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I am a great believer in eternal love. I have never loved anyone that I don't still love, to some degree. This week, we saw the sad transitions of two great loves

I am a great believer in eternal love. I have never loved anyone that I don't still love, to some degree. This week, we saw the sad transitions of two great loves; one between a man and a woman with Nikolas and Emily as he loses both his brain tumor and his vivid hallucinations of his deceased lover, and the other between a mother and a son, as Carly finally comes to grips with the depth and magnitude of Michael's injury.

One of the hardest parts of losing someone you love is what to do with the love you still feel for the person but have no way to express - Carly wants to love Michael, but she has nothing to offer that he can feel or see or hear or appreciate. Nikolas wants to be with Emily and love her and care for her as he always has, but the option has been taken away.

Grief is an unwanted companion, but it lingers beside you. You can either drown in it, or learn to make healthy choices and find a way to go on. Carly will go home and throw herself into caring for Morgan, or arguing with people, or maybe going back to work. Nikolas will probably work too much, or spend a lot of time with Spencer, or hang out in the stables with oddball Nadine. But neither Carly nor Nikolas will ever be the same.

Nikolas has apparently been forgotten by his family. While he was having the brain surgery that they all bullied him into having-his family was A.W.O.L. Alexis was off flirting with Jerry, Lulu was at Jake's 1 year old birthday party, and Lucky was nowhere in sight. He faced his fears and life altering surgery alone. But not entirely, his beloved (but Ghostlike) Emily stayed at his side, leaving her ring with him as she walked toward the light while he watched with one single tear tracing his cheek. When he woke up the ring was still in his hand. Was she really there, or was that one last hallucination?

Lulu probably wishes that Anthony wasn't real and just a figment, but sadly he is real and he's blackmailing her. Anthony told Lulu she must get back together with Johnny by using her only real weakness as leverage - Luke. If Lulu doesn't make nice with Johnny, Anthony threatened to leave Luke holding the bag on the money laundering operation. If only Lulu had listened to the people who loved her when they tried to warn her about Johnny, ay?

Carly beat herself up about the warnings she was given but didn't heed but the thing is we can't second guess ourselves. If she had stayed with AJ instead, Michael may have head his head wrapped around a tree in an AJ drunk driving accident, too- no saying he would have been any safer with AJ than he was with Jason.

Frankly, I was stunned when the Emmy nominations came out and Laura Wright's name was not on the list. In fact, the only actor on GH who was nominated at all in any category was Tony Geary. I think of all the other great GH performances last year and can't believe that NONE of them were deemed worthy of recognition. Like Kirsten Storms scenes when Georgie died. And pretty much everyone who was acting during the Metro Court Hostage Crisis storyline. How about the comic genius of Bradford Anderson as Spinelli? And shouldn't Steve Burton win something for his scenes at Emily's funeral? GH was ROBBED.

Am I biased? Maybe. But so what? This is an opinion column and my opinion is that GH was ROBBED.

Kate wasn't robbed, she willingly gave Ian Devlin a million bucks, and now that Sonny overheard Jason asking her why she did it- there's going to be hell to pay. There isn't an explanation that Kate can give that Sonny will accept, period. She betrayed him and he is an unforgiving dude, so I think she should go back home to Manhattan now. Sadly that isn't going to happen. Rumor has it that she will find comfort in the arms of someone else's husband, and that in turn, Sonny will find comfort in the arms of someone else's wife. You do the math and fill in the blanks should you so desire.

Robin has told Patrick that she doesn't want to be anyone's wife, but don't you believe her. She's far more domesticated than her leather pants wearing Mama. Speaking of Mama's - Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mother's out there. My own sweet Mama, Mary Lou, is the sweetest angel to ever walk the Earth, IMHO. I pray you all have Mama's you adore, too. Call them today and tell them so. And if your Mama was...not so wonderful, call her and tell her you forgive her. And if you can't do that, at least resolve to be the best Mom to your kids you can be. My Mama is 81 this year. I have lived every day of my life knowing I am loved and cherished by her, and on top of that gift, she prays for me, too. :

But I digress...Robin is about to be a Mom, and not sure if she will be a good one. Carly is doing her best to be a good mother to both of her sons, but doesn't quite know how. Elizabeth made unpopular choices to keep her kids safe at the cost of her own happiness, loving them selflessly. Alexis tries to be a good Mom, but can't help herself from sleeping with thugs. Epiphany tried to be a good Mom, but had a son who wouldn't take good advice. We mostly do the best we know how and hope for the best.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Max and Diane be able to keep themselves from doing it on Sonny's furniture? Will Claudia keep trolling for men for random encounters? Will Anna go on Circus of the Stars with her trapeze while booze-swilling act? Will we ever know why Ian was at the bus stop in the middle of the woods where Jason dumped Maxie from his trunk? Will Carly trash more hospital rooms because the décor annoys her? Will Claudia's black and white dress pop off in some freak wardrobe malfunction if she breathes too deep?

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