General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 27, 2014 on GH

Heather foiled Shawn's attempt to kill Franco. Morgan learned the truth about A.J. and Connie's murders. Larry Ashton was reunited with his ex-wife and son. Nina took steps to take Ava's unborn child. Franco and Carly's wedding hit a snag.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 27, 2014 on GH
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kiki opened the front door to Rosalie. "What do you want?" she demanded, glaring at Rosalie. Rosalie had something to tell Kiki. She entered the brownstone and told Ava that Nina was looking for Ava. Ava explained to Kiki that Nina was holding a grudge against Ava for her relationship with Silas. Ava figured that if Nina found out where Ava was, then Sonny would definitely find out. "You told Nina," Ava accused Rosalie.

Ava boasted that the Jeromes had ways of "dealing with people who cross us." Rosalie swore that she hadn't told Nina, but Ava thought that Rosalie was just checking to see that Ava was still there. Rosalie claimed that she was only there to warn Ava. Ava demanded that Rosalie leave, which Rosalie was more than happy to do. She slammed the door on her way out.

A shaken Ava thought she needed to find another place to hide because if Nina found her, it was "game over." Kiki assured her mother that she and the baby would be safe there.

Alexis, who was texting while walking, bumped right into Olivia at Kelly's. Olivia explained how she had done the exact same thing to Ned a few days earlier at their class. Alexis thought it was nice that Olivia and Ned were taking the class together. Ned had asked Alexis to join, but she remarked that she was "allergic to exercise."

Alexis wondered why Ned had missed the class. "So, he wasn't with you?" Olivia asked innocently. Alexis informed Olivia that Tracy had gotten herself into a bad situation, so that was probably why Ned had missed the class.

Tracy, Lulu, and Ned ran out onto the terrace and found a body-shaped sack. Ned realized that Jerry had promised to give back Luke, but not a live Luke. Ned opened the sack and revealed a head. Ned found a pulse on the man, who suddenly started coughing and sputtering. Ned helped the man up. "No, it can't be," Ned muttered. "You're kidding me!" Tracy exclaimed. The man was Ned's father, Larry Ashton.

"Long time, no see," Larry said to a disgusted Tracy. Lulu demanded to know who he was and where Luke was, but the man only introduced himself to Lulu. Once inside the house, Larry spotted liquor on the table, but Tracy wouldn't let him have any until he told them what had happened to Luke. Larry didn't have any memory of how he had gotten to Port Charles, let alone anything about Luke.

Ned reminded Tracy that he'd warned her not to trust Jerry. "Wait until I get my hands on him," Tracy threatened. Just then, her phone went off, and she saw that it was a text message from Jerry. In the text, he told her that he'd promised to give up her husband, but he'd never said which one. "To family reunions," Larry said, and he took a drink.

Carly didn't know why, but she trusted the stranger who called himself Jake. Jason told her that whatever happened between her and her ex was her business. Just then, Franco entered and wondered if they were gossiping about Sonny. Carly told a story that she'd been talking about Jax because Josslyn had thrown a fit about missing Halloween for the wedding. Jason quickly backed her up.

Carly changed the subject to what Franco had been up to. He thought about his last meeting with Heather but claimed that he'd been making sure that Liesl had given him the next day off for the wedding. Jason offered to leave the couple alone, but he couldn't wheel himself out with one broken arm. Carly offered, but Franco ushered in an orderly to take Jason back to his room. Franco slammed the doors behind Jason. Franco declared that he couldn't stand the stranger. Carly countered that she'd felt like she could tell him anything.

Franco wondered if Carly was excited for their wedding. "I know what you have planned," she told him. She vented that changing the venue at the last minute to the Haunted Star was a "logistical nightmare." He assured her that they could easily make calls to the few people attending the event. He thought it was the perfect place to have their wedding, since it was where they'd run into each other for the first time when he'd returned to town.

"And you look back fondly on that?" Carly asked. Franco continued that the Haunted Star was where he'd tried to convince everyone that he'd really changed. He teased that he "might show another video." She prodded him for a hint about the video as they left to go home.

"Hello?" Heather called out. She found that she was locked into a large room that looked like part of a warehouse. She heard keys jingling outside of the door. She excitedly called out for Franco, but Shawn entered. She wondered when she would get to leave. "Soon," Shawn answered. He handed her a paper bag that clearly contained a BLT from Kelly's. Heather dug right in, singing the praises of the new owner of Kelly's. She vowed to tell "my son" to double whatever he was paying the man for taking such good care of her. "Son?" Shawn asked.

Heather clarified that she was Franco's mother, and he had paid Shawn to break her out of Ferncliff. Playing along, Shawn wondered if Franco had told her why he'd wanted to break her out. She exclaimed that Franco's plan was a "doozy" but thought better of sharing it. She thought that Franco would want to keep the plan between mother and son.

Sonny was surprised when Michael entered the Quartermaine crypt. He reminded Michael that it was the second anniversary of Jason's death. Michael hoped that Jason was proud of how he'd changed over the previous two years. Sonny thought that Jason would be just as proud as Sonny was. Sonny added that prison was "too good" for Faison, Jason's murderer. "I feel the same way about the person who killed A.J.," Michael related.

Sonny told Michael to let the law take care of things. He added that Pentonville was probably "no picnic" for Carlos. Michael confided that he'd found out that Carlos could be innocent, and he updated his father on his conversation with Sabrina about Ava. Sonny begged Michael not to pursue Ava, but Michael wanted to know if Sonny found Ava.

Michael apologized for unloading on Sonny. He figured that Sonny had a lot on his mind with Carly's wedding the next day. Michael admitted that he'd agreed to be Franco's best man. However, he wished that he would be standing up for Sonny instead. He realized that Sonny still had feelings for Carly. Sonny suggested that he and Carly could end up together.

Sonny had to go, so he hugged Michael and left. Michael promised A.J. that he would find out who had killed A.J. and make them pay.

Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Shawn. "There's something you need to know about Franco," Shawn said urgently.

Liesl asked Elizabeth where "Jake" was, since he wasn't in his room. She informed Liesl that she'd taken him on a tour of the hospital. Liesl hoped that they hadn't bothered Franco. Just then, Jason was wheeled up. Jason admitted that Franco had wanted him gone. Liesl returned to the subject of Jason's lack of insurance, but he countered that he'd left it with his memory. That made Elizabeth laugh, and Liesl stormed away angrily. "I love you for that," Elizabeth told him.

Elizabeth couldn't understand Liesl's obsession with Franco, and she elaborated on all of the charges against Franco that had been dropped due to his brain tumor. Jason said that he and Franco already didn't like each other, and he didn't know what Carly saw in Franco. He liked Carly, but it seemed like she was getting cold feet.

Jason didn't want to go back to bed, but Elizabeth thought he still needed medical attention. He asked for a favor then held his hand out for Elizabeth to help him up. She didn't think he was ready, but he promised to stop if Elizabeth told him to. He had his sights set on the stairs, so she wheeled him over. She helped him to his feet. "Ready or not, here we come," he said.

Madeline disclosed to Nina that Ava was staying with Kiki and Morgan at one of the brownstones by the waterfront. Nina wanted to get Ava that night, but Madeline reminded Nina that Ava wasn't yet ready to give birth. Just then, Liesl entered, unhappy that her office was being used for "plotting." Nina gave her aunt a warm welcome, but Liesl reminded Nina that she was only allowing the use of her office because Nathan cared for Nina.

Liesl continued that she didn't want to know any details, because she had her own problems. She revealed that she'd just found out that the head nurse had covered for "a subordinate" for intentionally giving a pregnant woman a drug that could induce labor. Nina carefully asked who the patient was, but Liesl refused to say. She left to speak to Epiphany and urged the two women to "keep it to a dull roar."

Nina was willing to bet her entire inheritance that the mystery patient was Ava. Madeline assured Nina that, when Ava was ready to have the baby, they would know exactly where she was. Nina didn't want to wait that long, but Madeline could do nothing else until the baby was born. "Sure you can, Mommy," Nina cooed. She took out Liesl's prescription pad and handed it to Madeline so Madeline could write a prescription.

Elizabeth helped a struggling Jason up the stairs. "We did it!" he cried when they finally reached the top. She told him that it had all been his doing, but he instructed her not to "underestimate the value of moral support." "What's going on up there?" Liesl demanded to know. "I'm the king of the world!" Jason screamed, and he high-fived Elizabeth.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

At Greystone Manor, Shawn revealed to Sonny that they had a big problem because Heather had made remarks suggesting that Franco had intended to break Heather out of Ferncliff. Shawn had tried to get Heather to share the details of what Franco had planned, but Heather had been tight-lipped out of loyalty to Franco. Sonny wondered why Franco would want to break Franco's "psychotic" mother out of the asylum the day before Franco's wedding to Carly, especially since Heather had a history of targeting Carly. Shawn had no idea, but he was grateful that they, not Franco, had gotten to Heather first. Sonny informed Shawn that Sonny intended to move forward with the plan to frame Heather for Franco's murder, so Shawn nodded then left.

At the hospital, Jason struggled to move his wheelchair, so Michael called out to ask if he needed help. Jason thanked Michael for the assistance then asked if he knew Michael. Jason explained that he'd recently undergone reconstructive surgery following an accident, so his appearance had changed, but Jason was curious if perhaps someone that Michael knew had recently disappeared. Disappointed, Jason introduced himself as "Jake" then explained that he had amnesia. Michael confided that he had once languished in a coma for a year as a result of a head injury, so he assured "Jake" that things would get better.

"Jake" perked up when Michael introduced himself because he realized that Michael was Carly's son. Michael was surprised when "Jake" revealed that he had recently met Carly and that Carly had talked to "Jake" about the upcoming wedding. Jason quickly picked up on Michael's uneasy tone at the mention of Franco's name, so Michael confessed that he did not approve of Franco. However, Michael was determined to be supportive of his mother's decision despite her many marriages. "Jake" was confident that Carly appreciated it because she had spoken highly of Michael.

Michael admitted that he was very close to both his mother and father, but things had been different with his biological father, which was why Michael suspected that he was determined to find A.J.'s killer. He opened up to "Jake" about A.J.'s death and recent developments including Ava's disappearance. Jason suggested that Michael let the police handle things because Michael was too close to the situation to be objective. However, "Jake" was curious if Michael had stopped by to talk to the nurse who had told Michael about the false confession.

Michael explained that he had stopped by to drop off some paperwork for a clinic that Michael intended to open, so Jason decided to let Michael get back to business. Michael wished "Jake" well then added that he hoped that "Jake" would soon find his people. "Jake" smiled then told Michael that he hoped that Michael found the answers Michael was looking for.

At Metro Court, Scott stood in the center of his room, wearing a bathrobe as he sipped on a glass of champagne. He grumbled about losing a case in court, but he anticipated the evening improving when Bobbie arrived for the champagne and strawberries that he had set out. Moments later, Scott answered a knock at the door. "Oh. You're not Bobbie," Scott said as his smile disappeared. Franco entered the room as he explained that he needed a place to spend the night because Carly had tossed Franco out for the evening.

Scott insisted that Franco couldn't stay because Scott was expecting Bobbie, but Franco broke the news that Carly had decided to have a sleepover with Bobbie and Josslyn. Frustrated, Scott watched helplessly as Franco bit into a ripe strawberry.

Later, both Scott and Franco reclined on the bed, sporting matching robes, sipping champagne, and nibbling on strawberries. Franco confessed that he was enjoying his bonding experience with Scott, so Scott confessed that he had never imagined that he would have another opportunity to bond with a son. Franco was surprised to realize that he had a brother, but Scott clarified that Logan had been Franco's half-brother. Scott revealed that Lulu had stabbed Logan to death but quickly added that it had been in self-defense because Logan had been a troubled young man.

Franco suggested that perhaps "crazy" ran in the family, but Scott disagreed. Scott insisted that Franco had inherited his offbeat personality, charm, and good looks from Scott, but Franco's recklessness was pure Heather. Scott was grateful that Heather was safely locked up at Ferncliff, where she couldn't hurt anyone. Franco agreed but quickly looked away to hide his expression of annoyance mixed with guilt.

Later, Scott decided to order steak and vodka so he and Franco could have a real bachelor party. After Scott disappeared into the next room to call room service, Franco called Mr. Beach to find out why the man hadn't returned any of Franco's phone calls. Franco left a voicemail message demanding that Mr. Beach return his call because Franco wanted to know where Heather was. Scott returned to the room in time to hear the tail end of Franco's remark, so he immediately questioned Franco about it.

Franco easily lied by explaining that Scott's talk of Heather had worried Franco enough to call to make certain that Heather was safely locked up behind bars at Ferncliff. A short time later, Scott and Franco enjoyed a steak dinner. Scott urged Franco to eat up because "tomorrow is a big day." Franco took a hearty bite of steak as he confessed that his father had just said a mouthful.

At Carly's residence, Bobbie's eyes brightened with hope when Carly explained that Carly had thrown Franco out. Bobbie hoped that it was a sign that Carly had called off the wedding, but Carly had only wanted to honor tradition by not sleeping with the groom the night before the wedding. Bobbie was curious when Carly had started following traditions, so Carly claimed that she had wanted to honor at least one tradition, since the rest of the wedding was unconventional. Carly shifted gears by confessing that she looked forward to having a fun evening with Bobbie and Josslyn, but Bobbie informed Carly that Josslyn had gone out.

Startled, Carly demanded to know where Josslyn was, so Bobbie reminded Carly that it was "Beggars Night," which Lucas and Maxie had used as a bargaining chip to persuade Josslyn to attend the wedding. Carly confessed that she still didn't understand the concept of Beggars Night, since it hadn't been celebrated where Carly had grown up in Florida. Bobbie reminded Carly that Beggars Night was the night before Halloween when children dressed in costumes, going door-to-door, begging for candy. Carly was certain that Port Charles was the only place that still celebrated two nights of trick-or-treating.

However, Carly was relieved that Lucas and Maxie had found a way to get Josslyn more excited about the wedding. Bobbie noticed that Carly didn't appear too enthusiastic about the wedding, but Carly became defensive by insisting that she loved Franco and wanted to marry him. Bobbie wisely let the matter drop by offering to stop off at the Haunted Star early to help Lulu finish getting the place ready because of the last-minute change in venue. Carly doubted that Lulu would be there because of everything that had been going on with Luke, but Bobbie had no idea what Carly was talking about.

Carly was horrified when she realized that Bobbie hadn't heard the latest news about Luke so she quickly filled Bobbie in about Jerry Jacks claiming to have abducted Luke. Upset, Bobbie felt partly responsible for her brother's predicament because Bobbie had been the one who had released Jerry the previous year, which had allowed Jerry to escape. Carly insisted that her mother wasn't to blame because Jerry had manipulated Bobbie, but Bobbie decided to call Lulu for an update.

After Bobbie left the room to fetch her cell phone, Sonny called Carly. Carly tensed as she answered the phone to ask what Sonny wanted. Sonny explained that he had called to let her know that he loved her. He softly told her goodnight then wished her luck the following day. Carly's eyes clouded with tears as she ended the call.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam wrapped up a call with Tracy by thanking Tracy for the update. Moments later, Sam answered a knock at the door. It was Patrick, dressed as a lumberjack, who was accompanied by Cameron and Emma, each wearing cute puppy costumes. Sam giggled as she invited Patrick and the children inside.

Cameron quickly filled Sam in about the history of Beggars Night, so Sam invited the children to help themselves to some candy in the kitchen. As the children scampered off, Patrick yelled out a warning for them to only take one piece of candy each. Sam smiled as she admitted that the costumes were cute then complimented Patrick's beard. He teasingly explained that he had been forced to shave his real beard when he had lost a bet to someone in a game of pool, so he had been stuck with a substitute.

Patrick grumbled that he would have to wear the costume for two nights in a row but conceded that the distraction of Halloween kept his mind off of Luke. Sam admitted that she had heard from Tracy then quickly told Patrick about the switch between Luke and Ned's father, Larry Ashton. Patrick was frustrated that they were back to square one, so Sam apologized because she knew how desperate he had been to question Luke. Sam covered Patrick's hand with her own to offer him comfort just as the children returned with handfuls of candy.

Patrick was not pleased, but Sam assured Patrick that it was fine. Emma invited Sam to join them, but Sam explained that she didn't have a costume. Emma was certain that they could pull something together, so Patrick added that Sam was free for the evening, since Alexis and Molly had Danny. Sam grinned as she relented and happily agreed to join them.

At Wyndemere, Spencer sulked on the floor as Nikolas and Britt snuggled together on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn. Britt playfully tossed a piece of popcorn at Spencer then invited him to join them on the sofa. Nikolas reminded Spencer that they were about to watch Beetlejuice, but Spencer barked that Beetlejuice was "so last year." Spencer explained that the movie wouldn't take his mind off of Spencer's pain, but Spencer didn't expect Nikolas to understand because Nikolas had never lost the woman that Nikolas had loved.

Moments later, Spencer answered a knock at the door. He was surprised when he saw Lucas and Maxie with Josslyn, who was dressed up as corn. Josslyn explained that it was Beggars Night, but Spencer had no idea what Josslyn was talking about. Josslyn whispered that she needed Spencer's help to get out of Carly's wedding, so Spencer invited everyone inside as he decided to look up Beggars Night on his phone.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Britt entered the foyer. Nikolas and Britt admitted that they had never heard of Beggars Night, so Lucas and Maxie explained that they had decided to take advantage of the custom for Josslyn's sake because Carly's wedding was the following evening on Halloween. Britt complimented Josslyn's "Child of the corn" costume. Josslyn was elated that someone finally "gets me."

Spencer confirmed that Beggars Night was real, so Britt suggested that Spencer slip into a costume, but Spencer announced that Beggars Night was for "townies." Nikolas offered to fetch some candy from the pantry, forcing Spencer to hand over the key that Spencer had kept hidden around his neck. Spencer claimed that he had held onto the key as a favor to Alfred because Alfred was too old to take care of it, but Nikolas sternly informed Spencer that the key would be returned to Alfred.

After Nikolas and Britt left to fetch the candy, Spencer invited Lucas and Maxie into the living room for popcorn. Josslyn seized the opportunity to pull Spencer aside to inform Spencer that she expected him to hide her until after her mother's wedding in exchange for Josslyn hiding Spencer when he had run away. Spencer pointed out that Josslyn had ultimately told Cameron where Spencer was, but Josslyn was unapologetic because she hadn't been able to resist Cameron's charms. Unimpressed, Spencer reminded Josslyn that they had yet to make any headway on their plan to break up Cameron and Emma because the two were closer than ever, but Josslyn had no idea what he expected her to do.

In the living room, Lucas asked Maxie how things had been going on the "Nathan front." Maxie confessed that she had done her best to avoid Nathan while waiting for Diane to return Maxie's calls, but it had been difficult staying away from Nathan because Maxie missed him.

A short time later, Patrick, Sam, Cameron, and Emma arrived for Beggars Night candy. The adults greeted each other as the kids ran into the living room to help themselves to candy. Maxie noticed the fake fall leaves all over Sam's brown leather jacket and in Sam's hair, so she explained that she was a "tree."

In the living room, Spencer taunted Cameron about begging for candy on Beggars Night, so Cameron pushed back by bragging that all he had to do was smile to get what he wanted -- including Spencer's girlfriend. Spencer retaliated by announcing that he had a new girlfriend, Josslyn. Emma seemed genuinely surprised, so Josslyn defensively reminded Emma that Josslyn and Spencer had a lot in common, so Spencer added that they were attending a wedding together the following day. Shocked, Emma asked if Spencer intended to marry Josslyn, but Spencer clarified that it was someone else's wedding. However, Spencer wouldn't be surprised if Emma ended up watching Spencer and Josslyn's wedding on television one day.

After the adults and children left, Spencer happily joined Nikolas and Britt on the sofa, eager to eat popcorn and watch Beetlejuice. Britt was curious about Spencer's sudden chipper mood, so Spencer admitted that things had suddenly begun to look up.

At Carly's residence, Josslyn became concerned when she arrived home and immediately noticed that her mother appeared to be crying. She asked if Carly was okay, so Carly offered a watery smile as she admitted that she would be once she had a hug. Josslyn ran to her mother's open arms then hugged Carly tightly.

At Sam's penthouse, Cameron and Emma sorted through the candy they had collected. Emma was upset about Spencer and Josslyn. She couldn't understand why Spencer was wasting his time with "that mean corn girl."

Meanwhile, Patrick invited Sam to join him and Emma for trick-or-treating the following night, but Sam declined because she wanted to "retire" the tree. However, she flirtatiously invited Patrick to return for candy, so Patrick smiled as he assured her that he would.

At Kelly's, Nathan stared at a picture of Maxie on his cell phone then stood up to pay the bill, but Diane slapped a twenty-dollar bill down on the table to pay the tab. Diane was in a celebratory mood because she had soundly beat Scott Baldwin in court. She invited Nathan to have dinner with her, so he sat back down as Diane placed an order.

Diane bragged that she had managed to persuade a jury that a woman had not been guilty of murdering the woman's husband. Diane noticed that Nathan wasn't paying attention, so he apologized -- although he insisted that Diane's client had been guilty. He admitted that his thoughts had been on Maxie. Diane was delighted that Maxie had wisely decided to date Nathan, but Nathan revealed that there had been a complication. Nathan explained that Judge Walters had threatened to deny Maxie visitation with Georgie if Maxie continued to date Nathan.

Diane was outraged by the judge's "blatant misapplication of authority." Nathan was curious if there was anything Diane could do, so she admitted that she could file a complaint, but it was risky because it was difficult to prove judge misconduct. Diane was afraid that if it backfired, then Judge Walters would dig his heels in further. Disappointed, Nathan wondered if there was anything else they could do to force the judge to stop using Georgie as a hostage to control Maxie. Diane confessed that it was refreshing to see a man who wore his heart on his sleeve for a woman he cared about because it took real courage to admit one's feelings.

Diane revealed that the gossip around the courthouse was that the judge had been dating Monica Quartermaine. Diane suggested that perhaps Maxie could appeal to Monica to intercede on Maxie's behalf. Nathan was curious why Monica would help, so Diane explained that Maxie had once covered up for Michael. However, Diane conceded that Monica might resent Maxie for Maxie's role in the actions that had ultimately sent Michael to prison. Nathan refused to take the chance that his relationship with Maxie would cost her time with Georgie.

Moments later, Maxie entered the dinner. She tensed when she saw Nathan smile at her, but she approached the table to ask if Diane had received her messages. Diane revealed that she and Nathan had just been discussing Judge Walters' threat, but Nathan jumped up to explain that there was nothing that Diane could do to help them. Diane was surprised by the announcement, but played along with Nathan.

Crestfallen, Maxie thanked Diane then decided to leave before Maxie and Nathan were spotted together. Her eyes were sad as she looked back at Nathan.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

At the brownstone, Ava reclined on the sofa as Silas listened to the baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope. He confirmed that the baby's heartbeat was strong, so Silas was confident that the drugs that Sabrina had given Ava had cleared out of Ava's system. Ava was relieved that Silas was certain Ava would be able to carry the baby full term.

Moments later, Morgan entered the brownstone with four cups of coffee. Morgan was curious if Silas had been keeping an eye on the street because Morgan had noticed a car idling in front of the building that had peeled out when Morgan had pulled up. Morgan admitted that he hadn't gotten a look at the driver, but he was certain that someone had been watching the house.

Kiki entered the living room, dressed up for Franco and Carly's wedding. Everyone complimented Kiki's outfit, but Morgan explained that he would not be able to attend the wedding. Silas revealed that Morgan had reason to believe that someone had been watching the house, so Kiki immediately thought of Nina. Morgan assured Kiki that it hadn't been Nina because Rosalie had promised to keep quiet about Ava's whereabouts. Kiki argued that Nina was fully aware of where Kiki lived and that Kiki was on Nina's list.

Ava wondered if perhaps the car might have been one of Sonny's men watching the house. She reminded everyone that Sonny intended to kill her the moment the baby was born, but Silas remained unconvinced that Sonny's men had been watching the house because Silas suspected that Sonny would have made a move to grab Ava. Silas also pointed out that Ava had a lot of enemies.

Kiki offered to stay home to help keep an eye on Ava, but Morgan argued that Kiki couldn't miss the wedding without arousing suspicion. Morgan explained that he could just tell his mother that he'd had a change of heart about the wedding because Morgan objected to Franco, but Kiki didn't have the same excuse. Ava agreed, especially since Kiki was one of Franco's only friends.

After Kiki left, Silas and Morgan discussed moving Ava to a safer location. Silas hoped they were worried about nothing, but Morgan remained uneasy. Silas called the police station to ask if there had been any news about Nina's sudden disappearance, but he was told that Nina hadn't been sighted. After Silas ended the call, he conceded that they couldn't rule Nina out as a threat. Morgan decided to pay his father a visit because he remained certain that one of Sonny's men had been in the car.

After Morgan left, Ava remained nervous about her safety, but Silas assured her that he would not let anything happen to her or the baby. Ava smiled with gratitude.

In Liesl's office, Nina was relieved when Madeline arrived. Nina was eager for news about Ava, but Madeline grumbled about having been stuck in a car all night in a rundown neighborhood to "stalk" Nina's enemies. Nina was unsympathetic as she demanded to know if Silas' "bastard daughter" was hiding Ava. Madeline became evasive, which immediately raised Nina's suspicions. Reluctantly, Madeline confessed that she had seen Silas enter the brownstone the previous evening, but he had never left.

Annoyed, Nina demanded to know what Madeline was implying. Madeline suggested that Nina "do the math." Infuriated, Nina slapped Madeline at the suggestion that Silas and Ava had rekindled their affair. Nina began to pace the room as she ranted about Silas by reminding Madeline that Silas was still married to Nina. Madeline watched with concern as Nina's emotions shifted between anger and hurt. "Can he not see the pain I'm in?" Nina tearfully asked.

Nina's voice cracked as she asked if she was invisible. However, in the next breath, Nina pulled herself together then announced that she would make Silas take notice of her. "How?" Madeline nervously wondered. "I'm going to kill Ava -- then I'm going to kill Silas," Nina answered without hesitation. Madeline warned Nina that killing both Silas and Ava was going too far, but Nina was curious what Madeline would have done if their roles had been reversed.

Madeline suggested that perhaps Silas had merely spent the night to watch over Ava after the recent complications with Ava's early labor pains. Nina immediately calmed down because she realized that her mother was likely correct. Nina added that she couldn't commit murder because it was necessary for Nina to keep her eye on the prize, which was the baby. Nina knew exactly how to get what she wanted then held up a vial of medication that would induce labor.

Nina began to ramble about how Madeline knew firsthand that the liquid form of a medication was far more effective than tablets because it was how Madeline had killed Nina's baby. Nina intended to use the drug to induce Ava's labor, so Ava would deliver the baby into Nina's "loving arms." Nina ordered Madeline to return to the brownstone to determine when Ava was alone.

A short time later, Madeline returned to report that both Morgan and Kiki had left the brownstone. However, Silas remained with Ava. Nina decided that they needed to find a way to get Silas away from Ava because Nina couldn't carry out her plans with Silas around. Madeline was curious how Nina intended to accomplish that, but Nina merely smiled.

At Kelly's, Shawn spoke to Sonny on the phone about Heather. Sonny wanted Shawn to keep Heather happy so she didn't get wind of their plan to frame her for Franco's murder. Shawn assured Sonny not to worry, so Sonny asked if everything else was in place because Sonny didn't want Carly to be anywhere near Franco when Franco was killed. Shawn promised Sonny that Franco would be long dead before the wedding, so Sonny simply needed to say the word for Shawn to pull the trigger.

Shawn tensed when he noticed that Jordan had entered the diner. After he quickly wrapped up the call, Jordan followed Shawn to the kitchen despite his protest that it was a violation of the health code for anyone except an employee to enter the kitchen. Jordan was curious if Sonny worked at the diner because she had seen Sonny in the kitchen, conspiring with Shawn, numerous times.

Jordan decided to cut to the chase by asking whose head was on the chopping block because she had heard what Shawn had said on the phone. She suspected that it was Ava's death Shawn and Sonny had been plotting, but Shawn reminded Jordan that Ava had managed to vanish, thanks to Jordan. He tried to distract Jordan by suggesting that she kept seeking him out, hoping to entice him to change his mind about ending their relationship, but Jordan scoffed at the idea that she would take him back.

Jordan revealed that she had sought Shawn out because she knew that he had told T.J. about their affair. Shawn pointed out that it hadn't been a big deal, especially since things were over, but Jordan resented that Shawn had given T.J. the misconception that Shawn had ended things because Jordan was a drug trafficker. Shawn was curious what the misconception was, since Jordan was a drug dealer. Jordan's temper flared because she was tired of being the bad guy, so Shawn suggested that she stop selling drugs.

Jordan argued that Shawn had done far worse things than Jordan had then reminded him of what he had done to T.J.'s father, but Shawn was tired of her constantly holding the threat over his head. He assured her that not a day went by when he didn't think about it, but he was ready to tell T.J. the truth because T.J. was old enough to decide for himself who was to blame. Shawn smiled when he noticed the fear in Jordan's eyes because he realized that she knew T.J. might write her off completely if T.J. knew the truth about what had happened. Jordan's expression was thoughtful as she watched Shawn leave.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny ordered Shawn to carry out the hit on Franco. "Now's the time. Ain't no one gonna stop me," Sonny said as Anna suddenly appeared in the doorway and cleared her throat. Sonny quickly ended the call with Shawn then called out to his guard, Mateo, to ask why Mateo hadn't announced the police commissioner's arrival. Anna explained that Mateo couldn't answer because Mateo was in the back of a squad car after refusing to cooperate when the police had tried to tow an illegally parked car.

Sonny asked why Anna was there, so she revealed that she wanted to talk to him about a murder. She explained that she had information that Sonny intended to kill Ava, but Sonny pointed out that Ava was pregnant with his flesh and blood. Anna was curious if Sonny had ever gathered all of his children and their various mothers in one place at the same time. Sonny insisted that it didn't have any bearing on what they were discussing, but Anna disagreed because she doubted that Ava would be held in equally high regard as the other mothers of Sonny's other children.

Anna was certain that Sonny intended to murder Ava once the umbilical cord was cut, but Sonny pointed out that Anna would have already arrested him if she had any proof that Sonny planned to murder Ava. Anna warned Sonny that she would be watching him closely, so she wouldn't hesitate to return with an arrest warrant if he stepped out of line.

Shortly after Anna left, Sonny received a text message from Shawn notifying Sonny that Shawn was about to enter the hotel. Sonny smiled as Morgan entered the room. Morgan was curious if Sonny had been reading anything interesting.

At Carly's residence, Carly sat on the sofa as she answered a call from Franco. She was curious about his bachelor party with Scott, so Franco revealed that his father was in the spa, trying to recover from the fun. Carly was curious why Franco wasn't with Scott, but Franco claimed that he had some last-minute wedding details to attend to. He shifted gears by playfully asking if she had cold feet, but she happily assured him that her feet were toasty.

Carly reminded Franco that they would be walking down the aisle before they knew it as she made her way to the front door to answer the doorbell. It was Michael, so she ended the call with Franco then greeted her son. Michael was curious if Franco had mentioned that Michael had agreed to be the best man. Carly smiled with gratitude but promised Michael that she'd had no idea that Franco had planned to ask Michael. Michael made it clear that he had only agreed to be a part of the wedding for Carly's sake.

Carly sensed that something was troubling her eldest child, but Michael didn't want to burden her on her wedding day. Carly refused to drop it, so Michael reluctantly explained that he had obtained evidence that had exonerated Carlos of A.J.'s murder and had put the blame on someone else. Shocked, Carly asked Michael to tell her what he had uncovered, so he filled her in about Sabrina's revelation and his talk with Anna. Michael explained that he had wanted to give the police an opportunity to investigate Ava as the shooter, but he also planned to ask Sam to help him launch a separate investigation.

Alarmed, Carly carefully advised Michael to let it drop, but Michael explained that he couldn't then asked her about the last moments of A.J.'s life. Michael wondered if A.J. had mentioned anything that might shed some light on the shooting, but Carly lied by insisting that A.J. had only talked about how much he had loved Michael.

Michael confessed that he had regrets about A.J. because he felt partially responsible for A.J. relapsing. Carly explained that A.J. had struggled with alcoholism long before Michael was born, so Michael was in no way to blame for A.J.'s drinking. Michael reminded his mother that A.J. had been both alone and defeated at the end, which had led to A.J. drinking, but Carly insisted that A.J. had been a troubled man. However, she assured Michael that he had been the best thing to happen to A.J. and that A.J. had been proud of Michael.

Carly confessed that she liked to think that she, Sonny, and Jason had poured the best of themselves into Michael because it meant that they had each done something good. According to Carly, Michael was a good, kind, and decent man. She appreciated how difficult it had to be for him to be a part of the wedding because of his history with Franco, but Michael explained that he just wanted his mother to be happy. Carly promised that she wanted the same for Michael.

Michael smiled then revealed that he had talked to Sonny the previous day at the Quartermaine crypt. Carly appeared relieved when Michael admitted that he had mentioned the recent development with Carlos to Sonny, but she once again appealed to Michael to drop it because it would open old wounds for people including Monica. Michael refused because he had vowed not to rest until he had answers.

In Scott's suite at Metro Court, Franco ended his phone call with Carly then looked at the television screen as a video began to play of Sonny confessing to Carly that he had to live with the guilt of putting A.J. in the grave and taking Michael's father away "when I shot that bastard." Franco stopped the tape as he chuckled to himself, certain that Michael would love the video presentation portion of the wedding.

Moments later, Franco answered a knock at the door. It was Mr. Beach from Ferncliff. Franco pulled the man into the room then demanded to know where Heather was. Beach explained that someone had attacked him from behind and taken Heather. Stunned, Franco couldn't imagine who else would want to break Heather out of Ferncliff, but Beach was desperate to locate Heather before anyone realized that she was missing. Franco explained that he couldn't search for Heather because Franco had a wedding to get to, but Beach insisted that he could only cover for Heather's absence for a short time.

Franco was more concerned about what his mother's disappearance meant for his plans for Carly because without Heather, everything would go up in smoke. Franco and Beach were both startled when someone knocked on the door. It was Kiki stopping by to wish Franco luck and to give him a present. Franco hustled Beach out of the room with an explanation that Beach was helping with the wedding. Kiki believed the lie then presented Franco with a small box.

Inside the box was a set of cufflinks bearing the initials "F" and "C." Kiki explained that since Franco didn't have a last name, she'd decided to get cufflinks representing Franco and Carly. Franco was touched by the gift but insisted that it hadn't been necessary. Kiki disagreed because Franco had proved himself to be a good person. Kiki assured Franco that Carly was lucky to have him then advised Franco not to let his paranoia get the best of him because Carly loved Franco and was completely committed to him.

Shortly after Kiki left, Franco struggled to get a cufflink in as he muttered to himself that Kiki's present would make him late for the wedding. "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you," Shawn said as he entered the room. Surprised, Franco was curious why Shawn was there. Shawn aimed a gun with a silencer at Franco as he explained that he was there to deliver a wedding present.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jordan entered Sonny's coffee warehouse, but a guard immediately blocked her from proceeding past the shelves of coffee. Jordan demanded to talk to Shawn as she noticed that the man had been guarding a specific door, but the guard informed her that Shawn was not there. Jordan tried to enter the room, certain Shawn was in there, but the guard stopped her with a warning that Shawn had left orders for no one to enter. Jordan turned as if to leave but surprised the guard with a roundhouse kick then she grabbed his gun.

In the room, Heather heard the commotion on the other side of the door. "That doesn't sound good," she muttered as the door opened and Jordan appeared in the doorway. Jordan seemed as startled to see Heather as Heather was to see Jordan, but Heather demanded to know who Jordan was. Jordan ignored the question as she demanded to talk to Shawn. Heather assumed that Jordan referred to the "handsome man" with an appreciation of the power of a Kelly's BLT but she admitted that she had no idea where Shawn was.

However, Heather expected Shawn to return because Shawn was Heather's escort to Franco's wedding. Jordan scoffed at the idea of Shawn attending Franco's wedding because Shawn worked for Sonny. Shocked, Heather quickly realized that Sonny had snatched her and why.

In Scott's hotel suite, Shawn aimed a gun at Franco as he explained that Sonny had sent Shawn to deliver a wedding gift. Franco joked that he and Carly would have preferred a more practical gift like a toaster, but Shawn was not amused. Franco was curious why Sonny wanted him dead, so Shawn explained that Franco knew too much. Franco calmly resumed dressing for the wedding as he denied knowing anything except that Sonny had killed A.J. Shawn explained that it was precisely because Franco continued to make veiled threats to share the secret with Michael that Franco needed to die.

Franco warned Shawn that Carly would never forgive Sonny for killing Franco, but Shawn revealed that Sonny intended to frame Heather for the murder. Franco suddenly realized that Sonny had spirited Heather out of Ferncliff, so he wondered how Sonny planned to frame Heather. Shawn pointed out that everyone would believe that Heather had never forgiven Franco for burying Heather alive and that she had snapped when Franco had recently visited her.

Shawn was about to pull the trigger when his cell phone alerted Shawn of incoming text messages. Franco urged Shawn to check in case it was Sonny. Reluctantly, Shawn pulled the phone out to look at the text messages. Shawn's brow furrowed with confusion when the first text message showed a picture of Heather smiling. The next text message was a picture of Heather holding a gun followed by a picture of Heather holding Jordan hostage. Jordan had been securely bound with clear shrinkwrap. "Oh, damn," Shawn grumbled as he called the number to talk to Heather.

Heather accused Shawn of being naughty for tricking her into thinking he worked for Franco then threatened to kill Jordan if anything happened to Franco. Heather demanded to speak to her son immediately, so Shawn was forced to hand the phone to Franco. Franco smiled as he greeted his mother then remarked that Sonny and Shawn had tried to pull a fast one on them. Heather agreed, so Franco assured Heather that she was free to do whatever was necessary if Shawn failed to cooperate. Franco held out his hand as he ordered Shawn to hand over the gun.

A short time later, Shawn entered the warehouse. He became alarmed when he saw the unconscious guard, so he checked the man for a pulse. After he was assured the man was alive, Shawn entered the room where Jordan sat in the center of the room, bound from mouth to ankle in shrinkwrap. He rushed to free her as Heather slipped out of the shadows in the hallway then shut and locked the door to the room before leaving the warehouse.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was curious why Morgan wasn't at Carly's wedding. Morgan explained that he was not going anywhere until he and Sonny had settled the score about Ava. Sonny tensed as he demanded to know if Morgan knew where Ava was, but Morgan wasn't in the mood for games because he knew that his father had the brownstone under surveillance. Sonny had no idea what Morgan was talking about, but Morgan told his father to drop the act because Ava had told Morgan everything.

Sonny tried to remain calm as he asked what exactly Ava had told Morgan, so Morgan revealed that he knew that Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born. Sonny tried to deflect by asking why he would do that, but Morgan recalled Sonny confiding that Ava had been holding something over Sonny's head. According to Morgan, Ava had filled in the blanks by explaining that Sonny had killed A.J. Morgan demanded to know how Sonny could have broken the promise to Michael, but Sonny accused Ava of lying.

Morgan continued to push for answers until Sonny's temper flared. "Okay, damn it," Sonny shouted, "I killed A.J. Quartermaine!" Morgan stared at his father in disbelief, momentarily speechless. Morgan admitted that hearing the truth from Sonny's lips had been far more difficult than knowing it. Sonny tried to explain that it had been a mistake, but Morgan refused to let Sonny to mitigate the murder because Sonny had deliberately pulled the trigger. Sonny's voice cracked as he confessed that he wished he could take it back, but Morgan doubted that and said no one wished for it more than Michael.

Sonny begged Morgan not to tell Michael the truth, but Morgan pointed out that he and Kiki hadn't said anything even though they had known for a while. Sonny was shocked that Kiki was also privy to the secret, but Morgan wasn't concerned about Kiki. Morgan was disgusted that both Carly and Sonny had lied to Michael, which would be a double stab to the heart if Michael were to ever learn the truth about what Sonny had done.

However, Morgan agreed to keep Sonny's secret in exchange for Sonny's promise not to kill Ava after the baby was born. Sonny refused to make that promise, which infuriated Morgan. Sonny explained that it was too much to ask of him, so Morgan demanded to know why. Sonny became evasive, but Morgan wanted an answer. Frustrated, Sonny blurted out that Ava had killed Connie.

At the brownstone, Silas promised Ava that he wouldn't leave her side. Ava was concerned about Morgan's confrontation with Sonny because she was afraid that Morgan would lose his temper and inadvertently reveal where she was. Ava was also worried about Nina because she hadn't realized that Nina had continued to hold a grudge against Ava for an affair that had ended over two decades earlier. Silas regretted that he hadn't noticed how unbalanced Nina had been until it was too late.

Silas opened up to Ava about how Nina had manipulated him and destroyed his relationship with Sam by creating mistrust between Silas and Sam. Ava wasn't surprised that Sam had found evidence that Nina had been hiding in the stairwell when Sam had confided to Silas that Patrick had briefly contemplated allowing Rafe to die on the operating table and then had leaked that information to the reporters to make it appear that Silas had been the source. He felt foolish for dismissing Sam's concerns and later for giving in to Nina's request to have another baby. However, he rushed to assure Ava that Nina couldn't get pregnant because Nina was in early menopause.

Ava was curious if Silas had talked to Sam since he had learned the truth about Nina, so he told Ava about his phone call with Sam when Sam and Patrick had been out of town, working on a case. Ava realized that it might sound strange, given her own obsession with Silas in the past, but she hoped that Silas and Sam worked things out. Silas confided that he had hoped to talk to Sam when she had returned to town, but he had been busy with more pressing matters. Ava felt bad because she realized that he had been referring to her situation.

Silas refused to allow Ava to feel bad because she had needed his help. However, he assured her that he intended to make certain that Nina received the help she needed once the police located his missing wife.

Meanwhile, in Liesl's office, Nina decided that Silas would need to be lured away before Nina could get to Ava. Madeline was curious how Nina intended to accomplish that, but Nina informed her mother that it was Madeline's problem to figure out. Nina reminded Madeline that Madeline stood to lose a fortune if Nina didn't get Ava's baby to replace the baby that Madeline had "murdered." Madeline had no idea how to get Silas to abandon Ava's side, so Nina suggested that Madeline ask Liesl to call Silas in to work.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Brad spoke to Lucas on the phone. Lucas was at the Haunted Star, waiting for Brad to join him, so Brad promised to get there as quickly as possible. Brad smiled as he thanked Lucas for asking Brad to be his date for the wedding then ended the call as Sam walked up. Sam immediately begged for Brad's help to get the results of Danny's latest tests. She explained that she had been out of town and that Silas had been confident that Danny remained in remission from leukemia, but Sam was desperate for confirmation.

Brad explained that he was late to meet Lucas, but Sam doubted that Lucas would mind if Brad checked on Lucas' nephew's test results. Brad respected Sam for playing the "uncle card," so he agreed to fetch the test results.

Nearby, Madeline carefully listened to the exchange between Brad and Sam, so she quickly returned to Liesl's office to fetch her sister's white lab coat and a pair of glasses. Nina was curious what her mother was up to, but Madeline didn't have time to explain.

A short time later, Madeline approached Brad to introduce herself as "Dr. Mooney," a colleague that Silas had called in to consult on Danny Morgan's case. Madeline asked for Danny's latest test because Silas had wanted her to take a second look at the results, so Brad reluctantly handed them over. Madeline asked Brad to wait then walked away.

Meanwhile, Sam was pleasantly surprised when she received a call from her sister, Kristina, who had good news to share with Sam. Sam continued to talk to her sister until Sam saw Brad approach with the test results. After Brad handed the file to Sam and left, Sam took a deep breath then opened the file.

In Liesl's office, Nina was impressed when Madeline confessed to changing the results of Danny's tests to show that Danny's cancer had returned. Madeline slipped out of the office to check on Sam.

A short time later, Madeline returned to report that Sam had been on the phone with Silas. Nina was delighted, but Madeline felt bad for Sam because Sam was terrified about Danny. Nina insisted that it had been necessary then decided to head to the brownstone. Madeline started to join her daughter, but Nina informed Madeline that Nina intended to carry out the task alone. Nina instructed Madeline to make certain that Silas stayed busy with Sam then left with a promise to call when Madeline was a grandmother.

At the brownstone, Silas was surprised when he received a call from Sam. He quickly became concerned when she tearfully explained that Danny's test results indicated that Danny had cancer. Silas was confused, but Sam begged him to meet her at the hospital to take a second look at the test results. After Silas ended the call, Ava urged Silas to go. Silas was reluctant to leave Ava alone, but she assured him that Morgan was only a few minutes away if she needed anything.

A short time later, Silas approached Sam as she tearfully reread the test results. She ran into his arms when she saw him, so he held her tightly as she cried. Silas and Sam were unaware that Madeline observed them from the balcony on the upper level.

At the Haunted Star, Lucas scolded his mother when Bobbie began to fuss with his tie. She explained that she was nervous because Carly hadn't arrived yet then shifted gears to ask if he had given any more consideration to working at General Hospital. Lucas refused to discuss it because it was Carly's day. As if on cue, Carly and Michael arrived. Bobbie tried to hustle her daughter away to finish getting ready, but Carly was curious if Franco was there yet.

Kiki walked up to reveal that Franco had been getting ready when she had left the hotel a short time earlier. Carly smiled, so Bobbie dragged her daughter away. Kiki seized the opportunity to confess that Michael looked incredibly handsome. He thanked her but made it clear that he was only there to support his mother. Kiki was startled when he suddenly changed the subject to reveal that he had told Carly about his suspicions that Ava had killed A.J.

Kiki was curious what Carly's reaction had been, so Michael revealed that Carly had advised Michael to drop it and move on. Kiki wasn't surprised, but Michael insisted that he couldn't let it go until he caught his father's killer. Kiki appreciated that Michael wanted justice for A.J. but she suggested that he set it aside for the day to focus on Carly. Michael agreed even though he thought his mother was making a huge mistake by marrying Franco.

Michael suddenly noticed that Morgan wasn't there, so Kiki claimed that Morgan might not make it to the wedding because Morgan was sick. Michael insisted that it was a feeble excuse to skip the wedding, but Kiki assured Michael that Morgan had seemed genuinely sick. Michael pointed out that both Michael and Josslyn were at the wedding, so he thought that Morgan should be there too. Michael quickly sent Morgan a text message warning Morgan that Carly would be disappointed when she realized that Morgan was not there.

Meanwhile, Carly approached Josslyn and Spencer to let Josslyn know that she was happy that Josslyn was there. Josslyn grumbled that the wedding was cutting into her trick-or-treating time, so Spencer tactfully changed the subject to thank Carly for allowing him to attend the wedding. Carly confessed that she had been surprised by the last-minute date. Spencer explained that Josslyn had invited him the previous evening on Beggars Night, but Spencer and Josslyn's friendship has blossomed while Spencer had stayed at Carly's house.

Carly reminded Spencer that Spencer hadn't exactly been a guest and that Nikolas had been worried sick about Spencer's disappearance. Carly couldn't believe that Josslyn had been the only person who had known that Spencer had been in the house, but Spencer confessed that someone else had known. Carly frowned as she asked who else had known, but Spencer realized that he had revealed too much. Carly wanted an answer, but Spencer refused to say because he didn't want to get into trouble.

Carly continued to push for an answer until Spencer reluctantly confessed that Franco had known. Carly refused to believe it because she couldn't imagine why Franco would have kept that quiet. Spencer explained that he had found out that Franco had been plotting against Sonny. Scott immediately discounted Spencer's story by reminding Carly that Cassadines were known to lie.

Carly pulled Spencer aside to question him further about what Franco had known and why Franco had kept Spencer's secret. Spencer reluctantly explained that he had overheard Franco muttering to himself about obtaining proof against Sonny by hacking into Carly's email but Franco hadn't been able to figure out the password. Carly's eyes closed because she had heard the ring of truth in what Spencer had said.

Meanwhile, Lucas greeted Brad when Brad arrived, but Spencer decided to leave because he didn't want to face Franco's wrath. A few minutes later, Franco walked in as he apologized for being late. Carly's expression was closed as Franco smiled at her.

At the brownstone, Ava sent Morgan a text message to let him know that Silas had left. She looked up when she heard a noise, so she decided to check the door to make certain that it remained locked. Ava's relief was short-lived when she heard another noise behind her then turned in time to watch Nina enter the room.

Friday, October 31, 2014

In Anna's office, Julian was curious why Anna had asked to see him. He doubted that she wanted to discuss his social calendar, so Anna explained that she had been looking for Ava. Julian wondered why the police commissioner would want to talk to his sister because, to the best of his knowledge, Ava had kept "relatively clean" for quite some time. Anna revealed that Ava was a suspect in A.J.'s murder, but Julian scoffed at the suggestion that his sister had killed A.J. Julian revealed that his sister had not pulled the trigger but Ava knew who had.

Anna was curious what Julian knew about A.J.'s death, but Julian received a call. He sent the call to voicemail then wrapped up his meeting with Anna by making it clear that he had nothing to say to her because he had learned his lesson that it was a mistake to help the police. Julian walked out as Dante entered the office. Dante wondered what Julian had been doing there, so Anna filled him in about her meeting with Julian.

Dante was certain that Julian had been covering for Ava, so Anna confided that she had never believed Carlos' confession. She admitted that she had even tried to give Carlos an opportunity to recant, but Carlos had refused. Anna was certain that Ava had coerced Carlos to confess, but Dante questioned why Ava would have done that. Anna revealed that she suspected that Ava had been covering for Sonny, but Dante argued that Sonny had promised Michael that Sonny wouldn't kill A.J. to avenge Connie's murder.

Dante pointed out that Sonny had been with Duke at the time of the shooting, but Anna confided that she had her doubts about Duke's statement. Dante insisted that it wouldn't make sense for Sonny to kill A.J. in Ava's apartment, but Anna feared that Dante was too close to the case to be objective. She offered him an opportunity to recuse himself from the investigation, but Dante declined because a part of him suspected that Anna might be right about Sonny. Dante feared what Michael's reaction would be, but Anna suggested that they not get ahead of themselves until they had proof.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny smiled when he received a text message from Shawn's phone, informing Sonny that Franco was dead. Meanwhile, Morgan waited for Sonny to explain why Sonny wanted Ava dead. Sonny urged Morgan to drop it, but Morgan refused and continued to push for an answer until Sonny blurted out that Ava had murdered Connie. Stunned, Morgan argued that Ava hadn't had a reason to kill Connie, but Sonny explained that Connie had discovered that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome.

Morgan was certain that Sonny was lying, especially when Sonny revealed that Ava had also shot Olivia while Ava had been gunning for Franco. Sonny promised that he had proof then played the recording that A.J. had made of Ava's shocking admissions. Morgan's eyes filled with tears as he heard Ava's cold-hearted words. Morgan was filled with regret over the way he had treated his father as Sonny stopped the recording before Morgan heard Sonny's confrontation with A.J. and the subsequent shooting.

Morgan was curious why Sonny hadn't told Morgan the truth from the beginning, but Sonny explained that he had been afraid of losing both Michael and Morgan if they had learned the truth about A.J.'s death. Morgan hugged his father as he promised that he was there for Sonny. Sonny was deeply touched, but he reminded Morgan that they needed to protect the baby, which Sonny couldn't do because Ava had disappeared. Morgan decided to be honest with his father, so he revealed that Ava was hiding out at the brownstone.

At the hospital, Liesl entered Jason's hospital room as Jason entertained Elizabeth with an impersonation of Liesl. Liesl was not amused, so Elizabeth quickly intervened by revealing that "Jake" had made progress because of his efforts to climb the stairs the previous day. Liesl was pleased because it meant that he would soon be discharged. Elizabeth followed Liesl to the door then closed it as "Jake" asked if he had gotten Elizabeth in trouble. Elizabeth brushed it off because she was certain that she could cure cancer and still be reprimanded by Liesl for spending too much money.

Jason joked that perhaps Liesl was right. Elizabeth smiled because his sense of humor appeared to have remained intact, but it made him wonder if he had been funny prior to the accident. Elizabeth admitted that she had no idea because the brain worked in mysterious ways. "Jake" decided that he was glad that he had been able to make her laugh because Elizabeth had a beautiful smile. She appeared flattered but embarrassed by the compliment, so she changed the subject by offering to take "Jake" to the assembly room.

Jason grimaced because he didn't want to run into Franco, but Elizabeth assured "Jake" that it would not be a problem because Franco and Carly were getting married. Elizabeth revealed that every year, the hospital hosted a Halloween bash in the assembly room then added that both of her sons and her grandmother were at the party. She was certain that they would love to meet "Jake," so he agreed to go after Elizabeth fetched something that he had picked up for her.

Curious, Elizabeth followed Jason's instructions to open a dresser drawer where a box with pencils and sketchpad had been hidden. Jason smiled as he reminded her that she had promised to draw something for him, but she had no idea what to draw. "Jake" suggested that she sketch a portrait of him, so she agreed then opened the sketchbook. A short time later, Elizabeth handed the drawing to him. Jason was impressed because he realized that she had true talent.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sam tearfully handed the test results to Silas as she explained that Danny's leukemia had returned. He took the folder from her then began to read the results. Sam noticed a nurse leading sick children, including one who appeared to be battling cancer, to the assembly room. She became increasingly distraught, so she begged Silas to tell her that there had been a mistake. Silas' expression was somber as he admitted that he couldn't do that, but he quickly reminded Sam that they had known it was a possibility.

Silas pointed out that if Danny was sick, then they had caught it early enough, but Sam couldn't understand how Danny could be sick when everything had been going smoothly. Unaware that Madeline had watched the scene unfold from the upper level, Silas led Sam to his office then explained that they would run another battery of tests to be certain that there hadn't been an error with the first set. Sam immediately called Alexis to ask her mother to meet Sam at the hospital with Danny.

Later, Alexis arrived at the hospital with Danny and ran into Julian on his way to Silas' office. Alexis quietly confessed that she couldn't understand how their grandson could be sick when Danny seemed so healthy. Julian agreed.

In Silas' office, Sam picked up Danny as Alexis, Julian, and Danny entered. Silas quickly explained to Danny that they would need to run more tests, but he promised that Danny would have all the candy that Danny could eat when the tests were over. After Silas took the necessary samples, he promised Sam that they would have answers soon.

In Liesl's office, Liesl was curious where Madeline had been. Madeline claimed that she had simply left to stretch her legs, but Liesl was certain that her sister had been spying on someone. Madeline accused Liesl of being paranoid and irrational, but Liesl suddenly noticed that Nina was not in the office. Madeline explained that Nina had left to run an errand, but Liesl questioned that because Liesl had been under the impression that Nina had been "on the lam" after assaulting Silas. Madeline explained that she hadn't been able to stop Nina from leaving because Nina had always been headstrong like the rest of the Westbournes.

Liesl was curious why Madeline hadn't gone with Nina, but Madeline admitted that she'd had her own business to take care of. Irritated, Liesl insisted that Madeline and Nina needed to find somewhere else to hide because Liesl was busy running a hospital, keeping "those sticky-fingered children" out of her office, and putting a nurse as well as the nurse's patient in their places. Liesl typed up a few things on her computer then suddenly stopped when she noticed that her prescription pad was missing.

Liesl immediately confronted Madeline about it because Nina had ended up in a coma for over twenty years the last time a prescription pad had disappeared around Madeline. "What naughty tricks are you up to now, Magda?" Liesl asked. Madeline refused to answer the question, so Liesl warned Madeline that the prescription pad had better be back on Liesl's desk by the time Liesl returned.

A short time later, Liesl entered Jason's hospital room then handed him a bill for his stay as she informed him that he had recovered enough to be discharged.

At the brownstone, Ava was startled when she saw Nina standing in the living room. Nina explained that she wanted to chat with Ava because they had a couple of scores to settle. "So, buckle up, bitch," Nina growled. "Showtime," she added with a malevolent smile.

Ava sprinted for the door, but Nina beat Ava to it then slammed it shut before Ava could escape. Nina shoved Ava back into the living room then injected Ava with a syringe filled with what Nina revealed was a paralytic that would slowly render Ava unable to move. Ava fell on the sofa as Nina explained that the drug was used to intubate a person prior to surgery. Horrified, Ava feared for her baby's safety, but Nina assured Ava that the baby would be fine. Ava's legs gave out as the drug began to sweep through Ava's system.

Ava desperately asked why Nina would want to paralyze her, so Nina explained that she needed Ava to cooperate, but she refused to elaborate beyond that. Nina became distracted when she heard Ava's phone ring. Annoyed, Nina picked up the phone to check Ava's missed calls. Nina's was furious when she saw that the last call had been from Silas, so she began to rant about Silas and Ava rekindling their affair. Ava rushed to assure Nina that Silas had only been helping Ava with the baby, which appeared to appease Nina.

Nina sat down then began to rub Ava's extended stomach. Ava tried to knock Nina's hand away, but Ava was weak. Nina easily pushed Ava's protective hand away then resumed gently stroking Ava's belly as Nina began to talk about the baby. Ava's disgust turned to sheer terror when Nina vowed that Ava would never see the baby because it belonged to Nina and that Nina intended to go after Kiki next. Nina quickly clarified that she wouldn't physically harm Kiki, but Nina was determined to dismantle Kiki's life.

Nina filled another syringe. Fearful, Ava asked what was in the syringe. Nina became distracted when Ava received a text message from Silas, so Nina decided to reply by assuring Silas that he could take his time with Danny because Morgan had returned. Nina tossed the phone down then approached Ava. Ava tearfully asked what Nina intended to do, so Nina admitted that she planned to take the baby. Ava pointed out that the baby wasn't due for several more weeks, but Nina explained that they could speed the process along.

Ava began to weep, but Nina gently urged Ava to breathe because they were about to "bring a new life into the world."

On the Haunted Star, Franco reminded Carly that it was showtime, so he was curious why she wasn't wearing her wedding gown. Carly quietly asked to speak to Franco privately then led him to a quiet corner as the guests waited to see how things would play out between the bride and groom.

Carly revealed that Spencer had told her that Franco had tried to hack into Carly's email to try to get proof against Sonny. Franco admitted that it was true, but he insisted that it had been a mistake because he had allowed Ava to manipulate him by preying on his insecurities. He assured Carly that he was no longer the same person because he had made peace with Carly and Sonny's relationship a long time before. Franco confessed that he was actually happy that Spencer had told her because Franco didn't want to enter his marriage to Carly with any secrets between them.

Carly smiled nervously as Franco added that she hadn't given him any reason to make him not trust her. He insisted that he wanted to go through with the wedding because he had meant everything he had told her the previous evening. "You believe me, right?" Franco asked. Carly nodded, but she warned Franco that he couldn't keep using the threat of exposing Sonny to Michael every time he got mad. She explained that she would not tolerate it after they were married, so Franco assured her everything would be fine.

Carly confessed that the issue was moot anyway because she had deleted her copy of the recording.

Meanwhile, Michael was tempted to find out what Franco and Carly were talking about, but Kiki stopped him because Franco and Carly needed to work things out for themselves. Moments later, Felix and Lucy arrived anxious because they were late. They were relieved when they realized that the bride and groom weren't ready.

A short time later, Carly returned dressed in a white gown. Josslyn reluctantly sprinkled flower petals as Lucas escorted Carly down the aisle to Franco's side. Bobbie frowned as Lucy began the wedding ceremony. Next, Felix read William Shakespeare's 116th sonnet. After Felix finished, Lucy resumed the wedding ceremony by asking if Carly would take Franco's hand in marriage. Carly thought about Sonny's insistence that Sonny and Carly shared a deep love but answered, "I do."

Lucy turned to Franco to repeat the question, asking if he would take Carly's hand in marriage. "Hell, no," Franco answered. "Why would I marry a lying, cheating whore?" he asked as everyone gasped.

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