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Jennifer lashed out at Daniel and told him they were through. Kristen's plan to expose Theresa to Brady failed. Brady learned John and Theresa had lied to him then caught Daniel and Kristen in bed together. Paige learned that Jack had raped Kayla. Sami bid a tearful goodbye to her family as she left Salem with the kids to start a new life.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 27, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, October 27, 2014

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tried to convince a stunned Will to accept the offer to write the film adaptation of her life story, reasoning that no one knew it better. Will pointed out that he wasn't a screenwriter, but Sami was confident that he could figure out how to write a screenplay just as easily as he had figured out how to write magazine articles a couple months earlier.

"Come on. Sydney and Johnny and Allie -- they could really use the sunshine, and they could use having their big brother with them. And Sonny and Ari -- they would love it, too. How could you possibly say no?" Sami excitedly added. Will wanted to discuss the matter with Sami privately, so Bruce stepped outside to make some phone calls. Will observed that it seemed like Sami had already made up her mind about moving.

Sami reasoned that it would be great to get the kids away from the heartache of Salem for a while, and she stressed that she would only have to be gone for six months. Sami added that it would mean a lot if Will worked on the project with her, and she pointed out that it was an amazing opportunity for him that would not only open a lot of doors but would also singlehandedly pay for Arianna's education.

Will didn't know how he could possibly ask Sonny to leave Club TBD behind and move to California at a moment's notice, but he nevertheless admitted that the offer was extremely tempting. Will agreed to at least talk to his husband about the matter, but he stressed that he couldn't commit to anything yet. Satisfied, Sami hugged Will and excitedly declared that the project was going to be a lot of fun. Bruce returned and happily observed that it sounded like Sami and Will were celebrating. Sami confirmed that, while Will hadn't made his decision yet, she was definitely on board.

Bruce assured Sami that she had made the right decision. "As for you, young man, I just spoke to my people, and I can officially offer you a deal to write the screenplay based on your article. Legal is writing up a contract as we speak, and the terms are more than generous. Does that make your decision any easier?" Bruce asked Will. Will wondered if it would be absolutely necessary for him to move to California if he accepted the offer, reasoning that he could easily write from anywhere in the world. Bruce apologetically explained that Will would need to relocate because he would be required to meet regularly with the project's producers and directors.

Bruce stressed that Will wouldn't have to worry about maintaining two homes at once, since housing was included in the deal. Bruce admitted that the house in question wasn't quite as extravagant as the DiMera mansion, but he boasted that it had an outdoor pool and plenty of room for everyone to live there comfortably, not to mention a Blue Ribbon school within walking distance. Bruce concluded with a warning that the offer wouldn't remain on the table indefinitely, so Will quickly excused himself so he could return home and discuss the matter with his husband.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny greeted Chad and handed him the finished Sonix article, explaining that Will had gone out earlier. Sonny grabbed a couple of beers from the refrigerator as Chad took a seat on the couch and started to read the article. Chad was impressed that Will had actually managed to make him sound interesting. "Funny -- when I read it, what came to mind was 'son of a bitch,'" Sonny teasingly mused.

"Maybe, yeah, but an interesting son of a bitch. Where some writers might've tried to spin things, Will just wrote the truth. [...] You're right -- your husband is one hell of a writer," Chad replied. Chad waited around a while longer but eventually excused himself after finishing his beer. Sonny apologized, admitting that he didn't know what was keeping Will. Concerned, Chad wondered if everything was okay with Sonny and Will. Sonny claimed that everything was fine, but Chad seemed skeptical.

When Will returned home a short time later, Sonny reported that Chad had just left but had approved of the article. Will wondered if Sonny had gotten a chance to read it yet. Sonny nodded and said the article was very impressive, adding that Will's writing just kept getting better and better. Will thanked his husband for the compliment and sighed as he walked over to his laptop to send the article to Zoe. Confused, Sonny observed that Will didn't seem particularly thrilled about the fact that the article was ready to be printed.

"I's just, um...I got [...] mom is...going to Hollywood...and she's taking the kids...and she wants me to come with her," Will hesitantly explained. Will knew it would seem like the move was just about him and his career, but he pointed out that screenwriters made a lot of money -- money that could be stored away for Arianna's college education. Will stressed that it would only be a six-month commitment, and he suggested that Ben and T -- and maybe even Chad -- could handle things at the club in Sonny's absence.

Sonny stopped his excited husband, who disappointedly guessed that Sonny didn't want to go to California. "I can't. But maybe you should," Sonny suggested. Will said he could never move to California without Sonny, but Sonny acknowledged that Will had received the opportunity of a lifetime, and he insisted that he couldn't keep Will from pursuing it. Sonny explained that he couldn't join Will because he was working on expanding the club and had already started looking at property. Will was surprised, but Sonny explained that he hadn't wanted to say anything because Will had been dealing with a lot of other stuff lately.

"I -- I'd come see you and Ari as much as I could in Hollywood. But Will, if this is something that's really important to you, and -- and you want to give this a try for six months...maybe you should go," Sonny reiterated. Will wondered if Sonny truly meant that. "Of course I mean it. I wouldn't hold you back if this is what you really want. It's your decision," Sonny diplomatically replied.

Will excitedly hugged, kissed, and declared his love for Sonny. Will quickly clarified that he hadn't made up his mind yet -- but, while he hated the idea of being apart from Sonny for six months, couples spent time apart all the time, and it would be really tough to turn down such a great offer. Meanwhile, Arianna started crying, so Will rushed into her bedroom to check on her after adding that he was really glad he and Sonny had talked. ", too. Me, too," Sonny sarcastically muttered after Will left the room.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Ben tried to find out what had happened during Jordan's earlier encounter with Clyde. "Do you want to tell him, Jordan, or should I?" Clyde asked as he stepped out of the shadows and made his presence known. Jordan remained silent, so Ben got in Clyde's face and demanded to know what the man had done to upset her. "All I did is warn Jordan that if she didn't stop tryin' to come between us, I'd tell you how she murdered your mother," Clyde calmly revealed.

Ben was shocked to learn that Jordan had been driving the truck that their mother had died in, since she had always led him to believe that Clyde had been responsible for their mother's death. Jordan tearfully insisted that the brakes hadn't worked and that the wreck had been an accident, and she urged Ben not to listen to his father's claims to the contrary, but he observed that the truth was written all over her face. Jordan reached out for Ben, but he recoiled in protest. "Do not touch me, you lying bitch!" Ben snapped before storming off.

"Do you want to answer him, Jordan, or should I?" Clyde repeated, snapping Jordan out of her nightmarish fantasy. Feeling trapped, Jordan struggled to maintain her composure as she apologetically claimed that her earlier encounter with Clyde had made her realize that she needed to stop selfishly using her own misgivings about him as an excuse to stand in the way of his attempts to have a relationship with Ben. Jordan added that she had finally realized that Clyde was simply trying to make things right and that there were no strings attached to his offer to pay for Ben's college education.

Ben hugged Jordan and assured her that he understood why she had been suspicious of Clyde's true motives. Ben explained that his entire life could change -- in a positive way -- if he accepted his father's offer, and Jordan conceded that there was no reason for him to decline, so he excitedly agreed to take his father up on the offer and try to enroll as early as the following January.

Ben was eager to share the exciting news with Abigail, so he and Jordan parted ways after he thanked Clyde one last time. Jordan returned as soon as the coast was clear, and Clyde wasn't the least bit surprised to see her again. Clyde applauded Jordan's earlier performance, but before she could respond, she received a phone call from Ben. Jordan assured Ben that, despite Clyde's hovering, she had meant everything she had said earlier.

After ending the call, Jordan warned that she would tell Ben everything if Clyde ever tried to hold the favor over his head. "He may not ever forgive me, but he would definitely never forgive you. You would be dead to him," Jordan added before walking away. Clyde smiled and muttered that he wasn't as sure about that as Jordan seemed to be.

While Abigail was waiting for Ben at Club TBD, Lucas spotted her and seized the opportunity to find out how she was doing in light of E.J.'s death. Abigail assured Lucas that she was fine, and when she asked about Allie, he reported that the girl was okay and that he was really proud of the way she had been supporting Johnny and Sydney. Changing the subject, Lucas knowingly observed that Ben seemed like a really nice guy, and Abigail agreed. Lucas winced when Abigail informed him that her brother was in love with Eve Donovan's daughter, since he knew that could mean trouble for J.J.

Lucas received an ominous text message from Sami, but he was reluctant to leave Abigail alone, since he could tell that she was getting worried about her boyfriend's tardiness. Abigail assured Lucas that she would be fine, so he rushed off to find out what was going on with Sami. Later, Ben finally arrived, and after apologizing for keeping Abigail waiting, he excitedly told her about his father's offer to pay for him to go to college.

Abigail was happy for Ben, and he stressed that he was happy for both of them, since it meant he would also finally be able to get a real place that she could stay at whenever she wanted to. Meanwhile, at the park, Clyde contacted Jeremiah, and after receiving confirmation that Miguel had been dealt with, Clyde told Jeremiah to return to Salem right away -- with another load of goods to sell.

Chad ran into Jordan outside the Brady Pub, and she assured him that she and Ben had talked and that everything was fine. Chad optimistically hoped that meant Jordan would be willing to have dinner with him sometime, but when she started to respond that she had a lot going on, he stopped her and observed that she didn't seem to be in the right frame of mind to make her decision at that time, anyway. "Unless...this might change that," Chad added before leaning in to kiss Jordan. Chad walked away after ending the kiss, stating that he was looking forward to hearing from Jordan.

Lucas arrived at the DiMera mansion just as Sami was escorting Bruce to the front door, so she quickly introduced the men. After Bruce left, Sami explained to Lucas that she had something to tell him, and she predicted that it would probably make him think she was crazy. "That's old news," Lucas joked, but he got a bit worried when he saw a very familiar look on Sami's face. Sami proceeded to tell Lucas about her plan to move to California, and she was shocked when he admitted that the idea was crazy -- but also terrific. "Whatever gets you out of the haunted mansion as soon as possible," Lucas reasoned.

Lucas admitted that he wasn't exactly thrilled about the fact that Allie would be moving thousands of miles away from him, but he knew it was only going to be a temporary relocation, and Mad World had offices in Los Angeles, so he warned that Sami wouldn't be able to get rid of him that easily. Sami assured Lucas that she wouldn't have even considered the move if she had thought it might take her away from him for good. Lucas promised to visit as often as possible, and Sami thanked him for his support, admitting that she had been anticipating a huge fight about the matter.

Lucas joked that no one wanted to see Sami's life story on the big screen more than he did, although he added that he wanted her to convince their son to leave out a few of their more embarrassing moments. Sami laughed as she and Lucas reminisced about their storied history together, and Sami admitted that she felt blessed to have amazing people in her life who were willing to support her unconditionally. Sami told Lucas that she loved him, and he returned the sentiment before abruptly changing the subject, eager to discuss casting options for his character. Lucas wanted Channing Tatum to play him, but Sami had been thinking of Seth Rogen instead.

Lucas promised to visit again the following day to say goodbye to Allie. Lucas admitted that, despite all the years they had spent fighting, making up, and fighting again, he was really going to miss Sami. Sami returned the sentiment and added that she would never have a better friend. Sami hugged Lucas and kissed his cheeks, and he walked away after agreeing that he would never have a better friend, either.

In the park, Jill feigned ignorance when Paige reminded her that they had met at the college kickoff party a few weeks earlier, so Paige added that Jill had drugged and taken advantage of J.J. after ditching Rory on the night in question. Jill stalled so she could grab some nearby litter and toss it in the trashcan to cover up the hat and sunglasses she had discarded earlier, fearing that Paige might recognize the items because they had once belonged to her. Paige threatened to call J.J. or the police, so Jill gave in and agreed to tell Paige the truth about what had happened that night.

Jill confirmed that J.J. had been drugged, but she stressed that she wasn't responsible, pointing out that other people had gotten their drinks spiked at the party, too. Jill added that J.J. had seemed sober at first but had eventually started acting wasted, and she claimed that he had started hitting on her at that point. Jill admitted that she wasn't proud of what had happened with J.J., but she reasoned that Paige couldn't blame him, since such things happened all the time at parties.

"Your boyfriend was just trying to be a nice guy. Rory left me, I didn't know a soul, J.J. was waiting for you to come back -- we were just...passing the time. [...] When he wanted to start taking all those selfies, I guess the drugs really started kicking in, 'cause he just really got into it. [...] Let's just say that he's a -- ahem -- fun guy. But, I mean, I guess you already knew that. Worldly, too. He said something about all these girls in...England? Was it England? [...] He just said that he got a lot of action. I mean, I can sure see why," Jill teasingly added, knowing that she was making Paige uncomfortable.

Jill concluded that she had rushed off when the police had arrived to break up the party, and she had never seen J.J. again. "Listen, let it go. I mean, sure, maybe your boyfriend's a little bit of a player. Keep him from getting blitzed, maybe it won't be an issue," Jill advised with a shrug before walking away.

J.J. rushed to Eve's side to help the fallen woman, but she irritably insisted that she was fine, despite the fact that she had clearly injured her right wrist when she had extended her hand to break her fall. Eve demanded to know what J.J. was doing at her apartment, and when he replied that he was looking for her daughter, she revealed that he had just missed Paige. J.J. explained that his friend had spotted Jill earlier and that they were trying to track the girl down so he could prove to Eve that he hadn't cheated on Paige. J.J. expected skepticism from Eve, so he was pleasantly surprised when she admitted that she believed that Jill had been seen earlier.

J.J. started to excuse himself after checking again to make sure that Eve was all right, but she cried out in pain as he turned to leave, so he changed his mind and went to the kitchen to make an ice pack for her. J.J. offered to take Eve to the emergency room, but she refused the offer, fearing that she would be given a painkiller there that would force her vocal cord surgery to be postponed. J.J. understood but decided to stick around until Eve was certain that she was going to be okay. Eve soon started complaining about a cramp in her wrist, so J.J. massaged it for her, explaining that he had learned how to deal with such problems when he had played baseball.

J.J. and Eve locked eyes with each other as he continued to massage her wrist, but she eventually pulled away from him and stammered as she assured him that she was starting to feel much better, thanks to his help. Meanwhile, J.J. received a text message from Paige, so he abruptly excused himself. After J.J. left, Eve found herself thinking about the wrist massage he had given her earlier. Later, Eve received a phone call from Jill, and she was relieved to learn that Jill had deftly handled the earlier encounter with Paige.

J.J. met Paige in the town square and was surprised to learn that she had found Jill earlier. Paige admitted that she had decided to ask Jill for the truth herself, since she had overheard Rory suggesting earlier that J.J. didn't really want to find Jill, anyway. J.J. insisted that Rory had been wrong, but Paige didn't seem to care. Paige reported that Jill had denied being responsible for J.J.'s spiked drink, but that was all she was willing to tell him about the earlier conversation.

"J.J., I want us to take a break. [...] Please...don't text me, don't call me. I just -- I just need to figure all this out, okay? [...] I really thought I knew you," Paige told a stunned and hurt J.J. before walking away.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In the DiMera mansion, Sami packed for the move to California. Allie frantically ran into the room, saying they could not leave town without her doll, Veronica. Sami counseled Allie to think about where she had left her doll. As Hope arrived with Ciara, Allie remembered that she had left her doll in the garden. Sami urged Allie and Ciara to go out to the garden to find the doll.

Once the girls were outside, Sami explained to Hope that she was moving to California. Sami told Hope that she was working with producers to make a movie about Sami's life. Hope was elated by Sami's news. When Hope asked if Sami was ready to leave town, Sami teared up. Sami explained that she wanted to help the kids get a fresh start and not be reminded of E.J. in every room of the house. Hope hugged Sami goodbye.

With a grin, Sami said that when she had told the children about the move, it had been the first time she had seen the children smile since E.J.'s death. Sami added that Johnny had been having difficulty at school with the other kids because of his family name and that the move would help him. Concerned, Hope asked Sami if she was moving to California just for the kids. Sami admitted that she needed to leave town because she believed that she needed the distraction to help her move on with her life.

Out in the garden, Allie told Ciara that they were moving to California. When Ciara asked why, Allie explained that they were going to make a movie about Sami's life. Allie smiled and told Ciara that she could visit them in California whenever she wanted. Ciara smiled to herself, and followed Allie back into the house after they found the doll. Allie ran upstairs to pack her doll, and Ciara entered the living room and asked Hope to talk.

"Allie really wants me to go to Hollywood with her. Can I?" Ciara asked. Hope said no. Ciara continued to plead with Hope and reminded Sami that Ciara should be a part of the movie because Sami had stolen Ciara's earring. Hope asked Ciara to apologize for what she had said about the earring. Ciara grudgingly obliged. When Hope mentioned that they could visit California, Ciara complained that a weekend was not enough time. Hope asked Ciara to drop the subject. Ciara exclaimed that she was not happy, and she marched upstairs.

Sami apologized for getting Ciara riled up about California. Hope assured Sami that it was not her fault. Hope explained that Ciara wanted to run away from the reality that her parents were divorcing. With a smile, Hope assured Sami that the move would be a good way to restart her life. Sami asked Hope if her divorce was also about starting over. Chuckling, Hope said it was.

Sami and Hope sat down for coffee and talked. With a wistful sigh, Sami admitted that the man that E.J. had been when they had married was nothing like the man he had been when they had met. Hope noted that Sami had been hooked from the start. Playfully resisting agreeing, Sami eventually admitted that she had wanted to see the good in E.J. With tears in her eyes, Sami talked about the look on E.J.'s face the first time he had held Johnny. Hope hugged Sami, and they told one another how much they would miss each other.

In the Horton living room, Jennifer informed Abigail that she needed to leave town to take care of Abigail's grandmother. When Jennifer asked about J.J., Abigail told her that J.J. had left in a hurry to talk to Daniel and that he had looked upset. Jennifer said she was annoyed that J.J. had reached out to someone outside the family. As Abigail reached out to her mother, Jennifer announced that she needed to head the hospital. Abigail thanked Jennifer for helping her work through her emotions after E.J.'s death. Abigail promised Jennifer that J.J. knew that Jennifer was there for him.

At the hospital, J.J. met with Daniel in his office to talk about Paige. J.J. explained that he had been prepared to tell Paige about Kayla's rape, but that Rory had interrupted by reporting that he had spotted Jill in town. J.J. added that Paige had found Jill and that Jill had said many people had been drugged at the party. Upset, J.J. said that Jill's story was that J.J. had pursued Jill at the party.

J.J. said he was concerned that Paige had misinterpreted why he had pulled away from her. With a sigh, J.J. said that Paige was avoiding his phone calls because she did not want to talk about the party. Daniel urged J.J. to find Paige and talk to her before it destroyed J.J.'s relationship. When Daniel asked J.J. if anything else was bothering him, J.J. thought about when he had examined Eve's sore wrist and they had been uncomfortably close. J.J. told Daniel that he was fine.

As J.J. looked out the window, Daniel encouraged J.J. to use the key to Daniel's apartment to meet with Paige. Outside Daniel's office, Jennifer arrived and overheard Daniel tell J.J. to do what he needed to do with Paige at Daniel's apartment. Jennifer's mouth dropped open in shock. Inside the office, J.J. thanked Daniel for the apartment key.

Jennifer walked down the hallway in a daze. When J.J. walked down the hallway and passed her, Jennifer called out to him. Jennifer told J.J. that she needed to leave town to take care of his grandmother. When Jennifer mentioned that she had overheard J.J. and Daniel discussing an apartment key, she reminded J.J. that she had given her key back to Daniel. Shaking his head, J.J. explained that he had his own key for when he babysat for Daniel. J.J. told Jennifer to drive safely and that he would talk to her when she returned to town.

Furious, Jennifer marched back to Daniel's office to confront him. Jennifer ordered Daniel to stop what he was doing with J.J. As Daniel looked up at Jennifer, confused, Jennifer argued that she was livid that Daniel had handed J.J. a key to his apartment and encouraged J.J. to meet with Paige there for sex. Daniel assured Jennifer that he had given the key to J.J. for babysitting and that J.J. had promised that he would not take advantage of the apartment for other reasons.

"This is what you do. You involve yourself in my children's lives and then you keep it from me. You don't tell me anything," Jennifer said. Daniel countered that it was J.J.'s job to inform Jennifer of what was going on his life. Daniel added that he had encouraged J.J. to open up to Jennifer. Daniel advised Jennifer to listen to J.J. Still furious, Jennifer warned Daniel not to give her parenting advice. Daniel told Jennifer she was acting overly sensitive. Jennifer accused Daniel of repeatedly lying to her, including when he had protected Nicole.

With a groan, Daniel reiterated that he had not lied and that he had been waiting for Nicole to tell the truth to Eric. Daniel said that Jennifer had not trusted him to stand up to Nicole. Jennifer accused Daniel of enjoying the rush of power in keeping secrets with J.J. Bewildered, Daniel asked Jennifer what she was talking about.

Jennifer accused Daniel of punishing her for not having enough faith in him. Daniel assured Jennifer that he was not punishing her. Shaking her head, Jennifer said that she felt like Daniel was playing games with her. When Jennifer mentioned Kristen, Daniel growled that Kristen was not Jennifer's concern. Jennifer yelled that she did not know Daniel anymore.

"Honest to God, Jen, when you come in here like that, guns blazing, I don't know who you are either," Daniel said softly. Daniel reiterated that he had believed that Jennifer had trusted him to do the right thing. Jennifer accused Daniel of refusing to work on their relationship. When Daniel asked Jennifer if she wanted to end their relationship, Jennifer wondered aloud if she had been right when she'd had her doubts about him.

"I think the love I had for you is finally, completely gone," Jennifer said through tears. Overcome, Jennifer ran out of Daniel's office. Daniel stared into the distance, shaking his head.

Brady had spent the night at Theresa's apartment. As Brady dressed, he warned Theresa that he did not know where their relationship was headed. With a grin, Theresa kissed Brady and promised him that she would make him forget Kristen. Theresa promised to take things slowly with Brady. As Brady nodded, Theresa said that she hoped they could learn from their past mistakes.

"I think we can take this to a whole new level," Theresa purred. Brady nodded. Brady called the hospital to check on John, and after the call, he informed Theresa that the hospital planned to release John. Excited, Brady said he wanted to go to the hospital to tell John the great news. As Brady and Theresa opened the door to leave, Anne brushed past Theresa and announced that she had big news. Brady urged Theresa to stay, and he left.

Annoyed, Theresa asked what had happened. When Anne mentioned Kristen, Theresa yelled that she did not want to hear about Kristen. Anne persisted and noted that the scholarship program was a big boost to her career. Theresa countered that the scholarship program did not make any sense and that Kristen was scheming to get Brady back. Hurt, Anne said she was disappointed that Theresa did not want to support her after all the times that Anne had supported Theresa.

"All you get are breaks, honey. And you don't show an iota of gratitude. Why? Because everyone, including yours truly, is just an extra in your damn movie. Well I'll tell you, it's getting real old," Anne said. With a dismissive smile, Theresa asked Anne if she was done with her rant. Theresa walked out, leaving Anne to fume in the apartment.

In Kristen's hotel room, she listened to the recording of Theresa confessing to hitting John on the head with the fireplace poker. Grinning like a cat, Kristen made a phone call. When Anne arrived at Kristen's hotel room, she handed the paperwork for the scholarship over to Kristen. Smiling, Kristen announced that she would need to review the materials with Anne in detail.

Anne and Kristen sat down to review the paperwork. Kristen asked Anne to spell her name, and Anne obliged. With a start, Kristen announced that she had forgotten about an appointment. Kristen rushed Anne out the door of her hotel room. Kristen hurriedly returned to her computer and listened to her recording of Anne spelling her name aloud. Kristen then replayed Theresa's confession.

Brady visited John at the hospital to inform him that the hospital would be releasing him. John asked about work and Brady's personal life. Shaking his head, Brady assured John that he was not spending time with Kristen. Brady's phone beeped with a text message from Kristen asking him to meet. Brady read the text with a frown. When John asked if everything was okay, Brady said he needed to take care of something.

As Brady left John's hospital room, Theresa watched him leave but said nothing. Theresa opened John's hospital room door and saw him lying in bed with his eyes closed. As Theresa started to leave, John called out to her and asked to talk. Theresa told John she was happy to hear John would be leaving the hospital. Theresa added that she was pleased that John's memory had returned. Smirking, John noted that Theresa must be brimming with joy that he had remembered what happened the night of his head injury.

"You want to protect Brady, and so do I," Theresa said. John said he wanted to get to know Theresa better. John asked Theresa whether booze and drugs were all she saw in Brady. Theresa frowned and asked John what was wrong. Theresa reminded John that he had confirmed her story but that he seemed to be giving her an attitude. John firmly said that he remembered the details of the night of his injury.

"If I'm not being nice to you, Theresa, I think you know why," John said.

In the town square, Aiden walked past the flower cart. As Aiden sniffed a bouquet of flowers, he thought about his conversation with Ciara. Aiden grabbed two bouquets of flowers and smiled. Aiden walked to the pub and gave the flowers to Hope and Ciara as they ate. Ciara grumbled that the flowers were not enough to make her feel better after Hope had refused to let Ciara go to California. Hope explained to Aiden about Sami's situation. Aiden told Ciara that Salem would be too dull without Ciara and that she was the star of Salem. Ciara smiled.

Sami walked Johnny to the town square to pick up a couple of items. As Sami looked through one of her bags, Johnny spotted Abigail sitting on a bench, and he ran over and hugged her. Johnny told Abigail about the move to California. As Johnny chattered, he noticed his friend near the square. While Johnny went to talk to his friend, Abigail and Sami stood awkwardly next to each other. Abigail said she had thought about sending Sami a note but that she had wondered whether it would have been appropriate. When a steel-faced Sami said it would not have been appropriate, Abigail nodded and started to walk away. Sami sighed and asked Abigail to wait.

Sami told Abigail that she did not hate her and that she needed to let her anger go. Sami wished Abigail well with her life. With a shocked look, Abigail wished Sami the same. As Abigail walked away, Johnny ran into Sami's arms, and they headed back to the mansion. In the corner, Abigail fought back tears.

Brady met with Kristen at her hotel room. When Brady asked Kristen if she was headed to meet with Stefano in Europe, Kristen said that she would leave after she told him some important information. Kristen said that she believed that once Brady heard what she had to say, it could lay the groundwork for forgiveness. Irritated, Brady urged Kristen to get to the point. Kristen asked Brady if he was aware that Eric had told her that he intended to forgive her. Brady did not believe her and stressed that he would confirm the information with Eric.

"He knows the power of forgiveness, and so do I. It's because of my love for you that I was able to forgive your father and save his life. Who knows, life is crazy, maybe I could actually forgive Marlena sometime," Kristen said with a chuckle. Frustrated, Brady complained that Kristen had texted him about leaving town,yet she was talking to him about a possible future. When Brady said that he had other plans, Kristen asked Brady if he meant Theresa.

"Whatever happens between you and me, that is not possible. It's time you knew why," Kristen said as she picked up her tablet computer. Kristen said that she had suspected that Theresa had been lying about John's injury. Kristen played the recording of Anne's voice and argued that Brady would learn the truth. Upset, Brady grabbed Kristen and shook her. When Brady let Kristen go, she played the recording of Theresa admitting what she had done to John. Brady's jaw fell open as he heard Theresa announcing that she had hit John with the poker.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rafe visited Sami at the DiMera mansion because he'd heard about her upcoming move to Los Angeles. When Sami confirmed that it was true, at least for the next six months, Rafe acknowledged that she'd needed some good news. After Sami had filled Rafe in about the movie they were making about her life, she noted that he had seen a lot of the action in person, and he might have preferred not to be a participant. Rafe insisted that the two of them had shared a lot of great times together, and he wouldn't trade them for anything. Sami concurred. Rafe said he had a feeling that things would work out great for Sami in Hollywood.

Rafe explained that he'd also stopped by to return something to Sami. He handed her a small manila envelope, in which Sami found E.J.'s wedding ring. As she fondled the ring, Sami began to cry, and Rafe apologized for not telling her what was in the envelope. Sami said that she had repeatedly called the police station to get the ring back, but they had told her that they'd needed to keep all of E.J.'s effects until the case was closed. Rafe explained that except for a few loose ends, it seemed as if they had all the facts in the case.

Sami couldn't believe that she would never know why E.J. had gone into the woods or why her children had lost their father and she'd lost her husband. "Your dad and I, we just wanted you to have that back before you left. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if giving it to you brought up all those feelings again," Rafe said gently. Sami reassured Rafe that she was very glad to have the ring back and grateful to Rafe for returning it.

Sami described how E.J. had bought new wedding rings for them and how they had exchanged vows again. "Johnny decreed that we were double married," she added. Rafe noted that the kids had to miss their dad a great deal. Sami tearfully admitted that it was difficult to watch her kids hurt, and she didn't know how to help them deal with the loss of a parent. Rafe reminded Sami that the kids still had her, and she would make sure that they were all right. "They're lucky... You may go a little crazy at times, but you're a force. I was lucky, too," Rafe said sincerely.

As Rafe headed upstairs to say goodbye to the kids, Sami admitted that she and the kids would miss him a great deal. "I appreciate you always trying to keep me honest," Sami added, laughing through her tears. She embraced Rafe tightly, and he made her promise to take care of herself. He kissed Sami on the cheek and ascended the stairs.

A little later, Caroline and Kayla stopped by to see Sami and the kids. "I'm really sorry to leave you like this, Grandma," Sami said. Caroline acknowledged that being a widow wasn't easy, especially for someone as young as Sami, so Sami should do whatever she felt she had to do for herself and the kids. Kayla promised to take care of Caroline.

When Caroline went upstairs to say goodbye to the kids, Sami asked Kayla how her grandmother was really doing. Kayla said that Caroline would be fine -- or at least pretend to be. Sami guessed that Kayla would be relieved to see her go, but Kayla asserted that Sami and her family deserved to be happy after what they'd been through. The women shared an affectionate embrace.

Caroline returned downstairs when Kayla went upstairs to help the kids pack their toys. Caroline reported that the kids had been very well behaved -- because they were being raised right. Sami admitted that whenever she wasn't sure what to do, she simply asked herself what her grandmother would do. "Daddy always said that you were little but mighty, and you would stand up to the toughest bullies to protect your kids and your grandkids," Sami added. Caroline declared that Sami would not need her help -- but if she ever did, Caroline was just a phone call away.

"Come with us, Grandma! Come with me," Sami pleaded with Caroline, but Caroline quipped that she didn't like California because they put avocado on everything. Blubbering, Sami admitted that Caroline was the hardest person to say goodbye to. The women cried in each other's arms for a moment. "Oh, Grandma, even when my mom and dad broke up, you were there for me. You talked me through it. You've been there for every new baby, all those terrible breakups. You are my rock," Sami declared.

Caroline lightly pointed out, "You don't have to say all that, you know, because this is not my funeral." Laughing, Sami explained that she wanted Caroline to know how much everything had meant to Sami, such as when Will had come out to Caroline, who had handled it wonderfully well. "Never, as long as I live, will I ever forget the beautiful things you said at my son's wedding," Sami stated.

"You're going to be all right," Caroline reassured her grandmother. Sami admitted that she wasn't sure how, because she still ached for E.J. Caroline asserted that Sami Brady had always found a way. Sami admitted she was worried that Caroline might forget her, and Caroline countered that she was worried Sami would forget about her. "It is impossible to forget Samantha Brady!" Caroline declared.

Will returned to the apartment with Arianna after visiting Gabi in prison. He explained to Sonny that he'd gone alone because he'd needed to see if it were all right with Gabi if Will took Arianna to L.A. with him. Sonny was disheartened that Will seemed to have made the decision to take Arianna -- the baby Sonny thought of as his daughter -- to California, by talking to Gabi and without talking to Sonny. Will reminded Sonny that it would only be for six months.

With a sigh, Sonny apologized and acknowledged that the trip was very important to Will. Will added that it was also important to his family, and he needed to be there for his mom, who really needed to get out of Salem. He pointed out that Sonny could visit often, and Will would return for visits with Arianna. Will broke the news that his mom wanted him to fly out with her and the kids that day. "Well, I better get Ari packed. You're going to Hollywood," Sonny declared with a weak smile.

While Sonny folded Arianna's clothes, Will related that Zoe was going to hold his job. "So if things don't work out in L.A., I'll have a reason to come home," Will added, to Sonny's chagrin. Will reassured Sonny that he would return, but even if things took off in L.A., he would insist that he be based in Salem, because his life -- and Sonny -- were there.

After getting a text message from Will, Rafe stopped by Sonny and Will's. Sonny explained that Will had probably wanted Rafe to see Arianna before she and Will left for L.A. with Sami and the kids. That was news to Rafe. When Will emerged from the bedroom, he explained that Sami had likely wanted him to be the one to tell Rafe that he and Arianna were going to L.A., as well. Rafe wanted to know, "Are you going out there because your mom needs you, or is it because you think this is going to be good for your career?"

Will insisted that he was only going because his mom needed him -- but he was also happy about the job offer, which would allow him to put away a lot of money for Arianna's education and future. Arianna began to squeal in the bedroom, and Will went to get her because he guessed that she had heard her uncle's voice. Rafe asked if Sonny were really okay with Will and Arianna leaving. "Yeah, it's all good," Sonny maintained somewhat unconvincingly.

In Daniel's office at the hospital, Jennifer confirmed that she no longer loved Daniel, and she emphasized that they both knew what they'd had was over. She pointed out sadly that although he'd wanted to be alone for a while to think about things, every time she had tried to reach out to him, he had shut her down. Daniel countered that it hadn't been because he'd given up hope, only that he hadn't thought anything had changed. Jennifer said she had surmised that what Daniel had wanted to change was her -- but he had never even given her a chance to assure him that she thought he was a good person because he wouldn't even meet her for a cup of coffee.

Daniel offered to have the conversation that they'd been needing to have that evening, but Jennifer informed him that it was too late. She clarified that she was leaving town for a couple of weeks to stay with her mother, who was having surgery -- and when Jennifer returned, she intended to get a new job in which she was no longer involved with Daniel in any way, because they were no longer lovers or even friends.

A dispirited Daniel proclaimed that he still loved Jennifer. Jennifer said she knew that Daniel had loved her once, and she had loved him, but she reminded him of the events involving Nicole that had led up to his decision to take a break. She said that perhaps sharing her feelings with him had been a mistake, because she hadn't known that he would hold it against her and give him the silent treatment. Daniel countered that Jennifer had done the same thing when she'd made up her mind that he'd slept with Theresa.

Daniel declared that there was a hole in his life since he'd been apart from Jennifer, and he really wanted and needed for it to be her to fill it. Incredulous, Jennifer asked why he hadn't done anything to fix what was wrong between them. Daniel maintained that it had seemed as if Jennifer had been waiting for him to figure out that she'd been right, but Jennifer reminded him that he'd told her none of that.

Jennifer stated that she wanted Daniel to stay out of her kids' lives -- and she wanted him to get his key back from J.J. and stop being "the cool uncle" to her son. Daniel insisted that J.J. was going through something difficult and needed someone to talk to, but Jennifer firmly pointed out that she was J.J.'s mother. "You cannot have my family if you do not want me," Jennifer declared, heading for the door. Daniel grabbed her and insisted, "No, I do want you! How do I make you understand that?"

Daniel reminded Jennifer of everything they'd been through to be together. "You can't just walk out that door like it meant nothing. Okay, you think I don't play by the right rules? I think you're rigid -- but I also think that you still love me, and I know I love you, and this is not over," Daniel declared. Jennifer admitted that Daniel was very persuasive, and he asked if he could persuade her to stick around. Jennifer said that he could -- if he could tell her what the secrets were that he had with J.J. and if Daniel could explain what was going on with him and Kristen.

Dismayed, Daniel turned away from Jennifer and said that he couldn't do that. Jennifer demanded to know why, but he maintained that the reasons had nothing to do with her. Jennifer concluded that if Daniel couldn't tell her any of those things, then he didn't trust her. "So that's it for me. I'm done; I'm out!" Jennifer declared, adding, "I have loved you more than I ever thought I could love anyone ever again, and you saved my life in so many ways, and I will always be so grateful. But what I need right now is for you to be out of my life." Daniel had tears streaming down his face as Jennifer said goodbye and walked out the door.

In her hotel room, Kristen played back the recording of Theresa's confession that she was the one who had hit John with the poker. Brady yanked the tablet out of Kristen's hands and accused her of conspiring with her editor -- again -- to try to put one over on him. He replayed a portion of the recording where there was a clicking noise and asserted that it was clearly an edit where Kristen had spliced things together to make Theresa look guilty. Kristen swore that what she was trying to tell Brady was the truth, but he refused to believe anything she said.

Kristen urged Brady to ask Daniel if Brady wouldn't believe her. She implored Brady to listen to the recording again, but Brady flung the tablet aside. "You have really done it this time... You have shown me what a hateful bitch you really are, and you have set me free," Brady declared with a relieved sigh. Kristen couldn't believe that Brady could be over her, just like that. He contended that she was "the ultimate addiction," one he hadn't been able to stay away from even when he'd been able to see what she'd been doing to him.

Brady continued that Kristen going after someone innocent -- after her attempts to destroy Eric, Marlena, and John -- had made him see the light. Kristen tearfully insisted that Theresa, not Brady, had attacked John, and Kristen was telling him the truth about it because she loved Brady so much. Brady declared that he was fixing his life and his relationships with John and Marlena by staying sober -- and that life did not include Kristen in any way. Adding firmly that he hoped he never saw Kristen's face again, Brady strode out the door, leaving Kristen sobbing in his wake.

At the Horton house, Jennifer carried her suitcases downstairs and went into the living room to get her purse, which was sitting on the desk. She opened the desk drawer and took out an unframed photo of herself and Daniel -- then ripped it into pieces before heading out the door.

Daniel went to his apartment and poured himself a stiff drink. He checked the time, determined that it was still early, but gulped down the alcohol anyway. As he was staring wistfully at a picture of himself and Jennifer, there was a knock at the door. Daniel opened it and found Kristen in the hallway. Kristen admitted that Daniel had been right: Brady was never going to take her back. She began to cry quietly. Daniel put a tentative hand on Kristen's shoulder, and she turned around and wept in his arms.

In John's hospital room, Theresa demanded to know what John wanted from her. "Do you happen to know if Kristen DiMera is still in town?" John inquired. He observed that Theresa got jumpy whenever Kristen's name was mentioned, but before Theresa could respond, a nurse entered with John's discharge papers. Theresa seized the opportunity to hightail it out of John's room.

Theresa wandered anxiously through town, trying to figure out what John was up to besides trying to destroy her relationship with Brady. Theresa got a text message that caused her even more worry and anxiety. After Theresa went to her apartment, she seemed to have regained some confidence as she grabbed her purse and coat and sauntered out the door.

John was pulling on his jacket when Theresa returned to his hospital room. Theresa cheerfully admitted that they all had to be grateful to Kristen for finding the miracle drug that had saved John's life. Cutting through Theresa's small talk, John declared that he would never allow Kristen to get Brady back -- and he cautioned Theresa that she would live to regret it if she didn't let Brady go.

"Sorry. I'm not letting Brady go," Theresa said confidently. "Your choice. Just know that when the time is right, I'm going to tell my son what you did... I'm not playing games with you. Kristen's on her way out, and if you know what's good for you, you'll go back where you came from. And if you don't, I'm going to tell my son and the police the person who hit me that night wasn't Brady. It was you," John warned Theresa. Outside the door, which was ajar, Brady overheard everything.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

by Mike

John and Theresa tried to do damage control when they realized that Brady had overheard what they had been talking about, but it was too late. "Oh, my God -- she was right. She was right," Brady realized as he entered John's hospital room. Confused, Theresa desperately started to confirm that she had been right about what had happened between John and Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, but Brady irritably ordered her to shut up.

Brady quickly realized that his father had lied about the incident to keep him away from Kristen. John quietly confirmed the suspicion, explaining that, while he had considered telling everyone the truth after his memories of the night in question had returned, he had ultimately decided that doing so would have been the equivalent of aiding and abetting Kristen, so he had chosen not to help her.

"Dad, what you chose to do was let your son go on believing that he was the one that put his dad in a coma and almost killed him. [...] Do you have any idea what I've been going through, believing that I was the one that put you into that bed? [...] I have been eaten up with guilt about this thing, and you just let it go on, like it was no big -- what, did you think that -- that being with this liar was better than being with the other one?" Brady asked incredulously as he gestured toward Theresa. Theresa insisted that she loved Brady, but he thought her actions had proven otherwise.

"The sickest thing about this whole thing is the one person that had the respect enough to tell me the truth and to treat me like an adult was Kristen!" Brady bitterly mused. Theresa argued that Kristen had simply made up a story and that no one would ever know what had really happened on the night in question. Brady guessed that Theresa knew, but she claimed that she only knew that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Theresa complained that Kristen had lied to and manipulated Brady for months and therefore had no right to claim that she loved him, but he countered that the same could be said about Theresa. Brady started to list the people who had warned him about Theresa, and when he named Daniel, he suddenly remembered what Kristen had told him earlier. John insisted that he hadn't told Daniel anything, but Brady was certain that, one way or another, Daniel had learned the truth -- and that was another thing Kristen had been honest about.

Brady gave Theresa a chance to admit the truth, but she maintained her innocence, so he revealed that Kristen actually had a recording of Theresa confessing the crime to Anne. John started to say something, but Brady interrupted and told John to go to hell -- and to take Theresa with him. Brady stormed off, stating that he was headed to see someone he knew he could actually trust.

John tried to stop Brady, but Brady said John had no right to judge Kristen, since John's love for Brady was just as twisted as hers was. Theresa latched onto Brady's arm and tearfully begged him to give her a chance to explain, but he shook her off and boarded the elevator before she could regain her footing. As Theresa waited impatiently for another elevator, she warned John that things weren't over yet.

Kristen pulled away from Daniel's embrace and apologized for bothering him at home, explaining that she didn't really have anyone else she could turn to for support. Kristen thanked Daniel for not pretending to be sorry that things hadn't worked out for her and Brady. Kristen hoped that, despite Daniel's doubts about her, he at least knew that she loved Brady more than anything else in the world.

Daniel clarified that he knew Kristen believed that, but she insisted that it was actually true. "We've gotten close...a few times. I keep playing it over and over in my head, and I can almost find the exact minute -- the exact second -- when it just -- it just turned...and he was gone. And I knew that I couldn't stop it, and that I was never, ever gonna be able to stop it when it keeps happening over and over again, and I guess I just...have to accept it. [...] I'm never gonna be with Brady -- not ever -- and there's nothing I can do to change it," Kristen sadly concluded.

Kristen told Daniel about what had happened earlier, and she bitterly mused that it was quite ironic that she had been completely innocent for once but had still lost out in the end. Kristen had expected Daniel to revel in her misery, but when he remained shockingly silent, she guessed that he instead didn't believe that she was telling the truth about what had happened. Kristen pointed out that she had nothing to gain from lying about having her heart figuratively ripped out of her chest, and Daniel agreed, assuring her that he believed her -- and that he actually knew exactly how she felt.

Kristen found that really hard to believe, and she waited for Daniel to do his dance of superiority, but he quietly replied that he wasn't in the mood for that. Kristen irritably wondered what Daniel was in the mood for, and she impatiently urged him to say -- or, better yet, do -- something -- preferably something that involved saving Brady from "that gold-digger bitch" before she ruined Brady's life. Daniel said he wasn't going to get involved, and he added that Kristen needed to leave. Kristen guessed that Daniel was worried that Jennifer might catch them together again.

"Is it because she thinks I'm contagious and that me being even a little bit around you is somehow gonna rub off on you and it's gonna tarnish your perfectness? [...] What, she thinks I'm evil and I'm toxic? I've heard it so many times before. And you're the perfect one, aren't you?" Kristen bitterly guessed. Daniel remained silent, prompting Kristen to wonder if he and Jennifer had gotten into a fight of some sort -- perhaps one that had involved the mysterious issue that had gotten between them that no one really knew anything about. As Kristen continued to taunt Daniel about the matter, he finally snapped and shouted that she needed to shut up.

Daniel explained that Jennifer had ended their relationship for good earlier. "Okay. So I guess you do understand what I'm feeling. Good," Kristen replied. Daniel called Kristen a sadistic witch, but she dismissively replied that she simply couldn't take him seriously, since Jennifer always got over things in the end, anyway. Kristen spotted a glass of whiskey sitting next to a framed photograph of Daniel and Jennifer, and she teasingly guessed that he had been drowning his sorrows when she had arrived earlier.

As Kristen drained the glass, Daniel angrily grabbed her wrists and observed that she seemed to feed off of everyone else's pain like it was her blood sport. Daniel warned Kristen to shut her mouth, but she just challenged him to make her shut up, and before he could respond, she kissed him and ripped his shirt open. Daniel and Kristen headed into his bedroom, and as they continued to undress, Brady arrived and found the apartment door slightly ajar.

Adrienne was confused when she received an urgent text message from Sonny about needing to see her right away, and she was even more confused when she got to his and Will's apartment and noticed two suitcases sitting next to the couch. "Will and Ari are going to Los Angeles," Sonny announced, plastering a smile on his face and draping a supportive arm around his husband's shoulders.

Will, who was clearly quite excited about the trip, rushed into Arianna's bedroom after suddenly realizing that the shoes Adrienne had recently purchased for the child would be perfect for the beach. "You want to tell me what's really going on here?" Adrienne asked Sonny once they were alone. Sonny explained that Will was headed to Los Angeles because he wanted to help Sami and the kids. Adrienne argued that Sami didn't need a babysitter, but Sonny clarified that what Sami needed was her family, including Will.

Adrienne understood that but wondered if Will would even be able to work for Sonix from Los Angeles. Sonny explained that Will had actually been hired to write the film adaptation of Sami's life story. Adrienne rolled her eyes and started to make a sarcastic comment about the plan to turn Sami's life story into a movie, but Sonny shushed her and quickly closed the door to Arianna's bedroom so Will wouldn't overhear anything.

Adrienne apologized and explained that the whole thing just seemed really drastic, especially since Sonny and Will had only been married for six months. Sonny stressed that he and Will weren't separating and that Will had wanted him to move to California with the rest of the group. Adrienne argued that Will should have known that Sonny wouldn't have been able to just abandon the club. "That's not Will's fault. It's not fair for my business to tie him down," Sonny countered. Adrienne started to clarify that, while she wasn't blaming Will, the situation just seemed odd to her, but Sonny interrupted and insisted that the matter had already been settled.

Will emerged from Arianna's bedroom a short time later, carrying the shoes he had been searching for. As Will slipped them into a suitcase, Adrienne observed that it seemed like he was about to embark on quite an adventure. Will hoped that would be the case, since Sami could use the escape from reality. Adrienne added that it sounded like Will had gotten a really good job out of the deal, too, but Sonny saw where she was headed and clarified that the job offer had been a surprise. "It just came out of the blue. Such a lucky break," Will mused as Sonny remained silent.

When Lucas arrived at the DiMera mansion to say goodbye to Allie, Kate was watching Sami sign documents in the living room. Lucas jokingly asked if Sami was signing away her soul, and she replied that she was actually saving it for once. Sami informed Lucas that Allie was in the garden, so he headed outside to see his daughter.

Sami signed the final document and declared that Kate had just officially been made the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises. "If you can hold on to it," Sami wryly added, although she conceded that she wasn't willing to risk betting against Kate. Sami guessed that Kate would soon replace their portrait with one that didn't include Sami, but Kate admitted that she had actually grown fond of it.

Kate mused that Sami was like a bad haircut -- one Kate had been unable to fix but had eventually grown accustomed to. Sami laughed as she recalled that Kate had called her worse things in the past. "For twenty years, you gave me nothing but grief, and I hated you for it. But you taught me how to be tough; you taught me how to fight for myself. [...] So now you're gonna fight for both of us, right? You're gonna fight for the kids. It's all on you -- you've gotta finish what we started, okay? And promise me you won't stop until you make sure that Stefano's destroyed for good," Sami added.

Kate assured Sami that they were on the same page about Stefano, pointing out that neither of them would be safe until he was neutralized. Sami pointed out that she would be just a phone call away if needed, but Kate didn't want Sami to worry about anything other than taking care of herself and the kids. "Anyway, it'll be easier to run things here without you screwing things up," Kate jokingly added.

Sami scoffed and challenged Kate to admit that she would miss having Sami around, but before Kate could respond, Marlena and Roman entered the mansion and interrupted the conversation. Sami hugged her parents and braced herself for Roman to declare that she was crazy for deciding to move to Los Angeles, but he admitted that, while he had initially planned to do just that, Marlena had convinced him that the move would be good for Sami and the kids. Marlena abruptly excused herself so she could check on the kids, and she pointedly cleared her throat as she turned toward Kate, who took the hint and headed into the study to make some phone calls.

Confused, Sami wondered if she was about to be hit with a bait-and-switch tactic of some sort, but Roman guessed that such a trick wouldn't work on her, since it never had before. Sami tearfully stressed that, while she had often dismissed Roman's advice in the past, it had never been because she hadn't cared about making him proud or getting his approval. Roman replied that he had only ever wanted Sami to be safe and happy. "I will be proud of you till the day I die," Roman sincerely added as he embraced his daughter.

Roman acknowledged that Sami had always been fearless, but he added that she was also a great mother, and he assured her that he knew that was why she was moving to Los Angeles. Sami confirmed that she wanted her kids to have room to breathe -- and she wanted time with them, too. Roman urged Sami to enjoy every moment she spent with the kids, since he knew from experience that they would grow up far too quickly.

As Sami hugged her father again, Eric arrived and greeted her, smiling as he warned that he wasn't going to let her sneak out of Salem without saying goodbye to him. Sami laughed and embraced Eric as she pointed out that he never allowed her to get away with anything. Roman went outside to give Sami and Eric some privacy. Sami admitted that her first impulse had been to tear up the Universal Pictures deal when it had been offered to her, and Eric was surprised when she added that a visit from Nicole had made her change her mind and decide to accept the offer instead.

Eric and Sami spent a few minutes laughing about Johnny and Sydney's efforts to smuggle pet geckos and fish, respectively, onto the plane, and afterward, Eric handed Sami a framed photograph he wanted her to take to California. Eric explained that he had found the picture -- which had been taken when he and Sami had been two years old -- in Caroline's stash of photographs, and he had done some editing to improve the quality of it, since it had been pretty worn when he had found it. Sami's hand was in front of Eric's face in the picture, so she teasingly blamed that on his editing skills.

Eric guessed that Sami had probably just been trying to protect him from something at that time, as she always had. Sami clarified that she had probably been trying to protect Eric from something she had done, but he dismissed the suspicion. "You -- you, Eric Brady, are a wonderful human being, and you are so kind, and people take advantage of that, okay? So you have to work at protecting yourself better," Sami tearfully advised Eric, who shook his head and replied that it was her job to protect him. Sami agreed and vowed to never stop doing so, and she assured Eric that she would be back in a flash if he ever needed her.

As Sami hugged Eric, Marlena entered the room and informed them that Will and Sonny were helping Sydney with something but were being very secretive about it. Sami and Eric simultaneously realized that Sydney had convinced Sonny and Will to help her pack her fish, so Eric raced upstairs to stop them. Marlena struggled to maintain her composure as she hugged her daughter, explaining that, while she knew the move was only temporary, and she planned to visit Sami and the kids in California very soon, it still felt like they were saying a very big goodbye to each other. Sami jokingly pointed out that she never did anything in a small way.

Outside, Allie admitted to Lucas that, while she was sad about E.J.'s death, she was glad to be going on a trip, since school had stopped being fun lately. Lucas had already heard about Johnny getting teased for having the DiMera surname, and he assured Allie that it probably wouldn't be a problem in California. Lucas hugged Allie and promised to visit her as often as possible and keep in touch with her via all her favorite methods of contact.

Elsewhere, Johnny promised Roman that he would watch out for Allie and Sydney. Abe interrupted to say goodbye to Johnny -- and to give E.J.'s watch to the boy, reasoning that E.J. would have wanted his son to have it. Johnny slipped the watch over his wrist and started to set it back a couple of hours, knowing that there was a time difference in California. Roman offered to poke a few more holes in the strap so the watch would fit Johnny's wrist properly. Johnny revealed that he wanted to be just like his father when he grew up, and Roman diplomatically replied that he was certain Johnny would grow up to be a good man.

Will and Sonny strolled through the garden, looking for pebbles Sydney wanted for her fish. Will doubted that the pebbles would make the fish any happier about the trip, but he admitted that he simply couldn't say no to his sister, because he just wanted her to be happy. "I know the feeling," Sonny sadly mused. Will stopped what he was doing and hugged Sonny tightly.

"I'm gonna miss you just as much," Will assured Sonny when they finally let go of each other. Will admitted that he was really going to owe Sonny for supporting the trip, and he suggested that he might even be willing to climb a mountain with Sonny to show his gratitude. Sonny and Will reminisced about their first date, during which Will had said he didn't even like being as far above the ground as his height demanded, let alone going even higher. Will promised to learn to get over that fear. "You don't need to negotiate, Will. I know you want this, and I want this for you. You need to be there for your family," Sonny assured Will.

Will reminded Sonny -- and perhaps himself, as well -- that the trip would only last six months. Sonny feared that Arianna would outgrow all her clothes and return to Salem looking just as big as Sydney, but Will assured Sonny that there was nothing to worry about. Will added that he would stay in shape for Sonny while in California, too. Sonny smiled and quietly said he would hold Will to that promise, and they kissed passionately.

Back inside, Sami regretfully acknowledged that there were a lot of things she had never said to Marlena. "I'm so sorry...for how hard I made it on you -- how difficult I was. I mean, now that I'm a mother, I -- you never gave up on me, and...I'm so lucky to have you," Sami tearfully began, but the kids interrupted before she could continue, funneling into the living room to announce that the limousine had just arrived.

Everyone headed outside, but Sami soon returned to the living room, realizing that she had forgotten something important. Sami quickly located a photo album on the bookcase, and she sighed wistfully as she flipped through the pages of cherished memories. Certain that she wasn't forgetting anything else, Sami started hugging everyone -- even Kate, who had initially offered to just shake Sami's hand instead. Sami thanked Sonny for lending her his husband and daughter for a while. Sami said Will and Arianna were lucky to have Sonny, but he replied that he was the lucky one, so she urged him not to forget that.

Lucas interrupted and informed Sami that the kids were tearing up the limousine -- and that Sydney's backpack was inexplicably wet. Sami called out to the kids to warn them that she would be inspecting their backpacks before they left -- and that all animals would have to stay behind with Harold. The kids were disappointed, but Sami promised to buy them new pets in Los Angeles.

Sonny walked Will to the limousine after Will and Sami said their final goodbyes to everyone, and Will and Sami got in the vehicle and headed off to the airport.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Hope was sitting alone at a table in Horton Square when a man wearing a creepy Halloween mask sneaked up behind her and placed a rubber hand on her shoulder. Hope looked up calmly and greeted Aiden by name. Disappointed that he hadn't been able to frighten or fool Hope, Aiden said he was going to start calling her "Sherlock." Aiden did manage to surprise Hope by kissing her lightly on the cheek.

Aiden lamented that he and Hope hadn't been able to do something special that night. Hope reminded him that they both had kids with full Halloween schedules, but she expressed appreciation for Aiden's continued efforts. Noting that they were spending a holiday together, Aiden suggested that after the kids were finished with their school party and trick-or-treating, the four of them could get together to watch some scary movies on DVD. Hope agreed on the condition that Ciara, whose taste was apparently far beyond her years, did not get to choose the movies -- and Aiden concurred as long as Hope broke that news to Ciara.

Hope and Aiden agreed to meet back there after he'd picked up the DVDs and Hope had stopped to get some gourmet popcorn. After Aiden walked away, Hope ran into a woman named Bree. As the women greeted each other with an affectionate embrace, they recalled attending "mommy and me" classes at their kids' school. Bree explained that she had moved to Portland. She said that she was back in town to take care of some business, but she was leaving again in a couple of hours. Bree observed that Hope looked very happy.

After Hope left, Bree noticed the rubber mask and fake hand on the table. She was about to call after Hope when Aiden returned to claim the Halloween items. He froze when he saw Bree. "Aiden Jennings," Bree said with surprise and a hint of dismay.

Rory sat at Club TBD, his nose buried in a comic book, unopened textbooks on the table in front of him. Bev arrived and asked if Rory were going to the kegger in the woods later. Rory admitted that he had to do some reading first. Although they clearly missed J.J.'s company, Bev and Rory halfheartedly agreed that they were better off without J.J.

As J.J. paced around the Horton living room, he tried calling Paige, but hung up in frustration when he heard her voicemail greeting. Determined to talk to Paige, J.J. sent her a text message that read, "Please pick up -- we have to talk!" He got a disappointing message from Abigail a little later and wished that he had someone to talk to about Paige. Maggie called, looking for Jennifer, and J.J. informed his aunt that his grandmother was doing well.

When there was a knock at the door, J.J. eagerly rushed to answer it, hopeful that it was Paige, but found Rory on the doorstep instead. Rory admitted that he was still mad at J.J., but he missed hanging out with J.J. and "doing [their] thing." He apologized for bailing on J.J. when J.J. had needed someone to talk to, and J.J. admitted that he still needed to talk. Rory was more than willing to listen, but he didn't understand why J.J.'s dad raping someone years earlier would mess things up for J.J. and Paige.

J.J. explained that both he and Paige knew the woman, and he was worried that Paige would decide he was like his dad. "What if I am like him?" J.J. fretted. Rory urged J.J. to give Paige time, and J.J. admitted that he'd probably screw things up if he tried to talk to her right then. Rory suggested that J.J. join him at the kegger and have some fun to take his mind off things. J.J. agreed.

A clearing in the woods was festooned with fake spider webs and other Halloween decorations surrounding a keg. When J.J. and Rory arrived, J.J. realized that he needed a jacket to hang out in the woods. Rory encouraged his friend to have a drink to warm up -- and he reminded J.J. of how badly things had gone the last time he'd decided not to drink. After checking his phone to see if Paige had called or sent him a message, J.J. accepted a beer from Rory. Bev spied on the guys from behind a bush, watching with satisfaction as Rory talked J.J. into another beer a little later.

Paige and Kayla arrived at the Brady Pub after Paige had accompanied Kayla on rounds at the hospital. Paige read J.J.'s text message, and her mood turned noticeably gloomier. Kayla asked what was wrong. Paige insisted that everything was fine, and she was really enjoying the program at the hospital. Kayla surmised that something was going on with J.J. Paige admitted that things between her and J.J. weren't going well, and Kayla offered to listen if Paige wanted to talk.

Paige explained that she and J.J. were taking a break, noting that her mom didn't like J.J. Paige claimed that she just wanted to be there for her mom, whose surgery was the next day. After Paige left to study for a midterm, Kayla shook her head, remarking to herself, "Eve, Eve, Eve. Some things never change."

Paige headed to the library, where she could hardly focus on her books because she kept thinking about happier times with J.J. After a while, she packed up her books and left.

Eric arrived at Eve's apartment to review her photo proofs with her. Eve eagerly pulled the contact sheets out of the envelope and informed Eric that since her final pre-op appointment with Dr. Chung wasn't until later that night, and Paige wouldn't be home until much later, they had all day together. Eve suggested playing a CD of her music for Eric so he could get a better idea of her style in order to help her choose the right photo. Eric said that he usually allowed the client to choose their own pictures, but Eve really wanted Eric's opinion.

Grabbing a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine from the kitchen, Eve told Eric to choose one. She explained that she couldn't drink because of her surgery the next day, but Eric declined, since it was still early. Eve noted the similarity between Eric having to give up his calling and her losing herself after losing her voice. Eric was clearly uncomfortable discussing that with Eve, so she changed the subject back to looking over the proofs. Eric got a text message just then and had to leave in a hurry. On his way out, he asked Eve to email him after she'd reviewed the pictures.

A little later, Kayla showed up to wish Eve luck before her surgery. Eve didn't buy that excuse. Kayla admitted that she wanted to follow up on the conversation the two of them had begun about Paige and J.J. Kayla explained that she was very fond of Paige, who was bright, articulate, and dedicated -- but after rounds that morning, Paige had been very down about the tension between Eve and J.J. Kayla offered to help Eve, but Eve wasn't interested in listening to Kayla make excuses for J.J.

Kayla acknowledged that J.J. had made a lot of mistakes and had struggled after his father's death, but she didn't think his past behavior should count against him. Kayla wondered if Eve's problems with J.J. were really rooted in her hatred of his mother. Eve asserted, "What scares me about J.J. is his father. Come on, Kayla, I don't have to tell you what Jack Deveraux was like, now, do I?" Eve continued that J.J. was just like his father in more ways than one.

"Jack was a worthless son of a bitch. He wasn't good enough for me, and his son certainly isn't good enough for my daughter," Eve declared. Kayla argued that Jack and J.J. were two completely different people -- and Jack had worked hard to turn his life around. Kayla voiced her suspicions that Eve was using Jack's history to control Paige. Just then, Paige got off the elevator and arrived outside the door of the apartment -- just in time to hear Eve say, "How can you stand there and defend Jack Deveraux? I mean, for God's sake, he raped you."

At Daniel's apartment, Kristen and Daniel had just tumbled impulsively into bed together when Brady showed up. Seeing the door partly open, a concerned Brady entered the apartment and looked around, puzzled. He made his way to the bedroom doorway, where he stood, unobserved, for a long moment while Daniel and Kristen frenziedly pawed and kissed one another. As Brady stared at his ex and his best friend going at it, his expression darkened with rage and incredulity until finally he left without a word. Brady bumped into a barstool on his way out, and Daniel heard the noise but quickly resumed kissing Kristen.

Before they had sex, Daniel pulled away, admitting, "This is wrong. I -- I can't." Kristen acknowledged that Daniel was right. As they got dressed, Daniel and Kristen agreed that whatever had just happened was completely over and had meant nothing. Kristen observed that in their misery in the wake of each of them losing the person who had made them happy, they had forgotten to close the door. Kristen announced that she was leaving Salem that day.

Chuckling, Kristen pointed out that although what had happened between her and Daniel had been intense and emotional, the two of them didn't even like each other -- and she was still rooting for Daniel and Jennifer to get back together. Daniel wasn't optimistic that would ever happen; his relationship with Jennifer was over because he hadn't found a way to get past what had happened between them. Kristen gave Daniel a goodbye kiss, first on the cheek then on the mouth, on her way out. Daniel picked up the broken photo of him and Jennifer and stared at it glumly.

Brady went to Club TBD and ordered a double Scotch. After contemplating the beverage for several minutes without taking a drink, Brady finally declared to himself, "They're not worth it. None of them are. They're not worth it." He put down the glass and headed out.

Marlena got off the elevator at the hospital and found John and Theresa glaring at each other across the few yards that separated them, while rapt hospital staff looked on. Marlena demanded to know what was going on. Theresa accused John of ruining things for Brady, and John ordered Theresa to stay away from Brady. As the exchange grew more heated, Marlena declared firmly, "That's enough. We're taking this into my office. Now!" John and Theresa reluctantly trudged after Marlena.

In Marlena's office, John fiddled with his phone while impassively explaining that Brady had found out the truth about what had happened the night John had been injured. Theresa pointed out that John had given an official report to the police, and she threatened to sue if John continued spreading lies about her. John reminded Theresa that Kristen had a recording of Theresa admitting that she was the one who'd bashed John's skull in with the poker.

Marlena stared at Theresa with disbelief. Theresa maintained that Kristen had manufactured the evidence, likely with John's help. Marlena thought they should contact the police, and Theresa was incredulous that Marlena would take Kristen's word after the video of Eric and Kristen had surfaced. John countered that it didn't matter because he remembered everything that had happened that night. After contending that Kristen would do anything to get Brady back and that John was a liar, Theresa stormed out.

Theresa charged into the Brady Pub, where Anne was sitting at a table near the bar, and demanded that Anne hand over her purse. Bemused, Anne did as Theresa commanded -- and Theresa immediately found the bug that Kristen had planted. "I told you not to trust that lying, dirtbag slut, but did you listen? No! Because Kristen DiMera is your new best friend, and you're going to help her set up a charitable fund," Theresa complained. Anne was completely floored.

An angry Theresa explained about the recording Kristen had made of Theresa's confession to Anne, but when Kristen had played it for Brady, he'd assumed that it had been a fake -- until he'd overheard his father divulging that he remembered everything about that night, including who had hit him in the head. Theresa was determined to find Brady so she could try to fix things.

In her office, Marlena expressed disbelief that John had remembered everything that had happened. John explained that after his memories had returned, he'd realized that he couldn't tell Brady the truth because Brady was grateful enough to Kristen about the drug that he would have forgiven her. As John left to find Brady, who hadn't been answering calls or text messages, Marlena urged her ex to be careful, since he wasn't fully recovered yet.

Eric met Marlena at the hospital after getting her text message. Marlena filled her son in about what was going on with Brady. When Daniel showed up, Marlena informed him that Brady knew that Theresa was the one who had hit John and that John had been lying about it in order to keep Brady from going back to Kristen. A dismayed Daniel promised to let Brady know that Marlena and Eric were looking for him.

John went to the Kiriakis mansion to look for Brady, but Henderson informed John that Brady hadn't been there since early that morning.

Meanwhile, Kristen returned to her hotel room and found Brady waiting for her in the hallway.

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