked over at Tripp. When Henry started to cry, Allie rushed into his room to check on him. "We need to talk," Chanel said. Chanel told Tripp that she only wanted to be friends with Allie, and she did not want him to worry about Chanel getting in the way of his relationship with Allie.

"That's why I came over here. To clear all that up," Chanel said. Tripp and Chanel talked awkwardly about Allie asking one of them to leave. "Whatever Allie decides is cool with me," Tripp said. When Allie returned, Chanel said she needed to go. Allie asked Chanel to stay, but Chanel told Allie to focus on Kate.

After Chanel left, Allie asked Tripp, "What did you say to her?" Tripp said he had not asked Chanel to leave, but he was glad she had gone. "Selfishly, I wanted to be alone with you," Tripp said. "So we could pick up where we left off?" Allie whispered. Allie and Tripp kissed.

When Eli returned home, he told Lani that Kristen had escaped prison. Eli told Lani that Kristen had switched places with Susan in February so that Kristen could keep an eye on Chloe. "Now it all makes sense," Lani whispered. Confused, Eli asked Lani what she meant. Lani told Eli that on her last visit, Kristen had acted oddly. Lani swore she had not heard from Kristen since her escape.

"Your bestie is in a lot of trouble," Eli said. Eli informed Lani that Kristen had kidnapped and assaulted Kate. "When [Kristen] pushed Haley Chen and stabbed Victor, it was horrible, obviously. But I understood. I mean, she was provoked, in both cases. But this? To do something like this out of jealousy? Risk everything with her daughter? Why would she do that?" Lani asked. Eli said his main concern was capturing Kristen before anyone else was hurt. Lani confirmed that Kristen had not reached out to her, and she did not believe Kristen would.

"[Kristen] would never hurt a child. Especially mine," Lani assured Eli. Lani offered to take the kids to Abe's house for the evening. Relieved, Eli said he was excited to have a night alone with Lani. "Chanel's moving out, right?" Eli asked. Lani said she had told Chanel she could stay one more day, and Eli noted, "She's family, so I guess it is going to have to be." Lani told Eli that Chanel was at a friend's house.

"I can't remember the last time that you and I had a night to ourselves, so hurry back [from Abe's house]," Eli said. Lani told Eli that she would have told him if Kristen had reached out. "No doubt in my mind," Eli said. Eli kissed Lani goodbye, and he hopped into the shower. After Eli cleaned up, he returned to the living room in a towel. As Eli reached above the fridge into a cabinet, Chanel returned home. Eli's towel fell off.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Gabi asked Rafe if he had any leads on Kristen. Rafe said that he believed that Kristen was long gone. "I'm to blame for it," Rafe muttered. Gabi cautioned Rafe not to blame himself, but Rafe explained that Lucas had told him that Kate had been missing. "I blew him off. Big mistake," Rafe said.

"You think [Lucas] knew that Kristen kidnapped Kate?" Gabi asked. "I don't know. I pressed [Lucas] for details, but he wouldn't say," Rafe confirmed. When Gabi asked why, Rafe explained that Lucas had told him that he could not break a confidence. Rafe announced he would go to the DiMera mansion to investigate. Gabi offered to tag along, since she needed to pick up Jake's cell phone.

In the DiMera wine cellar, Lucas and Sami redressed after having sex. "I can't believe I let this happen. Ugh. How can this happen again?" Sami muttered. Lucas told Sami to calm down, but a guilt-fueled Sami blamed Lucas. "How is this my fault?" Lucas asked. Sami said Lucas had kissed her first. Confused, Lucas noted that Sami had told him that she felt unloved and alone. Sami argued that Lucas had apologized the morning after because he had known that he had taken advantage of Sami.

"But then you said I didn't need to apologize because I didn't do anything wrong. In fact, as I recall, I did everything right," Lucas said. Sami groaned. Sami reminded Lucas that she had said she did not want sex to happen again, but he corrected her. "You made it clear you didn't want anyone to find out. There's a big difference," Lucas said. Exasperated, Sami reminded Lucas of the lengths she had gone to in order to keep Kristen from calling E.J.

"But you never explicitly said that you didn't want to sleep with me again," Lucas said. Sami's eye twitched, and she said she had only kissed Lucas in the cellar to stop him from bad-mouthing E.J. "I am not going to argue with you. I am worried about my mom. She could be hurt or worse," Lucas said. Sami demanded that Lucas admit that he was at fault.

"The truth is, you wanted it to happen as much as I did," Lucas said. Reluctantly, Sami agreed. "It shouldn't have happened. I should have stopped it," Sami said. Sami apologized for having blamed Lucas. "Sami Brady apologizes? That is amazing. That hasn't happened in a long time. We're talking decades. Eons. Centuries," Lucas joked. Sami laughed.

"Kristen has been gone a really long time. What do you think she's up to?" Sami said. Distracted, Lucas said he was worried about his mother. "Kate is a survivor," Sami assured Lucas. Lucas was unsure, but Sami said she was certain that Kate was tough enough to get through her ordeal. "I know you're only down here because you were trying to protect her, so thank you," Lucas said. With a chuckle, Sami said that Kate was a pain in her ass, but she cared about Kate. "I wouldn't work with Kristen to try and hurt her," Sami said. "I do appreciate that, and I am very sorry about everything," Lucas said. Sami suggested that she and Lucas work together to find a way out.

"I do remember that E.J. told me about a loose tile in the ceiling, and I was thinking maybe we could get through that way and back into the tunnels," Sami said. "I'll try anything at this point," Lucas said. Sami asked for a lift, but Lucas asked her how much she weighed. "Are you going to ask me that every time I ask you for a leg up?" Sami asked. Confused, Lucas asked Sami when he had asked her that before. Sami reminded Lucas of when they had broken into the evidence room at the police station to clear Will of E.J.'s shooting.

"Oh, right. I remember that," Lucas said. Lucas said Sami was like lifting a cute baby hippo. "I'm going to punch you in the face," Sami deadpanned. Lucas and Sami bickered, and Lucas argued that he was not as strong as he had been when he'd been younger. "Let's get those muscles going, because we're going to do this right now," Sami said.

Upstairs in the DiMera living room, Rafe and Gabi arrived. Rafe glanced at the entrance to the tunnels but then he announced that he would search the house. Gabi followed him out of the room. Xander walked into the room and over to the entrance to the tunnels. Rafe returned to the living room, and he saw Xander. "What are you doing here?" Rafe asked. "I was looking for Jake, actually," Xander said. Gabi joined Rafe. Xander said he was interested in a job.

"I seriously doubt that [Jake] is going to hire you. You're wasting your time. Plus, Jake's not here," Gabi said. Xander asked Gabi to tell Jake to call him, but Gabi said Jake was busy. "Take care, I guess," Xander said. After Xander walked out, Rafe and Gabi left. Xander doubled back and went to the tunnel entrance.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Nicole went to see Ava at the Hernandez house to talk to her about Xander. Nicole admitted she had made a terrible mistake, but she was unable to confess. As Nicole started to leave, Ava stopped her. "You are shaking. Just please stay," Ava said. Ava promised she would not judge Nicole, but she needed to make sure Nicole was okay. Reluctantly, Nicole sat down.

"Eric's not coming home. He extended his trip," Nicole said. Nicole admitted she had fought with Eric. "Just call him back and apologize," Ava said. Nicole told Ava that she had gotten drunk at the pub and cheated on Eric. "With who?" Ava asked. "It doesn't matter," Nicole said. "I wish you had called me before you went out," Ava said. Nicole said she had not wanted to interrupt Ava's date.

"We're your friends. We care about you. We wouldn't have minded if you crashed," Ava said. "But I didn't want to. So, instead, I made the worst mistake of my life," Nicole said. "People make mistakes," Ava assured Nicole. Nicole told Ava that she had run into Rafe when she had left the Inn. "I gave him some lame excuse," Nicole said. Nicole told Ava about her cover story.

"Your secret is safe with me," Ava said as Rafe walked in. "What secret?" Rafe asked. With a casual smile, Ava noted that the secret had nothing to do with Rafe. Nicole said goodbye and left. Rafe asked Ava if Nicole was okay. "She's gonna be," Ava said.

In the DiMera wine cellar, Sami sat on Lucas' shoulders as she fiddled with the ceiling tile. As Sami struggled to find a way into the ceiling beyond the tiles, dust crumbled onto her head. Lucas wavered under the strain, and they fell over. "Whose damn fault was that?" Lucas asked. Sami said she was certain there was a hole in the ceiling that she could fit through, but she had not been able to see it without a flashlight.

"The next time Kristen knocks me over the head and puts me in her dungeon, I'll be sure to bring my toolbox!" Lucas complained. Frustrated, Lucas yelled that he did not want to be stuck in a room with Sami anymore. "That makes two of us!" Sami said. With a sigh, Sami wondered if the police were onto Kristen yet. Xander walked in. "Thank God, we're...saved," Sami said. "How did you find us?" Lucas asked. "Let's just get the hell out of here," Sami said. Xander reached into his jacket. "Sorry, I have other plans for you two," Xander said as he pulled out a gun.

In the park, Kristen adjusted her Susan wig. "Maybe I can still get Kate to keep her big mouth shut," Kristen muttered. When Kristen turned around, she ran into Lani and the twins. "Oh, my God," Lani said with a shake of her head. Kristen pretended to be Susan, but Lani yelled, "Save it, Kristen! I know it's you. I know everything."

Sami and Lucas try to bargain with Xander

Sami and Lucas try to bargain with Xander

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

by Mike

At the Price-Grant apartment, Chanel shamelessly ogled the backside of a completely naked Eli, who soon turned toward the front door while guessing that Lani had returned home with the twins to grab something that had been forgotten when they had headed off to Abe's place earlier. "What the hell, Chanel?" Eli spat while turning away from the front door. "'What the hell' indeed..." Chanel approvingly responded.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Eli snapped while picking up the fallen towel and putting it back on. "Lani gave me a key -- I am staying here, remember?" Chanel answered. "Yeah, well, she said you were out," Eli grumbled while turning toward the front door again. "I was...and so were you -- all the way out..." Chanel teasingly noted.

"Sorry -- I couldn't resist," Chanel backpedaled after realizing that Eli was uncomfortable. "[There's] certainly no reason to be embarrassed -- I hope you don't mind me saying, cousin is one lucky lady..." Chanel declared, making Eli even more uncomfortable.

Eli ducked into a bedroom to get dressed then rejoined Chanel in the living room. "Gotta say, I liked the last outfit better," Chanel admitted. "Yeah, well, listen, I'd appreciate it if you'd just forget what you saw," Eli stressed. "That's gonna be kind of hard to do..." Chanel warned in a singsong voice. "Okay, look, enough with the jokes, all right?" Eli snapped.

"Relax, okay? It's not like I haven't seen a naked guy before -- I spent a lot of time in Europe, including more than a few trips to nude beaches on the south of France, which is why what just happened is so not a big deal," Chanel countered. "All right, fine -- look, okay, I know it wasn't...or isn't... Look, I know... I pretty much knew that anyway, okay?" Eli stammered. "Because...Lani told you I kissed a friend of mine who happens to be a girl?" Chanel assumed. "A girl?" Eli incredulously repeated. "This surprises you?" Chanel defensively translated. "No -- look, I...just...wasn't expecting that, that's all," Eli clarified. "Seems to be a common reaction in this town..." Chanel grumbled.

Chanel shared the whole story with Eli, who listened politely, despite not being particularly interested in hearing the details. "Well, I'm sorry...but I'm sure you'll find another girl...or guy -- either one..." Eli assured Chanel at the end of the tale. "I can't imagine meeting someone [else] that I connect with the way I connect with her...but that's life, right?" Chanel declared with a shrug. "You don't need to pretend, [Chanel] -- it's clear that you're hurting, [and] it's okay to admit [that]," Eli advised.

"I'm usually better at not letting people see how I really feel -- [I'm supposed to just be] the good-time party girl, you know?" Chanel fretted. "You're more than that. And...maybe it's easier to bare your soul to the person you just saw butt-ass naked," Eli reasoned, drawing a laugh from Chanel. "You're [laughing] about the joke [I just made], though, right -- not the nakedness?" Eli asked worriedly. "Yes," Chanel soothingly replied.

Chanel admitted to being jealous of Eli and Lani. "You trying to be married with twins?" Eli asked incredulously. "Maybe not [the] 'twins' [part], two make each other happy -- what's better than that?" Chanel matter-of-factly replied. "It was a long, hard road to get here, but it was definitely worth it," Eli declared. "Bet you're glad Lani and her nun friend decided to stay celibate in Italy," Chanel guessed. "What, are you saying that Lani and Kristen almost hooked up?" Eli stammered. "I was just teasing -- obviously, Lani was still too in love with you to have eyes for anyone else," Chanel backpedaled. "That's right!" Eli agreed, stammering again.

"And the same goes for Kristen and her man...except [that] Kristen has taken her love for Brady to a whole 'nother level -- a dangerous level... [You know], I just hope we get her in custody before she hurts anyone else -- especially Lani..." Eli added.

At the park, Kristen stayed in character as Susan, despite Lani's earlier warning that doing so would be pointless, and argued that the severe sleep deprivation that was an inevitable consequence of raising twin babies could make a person believe some really crazy things. "Just stop! [Look], I know you, Kristen -- better than anyone -- and I knew something was off the last time I came to see you [at Statesville...and] that's because it wasn't you, Kristen; it was Susan pretending to be you. [Now], I love you, and you are my best friend...[but] you have gone too far this time, [so]'re under arrest," Lani declared, causing Kristen to drop the act with a sigh of defeat.

"I should have known I couldn't fool you," Kristen conceded while shedding the Susan costume. "I let you go once -- I can't do it again...[especially since] everybody knows what you've already done," Lani explained. "Does that include Brady?" Kristen wondered. "Yeah -- from what I hear, he went to Statesville and figured it out," Lani confirmed, drawing a groan from Kristen.

Kristen promised not to cause trouble for Lani -- then seized the opportunity to finally meet the twins, who had previously been seen only in photographs. "Time goes by so fast..." Kristen wistfully acknowledged while marveling at the ways in which the twins had changed since those photographs had been taken -- and Lani understood that the comment wasn't just about the twins but also about Rachel. "You're her mother -- you will always be in her heart," Lani assured Kristen. "Not Brady's, though... No, not now -- not after the terrible mess I made... Oh, God -- I did not mean to hurt Kate; I didn't mean to hurt anybody, Lani! And I just...I did it because I was terrified of losing him, and it went off the rails," Kristen explained with a sigh while fighting back tears.

"You must be ashamed to call me your friend," Kristen guessed. "I wish you hadn't hurt Kate -- I wish you hadn't [even] left prison again -- but you are my friend, and nothing is ever gonna change that," Lani stressed. "I don't know what I did to deserve you," Kristen whispered.

Lani summoned Abe to the park to pick up the twins -- then contacted Eli and explained that Kristen was in custody. Kristen wanted to visit Brady at the hospital before going to the police station, but Lani didn't feel comfortable postponing the inevitable any longer.

At the hospital, Gabi contacted Philip while waiting for Jake, who was still at Kate's bedside. "Damn [Kristen] -- that woman should be locked up forever!" Philip spat after joining Gabi at the nurses' station a short time later.

Not entirely satisfied with the summary of events that had been provided earlier, Philip prodded Gabi to explain everything in full detail. "So, [you and Jake are] a couple again," Philip translated at the end of Gabi's tale. "Honestly, due to Kate's current condition, I'm not actually sure where things stand between Jake and me," Gabi admitted with a sigh.

Jake soon approached Gabi and Philip. "Doctors are examining [Kate] now, [but] they don't think it's safe to bring her out of the coma yet," Jake reported. "I need to see her," Philip insisted before rushing off. "[But those] doctors -- they think she's gonna be okay...right?" Gabi asked Jake, who responded with a shrug of uncertainty. "What if she doesn't come out of this?" Jake fretted. "[She's] the toughest person I know, [so]...Kristen's gonna have to do a lot more to try to bring her down for good," Gabi guessed. "You're right -- thanks for reminding me of that," Jake replied, relaxing a bit.

"Look, Jake...everything that's happened between us in the last 24 hours -- that was before Kate [was put in] a coma, and that was before you [became] so worried about her, so...if you wanted to change your mind about us being together, I'd understand," Gabi stressed. "The thing is, Gabi, I got so many emotions going through me right now -- I keep thinking about the look on Kate's face when she walked in on us, [and] how bad that must have hurt her... And to think now that...she...might...not...make it out of this..." Jake responded, fighting back tears. "You want to be there for her," Gabi concluded. "[But] that doesn't change how I feel about you," Jake insisted before giving Gabi a hug.

Philip eventually emerged from Kate's room and said a quick goodbye to Jake and Gabi then headed off in search of Lucas. Gabi encouraged Jake to rejoin Kate -- but Jake wanted Gabi to tag along. "Things have been tense between you two since Kate and I got together, [but] you were friends at one point," Jake reminded Gabi. "Well, frenemies, at least... [But] I thought Kate was only supposed to have one visitor at a time," Gabi argued. "Let 'em throw us out," Jake countered. "Wait, hang on -- do you want me to go in there because you think it's gonna make her feel better...or because you think it's gonna make her mad enough to wake up and lay into me for stealing you away?" Gabi wondered. "If it gets her well, I'm fine with either one," Jake responded with a shrug.

Meanwhile, Brady woke up from a nap and greeted Marlena then asked if Kristen had been located yet. "No...[and] I'm afraid I've got [more] bad news," Marlena replied before telling Brady about what Kristen had done to Kate. "Great -- that's...great..." Brady grumbled.

"I'm [also] afraid that [Chloe] might have gone to the [DiMera] mansion when Kristen was there," Marlena continued before telling Brady about the odd trick that Sami and Lucas had tried to play on Chloe. "Why would Sami want Chloe to leave town? The only person that wants Chloe to be gone is..." Brady argued. "But if Sami figured out [what was going on], she would have turned Kristen in immediately -- I can't think of any reason that she would actually help Kristen!" Marlena countered. "Unless there was something in it for her," Brady guessed.

Brady begged Marlena to head over to the DiMera mansion and search for Chloe. Marlena promised to do so -- then guessed that Brady had strong feelings for Chloe. "Kristen and I have a daughter together, [so] I'm always gonna love her...[but] I do have some strong feelings for Chloe," Brady admitted. "And, of course, Kristen realizes that, which puts Chloe in a great deal of danger," Marlena summarized. "Yeah -- 'cause of me... And I'm not gonna be able to live with myself if some harm comes to Chloe as a result of this," Brady fretted.

Shortly after Marlena left, Brady received a visit from Philip, who was still looking for Lucas. "Marlena told me that Chloe went to go talk to Lucas about something, and she's been missing ever since," Brady informed Philip. "You think Kristen's gotten to them, too?" Philip wondered. "Kristen broke out of prison just to keep Chloe away from me -- God knows what she's capable of doing right now. [Anyway], I sent Marlena to the DiMera house to see if she could find her --" Brady responded. "Are you sure that was a good idea? What if you sent her right into danger?" Philip fretted.

At the DiMera mansion, Xander aimed a gun at Sami and Lucas while explaining that Kristen was paying top dollar for their deaths. "[Oh, come on, Xander] -- you've done bad things, we've done bad things...but you're not a killer," Sami argued. "I did almost kill your mother..." Xander countered. "Right, but that was an accident," Sami reasoned. "True -- because I was trying to kill Eric..." Xander agreed. "You're not helping -- stop!" Lucas snapped at Sami.

"You hate Kristen -- why would you help her?" Lucas challenged Xander. "Blame your brother Philip -- [he] took what is rightfully mine [and] made it impossible for me to run Titan, [so] I quit...[and now] I haven't got any money coming in," Xander explained to Lucas with a scowl. "So, this is...what, a gig for you -- that's it?" Lucas incredulously translated. "Yeah -- Kristen found out I have some creditors breathing down my neck, and she offered a fair price, so..." Xander matter-of-factly confirmed. "[Look], this is nothing personal -- I just need a paycheck. So, how 'bout we cut the chitchat and get it over with -- who wants to go first?" Xander prodded Lucas and Sami.

"No volunteers? All right, I'll toss a coin -- Sami, you're 'heads'..." Xander decided while reaching into a pants pocket. "Just wait a second, [Xander] -- I'm a very rich woman, [so]...whatever Kristen is paying you, I'll double it!" Sami offered. "Well, that is quite the offer... [Okay] -- I want 10 million," Xander responded. "You're saying Kristen offered you 5 million dollars to kill us," Sami skeptically translated. "What, like...2.5 each?" Lucas assumed. "Actually, it was 2 million for you [and] 3 for her," Xander clarified. "Why is it less for me? That's not fair!" Lucas grumbled. "Isn't it obvious?" Sami argued. "No, it's not obvious! A whole million dollars? That's ridiculous!" Lucas countered. "Stop it! [Look], it isn't because of your worth, [Lucas] -- it's because you, Sami, are a gigantic pain in the ass," Xander explained. "He is right about that..." Lucas said to Sami with a shrug. "Excuse me!" Sami snapped at Lucas.

"Do you want to buy your freedom or not?" Xander tiredly demanded to know. "10 million, huh? Guess that would mean it's only 6 million for me to buy mine alone..." Sami mused, stunning Lucas. "You're gonna buy your way out of this [then] let him shoot me?" Lucas incredulously protested. "I was just asking the question," Sami reasoned with a shrug. "What are you gonna tell Will and Allie, huh? That you let this guy murder their dad?" Lucas challenged Sami, who conceded the point then agreed to pay Xander in full. "But my cash is linked to an account that E.J. and I control jointly, [so] I can't just take out the money without E.J. signing off on it," Sami admitted, prompting Xander to produce a cell phone.

Sami reluctantly contacted E.J., knowing that Lucas' involvement was going to be an issue. Xander snatched the cell phone from Sami and ended the call after E.J. grudgingly agreed to wire the money to the designated account. Xander announced, after receiving the payment, that Sami and Lucas were free to go. "10 million dollars for a few hours' work -- that' s not bad!" Xander raved. "Have you figured out what you're gonna say to Kristen about why you didn't kill us?" Sami wondered. "That's for me to worry about, isn't it?" Xander responded. "I trust you'll both keep your mouths shut about our deal," Xander warned Sami and Lucas before exiting the wine cellar.

Lucas started to follow, but Sami wanted to talk first. "You heard me -- I explained to E.J. that we ended up here separately -- but he's still gonna have a lot of questions about why we're paying someone so much money, [and] I'm gonna have to explain eventually!" Sami fretted. "Listen, tell him whatever you think you have to tell him -- just don't tell him that Kristen was blackmailing us because we slept together," Lucas advised. "Twice!" Sami stressed. "You definitely don't want to tell him that -- or else Xander's not gonna be the only one trying to kill us," Lucas warned, and Sami nodded in agreement.

Xander emerged from the secret tunnels while Marlena was searching the mansion for Chloe. "Xander? What are you doing here? And with a gun?" Marlena called out. "Dr. Evans! Always nice to see you!" Xander responded with a grin before pocketing the gun and exiting the mansion through the front door.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Chanel eyed one of Lani and Eli's framed wedding photographs. "Hope you appreciate what a great guy you married, cuz..." Chanel muttered.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Lani handed Kristen over to Eli for questioning. "Surrendering to Lani was the right thing to do," Eli declared after leading Kristen into one of the conference rooms. "I don't know if it will count [for] much with the D.A., but I did it for your wife -- I don't want her to get in any trouble," Kristen responded. "Yeah, well, if you expect a thank-you from me, you're not gonna get it -- Kate's in serious condition," Eli stressed. "I heard -- and I wish I could have done things differently, but I was desperate to escape," Kristen explained.

"Before you say any more, I'm sure you'd like to call your lawyer," Eli offered. "That won't be necessary," Kristen insisted. "Okay... Well, if you don't want to fight the charges, then I'll just arrange for you to be sent back to Statesville --" Eli decided. "Not what I meant. I'm not going back to Statesville...because if that were to happen, no one would ever see Chloe Lane again," Kristen countered with a triumphant smirk.

Shawn devises a plan to get a confession out of Jan

Shawn devises a plan to get a confession out of Jan

Thursday, May 20, 2021

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Belle received a news alert while eating breakfast with Shawn. "Kristen DiMera threatens, 'I'll trade Chloe Lane's life for my freedom' -- is this an offer the D.A. can't refuse?" Belle read aloud to Shawn. "I'm confident the Salem P.D.'s gonna find her," Shawn assured Belle. "I hope so..." Belle fretted.

Changing the subject, Shawn observed that Belle had stabbed a lot of food with a fork but hadn't really eaten any of it yet. "It's hard to work up an appetite when you're facing murder charges," Belle explained. "Hey, look, we have to believe [that] Justin's gonna talk Judge Alton into throwing that recording out -- [and] without the recording, Trask doesn't have a case," Shawn stressed.

Jan stormed into the police station and found Trask working in one of the conference rooms. "Just the person I wanted to see!" Jan began. "As a tax-paying citizen who's done her civic duty to help bring a killer to justice, I'm very concerned that you haven't done yours!" Jan continued. "You have Belle Brady dead to rights for the murder of Charlie Dale -- because of me, thank you very much -- so...why the hell is she still running loose all over Salem? I hope you're not having any unreasonable doubt of Belle's guilt!" Jan concluded.

"None whatsoever...but everyone is entitled to bail," Trask responded. "She's a murderer!" Jan protested. "And you're a felon who would be behind bars right now if you hadn't made that ridiculous deal with [her]," Trask countered. "Where's the respect? The only evidence you had against [her] was a button -- and I gave you gold!" Jan snapped. "Yes, well, that recording might not even be allowed into evidence -- I'm still waiting on the judge to rule," Trask admitted -- and, as if on cue, a cell phone started ringing just then.

Belle also received a phone call just then. "Bad news -- the judge is going to allow the recording," Belle informed Shawn after ending the call. "On what grounds?" Shawn wondered. "He ruled that my parents don't have a doctor-patient relationship, so confidentiality doesn't apply," Belle explained. "[But] your mom was treating John as a patient -- that's why she was recording [that session in the first place]. We've gotta fight this ruling!" Shawn objected. "Justin doesn't think that's an option -- and, honestly, I don't, either," Belle admitted.

"My murder trial starts next week...and I basically don't have a defense," Belle summarized, fighting back tears. "You are innocent -- [and] the proof is the surveillance footage from the hospital, where Jan's out walking around when everybody thinks that she's in a coma!" Shawn argued. "Yeah...but, like you said [before], that doesn't prove that Jan shot Charlie," Belle countered. "So...we get Jan to confess," Shawn decided after a moment of thought. "Why didn't I think of that?" Belle dryly agreed.

"I know this sounds crazy --" Shawn tried to explain. "That's a word that seems to come up all the time where Jan is concerned..." Belle mused. "[But] Jan told Claire [that] she cannot wait for you to go to prison so that she can be the next 'Mrs. Shawn Brady' if we give her what she wants, she'll give us what we want," Shawn concluded with a mischievous grin, drawing a scoff from Belle, who declared the plan ridiculous and dangerous then refused to go along with it, regardless of what was at stake.

Meanwhile, Jan celebrated the good news that Trask had just received, knowing that it was bad news for Belle. "Now [she] will finally get what she deserves...and I will finally get what I deserve!" Jan raved. "What, exactly, is it you 'deserve'?" Trask wondered. "How are you the only person in Salem who doesn't know? [I'm talking about] Shawn, of course -- we were meant to be together...and now, because of my incredible contribution to throwing Belle in the slammer, I can finally have him!" Jan clarified. "Good luck with that..." Trask skeptically muttered. "I don't need luck -- we were meant to be," Jan reiterated. "Just don't screw this up for me!" Jan warned Trask before rushing off.

Shawn and Belle were still arguing when Jan passed through the town square a short time later. "What's this -- a lovers' quarrel?" Jan excitedly observed. "This is a private conversation," Shawn tiredly informed Jan.

"Why hide it? I mean, it won't be long before the entire town knows that my husband thinks I'm a cold-blooded murderer!" Belle spontaneously snapped at Shawn, who found the sudden change of heart surprising but quickly recovered and went along with it. "Your own father witnessed you pull the trigger!" Shawn reasoned. "It wasn't me! [Look], someone else was wearing my coat, Shawn -- I was framed!" Belle insisted. "Who would frame you?" Shawn wondered, prompting Belle to shoot Jan a glare.

"Oh, no -- do not go there, all right? We all know that Jan was in a coma when Charlie was murdered, [while] you had means, motive, and opportunity!" Shawn argued. "I did not kill Charlie Dale -- and maybe if you were a better detective and a better husband, you would know that!" Belle spat. "Well, it's not like you haven't lied to me before -- like when you cheated on me with Philip!" Shawn countered.

Belle picked up a glass of water and doused Shawn with it then stormed off -- and ran into Trask while passing by the Brady Pub a short time later. Belle maintained that someone else had killed Charlie, but Trask predicted that no jury would ever buy that claim, especially after hearing Marlena's recording of John's hypnotherapy session. Meanwhile, Jan offered some words of comfort while helping Shawn dry off -- then seized a kiss.

Ben rushed over to the Brady house after receiving something from Ciara. "She wrote you? That's great!" Claire raved while leading Ben into the living room. "She's filing for divorce," Ben clarified, stunning Claire.

"What are you gonna do?" Claire wondered. "I don't know...[but] I was hoping maybe your mom could talk me through some options," Ben responded. "Look, I know that she'd really love to help you...but it's not the greatest time," Claire apologetically declared, adding that Belle wasn't at the house at that moment, anyway. "Oh, my God -- I don't even know what the hell I was thinking..." Ben regretfully muttered, realizing what Claire meant.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Ben asked. "Find the real killer?" Claire replied. "Trust me, I wish I could -- I would do anything for you and your family; for Ciara's family..." Ben stressed before apologizing to Claire for the intrusion then starting to rush off in search of another lawyer. "Wait," Claire called out, stopping Ben.

"Look, I might not know my way around all that legal mumbo-jumbo, but...I'm a pretty good listener," Claire offered. "Your mom needs you," Ben protested. "My mom is innocent, [so] I have to believe in the system -- and you need me, too, so...please, let me help," Claire countered, and Ben gratefully nodded in agreement.

"I haven't talked to Ciara since she flew to Johannesburg with Theo," Ben revealed. "I kept telling myself to give her time, and that she would remember [eventually...but now]... Divorce papers? Really? I mean, she's halfway across the world -- can she even do that? Can she file for divorce from me when I'm here and she's all the way over there?" Ben wondered. "I don't know...but maybe you could delay the process? [Ultimately, though], if Ciara really does want this divorce...I don't know if there's much you can do to stop it," Claire responded.

"Maybe if I talk to her, I can get through to her and just let her know how crazy all of this is," Ben decided, producing a cell phone. "You might want to calm down before you make that call, Ben -- if you get on the phone and start going off at her about this divorce, you are only gonna make things worse," Claire advised. "I'm not calling Ciara -- I'm booking the next flight to Johannesburg so I can see her face to face," Ben clarified.

"I am not gonna let you do that...[because] if you do, you are just gonna push Ciara further away," Claire argued while snatching Ben's cell phone. "That's a chance I'm willing to take if it means bringing Ciara back home with me, where she belongs!" Ben stressed, but Claire maintained that there were better ways to handle the matter. "Trust that she's going to remember [eventually]," Claire advised. "What if that doesn't happen?" Ben whispered, fighting back tears.

"I just hate seeing you in this much pain," Claire fretted, also fighting back tears. "It's my own fault -- I let myself believe that Ciara would remember [and] come back to me, but this [divorce paperwork] proves that she doesn't want to remember, and she wants me out of her life for good, [and] I may never see her again," Ben conceded before finally breaking down. "I know how hard this is, Ben, need to let Ciara go -- at least just for a little while. We both do," Claire declared before comforting Ben with a hug -- then seizing a kiss.

At the Horton house, Julie walked past a stack of boxes while en route to the living room, where Jack was having a conversation with Gwen. "What's all this?" Julie demanded to know. "I was just helping Gwen with her things -- she's moving in," Jack responded. "Like hell she is!" Julie snapped.

"This is Jennifer's house -- [and] she and I talked, and we agreed that it would be okay for Gwen to stay here," Jack informed Julie. "How can it possibly be 'okay' for this person to live under this roof after everything she has done to Abigail? [And] now she's falsely accusing Abigail of causing a miscarriage! [I mean], don't you see [that] she is slandering Abigail and making her life a misery, Jack? How can you possibly take Gwen's side?" Julie protested. "I am not taking anyone's side," Jack insisted.

"I know you love Abigail, and I appreciate that you are in her corner --" Jack assured Julie. "Well, somebody should be!" Julie stressed. "[But] Gwen is my daughter, too, and she's suffered a terrible trauma --" Jack continued. "[Oh, please] -- she got pregnant by her sister's husband because she tricked [him] into crawling into bed with her, and they were so swept away by passion, nobody used any protection...[so], I'm sorry, [but] I cannot be heartbroken over Gwen's 'trauma'!" Julie dismissively argued. "[But], speaking of trauma, you know what really traumatizes me? The fact that every man in this family is ready to believe that woman's lies -- every single filthy lie she spews out of her mouth!" Julie added before giving Gwen a glare then storming out of the house.

Jack tried to apologize to Gwen on Julie's behalf but was quickly interrupted. "Julie's right -- [you see], the day I lost the baby...[well], I lied about what happened," Gwen admitted. "When Dr. Snyder said that I had lost the baby, I was so upset...[but I was also] furious with Abigail [because] she said some really nasty things to me before I fell -- she said I'd be a horrible mother, and that my child would grow up to hate me... [Anyway], I wanted to hurt her as much as she had hurt me, so I said that she pushed me down the stairs on purpose...[but the truth is that] after we argued, Abigail chased me down the hall, and then she grabbed my wrist at the top of the stairs, and then I pulled away...and then I fell... [So], she didn't push me -- it was an accident," Gwen elaborated.

"[You know], Abigail was right in the end [about me being a horrible mother] -- it was my responsibility to protect that child that I was carrying, and I didn't," Gwen fretted before apologizing to Jack for the lie then heading off to begin the process of moving back out of the house. "You're not going anywhere," Jack insisted, stopping Gwen. "You are my daughter, [and] we are a family, [and] what's important to me is that you've owned your mistakes [and] told me the truth," Jack stressed before giving Gwen a hug.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi told Chad about what had happened to Kate. "[She] was shot [then] buried alive [not that long ago], and she clawed her way out of that grave, [so] I don't think a meet-up with Kristen is nearly enough to take her down," Gabi assured Chad at the end of the tale. "I hope so..." Chad fretted. "I know so," Gabi insisted.

Abigail soon joined Chad and Gabi in the living room. "Listen, I got somewhere to be -- I gotta go get some food for Jake and then meet him up at the hospital," Gabi announced before starting to rush off. "No, you should stay -- it'll give us a chance to say goodbye," Abigail called out, stopping Gabi -- who, like Chad, was confused.

"I'm leaving Salem [today] -- my bags are at the front door [already], and a car's picking me up [soon]. I'm just gonna go spend some time with my mom in Boston," Abigail explained, stunning Chad and Gabi. "Are you leaving because of us?" Chad stammered. "No -- she's leaving because of Gwen," Gabi guessed.

"I just need to get away for a little while," Abigail explained. "Are you for real? Are you seriously letting your bitch of a sister run you out of town? [Well], the hell with that, Abigail -- you need to stay and fight!" Gabi argued. "I tried fighting [once already -- and, back then], you were the one who ran," Abigail countered. "I'm pretty sure there's a middle ground somewhere between stabbing someone with a hypodermic and giving up!" Gabi tiredly argued. "I'm not 'giving up'!" Abigail defensively insisted.

Gabi maintained that it would be a mistake for Abigail to leave Salem. "But if you do, [then] I will keep an eye on your sister," Gabi promised. "Thank you -- and thank you, [also], for stopping me when I had that syringe in my hand; that probably wasn't a wise move [for me]," Abigail responded.

Gabi rushed off after promising to keep Chad posted on Kate's condition. "You weren't gonna talk to me before you decided to pack your bags?" Chad incredulously challenged Abigail once the coast was clear. "I'd made up my mind," Abigail explained. "How do I change it? [Because] I don't want you to go -- [and, look], I know I have given you so many reasons to walk away from this marriage, [and] I know how much me doubting you hurt, [but] I believe that you didn't mean for Gwen to fall and lose her child," Chad stressed.

"Thank you for telling me that...[but] I don't know if I believe me," Abigail whispered, fighting back tears. "[I mean], I did not push Gwen down the stairs...but ever since I found out that she was pregnant with your child, I could not help but want that baby gone...[and now] that baby -- your baby -- is gone," Abigail explained. "All of my anger and my hatred toward Gwen [has] resulted in an innocent child losing its life, and I don't know how I don't blame myself for that," Abigail admitted. "I have no idea who I am anymore -- [I mean], I have let Gwen turn me into someone I do not want to be," Abigail fretted.

Gabi entered Julie's Place and approached the bar. "What are you doing here?" Julie snapped. "I keep asking myself that same question," Gabi grumbled. "Then feel free to leave!" Julie advised. "If only I could...but Jake loves your scones, I am," Gabi explained. "Well, I would prefer it if Jake picked up his own takeout instead of sending you!" Julie stressed.

"You are in an especially nasty mood today," Gabi observed. "I had an especially nasty surprise today," Julie admitted before telling Gabi about what had just happened at the Horton house. "I wonder if [Jack's] gonna still feel so fatherly [toward Gwen] after he finds out that [she's] run his other daughter out of town," Gabi mused before telling Julie about what had just happened at the DiMera mansion.

"So, Gwen wins, [then]. What a hateful woman!" Julie spat. "Finally, something we can agree on," Gabi responded. "Really? Since when do you hate somebody who has made Abigail's life miserable?" Julie wondered. "Gwen has made my life miserable, too, you know -- when she spiked [that] Champagne and sent [Abigail] over the edge, everybody blamed me...[including you, and] you were harder on me than most people!" Gabi explained.

"I was wrong [about that one]; you have done multiple -- numerous -- appalling and criminal things...but that one, you didn't do," Julie conceded after some prodding from Gabi. "Call the Spectator, 'cause Julie Williams has admitted that she is wrong!" Gabi dramatically called out to the other patrons in the restaurant. "I'm not wrong about Gwen Rizczech, [though]," Julie insisted, and Gabi agreed. "This is kind of weird -- [I mean], it's kind of like we're on the same side [finally, and] --" Gabi mused. "Our cold war is over," Julie concluded. "Not a chance!" Gabi declared after a moment of thought. "Never!" Julie vowed at the same time.

Later, Julie returned to the Horton house and informed Jack that Abigail was about to leave Salem because of Gwen. Meanwhile, Gwen headed over to the hospital for a follow-up appointment with Snyder -- who, thanks to the Intruder, knew all about the Deveraux clan's latest drama. "You claimed that your sister pushed you, and the fall caused you to miscarry...but you and I both know you lost the baby before the fall...and I'm not sure I'm comfortable keeping quiet about it," Snyder warned Gwen.

Dr. Snyder blackmails Gwen

Dr. Snyder blackmails Gwen

Friday, May 21, 2021

In the Brady living room, Claire comforted Ben after he told her about his divorce papers. "You need to let Ciara go. At least for a little while. We both do," Claire said. When Ben wiped a tear from Claire's face, she kissed him. The kiss grew more heated, and they started to undress. After Ben dropped his shirt on the floor, he stopped himself from kissing Claire again.

"I just can't do this. I know Ciara doesn't want me anymore, but she's still my wife," Ben said. "And she is in South Africa with Theo," Claire reminded Ben. With a nod, Ben said that he could not betray Ciara because he still loved her. Claire apologized for having thrown herself at Ben. Ben told Claire that though they did not have feelings for one another, they still had a connection. Ben and Claire agreed that their support of one another had been special to them.

"And working with you to find Ciara, becoming friends, that has meant everything to me, and the last thing that I would want to do is screw up this friendship. I shouldn't have kissed you," Claire said. Ben told Claire it was fine. Ben and Claire agreed to split the blame and to preserve their friendship. Claire encouraged Ben to wait for Belle to return home, but Ben said he did not want to bother Belle. "As much as I want to fight this divorce, I'm probably just postponing the inevitable," Ben said. With a nod, Ben walked out.

When Ben returned home, he had an unexpected visitor in his room. Ben dropped the divorce papers on the floor. "Oh, my God. It's you!" Ben exclaimed.

Abigail and Chad sat in the DiMera living room and discussed her plan to leave Salem. "I love your strength. I love your compassion. Let me help you. We can work through this together," Chad said. With a shake of her head, Abigail noted that the problem was not their relationship. Abigail admitted that she was overwhelmed.

"I feel like everything I knew about myself, everything I knew about my life, just got pulled out from underneath me," Abigail confided. Chad asked Abigail to lean on him for strength. "I will fight to the ends of the earth for you. For us," Chad said. "I love you for saying that, but this is something that I gotta figure out on my own, so please just let me do this. Let me go," Abigail said. "Is this what you need?" Chad asked. When Abigail said yes, Chad whispered that Abigail should go.

"What are we going to tell the kids?" Chad asked. Abigial explained that she had already talked to the kids about her trip to see her mother. "I feel terrible leaving, but I have to go, so I can come back and be a better mother. We're lucky, aren't we? We got such sweet kids," Abigail said. Chad nodded in agreement. Abigail told Chad that she knew that he loved her, and that she loved him. After a long kiss goodbye, Abigail left. Alone, Chad cried.

As Chad stared at the wall, Jack called the house. "I need to talk to Abigail," Jack said. Chad told Jack that Abigail had already left town. Jack ended the call, and he rushed over to the DiMera mansion. "Abby is not here. I already told you that," Chad said. Jack said he had wanted to talk to Chad in person. Concerned about Abigail, Jack asked Chad why she had left so suddenly. Chad explained that Abigail was overwhelmed with guilt.

"Well, that's why I'm here. [Abigail] doesn't have to feel guilty anymore," Jack said. "I'm not sure that's true," Chad whispered. Jack told Chad that Gwen had admitted that the fall down the stairs had been an accident. "Abigail said some things about [Gwen's] baby, and Gwen wanted to punish her. But in the end, it was all just an accident," Jack explained. Chad nodded, and he said he was not surprised that Gwen had lied. Jack argued that Gwen was sincerely sorry for having lied, and he said they should call Abigail.

"It doesn't matter why Gwen told me! What matters is that she did, so Abigail doesn't have to feel guilty anymore!" Jack yelled. Chad explained that Abigail's guilt was about instigating the fight. "Gwen fell trying to get away from [Abigail], so Abby thinks that Gwen wouldn't have lost the baby if it weren't for her," Chad said. Chad added that Abigail believed that Chad blamed her for the miscarriage.

"I think this is obviously all my fault, and it was too much for Abby to take," Chad said. Chad explained that Abigail's obsession with Gwen had been unhealthy, even though he believed that Gwen had deserved everything that Abigail had done to Gwen. "[Abigail] and Gwen got in a fight. Abby threatened her at the top of the staircase. I know she didn't push Gwen. But Gwen was pregnant, and Abby knew it. And she still put that baby in harm's way," Chad said. Chad stressed that he did not blame Abigail, but "we've just all been through too much."

"[Abigail] needs time to think about all of this. To get through it. I mean, how can she or Gwen get through anything if they live in the same town? Especially with Gwen living with me," Jack said. "[Gwen's] still moving in?" Chad asked. Jack said that Gwen needed someone to support her. Concerned, Chad asked Jack about Gwen's emotional state. Jack admitted she was "about as well as can be expected." Jack told Chad that Gwen had gone for a follow-up with Dr. Snyder.

Jack announced that he needed to get home before Gwen because Julie was unhappy about the new living arrangements. Jack's phone beeped with a text from work. "I could go check on Gwen," Chad offered. "Are you sure?" Jack asked. Chad assured Jack he was fine. "Don't give up on Abigail. I really believe the two of you can make it through all of this together," Jack said.

In Gwen's follow-up appointment with Dr. Snyder, he told Gwen that he had read about her in the paper. "You claimed [Abigail] pushed you, and the fall caused you to miscarry. But you and I both know you lost the baby before the fall. And I'm not sure I'm comfortable keeping quiet about it," Snyder said. Gwen reminded Snyder of doctor-patient confidentiality.

"I don't think the Hippocratic Oath was intended to enable you to play cruel and dangerous mind games on your sister, and if her mental health is at stake, I might have a duty to come forward," Snyder said. Snyder added that he was tired of his patients using him to cover for their misdeeds. Confused, Gwen asked, "What do you mean patients?"

"The two of you are going to learn. It is not a good idea to underestimate me," Snyder said. Gwen asked Snyder about the other person. "That psychopath Jan Spears," Snyder said. "The lunatic who was in a coma and just came out of it on April Fool's Day?" Gwen asked. Snyder told Gwen that Jan had woken up earlier than Snyder had realized. With a smirk, Gwen noted that Snyder should have been able to tell the difference. Snyder warned Gwen not to make fun of him.

"I don't have a life. I have this job. And that woman made a fool of me. And that's exactly what you're trying to do. You're trying to make a fool of me, and I'm not going to let you do it," Snyder growled. Gwen objected, but Snyder argued that Gwen's citation of confidentiality was proof enough. Snyder asked Gwen if the love of her father was important to her. When Gwen said yes, Snyder promised to tell Jack the truth if she did not cooperate.

"I have already told my father that Abigail did not push me on purpose," Gwen said. Snyder noted that Gwen had not told anyone that her fall had not caused the miscarriage. "It seems I'm the one that has the upper hand," Snyder said as he leaned in close. Unnerved, Gwen said she would scream if Snyder came any closer. Snyder explained that he had no interest in sex with Gwen. "You're going to work for me," Snyder clarified.

After Gwen dressed, Snyder returned to the exam room and handed her a package. "It's your assignment," Snyder said. Snyder instructed Gwen to deliver the envelope to the address on it. When Gwen asked about the contents, Snyder said, "That is on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know." Gwen asked Snyder why he had mentioned Jan. Snyder warned Gwen to stop asking questions. When Gwen asked if Snyder would keep his silence if she delivered the package, Snyder explained that the delivery was not a one-time thing.

"You are going to be my personal courier," Snyder said. Gwen objected. With a nod, Snyder held up his phone to show Gwen that he had Jack's phone number ready to dial. "Give me the damn envelope," Gwen growled. Gwen returned home and muttered about her blackmailing doctor. Curious, Gwen opened the envelope to examine the contents. Inside was a bag of pills. "I'm a bloody drug mule!" Gwen exclaimed. Gwen glanced across the room and saw Chad in the doorway.

In the square, Jan told Shawn that he was a good man and that Belle had been unfair to him. "But Belle, she couldn't control herself yet again. So, all these years of loving her and supporting her, sacrificing for her? Where does that leave me? Just alone," Shawn said. Jan told Shawn that he would never be alone as long as she was around. When Jan kissed Shawn, he recoiled and said, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Why are you looking at me like that? Like I'm dirt?" Jan asked. Shawn thought about the plan he had discussed with Belle to force Jan to confess. "You can't even stand to kiss me!" Jan yelped. Shawn lied and said that his concern was that they were in a public place. "Belle shot Charlie. John put you in a coma. Can you imagine what would happen if they found out about us?" Shawn said. Jan smiled.

"You're watching out for me?" Jan asked. Shawn blamed himself for talking to Jan in public. Jan noted that no one had ever attempted to protect her until that moment. "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you," Shawn said. Shawn suggested that they meet up in a room at the Salem Inn. Jan asked Shawn if his relationship with Belle was definitely over. "It's definitely over," Shawn confirmed. Shawn invited Jan to meet him in his room in an hour.

"Everything I did, it was all worth it," Jan whispered to herself after Shawn walked away. To celebrate while she waited to meet with Shawn, Jan ate an ice cream sundae at the café in the square. With a grin, Jan fantasized about meeting up with a baseball uniform-wearing Shawn in his hotel room, but her daydream was interrupted by a neck pinch.

A startled Jan turned and saw Dr. Snyder. After Snyder sat at Jan's table, he asked her, "Do you know how much trouble I'm in because of you?" Jan played dumb, but Snyder told her that he knew she had faked a coma. Snyder informed Jan that she had not thought about the surveillance footage at the hospital, and that he had shown the footage to a police detective and his lawyer wife.

"Brady. Detective Brady," Snyder said as he remembered Shawn's name. "Lying bastard! He was playing me. And so was she. Now, it is time for me to turn the tables. All is fair in love and war. And this? This is war," Jan grumbled.

Belle met up with John at the hospital waiting area to give him the bad news about her murder case. "The judge is refusing to throw out the recording of you saying that I killed Charlie," Belle announced. John said he planned to say that he had not been in his right mind since his aneurysm. "It's just going to look like you're protecting me," Belle said. When John argued that he would think of something, Belle told him about her plan with Shawn to draw out Jan. Shawn called to update Belle on the situation.

"It seems like she thinks we're on the outs, right?" Belle asked. Shawn told Belle about the kiss with Jan and his reaction. Worried, Belle said she did not like Shawn's plan to meet with Jan at the hotel. "I think maybe we should slow this down. My dad thinks it's a bad idea," Belle said. "This is your life we're talking about. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get the truth," Shawn vowed.

After Belle's call with Shawn, she told John that she hoped Shawn would secure a confession that night. John shrugged. "Let's hope," John said. Belle announced that she would return home to tell Claire about the staged fight with Shawn.

At the Salem Inn, Shawn paced nervously as he waited for Jan to arrive. The phone rang. "Jan, I was waiting for you. Where are you?" Shawn asked. At the Brady house, Jan said, "I got held up. I ran into an old friend." Jan pointed a gun at Claire.

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