Tamblyn on exit: I'm gonna be a mess!

Posted Thursday, June 14, 2001 8:39:15 AM
Updated Tuesday, July 17, 2001 7:21:54 PM
Tamblyn on exit: I'm gonna be a mess!

Amber Tamblyn (Emily Quartermaine) will be leaving General Hospital sooner than expected. Confirmed in May that the actress would be bowing out, the early exit has some fans miffed.

Rumors that the actress was planning to leave General Hospital first cropped up in March, when it was reported that Tamblyn and then-new executive producer Jill Farren Phelps had gotten into numerous behind-the-scenes arguments. A similar rumor was blamed for Sarah Brown's (ex-Carly) decision to leave the show. The rumors were quickly denied by Phelps and by the two actresses.

After her leave from GH, Tamblyn will focus her attention on pursing film work. According to chatter, Tamblyn had landed a part in a feature film and needed some time off of GH to film her part in the movie. The gossip goes on to say that Phelps refused to allow Tamblyn to take the break she needed and that having to pass on the film role spurred the young actress into bolting GH.

In addition to the missed film role, Tamblyn also lost out on a pilot for a WB series called "No Ordinary Girl." The series was not picked up by the network for its fall schedule. However, in July 2001, the network revealed that it would serve as a summer replacement series in 2002.

As for a possible return to General Hospital somewhere down the road, Tamblyn hasn't ruled that out.

"We truly hope that they will not recast the role that Amber created in Emily, so that Amber might comeback to visit," says Tamblyn's mother.

Tamblyn's co-star, Chad Brannon (Zander) will remain with the show. In fact, Brannon recently signed a long-term contract with the show. It had been speculated that Tamblyn's decision to leave would also spell bad news for Brannon. Not so -- and according to casting rumors, the execs are already looking to find a new lady for Zander.

Tamblyn's final tape date of June 22nd came much earlier than previously expected. "I'm gonna be a mess!" Tamblyn said on her official web site in anticipation of filming her final GH scenes.

Tamblyn's final on air appearance will be July 11th.

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