Skye's now on GH -- will she stay there?

Posted Sunday, June 3rd, 2001 10:06:40 AM
Will Skye Stay at GH

Earlier this spring, you'll recall that Soap Central reported that Robin Christopher (Skye Chandler) was rumored to be a permanent addition to the General Hospital cast. Christopher, whose character has bobbed from All My Children and then to One Life to Live, was reported to have been tapped to provide a "replacement" for actress Sarah Brown (ex-Carly).

If you have not been following the Skye saga from soap to soap, here's a quick refresher. Skye Chandler grew up believing that she was the daughter of Adam Chandler and his wife Althea. For one reason or another, Skye always felt like her father treated her differently than his other children. Earlier this year, Skye learned that Adam and Althea were not her biological parents. During a revelation that occurred on One Life to Live, Skye learned that she was Rae Cummings' (played by Linda Dano) daughter. In an odd twist, Rae also learned that she had been adopted - her mother is AMC's Myrtle Fargate. Moving on, earlier this spring, Skye learned that her father was GH's Alan Quartermaine and Skye headed off to Port Charles to confront her dad.

Now that you're caught up on the basics, it looks as if the initial reports that Skye would stick around Port Charles were true. Robin Christopher's name is no longer on the credits crawl at the end of One Life To Live and her picture has been removed from the show's opening. Another odd point is that Christopher's name is no longer in the cast list on ABC's One Life to Live web site.

At General Hospital, Christopher has been reunited with Jill Farren Phelps, the show's executive producer. Phelps has also worked with Christopher on One Life to Live and on Another World.

ABC declined to comment on where Christopher's character would eventually set up shop.

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