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Nina bought Carly's half of Metro Court. Carly rejected Nina's peace offering and said goodbye to Metro Court. Esme dealt with a blackmailer. Spencer put his plan into motion. Trina and Rory grew closer. Brando insisted that Sasha go to rehab. Valentin thwarted Victor's attempt to kill Laura. Laura was called away to Italy.
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Nina bought Carly's half of Metro Court, Trina and Rory grew closer, and Laura was called away to Italy
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Fireworks in Port Charles

Fireworks in Port Charles

Monday, July 11, 2022

Dante woke up from an hour-long nap and looked around. He and Sam were ensconced on chaise lounges at the Metro Court pool. Sam noted that they could focus on themselves, as Drew had full charge of Rocco, Scout, and Danny. Shortly after, Dante was alone when Cody found him. They sat and chatted about old times. Sam returned, and Cody told them about his new job and Leo's horse, Comet.

Nearby, Trina and Josslyn talked about the upcoming trial. Trina confessed that she hated the thought of having to sit through it, although Josslyn reminded her that Josslyn and Cameron would be testifying on Trina's behalf. Trina wanted to go home, but Rory approached them and announced that he had been looking for Trina. He'd had to work late, but he was hopeful that Trina would want to watch the fireworks with him. He admitted he had been thinking about dessert in the park and promised he would help her to forget the trial. Josslyn planned on looking for Carly, so she sent them off together.

Willow and Michael walked into the Metro Court gardens. They were thrilled about Willow's pregnancy, but they spotted Sonny. Willow led Michael over to his father, and Sonny asked about Willow's condition. Willow thanked him for rescuing her at the pool. "You're family," Sonny replied. Michael declared that he and Willow needed to get to Carly's office.

Close by, Esme told Spencer that she wanted to hang out with him to watch the fireworks. He reminded her that Carly had banned them from the pool, and Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron were probably on the terrace. Spencer wanted to avoid any confrontations, and Esme kissed him for being sweet. Sonny arrived and announced that he was glad to run into them. Esme shrieked and declared that Sonny had promised not to kidnap her again.

Sonny stated that he only wanted Esme to tell the truth, but he thought she was smart to stay away from him. He wanted to talk to Spencer, who sent Esme to the park to wait for him. "Spencer, what the hell has happened to you?" Sonny asked. Spencer insisted he was still the same person, but Sonny replied that loyalty and friendship were important. He cited Esme's crimes regarding the sex tape, but Spencer indicated that he would remain by Esme's side unless the evidence proved her guilt.

Sonny remarked that all of Spencer's friends had warned him, and Spencer had quit his job. Sonny wanted Spencer to talk to him; he wanted to know what it was all about. Spencer promised that he was still trying to be better and to do what was in his heart. He swore on his mother's memory that he had been doing the right thing. He said he loved Sonny and would never hurt or disappoint him. "I guess time will tell," Sonny said. He urged Spencer to be careful, and he walked away. "Time's running out," Spencer muttered.

Valentin found Nina in her Crimson office. He leaned over to kiss her cheek, and she congratulated him on winning the ELQ vote. He assumed that she was happy about Carly losing out, but Nina was thrilled about Michael's loss. They sat at Nina's desk and talked about Carly loss from putting her money into the failed merger. Nina disclosed that Sonny had softened toward Carly because he felt guilty and responsible for Carly's misfortune.

Nina grabbed a couple of drinks and sat back down. Valentin declared that Carly's loss was Carly's fault. He was sorry that Nina had lost out on any visitation rights with Wiley, but he stated that eventually, Wiley would make his own decisions. Nina was tired of being the villain, and Valentin suggested that it was time to change things. They spoke about Charlotte being away at boarding school, and Nina thought it seemed like a good fit. She'd heard from the little girl. "Seems that way," Valentin said.

Valentin noted that he would do whatever it took to make sure that Charlotte was okay, no matter the cost. He told Nina that her opinion mattered to him. He warned Nina that Victor would be trying to reach out, and he wanted her to stay away because Victor was dangerous. Nina agreed. She wanted to not be looking like the one who destroyed Wiley's family, and Valentin thought there was a way for her to "balance the scales."

Carly met in her office with her financial advisor, Reggie. Olivia walked in and told Carly that she was out of her mind for trying to secure a loan. She wanted Carly to swallow her pride and allow her friends to help. Carly noted that pride was the only thing she had left, and she began to yell at Olivia for barging into her office and making her second-guess herself. Olivia declared that she had entered with urgency. Reggie left to give the women a chance to talk and to make some phone calls.

Carly apologized for her outburst. Olivia noted that she had spoken to Ned, who had offered to buy Carly's half of the hotel; he would hold it until Carly was able to buy it back. Michael and Willow walked in and were wondering about Carly's plan. Carly commented that she hadn't had a chance to tell anyone, but Olivia accused Carly of holding out because she knew that no one would agree. Olivia left, and Carly revealed that Stillwater would be putting her share of the hotel on the market because she'd already sold it. Michael offered to give her the money or buy it, but Carly refused to entertain the idea.

Carly sensed that something was going on, and Michael and Willow revealed that they were expecting a baby. Carly was ecstatic. Just then, Josslyn walked in and heard the baby news. There was more excitement all around. Reggie returned, and Carly sent everyone off to watch the fireworks. She sat down at her desk. Reggie revealed that he had an offer that wasn't very good, but Carly informed him that she had realized that there were more important things than money. She couldn't risk giving up her house, and she couldn't buy her half of the hotel. She would no longer be a co-owner of the hotel.

Once Carly was alone, she looked around her office, grief-stricken.

Maxie and Austin sat on a blanket at the park and waited for the fireworks. They wondered why there were so many no-shows. Austin said he was happy to be with Maxie. "Kill me now!" Britt exclaimed. She was sitting next to them on the grass. She declared that the picnic was over, and she was tired of watching the couple make "goo-goo eyes" at each other. Just then, Spinelli arrived. He was towing a large cooler. He also wondered where everyone was. Britt left.

Austin received a phone call and walked away to take it. Maxie assured Spinelli that Britt had wanted to leave the entire time. Maxie added that she was trying to stay positive about Britt's dating situation, but Spinelli suggested that maybe things were for the best. Maxie questioned his statement. She wondered if Spinelli thought it was better for Britt to be alone. Spinelli thought it was better than being with the wrong person. A short distance away, Austin told his caller to live up to their end of the bargain and to not contact him again.

Austin returned and told Maxie that his call had been from the hospital. Spinelli decided that Maxie and Austin should be alone, and he dragged his cooler away. Maxie wondered what was going on with Spinelli.

Rory and Trina sat on a blanket, and Rory revealed that he had a container of brownies that he had baked himself. Trina took a bite of one and called it amazing. Rory exclaimed that he would never disappoint her. He took her hand and declared that he wanted her to have a few carefree minutes. He wished he could do more. Trina assured him that he was doing fine.

At the pool, Cody grabbed some drinks for himself, Sam, and Dante. He spotted Britt as she walked in, and he announced that he needed to retrieve some napkins and a menu. Olivia found Dante and Sam and noted that she would be doing a lot of the work around the hotel herself. She told them about Carly's loss of the hotel and that Carly was too stubborn to let Olivia help. Dante noted that Olivia was also stubborn, but she should do what was right.

Alone again, Sam told Dante that they should go to her place to watch the fireworks in private because she had a great view of the harbor from her bedroom.

Britt was annoyed when Cody showed up at the bar. They bickered, and Britt made mention of the fact that Dante hated her guts. She wanted Cody to leave. "Why would I leave now that I've met my match?" he asked. He thought there was something between them, although Britt called him delusional. They each admitted that the other was attractive, and Britt agreed that Cody would do "in a pinch," though he wasn't her type. Cody suggested they go out on a date and have a few laughs, and Britt agreed that one time wouldn't hurt. She said she would look him up on the dating app.

The July 4th fireworks began, and residents of Port Charles looked on in awe. Maxie and Austin were at the park, along with Trina and Rory, who shared a kiss. Esme wondered where Spencer could be and sent him a text message. Many were gathered at the pool. Dante and Sam lay on Sam's bed, fully clothed. Dante spoke of his old camp days and the family parties. Sam wanted to take the kids back to his old home in the future.

Spinelli got to the pool, and Cody called out to him. Cody revealed that he had a date with Britt, thanks to Spinelli, who stated that he'd had no choice. Cody grew loud as he carried on about Spinelli being the one who set people's matches up, and he stated that it wouldn't take long for people to figure it out. Spinelli shushed and dismissed Cody. He added that Cody had gotten what he'd wanted.

Olivia and Sonny chatted about Carly and how they had both offered to help her. Olivia revealed that someone had beaten her to it.

Britt hesitated but accepted the match on her dating app.

Maxie told a distracted Austin that it had been a perfect night. He claimed that he was thinking about the past but was happier with her. Rory apologized for overstepping, but Trina assured him that he hadn't. He called her beautiful, and they kissed again just as Spencer arrived and saw them.

Josslyn, Michael, and Willow returned to Carly's office. Michael promised to figure things out. Carly admitted to missing the fireworks because she hadn't been feeling it. Shortly after, Carly was alone again when there was a knock on her door. It was Nina, and Carly quickly snapped that they had nothing to talk about. "That's not true," Nina replied.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, July 13, and picked up where the Monday, July 11, episode concluded.

Carly rejects Nina's peace offering

Carly rejects Nina's peace offering

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

In Carly's office, Nina announced she had purchased Carly's half of the hotel. Stunned, Carly accused Nina of having found a new way to "stick it" to Carly and Carly's family, since the petition for visitation with Wiley had failed. Nina insisted Carly was wrong because Nina had bought the shares of the hotel for Carly. Nina didn't think Carly should lose the hotel just because Carly had helped Michael. Skeptical, Carly was certain there was something in it for Nina. Carly questioned if Nina hoped to reinvent herself by being Carly's financial savior in the hopes that Wiley would one day learn about the deed.

Nina understood that the pain she had caused Carly had been unforgivable, but Carly was furious. Carly accused Nina of turning Sonny into a man his children barely recognized. Carly said that giving Carly the hotel would never atone for how Nina had hurt Carly's family, but Nina was certain Carly could agree that Nina owed her. Carly confirmed it was true. "Then let me do this for you," Nina said.

Carly questioned the timing, but Nina claimed she'd been trying to make amends ever since Nina had returned from Nixon Falls. Carly laughed because Nina had slept with Carly's husband and dragged the family to court, just so Nina could force herself on Wiley. Frustrated, Nina blurted out that Wiley was Nina's grandson, but Nina quickly reined herself in. After a moment to calm herself, Nina implored Carly to look at things from a practical standpoint. Nina knew she couldn't balance the scales to Carly's satisfaction, but giving Carly the hotel might tip things toward the middle.

Nina promised it was all that she wanted. Carly believed Nina had convinced herself that she was motivated by a desire to make amends because the truth was far less flattering. Carly accused Nina of buying Carly's half of Metro Court to stop Sonny from doing it. Carly was certain it killed Nina that Sonny would drop everything to help Carly, but Nina assured Carly that Nina had fully expected Sonny to ride to Carly's rescue because Sonny and Carly would always be connected through their children.

Carly revealed that it was because of Sonny's refusal to speak up when Nina's attorney had gone after Sonny's own son on the witness stand by accusing Michael of being violent toward women that Carly wanted nothing to do with Nina's offer. Carly was grateful the judge had seen through the stunt and that Michael had kept his cool, but the fact that it had happened at all was on Nina. Carly made it clear that Nina sleeping with Sonny and ripping Carly's family apart didn't compare to the betrayal in the courtroom. Carly vowed never to forgive Nina; Carly would rather crawl on broken glass than take anything from Nina.

Nina sneered at Carly. "You're such a saint," Nina said. Nina reminded Carly that Carly's lawyer had backed Nina into a corner. Carly admitted that she didn't care. Carly explained that Nina couldn't walk into Carly's office, cry, say pretty things, give Carly the hotel, and expect everything to be okay. Carly walked to the door, opened it, and promised to be out by the end of the week. Nina realized there was nothing left to say, so she left.

At the pool, Sonny asked Olivia who had bought Carly's half of the hotel. Olivia admitted the real estate agent hadn't told her, but Olivia regretted not going with her gut. Olivia explained that she had offered to buy the shares of Metro Court for Carly, but Carly had refused to take the offer. Olivia wished she had bought the hotel shares, anyway. Sonny didn't think Olivia was to blame because Carly was independent to a fault. Olivia agreed, but she worried the buyer wouldn't be interested in working something out with Carly.

Sonny spotted Drew. "Unless she has a guardian angel," Sonny said. Olivia followed Sonny's gaze, and she called out to Drew. Drew walked over and reported to Olivia that he had dropped the kids off at the mansion. Olivia thanked Drew for taking the kids to the fair. The conversation quickly turned to Carly when Drew asked if Carly was around. Sonny seized the opportunity to question Drew about the sale of Carly's half of the hotel.

Drew was disappointed to learn Carly's half of the hotel had been sold. Sonny admitted that he had hoped Drew had made the purchase, but Drew revealed that he had been unable to raise the capital when Nina had declined to buy Crimson. Drew blamed himself for Carly's troubles, but Sonny and Olivia agreed that Drew was not at fault. Drew disagreed because he had worked with Michael on the merger. Drew regretted letting Carly invest, but Sonny and Olivia insisted Drew couldn't have stopped Carly once her mind had been made up.

Moments later, Dex walked up to let Sonny know that the car was ready. Sonny explained that he was headed to the hospital to visit Brando and Sasha. After Sonny walked away, he stopped to take a call from Brick. Sonny had a request.

Meanwhile, Drew apologized to Olivia because the sale of Carly's shares of the hotel meant Olivia had a new partner. Olivia didn't blame Drew, but she conceded that things might have turned out differently if Drew and Michael hadn't tried to drive Ned out of ELQ. Drew assured Olivia that had never been their intention, but Drew admitted Ned had acted selfishly. Drew said he couldn't imagine Olivia had approved of Ned's decision to side with Valentin, but Olivia made it clear she stood by her husband. "Fair enough," Drew said.

Olivia assured Drew he had cemented his place in the family because he had proven himself to be a Quartermaine through and through. Drew was disappointed in Ned because Ned had burned a lot of people, including Carly. Olivia realized it was Drew's first time tangling with the Quartermaines, but she was confident it wouldn't be the last. "Welcome to the family," Olivia said. Olivia explained that Quartermaines couldn't help but give in to their worst impulses, and she warned Drew it would keep happening. Olivia insisted that Drew had a choice: he could hang on to his bitterness and drive the family further apart, or he could choose to forgive.

Moments later, Carly walked out. Olivia ran over to give her friend a hug. Carly revealed that the "most surreal, twisted" thing had just happened. She told Olivia and Drew about Nina's bombshell and the offer to give the newly purchased shares of Metro Court to Carly. Olivia understood Carly's decision to reject Nina's offer, but Oliva selfishly wished Carly had agreed because Olivia hated the idea of working with Nina.

After Olivia left, Drew asked what Carly's plans were. Carly admitted she didn't have a plan, but hell would freeze over before it involved Nina. Drew respected Carly's decision. Carly was grateful for the support because her family was all she had, and she wouldn't risk losing them for anything or anyone. Drew suggested they toast to Carly rising again, but she confessed she felt lost. She didn't like it because it was foreign and scary to her. Drew hugged her.

In the park, Rory and Trina sat on a blanket. After their first kiss, Rory revealed that he'd been wanting to do that for a long time. Trina smiled. She was glad he had -- unless the kiss had been a distraction. Rory assured her it hadn't been, but then he conceded it might have been. Trina tensed until she noticed his teasing smile. They agreed to find out by kissing again. Afterwards, Rory made it clear the kiss hadn't been a distraction.

Trina said she felt the same. Rory was relieved when she told him she liked him because he liked Trina -- a lot. Trina said she knew Rory was a great guy, but he sensed she had reservations about him. He suspected that she still had feelings for Spencer. Trina explained she and Spencer had never been a couple, and Spencer had nothing to do with it. Trina remined Rory that her trial started in the morning, and she might be convicted because she was no closer to proving Esme had set her up.

Rory had faith Trina would be exonerated, but he suggested they focus on the present and the pleasure of each other's company rather than worry about what the future might hold. Trina liked the sound of that. Rory reached for her hand as they looked up at the night sky filled with stars.

At the hospital, Portia was on the phone, trying to schedule an appointment with a genetic specialist. She was frustrated because her appointment kept getting rescheduled. She explained that the matter was urgent, just as Curtis and Marshall walked up. Concerned, Curtis asked Portia what was going on. Portia ended the call and explained it had been regarding a consult for a patient. She easily changed the subject by asking why Curtis and Marshall were there. Curtis revealed that one of Marshall's bandmates had given Marshall the name and address of the bartender Trina and Josslyn had found.

According to Curtis, Oz Haggerty was believed to have sold the burner phone to Esme. However, Oz had been laying low ever since the police had been called to the bar. Porta worried that Curtis wouldn't be able to find Oz in time to help Trina, but Curtis promised another plan was already in motion. Curtis had reached out to an old connection from his private investigation days who had access to a list of Oz's known associates. Curtis was confident Oz could provide the evidence necessary to blow the case wide open, but Portia remained uneasy because the trial was set to begin in the morning.

Just then, Curtis received the call he had been waiting for. After he stepped away to talk to his contact, Marshall offered Portia words of encouragement. He pointed out that Trina had a lot of people in her corner, which was a testament to the wonderful young woman Portia had raised. Portia steered the conversation to Marshall's struggle with mental illness by applauding him for opening up to Curtis about the diagnosis. Portia asked about Marshall's early symptoms, and he revealed that he'd been paranoid.

Moments later, Curtis returned. Curtis' contact had emailed Curtis a list of Oz's associates and their addresses. Portia was pleased when Curtis revealed that Taggert would be helping, too. Curtis felt certain they would have the evidence they needed by morning. Marshall was eager to get started because he considered Portia and Trina family.

In Sasha's hospital room, Brando sat at his wife's bedside. She felt bad when she realized that he had missed the fireworks because of her, but Brando assured Sasha that he would rather be with her. Sasha was curious how bad the fallout had been from her breakdown on television, but Brando wanted Sasha to focus on resting. Sasha was horrified by what had happened, and she felt awful that she had messed things up for Deception a second time. Sasha was eager to fix the mess by getting back to work, but Brando promised everything was fine.

When Gladys arrived, Brando enlisted his mother's help. Gladys assured Sasha that everything had been handled, and everyone was more concerned about Sasha. Sasha admitted she had needed the timeout, but she looked forward to going home in the morning and getting back to work. Sasha noticed the look of concern that passed between Brando and Gladys, prompting Sasha to ask what they weren't telling her. Brando gently explained that they would need to discuss Sasha's treatment options.

Sasha insisted it wasn't necessary because she had simply been stressed out, but she was much better. Sasha blamed the breakdown on being asked to model the baby carrier way too soon after Liam's death. Brando empathized, but he reminded Sasha that she had taken the pills before she'd seen the baby carrier. Sasha argued it had been a one-time thing, but Gladys revealed that she had told Brando the truth about Sasha taking "uppers" during Deception's IPO launch. Gladys excused herself so Brando and Sasha could talk in private.

After Gladys left, Sasha assured Brando that rehab was not necessary. Brando said he loved his wife, but he was worried. Sasha promised she was through taking pills, but Brando didn't believe her because she had lied to him when Gladys had expressed concern about Sasha using again, and Sasha had accused Gladys of overreacting. Sasha claimed it was because she hadn't wanted to worry Brando when they'd been starting their lives together. Brando asked if Sasha had been taking pills before their wedding. Sasha confessed she had taken pills the morning of the proposal, but she rushed to assure Brando the pills hadn't changed how she felt about him.

Sasha promised being Brando's wife made her happy, and the pills had been to help her deal with stress. She insisted it was in the past. Brando took Sasha's hand as he gently reminded her that he was a recovering addict, and he knew the road to sobriety wasn't always a straight line. Brando assured Sasha he would be by her side, but he wanted her to go to rehab because she needed therapists who could help her deal with the triggers. Sasha agreed to go to therapy, but Brando wanted her to seek treatment in a rehab facility because she needed more than he could give her. He recognized that he could not force Sasha; it was a decision she had to make for herself.

Elsewhere, Sonny greeted Gladys. Gladys was upset because she knew Sasha had been struggling, but Gladys had promised Sasha not to say anything. Sonny assured Gladys that she was not to blame for Sasha's troubles because Gladys had been trying to be supportive by respecting her daughter-in-law's wishes. Sonny was certain his father, Mike, would have been proud of Gladys. Touched, Gladys hugged Sonny.

A short time later, Gladys returned to Sasha's hospital room to let Brando and Sasha know that Sonny was there. Sasha wasn't ready to see anyone, so Brando agreed to go talk to Sonny. After Brando left, Sasha tried to enlist Gladys' help to persuade Brando to let Sasha skip rehab. Gladys was curious why Sasha acted as if Sasha's break with reality on national television hadn't been a big deal. Sasha claimed it had been an isolated incident, and she blamed it on a combination of stress and being forced to model the baby carrier. Gladys wondered if Sasha intended to go through life, being triggered by infants and anything related to them.

Gladys thought it was clear Sasha hadn't processed losing Liam. Gladys asked why Sasha was fighting it instead of getting the help Sasha desperately needed. Sasha turned defensive because she resented that no one believed her. Gladys insisted everyone wanted what was best for Sasha, and both Brando and Kevin had agreed Sasha would benefit from specialized treatment. Angry, Sasha argued that she didn't need rehab, and she would soon be free to make her own decisions.

In the hallway, Brando thanked Sonny for stopping by to check on Sasha, but it wasn't a good time. However, Brando ended up opening up to Sonny. Brando worried because he couldn't get through to Sasha. Sonny was confident that Brando would find a way. Moments later, Sonny received a text message, so he excused himself.

Brando sat down on a bench to wait for his cousin. Dex sat beside Brando and struck up a conversation by wishing Brando's wife the best. Brando was surprised by the kind words. The two men ended up talking about their time in the military. Brando revealed that he had been in the Marines and fought in Iraq, while Dex had been in the Army and had done one tour in Afghanistan. Dex had no regrets about serving, but he said he had nearly died too many times to count.

Brando empathized because he had struggled with losing friends and not knowing what to do with the life Brando had been given. Dex admitted he had decided not to tempt fate, so he had gotten out as soon as his enlistment had been up.

Elsewhere, Sonny was surprised when he ran into Nina as she exited an elevator. He quickly dragged her to a private alcove and confronted her about purchasing Carly's half of the hotel. Nina explained that she had intended to give the hotel to Carly, but Carly had accused Nina of being self-serving. "Do you blame her?" Sonny asked. Hurt, Nina's eyes welled up with tears. She said she expected Carly to think the worst of her, not Sonny. Sonny clarified that he had not intended to give Nina that impression, but Nina and Carly had a history of going at each other's throats.

Nina realized Sonny had a point, and she conceded that Carly had not been entirely wrong because Nina had bought Metro Court with the hope of repairing some of the damage Nina had caused. Sonny was skeptical, but Nina assured him she had wanted to make things a little easier for them moving forward. Sonny admitted it was better that Nina had bought the hotel than someone else. Sonny acknowledged they couldn't undo the past; they could only make peace with it.

"Have you?" Nina asked. Sonny explained that he wanted to be with Nina -- whatever it took and wherever it led them. He said he was all in. Sonny sealed his promise with a kiss.

Laura receives shocking news about Lesley

Laura receives shocking news about Lesley

Thursday, July 14, 2022

At Curtis and Portia's home, Diane announced that Scott had left town because Serena had been arrested in Denmark during an environmental protest. Diane said that she had coordinated with Scott on Trina's case, and she offered to take over as Trina's attorney. Diane said there was no guarantee that Trina would be found not guilty, regardless of who Trina chose as her lawyer.

Diane explained to Trina, Josslyn, and Portia that the courtroom was like a theater and that the jury was the audience. When it came to Josslyn, Diane rightfully said that the jury needed to see Josslyn as Trina's best friend and as a victim of the sex tape instead of someone "throwing attitude, rolling her eyes, and shooting dirty looks at the prosecution."

Portia asked Diane in private about potential outcomes in the trial. Diane said that trials were stressful and that they could bring certain psychological aspects out in a person. Portia, who for weeks had kept quiet about her fear that Trina might suffer from mental illness, immediately became concerned. Diane reminded Portia that Trina had a great support system, and she asked Portia directly if there were any family-related issues with mental health. Portia never answered Diane's question.

Ava stopped by to show her support for Trina, and Diane told everyone that their best shot was to remind the jury that the evidence against Trina was all circumstantial and that the act of filming a sex tape went against Trina's character. Diane left to appear before the judge. Ava then recalled that months earlier, Trina had said there was evidence that might clear her name, and she asked Trina to share what evidence Trina had.

Trina remarked that a necklace Taggert had given her was missing, and she assumed she'd left it at the Jerome Art Gallery. Ava said that she'd seen the necklace at Wyndemere, and she left to get Trina's necklace. Before she left, Ava begged Trina to tell Diane of whatever evidence Trina hadn't told anyone else.

When Ava left, Josslyn demanded to know what evidence Ava had referred to. Trina admitted that she had an alibi for where she had been when the sex tape had been posted, and she revealed that she had been with someone: Spencer.

Josslyn surmised that Trina hadn't seen Spencer at Spring Ridge and that Spencer had escaped when Trina had spotted him at Courtney's grave. Josslyn had the audacity to call Spencer "entitled," but Trina defended Spencer and reminded Josslyn that the prosecution could argue that Trina could have uploaded the sex tape and had it scheduled to post ahead of time.

At an apartment building, Curtis and Marshall searched for a man named Jack, who'd sold Esme the phone she'd used to frame Trina. Curtis worked his way into the apartment of a man who admitted he knew Jack. Once Curtis and Marshall were inside, the man claimed he had to lay low. Curtis said that was wise because the man might have to testify in Trina's case.

The man claimed he had nothing to do with Trina or anyone else. When Curtis remarked that he was there to buy a similar "hot" phone, the man replied that he was out of inventory. Curtis and Marshall left the room. Outside, Curtis hoped the man would lead them straight to the buyer of the phone.

Curtis and Marshall later followed the man to the waterfront and spotted him getting ready to board a launch. Curtis observed that the launch he'd boarded was the one that took passengers to Wyndemere. Marshall suggested that he and Curtis board the next launch to Spoon Island, but Curtis reminded Marshall that Wyndemere was private property and that they needed someone to get them there. Just then, Ava arrived at the pier. "Hi, gents. Going my way?" Ava asked.

At Wyndemere, Esme asked why Spencer was distant. Spencer flashed back to having seen Trina kiss Rory in the woods the previous night, and Esme correctly guessed that Spencer's mind was on Trina. Esme suggested that she and Spencer leave for the weekend. Spencer said they couldn't leave because he had a surprise for Esme that would rock her world.

Later, at the hospital, Spencer gleefully read the printout of the DNA test that he and Cameron had conspired to create. Spencer was startled by Rory, who bumped into Spencer and caused Spencer to drop the printout. Things grew heated when Spencer said that Rory had asserted himself into Spencer's life enough. Spencer then accused Rory of having complicated Trina's life when he'd kissed Trina in the woods.

Spencer pointed a finger at Rory and called him a hypocrite. Rory said he couldn't figure out why Spencer would care who Trina spent her time with because Spencer already had a girlfriend. Spencer told Rory that Trina had once been a good friend to him, and he added that if Rory hurt Trina, Rory would have to answer to Spencer. "Last I checked, I'm not the one who hurt her," Rory said before he walked out.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas encountered Esme in the foyer and was impressed when Esme said that she had chosen to stay with Spencer despite Spencer's obvious feelings for Trina. Nikolas added that it was another reason to not tell Spencer that Nikolas and Esme had had sex. Esme agreed that the fallout of their secret would be monumental for everyone. "Especially the longer we keep our little secret under wraps," Esme teased.

Nikolas then told Esme that he had some connections with the hospital's board of directors and that they might override Kevin's decision to bar Esme from visiting Ryan. Esme thanked Nikolas and threw her arms around him again.

Later, the man from the apartment that Curtis and Marshall had visited arrived at Wyndemere and demanded that Esme tell him why everyone in town had been asking questions about her.

At the Metro Court rooftop, Victor said that he had taken matters into his owns hands with regard to Laura. Valentin thought Victor had panicked when he'd learned of Laura's plan to deport Victor for moral turpitude. Valentin suggested a change in their approach, and he asked Victor to clue him in on his plans.

Valentin recalled that Victor had stolen the Ice Princes from Luke and that he'd had Valentin plant it on Jennifer Smith. Valentin wanted to know how the pieces fit, but Victor said that it was privileged information and that he couldn't fully trust Valentin. Valentin asked to have Charlotte returned to him from boarding school in exchange for his full cooperation.

Victor said that Valentin would have to earn his trust and that Victor would keep Charlotte as leverage until Valentin did. Victor also remarked that he was keeping his big plans a secret. Valentin left, but not before he asked Victor to let him handle Laura. After Valentin was out of sight, Victor remarked to himself that it was a promise he couldn't make.

Later, Laura stumbled upon Valentin on the rooftop and asked what had really happened when Valentin had spilled his drink on Laura. Valentin looked Laura in the eye and swore that he would always prioritize Charlotte's well-being, no matter the cost. Just then, a sniper nearby was shown to have his rifle's sight set on Laura. Valentin looked up and caught a glimpse of the sniper, and he rushed at Laura. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Laura asked Valentin.

Valentin apologized, and Laura went to leave for a meeting at the hospital. After Laura left, Valentin called Victor, who had been in the assassin's room the whole time. Victor said that the situation had been well in hand and that Valentin should have stayed out of it. Valentin insisted that killing Laura would be the wrong play, and he reminded Victor of the many fires that had needed to be put out when Victor had killed Luke.

Valentin insisted that Anna and the PCPD would go to the ends of the earth to catch Victor if he were to kill Laura in addition to Luke. Valentin said there were other ways to neutralize Laura. Victor asked what Valentin had in mind. "It's already been done," Valentin replied.

Later, at the hospital, Laura answered her phone. "How's my mother doing? What? Oh, my God, no!" Laura said in shock.

Portia worries that she "failed" Trina and questions if Trina's race will prevent her from getting justice

Portia worries that she "failed" Trina and questions if Trina's race will prevent her from getting justice

Friday, July 15, 2022

At the hospital, Laura learned that Lesley's house in Italy had burned down. Soon after, Kevin arrived at the hospital to escort Laura to the airport. Laura second-guessed her decision to leave town, and she cited Elizabeth's ongoing struggles, Victor's machinations, and other issues as reasons not to leave. Kevin convinced Laura to have faith that everything would be fine.

Laura hugged Kevin, who agreed to Laura's request that he stay in Port Charles to help watch over Laura's family. Before she left, Laura again expressed reservations about leaving town, but Kevin reassured her. "You're getting on that plane, and we'll all be here when you come back," Kevin swore.

At Metro Court, Olivia stopped by Nina's office at Crimson to demand that Nina sell her half of the hotel to Olivia and Ned. Nina refused, and Sonny asked Nina why she wouldn't sell. Nina said that she had no intention to sell her half of the hotel to anyone. Olivia stormed off and left Nina alone with Sonny. "Don't look at me. You brought this on yourself," Sonny told a surprised Nina.

Sonny reasoned that Nina should have foreseen Olivia's anger. Nina said that her motives weren't about herself and that one day, half of Metro Court would belong to Wiley. Sonny wondered if Nina had refused to sell her half of Metro Court just to torment Carly, but Nina reminded Sonny that she'd only bought her half of the hotel to give back to Carly.

Nina thought Sonny was more concerned about Carly than about Nina. Nina recalled that before Sonny and Carly's divorce, Carly had said that there had been three people in her and Sonny's relationship. "I'm not so sure she was wrong," Nina said.

Also at Metro Court, Drew stopped by Carly's office on her last day at the hotel. Carly boxed up items and reminisced over old photos. Carly thought about the memories she'd made at the hotel, and she said that Metro Court had always been a fixture in her life. Drew hugged Carly as she fought back her emotions.

Later, Carly walked out of her office and into the executive lobby of the hotel with Drew. Carly flashed back to the night Harmony had told her that Willow was Nina's biological child. Carly then stared directly at Nina and walked away.

At Pier 54 on the waterfront, Curtis and Marshall saw Ava as she prepared to board the launch to Spoon Island. Ava learned from Curtis that Esme had used a black-market phone to frame Trina. Curtis said the seller of the phone had just boarded a launch to Spoon Island, and Ava made fast plans to get to Wyndemere.

Alone on the docks, Marshall reminded Curtis that there were no guarantees in life, even when a person was innocent. Curtis said that Marshall's arrest at a protest rally had been an injustice and that Marshall should never have ended up in a psychiatric ward. Marshall expressed that he was just grateful he'd gotten the right diagnosis and the help he'd needed. Marshall recalled that Pier 54 was where he and Curtis had had their first breakthrough as father and son. Curtis said he was grateful for the progress they'd made, and he and Marshall hugged.

At Wyndemere, Oz, the bartender who'd sold the phone that had been used to frame Trina, tried to blackmail Esme, who insisted that no one could connect her to Oz. Not long after, Ava sneaked into the mansion and overheard bits of Esme and Oz's conversation, but she became distracted when her phone rang.

Ava ended her call and entered the main room of the mansion, where she found Esme alone and painting her toenails on the sofa. Ava said that she'd heard voices from inside the room, but Esme claimed that she'd been listening to a podcast. Ava chided Esme for painting her nails on the furniture, and she remarked that Esme couldn't possibly care about fabric. "Oh, how wrong you are, Ava. I do appreciate what's yours. In fact, I am so careful when I use your things, you'd never even know," Esme gloated.

Ava demanded to know what Esme had meant, but Esme quickly backtracked. Ava then offered Esme a deal. Ava said she would pay Esme any amount of money if Esme would sign a confession that stated she had framed Trina. Ava added that she would even get Esme a ticket out of town to avoid justice. Esme feigned outrage and called Ava a hypocrite. Esme then offered phony "condolences" to Ava about Trina's fate. "You insufferable little bitch," Ava snapped at Esme.

Just then, Nikolas and Spencer walked in. Out in the foyer, Nikolas asked Ava to avoid being in the same room with Esme in order to keep peace. Ava told Nikolas not to worry because Esme would soon be out of their lives.

Back in the main room, Spencer asked Esme what he and Nikolas had walked in on. Esme told Spencer about Ava's offer. Spencer remarked that it was too bad Ava hadn't known what Esme truly wanted. Esme asked what Spencer meant. Spencer replied that he had something Esme wanted more than anything in the world, and he said that he was the only person who could give it to her.

Outside Curtis and Portia's home, Josslyn said she couldn't keep quiet about the fact that Spencer could vouch for Trina's whereabouts when the sex tape had been uploaded. Trina didn't want to divulge that Spencer had left Spring Ridge during his stay there because it would mean that Spencer could be sent to Pentonville. Josslyn said that Trina might not have a choice. Trina remarked that it was her trial and not Josslyn's, and she pleaded with Josslyn not to out Spencer. Josslyn agreed to stay silent about Spencer. She and Trina hugged and swore they would always remain best friends.

Inside the house, Stella and Portia had a heart-to-heart conversation about race in America. Stella regretted that justice could be more elusive for people of color, but she said she had to have hope and faith instead of falling into despair.

Portia said she hated Esme for what she'd done to Trina. Portia added that she didn't want to walk around with hatred in her heart for anyone, but she felt that Esme's actions had been about more than just Esme's jealousy of Trina and Spencer's friendship. Stella asked if Portia believed that Esme had targeted Trina because she was Black. Portia said that regardless of Esme's reasons, Esme had to have known that the ramifications for a Black person would be worse than they'd be for a white person.

Stella reminded Portia that there were still plenty of people with good hearts who she hoped would wise up about racism. Portia lamented that not everyone wanted to wise up. "I'm praying to God that those people didn't get past Diane Miller, and they aren't sitting in that jury and passing judgment on my daughter, my innocent baby girl, who didn't do any of this," Portia said.

Portia worried that she hadn't prepared Trina for the type of discrimination that Black people often faced, and she offered that Trina had had a sheltered upbringing because Trina had grown up with a doctor for a mother and someone in law enforcement for a father. Stella assured Portia that she'd been a terrific mother. "Trina's a fighter. Whatever life throws at her, our girl is gonna always get back up on her feet," Stella said.

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