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Some folks like to get away, take a Sprina holiday from the neighborhood. Hop a flight to Llanview, PA, or to Hollywood. But we're reading a Pikeman message on Anna's hotel bathroom mirror. We're in a GH Two Scoops state of mind.

Dearest readers, I try my best to behave like a respectable lady. After all, I am a Nana, and I have young, impressionable minds looking to me as a role model. But inside this old broad is an 80's party girl who gets giddy at the thought of Trina and Spencer's first time. It makes me want to use naughty words and say inappropriate things. I have waited for this for so long. I want to watch these two star-crossed lovers actually become lovers.

This beautiful young couple has had a multitude of obstacles tossed in their way, from locations as far as Niagara Falls is from Greenland. There have been trials, prison time, drugged chai tea, miscommunications, a boring cop, a serial killer, a fatherless baby brother, birthing classes, a paralyzed dad, a heartbroken ex-dad, a meddling mom, a sinister uncle, and a missing prince. It makes me dizzy just trying to remember everything, and I am still not convinced I hit upon every challenge they have faced. Oh, wait -- external issues like a writers' strike and a few disgruntled fans...

But now there is hope. They plan a trip to NYC, with Broadway shows, fancy restaurants, luxury hotels, and hot sex. When I saw Esme eavesdropping outside Alexis' office door and watched her face tense up when Spencer shared his plans with his Aunt Alexis, I thought. "If those writers have Esme mess this up, I will be livid." Except in my head, a few obscenities may have been peppering the sentence.

Oh, readers, I must confess to you that I live for the moments in movies and television when the soul mates finally, finally, finally get to the place they've been dreaming of and the place we have been aching to watch them go. I love to root for love, and I am especially invested if it takes the couples a very long time to find their way together, like When Harry Met Sally.

Why? Because I think sometimes, we are all stupid about love. We overthink, make it too hard, and keep waiting for the "perfect time," which never seems to arrive. We let day after day of romantic bliss slip away from us. I want the people on TV to be braver and more intelligent than I am. Trina and Spencer connected the instant that they met. The night they met, that first time, it just WAS. I want them to get their happy ending in each other's arms.

Nicholas Chavez started GH on July 1, 2021. That means we have waited for over two years to see this happen. Esme, you'd best not do anything stupid and mess this up for me. Oops, I meant for them, not just me, the voyeur. #TeamSprina

Also, a side bet: I predict that whichever Broadway show they go to see will be something Disney, since Disney is ABC's parent company. They love internal promos.

Another couple of lovers we have been rooting for are having a challenging week. "Vanna" is on shaky ground, as Anna has proof that Valentin was on a flight for Pikeman, and his explanation doesn't seem to land on a solid foundation. Valentin swears he just flew in for a casual conversation at their request. Anna is not buying it. While they were out, someone trashed Anna's hotel room and left a menacing message in lipstick on her mirror, "If you think you got away with it, you didn't, and if you think you're safe, you're not." The general consensus is that Anna's evil twin, Alex, isn't dead and is back for revenge. That makes sense, since Ryan Chamberlain is dead now, so we were fresh out of evil twins and had to conjure one back from the dead to fill our soapy quota?

I am trying to wrap my head around all the new information we have been given lately. So, the person controlling Austin and Mason is Cyrus Renault from prison? But Pikeman is not the same person, but a completely different entity with a private jet to fly people in for secret meetings like it's 1973, instead of using Zoom and not leaving a paper trail? Also, Cyrus is either working for the prison warden, or she is indebted to Cyrus because he's the one who had her installed. He's the one really in control? Which is it? It can't be both.

Ava is beating herself up for killing Nikolas, but no, he is alive and has been living with Austin all this time? He's not a hostage because he can just leave for Europe anytime he wants? Marcos Coloma left the role in February. Now it's August, so Nikolas has just been chilling with Austin for six months? How much of that time was recovery, and how much was just being roomies with Austin?

In addition, any of us suckers like me who thought Austin genuinely cared about Ava now realize he has been lying to her about everything from day one. If he says, "I had to lie to you to protect you," I will throw a pillow at my TV. But a small one, because I'd never want to damage my TV -- it's a dear friend.

Meanwhile, last week, we assumed that someone got ahold of the smashed flash drive from the trash where Dex threw it away. Still, Sonny got arrested for fake evidence that he planted with creepy Betty. Since when would the cops arrest the mob kingpin they had tried to take down for years before they opened the crates with the guns? You'd think they would have opened the containers before busting in, handcuffing Sonny in front of his family at the Metro Court, and then letting him go free and clear when they only found a delicious French Roast.

Some of my favorite scenes this week were between Sonny and Michael. Michael visited Sonny after Sonny was released and told him he didn't recognize himself anymore. Michael confessed that he felt horrible for the way he had treated Sonny. He said people let each other down, which doesn't mean you must destroy them. Michael was so sad that Sonny didn't expect Michael to appear at his trial.

I went from loving Michael to hating Michael, to now loving Michael again. The moving speech he gave to Sonny about his bitterness, initially hoping that Sonny got busted and then realizing that he didn't want Sonny in jail, after all, was very moving. Michael and Sonny had been at odds before, but this round was hard to watch. Why? Because the punishment didn't fit the crime. Michael tried to take Sonny down and get him put away for life for breaking up with his mom after a brain injury.

By all means, Michael, turn that wrath on Nina. I won't even complain. But Sonny didn't know he was Sonny for a year while Nina had the chance to warp his mind. And she tried to get your mom put in prison but missed and got Drew instead. I can hardly wait until that little nugget comes out. I hope Sonny never, ever forgives her.

I am happy that Sonny and Carly are working together again, even tentatively, inch by inch. They are working together to help Drew and to find out what Austin is up to to get Ava unraveled from this mess. But I think in working together, they might remember how fantastic they are together and how well they fit.

Another opinion that some of you will love and others vehemently disagree with: I like Cody and Sasha. I love how patient and tender Cody is with her and how he wants to save her, even though she stabbed him. I was so tickled when Cody tied up Dr. Montague. I wished they had left him in there for a while. Watching the hurt and confusion on Sasha's face was hard when Cody, Dante, and Sam convinced her that Gladys was behind her troubles. I don't know what it is about Sofia Mattson, but I can't stand to see her sad! When she is lost, hurt, vulnerable, and heartbroken, I am heartbroken, too. Here is hoping it's time for Gladys to get her comeuppance and for Dr. Montague to lose his medical license and never be seen again. Hey, Ms. Wu, you'll need new chumps in your poker game. Cody, Gladys, and Montague are out.

But will there even be a poker game? I think Curtis has had enough of Ms. Wu, but I am not convinced she will leave quietly. I think the Haunted Star is up for grabs, or whatever's left of it. Maybe she can make her game a floating one. I am worried for both of Trina's dads. They are both in a vulnerable state. I can blame Portia for Taggert, but I can only partially blame her for Curtis. Recovering from the gunshot wound and trying to readjust to life and determine how and where he fits in his new reality of life is a tough challenge.

On a happier note, Jake is back. He's grown up and looks like you'd think a son of Jason Morgan would look. He's so handsome! As a bonus, he's dating our beautiful Charlotte. I wonder if her Papa knows and approves of this date. Now, all we can hope is that Violet will stay out of their hair as they get to know each other.

Mind you, I am a fan of Jophielle Love, and I think she's adorable. However, they have been using her a bit too much lately. Reading the comments online, it seems people feel she's getting more airtime than some of the main characters without moving any plots forward.

As for other GH kids, Maxie, James, Georgie, and the invisible Bailey Lu, who hasn't been seen since the Peter August saga ended, all moved into Lulu's old house. I am happy they finally got Maxie and her three kids out of that tiny apartment. I have been enjoying Mac and Felicia as grandparents, too -- which is a perfect time for us to discuss the sad news posted by John J. York. If you don't follow him on social media and missed this post, you can see it here. I know that all GH fans adore Mac and are sending prayers and best wishes to him as he faces health challenges. We love you, Uncle Mac!

Maxie has so much to deal with, between being a single mom of three kids (four if you count Georgie, who I suppose is somewhere with Spinelli? But also, she just rented a house, and now her company is locked down in a lawsuit with Tracy Q, who, as we discovered Friday, is suing on behalf of Blair Kramer from One Life to Live. So, Blair is Marty's ex whose been sending him hefty monthly checks. And Tracy's motives are finally clear. She wants Lucy's one percent stock in ELQ back. It has all become apparent. Actually, I find no fault with any of this. I like the OLTL tie-ins, and I had almost forgotten about Lucy's one percent and how she is always throwing it around, messing up the plans. This should be fun to watch.

In other big GH news, the delightful Rena Sofer is finally coming home to GH, after decades away, to play Lois Cerullo. Brook Lynn's mama and Ned -- or should I say Eddie Maine's -- ex-wife? This should be interesting. Olivia is falling for Eddie as Eddie, and Lois is why there is an Eddie. I am thrilled that she is coming back. I adored their romance when they were first falling in love. I can see the two of them frolicking at Coney Island. So romantic. I wonder who called Lois and asked her to come? Brooke Lynn? Tracy? Olivia? Sonny? It's going to be some juicy drama when she arrives. I hope she brings Brenda with her and resurrects L&B Records.

My second favorite couple after Sprina right now is Sam and Dante. You may hate me for saying this, but I think this is my favorite pairing for both. I didn't realize how well they would fit together until they were a couple, but I think they're perfect. But does the fact that Lulu's name keeps coming up mean she will wake up and come out of her coma? I am all for that, but I would root for Sam and Dante over Dante and Lulu, and if Jason comes back, I will root for Jason and Liz over Jason and Sam. Feel free to disagree if you like, but that's my opinion.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will the GH softball team let more six-year-olds play baseball with adults and drum up more business for the hospital when someone breaks a leg? Will we get Ava's mom, Delia from Ryan's Hope, to also come to Port Charles to have an ABC-Soapalooza with Ryan's, AMC, OLTL, and GH characters in one spot? Will Dr. Obrecht be hiding out in that dilapidated cabin where Cody and Sasha are? I swear that's where she had Peter August tied up. Or maybe that pesky Boy Scout Wyatt will pop by.

Will Sonny find out who his real enemy is, or is it like 50 different enemies all working independently of each other, as it currently seems? Will Trina and Spencer get their perfect autumn in New York, or will Esme purposely infect Ace with chicken pox or something so Spencer can't go? Will Pentonville let other mob bosses from the Five Families come to visit other felons in prison? Because usually that's not allowed... Will Valentin buy back Wyndemere for Charlotte, since Ava wants to sell?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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