General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 20, 2014 on GH

Heather left Ferncliff. Silas stopped Ava's labor. Madeline agreed to help Nina get Ava's baby. Elizabeth and 'Jake' grew closer. Michael persuaded Anna to talk to Sabrina about Carlos' false confession.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 20, 2014 on GH
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Lucas and Bobbie sat down, each with a glass of wine. Lucas told Bobbie about how he and Maxie had practically wrestled with Josslyn so they could see her in the dress for the wedding. Bobbie admitted to having a fight with Carly, who was conspicuously missing. Bobbie sighed that she just wanted both of her children to be happy. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Lucas told her that the reason for his happiness had just arrived.

Bobbie couldn't wait to get to know Lucas' new boyfriend, so she excitedly showed a nervous Brad in. Bobbie wanted to "get acquainted" with Brad, but he and Lucas had somewhere to be, so Lucas told her she could get to know Brad at the wedding. Brad told Bobbie that Lucas always thought he'd told Brad something when he actually hadn't, and Bobbie agreed that it was something Lucas had always done. Lucas explained the Halloween wedding was something no one was excited for because everyone hated the groom.

Bobbie wondered how Brad liked General Hospital, but Lucas figured that Brad wouldn't want to talk about work. Bobbie shot back that they could talk about Lucas' job if he had one. Bobbie informed Brad that Lucas had graduated from medical school at the top of his class but had never tried to practice. Brad wondered why. Lucas confessed that Tony Jones, his adoptive father, had been a "brilliant surgeon," and Lucas didn't think he could measure up.

Bobbie insisted that Lucas could be every bit as good as Tony, and the two squabbled over it. Brad thought it would be nice to work with Lucas but recognized that it was entirely Lucas' decision. Lucas agreed to talk to Liesl if Bobbie would let the two men leave the house. She agreed and remarked that Brad got her "stamp of approval."

Sonny and Shawn got into the elevator at Metro Court. Sonny instructed Shawn to scope out Ferncliff and figure out a way to break Heather out so they could "stash" her somewhere while they killed Franco. Sonny knew that Carly would never forgive him if she found out that he was responsible for Franco's death. He continued that they would get rid of Ava after Franco so there would be "no one left to tell" that Sonny had killed A.J. Shawn promised that the plan would go better than when he'd tried to abduct Ava.

Michael informed Sabrina that Carlos had confessed to A.J.'s murder, but Sabrina insisted that Carlos was innocent. He pulled her into a conference room and hit her with scores of questions. Sabrina explained that, when she'd seen Carlos a few days before, he'd sworn that someone had forced him to confess to the murder by threatening Sabrina and Gabriel. She related that it was still unknown if the accident was connected to that, but it was being sorted out.

Michael demanded to know who had put Carlos up to confessing. Sabrina reluctantly confided that it had been Ava. Michael wondered if that meant that Ava had killed A.J. Sabrina didn't know, but she did know that Ava had wanted A.J. dead. Michael asked more questions for which Sabrina didn't have the answers. Michael deduced that Ava could have been lying when she'd claimed that she'd been in New York when A.J. had been shot in her penthouse.

Sabrina excused herself to take care of "another wrong." She made sure Michael was all right. An obviously shaken Michael thanked her for the information, and she left.

Nina demanded that Madeline get her "a baby." She wanted Ava's baby to raise as her own, since Madeline had killed Nina's unborn child. Madeline apologized for her wrong, but Nina didn't want to hear it. Madeline thought that stealing Ava's baby was wrong, which made Nina wonder why Madeline had picked that moment to take the "moral high ground." Nina suggested that, if Madeline wouldn't do it for Nina, she would certainly do it for money.

Nina went on about how she had been "the apple of Daddy's eye," while Madeline had been the worm, so it had been no surprise that he'd left the money and control in Nina's hands. Nina gave her mother a choice: Madeline could either make money by helping Nina, or make money by "working at the local supermarket" and living off of Nathan. Suddenly, Nathan opened the door but the chain blocked him from entering. "Madeline? Are you in there?" he called out.

"He called you Madeline," Nina taunted. She demanded that Madeline get rid of Nathan and ran to hide. Madeline took the chain off the door and let Nathan in. She claimed to have put the chain on the door just in case Nina decided to pay a visit. Nathan told his mother that he hadn't wanted to believe that Nina could be violent, but he informed Madeline that Nina had attacked Silas. In her hiding spot, Nina picked up a large vase.

Madeline wished Nathan luck in finding Nina. He instructed Madeline not to let Nina in and to call Nathan immediately. He left, and she locked the door behind him. Nina entered and gave Madeline a round of applause for her performance. "Does this mean you'll help me?" Nina asked hopefully. "Yes, I will," Madeline unhappily responded. Nina hugged her mother.

Morgan promised Ava that he wouldn't let Sonny hurt her, and he would deliver the baby himself if he needed to. Just then, Kiki burst through the door with Silas. Silas walked over to Ava, who begged him to help her delay having the baby. He asked her questions about the pregnancy, which she easily answered, until he asked around when the date of conception was. She guiltily told him that it was the same day as A.J.'s funeral.

After a quick exam, Silas informed her that the baby would stand a "decent chance" if it was born early, but it would be better to have more time. He explained that he was going to give her an injection to slow down the labor, and one to help the baby's lungs develop faster, just in case she actually did go into labor. She admitted that she was feeling a lot better, but Silas wished she would go to the hospital.

Morgan interjected that it was too dangerous for Ava to leave. Silas wondered who was after Ava. She wanted to tell him, but Kiki explained that they didn't want Silas any more involved than he needed to be. "Well, they won't hear it from me," Silas assured them. Kiki showed Silas to the bathroom so he could get washed up.

Kiki expressed how much she appreciated the favor Silas had done for her and her mother. He promised to always be there when Kiki needed him. Just then, Kiki's phone rang. Silas went to sit with Ava as Kiki answered the phone to Michael. He told Kiki that he'd "just found something out," and he needed to talk to Kiki about Ava.

Carly reprimanded one of her employees at the Metro Court restaurant, believing that he had been the one to misspell "desserts" on the specials menu. Olivia walked up and admitted to writing it, and Carly immediately apologized to the employee, who walked away. Olivia thought that Carly was overreacting, but Carly argued that their five-star hotel misspelling simple words was embarrassing.

Carly related that she was tired of everyone telling her how to feel. Olivia took that to mean that someone else had noticed Carly "lusting after Sonny." "Then why would I marry Franco?" Carly posed.

At Ferncliff, Franco told Heather that he was marrying Carly to "settle the score." Heather was confused, but Franco told her, "that's where you come in." She wondered how he'd found out about Carly and Sonny's affair. He told her all about the necklace he'd given Carly and showed her the app on his phone. At that moment, Olivia was telling Carly that "Freako" belonged in "the loony bin with that deranged mother of his."

Heather couldn't stand Olivia and told Franco how "your brother Steven Lars" hadn't been able to resist Olivia. She explained how she'd tried to off Olivia and how she dreamed about ridding the world of both Olivia and Carly. However, she realized she'd be locked up in Ferncliff "forever." "But you're the mother of the groom. I must have you at my wedding," Franco told her.

Franco continued that Heather was going to be a very important part of the wedding plans. He kneeled down in front of his mother and asked, "Would you make me the happiest son in the world and witness the happiest day of my life when I get back at Carly?" She replied that she would love nothing more, but she had a new security team that was full of "incorruptible bozos."

"Leave everything to me," Franco assured Heather. She hugged him and told him that she even had an outfit picked out. She wondered what her role in the wedding would be. He promised to explain it at the wedding, for which he'd prepared a "video presentation" that would "annihilate" Michael's relationship with his parents.

Franco had to go, to Heather's disappointment, but assured her that he would be working on how to "spring" her. She thanked him for admitting that she had been right, and he was gone. An attendant escorted Heather back to her room. He thought that she needed rest after all the excitement of seeing her son. She replied that she would dream of being out in the real world for Halloween. Just then, Shawn peered around the corner.

Carly informed Olivia that neither she nor Sonny was invited to the wedding, so the two could hang out. Suddenly, Olivia cried out in horror as she saw Heather, dressed as a Metro Court server and brandishing a large knife. "It's only Sonny," Carly told Olivia.

Olivia explained that she hadn't had a vision in months, but she was sure that seeing Heather had been a premonition. Sonny replied that the only way Heather would get out of Ferncliff would be in a coffin. Olivia countered that her visions had always turned out to be true.

Carly saw Olivia's outburst as a "lame attempt" to scare Carly out of marrying Franco. Olivia invited Carly to throw her life away, "but don't say I didn't warn you," Olivia called out. Sonny pulled Olivia over to the bar and confided that he didn't think the wedding was going to happen.

Franco got off the elevator at the restaurant, and Carly ran right up to him. He told her about how productive his day had been.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At Kelly's, T.J. was studying for French midterms when Nathan walked in. Nathan had a brief exchange with T.J. in French then showed T.J. a picture of Nina as he asked if T.J. had seen Nathan's sister. T.J. shook his head, so Nathan gave T.J. a card and asked T.J. to call if T.J. should spot Nina.

A short time later, Jordan arrived. She approached her son and invited T.J. to join her for breakfast. T.J. was frosty toward his mother as he declined by claiming that he had to study, but Jordan resented his attitude. T.J. was surprised that she had noticed, since she hadn't been around in weeks. Jordan immediately apologized by explaining that things had gotten complicated, but T.J. was curious if she meant with work or with Shawn.

Startled, Jordan started to deny she was involved with Shawn, but T.J. warned her that it wasn't necessary because Shawn had told him everything. Jordan admitted that she had wanted to keep her relationship with Shawn quiet because she didn't want to risk T.J. pulling away from Shawn, but T.J. assured his mother that nothing had changed between T.J. and Shawn. Jordan was relieved but confessed that she and Shawn were over. T.J. wasn't surprised because T.J. couldn't see Shawn staying with someone who continued to push heroin to children.

Jordan's eyes rounded with shock. "You have no idea what you're talking about," Jordan defensively replied, but T.J. was unmoved because she had been fully aware that the Jeromes had trafficked cocaine. Jordan wondered when T.J. would realize that she was not the person he thought she was, but T.J. couldn't understand why she kept asking him that when her actions spoke volumes. Jordan conceded that things looked bad, but T.J argued that she was involved with drug dealers.

Jordan's eyes filled with tears as she assured T.J. that everything she had ever done had been to protect him. She hoped he would understand that when everything was over. T.J. appeared both frustrated and confused as he watched Jordan leave.

At the brownstone, Ava reclined on the sofa as Silas cleaned up his medical supplies. Morgan and Kiki hovered near the sofa until Kiki received a call from Michael asking to see her. Michael wanted to stop by the brownstone to talk to her because he had learned something about Ava, but Kiki insisted on meeting Michael because she claimed that Morgan had passed out on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Morgan wanted assurance from Silas that Ava and the baby were safe, but Ava promised Morgan that she felt better. After Kiki ended the call, Silas assured Kiki, Ava, and Moran that it appeared that Ava was out of danger. Kiki was relieved but announced that she had to leave to meet Michael. Ava thanked Kiki for everything that Kiki had done because Ava doubted that she could have gotten through the crisis without her daughter by her side. Ava realized that Kiki had always taken care of Ava through the years, so she assured Kiki that she loved her. Kiki smiled, told her mother that she loved Ava too, and then left.

Ava began to talk about decorating the baby's nursery, but Morgan remained concerned about Ava and the baby. Silas confessed that he would feel better if Ava were properly hydrated, so he sent Morgan to the kitchen to fetch some soup. After Morgan left, Ava thanked Silas for helping her. She realized that he had done it for their daughter's sake but she was happy that Silas and Kiki had forged a relationship.

Silas was stunned because he couldn't understand why Ava had kept Kiki from him for most of Kiki's life. Ava admitted that even though she had loved him, she, like everyone else, had feared that Silas had tried to kill Nina. Ava explained that she would have sealed his fate if she had revealed that she was pregnant with his love child, so she had kept quiet. However, she had always cherished Kiki because she had been a part of him. Silas credited Ava with raising Kiki to be a special young lady then conceded that even though their affair had caused a lot of heartache, he didn't regret their daughter.

Ava was curious if Silas' wife, Nina, would wonder where he was, so Silas confided that things had changed because Nina was not the woman he had thought she was. He quickly filled Ava in about Nina's list then admitted that it was a good thing that Ava was in hiding because Nina would not be able to find Ava. Ava's eyes widened with concern as Morgan returned to the living room because she realized that Rosalie knew Ava was at the brownstone.

Morgan assured Ava that Rosalie wouldn't say anything to Nina, but Silas warned Morgan that Rosalie and Nina were as thick as thieves. Morgan remained adamant that Rosalie and Nina had had a falling out, so there was nothing to be concerned about.

In the conference room, Michael glanced down at an open file that had a large picture of a smiling A.J. in it. Michael recalled the recent dinner with Kiki at Ava's apartment when he and Ava had talked about A.J.'s shooting and that Ava had mentioned that she had felt responsible for what had happened to A.J. Moments later, Kiki entered the room. Michael quickly closed the file as he greeted Kiki then quickly explained that he had reason to suspect that Ava might have killed A.J Michael told Kiki about his conversation with Sabrina, but Kiki questioned Carlos' credibility since Carlos hadn't said anything to his attorney about being coerced into confessing to A.J.'s murder.

Michael wanted to talk to Ava, but Kiki claimed that she had no idea where her mother was because Julian had told Kiki that Ava had gone into hiding. Michael was determined to get to the bottom of things, so he decided to call the police to report what Sabrina had told him. Kiki urged Michael to reconsider because even Sabrina hadn't taken Carlos' claims serious enough to go to the police. Undeterred, Michael called Anna then left her a voicemail message explaining that he had information about A.J.'s murder.

At Maxie's apartment, Nina asked for assurance that she had heard Madeline correctly, so Madeline confirmed that she would help Nina get Ava's baby. Nina was delighted because Ava would finally feel the pain of having her heart ripped out that Nina had felt when Ava had taken Silas. Nina didn't understand why Ava should be allowed to have another child when Ava had already had one with Silas. She became choked up as she talked about the baby that she had lost, so Madeline admitted that it had been a terrible mistake.

Madeline realized that she had a lot to make up for, but Nina advised her mother to drop the "Mama Walton" act because Nina knew that Madeline was in it for the money. Madeline shrugged then suggested that she and Nina get down to business. Madeline was curious where Ava was, but Nina confessed that she had no idea. However, Nina revealed that Rosalie knew Ava's whereabouts, but Rosalie refused to tell Nina because Rosalie was upset with Nina for demanding that Rosalie sleep with Michael to destroy Kiki.

Madeline was disappointed in Nina's desperate plan, but Nina growled that she didn't need Madeline's judgment, just her mother's help, so Madeline decided to call Rosalie.

Outside Kelly's, Rosalie left a voicemail message for someone warning the person that Nina Clay had threatened to expose them. As she ended the call, Nathan walked out of the diner. Nathan immediately recognized Rosalie from the night they had shared drinks at the Floating Rib. Rosalie and Nathan officially introduced themselves, prompting Nathan to wonder if Rosalie was perhaps a nurse who worked for his sister, Nina. Rosalie appeared confused, so Nathan quickly explained that his first name was James but he went by his middle name, Nathan.

Nathan revealed that he had been concerned for Nina because he hadn't been able to reach her on the phone or find her. Rosalie admitted that she had no idea where Nina was, but Nathan became hopeful when Rosalie's phone suddenly rang. Rosalie didn't recognize the number, but Nathan asked her to answer it because it might be Nina. Rosalie smiled awkwardly as she answered the call. Madeline immediately introduced herself then explained that she wanted to meet Rosalie to have a chat.

Nathan snatched the phone away from Rosalie to see who had called. He was stunned when he heard Madeline's voice. Madeline quickly explained that she had called Rosalie, hoping that Nina's nurse might have heard from Nina. Nathan believed the lie but revealed that Rosalie had no idea where Nina was. Nathan promised to keep looking for his sister then advised Madeline not to wait up because he'd likely be late.

After Nathan ended the call, Rosalie assured him not to worry about Nina because Nina was a resourceful person. She was certain that Nina would find Nathan if he didn't find Nina because Nina loved her brother. Nathan gave Rosalie his card as he asked her to call him if she heard from Nina.

At Maxie's apartment, Nina was impressed by how easily Madeline had lied. Madeline was more concerned about why Rosalie hadn't given Nina up to Nathan. Nina smiled with satisfaction because Rosalie was afraid of what Nina knew about Rosalie. Madeline was immediately intrigued, so she asked her daughter to share the secret, since they were working together.

After Nina confided to her mother, Madeline smiled because Madeline knew exactly how to exploit Rosalie. Nina was curious what her mother intended to do, but Madeline insisted that there wasn't any time to get into it because Nina had to leave before Nathan arrived home. Nina had no idea where to go, so Madeline decided to help her daughter. Moments later, Madeline called in a favor with Liesl.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly tried to get Franco to leave with her, but Franco argued that he knew she had to work. Carly insisted that Olivia could take care of things, but Franco continued to keep Carly on edge by claiming that he knew what was going on between her and Sonny. Carly insisted that Sonny was there to see Olivia as she pointedly glanced at the table where Olivia and Sonny sat.

Franco clarified that he meant that he knew Carly was afraid that Franco would create a scene because of Sonny. Carly conceded that she knew that Sonny upset Franco, but she insisted that she just wanted to go home to relax with Franco and hear about his day rather than run interference between him and Sonny. Franco smiled as he confessed that he couldn't wait to give Carly the wedding day she deserved.

Later, Franco and Carly arrived home. Carly disappeared into the kitchen to fetch something to drink, while Franco used his phone to check the Port Charles Press online. The newspaper featured a front-page article about Heather Webber being the "inaugural" inmate of Ferncliff's maximum-security wing. Mayor Lomax assured residents that the special wing was an "impenetrable fortress."

"Yeah, we'll just see about that," Franco muttered under his breath as Carly entered with a glass of wine for each of them. She had heard what he had said, so she asked him about it. Franco smiled as he explained that he had been planning a wedding surprise for Carly. Carly reminded Franco that they had agreed not to give each other a wedding gift, but she was curious if the gift was the reason that he had told her earlier that his day had been productive.

Carly became alarmed when Franco carefully revealed that he had met with Michael to talk about Sonny, Carly, and A.J. It was clear by Carly's concerned expression that she had feared the worst, so Franco cryptically promised that Michael would never hear the truth about Sonny from Franco. Carly marginally relaxed, but she was curious what Franco and Michael had talked about. She was stunned when Franco admitted that he had asked Michael to be his best man and that Michael had accepted for Carly's sake because Michael knew that it would mean a lot to Carly.

Franco and Carly began to talk about their wedding as Carly revealed that Bobbie had agreed to be her matron-of-honor. Franco looked forward to having their whole family there, so Carly agreed but quickly amended that she hadn't included Heather. Franco assured Carly that Heather was locked up tight in a maximum-security wing that had been built specifically for Heather. Carly appreciated that, but she admitted that she was a little uneasy because Olivia had had another vision about Heather.

Franco made a wisecrack about Olivia's visions to lighten the mood, so Carly laughed it off then offered to order pizza for dinner. After Carly left the room, Franco picked up his phone to look at the front page of the Port Charles Press. "See you tomorrow, Mother," Franco said with a wicked grin.

At the restaurant, Sonny mentioned to Olivia that it was too bad that Franco and Carly would never get the chance to say "I do." Olivia's eyes narrowed as she demanded to know what that had meant, so Sonny reminded Olivia that he had good instincts about people. He was certain that either Franco or Carly would do something to screw up the wedding. Olivia was certain that Sonny would enjoy that because it would clear a path for Sonny and Carly to get back together.

Sonny denied it, but Olivia didn't believe him because she was certain that Sonny and Carly had rekindled things romantically. Sonny confessed that he wasn't comfortable discussing Carly with Olivia, but Olivia assured Sonny that it was fine because Olivia had moved on. Olivia admitted that Sonny needed the kind of woman who could accept his lifestyle, who cared about him, and who wouldn't run when things became bad. Olivia wondered if Sonny could honestly say that person wasn't Carly.

Sonny continued to deny he had feelings for Carly, but he was spared from further questions when Shawn walked up. Olivia invited Shawn to weigh in about Sonny and Carly then excused herself with a final warning for both men to be careful of Heather. Concerned, Shawn wondered if Sonny had told Olivia about their plans for Heather, so Sonny shook his head as he explained that Olivia had had another vision. Shawn reminded Sonny that Olivia's visions tended to be accurate, but Sonny wasn't concerned about Heather because Sonny was confident that he had everything under control.

Sonny asked about Ferncliff's security. Shawn admitted that it was impressive but wouldn't present a problem for Shawn. Sonny was satisfied until Shawn revealed that Franco had paid Heather a visit. However, Sonny quickly realized that the unexpected visit could work to their advantage because people might assume that Franco had said something to set Heather off, prompting the escape and Franco's murder. Sonny ordered Shawn to make certain to get Heather out of Ferncliff the following day because Sonny intended to carry out the rest of the plans.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Jason's hospital room, Elizabeth greeted "Jake" then asked if he liked his new accommodations. Elizabeth opened the blinds to give him a view of the skyline as Jason confided that he recalled hearing two voices following the car accident, so Elizabeth was curious if Jason recalled what the voices had said. Frustrated, Jason shook his head, but he insisted that there had been someone else besides Jordan at the scene of the accident. Elizabeth suspected that Jason had heard Jordan talking to one of the first responders called to the accident, so she advised Jason not to dwell on it because she was confident that he would remember if it was important.

The conversation then shifted to Jason's unappetizing breakfast. Elizabeth conceded that the hospital had never had the best food, but the new chief of staff had made some budget cuts that had resulted in the food being even more unappealing. However, Elizabeth assured Jason that the breakfast was nutritional. Jason sensed that Elizabeth didn't like her boss, so Elizabeth explained that saying she despised Liesl Obrecht with every fiber of her being would be the gross understatement of the century.

"Did someone mention my name?" Liesl asked from the doorway with a pleasant smile. Elizabeth was startled, so Liesl seized the opportunity to reprimand Elizabeth in front of Jason. Elizabeth said little until Liesl introduced herself to "John Doe." Elizabeth quickly explained that they suspected that the patient's name was Jake, but Liesl was not impressed with the choice of names because it reminded her of a mongrel found in an alley.

Jason pointed out that a car had struck him on an isolated road, so the description was a close fit. Liesl ignored the remark to cut to the chase by asking if Jason had health insurance. Elizabeth was stunned as she pointed out that their patient didn't even know his name, let alone whether or not he had health insurance. Elizabeth reminded Liesl that the hospital had a policy of helping patients regardless of their financial status, but Liesl argued that the hospital had already invested a lot of money into saving "Jake's" life.

Liesl urged Jason to hasten his recovery because she didn't want him getting "soft and flabby" by lying around. Liesl warned Elizabeth to watch the insolent tone because Liesl wouldn't hesitate to fire Elizabeth again. Elizabeth turned the tables on Liesl by asking who Elizabeth could turn to in her time of need. Elizabeth suggested that perhaps she could find someone who owned a castle on an island who would lend Elizabeth a sympathetic shoulder. Liesl's smile tightened as she conceded that Elizabeth was lucky that they had a three-strike policy at the hospital.

"This was merely your first," Liesl added, and she left. Jason was curious if Liesl had always been that hard on Elizabeth. She conceded that it had been a particularly difficult encounter but not as bad as the time that Liesl had shot Elizabeth. Jason was shocked when Elizabeth told him about Liesl kidnapping Lulu's son, holding Elizabeth hostage, and then shooting Elizabeth when the police had arrived. Jason was curious why Liesl wasn't in jail, but Elizabeth didn't have an answer.

Jason wondered how someone like Liesl could be the chief of staff of a hospital, so Elizabeth reminded him that money talked. However, she added that the kidnapping had only been the tip of the iceberg because Liesl had once been Cesar Faison's right-hand person. Jason was curious who Cesar was, so Elizabeth revealed that Cesar had killed Jake's father. Elizabeth confessed that Jason's death had been made even more difficult because they had never recovered his body from the harbor.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Michael approached Anna as she read a newspaper over a morning coffee. Michael was curious if she had received his voicemail messages about A.J., so she conceded that she had but quickly reminded Michael that A.J.'s murder case had been closed when Carlos had confessed. Michael explained that Carlos had recanted his confession by claiming to Sabrina that Ava had coerced Carlos into taking responsibility for A.J.'s murder. Michael revealed that it was possible that Ava had been responsible for A.J.'s shooting, but Anna argued that Ava had had an alibi for the time of the shooting because Ava had been in New York City.

Michael begged Anna to talk to Sabrina and Carlos because Michael refused to rest until he was certain that A.J.'s killer had been caught. Michael vowed to get answers with or without Anna's help, so she agreed to look into it. Grateful, Michael thanked Anna then walked away. Anna recorded a reminder to herself to talk to Sabrina then returned to the newspaper, but Anna's quiet breakfast was short-lived because Liesl marched up and plunged a fork into Anna's muffin.

Anna and Liesl immediately began to trade heated words as both women tried to push each other's buttons. Anna accused Liesl of murdering Victor, but Liesl insisted that it had been self-defense because Victor had been holding a detonator, threatening too blow up the clinic, when Liesl had shot him. Anna easily saw through the lie, so Liesl conceded that she had also been protecting Nathan. Liesl feared that it would have only been a matter of time before Victor had gone after Nathan. Liesl snidely reminded Anna that Anna wasn't in any position to judge Liesl after what Anna had done to Cesar.

At the brownstone, Kiki arrived home as Morgan passed through the living room with a breakfast tray. She was eager to know how her mother was, so he revealed that Ava had slept through the night and eaten breakfast. According to Morgan, Silas was with Ava, ready to give Ava a second shot to keep Ava's labor at bay awhile longer. Kiki was delighted by the news but confided that they had another problem because Carlos had revealed that Ava had forced Carlos to falsely confess to A.J.'s murder. Morgan was surprised when Kiki revealed that Sabrina had told Michael, so Michael had decided to talk to Anna about reopening the investigation.

Kiki was frustrated because she couldn't clear her mother's name without revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. Morgan surprised Kiki by pointing out that they only had Ava's word that Sonny had shot A.J. He reminded Kiki that Ava was not a pillar of honesty, but Kiki argued that Sonny wouldn't want Ava dead if Ava, not Sonny, had killed A.J. Morgan conceded that Kiki had a valid point, but he worried that Kiki might have confided everything to Michael. Kiki admitted that she hadn't told Michael anything because the truth about Sonny would destroy him.

However, Kiki feared that Michael would not rest until he had answers because Michael was "hell-bent" on getting justice for A.J. Morgan agreed that it would be devastating to Michael if Michael were to learn the truth about what Sonny had done.

A short time later, Michael arrived to talk to Kiki. He told Kiki and Morgan about his chat with Anna and Anna's agreement to look into Sabrina's claims that Carlos had falsely confessed to A.J.'s murder. Michael warned Kiki that he intended to track down Ava if Anna failed to do so because Michael wanted answers.

At Kelly's, Olivia and Sonny watched with smiles of joy as Dante and Lulu tried to feed a fussy Rocco some cereal. Olivia thought it was nice that they could all spend time together as a family. Sonny grinned then offered to try to get Rocco to take a bite of cereal. Dante warily wondered what Sonny intended to do. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse," Sonny replied with a straight face. Dante chuckled then warned his father no "mafia" jokes.

Olivia picked up the newspaper, but her smile quickly vanished when she saw an article featuring a picture of Ned and Monica at the restaurant with a headline suggesting that Ned had rekindled things with Monica. Olivia's temper flared, so she stepped away from the table as Sonny managed to get Rocco to take a bite of cereal. Dante and Lulu seized the opportunity to discuss the situation with Luke, but Sonny made it clear that he would not rush to judgment about Luke's possible involvement with the Jeromes until Tracy had returned.

"I am back," Tracy suddenly announced as she entered the diner. Lulu warmly greeted Tracy then asked about Luke. Tracy assured Lulu that Tracy had been able to unequivocally vindicate Luke because Jerry Jacks had been revealed to be in league with the Jeromes. Tracy quickly filled Lulu, Dante, Sonny, and Olivia in on what had transpired in Amsterdam then explained that Jerry had kidnapped Luke.

Everyone was surprised when Tracy explained that Jerry wanted ELQ in exchange for Luke's freedom, but Tracy only had nine percent of ELQ's shares to give Jerry. Sonny realized that it wouldn't be enough to satisfy Jerry, so Tracy asked Lulu and Dante to talk to Michael because Michael had become the majority shareholder when A.J. had been killed. Olivia had an uneasy feeling because not only was Jerry Jacks back in the picture, but Heather was on the loose.

Dante and Lulu were startled by the news about Heather, so Olivia admitted that she had seen Heather in a vision. However, Olivia would not be able to rest easy until Dante promised to check on Heather to make certain that Heather remained safely locked up. Dante assured his mother that he would take care of it.

In Sam's penthouse, Alexis played with Danny on the floor until Sam arrived home with Patrick in tow. Sam happily greeted her son then gave Danny a present that she had picked up for him in Amsterdam. After Danny scampered off to play with the new toy, Alexis asked Sam and Patrick about the trip and if they had confirmed that Luke and Julian had been in cahoots. Alexis was shocked when Sam and Patrick revealed that Jerry Jacks had resurfaced claiming to have kidnapped and framed Luke.

Alexis wondered how Jerry had managed to survive polonium poisoning, so Sam and Patrick explained that Jerry had used Luke's antibodies to create a vaccine. Patrick confessed that he had doubts about Jerry's claims, so Sam agreed that there were too many unanswered questions including Spencer's certainty that Luke had met with someone in the stables on the night of Nikolas' engagement party.

Alexis recalled confronting Julian about Tracy finding Luke and Julian meeting in the stables and Julian's emphatic denial that Julian worked for Luke. Alexis admitted to Sam and Patrick that she was tempted to question Julian again, but Alexis didn't see the point, since Julian was untrustworthy. Instead, Alexis decided to pay Ned a visit to warn him that Tracy was looking for controlling shares of ELQ to give to Jerry in exchange for Luke's freedom.

After Alexis left, Patrick sat down to play with Danny on the floor as Patrick and Sam discussed the investigation into Patrick's accident. Sam realized that they couldn't do much without talking to Luke. Patrick was disappointed, but Sam explained that it wasn't unusual for a case to go cold for a while until a new lead turned things around. Patrick smiled then announced that he had to get going. Sam started to walk Patrick to the door, but he stopped to say goodbye to Danny.

"Daddy! No, wait," Danny shouted as he ran to Patrick and hugged Patrick's leg. Sam and Patrick exchanged an awkward glance as Sam gently pulled Danny away from Patrick. Sam apologized for Danny's reaction then started to talk about Jason. She admitted that even though she had taken off her wedding rings, she had never really had closure because she had never been able to say goodbye to Jason.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned was furious as he read the Port Charles Press, which featured an article about him and Monica. Ned was livid at the implication that he and Monica were having an affair. "Where the hell do they get this?" he muttered in frustration.

"From me," Julian answered as he sauntered in. Outraged, Ned denied having an affair with Monica, so Julian pointed out that nowhere in the article had it been stated that Ned and Monica were sleeping together. However, Julian conceded that he did not know the official definition of "canoodling." Ned explained that he'd had an innocent chat with Monica when he had bumped into her at the restaurant the previous evening, but Julian didn't care because he had two sources to dispute Ned's claims.

Ned was certain that the two "sources" were on Julian's payroll, but Julian merely smiled without denying or confirming Ned's suspicions. Julian cut to the chase by making it clear that Ned would become the subject of a series of unflattering articles unless Ned not only stopped seeing Alexis but left town altogether. Ned flatly refused because his family had lived in Port Charles for generations, but Julian was unapologetic because he knew that Ned had a "pop star" daughter whom Ned could spend time with. Ned warned Julian that the Ashtons were a "tough lot" then threatened to sue Julian for libel.

Julian reminded Ned that the case could be tied up in court for years, while Julian continued to print articles about Ned being a drug addict and pedophile. Julian offered to settle things with their bare hands, so Ned asked if Julian wanted to step outside. Julian readily agreed.

A short time later, Alexis was shocked when she entered the library and saw Ned and Julian brawling with each other. She shouted until she finally gained their attention. "What the hell is wrong with the two of you?" Alexis demanded. Ned and Julian sheepishly greeted Alexis as each man tried to catch his breath.

Furious, Alexis dragged Julian outside as Tracy entered the library. Ned reminded his mother that she was not welcome at the mansion, but Tracy explained that she needed Ned's help.

Outside, Alexis blasted Julian for going after Ned. She couldn't understand why Julian couldn't take no for an answer, so Julian admitted that he simply couldn't. "Not when it comes to you," he added.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

At Kelly's, Lulu assured Olivia that it was not foolish to be concerned about Heather, given Olivia's recent vision. Lulu reminded her mother-in-law that Olivia's visions had been warnings in the past, so it was wise to check on Heather, especially since Franco and Carly planned to marry the following day. Dante reminded everyone that Heather had targeted Carly to hurt Franco, prompting Lulu to recall how her father had been swept up in Heather's scheme to frame Franco for Carly's murder.

Lulu couldn't believe that her father had been abducted by Heather and then kidnapped by Jerry, but Dante gently reminded his wife that they only had Jerry's word for that. Lulu was shocked at the suggestion that her father might be in league with the Jeromes, but Dante pointed out that they only had the word of a known criminal that Luke had been abducted. Lulu decided to talk to Tracy to find out if Tracy had made any progress gathering the shares of ELQ to secure Luke's freedom.

After Lulu left, Shawn entered the diner. Sonny quickly excused himself to speak to Shawn privately in the kitchen. Dante noticed that Olivia appeared troubled, so he assured her that he would check on Heather. Olivia confessed that the vision of Heather wasn't the only thing on her mind, and she showed him the newspaper article featuring a picture of Ned and Monica. Dante scanned the article but quickly assured his mother that he doubted that Ned and Monica were having an affair. Olivia agreed because Ned had been seeing Alexis.

Dante was surprised by Olivia's tone, so she admitted that she was not happy about Ned dating Alexis, even though Olivia had insisted that she and Ned remain friends. However, she wanted more because she realized that she and Ned had clicked in a special way. Dante urged his mother to talk to Ned, but Olivia feared that Ned might reject her, which would hurt their friendship. Dante argued that she needed to take the risk because it was the only way to find out if Ned returned her feelings.

Outside Kelly's, Carly spoke to Franco on the phone. She was surprised that she had missed him that morning, so he explained that he hadn't wanted to disturb her peaceful sleep. "Yes, and you know how I hate rude awakenings," Carly said. Franco explained that he'd had an appointment with a special patient, so Carly teasingly wondered if it was a woman, unaware that Franco was at Ferncliff and that Heather had just entered the room. Franco smiled at his mother, who blew him a kiss.

Franco pretended to catch Heather's kiss then assured Carly that Carly was the only woman for him just like he was the only man for her. "Right?" he asked. Carly's smile was brittle as she answered, "Right." After Carly ended the call with Franco, Lulu walked out of the diner. The cousins exchanged greetings before Lulu told Carly that Jerry had resurfaced.

Carly was stunned, but Lulu suddenly realized that it had been unfair to dump her problems on Carly the day before Carly's wedding. Lulu assured Carly that everything was ready at the Haunted Star, but Carly had no idea what Lulu was talking about. Lulu seemed confused that Carly didn't know that Franco had reserved the ship for the wedding, but Carly argued that the wedding venue was the hotel. Lulu felt bad when she realized that Franco might have wanted to surprise Carly with the change of plans. Carly assured Lulu that it was fine, but Carly couldn't understand why Franco had picked the Haunted Star.

Lulu pointed out that it fit with the Halloween theme of Franco and Carly's wedding, but Carly argued that the Haunted Star had also been the place where Franco had held the party with all the videos trying to prove that he was a changed man. Lulu suggested that perhaps it was a "full-circle" moment that Franco wanted to embrace as part of the wedding. Carly conceded that perhaps Lulu was right, so Lulu decided to leave. Carly hugged her cousin then asked to be kept in the loop.

Inside Kelly's kitchen, Shawn revealed that he had been on his way to get Heather out of Ferncliff when his contact had called to notify Shawn that Franco had paid Heather another visit. Sonny feared that something wasn't right because Heather despised Franco, so Sonny couldn't understand why Franco would visit Heather two days in a row. Sonny added that they had another problem because Dante had agreed to check on Heather because of Olivia's vision.

Shawn was curious if Sonny wanted to forget about framing Heather for Franco's murder. Sonny answered by asking if Shawn would have a problem getting through the asylum's security to reach Heather. Shawn promised that it wouldn't be a problem, so Sonny explained that they needed to follow through the plans to save Carly from herself. Sonny was certain that Carly was only marrying Franco to protect Michael from finding out that Sonny had shot A.J., so Shawn reminded Sonny that the secret would be safe once Franco was out of the way.

Sonny didn't want to lose sight of what had really happened because Sonny had killed an innocent man -- one whom Michael had loved and had begged Sonny not to hurt. Sonny didn't know if he would ever make peace with that.

In the Quartermaine crypt, Monica placed flowers in a holder by Jason's marker. She was startled when she heard someone enter the crypt. It was Alice, who had been out for a walk and had noticed that the door to the crypt was open. Alice wondered if everything was okay, Monica tearfully revealed that it was the two-year anniversary of Jason's death and that not a day passed that she didn't miss him. Monica insisted that it wasn't fair that she had been forced to grieve Jason's loss twice in a lifetime, referring to Jason's brush with death when A.J. had crashed a car into a tree.

Monica was certain that Jason had eventually grown to care for her after the life-altering head injury, but she would give anything to have a little part of him back. She was desperate for the pain to go away. Alice confessed that Jason had talked to her about Monica, so Alice assured Monica that Jason had loved his mother. Alice conceded that she had she hadn't known Jason during his Quartermaine years but she insisted that Monica had been a good mother to both A.J. and Jason.

Monica disagreed because Monica hadn't been able to keep Jason and A.J. from being killed or protected them from those who had wanted her sons dead.

In the Quartermaine parlor, Ned was surprised when Tracy asked for his help then revealed that she needed his shares of ELQ to save Luke, whom Jerry Jacks was holding for ransom. Tracy confessed that she hoped that her shares combined with Ned, Brook Lynn, and Dillon's would be enough to satisfy Jerry, but Ned quickly made it clear that he refused to help Tracy secure shares of ELQ for Jerry. Ned doubted that Edward would ever forgive him for helping "that monster."

Ned warned Tracy that Michael wouldn't help her either. Tracy felt her son had betrayed her, but Ned was unapologetic because ELQ had been thriving under Michael's leadership. Tracy scoffed that Michael was the reason for the company's success because she knew that Ned had been helping Michael, but Ned insisted that Michael had merely consulted him on a few things. Ned gave full credit to Michael for steering ELQ in the right direction.

Tracy appealed to Ned's compassion, certain that he would never be able to live with Luke's death on his conscience, but Ned informed Tracy that he couldn't care less for Luke. Furious, Tracy reminded Ned of all the opportunities and advantages she had provided for her son, unlike his father who had only given Ned a "phony" title. Ned laughed at Tracy's desperation by throwing his father under the bus then left.

Frustrated, Tracy wondered what she would do next when Monica and Alice entered from the patio. Monica reminded Tracy that Tracy was not welcome in Monica's home then demanded to know why Tracy was there. Tracy appealed to both Monica and Alice for help to save Luke, but Monica refused to hand over her shares to help Luke, not just because of the way that Tracy and Luke had treated Alice during Alice's health crisis, but also because Monica had seen Luke's true colors and wanted nothing to do with him.

After Monica left, Tracy turned to Alice for help by reminding Alice that Alice had always been fond of Luke. Alice promised her shares to Tracy to help Luke. Grateful, Tracy thanked Alice as Alice left the room. Moments later, Tracy's phone rang. Lulu entered the room just as Tracy noticed that the call was from Luke.

On the patio, Alexis blasted Julian for getting into a physical altercation with Ned. She couldn't understand why Julian couldn't take no for an answer, but Julian insisted that it was impossible with Alexis. He dared her to look him in the eyes and tell him that she'd rather be with Ned. Alexis insisted that she and Julian were over because he had lied to her one too many times, but Julian denied that he had lied about working with Luke. Alexis surprised him by admitting that she knew that. However, the truth had been worse; Julian had been working with Jerry Jacks.

Confused, Julian asked what Alexis was talking about, so Alexis told him about Tracy's encounter with Jerry in Amsterdam. Julian conceded that he knew Jerry because it was impossible not to cross paths with Jerry in Julian's line of work. However, Julian assured Alexis that he hadn't seen Jerry in a year when Julian had found Jerry badly injured in an ally after falling from the Metro Court Restaurant's terrace. Julian conceded that he had helped Jerry get help, but Julian had not seen Jerry since that night. Alexis admitted that she wanted to believe Julian, but Ned suddenly appeared flanked by two security guards.

Ned ordered his guards to escort Julian off the premises, but Julian desperately warned Alexis to stay far away from Jerry because Jerry was dangerous. Annoyed, Alexis told the security guards to take Julian away, but Julian assured Ned and Alexis that it wasn't necessary because he was ready to leave.

After Julian left, Ned asked if Alexis was okay. Alexis apologized for what had happened with Julian, but Ned promised Alexis that he didn't blame her. Alexis hugged Ned in gratitude just as Olivia walked up.

At Ferncliff, Heather listened as Franco told Carly that he loved Carly as he ended the call. Heather was furious because Franco had sounded sincere when he had talked to Carly, which made Heather wonder if Franco still intended to carry out the plan for revenge. Franco defensively explained that he couldn't afford to tip Carly off, but Heather didn't believe him because she had attended enough therapy sessions to recognize someone who sounded genuine.

Franco confessed that it was true; he still loved Carly because Carly had been the first person who hadn't made him feel like the monster that everyone had assumed that he was. Heather argued that Franco was an artistic genius, but he explained that Carly had been the only person to take a chance on him. He credited Carly's belief in him with giving him the confidence to move on. Heather was disgusted when Franco confessed that he loved Carly with all his heart and soul.

Franco admitted that he was conflicted about seeking revenge, but Heather insisted that Carly had never loved Franco. Heather was certain that Carly had been lured by dreams of "taming the beast" to keep Franco from hurting Carly's family. Franco's expression hardened as he realized that his mother was right; Carly wanted to keep Franco quiet. Intrigued, Heather was curious what Franco was hiding for Carly, but Franco refused to say. However, he promised Heather that she would find out at the wedding when he destroyed Carly's relationship with Michael. Heather was curious when Franco would get her out of Ferncliff, so he explained that he would send a staff member to fetch her once he had left the premises to avoid arousing suspicions.

In the hallway, Franco handed a man a wad of cash to slip Heather out of Ferncliff. Mr. Beach smiled as he commented that no matter how secure a place was, there was always someone willing to take a bribe. After Franco left, Mr. Beach's phone rang. It was Dante calling to confirm that Heather was safely locked up. Mr. Beach assured Dante that she was then he ended the call. He was about to enter the waiting room when Shawn slipped up behind him to knock Mr. Beach over the head.

Moments later, Shawn entered the waiting room. Heather willingly left with Shawn, assuming that Franco had sent him.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason confessed that he couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose someone as Elizabeth had lost Jason -- in part because he couldn't imagine having someone like that in his life. Elizabeth hoped that "Jake" never felt the pain of that kind of loss because Jason's body had never been recovered, leaving just a marker at the Quartermaine crypt to remember Jason by. Jason recalled seeing a Dr. Quartermaine on his medical chart, prompting Elizabeth to reveal that Monica had been Jason's mother.

Jason was curious why Jason had used the last name of Morgan rather than Quartermaine, so Elizabeth told "Jake" about the car accident and how Jason had suffered a brain injury that had robbed Jason of all his memories before the accident. "Jake" realized that he had a lot in common with Jason, but Elizabeth rushed to assure "Jake" that there wasn't any reason to believe that "Jake's" memory wouldn't return. "You are not Jason," Elizabeth added.

Later, Elizabeth returned to Jason's hospital room with a wheelchair to take him for a ride around the hospital. Jason balked at sitting in a wheelchair, but Elizabeth doubted that he had the strength to walk on his own. Jason sat up but quickly conceded that he needed help. Elizabeth went to assist Jason, who had ended up with his arms wrapped around her. The two looked at each other for a long moment before Jason's legs gave out and he flopped into the wheelchair.

Elizabeth pushed the wheelchair out of the room until "Jake" stopped her because he wanted to thank her. He admitted that he felt the best that he had since waking up. Elizabeth smiled then took him to the art room. She confided that Franco, the man who held art therapy classes in the room, was one of the few people that Liesl liked. Elizabeth suspected that it was because Franco was more demented than Liesl.

Jason confessed that Franco's name sounded familiar. Elizabeth wasn't surprised because Franco had been a famous artist and infamous killer who had been absolved of the crimes because of a brain tumor. Elizabeth confessed that she had never been a fan of Franco's work, which made Jason realize that she might be interested in art. Elizabeth confessed that she'd once had dreams of becoming an artist and had even had an art studio at one time.

Jason surprised Elizabeth by picking up a paintbrush then inviting her to show him her work. Elizabeth smiled awkwardly but was saved from granting his request when her phone beeped to let her know that she was needed in another patient's room. Jason assured her that he would get back to his hospital room but called out to her when she reached the door. He warned her that she was not off the hook because he still expected her to paint something for him.

A short time later, Carly rounded the corner, calling out to Franco. She stopped short when she saw "Jake" in the art room, studying Franco's signature on a painting.

Meanwhile, Sonny entered the Quartermaine crypt. He glanced at A.J.'s marker but made his way to Jason's place in the family crypt. Sonny admitted that he hoped that his friend could hear him because Sonny wanted Jason to know that Sonny had been doing everything possible to fix things. Sonny wanted to make things right for both Michael and Carly then explained that Carly was in big trouble. Sonny was certain that Carly was lying to herself about Franco, but she was too stubborn to admit that she was wrong.

Sonny hoped that Jason could in some way reach out to Carly and be the friend that she needed. Moments later, Sonny heard someone at the door. He turned to see who had entered the crypt. "Oh, my God," Sonny said as he looked at the person with shock.

Friday, October 24, 2014

In the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy saw an incoming call from Luke as Lulu entered the parlor. Lulu noticed the expression on Tracy's face, so she asked who was calling. Lulu snatched the phone out of Tracy's hand when Tracy revealed that it appeared to be Luke. Lulu began to speak to her father, but Jerry calmly cut her off to inform her that Luke was not available. Furious, Lulu began to threaten Jerry if her father was harmed, but Jerry patiently ordered Lulu to put Tracy on the phone.

Ned appeared in the room as Lulu returned the phone to Tracy. Jerry quickly explained to Tracy that Luke would be a dead man if Tracy failed to meet Jerry's demands. Tracy revealed that she had been able to secure Alice's shares of ELQ, which totaled fifteen-and-a-half percent of ELQ's shares with Tracy's nine percent. Ned was outraged when he heard Tracy mention Alice's shares of ELQ because he was still furious that Tracy had manipulated Alice when Alice had been in need of a heart transplant. Tracy insisted that Alice had willingly signed the shares over to save Luke.

Jerry patiently listened to Tracy and Ned squabble then demanded to speak to Ned. Tracy handed the phone to her son, who immediately demanded to know what Jerry wanted. Jerry appreciated that Ned wasn't interested in saving Luke, but he was curious if Ned would have a change of heart if Jerry abducted Brook Lynn. Ned growled for Jerry to stay away from Ned's daughter then warned Jerry that Ned had hired ex-World Security Bureau agents to protect Brook Lynn.

Ned made it clear that he wanted Jerry to stay out of ELQ, so Jerry began to taunt Ned about rekindling things with Monica. Jerry suggested that Ned expand his horizons by giving Jerry a try. Jerry promised to be gentle, but Ned was disgusted and handed the phone back to his mother. Tracy asked if she and Jerry had a deal, so Jerry agreed to accept the shares in exchange for Luke's freedom. Tracy wondered how to get the shares to Jerry.

As if on cue, a beautiful blonde woman with a European accent entered the room. "Easy," she answered, "give them to me." Ned, Tracy, and Lulu stared at the woman in disbelief, but Tracy was the first to recover by demanding to know how the woman had gotten into Tracy's home. Ned reminded Tracy that Tracy didn't live there, which surprised Lulu. Meanwhile, Jerry informed Tracy that the mystery woman was Hadley, who had been sent to collect the shares.

Tracy questioned if she could trust Jerry to hold up his end of the bargain, but Jerry explained that she would just have to take his word as a gentleman that everything would go as planned.

Later, Ned was livid that Tracy had given in to Jerry's demands. Lulu reluctantly agreed that Jerry could not be trusted, but Tracy was unapologetic. Moments later, Jerry called to confirm that he had authenticated the shares that Tracy had signed over. Tracy demanded to know where Luke was, so Jerry told her that Luke was merely a few steps away on the terrace. Ned, Tracy, and Lulu ran to the terrace but stopped short in the doorway. "Oh, my God," Tracy said in shock.

At the hospital, Franco left Mr. Beach a voicemail message, asking where Heather was. Franco demanded that Mr. Beach return the call because Franco needed to know that Heather was safely tucked away. After Franco ended the call, he muttered that all of his plans for Carly would be "shot to hell" without Heather.

In Liesl's office, Madeline searched her sister's desk and credenza for liquor, but Nina reminded her mother that it wasn't the 50s when people kept alcohol in their office. Nina ordered Madeline to focus because they needed to find out where Ava was. Nina pointed out that Rosalie, the "traitor," had the answer they needed, so Madeline promised that she had made some inquiries about the nurse. Nina was not satisfied because Ava was ready to "pop." Nina was eager to get her hands on the baby that Madeline and Ava had stolen from her.

Madeline assured Nina that everything was under control, so Nina warned Madeline not to let anyone know that they were working together. Madeline agreed then started to leave but stopped when she opened the door because Franco stood in the doorway. Madeline glared at Franco as Nina happily greeted him then introduced him to her mother. Franco smiled politely but made a point of mentioning his infamous past and the brain tumor that had absolved him of the horrific crimes. Madeline barely uttered a word, so Nina pointedly reminded her mother of Madeline's "appointment."

After Madeline left, Franco confessed that he finally knew where Nina had gotten her brains, beauty, and winning personality -- her father. Nina smiled but asked Franco not to let anyone know that he had seen her because Silas was on the warpath after she and Silas had had a falling out. Concerned, Franco wondered what Silas had done to Nina, but she confessed that it had been her own fault.

Nina told Franco about her lies, but Franco was unfazed. Nina was grateful, so Franco admitted that it would be hypocritical of him to say anything when he had his own deep dark secrets. Nina was curious what Franco had up his sleeve for the wedding, but Franco refused to tell her because he didn't want to risk Nina being charged as an accessory. "Is it that bad?" Nina asked. Franco reminded Nina that he had been lied to, cheated on, and made a fool of. He wondered what Nina would do in his shoes.

"Something magnificent," Nina answered with a big grin. Franco promised that Carly's punishment would be commensurate with her crimes, so Nina agreed to stop asking questions. However, she suggested that they get together soon to compare notes because she also had plans for revenge. Franco and Nina talked about the lack of trustworthy people around them and agreed that they could only confide to each other about the sins they intended to commit.

Franco handed Nina an invitation to his wedding, but she confessed that she couldn't attend because she would be busy the following day with her own special plans. Franco smiled at the idea that both he and Nina would be cutting a swath of destruction through town the following day.

At Kelly's, Michael left Sam a voicemail message, asking her to return his call because he needed her help tracking down Ava Jerome. Rosalie entered the diner as Michael ended the call, so she approached his table. After they exchanged greetings, Michael invited Rosalie to join him. Michael opened up to Rosalie about his recent discovery that Ava Jerome might have been responsible for A.J.'s shooting but he couldn't find Ava to question her about it. Rosalie was curious if Michael had asked Kiki, so Michael admitted that Kiki hadn't heard from her mother since Ava had gone into hiding.

Rosalie appeared skeptical, but Michael insisted that he trusted Kiki. Rosalie was curious if Michael thought he could get the truth from Ava, so Michael explained that he had to try because he would always have lingering questions if he couldn't look Ava in the eye. Michael revealed that his biological father, A.J. had lived his life for Michael, so Michael owed it to his father to learn the truth about his murder. Michael confessed that he also needed answers to have a measure of peace. Moved by what Michael had said, Rosalie revealed that she had something to tell him.

However, Madeline walked up to greet Rosalie and asked for a minute of Rosalie's time. Offended, Michael pointed out that he and Rosalie had been in the middle of a conversation. Madeline insisted that it was important that she talk to Rosalie because Nina was desperate to get Rosalie back. Rosalie picked up on the underlying threat, so she promised to catch up with Michael later. Michael asked Rosalie to let him know if she heard anything about Ava's whereabouts and then left.

Madeline sat in Michael's vacated seat as she confessed that she was looking for Ava too. Rosalie explained that she didn't want trouble, but she was not comfortable telling Madeline where Ava was because Nina wanted to steal Ava's baby. Rosalie was concerned about Nina's mental stability, but Madeline threatened to reveal Rosalie's secret if Rosalie refused to cooperate.

A short time later, Madeline returned to Liesl's office as Franco left. Nina was curious why Madeline had been rude to Franco, so Madeline freely admitted that she did not like Franco. Madeline thought that Nina would be wise to steer clear of him, but Nina suggested that Madeline "chill out." Nina wondered if Madeline had any information about Ava, so Madeline revealed that she knew where Ava was.

At the brownstone, Kiki placed a cool cloth on Ava's forehead then asked how Ava felt. Ava confessed that she felt better and that Silas was cautiously optimistic that the shots had stopped the labor. Ava reminded her daughter that the longer Ava remained pregnant, the longer Ava would live because Sonny wouldn't kill Ava until after the baby was born. Kiki didn't want to talk about Sonny, but Ava insisted that they couldn't ignore the threat because Sonny would eventually stop looking in the wrong places for Ava.

Kiki admitted that Sonny wasn't the only person looking for Ava. Ava tensed when Kiki explained that Sabrina had told Michael about Carlos' coerced confession. Kiki revealed that Michael suspected that Ava had shot A.J., but Ava reminded her daughter that Sonny had pulled the trigger. Kiki questioned Ava about the allegations that Ava had threatened Sabrina. Ava conceded that she had made the threats to force Carlos to confess, but they had been empty words because Ava would have never targeted or hurt a pregnant woman.

Ava suddenly realized why Sabrina had been cold toward Ava at the hospital during Ava's premature labor scare. Kiki couldn't blame Sabrina for not being pleasant to Ava under the circumstances, but Ava was certain that Sabrina had intentionally given Ava the pills to induce Ava's labor. Ava insisted that she hadn't been responsible for the accident or A.J.'s murder. Kiki promised that she believed Ava, but Kiki doubted that Michael would.

Kiki warned Ava that Michael would not stop looking for Ava until he found her. Ava was grateful that she had Morgan, Kiki, and Silas in her corner, but she hoped that Rosalie kept quiet. Kiki was confident that Ava was safe because Ava had put the fear of God into Rosalie. Kiki couldn't imagine anyone more intimidating than Ava. Moments later, Ava was forced to duck out of sight when someone knocked on the door. It was Rosalie.

At the hospital, Carly entered Franco's art room as she called out to Franco. She was startled when she saw a patient in a wheelchair, so she apologized for barging in during his session but she had been looking for her fiancÚ. Carly studied the patient closely then asked if they had met before. Jason confessed that he had no idea because he had amnesia so he hoped that she did recognize him because he was eager to find out who he was. However, he warned her that he didn't look like he once had because he had undergone facial reconstruction surgery following an accident.

Carly was shocked and admitted that she would have been terrified if their situations had been reversed. However, she quickly apologized when she realized how insensitive that had sounded. Jason changed the subject by introducing himself as Jake then quickly added that he had picked the name because it had sounded right to him. Carly introduced herself but stopped short when she suddenly realized that she had no idea what her last name would be the following day when she married Franco because her fiancÚ only went by one name. Jason confessed that he had heard about Franco, but it hadn't been good.

Carly quickly realized that "Jake" had been talking to Elizabeth because Elizabeth hated Franco. Carly conceded that Elizabeth had her reasons, but Carly insisted that Elizabeth was far from objective. Carly became defensive about Franco then began to talk about Jason because she was certain that Jason would have forced her to call off the wedding if he could. As Carly talked about Jason, she mentioned that Elizabeth had carried a torch for Jason for a long time and likely still did.

"Jake" admitted that he and Elizabeth hadn't talked about that aspect of Elizabeth's relationship with Jason but he was aware that it was the two-year anniversary of Jason's passing. Carly became teary-eyed as she admitted that she missed her best friend because Jason had always fixed her problems and had never judged her. She reiterated that Jason would have hated that she was marrying Franco, but "Jake" wondered if it would really matter to Carly if Jason had objected to the marriage.

"Jake" thought that Carly should marry Franco if she could see herself with Franco for the rest of her life. Otherwise, she should walk away. Carly smiled because it had sounded like something Jason would said. Carly suddenly blurted out that it wasn't as simple as walking away from Franco because marrying Franco protected both her son and her ex-husband. Carly added that she'd had a brief affair with her ex-husband, but things were definitely over.

Carly suddenly realized how much of her personal life she had revealed to someone she had just met. "Jake" assured her that he wouldn't tell anyone, but Carly wanted him to promise not to breathe a word of what she had told him to Elizabeth because Elizabeth might be tempted to stop the wedding, thinking she was saving Carly from herself. "Jake" assured Carly that he wouldn't tell Elizabeth then added that what happened between Carly and her ex-husband was Carly's business. "Mine too," Franco added as he stood smiling in the doorway.

At the Quartermaine crypt, Sonny was startled when he saw Connie standing in the doorway. Connie entered the crypt as she asked what Sonny was doing there because she didn't recall Sonny being a Quartermaine. Sonny explained that he would always be connected to the Quartermaines because of Michael. "And A.J.?" Connie asked.

Connie knew that Sonny was really in the crypt because he couldn't stop thinking how he had taken Michael's other father away from Michael. Sonny didn't deny it but added that if he had to do it over again, he likely would have done the same thing. Sonny justified shooting A.J. by insisting that A.J. had been a curse to everyone Sonny had loved and that Sonny had had every reason to believe that A.J. had killed Connie. Sonny became choked up as he reminded her that he had held her in his arms as she had taken her last breath.

Sonny insisted that he hadn't been able to let Connie's death go, but she disagreed because Sonny had refrained from killing A.J. for months after she had died. Sonny claimed that he had snapped when A.J. had kept denying killing Connie because Sonny knew it had been a lie. Connie reminded Sonny that A.J. had been an innocent man, but Sonny disagreed because of the things that A.J. had done throughout A.J.'s life.

Connie realized that Sonny still intended to carry out his threat to kill Ava. Sonny explained that Ava deserved it because Ava had to pay for killing Connie. Connie reminded Sonny that the baby was innocent and was Sonny's flesh and blood, regardless of who the father was, so Sonny assured Connie that he would wait until the baby was born. However, he planned to kill Franco the following day because Sonny needed to protect Michael from finding out the truth about A.J.'s murder. Connie knew the truth was that Sonny hoped that Franco's death would pave the way for Sonny to reconcile with Carly.

Sonny admitted that he wasn't comfortable discussing Carly with Connie, but Connie wasn't blind to Sonny's love for Carly. Connie assured Sonny that it was okay because Connie wanted him to be happy. However, she urged Sonny that it was time to put the demons to rest. She was curious what Sonny wanted and how far he was willing to go to get it. Sonny confessed that he loved Carly and would stop at nothing to get her.

Connie warned Sonny to be careful because his plans could ruin everything. Sonny was confident that everything would work out once both Franco and Ava were out of the way. "Dad?" Michael suddenly asked from the doorway.

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