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Theo gave Abe's Juneteenth speech. Mama visited. Abe recovered new memories. Whitley altered Abe's wedding photo. Eli and Julie yelled at Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri proposed to Gwen. Leo was protective of Gwen. Maggie was furious when Alex stole a client. Xander obsessed over Bonnie's behavior. Chad and Stephanie decided to move in together. Maggie offered Chad a job. Bonnie told Sara about Chloe. Rex rebuffed Sarah. Xander and Chloe agreed to take things slow. Whitley hired an actor to play Theo. Kate encouraged Jada to date Rafe. Trask was lenient on Talia. Chanel told Paulina about Talia's abusive relationship. Whitley decided to kill Abe.
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Dimitri proposed to Gwen. Maggie was furious that Alex stole a client. Chad and Stephanie decided to move in together. Whitley decided to kill Abe.
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Juneteenth is celebrated in Salem

Juneteenth is celebrated in Salem

Monday, June 19, 2023

by Mike

Talia was taping a missing-person flier to a building across from the Brady Pub when Chanel approached from behind and demanded an explanation. "I had these fliers printed -- I wanted to do something to help find your stepfather," Talia responded. "Yeah, well, Abe is the mayor, so everyone pretty much already knows he's missing -- so, all just performative," Chanel snapped.

Chanel gave Talia a dismissive shake of the head then started to storm off. "Wait," Talia begged, stopping Chanel. "I should have said this yesterday at the hospital, but...thank you," Talia continued. "For calling the cops and saving me from Colin," Talia continued. "And I'm sorry about all the terrible things I said about you," Talia continued. "Colin was listening to every word I was saying -- and he had a gun," Talia continued. "I didn't want you to get hurt...more than I already hurt you," Talia concluded. "I gave you a job, and we were friends -- or, at least, I thought you were my friend --" Chanel grumbled, prompting Talia to interrupt.

Talia claimed to have forged a genuine bond with Chanel then admitted that staying loyal to Colin had simply been a higher priority. "And it doesn't even make sense to me," Talia fretted. "But I'm working through it -- I went to go see Dr. Evans, and she made me realize that I was in an abusive relationship," Talia continued. "Emotionally, I mean -- he never hit me or anything, but he had this power over me that I can't even explain," Talia concluded, drawing a nod of understanding from Chanel. "When I was with Colin's father, he was my professor -- and, well, he had all the power in our relationship, and even though it was totally consensual, there was just something that made me feel like I had no choice but to be with him," Chanel noted.

Chanel softened a bit and conceded that Talia had done the right thing in the end. Talia hoped that Chanel's bakery would soon reopen and go back to being a thriving business. "And for what it's worth, I hope Abe's found soon -- and I know you don't think it will do anything, but I'm gonna continue to knock on some doors, and I'm gonna hang up some fliers," Talia added before saying goodbye to Chanel.

Chad passed by Saxton's then did a double take after getting a vibe from a man who was staring at the missing-person flier that had been taped to the department store's entrance. "Theo?" Chad sputtered, unable to get a clear view of the man's face.

Theo glanced back at Chad and flashed a smile. "I wish I would have known you were coming -- I would have asked E.J. to send the jet," Chad fretted. "It's cool -- I actually bought a ticket months ago," Theo responded.

Theo explained to Chad that Abe had been planning to deliver a speech during Salem's annual Juneteenth celebration. "I wanted to surprise him," Theo whispered before producing a document and showing it to Chad.

Chad observed that Theo's hands were trembling. "His office asked me to deliver the speech for him, and...for some dumb reason, I said yes," Theo grumbled. "It's supposed to happen in, like, half an hour -- and there's no way that I can do it," Theo continued. "I'm terrified of public speaking -- it's basically my biggest fear!" Theo continued. "I tried to tell Dad's staff that someone else should give the speech, but...Lani's not available -- obviously -- and they didn't want to ask Paulina," Theo continued. "I don't want to let him down," Theo concluded. "What do you mean? You couldn't if you tried. But you know what would let him down? Some boring white dude droning on about the history of Juneteenth," Chad argued, calming Theo.

Theo glanced at Abe's speech then started to ask Chad for a favor. "Back in the day, my speech therapist used to have me line up all of my stuffed animals and just practice having conversations with them --" Theo began to explain. "Okay -- so...yeah, I can go back and get some of Thomas and Charlotte's stuffies for you," Chad agreed before assuring Theo that the offer had been a joke. "You want me to be your audience," Chad translated, and Theo nodded in response. "I would be honored," Chad stressed, drawing a sigh of relief from Theo, who took a deep breath then read the speech aloud and made changes to it when necessary.

Good afternoon. I am Mayor Abe Carver's son, Theo. I know he wishes he were here today.

But I want to start by talking about what brings us together on this special day. On June 19, 1865, word finally reached Galveston, Texas, that the Civil War had ended two months earlier. More importantly, that was the day that the last enslaved people in the United States learned that they were free. The next year, the first Juneteenth celebration was held in Texas -- but soon, as families moved elsewhere, they took that tradition with them, and Juneteenth spread all across the country...then, finally, last year, Juneteenth became a federal holiday.

This day has been known in various parts as Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, and even Black Independence Day. It's also the day that my dad calls his anniversary. And today, as every day, we celebrate with a mixture of joy for freedom, and sadness for our years of hardship and for those still struggling, and hope for a better and brighter future. To quote President Obama -- "Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory or an acceptance of the way things are. It is a celebration of progress. It is an affirmation that, despite the most painful parts of our history, change is possible. And there is still so much work to do."

On behalf of my dad, we thank you. Happy Juneteenth...and happy anniversary, Dad.

Chad declared the speech "perfect" and predicted that Theo was "going to hit it out of the park" -- then promised to be in the audience for moral support as needed.

Paulina was at the Price-Carver condominium, staring at a framed wedding photograph, when someone knocked on the front door. "Please let this be good news!" Paulina muttered.

Paulina opened the front door and stared at the visitor in shock. "Why are you here?" Paulina sputtered. "Because I know you need me," Olivia responded.

Olivia comforted Paulina with a hug and stressed the importance of positive thinking then predicted that Abe would soon be found alive and well -- just as Chanel entered the condominium.

Doug and Julie were eating lunch at the Horton house when someone knocked on the open dining room door to get their attention. "Eli!" Julie and Doug sputtered in unison. "I hope y'all don't mind -- I let myself in," Eli responded with a shrug.

Julie insisted on preparing a sandwich for Eli then wondered where Jules and Carver were hiding. "They're with my mom in DC," Eli admitted before promising that a future visit would include the twins. "Months and months from now," Julie translated with a sigh, drawing a shake of the head from Eli. "Soon," Eli clarified, and Julie accepted the vague response with a hopeful nod.

Julie soon prodded Eli for an update on Lani's situation. "She'll be eligible for parole in six months -- so, hopefully, she'll be home by Christmas," Eli reported. "Apparently, she's doing incredible things in there," Eli continued. "Mentoring prisoners, changing lives -- there's...I don't know, just so many...women in prison that just need someone to believe in them," Eli concluded.

Doug had been ill the previous week and didn't feel like attending the Juneteenth celebration, so Eli posed as Julie's date for the event -- and they met up with Theo afterward then headed over to the Price-Carver condominium as a group. "We figured if you didn't come to the party, we'd bring the party to you," Eli explained to Paulina, who managed a squeal of excitement.

Whitley entered the King apartment and greeted Abe then apologized for being late and blamed the delay on an emergency at the hospital. "Don't you have something you want to say to me?" Abe challenged Whitley.

Whitley gave Abe a nervous laugh then probed for more details. "I was sitting here, watching Body and Soul, and Kassandra and Rhett were celebrating their second anniversary -- their second anniversary of their fourth wedding, that is -- and all of a sudden, it came back to me!" Abe began to explain, making Whitley even more nervous. "Chanel, your daughter -- when we were in the hospital, she told me that we were married on Juneteenth," Abe continued, drawing a sigh of relief from Whitley. "Paulina, today is our wedding anniversary!" Abe concluded, and Whitley nodded in response then claimed to have been planning to reveal that information during a special dinner later that day.

Abe begged for a recap of the wedding then released a gasp of astonishment when Whitley mentioned that the ceremony had taken place just one year earlier. "But I feel as if I've loved you forever," Whitley swooned.

Whitley informed Abe that the wedding ceremony itself had gone off without a hitch. "But right after we said, 'I do'...our daughter confessed to murder!" Whitley grumbled. "Chanel killed somebody?" Abe translated. "Chanel is my daughter with my ex -- I'm talking about our daughter," Whitley clarified. "Why am I just hearing about this?" Abe wondered. "I haven't wanted to overwhelm you with details," Whitley reasoned. "Since when is having a daughter a 'detail'?" Abe objected. "She's in prison," Whitley elaborated. "Do I have any other children I don't know about?" Abe fretted. "Yes, actually -- you have a son," Whitley admitted.

Whitley started to provide Abe with a bit more information about both Lani and Theo. "I think I'm close to a memory --" Abe interjected. "Don't push it, baby -- you don't want to upset yourself and delay your recovery!" Whitley protested.

Someone knocked on the apartment door just then -- and Abe watched with a hint of confusion as Whitley opened it just enough to get a good look at the visitor. "I'm so sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for --" Talia began to explain while holding up a missing-person flier. "I don't want my cat to come out, so let me come outside with you here in the hallway," Whitley sputtered before stepping out of the apartment and shutting the door.

Abe scoffed at the obvious lie Whitley had just told the visitor -- then gasped after recovering a vivid memory of Paulina reciting vows during the Juneteenth wedding ceremony.

Whitley eventually reentered the apartment and told Abe that the visitor had been a door-to-door salesperson. "You're not my wife," Abe spat, making Whitley squirm.

Dimitri pops the question

Dimitri pops the question

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

At the café in the square, Gabi and Stefan talked about wedding plans. Stefan admitted that he was worried that E.J. had disappeared. "E.J. is always up to something sketchy," Stefan said. Stefan suggested they team up with Megan. "Is it not ridiculously obvious that [Megan] has her own agenda?" Gabi said.

In the DiMera living room, Megan called Li and asked him to work faster to find Rolf. "My brother Stefan's extinction needs to take place at exactly the right time," Megan said. Megan assured Li not to worry about E.J. and Kristen because they were still tied up in the wine cellar. Behind Megan, the door to the tunnels clicked open. Leo stepped out.

"Who the hell are you?" Megan said. Leo introduced himself. "And you must be Megan Hathaway," Leo said. Leo explained that he had entered through the tunnels because he knew that Harold would not let him in the house. In Megan's hand, she clutched a sharp letter opener, and she asked Leo if he had helped himself to the wine collection.

"I'm more of a banana daiquiri kind of guy, so no," Leo said. Leo explained that he was Gwen's best friend, and he warned Megan not to use Gwen as a pawn in her schemes. "You are not going to get away with it," Leo said. Megan threw the letter opener on the desk.

"I don't have a clue what you're talking about," Megan said. Leo argued that Megan wanted to use Gwen to launder Dimitri's reputation. Megan grinned. "Look, Mr. Whistleblower, I'll admit that I was delighted with your friend's write-up on Dimitri," Megan said. Megan argued that her son was not a monster.

"He is like a bootylicious Voldemort," Leo said. "I would suspect that your friend Gwen wouldn't agree with you," Megan said with a chuckle. "Because he has cast a spell on her!" Leo yelped. Megan called Leo a cynic. "Dimitri actually enjoyed speaking with that charming Ms. Rizczech, and he hopes to spend more time with her in the future," Megan said. Megan promised that she had no hidden agenda.

"Dimitri is scary and creepy, and so are you," Leo muttered. "I'm sorry you feel that way," Megan said. Megan asked Leo to leave. Leo warned Megan that Lady Whistleblower had his eye on her and Dimitri. As Leo headed for the entrance to the tunnels to leave, Megan suggested that he use the front door instead. Leo gasped, and he told Megan that he knew why she creeped him out.

"You remind me of my mother," Leo said. Leo argued that both women were conniving. Megan mocked Leo's mommy issues. "I know that you and your son are up to something, and I am damn well going to find out what it is," Leo said.

At the Salem Inn, a breathless Dimitri and Gwen lay in bed after sex. "So, that happened," Dimitri said. Gwen smiled at Dimitri. "And how exactly did this happen?" Gwen asked. Dimitri reminded Gwen that she had kissed him first. "Seeing your beautiful eyes and having just felt your lips on mine, I just couldn't help myself. I had to have you. I hope I didn't take it too far," Dimitri whispered. Gwen admitted that she had felt the same way.

"But this can't happen again," Gwen said. Gwen reminded Dimitri that they had agreed on follow-up interviews. "I've never been bothered by ethical boundaries myself," Dimitri said. Dimitri suggested that they pursue a personal relationship instead of a professional one.

"You mean a romantic one?" Gwen asked. Dimitri said yes. "I don't know about you, but I have never fallen so deeply, so fast, so hard for someone before," Dimitri said. Dimitri told Gwen that he had felt an intense spark with her. "I felt it, too," Gwen admitted. Gwen told Dimitri that their similar pasts meant that they knew one another in ways that no one else did.

"There's something so special between us. And I'm suddenly terrified of letting it slip away. And to that end, I think I'm about to ask you something crazy," Dimitri said. Dimitri took Gwen's hand in his, and he proposed marriage. Stunned, Gwen asked Dimitri if he was joking. "I'm dead serious," Dimitri said. "We just met. We don't even know each other," Gwen countered. Dimitri said that he knew all he needed to know about Gwen.

"You're insanely beautiful. You're whip-smart. You make me laugh, and, well, you're a maestro in the sheets. What more could a man want?" Dimitri asked. Overwhelmed, Gwen dropped her head in her hands. "This is crazy," Gwen whispered. Dimitri argued that he had always been the kind of man that pursued what he wanted, especially when it came to "matters of the heart."

"Are you saying that you love me?" Gwen stammered. "You know, I never believed in love at first sight. But I have been proven wrong. Gwen, I have been waiting my entire life for a woman like you to come by, and I am not about to let you slip away," Dimitri said. Dimitri told Gwen that, unlike Xander, he appreciated her.

"And I promise you, Gwen. I will spend every single last waking moment of my life devoted to making you happy, and all you have to do is say one little word. Yes," Dimitri whispered. Gwen said she was unsure. Dimitri grabbed Gwen and kissed her.

In the hallway, Leo was surprised to see a sock on the doorknob. "No way, no how," Leo muttered as he unlocked the door. Dimitri and Gwen pulled the sheet up over their naked bodies. Leo demanded an explanation. "You just slept with a lying snake who is going to break your heart into a million pieces," Leo said. As Dimitri stared at Leo, Leo said Dimitri was creeping him out.

"I am the only one that has not taken leave of his senses," Leo complained. Gwen told Leo that Dimitri was no longer an interview subject. "Perhaps the two of you would rather discuss this in private," Dimitri said. Gwen asked Dimitri not to leave. Dimitri kissed Gwen, and he trotted to the bathroom. Gwen threw a pillow at Leo as he watched Dimitri.

"And Gwen, I don't mean to pressure you, but think about what I said," Dimitri said before he closed the bathroom door behind him. Leo said he was nauseated, but he also thought Dimitri was hot. "So how was it?" Leo asked. With a grin, Gwen said it had been incredible. "I hate you," Leo grumbled. Concerned, Leo asked Gwen what Dimitri wanted. "Nothing. He just asked me to marry him," Gwen said.

At Paulina's apartment, Paulina talked to Eli, Theo, Julie, and Chanel. Paulina admitted that she was surprised by the arrival of her mother, but she was relieved that her mother was napping instead of watching Paulina fall apart. Paulina worried aloud about the length of Abe's disappearance.

Paulina hugged Julie and Eli goodbye, and Julie told Paulina that she and Doug were available if Paulina needed anything. With a tired smile, Paulina told Eli that she slept a little better at night, knowing that Eli was helping in the search for Abe. "I told Lani that we'd find Abe, and I don't intend on letting her down," Eli said. Paulina thanked Eli for having taken care of Lani.

After Eli and Julie left, Paulina asked Theo to tell her and Chanel about the Juneteenth celebration in the park. "Everybody was asking about dad. They were all very worried about him," Theo said. "Of course, they are. Your dad touched on so many people's lives," Paulina said. Paulina told Theo that she was proud that he had represented the family at the celebration.

"Julie said you gave a speech," Chanel said. "The one my dad was supposed to give," Theo said. Theo explained that Chad had helped him overcome his fear of public speaking. "I'm sure you were wonderful, and your father, when he comes home, he'll be, his heart will be so full hearing that you filled in for him," Paulina said. Theo reached into his bag, and he pulled out a blanket. Theo explained that a woman had given it to him as a gift for Abe and Paulina's anniversary.

"She said that it'll give you strength and remind you that no matter how bleak things may seem, never give up hope," Theo said. Paulina clutched the blanket, and she nodded in agreement. Despite Paulina's protests, Theo insisted that he would stay at the Salem Inn while he helped search for Abe. "A year ago today, we became family, which means that we have to look out for each other. That's what Dad would want," Theo said.

After Theo left, Paulina showed Chanel her wedding album. "You were so beautiful that day. Not that you aren't every day," Chanel said. Paulina chuckled and thanked her daughter. "Look at that beautiful cake you made for us. There's still a piece in the freezer. Abe and I were supposed to share it today," Paulina said. Chanel told Paulina that she would share the cake with Abe soon. Chanel pulled a paper out of the album, and Paulina noted that Abe had printed out his wedding vows for her to keep.

"[Abe's] words, they were so heartfelt," Chanel said. "I wouldn't believe it possible, but I love him even more today than I did back then. And I wish he was here so much so I could tell him that," Paulina said. Paulina broke down in tears in Chanel's arms, and Chanel assured her mother that Abe knew that.

"Wherever he is, he knows," Chanel said. Emotional, Paulina told Chanel that she did not have the strength to lose another husband. Chanel urged Paulina to stay strong for Abe, who was fighting to get home. With a nod, Chanel went into the back to check on Olivia. Paulina thought about when Abe had spoken his wedding vows, and she started to sob.

Eli and Julie walked through the town square, and they talked. "It's one thing not to be with the person you love, but not to know if they're dead or alive?" Julie said. "I just wish there was more we could do to help her," Eli said. Julie said that it broke her heart to see Paulina so upset.

"I think you mean my heart," Stefan said from his seat at the café. Gabi rose to meet Eli and Julie, and Eli explained that he was in town to help with the search for Abe. "I heard he was missing. That's awful. Have you heard any sign of him?" Gabi asked. "I didn't know you cared," Julie said. Gabi forced a smile.

"Of course, I care. I'm not completely heartless," Gabi said. "Speaking of which, I'm glad we ran into you, Julie. It's good to see that my old ticker is still going strong," Stefan said. With a smirk, Julie said it was not thanks to Gabi. "I don't understand. Isn't she the one who generously donated my heart to you?" Stefan asked. "Generously? You can't be serious," Julie said.

"I guess Gabi didn't fill you in. She used your heart as leverage to get back at Lani for shooting you," Eli said. Julie told Stefan that Gabi had forced Lani to beg on her knees for the heart. "Imagine the cruelty of one woman degrading another woman that way," Julie said. "Especially a black woman," Eli added. Julie explained that Gabi had also forced Lani to break Eli's heart in exchange for the heart transplant.

"Then to keep Lani in line, [Gabi] reconstructed the pacemaker in my heart somehow so she could control it from her telephone. And with the flick of her finger, she could murder me by blowing up my heart," Julie said. "I had no idea [Gabi] had gone to such extremes," Stefan whispered. Julie sneered that even Stefan was disgusted by Gabi's actions.

"Actually, I couldn't be more proud," Stefan said. Stefan looked at Gabi, and they smiled at one another. "You're proud of [Gabi] humiliating and tormenting and manipulating Lani for over a year in this terrifying way?" Julie yelled. "[Lani] did shoot me in the throat," Stefan countered. "Your mother was attempting to flee. Lani had no choice to fire, and if we're being real, it's your own damn fault for jumping your stupid ass in front of a bullet," Eli argued. Stefan admitted that his memory was fuzzy.

"But if I'm not mistaken, that wasn't the last time that Lani got in trouble for being a little trigger-happy. Isn't she in prison right now for shooting her own father?" Stefan asked. Angry, Eli stepped closer to Stefan. "You're doing a lot of talking for somebody who don't know what the hell they talking about," Eli said. Julie stepped in front of Eli, and she warned him that Stefan and Gabi were not worth the trouble.

"They deserve each other," Julie said. "That's right. We do. And that's why we're getting married again," Gabi said. "Congratulations. For your honeymoon, you can both go to hell," Julie joked.

In the DiMera living room, Megan carried in a tray from the kitchen, and she stopped in front of Stefano's portrait. "Oh, Father, I suspect you might not like my plans for Stefan. But if it's any consolation, I'll do my best to spare Kristen and E.J.," Megan said to Stefano's portrait. Megan walked over to the tunnel entrance.

"Hello?" Theo said as he walked into the room. Megan complained about security. As Theo apologized for having interrupted, Megan smiled. "You're Theo Carver, aren't you? Lexie's son," Megan said. Theo smiled. "What brings you here?" Megan asked. Theo explained that he wanted to talk to E.J. Megan lied and said that E.J. was out of town on business. When Megan offered to take a message, Theo said he had just wanted to talk to E.J. about Abe.

"I heard about your father. I'm terribly sorry," Megan said. Megan assured Theo that Stefano and Lexie were looking out for Abe. "Thank you. You know, you're really not as scary as everybody makes you out to be," Theo said. Megan told Theo that she liked his plain-spoken manner.

After Theo left, Megan was starting toward the tunnel entrance when Dimitri returned home. Dimitri grabbed a sandwich off the tray before Megan could stop him. With a smirk, Dimitri told Megan that he had slept with Gwen. Megan congratulated her son. "Did you pop the question?" Megan asked. Dimitri promised an answer soon.

"I can practically hear wedding bells already," Megan said. "Who's getting married?" Stefan asked as he walked into the room with Gabi. Megan explained that she wanted to throw an engagement party. "That's very generous of you," Gabi said. Megan promised it would be a party that they would never forget.

At the Horton house, Julie apologized to Eli for the scene in the square. Julie lamented that she had the heart of "that awful man." "It's your heart now. That's why it's kind, generous, and loving, just like you," Eli said. Eli suggested that they focus on Abe and forget Stefan and Gabi.

In Whitley's apartment, Abe told Whitley that he had remembered their wedding, and she had not been the bride. "If it wasn't me, sweetheart, then who was it?" Whitley asked. "It was that woman. The one from my dream," Abe said. Whitley rolled her eyes dismissively. Abe stressed that it had been a memory, not a dream. Abe demanded to see a photo from the wedding. Whitley reminded Abe that Chanel had shown him the wedding photo at the hospital.

"But I had just woken up from surgery, and everything was fuzzy," Abe said. Abe asked to see the photo again. With a shrug, Whitley explained that their wedding album had been destroyed in a fire. "There isn't a single photo left from our wedding?" Abe asked. "Not a single one," Whitley said. Suspicious, Abe asked "Paulina" if Chanel could text the picture.

"Why don't I call her?" Abe asked. Whitley pulled out her computer, and she hurriedly photoshopped her face into Abe's wedding photo. "My mind must be playing tricks on me," Abe said as he stared at the altered photo.

"I noticed that you don't wear your wedding ring," Abe said. Whitley explained that she did not wear her ring at work. When Abe asked to see the ring, Whitley grabbed one from the desk. "I'm so sorry for doubting you, accusing you of not being my wife. Especially on our anniversary. So how can I make it up to you?" Abe asked. Whitley smiled.

While Whitley was in the other room, Abe looked at a stuffed cat. "What have I gotten myself into?" Abe said. Whitley asked Abe to hit the music, and he turned on the stereo. As "Here Comes the Bride" played, Whitley exited the bedroom, dressed in a nice green dress and matching hat. "It is such an honor and a privilege to renew our vows on such a blessed day," Whitley said. "Shouldn't we have invited our family?" Abe asked.

Whitley promised to send everyone photos of their renewal ceremony. "I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion," Abe said. When Abe offered to put on his suit, Whitley noted that his suit had burned in the fire with the wedding photos. "Paulina" and Abe said their wedding vows.

Things get heated between Maggie and Alex

Things get heated between Maggie and Alex

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

At the Basic Black office, Brady and Alex congratulated one another on having closed a business deal with a new client. Maggie entered, and she said she needed to talk to Alex. Maggie asked if Alex and Brady had just made a deal with Yuri Kaslov, the same client that Alex had tried to woo weeks earlier when he'd been working at Titan.

Maggie accused Alex of having blown Titan's deal with Yuri on purpose. Alex grew animated, and he blamed Maggie for why Titan had lost Yuri as a client. Alex said that Titan was a "dinosaur" and that Yuri liked to "slay." Alex smugly boasted that Maggie and Titan were part of the past and that Alex and Brady were the future.

Alex goaded Maggie when he asked why she had thought that Yuri had wanted to make a deal with a "loser like Titan." Maggie defended Titan, but Alex doubled down on his claim. Maggie called Alex an "insufferable, disloyal swine" who had stolen a client. Brady spoke up to defend Alex. Maggie asked what Victor would think about Alex's decision. Alex said that Victor wouldn't have a problem with it.

Brady agreed with Alex, and he added that Victor would be the first to acknowledge that business was business. Alex said that if Victor had a problem with him, he should tell Alex himself. Maggie said that she would relay Alex's message to Victor.

"And I'll remember what you both said. All is fair in business. Family be damned. And just a heads-up -- my husband has a reputation for being ruthless when it comes to the competition, but believe me... I can slay with the best of them," Maggie warned.

After Maggie left, Brady remarked that Alex hadn't been honest with him about his past attempts to woo Yuri. Alex offered to call Yuri to say that Basic Black had backed out of the deal, but Brady told Alex not to. Brady noted that while he and Alex might have won their battle for Yuri, Maggie wouldn't take things lying down.

At Doug and Julie's house, Chad told Julie that he had invited Stephanie over for dinner. Chad thanked Julie for her talk with him at the cemetery when he had visited Abigail's grave on the one-year anniversary of her death. Chad said that Julie had helped him realize that Abigail would want him to move on with his life.

Julie held Chad's hand, and she noticed that Chad had removed his wedding ring. Julie smiled approvingly at Chad. Stephanie entered. Julie told Chad and Stephanie to enjoy their dinner, and she left to spend the rest of the evening with Doug. Alone with Chad, Stephanie said that she was thinking of finding her own place to live.

Chad added that he had been thinking the same thing. As the two enjoyed dinner, Chad suggested that he and Stephanie could find a place together. Stephanie's eyes lit up. "Did you just ask me to move in with you?" Stephanie beamed.

Chad told Stephanie that he wanted to go to bed next to her every night. Stephanie reminded Chad that it was a big step for everyone, especially Thomas and Charlotte. Chad took Stephanie's hands in his, and he said that he would talk to the kids' therapist first. Chad said he thought Thomas and Charlotte would be thrilled to have Stephanie move in. Stephanie said that she would be happy if the therapist agreed.

"Is that a yes?" an optimistic Chad asked. "Yes! Yes, Chad. I would love to move in with you," Stephanie replied. Stephanie and Chad kissed.

As Stephanie and Chad kissed, Maggie interrupted them. Maggie shared that she had gone to ask Chad a question. "How'd you like to come and work for me at Titan?" Maggie asked.

At Steve and Kayla's house, Steve ordered pizza from Bruno's for him and Kayla. Steve said the pizza was to celebrate having the house to themselves. Steve said that he thanked God every day that he and Kayla had been reunited after their ordeal in Greece. Kayla said that, no matter the odds, she and Steve always found their way back to each other. "Yes, we do, baby. Always," Steve agreed.

Steve and Kayla dared one another to try a slice of each other's pizza, and they both reluctantly agreed. Steve laughed when Kayla guzzled beer after she said that his jalapeño and garlic pizza was an acquired taste.

Later, Steve grew worried as he recalled that Abe still hadn't been found. Steve and Kayla felt bad for Paulina for having to be without Abe on Paulina and Abe's first wedding anniversary. Kayla noted that she and Steve both knew what it felt like to be apart on their anniversary.

Steve said that he was a lucky man. Kayla agreed that she was lucky, as well, and she vowed that she would never take Steve and their family and future for granted. "Have I told you tonight how much I love you?" Kayla asked. "You don't have to tell me, baby. I know. I love you too, Sweetness," Steve said softly. Steve and Kayla kissed, and the two put their arms around one another.

At Xander and Chloe's apartment, Xander and Chloe sipped beer as they talked about their day. Xander recalled that he'd had a strange encounter with Bonnie. Xander said that Bonnie had mistakenly thought that Nicole had told him of Nicole's pregnancy. "I got the impression that Bonnie thought I was talking about someone else," Xander said.

Xander added that Bonnie felt he was making a mistake with Chloe. Chloe said that Bonnie had never liked Chloe, and she blamed it on her feud with Mimi Lockhart years earlier. Xander said he felt Bonnie's motivations had more to do with Sarah.

Chloe encouraged Xander not to worry about what Bonnie had said, and the two kissed. Xander and Chloe both said that they were hungry. Xander said that he and Chloe would go out for dinner.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin comforted Bonnie, who was nursing a head cold. Bonnie expressed regret for having lied to Xander about Sarah's pregnancy. Bonnie said that she was grateful that Justin didn't have a problem with keeping Sarah's pregnancy a secret. "Actually, Bonnie, I do," Justin said.

Justin noted that Xander was his cousin, and he added that he had been in the same situation years earlier when Anjelica had kept secret the fact that Justin was Alex's father. Bonnie pleaded with Justin to keep the secret, and Justin reluctantly agreed.

Bonnie apologized for having put Justin in a difficult position, and she added that Xander had a new girlfriend in Chloe. Justin was surprised when Bonnie said that Xander and Chloe had moved in with one another. Bonnie wondered what would happen if Xander knew that Sarah was pregnant with Xander's child.

Bonnie had a sneezing fit, and Justin left for the Brady Pub to get fresh soup for Bonnie. After Justin left, Bonnie used her phone to call Sarah. In a voice message, Bonnie said that she and Sarah needed to talk. "Look, the thing is... as hard as I'm trying, I don't know if I can keep your secret," Bonnie admitted.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Justin spotted Xander and Chloe at a table together. Chloe invited Justin to join them for dinner, but an uncomfortable Justin said that he didn't feel like it. Xander affably told Justin to pull up a chair and share everything that had been going on in Justin's life.

Bonnie has unsettling news for Sarah

Bonnie has unsettling news for Sarah

Thursday, June 22, 2023

At Basic Black, Alex tried to downplay Maggie's anger at him and Brady for having wooed a client away from Titan. Brady said that Maggie shouldn't be taken lightly, but Alex scoffed. Belle entered, and she presented Alex with his employment contract. Alex hurriedly signed the contract without having read it over.

Belle told Brady she had a separate matter to discuss with him, and Alex left. Belle shared that she had gone over the family court ruling that awarded Brady full custody of Rachel. Belle claimed there was "no wiggle room" for Kristen, but she said that Kristen still planned to dispute the ruling. Brady remarked that he hadn't heard from Kristen. Belle wondered where Kristen could be.

Belle was stunned when Brady told her that Chloe had moved in with Xander. Brady surmised that Chloe saw something in Xander that neither Brady nor Belle saw. Brady asked to change the subject. Belle shared that Shawn's drinking problem had only grown worse since Victor had verbally lashed out at Shawn for shooting Bo.

Belle stood up to leave, and she encouraged Brady not to give up on Chloe. Belle added that Chloe would see Xander for who he was. After Belle left, Brady stared at a photo of him and Chloe on his phone as the song "I Am Right Here" by Kelly Moneymaker began to play in the background.

At the same time, Belle returned home and found an empty bottle of vodka on the floor. Belle stared longingly at a portrait of her and Shawn on the fireplace.

At Doug and Julie's house, Maggie offered Alex's former job at Titan to Chad. Chad noted that he already had a job. Chad and Stephanie shared that they had decided to move in together. Maggie congratulated the couple. Chad agreed to think about Maggie's job offer. Maggie replied that she had big plans for Titan.

Afterwards, Chad and Stephanie sat down for dessert. Stephanie was displeased by the thought of Chad taking Alex's former job. Chad said that he didn't understand why Alex's feelings should factor into whether he accepted Maggie's offer.

Stephanie said that Maggie had unfairly fired Alex. Chad asked how Alex's firing was his or Stephanie's problem. Stephanie said that she hated the optics of the situation, and she claimed that Chad had already taken "Alex's girl."

Chad reminded Stephanie that she was her own woman and that she had chosen to be with Chad. Stephanie agreed, but she still expressed reservations. Stephanie said that Maggie had changed since Victor had made Maggie CEO of Titan. "I'd hate to see her kick you out on that fine ass of yours," Stephanie said, causing Chad to smile.

Chad said that Maggie would have to wait for his answer. Chad added that he would rather look at possible dream houses for him and Stephanie. As they looked at houses together on Stephanie's laptop, Chad and Stephanie begin to kiss.

In Horton Town Square, Maggie spotted Alex alone at a table, drinking beer. Maggie boasted to Alex that Chad was her top candidate to replace Alex at Titan. After Maggie left, Alex flashed back to having been intimate with Stephanie.

In Chicago, Sarah panicked when she listened to Bonnie's voice message. Rex tried to calm Sarah, who called Bonnie at the Kiriakis mansion. Over the phone, Sarah was relieved when Bonnie said that she hadn't told Xander about Sarah's pregnancy.

Bonnie mentioned that she had told Justin the news, but she assured Sarah that Justin had agreed to keep quiet. Bonnie added that she had news about Xander. "Look, you might as well know. He's porking Chloe Lane," Bonnie said shamelessly.

Sarah was taken aback. Bonnie encouraged Sarah to reconsider her decision to not tell Xander about her pregnancy. Sarah refused, and she said she didn't want Xander back in her life. Bonnie wished Sarah good luck, and she hung up.

Afterwards, Rex asked if Sarah was okay. Sarah said that Xander had moved on, and she noted that she could date whoever she wanted, as well. Sarah then kissed Rex. Rex broke off the kiss, and he said it was obvious that Sarah was still "nuts" about Xander. Rex added that he still had feelings for Sarah and that he wanted a real chance with her.

Sarah said that the last thing she wanted was to use Rex to get over Xander. Sarah and Rex both laughed ironically when they said they each wished she could get over Xander. Sarah started to leave after noting that she and Rex both had early shifts at the hospital the following morning. "The second you get over Xander, you know where to find me," Rex told Sarah, and the two smiled.

After Sarah left, she stood outside Rex's room and flashed back to having told Xander how happy Xander made her.

At the Brady Pub, Xander told Justin that he seemed nervous. Justin said that he had news, and he stated that Alex had gone to work at Basic Black. Xander recalled that Bonnie had seemed nervous when he had encountered her earlier. Justin nervously left to pick up soup for Bonnie at the counter. Xander whispered to Chloe that Justin seemed to know whatever Bonnie was hiding.

Later, at Xander and Chloe's apartment, Chloe told Xander that she'd like to get to know "the real" Xander. The two started to make out, and Xander asked if Chloe was sure that she wanted to sleep alone that night. Chloe said she wasn't ready to move on, and Xander admitted that he still missed Sarah.

Xander proposed that he and Chloe continue getting to know one another, and the two decided to watch a Marx Brothers movie. On the couch, Chloe flashed back to Brady having told Chloe that he adored her. Afterwards, Chloe rested her head on Xander's shoulder. At the same time, Xander flashed back to having kissed Sarah.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Justin returned home with chicken noodle soup for Bonnie. Justin recalled his encounter with Xander at the Brady Pub, and he noted that Xander and Chloe seemed happy together. Bonnie said she hoped that Chloe would be a good influence on Xander. "Like you were for me," Bonnie added.

Justin said he wondered if Brady knew about Chloe and Xander. Justin put his arms around Bonnie, and the two lay on the couch together.

Whitley introduces Abe to his ''son''

Whitley introduces Abe to his ''son''

Friday, June 23, 2023

Belle and Talia met with Trask to discuss Talia's plea deal. Trask retracted her previous offer of leniency. Belle reminded Trask that Talia was not a co-conspirator with Colin. "Do you really think a guy like that should walk?" Belle asked. Trask argued that even without Talia's testimony, she had a solid case against Colin. Trask reminded Talia that Talia had confessed to Jada about the biscuits.

"Which means I can use your own words to prove to the judge and the jury that you are guilty as hell," Trask said. Trask told Talia about her severe reaction to the biscuits. "It could have killed a child, a senior, anyone with a compromised immune system. Did you even think about that?" Trask asked. Talia started to cry.

"Did you think about the fact that she actually saved Chanel's life and nearly died in the process?" Belle countered. Trask argued that Chanel would not have been on the roof if not for Talia's actions. Trask explained that she had reviewed the evidence, and that there was no indication that Talia deserved leniency.

"Talia, do you take responsibility for drugging those biscuits?" Belle asked. "Yes, I do," Talia said. Belle asked Talia if she also took responsibility for vandalizing Paulina's office. Talia said yes. "You're just making my case for me," Trask argued. Belle asked Talia if she was under psychiatric care, and Talia said yes.

"This is a signed affidavit by Dr. Evans, detailing the nature of the relationship between Talia and Colin. And I truly believe this changes everything," Belle said. After Trask read through the affidavit, she took a deep breath.

"The worst thing about being in an abusive relationship is the shame that we feel. A man treats us badly, and somehow, we still believe it's our fault. Years later, we think we're past it, and it comes back. Like malaria. He not only makes us feel unworthy of his love but of anyone else's," Trask said. Confused, Talia pointed out that Trask had said "we and us." Trask explained that her ex-husband had been abusive.

"I was so afraid of him, so cowed that I denied the existence of my own daughter. I kept her a secret from him, from the world. Sometimes I still wonder how I found the strength to break away from him," Trask said with a sniffle. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that you both have had to suffer like that," Belle whispered. With a nod, Belle noted that it was clear that Trask understood Talia's situation. "And I know that that was really painful for you to share. What do you think this means for her case?" Belle asked.

In the interrogation room at the police precinct, Rafe and Jada reviewed the evidence of Abe's disappearance. "He's been missing now almost three weeks," Rafe whispered. "We'll find him," Jada assured Rafe. Jada put her hand on Rafe's, and he smiled faintly. When Eli opened the door, Jada and Rafe pulled their hands apart quickly. Rafe introduced Eli to Jada.

"I figured I'd come by and see if there is anything I can do to help," Eli said. Jada offered to go over the evidence with Eli, but Rafe insisted that Jada go home to sleep. Jada resisted, but Rafe said, "That's an order." "Has he always been this pushy?" Jada asked Eli. "It's one of his best qualities," Eli said. Rafe promised to tell Jada if there was any new information.

After Jada left, Rafe gushed about what a great asset Jada was to the department. Eli smirked at Rafe. "What?" Rafe said. "I'm happy for you," Eli said. Eli told Rafe that it was obvious that there was something going on between Rafe and Jada. Rafe scoffed.

Rafe insisted that any tension that Eli had noticed was because of the case. "You and I have worked on a lot of big cases. And as intense as they've been, I don't recall us ever holding hands. When I walked in, y'all were holding hands," Eli said. Rafe sighed, and he admitted it.

"Jada and I are attracted to each other. But we also both know that nothing can come of it," Rafe explained. Eli pointed out that both Rafe and Jada were single. "'What's the problem?" Eli asked. "I'm Jada's boss," Rafe said. Rafe explained that the regulations stipulated that fraternization with a subordinate was grounds for dismissal.

"Forgot about those new regulations. That sucks, man," Eli said. Rafe smirked. "I know you're looking at this guy and think, 'this man. Phew! He's got some real bad luck when it comes to women,'" Rafe joked. Eli chuckled. Rafe agreed that he was unlucky.

At the Brady Pub, Kate hugged Theo, and she complimented his speech at the Juneteenth celebration. "[Abe] would be so proud of you," Kate said. "Do you think he's going to be okay?" Theo asked. Kate insisted that Abe was strong and would return home. Theo was unsure. Kate talked about how she had bonded with Abe when Theo had been in the hospital after he had been shot.

"[Abe] never left your bedside," Kate said. Kate noted that Abe had remained strong during that ordeal. "I think it was [Abe's] love for you that willed you to come back. And I really believe that same love is gonna will him back to you," Kate said. "I hope you're right," Theo whispered. Theo's phone beeped, and he rushed out of the pub without an explanation.

When Jada walked into the pub, she gasped when she saw Kate. "I am so glad to see you alive and back," Jada said. "How do you think I feel?" Kate joked. Kate asked why Jada looked tired. Jada explained that she had worked on Abe's disappearance all night at the station.

"I'm just praying that he is somewhere alive and well," Kate said. Jada agreed. When Jada noted that she had worked with Rafe all night, Kate expressed her hope that Jada's personal relationship with Rafe would not be a distraction. "Why would it be?" Jada asked. Kate confessed that she had read Lady Whistleblower's column about Rafe and Jada's kiss.

Jada explained that Rafe had kissed her because he had been high on the drugged biscuits. With a laugh, Kate noted that whatever the reason, it was clear that Jada liked Rafe. "Maybe, yeah. But I mean, we work together, and plus, the city council has all those guidelines," Jada said. With a shrug, Kate told Jada to ignore the rules.

"I was just telling Eric and Sloan, I mean, life is short. We don't want to waste what little time we have," Kate said. Kate encouraged Jada to pursue Rafe if she was interested in him. "Full disclosure. Rafe and I have a little bit of history. We actually dated for a while. It was years ago," Kate confessed. Kate noted that Rafe was a good man. "But the work thing," Jada protested. Kate recommended that Jada and Rafe date in secret.

At the police station, a bleary-eyed Rafe asked Eli for his impressions on the evidence. Eli told Rafe to go home and rest. "I'm too tired to argue with you," Rafe said. With a nod, Rafe said he would return in the afternoon. After Rafe left, Eli continued to go through the files, and he picked up a file on Whitley.

In Whitley's apartment, Abe was dismayed by the same boring breakfast. "When we renewed our vows yesterday, I promised to love you through sickness and health. And I'm gonna do my best to make sure that it's mainly in health," Whitley said. Whitley asked Abe if he had enjoyed the vow renewal ceremony.

"It would have been nicer if we'd had our family there," Abe said. With a smile, Whitley said she had a surprise for Abe. "Your son is back in Salem," Whitley said. Whitley explained that Theo was in town because of Abe's illness. Excited, Abe told Whitley that he believed that Theo would jog his memory.

"I don't want you to get your hopes up. You know, you may not remember him right away, and that's okay," Whitley said. Confused, Abe asked why Theo was not there if he had returned to town specifically to see Abe. "Because seeing him right away is going to be stressful for both of you. He wanted me to break it to you first. I just texted him, and he is on his way," Whitley said.

At Paulina and Abe's apartment, a worried Paulina stared at her wedding ring as Chanel talked to the Health Department on the phone. When Chanel ended her call, she informed Paulina that she had been cleared to reopen the bakery. Paulina congratulated Chanel in a hollow voice. "I'm sorry it wasn't news about Abe," Chanel said. Paulina insisted that Abe would remember her and reach out.

Paulina told Chanel that Olivia was packing for her trip home. "She's pretty upset about going home before we found Abe," Paulina said. Chanel was distracted by her phone, so Paulina asked if she was okay. "I was just about to post about a job opening at Sweet Bits and then I got caught in a bad kind of déjà vu," Chanel admitted. Chanel told Paulina that Talia was out on bail.

"[Talia] was putting up posters and asking if anyone had seen Abe," Chanel said. "Why?" Paulina asked. Chanel argued that Talia wanted to encourage the D.A. to be lenient. Chanel added that her concern was that Talia wanted everyone to believe that everything had been Colin's fault.

"Is that what she said?" Paulina asked. "No, she apologized and tried to take responsibility for what she did," Chanel admitted. Confused, Paulina asked Chanel if she wanted to forgive Talia. Before Chanel could answer, there was a knock at the front door. It was Theo. "I got your text," Theo said. Paulina explained that Olivia had wanted to say goodbye to Theo before she left for the airport.

After Olivia and Theo left the apartment, Paulina circled back to her previous conversation with Chanel about Talia. "Are you thinking about forgiving her?" Paulina asked.

"Hearing Talia talk about Colin, it wasn't just the things he said and did. It was more about the way he manipulated her. He played on her insecurities, took advantage of the way she felt about him to get her to do things that she didn't really want to do," Chanel said. "Emotional abuse, like what Ray did to me," Paulina said. Paulina asked Chanel if she believed that Talia was a victim. Chanel said that as much as she hated what Talia had done to her and Paulina, Chanel understood that Talia was in pain. "And it's going to take her a long time to get over it," Paulina said.

After Whitley helped Abe change clothes, he admitted that he was nervous to see his son. "I just hope I recognize him," Abe said. Whitley assured Abe that she had warned Theo about Abe's condition. "You seem nervous," Abe said. Whitley explained that she and Theo did not know one another very well. There was a knock at the door, and Whitley answered it.

"Well, here he is. Your son, Theo," Whitley announced. A man that vaguely resembled Theo walked into the apartment. "Hello, Pops," "Theo" said. Abe smiled. "Is this my son?" Abe asked. Whitley said yes. "Theo" told Abe that he was happy to see Abe again. Abe admitted that he did not remember Theo. As the three sat in the living room in awkward silence, Whitley made small talk about "Theo's" flight to Salem.

"So, where are you living now?" Abe asked. "South America," "Theo" said. Whitley yelled over Theo, "South Africa!" "Theo" laughed, and he blamed his jet lag. "I had a layover in Brazil. I got mixed up," "Theo" explained. Confused, Abe noted that Brazil was a big detour. "Theo" claimed that had received a deep discount on the airfare. When Abe continued with questions, Whitley talked about Abe's expansive trivia knowledge.

"Pops, would you mind if I had a talk with Paulina out in the corridor?" "Theo" asked. Paulina followed "Theo" into the hallway. "You didn't tell me the guy you were talking about was the mayor. Even with amnesia, he's no fool," Jerry said. When Whitley complained that she had sent prep materials to Jerry to study, he argued that he had not expected to be grilled by Abe.

"He's a good guy who needs help, needs his real family. I'm sorry. I can't do this," Jerry said. The fake Theo started to leave. Whitley grabbed Jerry, and she pulled him back toward the apartment.

"You can't back out now. You agreed to do this. Plus, I paid you good money," Whitley pleaded. "I'm an actor, not a con man," Jerry said. Whitley reminded Jerry that she had helped his grandmother get free medical help, and he owed her. Reluctantly, Jerry nodded yes.

"And look, since you're feeling so sorry for Pops, I only wanted you to act like his son to help him with his recovery," Whitley said. "But it's not gonna help him. I mean, I can see that. It's only confusing him," Jerry protested. Whitley disagreed. "I'm a nurse and his wife, and I know best," Whitley said. Whitley encouraged Jerry to improvise. Whitley's phone rang, and she answered it.

"This is Eli Grant of the FBI. I'm investigating the disappearance of Abe Carver," Eli said. Eli asked Whitley to meet him at the police station. "My cat is sick, and I can't leave him," Whitley said. Eli offered to go to Whitley's apartment, but Whitley agreed to meet at the station instead. When Whitley ended her call, she asked Jerry to sit with Abe while she ran an errand.

"Theo" returned to the apartment to sit with Abe. "Where's Paulina? What's going on here?" Abe asked. Jerry explained that Paulina had needed to run an errand. "What did you and Paulina have to talk about alone?" Abe asked with suspicion. Jerry lied and said they had talked about upsetting Abe. "I don't know how to talk to you," Jerry said. Jerry suggested that they get to know one another again.

"How about those White Sox?" Jerry said. "White Sox? I think I'm a Cubs fan," Abe said. Jerry said he had forgotten. Abe groaned, and he noted that he had a headache. Jerry attempted to assist Abe to his feet, and he asked if Abe had a cane.

Abe recovered a memory of Theo before Abe's wedding to Paulina. Theo had teased Abe about his hospital cane. "The last thing I want to do is wipe out walking down the aisle at my own wedding," Abe had said. Jerry asked Abe if he was okay. Abe stared at Jerry with suspicion because he did not look like the Theo in Abe's memory.

At the police station, Belle ran into Rafe. "How's Shawn?" Rafe asked. "He's not doing great," Belle admitted. Belle said that Shawn also felt bad that he was unable to help find Abe. "Eli's here. We've got it covered," Rafe said. Belle announced that she had news about Talia's case.

In Trask's office, Trask promised Talia that she would file her recommendation with the court. "Community service and probation and continuing to see Dr. Evans," Trask said. "Thank you so much. I never expected this to happen," Talia said. Trask encouraged Talia to keep up with the therapy and work on her self-worth. "Get to a place where you feel that you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect so that what happened with you and Colin Bedford will not happen again," Trask said. Talia nodded in agreement.

After Trask left the office, Belle returned. "You okay?" Belle asked. Talia admitted that she was emotional. "I still can't believe I'm not going to prison. Seriously, thank you so much," Talia said. Talia wanted to call Jada, but Belle said that Rafe had intended to tell Jada the good news in person.

Rafe knocked on Jada's apartment door. "I got some good news " Rafe yelled through the door. Jada opened the door, dressed in a towel. Rafe and Jada smiled at one another.

In the police station bullpen, Whitley arrived, and she noticed Theo. "Do I know you?" Theo asked. "I was one of your father's nurses," Whitley said. Whitley explained that Eli had called her down. Theo said Eli had called him, too.

"But you weren't even here when your father went missing," Whitley said. "Not as a witness. Eli is my sister's husband and my dad's son-in-law. I'm here to help," Theo said. When Whitley fidgeted, Theo noted that she appeared to be nervous. "I just don't know why they called me down here," Whitley said. Eli escorted Whitley into the interrogation room.

As Whitley stared nervously at the photo of Abe on the wall, she rambled. "I've already told the police everything," Whitley said. "Now you can tell me everything you know," Eli countered. Whitley said she had not seen anything at the hospital. Eli furrowed his eyebrow with confusion.

"You couldn't have, could you? Because you left work early, hours before the end of your shift, and I'd like to know why," Eli said. "I was sick that day, so I went home early," Whitley lied. Eli asked what had been wrong, and Whitley said she had had a fever. "You didn't mention that in your statement," Eli said. Whitley said it had not been important.

"It's not for you to decide what's important and what's not, which is why you're gonna tell me everything that happened on that day," Eli said. Eli's phone rang, and he stepped outside to take the call. Whitley thought about her conversation with Theo. "God help me, I don't have a choice. Abe Carver has to die," Whitley whispered.

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