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Everyone is keeping secrets and lying, but the truth has a way of breaking free, no matter how hard you work to keep it buried. As several pretty little liars are set to have their sins exposed, our columnist ponders the consequences of lying.

Want proof that Jason and Sam will be reunited? Just look up at the Port Charles night sky and watch the shooting stars fly. Shooting stars have been Jason and Sam's thing from the dawn of time -- before dragons and phoenixes. Jason even gave Sam a shooting star necklace that she proudly sported for years. Other signs of the impending reunion include Alexis conveniently vacating the penthouse, Sam's persistent feeling that Jason is still out there somewhere in the universe, and little Jake's major anxiety attacks over the idea of losing his daddy.

Liz's chickens are heading home to roost in a major way.

I'm happy for all the Jasam (Jason and Sam) fans who have been waiting for this moment for what must seem an eternity. When Jason left, he was happily married to Sam and eager to raise Danny, even though he didn't know at the time that Danny was his biological son. It's going to be rough at first because I don't know if Jason's memory of his life will return when he is finally told the truth. Plus, Sam will have the heartbreaking task of having to end things with Patrick.

Sam loves Patrick, but not the way that she loves Jason, and knowing that Jason is alive will propel her to help him reclaim his life, including their marriage.

Further complicating things is that Jake is genuinely in love with Liz. Those feelings will no doubt shift to anger the minute he learns that Liz has known the truth since the Nurses Ball, but the connection won't disappear because there is his love for little Jake, who appears to be dealing with a whole heap psychological issues leading to fits of violence.

As angry as Jake will be, ultimately he'll have to move past it for the sake of his son.

I want to be clear, because apparently I wasn't clear enough in my last column -- Liz deserves to lose Jason. What she did was wrong, even if it was in the name of love. I also want to clarify that I'm one of that rare breed of fans who actually likes both Liz and Sam. I don't buy into the idea that liking one character means I have to automatically dislike the other.

I also still firmly believe that Patrick will pay the highest price because he will not just lose the woman he loves and hoped to spend the rest of his life with and a child he's grown to love as his own son, but also a best friend he has always trusted and who helped him through some of the worst times of his life.

I haven't heard of Kimberly McCullough reprising her role as Robin, so unless Patrick packs up and moves to Paris with Emma, it's unlikely that he will get his happily ever after with Robin.

Then again, maybe Patrick could find a way to forgive Liz and in the process find love with her. I always liked the idea of Patrick and Liz as a couple, so perhaps -- after Liz has done her time in the penalty box -- Patrick and Liz could finally have their chance.

At the moment, Liz is too blind to everything. She can't see the forest for the trees, so she's oblivious to the poostorm headed her way. I'd upgrade that weather pattern, but standards and practices prohibit me from doing so. Dan would send me a strongly worded email about my potty mouth -- or is it potty fingers? -- and put me in the penalty box with Liz. I don't want to be anywhere near that mess.

There's an expression about secrets: it's only a secret if no one knows. That is not the case with Liz's secret because Laura, Nikolas, and -- to Liz's knowledge -- possibly Hayden each know the truth that Jake is Jason. Now little Jake is blurting out that Jake is his real father. Rather than accept the inevitable, Liz has her fingers firmly plugged in her ears as she chants "la-la-la-la" while desperately clinging to the belief that she can keep all her skeletons safely shoved in the closet.

The backlash will be brutal when the truth comes out, which I still predict will be on Liz and Jake's wedding day. Liz will be ostracized, hated, and forced to endure several well-deserved tongue-lashings from people starting with Sam and Carly. It doesn't matter that each and every person in Port Charles has been guilty of lying and keeping secrets; this lie was unconscionable because Liz kept a man away from his wife and son and wantonly deceived the man she professes to love.

Hopefully, once the dust settles, Liz will focus on her middle son and realize that he's in desperate need of some one-on-one time with Kevin. I don't think little Jake is evil, but I do think he has major abandonment issues. Who wouldn't after what he's been through? His life was turned upside down twice during its short span, and he's already suffered the pain of a father -- Lucky -- walking out on him.

That's why I believe that both Jason and Sam will eventually put their anger toward Liz aside and do what is best for little Jake, which is to provide him with lots of love and security. The key will be all three adults working together.

I was so impressed with Julian, Olivia, and Alexis this past week for that very reason. Yes, Olivia lied, and in the most horrible way, by allowing a father to believe that his son had died, but she did it out of a deep desire to protect her child from what she feared was Julian's ongoing violent choices.

I found it rather hypocritical of Ned to suddenly decide that he couldn't live with Olivia's lies about Leo, but I guess it was necessary to quickly sever ties between Ned and Olivia, since Wally Kurth is no longer a part of the cast. Still, it was cold the way he suddenly turned on her after months of helping her perpetuate the lie.

Luckily for Olivia, she can rest easy because Julian is out of the mob. All his clandestine phone calls weren't nefarious mob dealings, but rather a well-orchestrated surprise for Alexis; he bought her a house and turned it into her beloved lake house with some pretty snazzy upgrades. It's one of the many reasons why I love Julian and Alexis as a couple. The others are scenes like at Metro Court when Alexis talked Julian down and managed to persuade him to act like an adult by pulling himself together and having a civil conversation with Olivia to ease her fears and work out a custody arrangement that would satisfy both parents. Kudos to Olivia for extending an olive branch when she invited Julian to hold his son.

Too bad Dante doesn't take his own advice because his plans to keep his illicit affair with Lulu's cousin a secret is about to blow up in his face. Not only is there a digital recording floating around out there of Valerie confessing all to Dillon, but there was also a bunch of foreshadowing going on through the week as Lulu repeatedly talked about how secrets always found a way out. Plus, Dillon is itching to tell Lulu.

Can Dante and Lulu's marriage be salvaged? Possibly -- if Lulu ends up pregnant before the truth comes out. She'll be far more apt to consider forgiveness if she's carrying their child.

Are they not giving Sonny his medication for bipolar disorder? I can't understand his belligerence. I get that he's a prideful man, but there's only so much a person can deny when they're faced with a medical crisis like Sonny's.

My aunt recently suffered a catastrophic stroke and she's the most stubborn and proud German woman I know -- and I know many. She never went to a doctor, she smoked like a fiend, and she worked full-time at a bank, even though she was well past the age of retirement. She underwent five hours of brain surgery and had a part of her skull removed to accommodate the brain swelling.

Not once did my aunt whine about the permanent loss of the use of her left arm or act like her life has ended because she's going to be confined to wheelchair for the foreseeable future. Like Sonny, she has a very long road of recovery filled with hard work and rehabilitation. Her pride and stubbornness has worked to her advantage because she follows doctor's orders to the letter, keeps a positive outlook, and remains determined to do whatever is necessary to get better. She's happy to be alive and grateful for her saint of a daughter who hasn't left her side and intends to fly my aunt home with her once the doctors clear my aunt for travel.

It's hard for me to watch Sonny talk about how he can't be a man from a wheelchair or protect his family from his enemies. The truth is there are plenty of great men throughout history who were confined to a wheelchair, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stephen Hawking for starters. Additionally, Sonny could keep his family safe by following Julian's lead and getting out of the mob.

My favorite scene was when Patrick told Carly that Sonny was delusional if he thought that going home would miraculously cure Sonny's paralysis. Take that, Sonny.

It took Sonny being sprawled out on the hospital's hallway floor, with his loved ones standing around him staring in shocked disbelief, for Sonny to accept that he wasn't invincible. Sadly, instead of being grateful that he's not having to learn how to swallow again and relying on a feeding tube for sustenance like my aunt, Sonny gets in a snit because he can't play with little bocce balls.

A new addition to the Pinocchio Liars Club appears to be Sabrina, who is acting very shady about her pregnancy. Even Felix picked up on the vibe and outright asked if Sabrina was all Debbie Downer about her pregnancy because it was Carlos', not Michael's, baby. Given how excited Michael is about the prospect of having a baby with Sabrina, it seems almost certain that he is not the father.

I dearly hope I'm wrong because I'm sick of "Who's the Daddy" storylines. They aren't even interesting anymore. I would much rather have Sabrina's grief over losing Carlos catapult her into a serious postpartum depression or psychosis, much like it did when she lost Gabriel. I think two women could do justice to a story like that. It would also be the perfect vehicle to send Teresa Castillo on maternity leave by having her spend a few weeks in a sanitarium, undergoing treatment.

The only lie that I hope remains buried, or is brushed under the carpet, is the truth about how Carlos died. I honestly don't blame Anna for killing Carlos. It was a moment of insanity brought on by profound grief. It also didn't help that Carlos practically goaded her into pulling the trigger.

Finola Hughes is giving us a brilliant performance as a tortured Anna Devane. I just want to reach through the screen, hug Anna, and assure her that everything will be okay. I hate seeing her so wrecked over the death of a man who didn't have any qualms about taking another person's life. Carlos might have been good to Sabrina, but he betrayed everyone else in his life. He got what he deserved as far as I'm concerned.

It looks like the coming weeks are going to be full of exciting reveals and long-awaited showdowns, so I'm going to stock up on some microwave popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Random Observations
Lisa LoCicero looks absolutely fabulous. Motherhood certainly agrees with her because she rocked that blue dress she wore during Ned's lame breakup.

Why would Liz ask Laura to watch the kids when Laura had repeatedly expressed how difficult it's been not to tell Jake the truth?

Color me shocked; the police actually solved a crime and arrested a criminal. I guess Spinelli's hacking skills have gotten a bit rusty if he was caught so easily.

Was that Diane Miller I saw in the previews? Praise the soap gods that someone remembered that she was still a member of the cast. I love Diane!

I'm curious why Molly and T.J. would need fake IDs to get onto the Haunted Star if they are both 18 years old and not buying alcohol.

Things that tickled my fancy
Julian tries to give T.J. and Molly money as a sign of appreciation for helping him, but Alexis knows the true way to a teenager's heart
Molly: "We're only here because my mother already bought us off. We help you move in -- we get the car keys tonight."

I don't know what to make of Darby yet, but she did crack me up with her observation of Morgan and Kiki's encounter
Morgan: "Oh, you saw that."
Darby: "It was like an M. Night Shyamalan movie. You know it's gonna end badly, but you just can't look away."

I'm stunned that there are still animals in Port Charles
Nathan: [On the phone] "No, sir. We don't consider animal control picking up a stray to be kidnapping. I-I'll transfer you."

Sonny at his belligerent best
Sonny: "If you have something to say about my condition, don't go behind my back like a -- like a coward. You say it to my face."
Patrick: "I did say it to your face several times. You refused to listen."
Sonny: "Because you don't know what you're talking about, Doctor!"

Liesl escorts Liz to the conference room for the surprise bridal shower
Liesl: "It's a good thing you aren't scheduled to work today. Your performance review will most definitely take several hours."
Liz: "Can't wait."

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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