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Victor Cassadine
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Actor History
Charles Shaughnessy

Presumed dead after being sent to prison; Revealed to be alive [January 30, 2014]

Shot in the chest by Liesl Obrecht inside the Creighton-Clark Clinic and presumed to be deceased after the building exploded [September 16, 2014]

Revealed to be alive on [September 2, 2021]


Director of the World Security Bureau (WSB)


Member of the villainous group True Believers

Head of Cassadine family


The Metro Court

Formerly prison

Formerly Cassadine Island in Greece

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Mikkos Cassadine (brother; deceased)

Anthony Cassadine (brother; deceased)

Stavros Cassadine (paternal nephew; deceased)

Stefan Cassadine (paternal nephew; deceased)

Alexis Davis (paternal niece)

Kristina Cassadine (paternal niece; deceased)

Samantha McCall (paternal great-niece)

Nikolas Cassadine (paternal great-nephew)

Kristina Davis (paternal great-niece)

Molly Lansing (paternal great-niece)

Lila McCall (paternal great-great-niece; deceased)

Spencer Cassadine (great-great-nephew)

Daniel Edward Morgan (great-great-nephew)

Emily Scout Cain (great-great-niece)

Petros Cassadine (paternal cousin)


Valentin Cassadine (son with Helena Cassadine)

Charlotte Cassadine (granddaughter)

Flings & Affairs

Helena Cassadine (affair that resulted in Valentin's birth, revealed on October 7, 2021)

Tiffany Hill

Liesl Obrecht (lovers, prior to 2014)

Liesl Obrecht (kissed)

Lucy Coe (flirted)

Crimes Committed

Conspired with his brothers Mikkos and Anthony to steal the Ice Princess diamond in a plot to control the weather and take over the world [1981]

Ordered his associates to hold Robin Scorpio Drake at gunpoint [Jan 31, 2014]

Arranged for Rafe Kovich to run Patrick Drake's car off the road which resulted in the death of Patrick's infant son [revealed Aug 7, 2014]

Threatened to harm Robin Scorpio Drake's family [Aug 12, 2014]

Held Jason Morgan captive after his revival from a cryogenic stasis [Aug 12, 2014 to Sep 16, 2014]

Conspired with Levi Dunkelman and arranged for Maxie Jones and Lulu Falconeri to be kidnapped [revealed Sep 3, 2014]

Rendered Dante Falconeri, Lulu Falconeri, and Maxie Jones unconscious [Sep 3, 2014]

Held Dante Falconeri, Lulu Falconeri, Maxie Jones, and Nathan West captive at Creighton-Clark clinic [Sep 8, 2014 to Sep 16, 2014]

Had illegal business dealings with Paul Hornsby [1981-2014; revealed Aug 2015]

Arranged for Liesl Obrecht to be kidnapped and brought to his compound in Crete, Greece [Sep 1 to Sep 4, 2021]

Had Scott Baldwin thrown out of a plane with a parachute [Sept 1, 2021]

Revealed to be working in secret with Peter August [Sep 2021]

Held Drew Cain captive in a prison cell on his compound in Crete [Sep 2021]

Responsible for a cable car accident in Austria that killed Luke Spencer [revealed Jan 3, 2022]

Had Valentine Cassadine chloroformed and kidnapped [Jan 28, 2022]

Sent Valentin's daughter Charlotte to a private boarding school and used Charlotte as a bargaining chip to get Valentin to do his bidding [Jan 2022 to Present]

Had Valentine plant evidence to frame Jennifer Smith for Luke's murder and theft of the Ice Princess diamond [Apr 2022]

Used a tarot card to try to trigger Drew Cain's mind control [2022]

Arranged for Spencer to temporarily escape Spring Ridge to visit Courtney's grave [Feb 28, 2022]

Ordered a sniper to assassinate Laura; Laura was saved by Valentin [Jul 14, 2022]

Planted evidence to frame Anna Devane for Lucy Coe's shooting [Oct 21, 2022]

Threatened to kill Nikolas [Oct 25, 2022]

Health and Vitals

Believed to have been killed in prison [1981; Victor was revealed to be alive on Jan 31, 2014]

Threatened by Patrick Drake if Robin wasn't brought back home to Patrick and Emma safe [Mar 4, 2014]

Had his wrist grabbed by Drew Cain (then known as "Jason Morgan") to stop him from closing the pod [Aug 12, 2014]

Held at gunpoint and threatened by Det. Nathan West [Sep 12 to Sep 15, 2014]

Shot in the hand by Anna Devane [Sep 15, 2014]

Presumed dead after being shot in the chest by Liesl Obrecht and caught in the Crichton-Clark Clinic explosion [Sep 16, 2014; revealed to be alive on Sep 2, 2021]

Had a knife held to his throat and almost killed by Liesl [Sep 24 to Sep 27, 2021]

Taken hostage by his own guards under Peter August's orders [Oct 18, 2021]

Held at gunpoint and almost killed (along with his son, Valentin) under Peter's orders [Oct 18, 2021; saved by Drew]

Held at gunpoint and threatened by Det. Dante Falconeri [Oct 18-19, 2021]

Assaulted by Scott Baldwin and Sonny Corinthos at Charlie's Pub for gloating about Luke Spencer's death [Jan 21, 2022]

Blackmailed by Peter into providing a safe passage for him and Peter's daughter, Louise Jones, out of Port Charles [Feb 8-9, 2022]

Blackmailed by Peter into letting him live in order to keep Victor's granddaughter Charlotte Cassadine alive and safe [Feb 8-9, 2022]

Assaulted and threatened with a needle by Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt [Feb 15, 2022]

Had a bug planted on him by Liesl [Feb 15, 2022]

Assaulted, pinned against a wall on Pier 55 and threatened to be killed by Drew [Feb 17, 2022]

Spied on by his great-niece, Sam McCall, who took a picture of him with his henchman, Johann Bauer [Feb 22, 2022]

Threatened with deportation due to crimes involving moral turpitude (Valentin told him) [May 2022 to Present]

Threatened to have his throat cut by Valentin if he threatened Charlotte again [Jul 7, 2022]

Slapped by Holly Sutton [Oct 24, 2022]

Brief Character History

Russian royal Victor Cassadine, along with his older brothers Mikkos and Anthony, became a threat to the citizens of Port Charles in 1981 when they set out to take over the world. Together the brothers planned to steal the infamous Ice Princess diamond and use it to power a weather machine they had created that was capable of freezing the world within minutes[LM1]. Victor was romantically involved with actress Tiffany Hill at the time but she turned on him after she learned of his nefarious plans. Tiffany helped Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer destroy the weather machine and Victor was sent to prison. He was believed to have died while in prison.

Several decades later, Victor returned to Port Charles with several secrets. He had been released from prison and covertly named the Director of the WSB (World Security Bureau). Under Victor's directive, known criminal Dr. Liesl Obrecht was granted immunity and named the Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Victor had secured Liesl's freedom in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Helena and Stavros Cassadine. During a conversation with Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, Victor revealed that both Stavros and Helena remained in a cryogenic state but he needed Robin's medical expertise to revive them. He also mentioned that Robin's good friend Jason Morgan required the same treatment and that Robin would be allowed to revive him in addition to Victor's relatives.

As Victor awaited Robin's response to his proposition, he reacquainted himself with Wyndemere and the Cassadine family members that currently resided there. He also tried to reconnect with Liesl in a romantic manner and alluded to a past relationship the two had shared. Liesl bartered her affection in exchange for information on Cesar Faison. Victor complied and they shared a kiss before he escorted Robin out of town to the clinic where Jason Morgan resided.

Per Liesl's request, Victor paid a brief visit to Port Charles to deliver an embryo which belonged to Dante Falconeri and his wife Lulu Spencer. He also stopped by the hospital to see Robin's husband Patrick Drake after Robin had received word that her husband and daughter had been involved in a car accident. He provided Patrick with a phone number where Robin could be temporarily reached and then left town again.

Victor checked on Robin's progress at the clinic and he revealed that he had orchestrated the car accident that Patrick and Robin's daughter had been involved in. Victor reminded Robin that he could get to her family at any point if he was not pleased with her work. He believed it was taking her too long to revive his family. Robin was able to revive Jason from his cryogenic state but Victor prevented Robin from sharing a reunion with her friend. Instead, Victor revealed that he had plans for Jason.

Victor also had plans for Maxie Jones and Lulu Falconeri. He arranged for Peter Harrell's son, Levi Dunkleman, to kidnap the women. Victor also captured police detectives Dante Falconeri and Nathan West and took everyone to his WSB headquarters located at the Creighton-Clark Clinic. When Victor learned that Nathan was Liesl's son, he ordered a DNA test to determine if he was Nathan's father. While Victor awaited the results, his reasons for kidnapping Lulu and Maxie were discovered. Levi planned to allow his father to kill Maxie as revenge for Peter Harrell's unfortunate past with Maxie's parents whereas Victor's recently unfrozen nephew Stavros Cassadine was reunited with his "ice princess" Lulu.

Liesl arrived at the clinic and announced to Victor that a DNA test was unnecessary and that Nathan was his son. Victor was wary of Liesl's claim and his suspicions were confirmed when the DNA test showed that Nathan was not his child. Liesl shot Victor in the chest and explained that everyone needed to believe that Victor was her child's father. As Victor succumbed to his gunshot wound, he triggered an explosion at the clinic and it was presumed that Victor did not make it out of the building.

In September 2. 2021, Victor was revealed to be alive and Peter’s mysterious boss who had been holding Drew Cain captive in a prison cell on a Cassadine compound in Crete, Greece.. Eventually, Victor learned that Peter was on the verge of double-crossing him. Victor made plans to escape the compound before Peter was able to kill him.

Additionally, Victor arranged for Liesl Obrecht to be kidnapped and taken to his compound. Liesl’s boyfriend Scott Baldwin was drugged and tossed from a plane strapped to a parachute.

On October 7, 2021, it was revealed that Victor was Valentin Cassadine's biological father.. Victor revealed that he had had a secret affair with his sister-in-law Helena Cassadine after she had found out that Mikkos had cheated on her Valentin had been the result of the illicit tryst. Later that month, Nikolas revealed to Ava that Victor had been the one who had found Nikolas after Valentin had shot Nikolas in 2016. Victor had rescued his great-nephew from the water, and and helped nurse him back to health. Nikolas also revealed to Ava that Victor helped him fake his death, and inreturn for Victor’s help, Nikolas gave Victor the private compound in Crete. However, Nikolas denied knowing about Victor’s association with Peter August. On December 1, 2021, Alexis Davis was shocked when she opened her door and saw Victor alive and well. That same day, Victor visited Valentin, Nikolas, Ava, Spencer, and Spencer’s girlfriend Esme Prince. Spencer was thrilled to see Victor was alive and well. Victor and Spencer hugged, and the two –quickly formed a close relationship much to the chagrin of both Laura – Spencer’s grandmother -- and Nikolas.

On January 21, 2022, Victor crashed Luke Spencer's memorial service at the Haunted Star with his henchman Johann. Laura ordered both men to leave, butVictor explained that while Luke may have died, Luke had had a long list of enemies who were still alive. Soon after, Victor and Johann ran into Scott, Sonny Corinthos, and Robert Scorpio at Charlie’s Pub. Victor traded insults with both Scott and Sonny, which prompted Scott and Sonny to put aside their differences to team up against Victor and Johann. After a brief brawl, Victor and Johann were sent packing.

On January 28, 2022, Victor watched as Johann chloroformed Valentin in the hospital parking garage before putting an unconscious Valentin in the back of Victor's car. Valentin resisted Victor’s efforts to team up until Victor effectively kidnapped Charlotte and stashed her in an upscale European boarding school with tight security. Valentin reluctantly complied with Victor’s demands, until Valentin decided to confide to his girlfriend Anna Devane that Victor had been blackmailing him. Together, Valentin and Anna decided to work together to take Victor down.

Victor managed to retain the upper hand. After planting a listening device in Lucy Coe’s necklace, Victor learned that Lucy had been working with Anna to glean Victor’s secrets. Furious, Victor arranged for someone to shoot Lucy on the pier, and to frame Anna for the crime. Meanwhile, Victor sent Valentin out of town to keep him from interfering with Victor’s plans.

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