Tamblyn reportedly leaving GH

Posted Friday, March 30, 2001 5:09:41 PM
Tamblyn reportedly leaving GH

Rumors are abuzz that yet another General Hospital star is looking for the exit. For several weeks, Soap Central has been sifting through reports that Amber Tamblyn (Emily Quartermaine) has decided to leave the show.

To believe the rumors of Tamblyn's upcoming exit means that there have been warning signs pointing to the actress' exit for many weeks. Tamblyn's co-star, Chad Brannon (Zander) has remained on recurring status even though he's assumed a very prominent role in the show's storylines. Sources say that Harris was not given a contract role because show execs knew that Tamblyn was going to leave when her contract was up.

Another report states that Tamblyn did not want to leave the show permanently; she only wanted a temporary out to film a part in a movie. The show execs reportedly scoffed at Tamblyn's request. Other accounts of the situation, however, claim that Tamblyn had already decided to leave the show even before the incident.

Tamblyn joined General Hospital in 1995. Her contract is scheduled to expire in June. ABC declined comment on the rumors and there's no indication at this point if the role of Emily will be recast.

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