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Perhaps it's merely a coincidence that Disney owns ABC and Liz and Lucky's  dream wedding  was heavily Cinderella themed right as the  Platinum Edition  DVD of Cinderella went on sale. Even so, I am a sucker for romance.

Perhaps it's merely a coincidence that Disney owns ABC and Liz and Lucky's "dream wedding" was heavily Cinderella themed right as the "Platinum Edition" DVD of Cinderella went on sale. Even so, I am a sucker for romance. These two have waited so many years to get married, when that horse drawn carriage pulled up in the park, I was IN. I was hooked. Bring it on.

Some people meet, know in an instant they are soul mates and fly to Vegas to get hitched the same night. Some people meet and know in an instant, but life gets in the way and it takes them years to do the One True Thing their hearts believe in. Liz and Lucky have suffered that fate. They have been in love and all sorts of things happened that made their road to happiness a bumpy one. But hey, if an evil freak like Helena brainwashes you and tries to erase your love for someone out of your mind and you STILL love them? It doesn't get much stronger than that.

I love the reality of this storyline. She's a student nurse, he's a cop. Liz has a kid that isn't Lucky's, but he accepts Cameron as his own. They live in a dump and can't pay their bills - but- they are happy. Happier, in fact, than their rich friends who are throwing them their dream wedding so they didn't have to get married in Liz's Grandma's living room. Liz and Lucky have it figured out. All they need is one another. Period. Love is plenty. Love is enough. They do not yearn and strive for more, they don't want a better car or a giant place to live in, they don't hang out at the mall window shopping for things they can't afford - a good night for them is being curled up on the sofa together watching a video just because they are together. Being in the same place together is all they dream of. I love that about them.

Of course, this being a soap, it can't stay that simple, Helena had to show up, possibly to see if she has Lucky under mind control with that diamond, or maybe just to cause a scene as she's an attention whore. And really, what Spencer wedding would be complete without her putting a curse on the happy couple like she did to Luke and Laura 25 years ago? Luke finally showed up, and our newly SORAS-ed Lulu. That's Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome in case you're new to soaps and are unaware of this phenomenon. Many times on soaps, a kid goes to be 11 years old and wakes up 19 as the writers said to themselves "Hey wouldn't it be cool if Lulu was a teenager instead of a 10 year old?" and so they just make her a teenager. Never mind that we, the audience realize she was 11 the day before. But truthfully? I'm actually fine with this. Lulu is not a constant presence. She shows up a few times a year, and I'm not invested in her. If they did that to Michael on the other hand, I'd be at ABC marching around with a sign that says "You're all idiots." As I *am* invested in Dylan Cash and his portrayal of Michael and I'd be seriously peeved if he was gone. But Lulu? They can make her a rebellious teen. Maybe it will liven things up a little for the Spencer clan. Maybe Laura will come out of her catatonia and come back home to save Lulu. Maybe Aunt Bobbie will get a scene or two. Maybe Lucas will have one more girl cousin to come out to. In her first couple of scenes, she did a fine job and looked enough like Genie Francis did when she was first on GH that it made me smile to see her. So far, so good.

Not so good is Jason's brain. His headaches and seizures are coming fast and furious and he keeps popping pills rather than try another medical option that may help him. And Robin's experimental treatment may help him, but he had one flash of memory that has convinced him he can't trust Robin and won't even consider it as an option. How typically male... Most men I know have to have a limb falling off to go to a doctor.

Also not good is Courtney's blurting out her pregnancy to Jax during Lucky and Liz's wedding. She kept it quiet all this time and couldn't keep it in for one more second and had to say it in the middle of a wedding ceremony? Oh sure, Helena dropped hints and got Jax all wound up, but hey, Lucky is a cop and I'm sure some of his cop friends could have subdued Jax if necessary. Helena seems very interested in Courtney's baby, so for the baby's sake, it better be Jax's so Helena will lose interest.

Sonny has lost interest in being best pal brothers will Ric now that Reese let the cat out of the bag about their one-night stand. How can a lady as smart as Reese be dumb enough to confess having an affair with Sonny's brother? Sonny has told her straight out he is unable to forgive, so then she tells him something unforgivable and seems stunned that he won't overlook the fact that she banged his brother. Even Carly isn't that crazy and she's locked up in an asylum.

But no one is as crazy as Manny, he's the best nut job bad guy we have had since Caesar Faison and Faith Roscoe disappeared. The thing that makes me curious is that he has had a gun pointed at him about 12 times this week and no one has pulled the trigger. What is this, a kinder, gentler mob?

Robin Scorpio is still kind and gentle, although a little bit immature. She called Jason's phone and hung up like she was trying to work up the nerve to ask him to homecoming, instead of calling to confidently say "I'm a doctor in Paris now and the research I have done is something that could help you."

My vote for the sweetest scene in the teen world this week? Obviously the Dillon and Georgie ballroom dance scene. Loved it.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Unfrozen Cavemen Cassadine's emerge from beyond to do ghoulish things to Courtney's baby? Will Skye and Lorenzo have too many champagne toasts at the wedding reception and get it on at some cave behind Wyndemere? Will Jax make Courtney drink his wheat grass juice shakes when she tells him he is the father of her baby? Will Alan ever go back to running the hospital instead of meddling in Emily's life? Will Ric feel free to have more sex with Reese now that the cat is already out of the bag?

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