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Heather revealed that Robin was at Ferncliff, as Ewen ordered Robin's nurse to administer an elctroshock treatment to keep Robin from attempting another escape. Patrick decided to seek treatment for his substance abuse, Todd learned that Johnny was responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths, and Johnny threatened to tell Sam about the baby switch. It was a week of shocking twists and turns, so it's time to dig in to this week's Two Scoops.

I imagine that there were a lot of jaws dropping at the end of Thursday's episode, when it was revealed that Robin was at Ferncliff and that the doctor who had ordered Nurse Fletcher to give Robin that electroshock treatment was none other than Ewen Keenan.

Wow! I did not see that one coming.

I went through a whole list of usual suspects who might have had a reason to snatch Robin, but Ewen had never even remotely registered on my radar. Is someone pulling his strings? Undoubtedly, because Ewen doesn't have any apparent reason to kidnap Robin and stash her at Ferncliff. Plus, he did call a mystery person with an update. That implies a partnership, at the very least.

Nurse Ratchet, I mean Fletcher, made a point of telling Robin that they were prepared for Anna's inevitable arrival. Clearly, a big clue. When we first met the mysterious Dr. Keenan he was treating Helena's forgettable daughter, Cassandra, who turned out to be an assassin with an agenda. Given what we now know about Ewen, it seems highly unlikely that that was a mere coincidence.

Could Helena be behind this? What about one of her associates, like Cesar Faison? Is Ewen Keenan really Ewen Keenan Faison? It would certainly make sense and explain why Ewen was "treating" Cassandra.

To quote Winston Churchill, "It's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." And I'm hooked.

I'm a huge Anna Devane fan, but I suspect that she's going to need a little help solving this one, because she's not thinking too clearly.

For starters, Anna failed to remind Luke that for nearly a decade everyone had believed that Anna had been killed in a fiery explosion aboard a yacht, yet she had been very much alive. Therefore, it's entirely possible that Robin has survived the blast in the lab.

Next, it didn't make sense why Anna had bothered to question anyone at Ferncliff about Robin, knowing that someone had gone to great lengths to make it appear that Robin had been killed. Plus, Heather had made it very clear that the new patient's identity had been kept under wraps, which was a strong indicator that no one was going to volunteer information about said patient, especially to the mother of the person who was being kept there against her will.

Perhaps if Anna had gone into spy-mode, and slipped into a nurses' uniform, she might have found her daughter. Instead, she found a pamphlet to a clinic in Switzerland that had been left on the floor by Robin.

Robin is down, but not out. She recognized her mother's voice and managed to leave Anna a clue. That's a great sign.

I'm certain that Anna will eventually persuade Luke to join her on the quest to find Robin. However, I was a bit confused about Luke's talk with Tracy. I couldn't tell if he intended to let Tracy go, or if he wants to keep Tracy on reserve for when his fling with Anna ends. And it will end. I have no doubt about that.

Tracy was absolutely correct; Tracy understands and knows Luke better than anyone else. Except for perhaps Laura.

Moving on, Patrick has finally talked to Liz about his substance abuse problem. I am so happy about that, because Patrick and Liz have been friends ever since Patrick had encouraged Liz to become a surgical nurse several years ago. I'm thrilled that the writers have finally remembered that Patrick and Liz are very close friends.

I'm also delighted that Lulu persuaded Patrick to get clean, because I think that Liz is going to need Patrick in the coming weeks, when it's revealed that Ewen is not who he seems to be.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Todd is dealing with a couple of shocking revelations of his own, starting with Blair's engagement news.

Note to self: Never get a room at Metro Court, where the owner uses her master key to enter the rooms of her guests whenever she pleases.

Whether Carly wants to admit it or not, she's hot for Todd. I say this because she seems to constantly put herself in Todd's orbit. If Carly isn't with Todd then she's thinking about him or talking about him.

Case in point: Carly's movements on the night of the Haunted Star's lame opening, which appeared to end right after Starr sang one single solitary song. Prior to the five-minute grand opening of the nightclub, Carly barged into Todd's room while he was talking to Blair. Why? Because Carly wanted to once again plead with Todd to leave Johnny alone. Carly has been using this excuse for weeks now, so it's starting to wear very thin with me.

Later that evening, Carly admitted to Johnny that she couldn't fully enjoy Starr's song, because Carly was too busy keeping an eye on Todd for fear that Todd would do something stupid. Never mind that Todd had made it clear that he had no intention of ruining his daughter's big night.

After everyone left, following Starr's performance, Carly and Johnny went to the office to have sex on the desk. A desk that Johnny shares with Lulu. Ew. Just. Ew.

Anyway, after having sex with Johnny, Carly announced that that she was headed home to spend time with Josslyn. However, that's not where Carly went. When next we saw Carly, she was standing outside of Todd's hotel suite. Carly didn't hesitate to use her key to enter Todd's room when she heard breaking glass. I guess it never dawned on Carly that Todd and Blair might have been having wild sex, like Carly had enjoyed with Johnny in his office earlier that evening.

It really annoys me that Carly thinks that she knows Todd, when in fact she doesn't. How could she? Todd has only been in town for a few months, and all of his conversations with Carly have been guarded, because he's keeping secrets from her and everyone else, except for Heather.

Which begs the question of how Johnny found out about the baby switch. I can't wait for Monday, when Johnny explains that one. Not that it will change anything. Todd is going to make Johnny pay for killing Hope, one way or another. This is not something that Todd will be able to walk away from.

While Todd was confronting Johnny about killing Hope, and Johnny was revealing that he knew about the baby switch, Jason was confessing to Carly that he had kissed Liz. I could practically hear Carly's back molars grind down to stumps, as she absorbed that little tidbit. No doubt, Carly is going to track Liz down the first chance that she gets to blast Liz for placing those luscious lips in Jason's path.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with Jason and Sam's marriage, but it was nice to see Spinelli call Sam out when Sam bragged that she never gives up. "With all due respect," Spinelli said, "Isn't that what you just did with your marriage?" Ouch.

Another person who received a harsh dose of reality this week was Steve, when Olivia arrived at the hospital, tripping on LSD, compliments of Mommy Dearest. It was so satisfying to watch Dante call Steve out for ignoring Olivia's countless warnings about Heather. It was doubly delicious when Steve marched over to the police station to let Heather know that he was done with her, once and for all. The look on Heather's face, when he informed her that he intended to rescind his guardianship of her and that she was no longer his mother, was simply priceless.

It's doubtful that Heather is going to be able wiggle out of her legal troubles, because Anna refused to drop the charges in exchange for information about Robin. Brava, Anna. I loved it when Anna pulled that gun out and ordered Heather to talk, rather than cave in to Heather's ridiculous demands.

There is nothing that Todd can do to help Heather, even if he were to take guardianship of her. Heather is looking at murder charges, attempted murder charges, kidnapping, and whatever other charges apply from injecting Olivia with LSD. Heather's goose is good and cooked, so no amount of blackmailing Todd will get her out of it.

Reader Spotlight

  • I can't help but wonder why some of GH fans seem to think that Liz is a mess, when Sam is so screwed up it is pathetic. She has asked for every problem she has even though she shouldn't have been raped on her honeymoon. If she had let Jason take her to the hospital this whole mess could have been avoided. I love Jason and Liz together and I really think that Sam should be ashamed of herself for being mad at Jason for kissing Liz, having a few drinks is no excuse for slobbering all over John. -- Linda

  • Just stick a fork in Jason and Sam because they are done. They didn't even try to save their marriage, so I really am not interested in watching them get back together because the baby turned out to [be] alive and Jason's. -- Kim

  • Hey Liz. Just to clarify, John and Natalie are just boyfriend/girlfriend. They were supposed to get married when John found out about the paternity of Liam, their son, being another character named Brody. Of course, the paternity was switched and it was later discovered that John was actually the father. They didn't have a chance to discuss marriage again because the OLTL ended. -- Moniemone

  • I just wanted to mention that I don't like GH new opening credits, it looks like something that was put together by 5th graders, and it's insulting to the actor who are no longer billed with their real names/character name, and am I the only person who looks at the ending credits on Friday when the cast is listed, yet the guy who plays Todd is nowhere in the credits? also if we have to see the credits for the writers, and executive producer for every episode that airs why can't the actors be credited, too? -- aria

  • I don't care that Johnny killed Anthony, so how about redeeming him by revealing that Hope and Cole didn't die in that explosion. If Robin can be alive, why can't they? -- Kevin

  • Is Trey really that stupid that he can't tell when his father is lying? When a person has an answer for everything, like Joe, then there's a good chance that most of what they are saying is bull. Joe lied about Theresa, so we have no reason to believe that he's telling the truth about Kate. -- Maggie

  • Why exactly isn't Liz helping Patrick with his drug problem instead of those two inept idiots, Lulu and Maxie? Lulu and Maxie have a long history of enabling, and Lulu was shown to be using alcohol as an escape not too ago. Besides, Liz and Patrick have a much deeper and stronger friendship than Dumb and Dumber could ever hope to have with Patrick. -- Selena

Thank you for taking the time to email me. I wish that I could have shared all of the wonderful emails with you, but there were simply too many. However, I loved reading what readers had to say, so please keep sending those emails.

Liz Masters
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