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What's in the box: Kevin gets a special delivery
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Ava is fixing to snare an unsuspecting hare as bait, while Valentin is trying very hard to keep all of his little ducks in a row. With Easter around the corner -- and Ryan in charge of deliveries -- what the bunny brings is anyone's guess.

Who else channeled Brad Pitt in Seven when Kevin received that box from the delivery service and learned that it was from "someone named Chamberlain"? And how many of you then yelled out, "What's in the bo-o-ox?" in the same anguished voice as Brad Pitt's character when he looked down in horror at the box in question that had the serial killer had sent?

If you haven't seen the movie, I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say that the contents of the box from the serial killer weren't good. I doubt that Ryan's Easter surprise for Kevin is going to be much better.

It's also unlikely that Ryan lobbed off another hand because then he'd have zero to kill with, and Ryan would rather stop breathing than cease murdering people. That leaves two feet and five fingers, as well as a few other random appendages. I don't see Ryan sitting around somewhere, chopping off body parts in some macabre version of "She loves me, she loves me not."

Nope, given what Curtis disclosed on Friday about the likelihood that Ryan had an accomplice who helped him part ways with his severed limb, I'm going to guess that the box that Kevin received contains the head of Ryan's accomplice. It could be a heart or liver, too, but Ryan has already shown a penchant for shocking people with decapitated heads. So, heads it is.

I don't think it really matters who the accomplice was because I doubt it's someone we ever heard of. Ryan has always been a lone wolf who killed -- or tried to kill -- anyone that got close to him. I guess that's the nature of being a serial killer. So, whether it was someone from his years working for the DVX or some hapless woman who had no idea who Ryan was, the bottom line is that Ryan is alive, and Ava is finally going to have her justice.

All she needs now is the right bait to lure Ryan out of hiding, so that the face-off is on her terms rather than his. Will it be next week? The week after? As far as I'm concerned, it can't happen soon enough. I'm ready for Ava to unleash her wrath and for Ryan to meet his final end. I'm stocked up on popcorn and ready to throw a bag into the microwave at a moment's notice.

Speaking of justice, I can't wait for Brad to get his, either. What tiny little speck of compassion I had for him went right out the window when he blindly did Shiloh's bidding. Hasn't Brad learned anything yet? If Jason is asking, then justice is not on the other guy's side. Ever. Jason has always been, and he will always be, on the side of right -- even when he's murdering people for Sonny. Those are the rules, buddy, and no smooth-talking snake oil salesman will ever change that.

Brad should have run that test on the cup just to prove that Shiloh was right about it containing valerian root and tea. Why lie when the truth is easier? The fact that Brad opted to lie suggested that -- on some level -- Brad suspects that Shiloh is a charlatan. Will Brad heed the red flag being waved under his nose? Probably not, but that's okay, because that will be one more reason why I won't feel sorry for him when everything blows up in his face.

The sooner Lucas can cut ties with Brad, the sooner Lucas can move on and meet someone new. Someone far more deserving of a great guy like Lucas. I take comfort in knowing that when all is said and done, Lucas will continue to be a part of Jonah's life. As for Brad, the baby stealer, he can kick rocks, for all I care. He doesn't deserve to be a part of that child's life because Michael did nothing to deserve what Brad did to him. Nothing.

Michael is a warm, loving person who made the mistake of trusting a lying snake in the grass. Much like Lucas did. Nelle is the murderer. She's the one who tried to kill Michael and who put an entire family -- including children -- through months of torture and hell by trying to blow up Carly's marriage then by setting her up to be shipped off to a mental asylum. What Brad did was self-serving because he didn't have enough faith in his marriage that it would survive the sudden death of an infant. Really? Brad thought Lucas would bail? That shows how little Brad knows Lucas.

However, before Michael is reunited with his son, I want to find out more about Sasha. I admit, I do like her. I get the impression that she got herself involved in something that spiraled out of her control, and now she's in over her head and trying not to get caught in the crossfire between Valentin and Nina when Nina learns the truth. And that is going to happen sooner rather than later because Maxie is once again asking questions.

Lately, I just have to shake my head at Maxie. I don't understand how she can be so invested in other people's lives when she's got a baby at home, a full-time job, and hunky Peter sitting across from her, offering his heart to her on a silver platter.

I wasn't always a fan of Peter's. In the beginning, I found his fascination with his brother's widow weird and creepy. However, my wounds over losing Nathan have since healed, and Peter, well, he's won me over. His kindness, his generosity, his compassion, and his vulnerability have all endeared him to me.

I find myself hoping that I'm wrong and that Anna won't find out that Alex is Peter's mother any more than Alex is Robin's. I don't want the writers messing with things because I think it's sweet that Robin is sending her brother text messages and pictures of the kids. I like the idea of Anna having an opportunity to develop a relationship with her son, and Peter is a really sweet guy, despite his beginnings. He doesn't deserve to lose Anna now that he's finally started opening himself up to her as a mother. It seems unnecessarily cruel.

And for the record, there is no doubt in my mind that Robin is Robert and Anna's daughter. I do not think the writers would dare try to un-ring that bell. Not after decades of poignant moments, adventures, and even an encounter of the third kind. Robert, Robin, and Anna are sacred, and fans would revolt if their family dynamic ever changed.

That said, I find it really odd that Anna hasn't yet entertained the possibility that her DVX agent sister might have implanted the memory of Anna seducing the DVX agent that had stalked Anna for decades and whose baby she had given birth to in secret. Even more strange, that Robert didn't point that out to her.

Back to Maxie, it's time for her to rip off the Band-Aid. She does have a valid reason to wonder what's going on between Liesl and Valentin, but not to the point that it's all-consuming. I think she's afraid that she'll somehow not live up to Peter's expectations, but she shouldn't be. From what I can see, he's blind to every other woman around him, and short of Maxie growing a hunchback and a few warts, I don't think there's anything that would ever disappoint him or turn him off.

It's also time for Nina to have those blinders that she's hiding behind ripped off. Valentin gets meaner and nastier as time drags on, and he loses control of all the balls he's juggling. I'm desperate to watch Michelle Stafford do those scenes with James Patrick Stuart before she departs the role. Michelle and James have such fabulous chemistry, and it just won't be the same if someone else is in the role when Nina learns how far Valentin went to get her back. No offense to Cynthia Watros (whom I love), but it would be unfair to her -- kind of like replacing the bride in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

I think that Sasha will be relieved once the truth is out, provided Michael doesn't abandon her. It's doubtful that he will. Michael has never been the type to cut and run when things get difficult, and he's certainly not going to bail because Sasha got caught up in Valentin's web. Michael has seen far worse from his loved ones, which makes him a great guy if Sasha is a good person at heart. I think that she is. I hope that she is. Michael needs a good romance. From what I saw on Friday, Michael and Sasha have a good start. They like each other. A lot.

Now, time for the weekly shenanigans at Dawn of Day. This week, Shiloh is on the hunt for his runaway inductee into the Trust. He has her dirty little secret on tape, but Kristina is completely MIA. Shiloh knows that something is up now that Alexis has revealed that she's heard from Kristina -- and that Kristina is fine. Shiloh isn't fooled. His grip on his devotees is far stronger than that. Willow being the exception.

Things at DOD are not going well. Shiloh is desperate, and Sam is certain that she's about to get what she needs. I'm not exactly sure what that is, because Sam's mission seems to change minute by minute. First, it was about learning more about Shiloh, then it became about saving Kristina, and now, I think she's in search of the means to take Shiloh down or the secret that Kristina traded to become a part of the Trust.

I guess it doesn't really matter, since the key to take down Shiloh will be with the tapes that he keeps. However, I don't know if Sam is even aware that the confessions are on little cassette tapes because she seems to be looking in all the wrong places for them.

I'm not sure what Sam thought she would find in Kristina's bedroom, but the probability that Shiloh would keep anything incriminating in there was pretty slim. The room I would want to check out, if I were a detective, is Shiloh's room. That is where the key to his downfall is hidden. Why Sam is skulking about in various other parts of the house is a mystery to me. Shiloh wouldn't keep sensitive information in public areas of the DOD house.

Someone pointed out to me that Shiloh must not be very good at reading people if he can't pick up on Sam's disgust for him whenever he's near, but I reminded her that Shiloh believes the hype that he sells, so he assumes that every woman truly does admire and want him. Yet, if you have to drug someone to be compliant, then I do not believe that you have full consent.

I have a big problem if that "drug" that Harmony puts in the drink is part of the ritual, and if so, then I can only presume that it's to guarantee that the new Trust member doesn't resist the final stage of the ceremony. If that is the case, then Shiloh is a sexual predator, and I will be rooting for soap justice: death.

Until then, I hope that Max and Milo keep close tabs on Kristina because she is the type to play along with Neil's therapy until everyone thinks that she has been deprogramed, then she will march right back to the DOD house and tell Shiloh everything. Since Kristina was willing to betray her own mother to get into that twisted organization, then there is no way that she will take to exit therapy easily.

So, what is Neil hiding. Is he a secret DOD member? Did he lose a loved one to a cult? Is that why he was initially resistant to help Alexis? I don't trust Neil by a long shot, but I do want to know more about him. The glimpses that I've seen have been interesting.

I do find Alexis' behavior around Neil a little annoying, though. Things feel a little too forced, like they are trying to make Neil and Alexis happen. Don't do that. That's the worst thing to do. If it happens, let it happen naturally. Those are the best soap romances.

Alexis is already wound pretty tight as it is, and she's worse whenever she shares a scene with Neil. I prefer calm Alexis. The one who doesn't ramble and jump from topic to topic in the blink of an eye. The one who isn't quick to offend or anger. Alexis is all of these things and more when she's around Neil, which makes me want to send them to separate rooms rather than see them share a passionate embrace.

Finally, Oscar moved into the Quartermaine mansion with his mom as he faces the final days of his life. Josslyn broke my heart as she insisted on performing with him at the Nurses Ball, even though they both know that it will never happen. Even if Oscar lived that long, he wouldn't have the strength to do anything except watch. It's unlikely that Oscar will live more than a week, possibly two.

I know those scenes will be powerful when they play out, and I know that I'm going to need my tissues on hand as Oscar says his goodbyes far sooner than any person should have to. It's going to be gut-wrenching, and it's going to have ripple effects that will continue long after Oscar takes his last breath. It's hard enough watching a kid who doesn't even have his driver's license ask two people to help plan his memorial. Garren Stitt is doing an absolutely phenomenal job, and he will be missed.

Random observations

You'd think the first thing that Shank would have done when Kristina vanished without a trace was check the cameras. I guess he only films himself ogling blindfolded women. Creep.

If Liesl knows that Valentin stole a sample of Madeline's DNA, which I assume was the point of that flashback, then why doesn't she run her own DNA test on Sasha to prove that Valentin is lying?

What is with Josslyn's torn sweater? There's stylish grunge then there's unraveling at the seams and falling off. Josslyn's sweater fell into the latter category. Take that rag out and burn it.

Reader feedback

I wish the writers wouldn't make Kristina so stupid. She is too old and experienced too much to be written as a naive dummy. Sonny actually asked her a great question when he asked, "Don't you want to be more than a follower?" For a moment it seemed like it registered. -- JDF

I loved that Felicia, and especially Mac held Kevin's feet to the fire over his reckless decision to hide Ryan's survival from the authorities AND from his former victims, while secretly treating him, and for his responsibility in the deaths and assaults of his brother's latest victims. Their forgiveness won't be forthcoming anytime soon, and rightfully so! -- Scrimmage

I love Valentin, but I also think the writers are doing his character a disservice with the Sasha story right now. He is smart and could be more of a Scorpio type rather than a scoundrel. He can emote so many feelings without saying a word! -- lovethosedimples

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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