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Liesl Obrecht
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Actor History
August 24, 2012 to present
Other Names

The Brutchess (nickname used by Felix Dubois)

Liesl Westbourne


Chief of Staff at General Hospital

Formula One driver [revealed on Aug 26, 2019]

Investor in General Hospital

Former director of a clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland

Physician (Lost her medical license after performing experimental, unlicensed surgeries on live patients [revealed August 12, 2013])


Port Charles Police Department

Formerly Wyndemere, Spoon Island

Formerly Lucerne, Switzerland

Formerly Zurich, Switzerland

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Madeline West Reeves (sister; birth name Magda Westbourne)

Nina Reeves (niece; via Madeline)


Britt Westbourne (daughter, with Cesar Faison)

James Nathan Reeves; also known as Nathan West (son; raised by Madeline Reeves)

Flings & Affairs

Cesar Faison (lovers; obsession)

Cesar Faison (kissed; while Liesl impersonated Anna Devane)

Victor Cassadine (lovers; prior to 2014)

Victor Cassadine (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Conspired with Helena Cassadine to fake Katherine Bell's death [1999; revealed Mar 24, 2014]

Conspired with Jerry Jacks, Ewen Keenan, and Cesar Faison and held Robin Scorpio against her will at a clinic in Switzerland [Aug 2012] *

Injected Robert Scorpio with a neurotoxin [Dec 2012] *

Conspired with Cesar Faison and held Duke Lavery against his will at a clinic in Switzerland [revealed Dec 2012] *

Conspired with Britt Westbourne to pass another man's child off as Patrick Drake's (which included altering a paternity test) [July-August 2013] *

Poisoned Duke Lavery with the sedative propofol in an attempt to kill Anna Devane [Aug 2013] *

Clobbered her daughter Britt Westbourne over the head and rendered her unconscious [Sep 30, 2013] *

Kidnapped her grandson, Ben Westbourne (the child was later revealed to be the son of Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer) [Sep 30, 2013] *

Impersonated Anna Devane and used Anna's credentials to visit Cesar Faison in prison [Oct 10, 2013] *

Shot a guard at Steinmauer maximum security prison [Oct 14, 2013] *

Rendered Anna Devane temporarily unconscious [Oct 14, 2013] *

Broke Cesar Faison out of Steinmauer maximum security prison [Oct 14, 2013] *

Conspired with Brad Cooper and Britt Westbourne to steal Lulu Spencer and Dante Falconeri's embryos and implanted them into Britt Westbourne [revealed Dec 17, 2013] * Charge dropped as of January 21, 2014 in exchange for information provided to the WSB.

Threatened Brad Cooper with a knife and pushed him off of a turret at Wyndemere [Mar 24, 2014]

Kidnapped the son of Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer [Mar 26, 2014]

Threatened Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer [Mar 26, 2014]

Held Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine hostage at gunpoint [Mar 28, 2014 to Apr 8, 2014]

Shot Elizabeth Webber in the shoulder while engaged in a struggle for a gun [Apr 8, 2014; Charge dropped as of May 1, 2014 in exchange for Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer's embryo]

Shot Victor Cassadine in the chest [Sep 16, 2014]

Health and Vitals

Clobbered over the head by Robin Scorpio and rendered unconscious [Oct 4, 2013]

Hit her head and was rendered temporarily unconscious after being shoved by Britt Westbourne [Oct 18, 2013]

Attacked by Cesar Faison and imprisoned in the catacombs at Wyndemere [Nov 18, 2013]

Brief Character History

Dr. Liesl Obrecht's initial interactions with the citizens of Port Charles occurred at a clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland when Anna Devane and Luke Spencer arrived there in search of Anna's presumed deceased daughter Robin. When Anna and Luke searched for answers within the clinic, Dr. Obrecht prevented them from discovering that Robin was alive and residing within the clinic. Dr. Obrecht acted on behalf of someone else, and that person was later revealed to be Cesar Faison. Under Faison's orders, Dr. Obrecht held both Robin and Duke Lavery at the clinic while Faison set forth his plan to impersonate Duke and win Anna's heart. After Faison's plan was foiled and he was arrested, Dr. Obrecht continued to hold Robin and injected Robert Scorpio with a neurotoxin to ensure that Robin would not be found.

Meanwhile, a doctor named Britt Westbourne became interested in Robin's widower Patrick Drake. He was grieving the presumed death of his wife Robin but engaged in a brief romance with Britt. Afterwards, Britt announced that she was pregnant with Patrick's child. Patrick was not thrilled with Britt's news but her mother, Dr. Obrecht, arrived in Port Charles and assured her that a child would win Patrick's heart. Britt doubted her mother and pointed out that having Britt had not secured Dr. Obrecht the love of Britt's father, Cesar Faison.

Although Dr. Obrecht's life with Faison had not gone as she had planned, she took steps to ensure that Britt would ensnare Patrick. She forged paternity test results to show that Patrick was the father of Britt's child although both women knew that was not the case. Dr. Obrecht remained adamant that her daughter not give up on her pursuit of Patrick. Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht made plans of her own to garner Faison's affections by eliminating the competition - Anna Devane. However, Dr. Obrecht's scheme was foiled after Duke Lavery unknowingly ingested a toxin meant for Anna.

Liesl paid Britt a visit and was frustrated with her daughter's plan to tell Patrick the truth about the pregnancy. Afterwards, Liesl left Port Charles but returned soon after Britt gave birth to a son. Britt was residing with Nikolas Cassadine and asked her mother to stay away. Liesl ignored her daughter's request and kidnapped the child. Liesl took her grandson to Cassadine Island and left him in the care of Robin and Jerry Jacks while she paid Cesar a visit. Liesl gained access to Cesar at the maximum security prison by impersonating Anna. Cesar was thrilled to see "Anna" and he professed his love. Liesl revealed herself to Cesar and he was disappointed with the reveal. However, Liesl announced that they shared a grandson and promised that she would help him escape so their family could be reunited.

Liesl took Faison to Cassadine Island and introduced him to their grandchild. Faison was pleased with the child and Liesl hoped they could raise their grandson together. She tried to seduce Faison but he refused to make their relationship physical unless she agreed to wear the Anna mask she had donned at the prison. Liesl was disgusted by Faison's suggestion and refused to work with him ever again. Meanwhile, Britt arrived to take her son home and Robert Scorpio and Anna arrived on the island. Jerry captured Robert and Anna and used Anna's safety as leverage against Faison. Jerry forced Liesl and Faison to accompany Robin to Port Charles and assist her in obtaining the cure for Polonium poisoning from Luke Spencer's blood.

While Liesl and Faison guarded Robin at Wyndemere, Faison captured Anna's lover Duke Lavery and planned to trade Duke's life for Anna's love. Liesl was disgusted by Faison's continued obsession with Anna and spoke out against Faison. He was angered by Liesl's comments and imprisoned her in the catacombs of Wyndemere. Eventually Anna and Robert located Liesl and she was taken into police custody.

While at Wyndemere, Liesl became more disgusted with Faison after she realized that he had kidnapped Duke Lavery and planned to use him as leverage to garner Anna's affections. Liesl argued with Faison until he tied her up with Duke. Eventually Duke and Liesl were rescued and she was taken into police custody where she reached out to Britt. Her daughter initially refused her mother's request for assistance until Liesl reminded Britt that she could tell Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer that Britt had stolen their embryos and given birth to their child. However, Liesl procured her freedom without Britt's assistance. She provided the WSB with undisclosed information and all the charges against her were dropped. Liesl used her newfound freedom to garner the position as the Chief of Staff at General Hospital and revealed that she had plans for the hospital and staff.

Liesl was revealed to have a personal connection to the new director of the WSB, Victor Cassadine. She used Victor's romantic interest to garner classified information regarding the whereabouts of Faison. Meanwhile, Britt became engaged to Nikolas Cassadine and she asked her mother not to ruin the future she planned with Nikolas. Liesl vowed to protect Britt and went to extreme measures after Ben was publically revealed to be Dante and Lulu's son. She kidnapped the child and took Elizabeth hostage and later Nikolas while she made arrangements for Britt to disappear with Ben.

Instead, Britt led the police to Liesl and during a struggle over a gun Liesl shot Elizabeth in the shoulder. Liesl was arrested and placed in a cell across from Madeline West, her older sister. The sisters exchanged barbs and taunted one another until Madeline received a visit from a young man named Nathan West. Liesl was shocked and overjoyed to discover that the son she had given up and instead allowed Madeline to raise was in Port Charles. She looked forward to meeting her progeny and disregarded her sister's objections against a reunion with her son.

With Victor's help, Liesl was free once again and she reached out to her son. Nathan wanted nothing to do with Liesl but she remained hopeful that he would give her a chance. In the meantime, Liesl continued to suspect that Anna had killed Faison. Anna tortured her with neither a confession nor a denial regarding Faison. When Nathan disappeared during a police investigation, Liesl accused Anna of purposely bringing harm to her son but they worked together to infiltrate WSB headquarters to rescue him.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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