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Colin spied Devon and Hilary sneaking into a hotel room together. Victor revealed that Sharon had switched Summer's DNA test, and Nick left Sharon. Phyllis found Kelly's photo in Jack's desk drawer. Michael told Kevin that he had cancer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 3, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, November 3, 2014

At Sharon's house, Phyllis showed up and said she'd been enlisted to escort Sharon to her wedding. Sharon replied, "Who would enlist you to do anything for me?" Phyllis replied, "Nick. He wants to surprise you. He's got the whole family there, waiting for you to arrive." Sharon was skeptical and said, "Being nice to me is not part of your brain chemistry." Phyllis claimed that Nick had planned a lavish wedding.

Sharon refused to accompany Phyllis and said, "Spill it, Phyllis. What are you really up to?" Phyllis admitted that her actions had been selfish and hurtful the last time Nick and Sharon had tried to marry, so she was attempting to redeem herself in the eyes of her family. Sharon insisted on phoning Nick first. Phyllis said, "You can't do that. You'll spoil the surprise." Phyllis stepped outside and complained that her waiting cab had left. Phyllis said they'd have to take Sharon's car, so Sharon grabbed her keys.

In the lobby of the ballroom, Phyllis suggested using the stairwell instead of the slow elevator. When Phyllis asked Sharon if she minded using the stairs, Sharon said she didn't. Phyllis walked ahead of Sharon as the two women ascended the stairs. Suddenly, Sharon stopped and remembered having once seen a clutch purse fall on the landing in the very same stairwell. Sharon also recalled having seen a tube of creamy-nude lipstick roll out and land several steps below the purse.

Phyllis questioned the state of Sharon's well-being. Sharon insisted she was fine and said she was ready to join Nick and get the wedding underway. Phyllis said, "I lied. Nick isn't here; no one is. Here we are -- just the two of us, again." Phyllis told Sharon that she needed to own up to what she'd done the night of Nikki's gala. In a flashback, Sharon recalled her past encounter with Phyllis in the stairwell. Stunned, Sharon faced Phyllis and cried, "I remember."

At the Newman ranch, Victor showed Summer a pink hairbrush and asked if it belonged to her. Summer replied, "It's definitely mine. Why do you have my hairbrush, and why do you care who it belongs to?" Victor said he'd found the hairbrush after one of Faith's visits. Summer said she'd probably left it at Sharon's and that it had likely been placed in Faith's backpack, so it could be returned. Victor seemed distracted as he fiddled with the hairbrush. Summer asked, "Is something wrong? Grandpa, are you okay?"

Victor plucked a loose strand of hair from the brush and said it meant a lot to hear Summer call him grandpa. Victor embraced Summer and said he loved her. Summer said, "I love both of my families. I've finally come to think of Jack as my dad." Victor replied, "To me, you'll always be a Newman."

After Summer left, Victor retrieved the DNA test results from a wastebasket. He opened the file folder and studied the document. The report documented a biological match between the two DNA samples tested. Victor phoned Dr. Jorgenson and confirmed that only one person's DNA had been present on the hairbrush. After the call ended, Victor said aloud to himself, "It is you, my darling Summer, that Sharon lied about."

At the Underground, Nick stopped by in search of Summer. Nick said that he'd received a text message from Summer instructing him to meet her. Austin said he wasn't expecting Summer. Austin reminded Nick that Summer wouldn't be attending the wedding. Nick said he understood how Phyllis' return had complicated Summer's relationship with Sharon.

Austin thanked Nick for accepting him as Summer's husband. Austin noted that Phyllis hadn't yet changed her mind. Nick said he was thankful that Summer had forgiven him after all he'd put her through with the paternity test. Austin said, "Summer never stopped thinking of you as her dad." Nick replied, "To me, she'll never stop being my daughter." Concerned he'd be late for the wedding, Nick gave up on Summer and left.

When Summer arrived at the Underground, Austin told her that Nick had given up on meeting her to pick up a wedding gift. Summer, confused, said she didn't yet have a gift. Summer added that she wouldn't have summoned Nick to the Underground right before the wedding. Summer showed Austin a pair of sequin-covered masks she'd bought to go with their costumes. She reached into her handbag for her phone to snap a photo of them wearing the masks and realized her phone was missing.

Kelly, sitting at the bar inside the Genoa City Athletic Club, phoned Jack at the Abbott mansion. Kelly said she couldn't forget about the passionate kiss they'd shared in his office. Jack, also remembering the kiss, smiled. Kelly said she knew Jack had issues to work out with Phyllis. Jack heard someone descending the stairs. Thinking it was Phyllis, Jack interrupted Kelly and promised to call her back.

Billy entered Jack's sitting room, carrying a box, and Jack said he'd thought he'd heard Phyllis walking down the stairs. Billy said he believed that Phyllis was still asleep upstairs. Billy announced that he'd packed up his belongings and planned to move in with Chelsea. Jack said he planned to tell Phyllis that he and Kelly were involved in a relationship. Billy asked if Jack was prepared for the fallout.

Jack told Billy that he hated deceiving Phyllis and forcing everyone else to lie to her. Jack noted that Phyllis was fiercely loyal, and the more they'd failed as a couple, the deeper they'd fallen in love with each other. Jack swore that he'd never intended to fall in love with Kelly. Jack noted that he and Kelly shared a kinship because they'd both been hurt and were broken. Billy said it was possible to love two women at the same time, but it wasn't possible to be with both. Billy admitted that he'd chosen to be with Chelsea, and he urged Jack to make his choice. Frustrated, Jack cried, "I can't go on like this."

After Billy left, Jack seemed distraught. Jack sat slumped in a chair, reminiscing. Jack seemed pained as he sat thinking about making a difficult choice. Jack heard his doorbell. When Jack opened the door, he found Victor standing in the portico. Victor said he had a very important family matter to discuss.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Traci and Abby enjoyed coffee together. When Abby spotted Kelly at the bar, Traci was surprised when Abby expressed sorrow for Kelly. Abby said that after Kelly had lost both her father and son, she'd found happiness with Jack until Phyllis has awakened from her coma and returned to Genoa City. Traci replied, "I have a feeling Phyllis will not be successful." Abby frowned.

Kelly greeted Traci and Abby and mentioned that she and Jack had clarified the status of their relationship. Traci replied, "Well, I'm glad to hear that." Abby said she feared that Kelly might have misunderstood Jack because he, Phyllis, and Summer seemed like a happy family together. Kelly assured Abby that she wouldn't interfere with Jack's relationship with his daughter and her mother. Kelly added that she respected the parent-child relationship. Abby said, "Phyllis won't let go of Jack that easily." Kelly replied, "Neither will I."

Billy ran into Traci and Abby in the lobby of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby made her feelings known about Billy's decision to move in with Chelsea. Abby said, "You might be having a baby with Victoria." Billy replied, "And I might not." Abby said Billy should wait until he found out. Abby berated Billy for always making the wrong choice. Billy said, "Thanks for always sharing your thoughts, Abby. Like a kick in the head!"

After Traci and Abby left, Billy joined Kelly. Kelly said she'd also tangled with Abby over Jack. Kelly added that Traci was sweet, but had remained neutral regarding Jack's relationships. Kelly said, "I really believe that what Jack and I have is worth fighting for. Do you think I have a chance with Jack?" Billy replied, "Absolutely."

At Crimson Lights, Noah stopped by to pick up cupcakes for his parents' wedding reception. Kevin, typing away on his laptop, drew Noah's attention. Kevin refused when Noah asked to see what type of project Kevin was working on. Kevin noted that he'd bumped into Mariah. Noah said he'd seen Mariah and Faith buying flowers for Nick and Sharon's wedding, so he was thankful Mariah had no plans to sabotage the nuptials.

Kevin recalled that Nick and Sharon's wedding had gone well for a time. Noah said, "Maybe this time, with Mariah on their side, nothing's going to stop my mom and dad from getting married." Kevin smiled when Noah mentioned Mariah, and Noah said that Kevin seemed interested in Mariah. Before he left, Noah said he'd considered locking the door to ensure that nothing would interrupt the wedding again.

Nick returned at Sharon's and was surprised to find the house empty. Noah arrived soon afterward. Nick said that Mariah and Faith were on their way back with the flowers. Nick added that he'd hoped Sharon might have left the house to meet up with Noah because she wasn't home. Noah, puzzled, checked his phone and said, "Wonder where she could've gone?"

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Dylan told Avery that no one had answered the phone at the real estate conglomerate that had purchased the building. Avery chirped that he was lucky to have an attorney girlfriend with connections, and she thought she might be able to get a name of someone they could actually speak with. Dylan asked if what the firm was doing was legal, and Avery responded that she was afraid so. Joe arrived to see Avery, and he said he had something that belonged to her.

Joe explained that after he and Avery had split up, he'd noticed something she'd left behind, and he handed her a bookmark. She read the inscription, which said that there was a time to choose between turning a page and closing the book. Joe recalled that it had meant a lot to her, and he'd always intended to give it back. Dylan coldly noted that Joe had done so, and he asked if there was anything else. Avery thanked Joe, and after Joe departed, Dylan inquired whether there was something special about the bookmark. She mentioned that it had been a wedding gift, and Dylan looked suspicious.

Avery explained that her father had given her the bookmark on her wedding day in order to mark the next chapter of her life. Avery recalled that her dad had called Joe lucky for marrying the most loyal human in the world, but her father had been wrong, since she'd cheated. Dylan wondered why Joe had thought she'd want the bookmark, and she reasoned that she and Joe had been divorced by the time she'd learned the truth about her father, so Joe hadn't known how betrayed she'd felt, and he'd just been trying to be nice. Avery realized that the bookmark didn't have the same meaning it once had, so there was no reason to hold onto it, and she tossed it aside.

Avery reached someone on the phone who had the name of the real estate broker, but her face fell as she wrote down the information, and she informed Dylan that Joe had brokered the deal. Dylan concluded that Joe was trying to put him out of business, but Avery revealed that Joe had bought out the entire block. She thought it was a business deal and not a personal attack, but Dylan grumbled that he felt like it was personal. Dylan threatened to show Joe how personal it was, but Avery stopped Dylan from storming off and suggested that they handle it by hitting Joe's bank account.

Avery warned that Dylan would end up in jail if he physically attacked Joe, but they could threaten Joe with legal action, and she suspected that Joe would walk away if he couldn't make a profit. Dylan resolved to be smart about it, and she proposed that they talk about it over dinner. She stepped into the office to retrieve her coat, and when she returned, she discovered that Dylan had left. She took off after him.

At the Athletic Club, Cane playfully covered Lily's eyes and asked if she wanted a trick or a treat, and he dipped her as he kissed her. Lily revealed that she'd arranged a bland menu for their dinner with Neil and Hilary, since she thought Hilary was pregnant, and she wanted to show that she'd sincerely accepted Hilary. Neil and Hilary arrived, and Lily asked if they had liked her surprise. Hilary remarked that the flowers and music hadn't been what she and Neil had been expecting, and Lily pointedly asked what they were expecting. Neil flatly informed her that Hilary wasn't pregnant, but they were eager to try to make a baby. Devon looked uncomfortable as he looked on.

Over dinner, Lily offered to have the kitchen make something else, since she'd planned the menu under the assumption that Hilary was with child, and Devon picked up a napkin that Hilary had dropped. Neil imagined having a daughter who looked just like Hilary, and Lily jokingly asked if he wanted another daughter after she'd caused him grief. Neil admitted that Lily had tested his patience, but he'd loved being a father to both her and Devon. Neil asked what Hilary's preference was, and she wondered what he meant. He inquired whether she wanted a girl, a boy, or one of each, since she'd always wanted a big family. Hilary mused that she had more family than she'd ever imagined.

Colin approached Joe in the club foyer, and he wanted to continue talking about the downtown development deal they'd discussed previously. Cane interrupted and asked why Colin was interested in Joe's business, and Colin claimed that his wife and her sister were opening another boutique, so the deal could be mutually beneficial for all of them. Colin suggested that he and Joe crunch some numbers together, but Cane cautioned that Jill didn't like to be left out of the loop. Colin said that Cane hadn't gotten over the fact that Victor had stepped in at Newman-Chancellor, and he told Joe to call him if he wanted to talk business.

Colin left, and Cane recommended that Joe not make that call, since Colin was untrustworthy. Joe thought that Colin had been right in that Cane should be heading up a Fortune 500 company instead of a hotel. Cane said that he liked working with his wife and putting his kids to bed at night, and he couldn't do those things as a CEO. Joe acknowledged that things would be different if he'd paid more attention to his own family, but he'd made work his priority, since he thrived under pressure. Cane admitted that he missed the rush of closing a corporate deal, and he would consider diving back in for the right opportunity.

Lily said that she'd hoped to meet Devon's mystery lady that evening, and Neil asked if Devon would introduce her sometime soon. Devon groused that his idea of a fun date didn't involve an interrogation, and Lily promised she'd ask only polite questions. Neil remembered a time when Devon hadn't been that secretive about his personal life, and Devon remarked that the woman was special. Lily teased that it sounded like love to her, and Hilary agreed. Cane returned and said he and Lily had get home to relieve the sitter, and Hilary asked them to drop off Neil, since she had to stop by the office and might get home late. Hilary thanked Lily for dinner and kissed Neil, and Devon squirmed as Hilary departed.

Upstairs, Devon found Hilary fumbling with a room key, and she nervously said that she couldn't get the door to open. As he attempted to unlock the door, he said that it had been torture to hear Neil go on about his future with Hilary. She agreed that it had been agonizing to listen to Devon about how special his mystery girl was, and he contended that he'd just been honest. Hilary found it ironic, since they were lying about everything else, and as he opened the door, he asked if she was having second thoughts. She said that she wouldn't be there if she was, and they kissed passionately. Colin spied them as they entered the room.

Avery chased Dylan to the Athletic Club, where he asked for Joe's room number. Joe overheard from the bar, and he asked who was looking for him. Dylan punched Joe in the jaw.

At the cottage, Noah guessed that Nick and Sharon had gotten their wires crossed, but Nick was sure that they'd planned to drive to the ceremony together. Noah suggested that Sharon had met up with Faith and Mariah, and a car pulled up outside, but only Mariah and Faith got out. After Mariah took Faith upstairs, Noah asked if Mariah had seen Sharon, but Mariah hadn't. Nick fretted that he hadn't been able to reach Sharon, and Mariah remarked that it hadn't been the first time Sharon had gotten a case of cold feet.

Nick recalled that Sharon hadn't been able to wait to get married, but Mariah recounted that Sharon had been freaked out during the last couple of days. Nick blamed the psychic, but he maintained that nothing would change his mind about wanting to be with Sharon. Noah pointed out that Victor had been there to harass Sharon earlier, but Nick thought that Sharon had been more determined than ever to proceed with the wedding after Victor's visit. Noah worried that something wasn't right, and Mariah found an earring on the floor. Nick recognized it as part of a pair he'd bought for Phyllis years before, and he rushed out to find out what she had been doing there.

Noah continued to worry about where Sharon was, and Mariah said Sharon had been twisted up about how she might have hurt Nick. She mentioned that Sharon had been having nightmares and that Sharon had muttered something about Nick not being the father in her sleep, and she'd told Victor that it might have had to do with Faith. Noah confronted Mariah about spying on Sharon for Victor, but Mariah explained that Victor had offered to help her get her marriage annulled. Noah said that Faith's paternity had been settled years before, but Victor couldn't let it go.

At the Abbott mansion, Victor reiterated to Jack that it was urgent for him to see Phyllis. Jack thought that Victor wanted to stir up trouble, and Victor countered that trouble was already there, but he hadn't caused it. Jack refused to let Victor disrupt his family, and they argued about Summer's place in the Abbott and Newman families. Jack spat that Victor had had no right to use Summer, and he said that it had been a new low for Victor to trick her into giving consent for Phyllis' treatment. Victor argued that Phyllis didn't share Jack's outrage, and he maintained that he needed to see her.

Victor asserted that Phyllis could decide for herself whether she wanted to speak to him, and Jack said that she was resting. Victor repeated that it was very important, but Jack barked that Victor had already subjected her to an experimental drug. Victor countered that she'd still be in a coma if he hadn't, and Jack asked if Victor was there because of the mythical information that Phyllis had about Sharon. Victor explained that he thought he knew what information Phyllis had, and if he was right, it could have profound consequences for everyone, including Jack.

Jack questioned why Victor wanted to disrupt Phyllis if he'd already figured it out, and Victor said that he wanted to confirm the information. Jack expected that Victor would use whatever it was against Nick and Sharon, since Victor would do anything to control everything around him. Victor chided Jack for pretending to be a moral beacon after he'd abandoned his fiancée in a clinic to cavort with his brother's mistress. Jack demanded to know what Victor had found out.

Nick arrived and said that he needed to talk to Phyllis, but Jack said it would have to wait. Nick replied that he couldn't wait, and he yelled out for Phyllis. Nick explained that Sharon had taken off before the wedding and that she wasn't answering her phone, but Jack didn't understand why Nick was there. Nick revealed that Phyllis had tried to tell him something over the phone earlier, and he thought she might have stopped by his place to finish the conversation, but she had upset Sharon instead. Victor pondered what Phyllis had wanted to talk to Nick about, but Nick reiterated that he didn't care about Sharon's supposed secret, and he just wanted to make sure she was okay.

Nick refused to let Phyllis ruin another wedding, and Jack went upstairs to get her, but Victor suspected that Phyllis wasn't even there. Victor handed Nick a sheet of paper, and he stated that it was the truth. A confused Nick asked what "Subject A" and "Subject B" meant, and Victor revealed that he'd had a DNA test done and that Nick had been Subject A. Nick blasted Victor for taking a DNA sample without his permission, and Victor said that Nick was missing the point, since Summer was Subject B. Victor declared that Nick and Summer's DNA was a match, and Nick was Summer's father.

Nick thought Victor had manipulated the results, and Victor denied it, but he believed that Sharon had manipulated the test the year before. Victor added that he strongly suspected Sharon had pushed Phyllis down the stairs, and that was the secret Sharon was hiding. Nick protested that Sharon would never have done that, but Victor stated that she had. Nick refused to believe it, and Jack returned and reported that Phyllis wasn't in her room.

Jack asked what the paper was, and Nick replied that it was nothing, but Jack observed that Nick wasn't acting like it was nothing. Nick inquired whether Jack had run his own test to determine Summer's paternity, but Jack thought there had been no point, since there had only been two options, and Nick's test had ruled out Nick as the father. Victor ended a call and reported that Phyllis and Sharon were together, and he admitted that he'd had someone watch Phyllis for her own safety. Victor added that they were at the ballroom, and the men headed out.

On the stairwell, Phyllis ordered Sharon to face what had happened there on the night of the benefit. Sharon flashed back to chasing Phyllis up the stairs, and Phyllis had accused her of playing God and sacrificing a young woman who had just been starting her life. Sharon gasped and remembered that she and Phyllis had been arguing about Summer, and Phyllis ranted that her fall had changed her future and had jeopardized Jack's sobriety. Sharon argued that Jack had had a daughter to help him, and Phyllis corrected that Summer was Nick's daughter, but Sharon didn't think Phyllis was making sense.

Phyllis bellowed that Sharon had known that Summer was Nick's daughter all along, and she'd heard Sharon admit it in the cemetery. Sharon flashed back to being at Cassie's grave, saying that she had made things right, since if Summer had been Jack's daughter, Nick never would have married Phyllis. Phyllis growled that Sharon had been the reason Nick had lost his daughter. Sharon swore that she loved Nick and would never hurt him, but Phyllis snapped that Sharon had hurt him in the worst way possible by switching the DNA test to make Nick believe that Summer wasn't his daughter.

Sharon started to protest, but she flashed back to overhearing a lab technician call Nick to inform him that the test results were in, and she remembered entering the lab. A look of horror crossed Sharon's face, and Phyllis berated Sharon for letting Nick believe a horrible lie. Phyllis added that she'd been about to tell him the truth, and Sharon recalled struggling with Phyllis over the phone before Phyllis had tumbled down the stairs. Phyllis accused Sharon of trying to kill her by pushing her down the stairs.

Sharon insisted that Phyllis had fallen, but Phyllis thought that Sharon would say anything to avoid taking responsibility. Phyllis raged that Sharon had devastated Nick and Summer with lies, and Sharon had let Jack believe he'd missed out on being a father to his only daughter. Sharon swore that she'd never set out to hurt anyone, and Phyllis called that the biggest lie of all. Sharon pleaded that she and Nick loved one another, but Phyllis thought that Sharon hadn't wanted anyone else to have him, including Summer. Sharon whimpered that she'd been off her medication, but Phyllis commanded her to stop playing victim when Phyllis had been the one who'd spent a year in a coma.

Sharon maintained that the accident had just happened, and Phyllis questioned whether Sharon had any idea what it had been like for her to wake up and find out that a year had passed. Phyllis wailed that she'd missed her daughter's wedding, and she should have been there to help Summer get ready, but the woman who had put Phyllis in the hospital had been there instead. Phyllis hissed that Sharon had cheated her out of memories and time, and Sharon realized that Phyllis had taken her to the scene of the crime because Phyllis wanted payback. "You bet your ass I do," Phyllis replied.

Phyllis sarcastically praised Sharon for playing it smart, since Sharon had kept her secret safe in the mind of someone who might have never woken up, and Sharon would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for Victor. Phyllis proclaimed that it was time for Sharon's sick game to crash down all around her, and she threatened to tell Nick the truth. Sharon said that she needed to be the one to tell Nick how sorry she was, but Phyllis barked that Sharon hadn't even begun to be sorry, and she anticipated that Sharon would use her illness as an excuse. Phyllis vowed to make sure that Nick hated Sharon forever, and she pulled out her phone. Sharon tried to snatch it away, and the women scuffled.

Phyllis and Sharon struggled over the phone, and Sharon got control of it, but Phyllis grabbed her arm. Nick, Jack, and Victor appeared at the bottom of the stairs, and Jack wondered what was going on. "Do you want to tell them or should I?" Phyllis asked Sharon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy and Chelsea were going through a bowl of leftover Halloween candy when Billy saw the envelope that contained Adam's mother's monogrammed handkerchief. Chelsea quickly grabbed it away from him. Billy wondered if Chelsea was hiding something.

Chelsea explained that Adam had given her the handkerchief at their first wedding in Kansas. She said that she had lost track of it, but it had suddenly turned up in Connor's room. She told Billy that, after Billy had declared his love for her, she'd decided to go to the church to say goodbye to Adam. At the church, Chelsea had lit a candle, made peace, with her past and left -- leaving the handkerchief behind. Billy thanked Chelsea for her honesty, although he was confused about how the handkerchief had reappeared in the penthouse if Chelsea had left it in the church. Chelsea told Billy that was a mystery to her -- someone had to have taken the handkerchief, placed it in the envelope, and slid it under the penthouse's front door. Billy wondered who would do something like that.

Chelsea admitted that she had wondered about that as well. She hypothesized that perhaps the pastor or one of the parishioners had noticed Chelsea leave the handkerchief and decided to try to return it to her. Billy didn't buy that -- and was creeped out that a reminder of Adam had found its way back to Chelsea.

Billy assured Chelsea that he didn't expect her to erase every trace of Adam from her life -- he was more troubled because the handkerchief had made it back to the penthouse. Billy thought that the handkerchief was a bad omen -- and told Chelsea that they should burn it.

Chelsea said that she wouldn't burn the handkerchief -- she would hold on to it for Connor. Billy realized that Chelsea couldn't purge all evidence that Adam had been a part of her life -- she replied that Billy couldn't purge all the evidence that Victoria had been a part of his life.

Billy admitted that Chelsea was correct -- he couldn't purge Victoria from his life. He told Chelsea that she had won -- she could keep the handkerchief. Chelsea and Billy began making love.

In a room elsewhere in Genoa City, the mysterious woman who had taken Adam's mother's handkerchief from the church where Chelsea had left it served tea to a man swathed in bandages. She told him that she had followed Chelsea to a church. The woman said that Chelsea had Hope's handkerchief.

The woman told the man that the handkerchief appeared to mean a lot to Chelsea, although Chelsea had left it there. The woman reassured the man that she had returned the handkerchief to Chelsea, knowing that the man would want Chelsea to have it. The woman told the man that while returning the handkerchief to Chelsea, she had learned that Billy had moved in with Chelsea. The man tried to get out of bed, but the woman stopped him. In frustration, he threw over the tea set.

The woman told the man that he couldn't do anything about Chelsea and Billy for the time being -- he had to be patient. The man held up his hand and motioned the woman over, saying, "A favor?" The woman asked him what he needed. He whispered, "Shut up."

In the Athletic Club dining room, Joe was still reeling from the sucker punch that Dylan had landed on his jaw. Avery asked Joe if he was all right. Joe demanded to know why Dylan had attacked him. Dylan said that Joe was trying to destroy Dylan's business. The bartender gave Joe an ice pack for his bruised cheek, but Dylan thought that Joe was playing it up a bit.

Joe realized that Dylan had to have learned about Joe's real estate deal. He told Dylan and Avery that Dylan was overreacting. Joe explained that he had devised an urban development plan and that he'd had no idea that Dylan owned Crimson Lights, a "little café" that was just a small piece of the pie.

Avery chimed in that she didn't believe Joe hadn't known that Dylan owned Crimson Lights. Joe said the deal was strictly business -- not a vendetta against Dylan. Dylan and Joe began arguing, and just as punches were about to fly, Paul stepped in and separated the men. Avery introduced Joe and Paul. Paul mentioned that he was Genoa City's police chief -- and that Dylan was his son.

Paul asked for an explanation of what had been going on. Joe said that it hadn't been anything -- Dylan had merely been expressing some frustration about a business deal. Joe told Paul that he wouldn't be pressing charges against Dylan. Paul asked if he could assume that there wouldn't be any more problems -- Dylan replied that it depended on Joe.

Paul pulled Dylan aside to speak with him privately. Dylan explained that Joe's shenanigans were more than a business deal -- Joe was trying to get revenge on Dylan.

Avery thanked Joe for not pressing charges. Joe wondered if he and Avery were still friends but Avery said that a friend would not do what Joe had done to her that day. Joe insisted that it was business -- not personal. He offered to look into other properties where Dylan might be able to relocate Crimson Lights. Avery stomped off to join Paul and Dylan.

Dylan and Avery left to cool off. Paul told Joe that he should realize that when something was over -- it was over. Joe said that his marriage to Avery had ended long before -- and he wished Dylan and Avery all the best. Paul said that Crimson Lights was a local landmark, and the community would not stand for the coffeehouse's demise. Joe told Paul that it was out of his hands -- he was just representing his client. He added that he would take Paul's advice under consideration. After Joe left, Paul phoned the police station and asked for a background check to be done on Joe Clark.

Dylan and Avery went to Crimson Lights. Dylan looked around and said that all Joe saw was an old coffeehouse. Even less than perfect, Dylan told Avery, Crimson Lights still meant a lot to people. Dylan felt that after the development was completed, Joe would leave town, happy that he had made Dylan look like a loser. Avery said they would do everything they could to fight Joe.

Phyllis and Sharon continued to struggle at the top of the stairwell leading to the Genoa City Ballroom as Victor, Nick, and Jack looked on from the landing below. Jack yelled at Phyllis, demanding that she release Sharon, but Phyllis said that she wouldn't until Sharon told the men what she had done -- and how she had screwed up so many lives. Jack and Nick appeared frightened and concerned. Victor looked triumphant.

Terrified, Sharon told Nick that she needed to talk with him. Victor insisted that Sharon tell Nick the truth. Sharon stumbled and nearly fell down the stairs, but Phyllis grabbed ahold of her, snidely saying, "Don't lose your balance. We wouldn't want you to fall."

The group entered the ballroom. Nick and Jack still had no idea what was going on. Sharon feigned illness and asked Nick to take her home, but Victor told his son not to take her anywhere. Perplexed and angry, Jack demanded to know what was going on. Victor said, "You have been duped. You are not Summer's father. Nicholas is."

Jack inspected the DNA analysis documents that Victor had received from the genetics doctor in Sweden. Sharon tried to reach out to Nick, but he rebuffed her. Jack, angry with despair, asked Sharon what was going on. Sharon remained silent. Jack asked Nick if he believed Victor's story. Nick said that he needed to hear it from Sharon. Through tears, Sharon admitted that after she had spoken with Phyllis earlier, she'd regained much of the memory she had lost because of the electroconvulsive therapy.

Nick quietly asked Sharon if what Victor had said about Summer's paternity was true. The weepy Sharon said that she never meant to hurt anyone. Nick asked over and over again if Summer was his daughter. Finally, Sharon answered, "Yes."

Jack insisted that what Sharon said couldn't be true -- there had been a paternity test that had proven that Jack was Summer's father. Summer finally admitted that she had switched the results of the paternity test to make it appear that Jack, and not Nick, was Summer's biological father.

Nick wondered how Sharon had switched the test results. Phyllis reminded the group that she had done something similar years earlier when she had altered DNA test results to make it appear that Danny Romalotti was Daniel's biological dad, when, in fact, another man had fathered Daniel.

Phyllis insisted that Sharon was obsessed with Nick and had wanted to remove any vestiges of Nick's marriage to Phyllis -- so Sharon "gave" Summer, Phyllis and Nick's daughter, to Jack. Nick wondered how Phyllis had learned that Sharon had switched the paternity test results. Phyllis explained that she had heard Sharon talking at Cassie's gravesite, where Sharon had said that Nick was really Summer's father.

Phyllis continued relating the incidents leading up to her fall -- Sharon had followed Phyllis to the ballroom to try to prevent her from telling Nick and Jack the truth -- but before Phyllis could do so, Sharon had thrown her down the stairs. Sharon insisted that she hadn't thrown Phyllis -- the fall had been an accident. Phyllis countered by telling the group that Sharon had left her for dead at the bottom of the stairwell.

A disbelieving Jack told Sharon and Phyllis to stop -- it was all a horrible mistake. Victor said that it wasn't a mistake. Angry at Victor, Jack said that Summer was Jack's daughter, and they would have another test to prove it. Victor insisted that no matter how many paternity tests were done, the outcome would be the same -- Summer was Nick's daughter. In a rare moment of sympathy, Victor told Jack that he felt sorry for him. Phyllis tried to console Jack, who ran off. Phyllis followed him. Sharon and Nick stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

Nick quickly walked to the elevator, followed by Sharon. She begged Nick to talk with her, saying that she would have told him the truth a long time before if she hadn't lost her memory. Nick looked at her with disgust in his eyes and said, "You stay away from me," before he ran off.

Nick started down the stairwell, followed by Sharon. She begged him not to go, but he ran down the stairs even faster. Realizing that he wasn't go to speak with her, Sharon sat on a step and began crying.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was passed out on a sofa, an empty bottle in her hand, when the doorbell awakened her. She quickly downed a breath mint as Paul walked in with some news -- Ian had been denied bail at his arraignment. Nikki sighed with relief. Paul told Nikki that he was concerned about her. Nikki belligerently said that there was nothing wrong. Victoria showed up and wondered what was going on.

Nikki continued to insist that all was well and filled Victoria in on the news about Ian. Nikki hustled Paul out of the house, insisting that she and Victoria had a lot of talking to do. At the door and out of Victoria's earshot, Paul told Nikki that he was there for her if she ever wanted to talk. Nikki assured him once again that nothing was wrong and practically pushed him out the door.

Nikki returned to the living room, and Victoria asked her why Paul was concerned. Nikki said that Paul merely wanted to make sure that Nikki was all right after her participation in the sting to catch Ian. Victoria reminded Nikki that Nikki had called to tell her something about Stitch. Nikki's expression indicated that she had no idea what Victoria was talking about; rather, her attention was drawn to her empty liquor glass -- which had ended up next to Victoria's foot.

Nikki lied and said that she did remember her phone conversation with Victoria but forgot what she had wanted to tell her daughter. Nikki asked Victoria to give her a little hint about what she had said on the phone. Victoria said that Nikki hadn't told her much, so she had turned to Maureen for information. Nikki was not pleased to hear that and wondered what Maureen had said.

Victoria told Nikki that Maureen hadn't told her anything -- she'd harangued Victoria for not loving Stitch enough. Victoria was hoping that perhaps Maureen had told Nikki something about Stitch's past. Still in a haze, Nikki had no idea what Maureen had said to her. Victoria said that perhaps there was a chance for her and Stitch -- but she needed to understand who he truly was.

Victoria was continuing to press Nikki for information when Victor returned home. Victor told them how Sharon had tampered with Summer's paternity test. Victoria and Nikki were flabbergasted.

Victor said that he'd never thought he could feel sorry for Jack -- but, considering the situation, Victor did. Nikki apologized to Victor for not believing him when he had told her that Sharon had been up to something that would break Nick's heart. Victor said that the situation had devastated Nick, and the family needed to pay a lot of attention to him.

A stunned Jack returned to the Abbott mansion and looked at photographs of Summer. Phyllis entered and tried to console Jack. She revealed that she had remembered the truth about Summer's paternity, as well as her fight with Sharon, as soon as she'd awoken from her coma. Jack wanted to know why she hadn't told him about Summer immediately. Phyllis said that she'd needed to be sure -- her thoughts were still fuzzy.

When Phyllis said that she'd needed to hear Sharon confess, Jack angrily reminded her that she hadn't needed to hear Sharon confess, since Victor had the DNA evidence. Phyllis reminded him that she had not been aware of that. Becoming irate, Jack accused Phyllis of picking the grandest way to reveal Sharon's secret. Jack said that Phyllis hadn't been thinking of him -- rather she had been thinking of herself -- her desire for revenge overrode any concern she had for Jack.

Phyllis said that as soon as she had been able to get out of her hospital bed, she had wanted to see Jack. Jack reminded her that she hadn't gone to see him -- rather, she had gone to Nick and Sharon's wedding. Phyllis told Jack that she'd found out about the wedding because she had initially gone to the Abbott mansion, where she had seen an invitation to Nick and Sharon's wedding.

Phyllis wondered why Jack was angry with her -- she said his anger should be directed toward Sharon. Jack turned away and remembered that Summer still needed to be told the truth.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

At Baldwin/Clark, Michael demanded to know the results of his biopsy over the phone. He begrudgingly agreed to go to the hospital to get the news, and he hung up as Kevin burst in. Michael chided him for not knocking, but Kevin announced that he had a present, and Lauren walked in. Michael was confused, but Lauren revealed that she wasn't alone, and Fen entered. Michael grinned and hugged his son, and Fen explained that Kevin had called and told him that he'd had to get back right away.

Michael lectured Kevin about taking Fen away from his studies, but Fen asserted that there was no way he'd been able to stay away when he'd heard Kevin's message. Kevin announced that he'd scored four tickets to see Fen's favorite band, and Fen assured Michael that he'd studied on the plane. Kevin called himself a hero, but Michael referred to Kevin as an "interfering pain in the ass." Fen asked what was going on between the brothers, and Kevin conceded that he had been aggressively looking for joy in the world since his divorce, but he promised not to always be in their faces.

Lauren said that having Fen home was something to smile about, but Michael received a text message and said he had to get to a meeting. Fen walked Michael out, and Lauren suspected that Kevin had lured Fen away from school because Kevin thought the Baldwins' marriage was in trouble, but Kevin insisted that his reason had been the concert. Outside the office, Fen asked a jumpy Michael if he was okay, and Michael blamed his demeanor on an upcoming verdict. Fen proudly declared that Michael always won, and he was sure Michael would win that time around, too. They hugged.

Lauren and Fen ate Chinese takeout in Michael's office, and she wished she could stay longer, but she had a meeting at Jabot. Fen said that he'd be back for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, and he planned to hang out with Summer and her husband. He found it strange that Summer had just met the guy, and Lauren mused that love was always weird.

Michael arrived at Dr. Botnik's office, and Kevin covertly hovered outside the glass door as an attractive female assistant led Michael inside. Later, a stone-faced Michael emerged from the doctor's office, and an irate Kevin confronted him and asked if Michael had been with "her." Michael dazedly realized that Kevin had followed him, and Kevin revealed that he'd tracked the GPS on Michael's phone.

Kevin demanded to know if the woman he'd seen in the office was the one Michael was willing to risk everything for, and he assumed from Michael's lack of response that his accusations were true. Michael said that the woman was a receptionist, and Kevin incredulously asked if Michael had cheated at her place of work. "I'm not having an affair, Kevin. I have cancer," Michael numbly stated, and Kevin's jaw dropped as Michael walked away.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack stared at family photos, and Phyllis entered and assumed he was thinking about Summer. He reported that he'd called Summer and asked her to stop by, since she needed to know the truth right away. Phyllis suggested that Nick be there with them, but Jack argued that Nick had the rest of his life to be with his daughter, and he wanted some time with her, especially since Nick had other problems.

Phyllis asked if Jack was still mad at her, and she conceded that he had every right to be angry after the way the truth had been exposed. Phyllis explained that she'd needed proof before she'd said anything, and she'd had to hear Sharon admit what she'd done first. Phyllis ranted that she'd spent a year in silence, but she recognized that the situation wasn't all about her. Summer arrived and asked what was wrong, and Jack grappled for words. Summer said that Jack was scaring her, and she queried, "Dad?" Jack looked stricken.

Phyllis offered Summer something to eat or drink, but Summer urged Phyllis and Jack just to tell her what was going on. "Dad," Summer repeated, and Jack told her not to call him that. A confused Summer said that she'd thought he liked it when she referred to him that way, and he apologized and confirmed that he loved the sound of it. Summer wondered if he'd fought with Nick about her again, even though she had thought both of her dads had been getting along. Jack blurted out that he wasn't her father, and there had been a mistake.

Phyllis corrected that it had been a vicious, selfish act, and she revealed that Sharon had changed the results of the paternity test Nick had run the prior year. Summer couldn't believe it, but Jack said that Nick had always been Summer's father, and Sharon had confessed to her actions. Summer argued that they couldn't take Sharon's word, but Phyllis said that she'd known for a long time, and she'd been running up the stairs to tell Jack before her fall. Summer asked if Sharon had tried to kill Phyllis, and Phyllis replied that Sharon had almost succeeded when she'd grabbed for Phyllis' phone. Summer recalled that the police had returned the phone to her, and she realized that the "creamy nude" lipstick that had been among Phyllis' things had been Sharon's.

Summer gazed at Jack and whimpered that she'd thought they were father and daughter, and Jack murmured that he had, too. Summer said that Jack had been loving and generous, and Jack recounted that he'd loved her ever since he'd been the first person to hold her after she'd been born. He promised that he would love her until the day he died, and he couldn't be any prouder to call her his daughter. Summer regretted that she had been angry and awful toward Jack in the beginning, and she said that she wouldn't have made it through the past year without him. They hugged as tears ran down Phyllis' face.

Jack told Summer about Sharon's confession, and Summer started to say that Sharon had been like a second mother to her, but Phyllis cut her off and called Sharon a "manipulating bitch" who had known what she'd been doing to everyone. Jack wanted to focus on Summer, who assured him that she wouldn't act out like she had in the past, since she had Austin. Phyllis said that Summer needed all of them, and Jack promised that the news wouldn't keep him from being there for Summer. Summer asked about Jack, and he admitted that his heart had been breaking since the prior night.

An emotional Jack said that he would be forever grateful and that he would miss Summer, but she anticipated that she'd be there all the time since Phyllis was back, and they'd all still be together. Summer hurriedly left, and Phyllis tried to stop her, but Jack understood that Summer had to work things out in her own way. Phyllis said that her pledge to be there applied to him, too, but Jack said that he needed to be alone, and he walked out.

Sharon returned home and started to make a call, and she was relieved when Nick walked through the front door. She said she'd received a note from Noah, who'd informed her that Nick had asked him to keep Faith, and she imagined that their children were confused. Nick said that he'd been out walking all night, and she was happy that he was home. He coolly stated that he was there to get his things, since it was no longer his home, and he and Sharon had nothing left.

Sharon pleaded that Nick couldn't just go, and he offered to get his stuff later. She insisted that they needed to talk, and he reminded her that they'd lost Cassie together, so they both knew what it was like to have a hole in their hearts because of one terrible accident. Nick spat that Sharon had purposely taken Summer from him, and Sharon said she could explain. He asked her to help him understand what she'd done, but he jerked away from her touch.

Sharon said she'd been in love with Nick for most of her life, and he'd always been in her heart, but her disorder hadn't allowed her to know what had been right. She recalled that she'd had visions of Cassie telling her to protect her bond with Nick by being the only mother of his children, and Nick protested that Cassie never would have suggested that. Sharon reiterated that her illness had made her trust what she'd thought Cassie had told her, and she'd believed it because Cassie had foreseen them having another daughter. Nick barked that Sharon had let him think Summer wasn't his child, and Sharon admitted that she'd felt guilty and ashamed, but she hadn't told him because she'd been afraid of losing him.

Sharon continued that she'd been confused when she'd seen Cassie everywhere, and her memories had been gone after the electroconvulsive therapy. Sharon swore that when she and Nick had been falling in love again, she'd had no idea what she'd done, but Nick coldly stated that it had happened. Sharon cried that she'd made a terrible mistake because of her illness, but she contended that their love was real and honest, and she would do anything to take back her actions. She begged Nick not to go, and she asked him to stay and help her the way he had before.

Sharon clarified that she knew she had to help herself, and she was a different person than the one she'd been before the ECT. She reminded Nick that they'd sworn they'd love one another forever many times since then, and she wasn't capable of doing such horrible things anymore. She acknowledged that she still needed the right care, and he agreed that she needed to be well for their kids' sake, but he maintained, "There is no us." She said that there would always be, but he yelled that she'd stolen his child from him.

Nick recalled all the times Sharon had watched him cry, and he blasted her for letting Summer fall apart after she'd thought her life had been a lie. He added that Sharon had let people blame him for keeping Summer from Jack, and she argued that everyone had forgiven him, just like he could forgive her. Nick bellowed that Sharon had broken Summer's heart and had taken away Summer's family, and he considered what Sharon had done to Phyllis. Sharon maintained that she hadn't pushed Phyllis, but Nick said that Summer had been terrified that she'd lost her mother because of Sharon. Sharon tearfully apologized, but Nick snapped that her tears wouldn't make his daughter's pain go away.

Sharon volunteered to explain everything to Summer, but Nick accused Sharon of not caring about who she'd hurt. Sharon said that it had eaten away at her heart and soul, but she and Nick had found their way back together, and knowing he loved her had kept her back from the edge and had made their family whole again. Nick said that their family included the daughter Sharon had shoved out of his life, and Sharon reiterated that she had done everything possible to try to remember what she'd done. Sharon reminded Nick that he'd said that he'd love her no matter what, but he growled that what she'd done had been vicious and hateful. She dared him to look her in the eye and say he no longer loved her.

Nick said that falling in love with Sharon again had been the easiest thing in the world to do, like returning home, and she stressed that they were home. She reminded him that she hadn't believed him when he'd told her that he'd love her no matter what she'd done, but she'd taken a leap of faith, and she needed him to do the same thing. Nick replied that he didn't want to, and he had nothing left for her anymore, since she'd killed it with a lie. Choking back tears, Nick berated Sharon for handing his daughter to another man, and he said that he didn't love her anymore.

Nick headed for the door and said that he'd be back later for his things, and Sharon asked about Noah and Faith, since they were a family. Nick said they'd figure out how to deal with their children, and he contemplated what the turn of events would do to Faith. Sharon tried to stop him from leaving, and she whimpered that she couldn't lose him. "You already did," he flatly declared as he walked out.

At the penthouse, Billy opened the door to Victoria, who said that she needed to talk to him for two reasons, the first of which was to apologize for assuming that he'd been behind Stitch's arrest. Billy reiterated that he was done pursuing any vendetta, and Victoria questioned whether Chelsea had played a part in Stitch's legal troubles, since Jeffrey had instigated the fraud charges. Billy thought that Chelsea would rip Jeffrey apart once she found out her father was suing the hospital for the money, and he offered to request that Chelsea try to talk Jeffrey down. Victoria wondered why Billy wanted to help Stitch, and he contended that he didn't like the way the situation was hurting Victoria.

Victoria asserted that Stitch had paid for what he'd done, and she suspected that there was more to the story. Billy questioned what else there could be, since Stitch had confessed, and he asked if Victoria thought Stitch was hiding something. Victoria turned the topic to her other reason for being there, and she informed Billy that Jack had just received some hard information, so Jack would need all the love and support he could get. After she filled Billy in about Summer's true paternity, Billy imagined that it hadn't been easy for Victoria to seek him out at Chelsea's penthouse.

Victoria quipped that Billy had won the award for moving on, and he noticed that she'd tried to cover up her wedding ring tattoo with makeup. She explained that she had to wait to have it removed until after the baby was born, but it would always leave a mark, and he commented that everything did. He hoped that someday, they could have a conversation without a cloud of tension or guilt hanging over them, and she said that the cloud was getting smaller.

Billy thanked Victoria for giving him the news in person, and she said she had been angry at both him and Stitch for the last few months, but she didn't have the time or energy for those feelings. She didn't want the baby to be born into negativity, and Billy hoped it would be sunshine and moonbeams. Victoria recognized that she had to be able to forgive to have that kind of peace, and she accepted that people made mistakes. She suggested that they stop staring at the past and start picturing the future.

Kelly ran into Stitch in the Athletic Club foyer, and he said that he'd been looking for their mom, but she hadn't been in her room. He added that he needed to talk to Maureen as soon as possible, since he'd made a big decision that would change people's lives. Kelly asked if Stitch meant Victoria, and he said yes, but he anticipated that everything would be different "this time." He declared that it would be a brand new world for him, and Kelly agreed that it was a good feeling.

Stitch called happiness a novel experience for both him and Kelly, and she commented that misery was easy to get used to, but Jack had given her hope back. She recognized that everyone thought Jack and Phyllis were meant to be, but she vowed to stay and fight. Stitch called Kelly tough, and she said it was genetic. He pledged not to give up without a fight, either, and Kelly opined that Victoria seemed ready to forgive. Stitch pointed out that sharing a kid together was the biggest reason to try to make a relationship work.

Stitch asked if Kelly ever thought about how their father had died, but she preferred not to dig up their obviously screwed-up home life. She said that she liked having her brother back, and she encouraged him to leave the past where it was. He surmised that she wanted to talk about the present instead, and she said that she hoped he and Victoria worked things out. Stitch said that he wanted the same thing for Kelly and Jack, and he encouraged her to stand and fight. Kelly noted that running would make her look weak or scared, so it was either stand and fight or curl up and die.

Later, Stitch left a message for Maureen, saying that they needed to talk, since it was time to get everything out there. He ran into Victoria and informed her that he was ready to tell the truth, but he didn't want to do it there. She thought he was delaying again, but he proposed that they have dinner that night, and he would tell her everything she needed to know. She said she was ready to listen, and they arranged to meet later.

During a musical montage, Billy performed an online search for tattoo removals, and he gazed at the tattoo under his wedding ring. Phyllis looked at family photos, and she clutched one next to her heart as she tried to call Jack. Jack sat at the Athletic Club bar, drinking water, and he ignored the call. Kelly approached and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Sharon sobbed on the couch, while Nick removed sheets from the furniture at the tack house. He took off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket, and he turned and saw Summer standing in the doorway. "Dad," she pointedly called him, and they embraced.

Friday, November 7, 2014

At Jabot, Lauren and Phyllis were thrilled to see one another. Phyllis said that she was looking for Jack, and Lauren stated that she had a meeting with Jack about her new boutique, but she wasn't sure why he wasn't there. Phyllis commented that at least she wasn't the only one he was avoiding, and Lauren asked if Phyllis and Jack were still together. Phyllis was surprised that Lauren had jumped to the conclusion that they'd split up.

Lauren imagined that Phyllis' transition back had been hard after a year away, but Phyllis contended that it was easy to love Jack and to know that he loved her. Phyllis asked about everything that had happened in her absence, and Lauren mentioned that Michael had started a law practice with Avery. Lauren added that Fenmore's had hosted a successful event that she had put together with Kelly's help, and Phyllis found it funny that Kelly's name kept popping up. Phyllis said that Jack had told her that Kelly had broken up Billy and Victoria's marriage, but she wondered what else she should know.

Lauren remarked that Phyllis and Kelly would cross paths eventually, and Phyllis replied that they had already met at the Abbott house. Phyllis found it odd that Jack was friendly with the woman who had engaged in an affair with his brother, and Lauren knowingly said that people made mistakes. Phyllis swore that she wasn't judging Lauren's affair with Carmine, and Lauren asked how much Michael had told Phyllis. The women commiserated about how quickly their children had grown up, and Phyllis commented that everyone had ended up with the wrong person while she'd been gone.

After Lauren left, Phyllis found her engagement ring in Jack's drawer, and she recalled telling him that as soon as he retrieved it from the pawn shop, she could make his dream of getting married a reality, but he had balked at discussing their future. She had asked if he still wanted to marry her, and he had replied that he'd never stopped loving her. Phyllis slipped the ring onto her finger and mused, "I'm home, Jack. What are you waiting for?"

At the Athletic Club, Kelly remarked to Jack that it was early to be hanging out at a bar, and he explained that he'd needed to get out of the house to have time alone. She wondered why he'd chosen a public place, and he replied that she was there. Kelly led Jack up the stairs, and Abby spotted them as she walked in. Victoria greeted Abby, who relayed that Jack had just walked out with Kelly, and he'd looked like he had been headed toward the execution room. Victoria divulged that Jack had just found out Summer had never been his daughter.

After Victoria filled in Abby about Sharon's misdeeds, Abby remarked that changing the DNA test had been cruel, and she thought Nick had dodged a bullet when Phyllis had interrupted the wedding. Victoria reported that she'd tried to call him, but he hadn't picked up, and she didn't know what to say. Abby suggested that he return the wedding gifts, and she suspected that Victor was lapping it up. Victoria imagined that Victor thought everything was as it should be, since Nick was done with Sharon, and Summer was where she belonged.

Abby thought Summer's predicament was the perfect example of why Victoria should get a paternity test done, and Victoria pledged to do it right after the baby was born. Abby was sure Stitch didn't mind waiting, since the possibility that he was the baby's father kept him in Victoria's orbit, and Victoria disclosed that she and Stitch had just made a date. Victoria revealed that Stitch had something to tell her that could change everything, but Abby surmised that Stitch was trying to keep Victoria guessing so she wouldn't pull away. Abby inquired whether there was anything he could say that would change things, and Victoria replied that she was just giving him the benefit of the doubt. Abby insinuated that it wasn't too late to reconcile with Billy, but Victoria begged to differ, since he was in love with another woman.

In the business office, Kelly asked how Sharon had manipulated the DNA test, but Jack said that he only knew the results, and he thought that it all added up. Kelly sympathized that Jack and Summer adored one another, and Jack lamented that his family had been turned upside down by what Sharon had done. He realized that he still had to tell Kyle, and he called his son. Jack told Kyle that everything would have been different if Sharon hadn't tampered with the tests. Jack imagined that Kyle and Summer might have been together, and Phyllis would have been with them the whole time.

Jack insisted that Kyle stay in New York, since Jack had people to look out for him. Jack swore that he was fine, but he got choked up when he said that he loved his son. After Jack hung up, Kelly comforted him with kisses. Jack pulled away and said he couldn't, and Kelly purred that she'd locked the door. She suggested that they go to her room, but he refused to turn to her just because he was in a dark place. She contended that people who loved one another turned to each other in times of need, but he said that he should be talking to Phyllis. Kelly looked hurt.

Jack recognized that Phyllis had been manipulated, too, and Kelly asked why Phyllis and Jack weren't comforting one another. Kelly mentioned that she'd heard him say that Phyllis never would have had the accident if everyone had known that Summer wasn't his daughter, and Jack explained that Sharon had confronted Phyllis in the stairwell to keep her from telling everyone. Jack revealed that Victor had beaten Phyllis to it, and Kelly realized that Phyllis hadn't told Jack about Sharon's lie. Kelly thought it was unforgivable that Phyllis had even let one day pass without telling Jack the truth.

Jack admitted that he was furious with Phyllis for being more interested in getting a confession out of Sharon than telling him the truth, but he also wasn't blind to what Phyllis had lost, and he couldn't blame her for going after the person responsible. Kelly asked why Phyllis had waited, and Jack relayed that Phyllis hadn't been sure whether her memories had been real or imagined, but Kelly maintained that Phyllis had still lied to him. Jack recognized that he hadn't been completely honest with Phyllis, either, but it was time that he tell Phyllis everything. Meanwhile, Phyllis found a photo of Kelly in Jack's desk drawer.

At Baldwin/Clark, Michael stumbled into his office, reeling from his doctor's visit. Kevin followed and closed the door, and he scolded that Michael couldn't expect to drop a bomb like that and then just walk away. Michael pointed out that he'd walked all the way from the hospital, and Kevin asked whether Michael intended to pretend that it was just another day at the office. Kevin wanted to talk about Michael's cancer diagnosis, but Michael snapped that it was his business and no one else's, and he ordered Kevin to let it go. Kevin realized that Michael hadn't told Lauren.

Michael reasoned that the biopsy had indicated there were cancer cells, but he needed more tests to determine the stage of the illness and his treatment options, and he didn't want to worry Lauren without knowing all the facts. Kevin argued that Michael had taken care of everyone else, and he implored Michael to give them a chance to take care of him. Michael insisted that Kevin drop it, and the brothers argued until Michael yelled that he wouldn't talk about it any further. Kevin opined that it was too much for Michael to handle on his own, and he urged Michael to talk to him.

Michael barked that he didn't want pity, but he could see it in Kevin's eyes, and he was sure that he'd see it in Lauren's, too. Michael asserted that every sympathetic glance and word would remind him of the black, cancerous cloud hanging over his life, and Kevin questioned how long Michael planned to pretend everything was fine. Michael contended that it was fine, but Kevin noted that it hadn't been difficult for him to see something was wrong, and he guessed that Lauren would know it, too. Kevin wondered why Michael wouldn't just be honest with her, and a shaken Michael admitted, "Because I'm scared."

Michael recounted that for the first time in years, everything was good, and he and Lauren had been making plans. He didn't want to live his life having every moment consumed by a disease, and Kevin countered that perhaps it wouldn't be that way. Michael said that he couldn't risk it, but Kevin adamantly declared that the cancer wouldn't change the way Lauren felt about Michael. Lauren suddenly burst in, and she asked if everything was okay.

Michael insisted everything was fine, and Kevin caught Michael's eye and pointedly stated that everything would be fine. After Kevin left, Michael asked what Lauren's afternoon looked like, since he was thinking of playing hooky to spend the day with their son. Lauren said that Fen was with friends until the concert, but it gave them time to talk about what was really going on. Michael played dumb, but Lauren reminded him that they'd learned in therapy that honest communication was the key. He said that he had a confession to make, but she said that she already knew about his doctor's appointment.

Lauren assured Michael that his doctor hadn't broken any confidentiality, but she'd found a pill in the sink. She told Michael that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, and she was glad he was willing to do whatever it took to make them feel connected. Michael stammered that he didn't need the pills all the time, but she said he didn't have to explain, since the problem had been solved.

At the tack house, Summer told Nick that Phyllis and Jack had broken the news about the DNA test, and she added that Jack had looked crushed. She wondered how Sharon could have done something that awful when Sharon supposedly loved Nick, and Nick informed Summer about Sharon's reasoning that Sharon and Nick would be closer if she was the only mother of his children. Summer angrily concluded that Sharon had thought Summer had been in the way, so Sharon had wanted to get rid of her. Summer ranted that someone she'd trusted had tried to erase her from Nick's life as if she were nothing, and Nick said that the more he tried to make sense of it, the angrier he got.

Summer was angry at herself for allowing Sharon to be her stand-in mother at work and at the wedding, and she suggested that they press charges to make Sharon pay. Nick stated that Phyllis' fall had been an accident, so it would be Phyllis' word against Sharon's, and Sharon had been off her medication. Summer demanded to know if Sharon would get a free pass after she'd lied, and Nick pointed out that he'd lied, too. He recognized that he hadn't told anyone that the original test had been corrupted, and if he'd redone the test, Sharon never could have used it to hurt Summer.

Summer told Nick not to blame himself, but she didn't want him to forgive Sharon. He declared that he could never be with Sharon again, but at least something positive had happened -- Summer had turned out to be his kid. Summer said she was happy about it, but she was a little confused about Jack, since she'd thought for a year that Jack had been her father. Nick assured her that he didn't expect her to cut Jack out of her life, and he had been in Jack's position, so he understood that losing her was the worst feeling ever.

Nick encouraged Summer to maintain a relationship with Jack, and she admitted that she'd learned to love Jack like a father, but she'd never stopped thinking of Nick as her dad. Nick vowed that he'd never let anyone take his "supergirl" away again, and he informed her that there had been something he'd been dying to say ever since she had overdosed on pills and run off to get married. He said that it hadn't been his place to say it before, but as her dad, he announced, "You are so grounded." They laughed and hugged.

Victoria arrived, and she welcomed Summer back to the family, even though she'd always considered Summer her niece. Summer hugged Nick goodbye, and after she left, Victoria asked if there was anything she could do. Nick inquired whether she could erase the past year, and Victoria asked if he'd settle for a hug instead. The siblings embraced, and Victoria asked where things stood with Sharon. Nick reported that he'd moved out and that he was done with Sharon, but Victoria said that co-parenting Faith would keep Sharon in his life.

Nick contended that Stitch had done something worse than Sharon had, and he wondered how Victoria would deal with it if Stitch was her baby's father. Victoria informed Nick that Stitch had told her there was more to the story, but Abby believed that Stitch was just trying to keep Victoria on the hook. Victoria pondered whether what Stitch had to say could change things, and Nick asked if that was what she wanted. Victoria didn't want to deal with any emotions.

Sharon anxiously turned toward the door when she heard someone there, and Noah appeared in the doorway. He guessed that things were worse than he'd thought, and he informed her that Faith had been asking questions that he couldn't answer. Noah questioned why Sharon hadn't shown up at the wedding, and she told him that her memories had returned and that there had been a reason she'd repressed them. She lamented that she'd known Nick wouldn't understand, and she divulged that Nick had moved out because she'd made him believe that he wasn't Summer's father.

Sharon admitted that what she'd done had been horrible, but she hadn't been thinking clearly. She begged Noah to say something, and he asked why she'd done it. She explained that her illness had caused her mind to go back to the time when she'd been happiest, and that had been with Nick. She continued that she'd wanted those happy times back and for them to be a family, and Noah argued that Summer was part of that family. Noah questioned how Sharon could have torn their family apart, and Sharon sobbed that her illness had been making the decisions. She pleaded with him to believe that she was sorry, since she couldn't lose him, too. Noah comforted her.

Sharon thanked Noah for hearing her out, and Noah recalled that Nick had felt guilty for cheating Jack out of being a father to Summer. Sharon said that she hadn't been thinking rationally when she'd been seeing Cassie everywhere, and she swore that she regretted changing the results and that she'd repressed the memory because her secret had tortured her. Noah pointed out that Phyllis had known the truth, and Sharon had been aware that Phyllis had known it. Noah guessed that Sharon had run out of the church because she'd been afraid Phyllis had been about to expose her lie, and he asked if Sharon had faked her memory loss as a way to hang on to Nick.

Noah said that he didn't know what to believe, and Sharon swore that she hadn't been lying about her memory repression. She explained that since her electroconvulsive therapy, part of her past had been lost, but she'd seen fragments that hadn't made sense. She said that the pieces had fit together when she'd seen Phyllis, and Noah questioned why Sharon hadn't told Nick the truth before she'd had the ECT. Sharon said that she hadn't thought Nick would understand, and she contended that Noah had no idea what it had been like for her to feel desperately alone. Noah pointed out that she'd ended up alone anyway.

At Crimson Lights, Abby asked how Summer was holding up, and Summer lamented that she'd thought of the Abbotts as her family, but they weren't. Abby said that all the Abbotts still loved Summer, and they still expected her to be at family dinners. They hugged, and Abby left as Noah arrived. Summer surmised that he'd heard the news, and he said he was sorry it had happened to her again. Summer said that it wasn't his fault that his mom was sneaky and cruel.

Noah revealed that Sharon had been off her meds when she'd made the paternity test switch, but Summer threatened to leave if he defended what his mom had done. Noah conceded that he did it automatically, since he'd been doing it for such a long time, and Summer called him a good son and an even better brother. They agreed that they were glad to officially be siblings again, and her phone rang with a call from Kyle.

Nick arrived at the cottage, and Sharon assumed he was there for his things. He said that he wanted to talk, and she hoped that he'd changed his mind about moving out. He informed her that he hadn't, but there was something he needed to do that night. Sharon reminded Nick of the promise he'd made to never stop loving her, and she pointed out that she'd wanted to figure out the truth because she'd suspected her secret could hurt him, but he'd said that it hadn't mattered. Nick questioned what he was supposed to do with the fact that she'd taken his child, and he said that he was there to talk about Faith.

Nick sternly stated that if Faith were older, he'd have no problem telling her everything Sharon had done, but Faith was a little girl. Nick recognized that Sharon was Faith's mother, and he said that Sharon could see Faith whenever she wanted, but Faith was going to live with him. He ordered Sharon to have their daughter's bags packed by the time he picked Faith up after school, and he walked out.

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