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Franco thinks he's Drew. Sasha has a mystery illness. Obrecht is crushing on Jax. Hayden is digging around Wyndemere, but for what? Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops!

Dear readers, I can't speak for you, but the most valuable thing I own is my memories. I am getting older, and many people in my family have passed on. My memories are the thing that keeps them alive and grounds me in the present by reminding me who I am and where I came from in a world gone mad.

Can you imagine waking up in your same body but without your memories? Think what it would be like to look into a mirror and find a different face than the one you expect. These kinds of storylines always unnerve me.

Franco doesn't even know he is Franco. He doesn't know his wife or his kids. He doesn't recognize himself. He has memories that don't belong to him. All the people he encounters tell him the exact opposite thing that his brain is telling him. Everything is unfamiliar, and the only person he recognizes, Kim, soundly rejects him.

Maybe Franco's buddy Liesl Obrecht can come out of advice column mode long enough to restore her friend's brain. As I recall, she has experience with creepy experimental procedures. I miss her in a lab coat. I want her back in the hospital mix, even though her shady past makes that scenario unlikely.

I have heard very mixed reviews of this Drew/Franco storyline. Some people absolutely hate it. Some people see possibilities for storylines galore. It's most definitely a "suspension of disbelief" storyline, but if you're a soap fan, you have to embrace that notion a little bit every day. Evil twins. Baby switches. Super villains. Elevators constantly breaking. That's the genre, and I love it. On this storyline, I think I fall into category two. This could be interesting for a while, as long as it doesn't drag on too long.

First, we know that Billy Miller is set to leave GH. Having Franco take on Drew Cain's memories allows his storylines to carry on, albeit with a few twists and turns. It will finally answer all the unanswered questions Drew has about his past. Drew told Monica his life had been stolen twice, and she saw this as an opportunity for him to get answers about his previous life without losing his memories of Oscar, Sam, Scout, and the rest of his new family.

But that's not the only perk. Think of all the potential jaw-dropping drama! Maybe Franco's version of Drew will want to impregnate Kim. Kim has already demonstrated that she is willing to take sperm from anyone to have a baby, and she might not have to date rape Dranco. (That's what I'm calling the Drew + Franco hybrid.) That twist would keep Kim and Julian in Port Charles, and the fortune-teller already told us Julian wasn't going anywhere.

Also, we have a strong hunch that Nikolas is coming back. If Franco doesn't get his memory back, I'm sure Nikolas would love to "be there" for Elizabeth. Their history together and the wealth of flashbacks from the time they were teens would be a rich welcome back to Port Charles for our beloved Prince Cassadine. Imagine Spencer having to share a house with his peasant cousins until they can chase Valentin out of Wyndemere!

One revelation that came at week's end was that Drew knew about his twin Jason's life in great detail. That shocked me! I always assumed that Drew had been adopted out, raised elsewhere, and had no idea he had a twin brother. I wonder if this storyline will erase a little of the hatred that Jason has for Franco, knowing that Franco stepped in willingly to have his whole life erased to save Cameron? If/when Franco gets his memories back, will there be a softer relationship between Franco, Jason, and Sam?

But what if he doesn't get his memory back? What if Franco as we knew him is gone for years (like until a new writer comes along and undoes it decades later)? Roger Howarth has played three roles on GH --Todd, Franco, and now Drew. Now he's tied with Michael Easton, who has played John McBain, Silas Clay, and Hamilton Finn on GH. I love that we all just accept this and move along, because a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Dranco punched Chase and has landed himself in jail. I just pray that Shiloh is not his cellmate, but let's face it, he totally will be. Perhaps we will find out about the mysterious treasure that creeptastic Shiloh was willing to steal a man's memories and ruin a family just to gain access to.

Even though this may be the most shocking thing that happened in Port Charles this week, it wasn't the only big news. Sasha has fallen ill with a mystery disease, which we know was given to her via a poisoned grapefruit. An update on Snow White's apple, but Sasha is no innocent. I don't understand why Cassandra Pierce hasn't made her move yet. My assumption was that she would call Nina and blackmail her for an antidote, but we haven't heard a peep from her yet. Does she want to put Sasha in a coma? Kill her and then take credit? I can't decide what her end game is. What do you think?

There was also a wedding of sorts this week. Mike and Yvonne think they tied the knot, and they thought Sonny was a pastor, which was high comedy. I had an uncle with Alzheimer's, and he remembered no one except for my aunt, his wife of 50-plus years, from time to time. He didn't remember the nurses who were caring for him from day to day or even his own kids. It seems odd to me that Mike can't remember his own son, but he can remember Yvonne from day to day. Is there a medical professional out there who can speak to this? Is that possible?

At any rate, their nursing home romance inspired Sonny and Carly to renew their vows for like the 800th time. Have they been married and divorced four times or five times? I've lost count.

One of the funniest things to me this week is that we had two baseball teams playing baseball when we all know each of their companies only has like three employees. I've always marveled that Crimson runs with just Nina and Maxie (and recently Sasha) -- we've never seen anyone else in the offices ever. Peter's team was him, Lulu, and Obrecht. So, did each team have a pitcher, a catcher, and a batter? Anyway, it was fun, team numbers notwithstanding. Jax bringing in Lulu's fake date Dustin as a ringer was another hint that Dustin is going to be Lulu's new love interest. He seems like a likable guy, but in Port Charles, it's hard to tell if he's an actual nice guy or some DVX plant out for no good.

Hayden used Obrecht's obvious crush on Jax to try to convince her to not tell the world Hayden was rifling through Helena's trophy room at Wyndemere. What exactly are she and Jax looking for? Proof that Nikolas is the rightful owner of the creepy castle? Money? Diamonds? I'm anxiously awaiting the revelations of this storyline, but I wish it would speed up a bit. Give me Prince Cassadine now.

When Brad heard Julian was leaving town, he panicked because Julian is his go-to coconspirator, and Brad decided to take matters into his own hands and dig into hospital records for Wiley, Michael, and Shiloh. Unfortunately for him, Lucas walked up mid-snooping and noted that Wiley's heart ailment wasn't listed on Shiloh's records. What do you think will happen here? Will someone actually test Shiloh -- give him an impromptu EKG and realize he can't possibly be Wiley's dad? I'm running out of patience for Michael to find out Noah is alive. I just watched the same storyline play out on The Bold and the Beautiful with Hope, Liam (former Dillon Q), Steffy, and baby Beth/Phoebe. It was high drama! It was very compelling! I want GH to give me the same Pow-Bang that B&B did when this storyline wraps up, not a pathetic whimper.

Payoff is a very vital part of loyal soap viewership. We can be exceedingly patient when we know a climax is coming, and we want to watch a fictional town erupt with the news we have known but the characters haven't known. The worst part of being a soap viewer is when a storyline goes on and on, sometimes for months, only to have the end be highly unsatisfying. I'm looking at you, Fluke.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will I be able to get a job from Jax because I love bosses who buy rounds of drinks for everyone? Will Chelsea the psychic conjure up more news on Laura's kids so we can get Lucky and Nikolas back in Port Charles? Will Kristina buy Charlie's and then hire Julian to wait tables when his plans fall through? Will Alexis and Neil just give in and make out already? Will Dev take college prep classes as Josslyn suggested, or mob prep classes to join the thug ranks?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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