GH's Dee Wallace on her emotional goodbye with Anthony Geary and reuniting with Steven Spielberg

Posted Thursday, May 21, 2015 12:59:53 PM
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GH's Dee Wallace on her emotional goodbye with Anthony Geary and reuniting with Steven Spielberg

Just as her General Hospital stint wrapped, Dee Wallace reunited with famed ET director Steven Spielberg.

Get ready to phone home because former General Hospital actress Dee Wallace (Pat Spencer) has reunited with Hollywood director Steven Spielberg.

The Kansas City native, who starred in Spielberg's classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, has been cast in the director's upcoming ABC series The Whispers, which is about a paranormal force that uses children to begin haunting earth. Though Wallace is busy working in China and getting ready to release a new children's toy, Soap Central was able to catch up with the iconic TV/film mom via email to get the scoop on the new series as well as her parting thoughts about her GH experience. Congratulations on your new role in The Whispers, as well as the launch of your new toy! I know you're in the middle of a whirlwind trip to China, so I really appreciate you taking time to answer a few questions for soapcentral. What can you tell us about your role in The Whispers and the kind of work you'll be doing for the series?

Dee Wallace: I am the grandmother in the family. She is the rock and the voice of reason. She brings a calmness to the situation. Art follows life, right? How do you feel about reuniting with Steven Spielberg [who's executive producing the series]? Will you two actually get to work together again?

Wallace: Well it is his production. I didn't get to work with Steven yet on set, but looking forward to that. Even if he is not physically present, he is involved on every level. What's one of your favorite memories of working with him?

Wallace: His love and connection with the children. Does General Hospital's director, Frank Valentini, have anything in common with Spielberg, directing wise?

Wallace: They are both passionate and hands on, traits that all great creatives have. You seemed to connect so well with Patricia Spencer. Why do you think that is?

Wallace: Patricia was driven by the love for her family, and in particular for her brother. I have a very deep, close relationship with my brothers and we would do anything for each other. But when it came to finding that ultimate love within Patricia, I always went to my daughter. I would die for her. While on GH, you were able to work pretty closely with Anthony Geary [Luke Spencer], who's a bit of a soap legend. What was that experience like?

Wallace: Amazing. It was amazing. Anthony is giving, focused, and deep. We connected on a very complete and deep level. Didn't have to act much! Were you and Tony able to learn from or teach each other anything during the time you worked together?

Wallace: When you have been in the business as long as we have, you simply hope to have that connection that makes magic. And we did. You two had to create an instant bond and connection as actors and then parted ways shortly after, which I imagine happens a lot as an actor. How did the goodbye go?

Wallace: I wish it had been more complete. I was talking with Mr. Valentini for quite some time on the set. When I finally arrived back to my dressing room, Tony had left a little gift and a beautiful note for me. I always try to do that with people who come onto my sets, and I really appreciated being honored by his thoughtfulness. What did you take away from your GH experience as a whole, like things you learned, special moments you experienced, etc.?

Wallace: I left with a great respect for my fellow soap actors and a great appreciation for their generosity in helping me get through the week. The girls were so very helpful and really mothered me through. I felt like I expanded as an actor by successfully achieving one-take wonders with all that dialogue! Does it seem like your soap experience was pretty similar to your ex-husband's Days of our Lives experience [Christopher Stone, who played Bill Horton]?

Wallace: Yes! We were both terrified we couldn't do it, and found it to be one of our loveliest experiences. Pat did die, but it is a soap opera, so anything can happen. Would you be open to return appearances in the future if the storyline called for it?

Wallace: Absolutely! Your new Buppalapaloo Bear is being released soon. What was the inspiration for creating this toy?

Wallace: It is my passion and my joy right now, and I hope my new soap friends will help make it a great success. I am very involved in helping people heal from life's traumas and begin creating their lives with newfound power and intention. One of the greatest things I find is that in every person I work with is the lack of their own love for themselves... Their specialness and magnificence. When we truly love ourselves, we can create more joyfully with power and intention. Buppalapaloo teaches young children to love themselves at a very early age by having them state positive statements about themselves in first person, i.e. "I love my body! I am so loved!" This is a great gift to instill in any child you know. Don't we all wish we felt better about ourselves? When and how can fans find the bear?

Wallace: The little guy should be available at summer's end. I am thrilled to be working with Sage Licensing Group, who will be reaping it to the world. You can check him out at Is there anything else you'd like to add for your soap fans?

Wallace: Thank you for your passion, your loyalty, and your constant support and open arms. You have no idea what it means to actors to be surrounded in love!

Do you plan to watch Wallace in The Whispers? Do you hope she'll make a return appearance on GH? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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