DAYS vet hired to bring Stavros back to Port Charles

Posted Thursday, May 10, 2001 4:16:01 PM
DAYS vet hired to bring Stavros back to Port Charles

Daytime veteran Robert Kelker-Kelly will end a self-imposed three-year absence from daytime television next month when he joins the cast of General Hospital.

Kelker-Kelly, who has played Sam and Shane/Bobby on Another World as well as a stint as Bo on Days of our Lives, will tackle the role of Stavros Cassadine on GH. After the cancellation of Another World in 1998, Kelker-Kelly became somewhat of a hermit - at least in terms of soap opera appearances.

Stavros is somewhat of a complex soap character - but which soap characters aren't complex? Stavros is supposed to be dead. Nearly twenty years ago, Stavros took a tumble down a flight of steps while chasing after his former wife, Laura, and Luke. As for his family tree, Stavros is Nikolas' father, Stefan's brother and Helena's son.

Kelker-Kelly will not be the first performer to portray Stavros. John Martinuzzi originated the role in 1983.

The terms of Kelker-Kelly's contract with General Hospital have not been revealed, however, his addition comes as a "hugely pivotal" time, according to GH executive producer Jill Farren Phelps.

Kelker-Kelly makes his first appearance on June 1.

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