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Rafe dreamed he kissed Nicole. Xander convinced Nicole that Sami had slept with Lucas. Nicole probed Lucas, and he warned Sami to back off Nicole. After Brady learned Nicole's secret, he offered to help Nicole neutralize Xander. Gwen stopped Xander from killing Snyder, but Snyder died from a heart attack. Kayla suspected that Snyder had stolen medication. Chloe turned down Philip. Paulina told Lani about her night with Abe. Sami stopped E.J. from talking to Kristen. Kate voted to remove Jake as CEO.
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Gwen stopped Xander from killing Snyder -- but Snyder unexpectedly died anyway, and Kate voted to remove Jake as CEO
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Xander tries to help Nicole deal with Sami

Xander tries to help Nicole deal with Sami

Monday, June 21, 2021

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi stormed into the living room and aggressively prepared a cup of coffee at the bar -- and Chad, who was sitting at the desk, watched curiously as the scene unfolded. "Someone's in a mood..." Chad eventually teased. "You know where Kate is right now? Do you have any idea? You would think that she was in her room, settling in...but no -- she's in Jake's room, with Jake! Why? Because, apparently, that's where she's gonna live from now on!" Gabi angrily responded.

"Kate is blind, Gabi -- of course she doesn't want to be alone! [But] I'd be worried, too, if I were you -- [after all], with everything that has happened, it could bring them close again...[and] you never know what's going on behind closed doors..." Chad warned. "There's no way that Jake would ever have sex with Kate," Gabi insisted. "I don't know -- they are sharing a bed..." Chad argued. "Just shut up!" Gabi snapped.

Upstairs, Kate assured Jake that there was no reason for them to wait any longer to be intimate with each other again. "I can't see, but I'm not an invalid -- [and] Dr. Snyder, he didn't say that I shouldn't have sex," Kate explained. "[Still]...I just don't think it's a good idea..." Jake stammered. "You know, it wasn't until I was in that hospital that I realized how much you've come to mean to me... I love you, Jake -- [and] you love me, don't you? [So], no time like the present...right?" Kate argued. "I really think it's important that you get some rest [first]..." Jake countered.

"I think the thing I love about you the most is how you take care of me -- you know, for the first time in a long time, I'm with a man that I can trust [to stay] as committed to a relationship as I am...even with the possibility that I might be blind for the rest of my life," Kate raved as Jake squirmed. "Why don't you take that nap now --" Jake advised. "Hold me," Kate begged before blindly trying to climb into bed, forcing Jake to offer some help.

In the foyer, E.J. again demanded an explanation for what Sami had just said to Lucas about not getting any ideas. "He was supposed to move out...and now, all of a sudden, he wants to stay..." Sami stammered. "Uh-huh... Well, Chad has just informed me, Lucas, [that] it's very close quarters [right now] -- barely room for Samantha and myself..." E.J. warned.

"Do you enjoy living with a crowd...or is there some other reason that living here appeals to you?" E.J. wondered. "I actually have a great reason --" Lucas began to explain. "His mom!" Sami blurted out. "[And] why do you have a problem with [that]?" E.J. challenged Sami. "[Because] I know you wouldn't be comfortable living under the same roof as my ex-husband," Sami reasoned. "No, I would be fine -- I mean, first of all...well, he's Lucas...and, also, the two of you have been over for a very long time," E.J. countered -- and Sami squirmed in response as Lucas suppressed a smirk.

"Look, the real reason I don't want to live under the same roof as Lucas is and I are together, [and] we're happy, and we're in love, and I don't want his negativity and his rudeness ruining our happiness -- [I mean], he was totally wrong to go after you like that [yesterday] for not being here for me --" Sami backpedaled. "I admit that Lucas can be quite rude, and the old me might have punched him --" E.J. began to respond. "I'm standing right here, you know!" Lucas interjected. "But I want to be a better man for you...[and], as someone whose own mother has had her challenges, I can understand why Lucas wants to be here with Kate, and I commend him for it -- [so, Lucas], as far as I'm concerned, you're more than welcome to stay," E.J. concluded. "The house is practically full --" Sami objected. "There's always room for one more -- especially family," E.J. insisted.

Lucas declined the offer after getting a pleading look from Sami that E.J. couldn't see, conceding that Kate was probably already in good hands with Jake and Chad. "Still, we can't have you homeless..." E.J. protested. "I'm good -- I'm all squared away with Roman; I'm gonna stay above the pub," Lucas clarified, drawing another look from Sami that E.J. couldn't see -- a look of horror.

Meanwhile, Gabi vowed to find a way to get Kate moved to a different bedroom, prompting Chad to warn that E.J. and Sami might have just taken the last one. "Where does E.J. get off thinking that he can just move in here without my permission?" Gabi snapped. "Maybe because this was my home long before it was yours," E.J. reasoned, joining Chad and Gabi in the living room.

"[But] my apologies for not asking your permission first, Gabi -- you and I have always gotten on rather well, and I'd like that to continue... [Anyway], I would take it as a great personal favor if you could find your way into allowing myself and Samantha to stay," E.J. diplomatically added. "Well, it is your family home, and I might as well have someone in here that I don't hate..." Gabi sweetly conceded.

"[Plus], it will give you a chance to get to know your half-brother Jake -- [and, look], I know he doesn't have some fancy pedigree and hasn't been anointed by the great and powerful Stefano, but he has done some amazing things for DiMera, [and] you're gonna be so impressed --" Gabi excitedly added. "We shall see," E.J. skeptically responded before asking Gabi for some time alone with Chad.

Meanwhile, Lucas made another play for Sami, who remained determined to stay with E.J. "You and I both know I am better for you than he is," Lucas stressed before heading upstairs to check on Kate -- and Sami got emotional as soon as the coast was clear but recovered when Gabi entered the foyer a short time later. "Is everything okay?" Gabi wondered. "Yeah, I'm fine," Sami insisted. "You seemed a million miles away..." Gabi observed. "I wish I was..." Sami grumbled.

"I'd like to think that we have some sort of level of trust between us, [so] if you ever wanted to talk..." Gabi offered. "E.J.'s recovery, it was hard for me [and] hard on our marriage...[but] now he's back, [and] he's himself again, and I want to focus on us, [so] I wanted to go back to Italy so we can just be together and work on our marriage, [because] being here is...there's just a lot of distractions, you know?" Sami explained. "At least you can be with the man that you love -- not all of us are so lucky," Gabi fretted. "Lucas told me that he went off on [Jake] for wanting to sneak around with you behind Kate's back," Sami revealed. "'Sneaking' was never part of the plan," Gabi insisted.

"The plan was to tell her the truth...but then Jake decided to be all noble and stay with her until she settles into being blind, [so now] I'm supposed to just suck it up [and] watch Kate hang all over Jake -- do you know how painful that's gonna be?" Gabi added. "[Well, surely] you and Jake can still find a way to spend some 'quality time' together, [though -- after all], Kate is blind, right?" Sami pointed out. "[Except] that bitch moved herself into Jake's room!" Gabi countered.

"They're right up there right now, doing God knows what in my house, and I can't do anything about it -- [and] she still has the hots for him, [so] what is he gonna do when she doesn't take 'no' for an answer when he doesn't want to 'make love'? [Or, even worse], what if she finds out the truth -- that Jake and I lied to her? I mean, you know that woman -- she's got a ferocious temper!" Gabi fretted. "Oh, someone is going to get hurt..." Sami predicted. "Exactly! She's not gonna care that we were trying to do the right thing; she's gonna be out for blood -- mainly mine!" Gabi agreed before deciding to check on Jake and Kate, ignoring Sami's warning about that being a bad idea. "Good luck with everything with you and E.J.," Gabi said to Sami before rushing upstairs. "I'm gonna need it..." Sami muttered after Gabi disappeared from view.

Meanwhile, Kate continued toying with Jake, who breathed a sigh of relief when Lucas interrupted. "I look forward to picking up where we left off..." Kate called out as Jake rushed off to investigate Lucas' report that E.J. was back in Salem and was going to be staying at the mansion with Sami for the foreseeable future.

"You look kind of down," Kate said to Lucas once the coast was clear. "How do you know what I look like?" Lucas wondered. "You sound like you're down," Kate backpedaled. "I'm worried about you," Lucas claimed. "Well, there's nothing to worry about -- I'm going to be just fine," Kate insisted.

Jake ran into Gabi while passing through the halls of the mansion. "Finally! What have you two been doing in there? Please tell me that Kate did not try to have sex with you!" Gabi began. "I got out of it," Jake stammered. "But she asked you?" Gabi translated with a groan of anger. "Okay, can we talk about that later?" Jake begged.

"I just heard E.J.'s moving back in!" Jake warned. "He asked me nicely, and I said yes -- what's the problem?" Gabi countered. "You don't find it a little strange that he's been living in Italy for...I don't know how many years...and then, all of a sudden, he decides to move back?" Jake wondered. "What is the big mystery? E.J.'s here because he missed his wife!" Gabi reasoned. "Then why didn't he ask her to come home? And now that he's here, why doesn't he just take her back home?" Jake argued. "You sound a little paranoid for someone that hasn't even met the guy," Gabi observed. "I know all about his reputation in the business world -- the guy's a killer [who] takes no prisoners -- so...what if he came back to Salem because he wants to take back DiMera?" Jake fretted.

Meanwhile, E.J. asked Chad to explain why Gabi was so enthusiastic about Jake. "It's got nothing to do with his boardroom action, believe me," Chad dryly replied. "That's why I need you to step up -- the sooner the better!" E.J. stressed. "I'm not gonna make any decisions until I talk to my wife!" Chad maintained.

"I respect that -- I've learned the hard way that no marriage can work unless both parties are open and honest with each other," E.J. conceded -- and Sami entered the living room before Chad could respond. "What are you two talking about?" Sami curiously began. "The importance of being on the same page as one's spouse -- as we are, my darling," E.J. summarized with a smile before greeting Sami with a kiss -- then dropping the smile after turning to face Chad again. "I'll let you know," Chad promised E.J. before exiting the living room, referring to their earlier conversation. "What was that about? Is everything okay?" Sami wondered. "It will be," E.J. answered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip served Chloe a bowl of assorted fruits and a glass of green juice for breakfast -- on a serving tray that also held a vase that contained a single red rose. "[The] fruit salad -- I thought that would be good [because] you can eat that with one hand," Philip explained to Chloe, whose left arm was in a sling. "[And the] green juice -- I'm not sure what it does, but [I know it's] your favorite...[and], apparently, it helps keep you as beautiful as you were in high school," Philip added. "[Actually], I think you're even more beautiful now," Philip concluded.

Chloe smiled and thanked Philip -- for the breakfast and the kind words. "A girl could get used to this!" Chloe raved. "That's what I'm hoping..." Philip admitted. "I'm only staying here until my arm gets better," Chloe maintained. "[Well, at the very least], I bet you won't say no to a video chat with Parker once he gets out of camp, [right]? I talked to your mother -- it's all set up," Philip countered. "What?" Chloe sputtered before starting to thank Philip again -- but Brady joined them in the study just then and asked Philip for some time alone with Chloe.

"I have Basic Black business to discuss with her...and, technically, you're the competition, so..." Brady explained. "Can't it wait?" Philip snapped, annoyed that Brady had ruined the moment with Chloe. "I probably should catch up on what's happening at work," Chloe interjected.

Philip slinked out of the study with a sigh of defeat -- and as soon as the coast was clear, Brady started telling Chloe about Nicole's decision to give Xander a job at Basic Black. "I'm pretty sure that he strong-armed her into hiring him -- the question [So], I was hoping you'd come back to the office, 'cause [she] isn't gonna tell me what's going on, [but] maybe you'll have better luck," Brady concluded.

"I would do anything for Nicole...but the thought of being around Xander -- even talking about him makes me ill..." Chloe admitted. "Yeah, I know...[but] I'll make sure that he doesn't bother you -- [or even] have a chance to be near you --" Brady tried to promise -- just as Philip returned and announced that it was time for Chloe's next dose of medication. "[Plus, she's] still recovering, so I don't want you overwhelming her with work," Philip added. "Chloe already knows how much of a tyrant I am in the office, and she's used to that," Brady joked, amusing Chloe and annoying Philip.

"In the future, I'll tell Henderson to check before letting him in," Philip assured Chloe after Brady left. "Oh, come on, Philip -- you don't have to protect me from Brady," Chloe argued. "I'm not so sure..." Philip countered before starting to fish for information about Chloe's conversation with Brady.

"You were eavesdropping," Chloe guessed. "Would I do something like that?" Philip asked indignantly. "If you thought it gave you an advantage over Brady," Chloe knowingly replied. "Okay, fine -- I might have overheard that Xander was working at Basic Black," Philip admitted. "Talk about the worst hire ever... I don't blame you for not wanting to go back -- [I mean], why would you put yourself in the middle of that mess...when you could work for me instead?" Philip offered, surprising Chloe.

Nicole entered Basic Black and found Xander sitting in a chair in the CEO's office, ogling the centerfold model in the latest issue of Playpen. "That's disgusting!" Nicole declared. "Oh, this? Pure research! Hey, what do you say to a new lingerie line?" Xander responded. Nicole scoffed at the idea and predicted that it wasn't going to be good enough to convince Brady that hiring Xander had been a wise move.

"That's hardly a problem, is it? Not with you and our dirty little secret as my job security!" Xander bragged. "Who knows how long that damn secret will stay a secret..." Nicole fretted before informing Xander that Sami was still convinced that they had slept together on the night that they had been seen entering the Salem Inn together, despite a fake receipt that had been designed to prove otherwise.

"You know, I always find that whenever somebody gets me over a barrel, it's best to be proactive and get them over an even bigger barrel...and if there's one person that has a habit of screwing up their life even more than me, it's Sami Brady -- shouldn't be too hard to get some kind of leverage over her, right?" Xander advised. "Sami is a Teflon blonde -- nothing ever sticks [to her]," Nicole grumbled.

"Yeah... It's too bad she didn't cheat on her husband, like you did... Wait a minute -- is that really so far-fetched? [I mean], you slept with me because your hubby left you alone, [and] E.J. did the same thing to Sami, [so] maybe she had a fling while she was in town... [Actually, now that I think about it]...remember when Kristen locked Sami and Lucas in the DiMera basement? Well, when I found them, there was a definite tension between them -- maybe it was of the sexual variety..." Xander mused. "Not a chance -- I mean, all they do is fight --" Nicole argued. "And maybe they have great make-up sex," Xander countered.

"If you could sleep with me, is it really so far-fetched that Sami might hit the sheets with Lucas?" Xander reasoned. "It's possible -- I mean, at least Lucas is a human being..." Nicole conceded. "Look, I'm just trying to get Sami off your back, so you can stop with all the cheap shots and maybe start focusing on what could be a very significant revelation," Xander advised. "How did this [go from being] a dumb thought that just crossed your mind [to being] a 'revelation'?" Nicole wondered.

"Oh, I'm quite intuitive about these things -- and there is something about that room in the DiMera basement that seems to get people all hot and bothered..." Xander responded. "You're telling me Stefano DiMera pumped some kind of aphrodisiac into that room?" Nicole incredulously translated. "I wouldn't put it past him...[but just] facing one's mortality [while trapped in there] could be a very potent aphrodisiac..." Xander matter-of-factly declared.

Nicole conceded the point after Xander cited a romp between Kate and Ted and a romp between Gabi and Stefan as past examples of the phenomenon, having heard the tidbits of information from Kristen at some point. "Nothing would make me happier than to find out Sami fell into Lucas' arms in that room...but wanting something doesn't make it true --" Nicole began. "That has come to my attention -- quite often, in fact..." Xander grumbled. "[So], I'm sorry -- I just don't believe that Sami and Lucas slept together, no matter how desperate or scared they were," Nicole concluded. "Because they've been over for ages? [Come on] -- is one ever really totally over their ex?" Xander argued.

"[Look], you have nothing -- and without any proof --" Nicole reasoned. "Sometimes you start with a hypothesis and then find proof to support it --" Xander countered. "This is my marriage we're talking about, not a science experiment!" Nicole snapped. "[But, remember, Sami's] got nothing on us, either --" Xander continued. "Yet," Nicole stressed.

"And that doesn't change the fact that you and I... Ugh, I can't even say it..." Nicole added before turning away from Xander in disgust. "Well, let me say it for you, then -- you and I had a night of scorching-hot sex behind your husband's back," Xander whispered in Nicole's left ear. Nicole turned to face Xander again -- and saw that Brady was also in the office.

Xander threatens to kill Snyder

Xander threatens to kill Snyder

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

At the hospital, Snyder turned around and almost crashed into Tripp. "Every time I turn around, you're in my face," Snyder complained. Tripp apologized. "I need to talk to you about some missing pills," Tripp said. Tripp showed Snyder the medication logs.

"The numbers definitely don't match. Maybe you should take a closer look," Tripp said. Snyder reviewed the log, and he explained that the discrepancy was due to delayed paperwork from the night shift. "I thought the logs were updated in real time as the medication is dispensed to avoid exactly these types of discrepancies," Tripp noted.

When Tripp offered to reach out to the night shift, Snyder said it was not necessary. "I'm very impressed with the catch, Mr. Johnson. Not many med students would pick that up. Keep up the good work," Snyder said. After Snyder walked away, Tripp furrowed his brow.

When Steve visited Kayla at her office to pick her up for lunch, Kayla explained that she needed a minute to finish reviewing Gwen's medical records. "Why? Is something wrong?" Steve asked. Kayla explained that she could not give details, but everything looked fine.

"What did you think you'd find?" Steve asked. "[I looked] because of something that Tripp told me," Kayla said. Kayla told Steve about what Tripp had witnessed between Snyder and Gwen. "I felt like [Gwen] was hiding something, but I don't really know her. And with this tension about Abigail, maybe she doesn't trust me enough to say something," Kayla said. Steve asked Kayla if she had talked to Snyder. Kayla told Steve that Snyder had not added his notes to Gwen's chart.

"That sounds like bull to me," Steve grumbled. "Whether it is or it isn't, it seemed like he didn't want me to see it," Kayla noted. Kayla said she had looked at his notes since then. Steve argued that it sounded like Snyder and Gwen had a secret. "Want me to look into it?" Steve offered. Before Kayla could respond, Tripp walked into the office.

Tripp asked to talk to Kayla, so Steve left to grab a table at Julie's Place for lunch. "You look troubled. What's on your mind?" Kayla asked. Tripp showed Kayla the medication logs, and he asked for her opinion. After Kayla reviewed the logs, Tripp explained that Snyder had argued that the numbers would zero out by the end of the day.

"Well, that's not true, because these logs are updated in real time. Everyone knows that," Kayla said. Tripp offered to talk to Snyder again, but Kayla said she would handle Snyder. "Good catch," Kayla told Tripp.

At the Horton house, Gwen called Snyder to confirm that she had completed delivery of his latest package. "I'll be over soon with another package," Snyder said. As a frustrated Gwen ended her call, Jack walked into the living room. Jack asked if everything was okay between Gwen and Xander. Gwen admitted that Xander got under her skin.

"If he's not half-naked, then he's hungover and doing his sweaty workout smack dab in the middle of your living room," Gwen said. Jack promised to talk to Xander. Gwen argued that Jack should not have to tell Xander how to act like a guest in the home. "You do sound like Julie," Jack joked. Gwen asked Jack why he was friends with Xander. Jack admitted that Xander had hurt a lot of people through the years.

"But [Xander] has been kicked around pretty badly, too. Just recently, this woman that he loved, head over heels in love, she broke his heart. Dumped him on their wedding day," Jack said. "I didn't know that," Gwen whispered. Jack explained that Xander had never felt good enough for Sarah.

"So, when [Sarah] left, it confirmed his greatest fears. It compounded what he'd always felt. Unwanted. Unloved. You know, he's part of this great big clan, this big family, so tight knit, but they don't welcome him. They don't embrace him. Not in the slightest. Quite the opposite. So, I think all this bravado and brawn, I think it's just him hiding how much he's hurting," Jack said. Jack added that Xander just wanted to be loved and accepted. "Maybe you can relate to that. Maybe, for my sake, you can give him a chance," Jack asked.

In the offices of Basic Black, Xander snuggled up close behind Nicole with both their backs turned to the entrance of the office. "You and I had a night of scorching-hot sex behind your husband's back," Xander whispered. Nicole turned around to face Xander, and she saw Brady in the doorway.

"Brady! My goodness. How long have you been standing there?" Nicole asked. "Long enough to know that you have made a huge mistake," Brady said. Brady corrected himself and said he had been the one that had made the mistake because Brady had agreed to hire Xander. With a smirk, Xander commented on Brady's lateness. Brady explained that he had gone to check on Chloe.

"[Chloe] is in pain, but she's definitely on the mend," Brady said. Nicole offered to visit Chloe at the hotel, but Brady informed her that Chloe had decided to stay at the Kiriakis mansion. "Why would she stay there? Victor can't stand her. He is horrible to her," Nicole said. Brady agreed.

Brady explained that with Kristen still on the loose, Philip had convinced Chloe to stay with him. "And you let him do that? Aren't you worried about her sleeping with the enemy?" Xander asked. Brady stressed that Chloe had no interest in getting romantically involved with Philip.

"I wasn't actually suggesting that they were sleeping together," Xander said with a chuckle. Xander added, "Although that has been known to happen between coworkers. Right, Nicole?" Nicole frowned. "What exactly are you trying to say?" Nicole asked Xander. Xander argued that his concern was that Philip would manipulate Chloe, and he suggested that they should fire her.

"Better idea: I fire you instead immediately," Brady said. With a sigh, Nicole reminded Xander that he had no input in staffing. "I was just offering advice," Xander said. Brady asked about Xander's job duties. Xander explained that his role was evolving but that he was a consultant. With a sigh, Brady asked Xander to take the day off work.

After Xander left, Nicole promised to talk to Xander about boundaries and to work out a way to keep Xander away from Brady. "What about his interaction with you?" Brady asked. When Nicole asked Brady what he meant, Brady accused Nicole of having slept with Xander. Nicole acted offended.

"I overheard Xander when I came in," Brady said. Brady asked if it was true. "Yes. I cheated on my husband, and it's the worst mistake of my life," Nicole confirmed. Brady guessed that Xander had blackmailed Nicole. "He was threatening to tell Sami, who would leap at the chance to call your brother," Nicole said. Nicole added that Sami would "spend eternity rubbing it in my face."

Nicole explained that she had decided to tell Eric the truth, but she had been unable to confess. "How could I do something so stupid?" Nicole cried out. "I want to help you," Brady said. Brady asked Nicole for details. Reluctantly, Nicole told Brady about the night she had slept with Xander. Brady told Nicole that he understood the stress she had been under with Eric out of town.

"I miss [Eric] so much. I was just starting to feel like maybe he didn't love me as much, because obviously he didn't need me. I mean I started to feel like maybe I wasn't as important, for him to leave that long," Nicole said. "I know what it's like to be separated from the one person you love most in the world. It's really hard," Brady agreed. Brady asked Nicole why she had chosen Xander. Nicole shrugged. With a rueful laugh, Nicole told Brady that Xander's theory was that Nicole had slept with Xander because she had always wanted to sleep with him.

"You can't possibly believe that," Brady said. "I don't know anymore!" Nicole cried out. Nicole broke down in tears, and she argued that she and Xander were bad people. "Maybe I just wanted to lean into who I really am," Nicole said. "No. You were being self-destructive, Nicole. We addicts know a little bit about that," Brady said. Brady noted that the purpose of Nicole's actions had not been to hurt Eric, but to inflict pain on Nicole.

"This would kill [Eric] if he found out that I have ruined what we worked so hard for!" Nicole shouted. Brady reminded Nicole that she and Eric had gotten past a lot of obstacles in the past. In tears, Nicole said she did not believe Eric could get past her affair. Nicole asked Brady if he planned to tell Eric. "I've already ripped up your relationship once. I would never do it again," Brady said. Relieved, Nicole hugged Brady and thanked him. Brady stressed that they needed to neutralize Xander so that he could not hurt her again. Nicole confessed that she still had nightmares about her marriage to Xander. "I guess we all thought that Sarah changed him," Nicole said. Brady scoffed. "Well, Sarah left. It looks like the old Xander is back," Brady said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip massaged Chloe's back. "There is nothing more important than making you feel better," Philip said. Philip reiterated his offer to hire Chloe on at Titan. "I like my job, and Nicole was generous enough to offer it to me, so I can't quit on her," Chloe said. "Even with Xander working there?" Philip asked. Philip argued that there were more qualified candidates with better personalities that Nicole could have hired.

""There's something definitely fishy going on," Philip said. Chloe asked Philip about his job offer. "Senior V.P. of Gabi Chic," Philip said. Chloe agreed that Gabi was a good businesswoman, but "an insufferable person." When Philip noted that Gabi had been open about her past misdeeds, Chloe argued that honesty about misdeeds did not exonerate one from those misdeeds.

"Did [Gabi] happen to mention that one of her misdeeds was sleeping with Stefan DiMera right after I started seeing him?" Chloe asked. "That did not come up," Philip said. Philip added that Gabi had done Chloe a favor because Stefan had not been good enough for Chloe. Chloe changed the subject back to Titan. Philip argued that Gabi Chic was on track to be the most successful subsidiary of Titan.

"I think you coming over to us would be a terrific move for you," Philip said. "Career-wise? Probably. But everywhere that Gabi goes, there is just so much drama," Chloe countered. Philip agreed that Gabi was smart about business, but she could not seem to accept that Jake wanted to be with Kate. "Well, Gabi always wants what she can't have," Chloe said.

"You still want Brady, and his heart belongs to Kristen," Philip said. Chloe shifted with discomfort. Philip joked that Brady was another guy that was not worthy of Chloe. "Does any guy meet your standards?" Chloe said with a laugh. Philip slapped his chest. Chloe asked Philip if his offer was for a job or a relationship.

"Both. Let's start with the job," Philip said. Chloe stressed that she was happy at Basic Black. When Philip asked about the romance, Chloe's phone beeped with a message from Parker. "Right now, this little guy is the only one who has my heart," Chloe said. Chloe walked out. "I could change that," Philip whispered.

Outside the Salem Inn, Xander asked Jack if Jack wanted him to move out, since he had started a job. Jack told Xander he could stay at the Horton house for as long as he wanted. Relieved, Xander told Jack that he had never slept better in his life. "Maybe it's being under the same roof as my best mate. Either way, I'm good. I don't want to go anywhere," Xander said. Jack shrugged. Xander told Jack that he was grateful for Jack's friendship, and he had Jack's back.

"What does that mean?" Jack asked. Xander thought about his conversation with Gwen about her drug dealing. "We need to talk about your daughter," Xander said. Xander warned Jack that he could be in danger. "You don't have to protect me from my own daughter," Jack assured Xander. Jack stressed that Gwen was not the same person she had been when she had first arrived in Salem.

"You have to understand how [Gwen] came up. All right? Her life. She had no home. No family. She felt abandoned and rejected by everyone in her life. But she has shown genuine contrition and a sincere desire to make amends. So, rather than worry about who she was, I'm focused on who she wants to be. Trying my best to be understanding and supportive. And maybe you can, too," Jack said. Jack asked Xander to give Gwen a chance.

When Kayla joined Steve at Julie's Place, she told him that she believed Snyder had stolen pain medication from the hospital. As Kayla wondered if Snyder had an accomplice, Jack walked into the restaurant. "I wonder if this has anything to do with Gwen?" Steve said. "What about Gwen?" Jack asked.

Snyder went to the Horton house to give Gwen his next delivery of pills. "I want this delivered on time," Snyder said. Gwen asked Snyder why he did not make the delivery. "Do as you're told," Snyder said. Snyder reiterated his threat to tell Jack the truth about the miscarriage.

"One other thing. Why don't you tell your cousin Tripp to stop sticking his nose where it doesn't belong," Snyder said. Gwen argued that she had only met her cousin once. "Well, he's asking a lot of questions," Snyder said. When Snyder told Gwen about Tripp's review of the medication logs, Gwen noted that there was nothing she could do to help Snyder. Snyder added that Kayla had asked about Gwen's medical chart.

"I changed [the chart] to back up your lie," Snyder said. Snyder confirmed that no one knew that Gwen had lost the baby before she had fallen down the stairs. A look of comprehension crossed Gwen's face. "If you changed my records, you don't have leverage over me," Gwen said. Snyder reminded Gwen that he had the original file. "Yes, but if you expose me, you also expose yourself," Gwen said. Gwen smiled. Gwen told Snyder to find someone else to deliver his pills.

"Now, you get the hell out," Gwen started. Snyder grabbed Gwen's arm, and he shook her. "I can hurt you in ways you cannot even imagine," Snyder growled. "Funny. I was about to say the same thing about you," Xander said as he walked into the living room. Xander ordered Snyder to let go of Gwen.

"I told you to mind your own damn business," Snyder said. "So did I. You need to leave. Now," Gwen told Xander. Xander was reluctant to back off, but Snyder warned Gwen to get Xander under control. Gwen assured Xander that she had the situation in hand. "I'd listen to her, because I can ruin her life just by opening my mouth," Snyder said. Xander noticed a letter opener on the desk, and he picked it up. "Not if I slit your throat," Xander said. Snyder called Xander's bluff, but Xander whirled Snyder around and put the letter opener to Snyder's throat.

"I'd stay still if I were you. Got this perfectly lined up with your aorta," Xander whispered into Snyder's ear. "You mean my carotid, genius," Snyder snapped back. Xander squeezed Snyder tighter in order to make his point. Snyder asked Xander to let him go.

"There was a time when I would have listened to those words. I had someone in my life who made me want to be a good person. Just the thought of her would stop me from crossing the line like this. But she's gone now, and I have no, absolutely no reason to be good anymore. So, I'll see you in hell," Xander said. "Xander, don't!" Gwen cried out.

"I'd be doing you a favor," Xander said. Gwen pleaded with Xander not to kill Snyder. Gwen reminded Xander that they had both done things that they regretted. "But I can't take those things back, can I? But I can be better. I want to be better. I want to be better for Jack. But what would my father say if he walked into the house right now, and he saw you doing this?" Gwen asked. When Xander noted that Jack would thank him for protecting his daughter, Gwen disagreed. Gwen said that Jack would tell Xander it was a mistake to hurt Snyder.

"You said you don't have a reason to be good anymore, yeah? That's not true. You've got Jack. And we both want to be better for him. Let's both be better for him right now. Together. Please. Xander, please listen to me. Please let him go," Gwen pleaded. Xander let Snyder go, and Gwen thanked him. As Snyder groaned, Xander grumbled, "Relax. I'm not going to kill you." Snyder clutched his chest and collapsed on the couch. Gwen checked Snyder's pulse. "Oh, my God. He's dead," Gwen said.

Xander and Gwen ponder what to do about Snyder

Xander and Gwen ponder what to do about Snyder

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

by Mike

Abe entered the Brady Pub while whistling a tune, prompting Roman to point out that it wasn't time for happy hour just yet.

"What's got you in such a good mood today? [I mean], it wouldn't have anything to do with your friend Paulina Price, [would it]? Because the last time I saw you, you were leaving this 'fine establishment' to walk her home, so...I don't know -- perhaps a goodnight kiss?" Roman challenged Abe, quoting Paulina's review of the pub. "Perhaps..." Abe coyly responded. "[See]? I told you it was something to pursue! [I mean], it didn't take an old, very good detective to see that you were smitten! So...okay, [well], a kiss is a good start, but now you gotta build on that momentum!" Roman excitedly declared.

"[So], when's the next date?" Roman wondered. "Well, you didn't let me finish [earlier] -- she invited me in for a nightcap," Abe answered. "'A nightcap'...or a nightcap?" Roman asked. "The second one," Abe replied. "So, you spent the night with Paulina," Roman translated. "And some of the morning," Abe bragged. "Okay... Well, you know, a lesser man than I would ask for details..." Roman warned. "Well, it's a good thing that you're not going to ask, because a gentleman doesn't reveal the details," Abe countered. "Yeah, but since when are you a 'gentleman'?" Roman argued.

"Just kidding, of course," Roman backpedaled after getting a look of indignation from Abe. "[Anyway]...for the record, I think this is great -- [and] I am very happy for you," Roman stressed. "Thank you... [But] it did happen kind of fast --" Abe began to respond. "We're not getting any younger -- if it feels right, it is right," Roman insisted. "[And] I'm not sure what Lani's gonna think," Abe concluded. "Do you really care?" Roman wondered. "She's my daughter!" Abe reasoned, giving Roman another look of indignation. "Your adult daughter," Roman countered.

"Don't get me wrong -- we all want our kids to approve of our life choices --'s your life," Roman argued. "[But] it's not as if Paulina were 'just some woman' --" Abe began to explain. "So, you think she might think of it as a betrayal of her mother," Roman summarized. "I don't know what she'll think -- that's the problem," Abe clarified.

"Talk to her," Roman advised Abe, who nodded in agreement then started to rush off. "But know...maybe one little detail about last night?" Roman begged. "All right... One word -- marabou," Abe teased before continuing to exit the pub. "Marabou?" Roman repeated with obvious confusion, apparently unfamiliar with the term for the feathery trimming that was often attached to lingerie.

Paulina went to the Price-Grant apartment to see Lani, who was about to put the twins down for their naps. "I slept with your father last night," Paulina unceremoniously revealed, leaving Lani speechless. "I have to admit, I was a bit surprised myself -- it's not like we planned it... [See], we were having such a nice evening, and there was this moment with Chanel -- well, it's complicated, but Abraham, he was so understanding and so kind... Anyway, he walked me home like a gentleman, and one thing led to another, and... [So], I wanted to tell you as soon as I could, [and] this is the first chance I got," Paulina added as Lani struggled to process the news.

"Why?" Lani eventually sputtered. "Well, he's a very handsome, powerful man --" Paulina began to explain. "Why are you telling me?" Lani tiredly clarified. "Oh! Well, because we're family, [and] he is your father," Paulina reasoned. "Right... But I usually try not to get involved with his dating life --" Lani stressed. "Sounds to me like he doesn't have much of a dating life..." Paulina argued. "You get the point, Aunt Paulina," Lani irritably countered. "I do. [And] I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable --" Paulina responded. "There's nothing uncomfortable about this conversation right now..." Lani sarcastically muttered.

"Do you even know how much you mean to me? [You're] my sister's baby girl, my angel niece -- my relationship with you, not to mention those two sweet peas [of yours], is everything! [And] that's why I wanted to tell you right away about last night -- because if you are not okay with me being with your dad...then I promise you, it'll never happen again!" Paulina assured Lani.

"I appreciate you taking my feelings into account...and, I have to admit, I did not see this coming...[but] it has been many years since Mom and Dad were together -- I never even knew them as a couple -- [and] it's been a long time since my dad has had someone in his life --" Lani began to respond. "How long?" Paulina curiously interjected. "He and Valerie broke up... [Well, let's just say it's been] long enough... [Anyway], I love my dad so much, and I want the best for him -- he is one of my favorite people in the whole world... But so are you... So... [Look, if] you two will make each other happy, then...who am I to stand in the way?" Lani concluded, drawing a sigh of relief from Paulina.

A short time later, Lani received a visit from Abe, who nervously began to stammer out a confession -- then breathed a sigh of relief after Paulina stepped into view and admitted to having already shared their big news. Lani cringed as Abe and Paulina greeted each other with a kiss then suggestively made plans to get together later that day. "[Okay, look] -- I approve of this [relationship, but] that doesn't mean you two can just flirt in front of me!" Lani eventually protested, drawing unapologetic laughs from Paulina and Abe. "I better get going -- I've got meetings about the square; construction's right around the corner..." Paulina suddenly announced before giving Abe another kiss then saying goodbye to Lani and rushing out of the apartment.

"You're really all right with this?" Abe asked once the coast was clear. "It's a little weird...[but] I love seeing you happy -- [and], I mean, what could go wrong?" Lani replied.

Allie and Chanel invited Julie over to the Walker-Brady apartment to taste their first batch of doughnuts. "Well, they look perfect...and they smell delicious..." Julie observed. "Taste even better!" Chanel insisted. "Darling, I'll be the judge of that!" Julie warned before making a big show of carefully selecting one of the doughnuts then cautiously biting into it with the air of a professional food critic.

"I only got to try my great-grandmother's [doughnuts] a few times, while Julie basically grew up on them, so...if something's wrong, she'll know," Allie fretted to Chanel while they were anxiously waiting for feedback from Julie, who soon gulped down some milk then bit into the doughnut again.

"They're...a triumph!" Julie eventually raved, drawing squeals of delight from Allie and Chanel. "As good as my Great-Grandmother Alice's?" Allie asked hopefully. "Oh, honey... You know, it wasn't just the recipe that made Grandma Alice Horton's doughnuts so remarkable -- the secret ingredient was love...and, obviously, both of you girls have put a lot of love into [these] doughnuts," Julie diplomatically replied.

"Thank you for keeping Alice Horton's legacy alive -- she would be...delighted..." Julie said to Allie and Chanel while fighting back tears. "You're really onto something [with this bakery idea] -- keep up the good work, girls!" Julie added before rushing off, sensibly leaving behind the uneaten portion of the doughnut.

Allie and Chanel celebrated with a hug then locked eyes and started leaning toward each other while holding hands -- but Tripp knocked on the apartment door just then, ending the moment. "I'm sorry -- did I interrupt a business meeting?" Tripp began. "No, not at all -- we just finished our first batch of doughnuts," Allie responded. "Ooh -- the best kind of business meeting!" Tripp declared. "Want to try one?" Chanel offered. "Well, it might take more than one for me to get a fair opinion --" Tripp warned -- and Allie shoved a doughnut in Tripp's mouth before another word could be spoken.

"That's amazing!" Tripp eventually raved. "We just got another five-star review!" Chanel informed Allie -- and they proceeded to take turns telling Tripp about Julie's earlier visit. "She's a tough audience!" Tripp acknowledged. "The way things are going, Sweet Bits is gonna be a monster hit the minute we open our doors!" Chanel predicted.

"You guys aren't looking for any employees by any chance, are you?" Tripp wondered with an awkward laugh. "Why? You're not asking for you...are you?" Allie responded. "I'm only kidding -- I mean, well, half-kidding..." Tripp clarified. "[But] aren't you, like, a 'doctor in training' or something?" Chanel recalled. "The situation at the hospital is complicated at the moment... It's kind of a long story..." Tripp explained. "We've got time," Allie insisted. "We were just about to put a batch of triple fudge brownies in the oven -- we can talk while we wait," Chanel suggested.

Tripp told Allie and Chanel about having stumbled upon something earlier that could get Snyder in a lot of trouble, leaving out the specific details of the discovery. "Maybe [this is] a good thing -- now you have the upper hand," Chanel argued. "Except I'm not sure it works like that -- [and Kayla said that] she would handle the situation, but I'm worried that this could seriously spiral out of control," Tripp countered.

The trio finished talking before the brownies finished baking, so Chanel turned on some music and insisted on an impromptu dance party as a way to pass the rest of the time and burn off some of the calories from the doughnuts -- and Tripp reluctantly agreed to play along after Allie teasingly declared that only dancers could have brownies. Chanel and Allie laughed hysterically as they watched Tripp dance. "What?" Tripp eventually asked. "It's just that you dance..." Chanel carefully replied. "Like a white boy -- yes, I know," Tripp conceded. "You said it, not me!" Chanel stressed before starting to teach Tripp some smoother dance moves.

Later, Tripp sampled the brownies then assured Allie and Chanel that they were going to make a fortune through their bakery. Meanwhile, Paulina paused while passing through the town square, having just spotted a "coming soon" banner for Sweet Bits, which was apparently going to be in the storefront that had once housed Gabi Chic. Paulina eyed the banner guiltily while thinking about loved ones -- and the secret that was being kept from all of them.

At Julie's Place, Jack waited for Kayla and Steve to explain why they had just been talking about Gwen. "Just wondering if it was a good idea for you to bring her into your home," Kayla claimed. "Look, I realize Gwen didn't exactly endear herself to my family...[but, as it turns out], she's my family, too, [and] she needs support now, [so] I want to be there for her," Jack reasoned. "Course you do -- you know, when Tripp first came to town, he made a lot of mistakes, [too], but now...we couldn't be more grateful to have him in our lives," Steve conceded.

"[Gwen's] feeling okay?" Kayla wondered. "Yeah, I guess -- I mean, she hasn't suffered any long-term effects from the miscarriage that I can tell..." Jack confirmed. "And you spoke to her doctor?" Kayla assumed. "Not since he made his last house call --" Jack revealed. "Dr. Snyder came to your house to see her?" Kayla asked incredulously. "I thought it was kind of weird, [too], but I guess he just likes the personal touch -- he said he wanted to make sure that Gwen took all her meds --" Jack matter-of-factly replied. "Pain meds?" Kayla translated. "Yes, I think so -- although she hasn't complained, so I didn't even know she was taking anything..." Jack responded.

Jack thanked Kayla and Steve for their concern then rushed off to the bar to pick up a takeout order. "I was so tempted to say something to Jack...but, you know, I don't want to accuse Gwen of wrongdoing unless we know the truth," Kayla explained to Steve once the coast was clear. "You did the right thing," Steve insisted. "I hope we are wrong, [but] considering what Jack said..." Kayla fretted. "We need to figure out what the connection is between Gwen and Snyder -- [but] it was pretty bold for Snyder to visit Gwen at the house, [so], whatever's going on, it must be important..." Steve mused. "[Maybe] she's selling the drugs?" Kayla guessed, and Steve shrugged in response.

At the Horton house, Xander insisted that Gwen had to be wrong about Snyder being dead. "Yeah, well, his heart's not beating, so..." Gwen countered. "[But] I let him go -- you saw --" Xander protested. "[Yes, I know] you did not murder this man...but that doesn't change the fact that, unless I can perform a bloody miracle here, this man is not alive anymore!" Gwen responded while attempting to perform CPR on Snyder.

Gwen eventually gave up and guessed that Snyder had suffered a heart attack, prompting Xander to argue that the doctor had always had the look of a man who was in great shape. "Yeah, well, maybe he was...until he thought you were gonna kill him!" Gwen reasoned. "I was just trying to scare him!" Xander explained. "By going after him with a letter opener?" Gwen snapped. "Okay, I was very tempted...but I stopped myself!" Xander backpedaled. "And that shows very good character...[but] this bloke's dead [regardless], so what are you gonna do about it?" Gwen countered. "Me?" Xander sputtered. "Well, I'm not the one who made his heart stop, am I?" Gwen responded.

Julie entered the house just then and joined Xander and Gwen in the living room before either person had time to react. "Hello, Gwen... Xander, if I had known you were home, I would have brought a dozen doughnuts..." Julie grumbled before suddenly spotting Snyder. "What is going on here?" Julie demanded to know. "Oh, never mind -- I know exactly what's going on!" Julie snapped. "You two are determined to turn my home into a halfway house for lowlifes! [It] wasn't enough that you talked Jack into having you move in -- now you must be trawling Salem for strays!" Julie guessed, drawing sighs of relief from Gwen and Xander, who had both been in the process of trying to explain what had just happened.

Julie tried to rouse Snyder, ignoring repeated objections from Xander and Gwen. "Wait a minute -- this man is not asleep!" Julie eventually realized. "He's passed out cold!" Julie decided, again prompting Gwen and Xander to breathe sighs of relief. "Of course, he is -- yes!" Xander agreed. "Well, don't act as though that's a good thing!" Julie snapped. "Yeah, Xander -- what were you thinking?" Gwen teased.

"Of course, Julie -- you are absolutely right... I'm sorry -- my friend has a bit of a substance abuse problem, and I've been trying to help him... [Anyway], we had a bit of a long lunch, and he got into the rye --" Xander explained. "My $200 bottle of scotch that you stole from my restaurant?" Julie translated. "No -- it was a different, much cheaper bottle of scotch --" Xander clarified. "You stole booze from her?" Gwen interjected. "I paid her back -- well, actually, your dad did... Is that really important right now?" Xander responded. "No, it's not --" Gwen conceded. "Just get your comatose drinking buddy off my grandmother's sofa and out of this house!" Julie spat before storming out of the living room in disgust.

Xander and Gwen waited until the coast was clear then released sighs of relief yet again. "That was close!" Gwen fretted. "I have a feeling Julie would be slightly more upset about a dead guy in her house than the sofa being defiled... Though maybe not..." Xander mused. "So, what do we do now?" Gwen wondered. "I hate to say it, but I think we have to call the police," Xander responded.

"Are you mad? I have already been accused of one murder in this town -- two is gonna look like a pattern!" Gwen protested. "It was a heart attack!" Xander argued. "Think about it, Xander -- Snyder said Tripp was asking about the pill count; that means [Tripp's] onto the fact that Snyder was nicking drugs from the hospital. [And] Kayla asked about my file, [so] she's suspicious about something. [And now] there's a bloody dead man at my feet here -- [I mean], I might as well wear a giant sign that says 'Hey, [I'm] a drug mule'!" Gwen countered.

"You may have a point," Xander conceded before instructing Gwen to grab Snyder's arms. "Where are we taking him?" Gwen wondered. "Well, for now...out," Xander answered. "'Out'...what, the front door?" Gwen translated. "Well, it's a lot closer than the back door -- [and] what we're looking for now is expediency!" Xander reasoned. "Why do I sense that you've done this before..." Gwen muttered. "Will you please just grab his arms!" Xander snapped.

Gwen reluctantly complied, and Xander grabbed Snyder's legs at the same time -- but then they both let go when they heard the front door slam shut. "Anybody home?" Jack called out from the foyer while flipping through a stack of mail.

Jack eventually wandered into the living room, still focused on the stack of mail -- then looked up after hearing something odd. "I don't believe this!" Jack declared. "What's not to believe?" Gwen innocently responded. "The two of you -- sitting [on the sofa together, not] fighting [or] yelling [but instead] watching cartoons!" Jack clarified. "Well, you told us to get along..." Gwen coolly explained. "We're just doing what you said, mate -- what's so shocking about that?" Xander matter-of-factly reasoned. "It's more of a pleasant surprise, really..." Jack admitted before trying to join Gwen and Xander on the couch, wanting to enjoy the moment for a while longer.

Xander and Gwen -- who had moved Snyder's body to the floor then propped their feet up on the coffee table and draped a blanket over their legs to hide everything but the doctor's head and feet from view -- simultaneously protested that Jack couldn't watch the end of the cartoon after having missed the beginning of it. "It's...a cartoon -- I think I can figure it out..." Jack argued. "But [that] will spoil it -- trust me," Gwen countered. "Do you two not want company?" Jack suggestively wondered, eyeing Gwen and Xander suspiciously. "Jack!" Xander objected. "It's okay -- I'm just kidding," Jack clarified before asking Xander for the letter opener then rushing off to another room to prepare for a planned videoconference with Jennifer.

Xander and Gwen waited until the coast was clear then breathed sighs of relief one more time. "If this keeps up, I'm gonna have a bloody heart attack!" Xander grumbled. "You should be so lucky!" Gwen snapped. "Look, we're in this together now, so let's just get him out of here!" Xander countered before starting to wrap the blanket around Snyder's body -- and Gwen groaned in disgust then began helping with the task.

The battle for control of DiMera Enterprises begins

The battle for control of DiMera Enterprises begins

Thursday, June 24, 2021

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Tony and Chad joined E.J. in the living room for a conversation about DiMera Enterprises. "I've been talking with the lawyers, and I think I've found the best path forward -- [see], according to the bylaws, all we need is a quorum of three DiMeras to come forward and voice 'no confidence' in Jake as CEO, [and] that will force the board to call a full family vote to remove him," E.J. explained. "Well, isn't that interesting -- we just happen to have three DiMeras right here in this room..." Tony observed. "I'm in," Chad confirmed, delighting E.J. and Tony.

"We don't have much time -- a new product is about to go live, [and] it's either going to be a huge success that cements Jake as the head of the company...[or, more] likely, going to go belly-up, [in which case] there will be nothing left of the stock, and there will be nothing left of Father's legacy --" E.J. warned. "I love how we say 'legacy' when we really mean 'money'..." Tony interjected. "[So], I suggest the two of you start whipping the votes, so to speak -- that way we have enough support from the family to pull this off --" E.J. continued. "Tony, he's issuing orders," Chad grumbled. "Oh, but I'm so happy that he said it was a 'suggestion'..." Tony muttered. "[And, in the meantime], I'm going to fire the opening salvo," E.J. concluded before rushing out of the mansion.

"Well, E.J. still likes to take charge, doesn't he?" Chad complained to Tony once the coast was clear. "That's all right by me -- as I've said before, I'm not interested in being overly involved with the company," Tony stressed. "[Yeah, well], I'm not taking a back seat to anyone," Chad insisted. "Did you tell Abigail that you're going back to work?" Tony wondered. "No, I didn't -- [but] I called her, and I told her if she didn't want me to, then I wouldn't get involved with this... I don't know, what are we calling it -- a 'coup'?" Chad began to respond. "I'd like to think of it as...a 'peaceful transfer of power,'" Tony joked.

Tony prodded Chad to finish recapping the phone conversation with Abigail. "She told me to just do whatever I wanted," Chad concluded. "Really? I'm envious!" Tony responded. "Don't be -- it wasn't support; it was...disinterest," Chad clarified. "Abigail is going through so many things -- maybe, at this time, she's just not interested in DiMera intrigue," Tony reasoned. "Maybe... Or she just isn't interested in our marriage..." Chad countered. "[Then maybe] you should forget all about these DiMera machinations and just go to her," Tony advised. "I want to -- I told her that I would go to Boston [and] bring the kids -- [but] much as she misses them, she doesn't want to see me," Chad admitted. "I'm sorry," Tony stressed.

"If I didn't have the kids, I would lose my mind... [Anyway], I have no idea when she's coming back -- if she is -- [and] I can't sit around all day and wonder, [so]... I'm a DiMera, and there's a real possibility that Jake could ruin everything that our father built -- [so], if I can't get my wife back, then I'm gonna focus on Jake and getting him the hell out of our company," Chad declared.

Upstairs, Kate contacted Jake, who was at DiMera Enterprises. "I was just wondering how you would feel about dinner in bed tonight," Kate began. "You know, with the new product launch and everything, I'm a little swamped with work..." Jake answered, prompting Kate to insist that it wasn't a big deal.

"I hate being this needy -- it's just that I get terrified when I'm alone... [But, look], I can call Lucas..." Kate conceded. "I will be home in less than an hour," Jake backpedaled. "Aw, you are such an angel... [Listen], I will have Harold bring up a tray as soon as you get home...[and then] you can cut my steak, and I'll provide dessert," Kate responded.

Jake tried to object, but Kate ignored the effort and quickly ended the call -- then continued talking after hearing footsteps outside Jake's bedroom. "Oh, Jake -- you are so terrible... No, but it sounds like fun... Oh, I think I hear someone -- I better go..." Kate said as Gabi entered the bedroom. "Is someone there?" Kate called out after setting aside the cell phone.

"I brought you some tea," Gabi explained while placing a cup in Kate's hands. "That's so thoughtful... Did you lace it with strychnine?" Kate responded, drawing a forced laugh from Gabi. "Jake wants me to feel sorry for you because you're blind and memory-impaired, but if you [could] remember walking in on us making love, then you'd know [that] Jake loves me and not you -- [I mean], it's plain to see... Oh, sorry -- poor choice of words..." Gabi declared. "Keep on telling yourself that..." Kate countered. "You know, I'm actually glad you're enjoying this, 'cause now I'm not gonna feel guilty about doing my happy dance when Jake finally dumps you... Oh, I forgot -- you're not gonna be able to see it, [anyway]..." Gabi teased before storming out of the bedroom. "That was so much fun!" Kate raved once the coast was clear.

E.J. entered DiMera Enterprises and found Jake in the CEO's office. "You must be E.J.," Jake nervously began. "And you must be Jacob," E.J. responded, drawing a quick objection from Jake, who didn't like that name.

"Maybe you can tell me what you're here for?" Jake impatiently prodded E.J. "What am I here for... What's the American expression... Oh, yes -- a 'courtesy call' let you know that I am back and that I want you out," E.J. answered before revealing that Tony and Chad also wanted Jake out of the company. "I doubt Mr. Shin will," Jake bragged. "Mr. Shin isn't the only person who has a say in this," E.J. warned.

"Nice to finally meet you...'Jake'..." E.J. mockingly declared before starting to exit the office. "You know, when you're planning a coup, don't you [usually] keep it a secret as long as possible? [So], why give me the heads-up?" Jake wondered. "I guess it's the DiMera sense of fair play," E.J. reasoned with a shrug before continuing to walk away.

Sami entered the Brady Pub and greeted Roman, who made a point of celebrating the visit as a big honor. "I heard you were planning on leaving town without saying goodbye," Roman explained when Sami questioned the sarcastic tone of the greeting. "Daddy, I would never have let that happen -- and besides...E.J. and I have decided to stay," Sami assured Roman.

"You had a part in that decision, [then]?" Roman challenged Sami, who sighed and guessed that Roman had already talked to Marlena about the matter at some point. "I thought it was only fair for E.J. to get time to spend with his own family -- God knows I had plenty of time with mine..." Sami reasoned, drawing a nod of skepticism from Roman.

"Does that mean things are...getting better...between you and E.J.?" Roman asked. "Yeah, Dad, they are -- in fact, that's why he's here; he wants to work on our marriage!" Sami replied. "Do you?" Roman wondered. "Of course, I do, Daddy -- I made a solemn vow that I'm not gonna let anything come between us ever again!" Sami insisted. "Not even --" Roman began to counter -- and, as if on cue, Lucas emerged from the public bathroom just then.

"What are you doing here?" Sami stammered at Lucas. "I live here," Lucas reminded Sami. "Oh, right -- I forgot..." Sami admitted. "Because you're so busy these days, right?" Lucas snapped at Sami before informing Roman that there was a running toilet in the public bathroom that would drive up the cost of the pub's water bill if left in that condition. Lucas offered to handle the matter for Roman, who didn't accept or refuse the help but did try to repay the kindness with a free meal. "Thanks, but...I don't want to 'intrude'..." Lucas pointedly declared while glaring at Sami, who had recently begged Lucas not to "intrude" on the situation with E.J.

Roman looked to Sami for an explanation as Lucas stormed out of the pub. "Lucas is...just moody," Sami argued. "I don't think Lucas is the only one who's 'moody' -- I mean, just now, you didn't seem real thrilled to see him, either..." Roman observed. "Lucas and I are back to our old, bickering ways..." Sami stammered. "I don't think Lucas is real thrilled to be going back," Roman mused. "No offense, but E.J. is my husband -- he's my first priority," Sami stressed. "That makes him sound like an obligation," Roman noted, annoying Sami, who put an end to the conversation with a complaint about it feeling more like an interrogation.

Lucas ran into Rafe while storming through the town square -- and Rafe seized the opportunity to question Lucas about Kate's condition. "I'm not too sure -- because Gabi kicked me out of the mansion," Lucas admitted. "Oh? I'm sorry --" Rafe responded. "Don't be -- I mean, you can't help it if your sister's a... You know, a..." Lucas grumbled.

"That's my granddaughter's mom -- I'll be nice," Lucas decided. "But that does make it even crappier that she kicked you out, so I'll talk to her," Rafe offered. "No, you don't have to do that -- I'm good, really; I'm living above the pub now, which is nice... And, believe me, I get the irony, okay? I just don't want to live at the DiMera mansion...because E.J. and Sami just moved back in there," Lucas revealed.

"It's amazing how it all comes rushing back -- I mean, two minutes hearing [you] talking about him, and it's like I hate that jerk as much as I ever did," Rafe declared after Lucas finished complaining about E.J.'s return -- and Sami's reaction to E.J.'s return. "And what 'jerk' would that be?" E.J. wondered while approaching Rafe and Lucas. "You," Rafe shamelessly clarified, amusing Lucas and annoying E.J.

"The hatred is completely mutual," E.J. stressed before proposing a truce of sorts with Rafe -- for Sami's sake -- then starting to offer Lucas a similar proposition, but with a caveat. "You and Sami have children together, [so] I will never interfere in how the two of you deal with them...[but], in return, I request that you respect our marriage [and] not offer your opinions on our relationship -- in short, you have to accept the fact that your relationship with Sami is a very limited one," E.J. explained, prompting Lucas to start laughing hysterically.

E.J. demanded to know what was so funny, and Lucas seemed ready to provide a brutally honest answer -- but Sami approached just then and put a stop to the conversation, sensing trouble. "What was so funny?" Rafe challenged Lucas after Sami rushed off with E.J. "Nothing at all..." Lucas responded with a sigh.

Gabi entered DiMera Enterprises and sauntered into the CEO's office while Jake was trying to contact Shin. "Hang up," Gabi ordered Jake while shoving objects off the desk. "What the hell are you doing?" Jake snapped at Gabi after ending the call. "I'm making room -- you're gonna make love to me right now!" Gabi demanded.

"I can't," Jake insisted. "Because of Kate?" Gabi guessed. "No -- because E.J. is trying to have me fired, and I gotta find a way to stop him!" Jake clarified. "Damn it -- this is what you were afraid of when E.J. decided to stay in Salem!" Gabi acknowledged before promising to help Jake fight the coup. "You work for the competition!" Jake reminded Gabi. "[Still, I'm not] gonna just stand by and let E.J. DiMera screw you out of what's rightfully yours!" Gabi assured Jake. "Wow -- I never should have let you get away [from the company]," Jake admitted. "Well, maybe I'll come back when the Tonys, the Kates, the Chads, the E.J.s -- [when] they're all gone," Gabi responded.

"Can you believe I let these people in my house, and this is how they repay me?" Gabi grumbled. "No, they're not doing this to get you --" Jake tried to clarify, but Gabi was no longer listening, having just spotted a wheeled whiteboard and a marker in a corner of the office. "You've obviously never been through a recall vote before, but I have -- Shin, as the chair, gets one vote, and so does every other DiMera. [Now], we know that they have the three votes to force a recall vote, but they still need a majority to get rid of you, so...let's start counting..." Gabi began.

Meanwhile, Tony and Chad started a similar conversation at the DiMera mansion, using a chess table to keep track of votes instead of a whiteboard. "How do you see us -- black or white?" Tony asked. "White," Chad replied. "Okay... So, we have you, me, and E.J., [for starters]..." Tony began, moving the two white bishops and one of the white knights to the center of the chessboard. "As for the other side..." Tony continued.

"Obviously, [Jake], you're gonna vote for yourself... And Shin -- I'm assuming he's gonna vote for you..." Gabi declared while writing names on the whiteboard. "'re losing?" Jake assumed. "Not necessarily -- see, I, as his widow, inherit Stefan's vote...[so], as usual, I'm your ace in the hole," Gabi clarified. "We're tied," Jake summarized.

Tony moved the two black bishops and one of the black rooks to the center of the chessboard. "Johnny and Sydney are too young to vote..." Tony noted. "Theo -- he's definitely gonna side with us," Chad predicted, prompting Tony to move one of the white rooks to the center of the chessboard.

"I don't even know my whole freakin' family tree -- it's like a family rain forest..." Jake grumbled as Gabi added Theo's name to the list of opponents. "There's Steven --" Gabi recalled. "He's dead," Jake argued. "No, not 'Stefan' -- Steven, Benji's son --" Gabi clarified. "'Benji'? Who the hell is 'Benji' -- the dog?" Jake asked incredulously. "Your dead brother!" Gabi tiredly replied. "Another one?" Jake sputtered as Gabi added Steven's name to the list as a wild card.

Chad and Tony agreed that Steven was a wild card. "Kristen -- she'll vote for us...but we have to track her down, and that's not gonna be easy --" Tony mused. "I wouldn't be so sure [about her vote] -- she asked me to help her escape, and I said no," Chad warned. "Well, that's not a word that Kristen likes...[but] she's a woman who doesn't hold grudges..." Tony joked. "Even if we can find her, she's a wild card," Chad summarized, prompting Tony to set the white queen on its side.

"I don't think she's gonna risk prison time to show up and vote," Gabi reasoned while adding Kristen's name to the list of opponents then crossing it out. "What about Kristen's brother Peter? Nobody ever talks about him for some reason..." Jake mused. "Well, he's been out of prison a long time, lying pretty low...and, from what I know about him, he's gonna vote whatever way is best for Peter," Gabi answered before adding Peter's name to the list of wild cards.

Tony and Chad agreed that Peter was a wild card. "What about Kate? As Andre's widow, she has a vote," Chad reminded Tony.

"On the bright side, it's a good thing Kate and I didn't split up, because she could end up being my deciding vote," Jake bragged. "I don't know -- she's very loyal to Chad..." Gabi argued. "But she's head over heels in love with me --" Jake countered. "Did you have to put it that way?" Gabi snapped before admitting to Jake that an earlier conversation with Kate might have complicated the matter. "Great -- glad to know she'll be in such a good mood when I go beg her for her vote..." Jake grumbled.

Chad headed off to Jake's bedroom to talk to Kate about the matter. Kate refused to help Chad, reasoning that there was no way to vote against Jake -- or even just abstain from voting -- and also keep the revenge scheme in effect. "Kate, look, I say this with all the respect in the world -- grow up!" Chad snapped. "You've had your fun -- you've made both Jake and Gabi miserable -- [and now,] it's time to let E.J. grind [them] into the ground --" Chad argued. "I want to be the one who grinds [them] into dust," Kate countered.

"Can I persuade you to change your mind?" Chad wondered. "Nope," Kate answered. "Okay, fine -- then I'll just tell them what you're up to. [And] do you really think they're gonna keep the news of this to themselves? No! [And], as the word spreads, no one's gonna buy that you were doing this to punish Jake, [so] you are gonna be universally thought of as some kooky, desperate, pathetic old woman. Up to you..." Chad warned. "You are such a snake!" Kate grumbled while smacking Chad with a magazine.

Tony was wrapping up a phone conversation with Theo when Chad returned to the living room. "Give my love to Ciara," Tony said before ending the call and assuring Chad that Theo was indeed going to side with them. "I thought I was persuasive, but...I don't know -- you never know what Kate's going to do, so..." Chad admitted -- and Tony agreed while eyeing the black queen. Tony contacted Peter -- and Gabi contacted Steven at the same time. Meanwhile, Jake entered the mansion and headed upstairs to talk to Kate about what was happening.

Sami followed E.J. into the DiMera mansion while advising that it would be best to stay away from Lucas and Rafe in the future. "As long as they stay away from you -- and vice versa," E.J. countered, grabbing Sami's left arm possessively. "I'm gonna go get dressed for dinner, E.J. -- and while I'm gone, why don't you take a minute and think about whether or not it's a good idea to threaten me," Sami snapped while pulling away from E.J. "I'm sorry if that sounded like a threat -- I'm just so desperate for this to be a new start for us, [and] I don't want the past screwing up the future...again," E.J. backpedaled. "Well, you wouldn't be E.J. if you weren't a little bit bossy..." Sami conceded before giving E.J. a kiss. E.J. smiled until Sami headed upstairs -- then the smile quickly faded.

Chad soon joined E.J. in the foyer and provided an update on the votes. "It's gonna be close -- I mean, it could go either way... I wonder if we should just wait and see if --" Chad fretted. "It's now or never," E.J. insisted before contacting Shin to initiate the process.

The DiMera board votes

The DiMera board votes

Friday, June 25, 2021

In the Ramirez house, Rafe dreamed that he returned Duke the teddy bear to Nicole. Rafe kissed Nicole, and he startled awake. Ava asked about Rafe's dream. Rafe lied and said his dream had been about a bear attack. "I'm so happy," Ava said with a chuckle as she snuggled up to Rafe. Rafe said he was happy, too.

At breakfast, Ava read the news article about the paper. While Rafe made coffee, Ava told Rafe about E.J.'s efforts to take over DiMera Enterprises. "He wants the company, too. He doesn't waste any time," Rafe muttered. Confused, Ava asked Rafe what he meant. Rafe told Ava about his conversation with E.J. in the square. "E.J. kept going on about how happy he was to be reunited with his bride. Steam was coming out of Lucas' ears. Like he was jealous of E.J. and Sami," Rafe said.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas was eating breakfast when Nicole walked in. "Is that my grandson?" Lucas said with a grin. "Indeed, it is. May we join you?" Nicole asked. While Lucas fussed over Henry, Nicole said that Allie had told her about Lucas' new living situation.

"You're so lucky. You get to spend every day with [Henry]," Lucas said. Nicole offered to leave Henry with Lucas while she ran errands. Lucas happily accepted. When Nicole mentioned that Henry brightened any gloomy day, Lucas asked if Nicole was okay. Nicole told Lucas that Sami believed Nicole had slept with Xander. "[Sami] won't let it go, and it's based on nothing," Nicole complained. "[Sami] seems pretty convinced," Lucas said. With a grin, Lucas told Nicole about Sami's plan for him to wear a wire and get the truth out of Nicole.

"I turned her down, of course," Lucas said. "Thank you. I didn't realize how determined she was," Nicole said. Lucas noted that Sami had always hated the idea of Nicole and Eric as a couple. Nicole said she was annoyed that Sami would not leave her alone. With a shrug, Lucas suggested that Nicole ignore Sami.

"Why did [Sami] get the idea that you, of all people, would help her out with this?" Nicole asked. Lucas noted that he had been spending a lot of time with Sami because of Allie and Henry. "But you two haven't gotten along in ages," Nicole said. Lucas nodded in agreement.

"The last couple months, things have changed between [me and Sami]," Lucas said. When Nicole asked what had happened, Lucas told her that he and Sami had bonded during their imprisonment in the wine cellar. Lucas added that Sami had told him in the cellar that she had seen Nicole enter the hotel with Xander.

"I already explained that," Nicole complained. Nicole told Lucas that after her call with Eric, she had gotten drunk and had gotten her own room at the Salem Inn. "I didn't want Holly and Allie to see me [drunk]," Nicole said. "I've had lots of nights like that," Lucas said. When Nicole asked Lucas if it had been horrible to be trapped with Sami in the cellar, Lucas noted that exes could get along. "We get along," Lucas added. Nicole argued that Lucas and Sami were like flint.

"I guess sparks did fly," Lucas muttered. Lucas thought about when he and Sami had made love in the cellar. As Lucas shook off the memory, Nicole asked him what he had been thinking about. "That when you're scared, things can get intense," Lucas said. Nicole asked how intense. Lucas bristled, and he asked Nicole why she was so curious about his relationship with Sami.

Sami woke up in E.J.'s arms in their new room at the DiMera mansion. E.J. showed Sami a news article about DiMera. "Jake DiMera in jeopardy as CEO? What?" Sami said. E.J. asked Sami for her thoughts on the matter. After Sami read through the article, she joked that Jake had paid someone to write the supportive article. E.J. said he was hopeful that the vote would go his way.

"Do you have the votes you need for a majority?" Sami asked. "Not yet, but I will," E.J. said. E.J. explained that Kate had announced her intention to back Jake and that he had a hidden ally. "What ally?" Sami asked. "Kristen, of course," E.J. said. Sami advised E.J. to avoid Kristen while she was on the run from the police.

"Don't underestimate me, darling," E.J. said. Sami thought about her conversation with Lucas about whether Kristen would tell E.J. about Lucas and Sami's affair. "I'm myself again, and I know what I'm doing," E.J. said. When Sami warned that it would be difficult to locate Kristen, E.J. told Sami that he had already found his sister. Sami laughed.

"Of course, you've managed to find Kristen before the cops and the FBI," Sami said. E.J. explained that he had kept Kristen under surveillance. When E.J. reached for his phone to call Kristen, Sami argued that Kristen's vote might not count. "If the company charter prohibited felons from voting, DiMera Enterprise would be a lemonade stand," E.J. said. E.J. added that Kristen could vote by phone. Worried, Sami warned E.J. that his scheme could be considered aiding and abetting a felon.

"I'm beginning to think that you don't want me to win this," E.J. said. Sami stressed that she wanted E.J. to win, but she did not want Kristen involved. "I just got you back. I couldn't stand it if I lost you again. And if you involve Kristen, the police might arrest you, put you in prison. I couldn't stand that," Sami said. Sami begged E.J. not to involve Kristen. "I could never say no to you," E.J. said. Sami kissed E.J. passionately, and he pushed her down onto the bed. After a moment, E.J. pulled away and groaned.

"I'd love to spend all day with you here, but I have a meeting," E.J. grumbled. "It better be damn important," Sami purred as she kissed E.J. again. Reluctantly, E.J. pulled away again. Sami asked E.J. to promise again that he would not involve Kristen. "Right," E.J. said. After E.J. left the room, Sami dropped her head in her hands.

At the pub, Nicole told Lucas that she was curious why Sami was so focused on her. "Why do I get the feeling you're not leveling with me?" Lucas asked. Sami walked in, and she cooed over baby Henry. "Nicole just dropped him by. She's got some errands to run, so I'm going to keep my eye on him," Lucas said. "How thoughtful," Sami said sarcastically. Nicole asked about E.J. Sami said she was thrilled to have E.J. back to his old self.

"[E.J.] is only here because he said he couldn't stand to be away from me. Isn't that the sweetest thing? Oh, but I guess that must be so hard for me to talk about because of you and Eric. Awkward," Sami said. As Nicole rose to leave, Sami asked her if she was meeting up with Xander for a date. Nicole fake laughed and rolled her eyes. "You are so delusional," Nicole said. Lucas offered to drop off Henry at home. With a nod, Nicole walked out.

"Why are you being so nice to her?" Sami asked Lucas. "Why are you being such a bitch?" Lucas countered. Sami chuckled. Lucas warned Sami to stop provoking Nicole, because Nicole had been probing Lucas for information about him and Sami. "You didn't tell Nicole about us, did you?" Sami asked. "Of course not," Lucas said. Sami shrugged. Lucas grumbled about Sami's glowing assessment of her marriage. Sami argued that her response had been a tactical one to Nicole's questioning.

"Who put her onto you and me?" Sami asked. Lucas said he did know. Flustered, Sami noted that no one knew about her affair with Lucas other than Kristen. "And I fixed that problem," Sami said.

In the Hernandez kitchen, Rafe kissed Ava goodbye as he prepared to leave for work. While Ava went to her room to get dressed, Rafe ran into Nicole at the front door. "Want to come inside and wait for [Ava]?" Rafe asked. With a nod, Nicole walked into the house, and she asked about Duke. "The whole point of sharing custody [of Duke] is so we can see each other more. You've been kind of a stranger," Nicole said. Rafe shrugged sheepishly, and he promised to deliver Duke.

When Ava returned to the kitchen, Nicole told her about her conversation with Lucas. "I feel like I'm grasping at straws," Nicole said. "Maybe you're not," Ava said with a smirk.

When Rafe arrived at his office, he looked at Duke on his desk. Rafe thought about his dream where he had kissed Nicole. Rafe shook off the memory.

In the DiMera living room, Tony talked to Steven on the phone about his vote. "That sounded like bad news," Chad said as Tony ended his call. "Gabi got to him last night," Tony said. Chad was surprised. "Gabi doesn't even know who he is," Chad said. Tony informed Chad that Steven had confirmed his vote for Jake.

"We just got to dig up one more vote," Tony said. Chad joked that they would need to find more half-siblings. Tony recommended they talk to Kate again. "I made the best case I could. She wasn't buying it," Chad said. When Tony asked Chad why Kate's relationship with Jake was not a factor in her vote, Chad thought about his threat to Kate to expose her charade. Tony begged Chad to use any leverage he had against Kate, but Chad refused.

"I'm not going to strongarm [Kate] now. Not after what Kristen put her through," Chad said. Chad added that Kate had invested time in mentoring Jake in the business. "Her heart is not ruling her head?" Tony asked. "Not by a long shot," Chad said. When E.J. joined Chad and Tony in the living room, they broke the news about Steven. E.J. lied and told Chad that he had not been able to track down Kristen for her vote.

"Someone could still come over to our side. Also, Shin hasn't seen me since I returned. He may not realize how much stronger I am than he has been led to believe," E.J. said. "So, you're not giving up?" Chad asked. E.J. pointed at Stefano's painting, and he argued that they could not let Stefano down.

In the foyer, Jake talked on the phone to Peter as Gabi listened. "You're voting with my brothers. Is there anything I can say or do to change your mind?" Jake asked. Peter said his mind was made up. After Jake ended the call, he noted that they still had Kate's vote. On the staircase behind Jake and Gabi, Kate paused as she overheard her name. Jake confirmed to Gabi that Kate was the swing vote.

"My brothers can't force me out without a majority," Jake said. "Someone's a bit cocky," Kate said. Jake rushed to Kate's side, and he asked her why she was out of bed. Kate said she wanted to practice getting around without her sight. "Do you think it is wise to be conspiring with an ex?" Kate asked Jake. "We're not conspiring," Gabi said. Gabi looked at Jake and blew him a kiss. Jake reminded Kate that Gabi had a vote, and he had wanted to make sure Gabi planned to vote for him.

"So, you're still going to cast your vote for Jake, even though he just told you he is staying with me?" Kate asked. Gabi argued that a vote for Jake was in the best interest of the company. Curious, Gabi asked Kate if she agreed. "Of course, Jake can count on my vote," Kate said. Kate felt for Jake's hand to hold.

"I'm committed to Jake, you know? Despite the fact that you tried your very best to convince me that Jake is only with me because he feels sorry for me," Kate said with a smirk. Jake gave Gabi a "why would you do that?" look. Kate asked Jake if Gabi was right.

"Because if it is [true], I wouldn't lift a finger to help you save your job. And that's a promise," Kate said. Jake stressed that he wanted to be with Kate. "I wouldn't have been able to accomplish half of what I did without you by my side," Jake said. Frustrated, Gabi said she would meet Jake and Kate in the conference room, and she walked out of the house.

"I know how hard this situation with Gabi must be for you, and I appreciate you understanding that I need her on my side. And, even more, I appreciate you standing by me, because I know how badly I hurt you. You're coming through for me in a major way, and I won't ever forget that," Jake said. Jake hugged Kate. Over his shoulder, Kate scowled, visibly uncomfortable.

At DiMera Enterprises, Shin talked to Gabi and Jake in the corner as Kate sat quietly at the conference table. When E.J. arrived with Chad and Tony, he walked over and shook Shin's hand. "You're looking very well," Shin said. "I'm feeling very well," E.J. said. Everyone took their seats at the table, and E.J. whispered hello in Kate's ear. "I don't need my sight to recognize that voice," Kate said. E.J. told Kate that he understood how she felt and that he believed Kate would recover fully.

"Father always appreciated your contribution to this company, and so do I. As do we all. And no matter what the outcome today, you will always have a place here at DiMera," E.J. said. "No matter what you say, you're not going to change her mind, pal," Jake said. E.J. chuckled.

E.J. walked over to Shin to talk to him in the corner. "You've been out of the game a long time," Shin said. "I battled back, and I'm feeling better than ever. I'm the E.J. DiMera you remember, the man who took this company to its greatest heights," E.J. said. As E.J. and Shin took their seats, E.J. told Jake that he respected the work Jake had done. "But you were always just a placeholder," E.J. added.

Shin reminded Chad that he had resigned as CEO, and that had been the catalyst for Jake's appointment. "I've come to the decision to step back in. See, this company is my father's legacy, and it's too important to be left in the hands of a rank member," Chad said. E.J. agreed. Jake called for the vote. Shin read the proxy votes, which listed Theo and Peter's votes for removal, and Steven's vote for retention.

Shin went around the table, and E.J., Tony, and Chad voted for removal. Jake and Gabi voted for Jake to stay as CEO. "You're next to vote, Mr. Shin," E.J. said. Shin voted for Jake to stay. "Kate, the final vote is yours," Shin said. Kate took a deep breath. "I vote to remove," Kate said.

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