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Samantha Brady
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Actor History
Ronit Arnoff
Lauren Ann Bundy
Jessica Davis
1985 to 1986
Tiffany Nicole Palma
Ashleigh Blair Sterling
1986 to 1990
Christina Wagoner
1990 to 1992
Dan Wells
February 2005 to August 2005 [as Stan]
Stephanie Bader
1997; flashbacks; voiceover only


Originally born on October 16, 1984

In 1993, birth date changed to October 16, 1977

Other Names

Samantha Gene Brady (full name)

Stan (male persona)

Colleen (alias used while in witness protection in 2008/2009)

Sami (nickname)

Tammy Fisher (fake name on passport)


Named after her maternal aunt Samantha Evans (Marlena's twin sister) and Eugene Bradford (Roman and Marlena's close friend)


Film consultant (November 2014 - November 2015)

Co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises (July 2014 to October 2014)

President of Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics (April 2012 to July 2014)

Former executive for Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics (December 2012- March 2012)

Former junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics (October 2011- January 2012)

Former stay-at-home mother

Former partner with E.J. DiMera in Mythic

Former executive assistant for Austin Reed and Company

Former receptionist/filer at Basic Black

Former receptionist at Salem University Hospital

Former director of imaging at Titan Publishing


On the run from the DiMera family

Formerly Hollywood, CA

Formerly the DiMera mansion- 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly Apartment 33 in Salem

Formerly Apt 4B in Salem

Formerly the DiMera mansion- 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly Marlena's penthouse- 24 Riverview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly police safe house (in an undisclosed location, presumably in Salem)

Formerly in the DiMera mansion- 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, USA

Formerly Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA

Marital Status


Past Marriages

E.J. DiMera (Married: July 2, 2014; Dissolved by his death October 14, 2014)

Rafe Hernandez (Married: Nov 24, 2010; Divorced March 2012)

E.J. DiMera (Ceremony was started on Aug 20, 2010 but never finished)

E.J. DiMera (Married: Nov 9, 2007; annulled: May 27, 2008)

Lucas Roberts (annulled)

Brandon Walker (annulled)

Austin Reed (annulled)


Roman Brady (father)

Marlena Evans (mother)

Eric Brady (brother; twin- Sami is the older sister)

Carrie Brady (paternal half-sister)

Rex Brady (paternal half-brother)

Cassie Brady (paternal half-sister)

Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr. (maternal half-brother; deceased)

Isabella Black (maternal half-sister/ paternal second cousin)

Shawn Brady (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother)

Frank Evans (maternal grandfather)

Martha Evans (maternal grandmother)

Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)

Kimberly Brady (paternal aunt)

Kayla Brady (paternal aunt)

Samantha Evans (maternal aunt; deceased)

Frankie Brady (paternal uncle; via adoption)

Max Brady (paternal uncle; via adoption)

Bo Brady (paternal half-uncle)

Unnamed Baby Reed (paternal half-niece or nephew)

Andrew Donovan IV (paternal cousin)

Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal cousin)

Stephanie Johnson (paternal cousin)

Joey Johnson (paternal cousin)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Chelsea Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Zack Brady (paternal half-cousin; deceased)

Ciara Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Claire Brady (maternal half-niece / paternal first half-cousin once removed)

Eric Brady (paternal great-uncle)

Colleen Brady (paternal great-aunt; deceased)

Molly Brady (paternal great-aunt)

Robert Evans (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Colin Murphy (paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Trista Evans (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Ryan (paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Tate Black (paternal first cousin once removed)


Will Horton (son; with Lucas; deceased)

John "Johnny" Roman DiMera (son; twin; with E.J.)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (daughter; twin; with Lucas)

Sydney DiMera(daughter; with E.J.)

Arianna Grace Horton (granddaughter; via Will)

*Due to a babyswitch, Sami raised Grace Brady, although she was biologically Mia and Chad's daughter.

Flings and Affairs

Arnold Fenigen (lovers; while he was pretending to be Rafe)

Rafe Hernandez (lovers; engaged)

E.J. DiMera (lovers; engaged)

Brandon Walker (lovers; engaged)

Franco Kelly (engaged)

Austin Reed (lovers; engaged)

Lucas Roberts (lovers; engaged)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Various lies and misdeeds

Kidnapped her baby sister, Belle

Changed paternity test results on Belle

Drugged and raped Austin

Blackmailed Kate

Stole Austin's car (twice)

Shot Alan Harris and castrated him to avenge her rape

Lied about paternity of Will

Lied about Lucas abusing Will

Charged, convicted, sentenced for murder of fiancé Franco Kelly (lethal injection)

Pulled a gun on Kate and Lucas to get them to tell the truth about killing Franco

Fleeing the police with ex-husband Austin

Blackmailed Victor into transferring Austin to Hawaii

Seduced a mailman in order to steal the package with the tape (mail fraud)

Broke into Victor's desk to get the tape of her confession

Tampered with the results of Lexie's paternity test for Theo

Blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that any children she had with Austin would have genetic defects

Helped sneak fugitive E.J. passed a police road block and out of Salem (December 2006)

Custodial interference; lied about Grace being adopted using forged birth certificates and adoption papers (February 2009)

Shot E.J. in the head (September 2010)

Assault; threw Arianna her into a table (October 2010)

Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E.J.'s shooting and Arianna's hit-and-run (October 2010)

Breaking and entering; broke into Arianna's apartment to search for a video camera (October 2010)

Assault; pushed Nicole into the side of the counter, knocking her unconscious on the floor(November 2010)

Held Imposter Rafe captive in an abandoned building (May - June 2011)

Committed adultery- slept with E.J. while married to Rafe (December 2011)

Corporate Espionage- took a job with Countess W to sabotage their ad campaigns and feed information back to Mad World (January 2012)

Helped E.J. jump bail and flee Salem (August 2012)

Broke into the Salem P.D. to try to destroy evidence against Will (March 2013)

Stole a USB drive from Nick Fallon to destroy evidence against Will (May 2013)

Physically assaulted Detective Joe Bernardi (May 2013)

Shot Bernardi while trying to protect Rafe (June 2013)

Obstruction of Justice - lied to the police about knowing Bernardi before she shot him (July 2013)

Dragged and threw Nick Fallon into the river (November 2013)

Conspiracy to cover up a crime - destroyed evidence that would incriminate Kate, Gabi, and her in Nick's murder (November 2013 - June 2014)

SEC fraud (not shown on screen - September 2014)

Used the passcodes E.J. left her to clear out several DiMera bank accounts (not shown on screen - November 2015)

Health and Vitals


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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