General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 28, 2022 on GH

Jordan Ashford returned to Port Charles. Marshall accepted a job offer from Drew. Several remembered Courtney Matthews on the anniversary of her passing. Elizabeth had another unsettling incident. Betsy was cleared as a possible suspect in stalking Elizabeth. Sasha secretly took illicit pills. Anna and Liesl buried the hatchet. Esme put a diabolical plan into motion.
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Jordan Ashford returned, Betsy showed up unannounced at Elizabeth's, and Esme broadcast the video of Cameron and Josslyn
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Elizabeth is unnerved by Betsy's unannounced visit

Elizabeth is unnerved by Betsy's unannounced visit

Monday, February 28, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Shawn confronted Harmony after having witnessed her talking to a shady criminal. "So, you still hang with criminals?" Shawn asked. Harmony scoffed at Shawn's suggestion that she had been with a criminal and claimed not to know the man. "I'm referring to Bucky. He and I go way back to some of my more nefarious days," Shawn said.

Shawn told Harmony that Bucky was something of an artist. "No one can craft a fake ID like Bucky. Driver's license, passport, you name it," he said. Harmony claimed Bucky was just a friend she had played darts with and said that she'd had no idea he had a criminal background. Shawn told Harmony that he didn't care what she did with her life, as long as it didn't affect Alexis. "You would do well to watch your step," Shawn warned.

Harmony told Shawn that she was glad Alexis had a strong support system around her and that both she and Alexis were aware of the challenges they faced having re-entered society. Harmony insincerely thanked Shawn for his concern and left the pub.

At Alexis' office, Diane congratulated Alexis on her release from Spring Ridge. Alexis asked Diane about a hypothetical scenario in which a woman had forged a birth certificate for an abandoned child that she had never legally adopted. Diane quickly guessed the woman in question was Harmony.

Alexis wouldn't confirm or deny that the woman was Harmony and Diane expressed her hope that the trust Alexis had in Harmony was deserved. With Harmony out of Spring Ridge, Diane worried that Harmony's motives were less than pure. Diane asked Alexis if she was sure Harmony had earned her support. Just then, Harmony arrived at Alexis' office, and Diane left for a meeting. Harmony apologized for having interrupted Alexis and Diane, but Alexis cut her off. "How did Willow take it when you told her you weren't her birth mother?" Alexis asked.

Harmony admitted she hadn't told Willow the truth. Harmony reasoned that she couldn't bring herself to tell Willow because she would risk losing both Willow and Wiley. Alexis sympathized but told Harmony that she was only avoiding the inevitable. "Willow needs a birth certificate, so I made sure that she is going to get one," Harmony said.

Harmony then confided that she had bought a fake birth certificate, but Alexis said that Harmony had a bigger problem: she couldn't have an honest relationship with Willow as long as there was such a big lie in the middle of it pertaining to who Willow's birth mother was. Alexis told Harmony it wasn't too late to tell Willow the truth, but Harmony didn't think she was strong enough.

Alexis reiterated that she felt Harmony owed the truth to Willow but vowed to stick by Harmony, since Harmony had stuck by her while they'd both been incarcerated at Spring Ridge. "You're stuck with me," Alexis said.

After Shawn finished his talk with Harmony at Charlie's, T.J. arrived and grabbed a table with Shawn. T.J. had come from an emergency surgery at the hospital and was overjoyed that he had likely saved a patient's life by having discovered and removed a previously unknown tumor. Shawn congratulated T.J. and told him that they had another reason to celebrate. He then informed T.J. that he had found a business opportunity and had decided to move to San Francisco.

T.J. was happy for Shawn, and the two raised a glass to each other's accomplishments. T.J. then shared with Shawn that he and Molly had found a place to move in together and out of Alexis' house. Shawn wanted to make sure T.J. was still going to see Alexis and confided in his son that he had been worried for Alexis -- mainly because of her association with Harmony. T.J. promised Shawn that he and Molly would continue to look out for Alexis.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly and Drew found Sonny together with Nina. Sonny asked what Carly and Drew were doing there. "I guess I don't have to ask the two of you that question," Carly quipped.

Carly told Sonny that the two of them needed to talk, and Sonny invited Carly and Drew in. He spoke to Nina outside his penthouse door to thank her again for her help the previous night after he had called her while he'd been drunk. When Sonny returned to face Carly and Drew, he asked Carly why she had stopped by. "It's about Jason," Carly said.

Sonny thanked Carly for having told him that Peter was dead. Drew offered to give Carly a ride back to her office at Metro Court, but she refused. "I'm not done here. Sonny and I need to get a few things straight," Carly said. Drew left.

Sonny asked what was on Carly's mind. Carly told him that she didn't want Nina to stay over at his penthouse when Donna was there. Sonny assured Carly that he wouldn't hurt Donna or Avery. Carly told her that despite everything Sonny had done with Nina, she knew him to be a good father and knew Sonny would do everything in Donna and Avery's best interests.

Sonny flashed back to Nina's warning to him to cut back on his drinking so that alcohol wouldn't dull the effects of his medication. Carly mentioned that she had wanted to bring Donna by for an upcoming visit and help make the transition of Donna's first night at Sonny's penthouse as easy as possible.

Sonny suggested that he and Carly postpone Donna's visit. He admitted he had gone off his medication for a few days and hadn't felt 100 percent, but he insisted he had resumed taking it and wanted to make sure the medication levels were right before Donna stayed the night. Carly flashed back to the night Nina had told her that Sonny didn't love Nina and how Nina had insisted it was Carly who Sonny really needed. "Nina knew you were off your meds, didn't she?" Carly asked Sonny.

Sonny told Carly that he hadn't wanted to ask her to help get him through another breakdown, given all that had been going on between them. "Yet again, you can't trust me enough to tell the truth. That just goes to show me how far apart we've grown. And that breaks my heart," Carly said.

Carly thanked Sonny for being honest with her about his meds and for always putting Donna first. She turned to leave and took once last look at Sonny. "Take care of yourself," Carly said, her voice breaking. "You, too," said Sonny, who was equally heartbroken.

Alone in his penthouse, Sonny picked up the divorce papers and started to sign them. Just outside his penthouse, Carly took out a pen and did the same.

At Charlie's, Nina mistakenly thought Drew had followed her, and she told him that he didn't need to track her down. Drew insisted he had only gone to Charlie's for food. Drew then told Nina that since he had run into her, anyway, he might as well thank her for the secret she had kept about Bailey. He thanked Nina for saving Bailey from Peter. Nina, in turn, thanked Drew for his help in having brought Maxie home safe. Nina apologized for having jumped to conclusions about why Drew had gone to Charlie's and for having assumed it was about Carly. "You and I are not going to talk about Carly," Drew sharply warned Nina.

Drew reminded Nina that when she'd kept Sonny's whereabouts in Nixon Falls a secret, it had created a vacuum that in turn had made things dangerous for Carly, given the threat of Sonny's various enemies in the mob. Nina tried to dismiss Drew, who told her that Carly was his friend and that he wasn't going to let his friend get hurt.

Nina admitted that what she'd done when she'd kept Sonny in Nixon Falls was wrong, but she couldn't change history. Tired of arguing with Drew, Nina finally told him that she didn't care what anyone thought about her anymore and that she just wanted to move on with her life. Nina admitted she cared about Sonny but insisted they were not together. "Does he know that?" Drew asked Nina.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Finn stopped by to visit Chase and asked how Chase had been since Bailey had been returned to Maxie. Finn noticed Chase had packed his bags and asked about Brook Lynn. "Oh, I wouldn't know. Brook Lynn is gone," Chase announced.

Chase explained that after Maxie had picked up Bailey, Brook Lynn had packed a suitcase and left for Bensonhurst to visit her mother. Chase surmised that Brook Lynn had wanted to get away and told Finn that he was moving out of the mansion because there was no point in staying, since Bailey had been reunited with Maxie. Finn wasn't so sure and told Chase that he had thought Chase and Brook Lynn might lean on one another to get through their grief after they'd had to give Bailey back to Maxie. "So did I, but then I kissed her, and she ran," Chase said.

Finn said Chase needed to check his ego and reminded him that Brook Lynn had just given up the baby that she had raised since birth. Finn asked facetiously if Chase thought it was his kiss that had sent Brook Lynn out of town. Finn asked Chase to confide in him about his true feelings for Brook Lynn.

Chase told Finn that his relationship with Brook Lynn was complicated. Chase explained that he was Brook Lynn's friend first and foremost, but he admitted that he'd had moments with Brook Lynn where the two of them had shared looks. Chase admitted to Finn that when Chase and Brook Lynn had learned that Peter had died and Maxie was safe, at times he hadn't been able to take his eyes off Brook Lynn. "It kind of begs the question: do you have feelings for Brook Lynn?" Finn asked.

Chase said he didn't know how he felt about Brook Lynn, and he recalled that when he'd first met her, Brook Lynn had come across as selfish and self-centered. The more he'd gotten to know Brook Lynn, though, the more Chase said he was impressed with her strength and courage. Chase added that Brook Lynn was gorgeous and made him laugh, and she was fiercely loyal. Finn encouraged Chase to go for it when Brook Lynn returned. Chase said he didn't want to wreck his and Brook Lynn's friendship by pushing for a relationship when he didn't know if she wanted to be with him.

Chase reiterated that what Brook Lynn needed most was a friend, and he vowed not to push for anything more. Finn got up to head out to see Elizabeth when Chase asked how things had been between Elizabeth and Finn. Finn admitted there had been a series of strange occurrences that had put Elizabeth on edge.

At the hospital, Elizabeth bumped into Scott, who boasted about Peter being dead. Elizabeth asked Scott if he thought Jake or Aiden might resent Elizabeth's relationship with Finn. "Aiden? No. Jake? Most definitely," Scott said.

Elizabeth told Scott that both Aiden and Jake had told her they liked Finn. Scott reasoned that Jake was at an age where he complained about everything. Elizabeth admitted she had been worried about Jake since Jason had died, and she asked if Scott thought Jake had been acting out. Scott asked why Elizabeth felt that way, and she told him about all the mysterious things that had happened in recent weeks, such as her wedding ring having shown up in her locker at work. Scott admitted that the placing of Elizabeth's wedding ring in her locker at work had been strange, but he didn't think Jake had done that. "But somebody did, and that is harassment," Scott said.

Scott made Elizabeth promise him that if anything else suspicious happened, she would call him. Elizabeth promised she would, and the two said goodbye. Elizabeth got up and turned a corner, where she ran into Betsy. Elizabeth asked what Betsy was doing at the hospital, and Betsy said she had received Elizabeth's message that had asked her to visit. Elizabeth wondered how it was possible for Betsy to have arrived in Port Charles so soon after the message Elizabeth had left, and Betsy explained that she had already been in town to visit. "You came to see Franco?" Elizabeth asked.

Betsy told Elizabeth that she had been at Franco's grave. Elizabeth informed Betsy that the reason she had called was that she'd wanted to tell Betsy that the man who had murdered Franco had been killed. Both women admitted that they had struggled to get on with their lives since Franco's death. Elizabeth told Betsy that she had slowly started to feel she could have a life after Franco and mentioned that she had been seeing someone. "Oh, I know. I know all about it," Betsy said.

"You know about Finn?" Elizabeth asked. Betsy confirmed that she had seen photos of the two of them on social media. Elizabeth hoped Betsy hadn't been bothered by Elizabeth's relationship with Finn, but before she could answer, Scott interrupted and asked what Betsy was doing at the hospital. Betsy said she was only there to visit her daughter-in-law, and she thanked Elizabeth for having called her and told her the news about Franco's killer.

After Betsy left, Elizabeth showed Scott the anonymous card she had received on Valentine's Day and remarked that she'd just discovered that Betsy had been in town before her visit to the hospital. Elizabeth wondered if Betsy could be the one behind all the strange occurrences. "'Strange' is Betsy's MO. I now have made her suspect number one," Scott said.

Elizabeth surmised that if Betsy was pretending Franco wasn't really dead, then perhaps she viewed that Elizabeth was cheating on Franco with Finn. Scott wanted to chase after Betsy, but Elizabeth managed to talk him out of it. Elizabeth said that she knew Betsy was struggling with Franco's death, but she didn't think Betsy was dangerous.

Later, when Elizabeth walked through the door of her house, she glanced up at a painting of her that Franco had once painted. "Oh, God," Elizabeth gasped.

Carly does a hatchet job on Sonny, Nina, and her marriage

Carly does a hatchet job on Sonny, Nina, and her marriage

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Nina sat alone at the bar at Charlie's, thinking about the heated conversation she'd had with Drew. Curtis and Stella entered the pub, hoping to satisfy a craving that they each had. Curtis called out to Nina and roused her from her daydream. Nina greeted Curtis and his aunt with a big smile. Nina shared that she had dropped by to talk to Phyllis but had learned that Phyllis wouldn't be in until later in the day.

When Stella stepped away to place a food order, Curtis told Nina to talk fast and tell him what was on her mind. Nina managed to deflect the conversation from her issues to the way that Marshall had stood up to Sonny at the Savoy. Stella overheard Marshall's name when she returned to the table and asked Curtis if things had soured between him and Marshall.

Curtis explained that since he and Portia were moving in together, "the equation [had] changed." Nina congratulated Curtis on his relationship status. Curtis explained that since he and Portia had gone to the next phase of their relationship, he needed to be absolutely certain that nothing from Marshall's past posed a danger to Portia. Stella urged Curtis to give Marshall time to open up. Curtis said that he had asked Drew to dig into Marshall's past and find out what Marshall was hiding.

Nina received a text message and explained that she had to be leaving. After Nina left, Stella shared her concerns about Curtis investigating Marshall. She warned Curtis that he could be the one that ended up getting hurt. Stella said that she was certain that if Curtis gave Marshall time, Marshall would eventually tell Curtis everything.

Elizabeth stood transfixed by the painting above her fireplace. She gasped in horror when someone touched her shoulder from behind. She was relieved when she turned around and saw Cameron. Cameron appeared just as confused about the painting's sudden appearance as his mom.

When Cameron revealed that the painting had been there when he'd returned home, Elizabeth became more unnerved. She explained that no one had been home in the previous 24 hours, and she had no idea how the painting had gotten there. Elizabeth instructed her son to call the police.

At the beachfront house, Chase asked Finn for details about the "strange things" that had been happening to Elizabeth. Finn told his brother about the fire at Franco's art studio, Elizabeth's magically appearing wedding ring, and the shredded wedding dress. Chase went into detective mode and suggested that they check the cameras at General Hospital to see if they could find out who was tormenting Elizabeth.

Finn asked Chase to slow down because he was not sure that Elizabeth wanted anyone else to know what was going on. Moments later, Elizabeth called Finn to tell him that someone had broken into her house. Finn told Elizabeth that he was headed to her house and would be there as soon as possible. Chase wanted to go with Finn, but Finn wasn't sure if it was a good idea for the suspended detective to show up at a crime scene.

In the restaurant at the Metro Court, Sam gave Drew a hug and said she was relieved that he had returned home safely. Drew admitted to feeling "kind of free" in the wake of Peter's death. Drew told Sam that he was considering taking a more active role at Aurora Media.

Sam cut Drew off and assured him that he did not need her approval to make changes because he still owned the company. She also shared that Jax had divested in Aurora due to a "conflict of interest." Sam told Drew that she had to run to go to another appointment.

Carly apologized to Olivia for missing the staff meeting. Carly explained that she had filed her divorce papers. Olivia took Carly's hand and asked her how she felt. "Like a failure," Carly replied before stating that she was certain she had made the right decision. Olivia asked if Carly wanted to talk about things, but Carly said that she had no interest in talking. Despite not wanting to talk, Carly confessed that she felt disappointment and questioned how her marriage had gotten to the point where it was "over."

Sam approached the bar and asked Olivia if they were "doing this." Carly had no idea what Sam was talking about. "I took the liberty of planning a little something to help you process your emotions," Olivia said vaguely. Carly took a swig of her drink and slammed the glass down on the bar top.

Carly's mouth dropped as she entered an axe-throwing establishment. Carly called the idea of axe throwing ridiculous. Olivia assured Carly that it would be a way to release anger. Olivia produced a photo of Nina that she said could help provide Carly with a little inspiration. Carly ordered Olivia to put the photo away, saying that she would use her imagination.

Sam was the first to successfully land an axe on the target, but Carly and Olivia eventually managed to also hit the mark. During a pause in their throwing, they all sat down for some beer. Carly shared how much she had enjoyed throwing axes and wondered who had come up with the idea. "If only we could throw axes at all of our problems," Olivia quipped.

Unprovoked, Carly announced that she had signed away her claim to "community property" in her marriage. Olivia worried that Carly was acting impulsively and commented that karma would eventually catch up to Nina. "Karma takes too long," Carly replied as she munched on some pretzels.

Carly picked up an axe and said, "With this throw, I release myself from Sonny and Nina." Carly hurled the axe at the target, and the blade struck the bull's-eye.

Michael returned a tablet device to a panicked Willow, who had feared that she had lost all of her notes for an upcoming exam. She sensed that something was bothering Michael and asked if he was okay. Michael shared that Carly had called him to say that she had filed for divorce.

Willow told Michael that she had spoken to Nina about visitation with Wiley a few days earlier, the same day that Carly had caught Nina and Sonny in bed together. Willow expressed anger over being "played" by Nina because Nina had made no mention of the incident with Carly. Willow announced that Nina was "not the type of person" she wanted in Wiley's life.

Michael admitted that he didn't like the idea of Nina being in Wiley's life, but he wondered if they should take a step back and make sure that emotion was not driving their decisions. They both realized that they had done just that when it came to the way they had treated Brook Lynn and Chase. Michael suggested that they visit Chase and Brook Lynn to apologize. Willow explained that she needed to study for a test, but she told Michael that he could go ahead without her.

Shortly after Michael left, Nina happened upon Willow. Nina said that she was there to visit her photo editor, who had had an appendectomy. Willow coldly told Nina to enjoy the visit and started to walk away. Nina chased after her and asked for a few moments of Willow's time. Nina shared that she was missing Wiley and really hoped to be able to spend time with him.

Willow said she was "astounded" that Nina would ask a question like that, considering the part Nina had played in upending Sonny and Carly's marriage. Willow told Nina that there was no way she could "advocate" for Nina. Nina pleaded with Willow to reconsider, pointing out that Wiley was her blood relative. "Blood doesn't entitle you to have a relationship with someone," Willow replied. Nina said that she had learned from her mistakes and promised to be "more forthcoming in the future."

Willow promised to keep an open mind. Nina reminded Willow that as Wiley's biological grandmother, she had rights bestowed upon her by the state, rights that she had chosen not to push. However, if Michael and Willow continued to prevent her from seeing Wiley, Nina shared that she would fight for her right to see Wiley.

Back at the Metro Court, Marshall showed up to discuss a proposition that Drew had put forward. Marshall made it known that he had done some research on Drew and knew about the two-year period in which Drew had been presumed dead but had really been held captive, his status as a member of the Quartermaine family, and the death of Drew's twin brother. Marshall added that he liked to know who he was potentially getting into business with. Drew smiled broadly and said that he felt the same way.

Drew claimed that he wanted Aurora to "expand into the jazz arena" and needed someone with Marshall's expertise to help guide that expansion. As Drew gently probed for details on Marshall's life as a musician, Marshall asked if Curtis had pressured Drew to hire him. "I'm nobody's charity case, my man," Marshall snapped. Marshall rose from the table and announced that the meeting was over.

Drew admitted that Curtis had recommended Marshall for the job, but Drew insisted that Curtis had only good intentions. Marshall relented and sat back down and apologized for being hasty. Drew shared that Aurora Media had contracts with the government, and it was a condition of hiring that every new hire be properly vetted. Marshall recoiled and said that he had to "respectfully decline" the job offer because he feared it would cut into the time he needed to resume his music career.

Marshall and Drew shook hands. Before leaving, Marshall told Drew that he hoped to see Drew at his next gig. Drew immediately phoned Curtis to tell him that Marshall would not agree to a background check.

Michael arrived at the beach house as Chase was packing up his things. Michael said that he wanted to speak to Chase and Brook Lynn, but Chase informed him that Brook Lynn had gone to Bensonhurst to "decompress." Chase noted that he and Michael were not exactly friends, and he asked why Michael was there. Michael explained that he wanted to apologize for "coming down so hard" on Chase and Brook Lynn over Bailey. "Apology accepted," Chase replied curtly as he resumed packing up his things.

Michael remarked that Chase's acceptance of the apology had been "too easy." Michael urged Chase to lay into him, but Chase initially refused. After more prodding, Chase finally let loose on Michael. "You slept with my wife," Chase roared, noting that he and Brook Lynn had not slept together as both Michael and Willow had believed. Chase blasted Michael's "selfish and self-righteous" attempt at absolution.

Michael nodded several times before asking, "You feel better?" Chase admitted that he did. Both men wondered why doing the right thing always seemed to involve lying.

When Finn arrived at Elizabeth's, the police were already on the scene. Dante told Elizabeth that they had found no sign of forced entry into the house. Elizabeth mentioned that she and her boys were the only ones with keys to the house. She also revealed that there was a spare key hidden in front of the house that she, the kids, and Franco knew about.

Dante believed that whoever had put the painting on the mantel was also responsible for the fire at Franco's art studio. Elizabeth's face fell, and she announced that she knew who might have done it. Dante was puzzled when Elizabeth suggested that Betsy Frank might have been involved. She shared details about the "gothic" Valentine's card that she had received and how Betsy had claimed that she liked to pretend that Franco was still alive. "Betsy's not all there on a good day, and now she's grieving," Elizabeth added.

Dante wondered if Betsy might have been using one of Elizabeth's sons to gain access to Elizabeth's life. Cameron said that he'd had no contact with Betsy, and it would be "weird" if Betsy had contacted either Jake or Aiden. Dante said that he would look into Betsy's activities in the past few months.

Elizabeth told Finn that she found it "creepy" that Betsy might have been breaking into her home. Finn offered to stay with Elizabeth for a few nights to keep an eye on things. Cameron headed to his room to get ready for work. Elizabeth asked Finn if she was overacting. He took her into his arms and assured her that she was not. He vowed to stay with her until she felt safe again.

Jordan Ashford returns to Port Charles

Jordan Ashford returns to Port Charles

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

In Mac's hospital room, Maxie beamed with joy as her parents happily cooed to their newest granddaughter. Moments later, Anna arrived. Felicia decided to fetch Mac's prescription from the pharmacy, since Mac was due to be discharged later that day. Maxie also made excuses to give Mac and Anna some privacy. Mac was curious if the WSB had gotten any information out of the compromised agent who had been sent to kill Peter. Anna admitted that Agent Krieger hadn't provided any useful information, and the agent had succumbed to his gunshot wound, even though the injury hadn't been life-threatening. Mac was frustrated that they didn't have any clues as to who had helped Peter escape, but Anna revealed that she had uncovered something.

Near the nurses' station, Laura greeted Maxie and Bailey, and they were soon joined by Austin. Austin hoped that Maxie could find it in her heart to forgive him. He promised that he had never intended to endanger "Louise." Maxie revealed that she had changed the baby's name to Bailey Louise, but she reminded Austin that she had warned him to stay out of Brook Lynn's business. Austin agreed, and he assured Maxie that he regretted that his vendetta had nearly cost Maxie everything. Laura excused herself, but she made a point of thanking Austin for his help with Victor.

After Laura left, Austin took Maxie to his office, and he told her about Liesl's plan to spy on Victor through a listening device. Maxie was shocked that Austin and Liesl had worked together, but he admitted that he hadn't had a choice in the matter. However, he had been eager to make amends to Maxie for his role in Victor uncovering the truth about Bailey. Austin regretted that he hadn't been more helpful, but Maxie assured him that it had taken courage to go up against Victor. Austin confessed that he had been motivated by fear rather than courage.

Maxie admitted that she had been afraid, too. Maxie explained that leaving Bailey behind had been the easy part because it had kept Bailey safe, but staring down the barrel of Peter's gun had made Maxie think about all the people that she would never see again. Austin was surprised when she revealed that he had been on the list. Maxie knew that he had only wanted the best for her, which made it possible for her to forgive him. Pleased, Austin reached for her hand. He appreciated their friendship, but he wondered if there could be more between them.

In Mac's hospital room, Mac and Anna greeted Laura, who had stopped by to check on Mac. The conversation quickly turned to the events surrounding Peter's escape and death. Anna revealed that she had found a number to a burner phone with a Port Charles area code on Krieger's cellphone. Laura wondered if Mac and Anna suspected the same thing that Laura did. Mac asked for his clothes, but Felicia returned with his prescription. As Felicia lectured Mac about his recovery, Jordan Ashford appeared in the doorway.

Jordan announced that she had made a full recovery, and she was ready to report for duty. Anna, Laura, and Jordan excused themselves. Felicia turned to Mac and asked if he was ready to go home. Smiling, he assured her that he "was born ready."

In the hallway, Jordan thanked both Anna and Laura for their phone calls, their text messages, and the weekly delivery of flowers because it had kept Jordan's spirits up. Laura was glad to have Jordan back, but she asked if Jordan was certain that Jordan was ready to return to work. Jordan assured Laura that she was eager to get back to work, and she had wanted to help with hunting down Peter. Anna confided that the investigation had not been completely wrapped up. Jordan wanted details, but Laura pointed out that some of the information was classified, and Jordan had not been reinstated.

Anna urged Laura to make an exception because they could use Jordan's help. Laura agreed, and she officially reinstated Jordan as the police commissioner. Jordan promised that Laura wouldn't regret it. Anna and Laura quickly filled Jordan in on their theory that Victor had helped Peter and that Victor had sent an assassin when Peter had outlived his usefulness, but Laura suggested that they continue their discussion in the morning. Later, Anna's cell phone rang. She glanced at the caller identification and answered the call. "What on earth do you want?" Anna asked.

At the local coffee shop, Curtis wrapped up a call when he saw his father approach. Marshall admitted that he knew what Curtis had done. Marshall told Curtis about the meeting with Drew and Drew's job offer, which Marshall had declined. Marshall appreciated that Curtis had sent work Marshall's way, but he wondered why Curtis hadn't been honest about it. Curtis admitted that he had been afraid that Marshall would turn down the opportunity if Marshall had known that Curtis had had a hand in it. Curtis pointed out that Marshall operated on a "need-to-know basis," so Marshall didn't have the right to be mad when others did the same.

Marshall explained that the job had required an extensive background check, and Marshall had been reluctant for Drew to uncover that Marshall had a criminal history, even though the records had been sealed. Curtis pointed out that sealed records generally didn't turn up in background checks, but Marshall refused to risk it. Marshall conceded that it had been 40 years -- and it had been a "nonviolent offense" -- but the inciting incident had led to Marshall's disappearance. Curtis wondered if Marshall had even wanted the job. Marshall insisted that he had, and he promised that his "holding back" about his past had not been about a lack of trust.

Curtis asked -- if that had been true -- why Marshall would hold back. Marshall knew that he was not an ideal father, but Curtis insisted that he didn't need perfection from his father because Curtis was a grown man. Curtis couldn't understand why Marshall was reluctant to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, but Marshall explained that it might not be safe yet to do so. Curtis warned his father that Curtis had a right to know if Marshall's secrets posed any danger to Curtis or the people that Curtis cared about -- including Portia and Trina. Marshall was surprised by the importance that Curtis had placed on Portia, so Curtis revealed that he and Portia had decided to get a place together.

Marshall was happy for Curtis, and he promised his son that Curtis didn't have any cause for concern. Marshall raised his hand as he vowed not to let anything harm Curtis and those that Curtis held dear. Curtis assured his father that he was there for Marshall if Marshall ever wanted to talk about the past. Marshall was relieved when Curtis promised not to pry.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Portia bumped into Drew at the bar. Portia had stopped by to pick up dinner for her and Curtis, but she wanted an opportunity to chat with Drew. Portia asked if Drew had plans to meet someone, but he explained that he had just finished a meeting on behalf of a friend. The conversation quickly turned to Curtis, and Portia admitted that she was glad that Drew had Curtis' back. Drew admitted that he was grateful to have Curtis for a friend, especially after Drew had lost both brothers. Portia offered Drew her condolences, and she acknowledged that both Drew and Curtis had been through a lot of changes in recent months.

Drew realized that Portia had been referring to Marshall. Portia admitted that she wanted Curtis to be happy. Drew agreed, but he also intended to keep a close eye on Marshall. Relieved, Portia expressed her gratitude that Drew would watch over Curtis. "Always," Drew said. Portia lifted her glass and toasted long friendships. Drew smiled as he offered a toast to Portia, the woman who had stolen his friend's heart. Drew admitted that he looked forward to getting to know Portia.

Drew decided to share a story about an investigation that Drew and Curtis had been on and how Curtis had been horrified by an encounter with a rodent in a back alley Dumpster. When Portia mentioned her frustration over finding a suitable house for her and Curtis, Drew told her about a place for sale. Portia's interest was piqued, so he agreed to send her a link to the listing, and he asked that she invite him to dinner if everything worked out.

Shortly after Portia left, Marshall approached Drew at the bar. Marshall explained that he'd had a change of heart about the job. Drew reminded Marshall that Marshall would have to fill out a standard application and undergo a background check. Marshall assured Drew that he had nothing to hide.

At the Savoy, Portia greeted Curtis as she held up a bag of food from Metro Court's restaurant. She also shared the news that she might have found their new home. Portia showed Curtis the listing on her phone, and he loved it.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Sam threw a small axe at a target. Dante watched, and he chuckled when it landed with a thud on the floor. Sam wasn't offended. She warned him that it wasn't as easy as it looked, and she challenged him to try it. Dante accepted the axe, and he landed it in the bull's-eye. Sam was certain that Dante had experience axe throwing, but he assured her that he had never done it before. Sam playfully accused Dante of lying, but he suggested that they chalk it up to superior hand-eye coordination.

Sam decided that Dante had been a frontiersman in a past life, and the skill had followed him to his current incarnation. Sam poured them each a beer as Dante sat down and admitted that he'd had a strange day. Sam was stunned when he told her about Elizabeth's stalker and the strange incidents that had been plaguing Elizabeth. Sam didn't blame Elizabeth for being shaken by the creepy events. Dante suspected a scorned lover.

Shocked, Sam asked if Franco had been unfaithful. Dante had no idea, but he was curious if Sam had observed anything. Sam conceded that Elizabeth and Franco had seemed devoted to each other, and the same had been true for Franco and Elizabeth's sons. Sam believed that Franco, Elizabeth, and the boys had been one big happy family. Dante decided to take a closer look at Franco's cell phone records to see if there had been anyone that Franco had been in constant contact with, but Sam wondered what Elizabeth thought.

Dante admitted that Elizabeth suspected Betsy Frank. Dante and Sam resumed throwing axes as they discussed the possibility that Betsy had been stalking Elizabeth. Dante had tried to question Betsy, but she hadn't been available. Sam pointed out that Dante could issue an APB, since technically, Betsy was a person of interest, but Dante explained that Elizabeth had refused a formal inquiry, out of concern for the children. Dante confessed that he was not convinced that it was Betsy, but Sam admitted that Betsy could be scary.

Dante intended to retrace Betsy's footsteps, but Sam decided to give him a helping hand by calling Spinelli. A short time later, Spinelli sent Sam security footage from the cemetery. Dante and Sam watched the footage. Dante realized that Betsy had lied because Betsy had gone to the cemetery, but Betsy had left without visiting Franco's grave. Dante decided it was time to find Betsy. Spinelli called Sam back with an update. Sam shared that Spinelli had discovered that Betsy had been arrested in November. Dante made a quick phone call and learned that Betsy had been stopped for erratic driving, but Betsy hadn't been under the influence of any substances.

According to the report, Betsy had attacked the state trooper, and she had been transported to the nearest hospital and admitted for a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric evaluation. Betsy had been considered an immediate danger to herself and others.

At Elizabeth's house, Finn asked Elizabeth not to worry because Dante would figure out what had happened, and Finn would stay with Elizabeth in case anything else happened. Elizabeth remained uneasy because she couldn't figure out her stalker's endgame or if her children were in danger. Just then, Jake arrived home. Cameron entered the living room as Jake asked his mother why the police had been there. Cameron explained that someone had broken into the house. Jake recognized Franco's painting of Elizabeth, but Jake was confused because he thought that it had been destroyed in the fire at Franco's studio.

Finn seized the opportunity to question Jake about anything out of the ordinary that Jake might have seen the previous morning when Jake had left. Jake didn't recall seeing anyone or anything strange. Finn asked if Jake had been in touch with Betsy, but Jake denied that he had. Elizabeth decided to stop the questions by taking Finn to the kitchen while she put a kettle of water on the stove. Cameron remained in the living room with Jake, and he explained to Jake that their mother had been "weirded out" by the appearance of the painting.

Jake was surprised when Cameron mentioned that Elizabeth was relieved that Peter August had died. Cameron realized that their mother hadn't told Jake. Jake asked if it was wrong that he was glad that Peter was dead. Cameron confided that he felt the same way because Peter had taken Franco from them. Jake agreed, and he reminded his brother that Peter had framed Jason for Franco's murder. Cameron regretted that he had been one of the people to think the worst of Jake's father. Jake wished that Peter had died sooner because it would have spared Jason's life.

Cameron hugged his brother. Jake admitted that he was sorry that their mother had been upset by the painting, but Jake was grateful that they had something to remember Franco by. Cameron reminded his brother that they would always have their memories. Jake pointed out that people moved on, and Jake felt that sometimes Franco was forgotten.

In the kitchen, Elizabeth admitted that it had sounded as if Finn had been insinuating that Jake had been responsible for the appearance of the painting. Finn assured her that it hadn't been his intention, but he was curious if she really thought that he would accuse one of her sons or if she worried that one of them might have been involved. Elizabeth was certain that her sons would never hurt her like that. Finn promised Elizabeth that he would back off, especially if she thought that he had overstepped. He assured her that he had only been concerned about her safety.

Finn admitted that he also wanted to build a relationship with her sons. Touched, Elizabeth told Finn that he hadn't overstepped. She admitted that she was frustrated because she couldn't figure out what was going on. Finn promised that they would get to the bottom of things and put a stop to it. Moments later, Finn started to return to the living room, but he stopped when he overheard Cameron and Jake talk about Franco.

Finn and Elizabeth sat down with Jake. Finn apologized for putting Jake on the spot, and he confessed that he was not the best at subtly, especially when he was concerned about Elizabeth. Elizabeth assured Jake that Franco would not be forgotten. Finn explained that he had no desire to replace Franco and that he hoped to develop his own bond with Jake. Jake quietly asked if he could go to his room. Elizabeth agreed.

After Jake left, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was surprised when she saw Betsy on the doorstep. Betsy started to tell Elizabeth something, but she stopped when she saw Finn walk up behind Elizabeth. Betsy decided to leave, but Elizabeth asked her to wait because it was clear that Betsy wanted to tell Elizabeth something. Betsy confessed that she hadn't been honest with Elizabeth -- and Elizabeth deserved to know the truth. "All of it," Betsy said.

Betsy Frank shows up at Elizabeth's door with important news

Betsy Frank shows up at Elizabeth's door with important news

Thursday, March 3, 2022

At the Savoy, on Portia's phone, Portia and Curtis looked over the details of a possible new place to live. They thought it sounded perfect, but before they could continue, Jordan surprised them with her arrival. Both Curtis and Portia hugged Jordan, and she announced that she was on her way to dinner with T.J. and Stella. She refrained from saying anything else, noting that Curtis appeared to be busy. Portia offered to leave, but Curtis and Jordan deemed that unnecessary. Jordan confessed that she'd overheard Portia and Curtis talking about their hunt for a house.

Portia suggested that she and Jordan get together soon, and Jordan agreed. They sat down at a table with Curtis and glasses of wine, as Jordan wanted to catch up with all she'd missed in Port Charles. Curtis provided details of several of the citizens' activities. Jordan hoped to meet Marshall, and she asked Curtis if there were any other secrets. She was interrupted with a text message from T.J. and had to leave for dinner. She wished Curtis and Portia good luck with the house search, and she left. Curtis thought it had gone well, while outside, Jordan appeared to be upset.

Curtis thought that Jordan was in a good place, but Portia believed that Jordan was still in love with Curtis. She was aware that Curtis was the type of man that came along once in a great while, and she guessed that Jordan felt the same way. Curtis reminded Portia that divorce papers had been signed long before Jordan's injury and her leaving town. He maintained that both he and Jordan had moved on. Portia thought that if there was still a chance, Jordan would never let Curtis go. They returned to the discussion of their house hunting. Curtis deemed it the next chapter in their new beginning as they shared a kiss.

Britt was surprised to find Nina waiting in her office at the hospital. Nina was upset that everyone had been taking Carly's side, and she insisted that the divorce wasn't her fault. After Nina let off steam about all that had happened, she was displeased at Britt's reaction. She had thought that Britt would understand after being under Carly's wrath herself, regarding Jason. Britt assured Nina that she wasn't on Carly's side, but she reminded Nina that Carly and Jason's almost marriage had been a result of Nina's decision to keep Sonny a secret.

Britt promised to have Nina's back because they were family, although she told Nina that Nina was the one who had wrecked Carly's marriage to Sonny. Nina insisted that she wasn't the only one to ever fall for a married man, but she was also a good grandmother. She didn't think she should be shut out of Wiley's life, and she had been thinking about taking legal action.

Britt was tired of hearing Nina complain that she was a victim, and she didn't think it was a good idea for Nina to pursue legal action. She thought that would only be starting a war with Sonny's family. She thought that Nina should consider various gains and losses. Britt was paged and had to leave to see to a patient.

In a corridor, Anna spoke on the phone to someone who wanted to see her. Anna promised the person that they would regret it if it was a trap.

In Austin's office, Maxie told him how much his friendship had meant to her. She leaned over and kissed him, and Austin kissed her back. They pulled apart, and Austin stated that while he'd wanted to do that for a long time, it had been a bad idea. He ran through a list of reasons, and he concluded that he had believed that Maxie wouldn't have wanted to rush into things. She asked him if he was having second thoughts, but he replied that while he had many thoughts, he wasn't having second thoughts. He thought it was good to respect her boundaries and give her space.

Maxie assured him that Peter was finally gone, and she was able to do what she wanted to do without any worries. She was ready to make up for lost time. Austin agreed, although he would understand if Maxie didn't want to rush. Maxie guessed he was scared, and she pointed out how he had lived alone in the middle of nowhere until she had shown up in his life. There was no longer any crisis, and she wanted to know if their feelings were real.

Austin thought that Maxie was different since her return. He thought she seemed "lighter," and he liked it. Maxie explained that she was finally able to be the real Maxie Jones. Austin wondered what she was doing later in the evening, but Maxie informed him that she wanted to spend time with her children. She promised to see him the following day, and she left with Bailey.

Cameron ran into Stella in a corridor, and they made small talk. Cameron apologized for what had happened to the envelope that Stella had left behind when she'd had her stroke at Kelly's. Stella was confused, and Cameron reminded her that the envelope with papers had been in her possession that day. Stella flashed back to the incident, but she stated that she couldn't remember what they had been. She decided that it couldn't have been important, as no one had contacted her about them. Cameron was sorry the envelope had gotten soaked, and one of the waitresses had tossed it out. He felt responsible for it.

Stella didn't want Cameron to blame himself, and she informed him that she was on her way to Kelly's for dinner with T.J. and Jordan. Cameron wanted to treat everyone to dessert, but Stella wouldn't hear of it.

Anna met with Liesl at the axe-throwing facility. Liesl was upset that she hadn't heard from Anna since Anna had returned from Switzerland, Liesl's homeland. To Anna's amusement -- or perhaps horror -- Liesl began to sing the Swiss national anthem. As Anna tried to figure out what was happening, Liesl abruptly stopped singing, and a look or horror crept over her face. "It's rude to interrupt the Schweizerpsalm," Liesl snapped. Anna asked why Liesl had expected her to reach out. Liesl explained that she'd thought they had bonded over their "destructive power" when they'd gone to the rage room together.

Liesl thought that they had put the past behind them, and she threw an axe. She wanted to discuss peace with Anna after they had located Maxie together. Anna pointed out that others had been involved, as well. Liesl wished that she could have seen Peter's end, but Anna assured her there had been no joy in it. Liesl disagreed, and she hoped that Jason would torment Peter in the afterlife. Anna was amused at what made Liesl feel happy.

Liesl wanted a new beginning, although Anna confessed that she couldn't forget what Liesl had done to Robin in the past. Liesl blamed Faison and confided that she'd found real love with Scott. Anna gasped in disbelief to hear about Scott, and she said she was happy for them. They chatted about Faison, Nathan, and obsession. Liesl wanted to put the past behind them. They sat down at a table to figure out their next move.

Liesl suggested they join a book club or go out for a drink. They voiced their likes and dislikes and agreed they were no longer enemies or each other's targets. "They are no longer one and the same," Liesl said. Anna suggested they no longer had to plan each other's demise. Liesl left, and Anna grabbed an axe to throw. She hit the bull's-eye. "Yes! Still got it," she exclaimed.

Elizabeth was surprised to see Betsy when she opened her front door. Betsy announced that she hadn't been honest and needed to tell the truth. She wasn't thrilled to see Finn, but she gasped when she saw Franco's portrait of Elizabeth. Betsy wandered around the living room and looked at Jake's artwork. They were interrupted by the doorbell, and Elizabeth opened the door to admit Dante and Sam.

Elizabeth disclosed that Betsy had been about to talk about what she'd done and why. "I think we know why," Dante said. Elizabeth introduced Sam and Dante, but Betsy was familiar with who they were. Dante told her that strange things had been happening, but Betsy denied knowing anything about them. Dante asked why she'd been in a mental health facility. He had learned about it via a police report, and he knew that she'd been there in order to not harm herself or anyone else.

Betsy was embarrassed about that. She couldn't remember what she'd been about to say, either. Dante was aware that she hadn't gone to Franco's grave, and Betsy admitted that she hadn't been able to face up to it. She said she had failed Franco. Finn assured Betsy that he knew about her sadness and confusion, and Betsy thought that grief was responsible for it. Dante mentioned the destroyed dress, the wedding ring, the arson, and the painting, but Betsy was unfamiliar with any of it. Finn offered to help Betsy with her grief if she needed it.

Betsy revealed that she had been under 24-hour surveillance at the clinic until the minute she'd been released and left for Port Charles. Dante made a phone call to confirm it, and Betsy pointed out that she couldn't have been in two places at once. Elizabeth apologized for believing that Betsy had been behind the strange occurrences. She was sure that Franco had believed that Betsy had done her best, and she wished she could have shared Betsy's grief. Betsy wanted to return home.

After Betsy was gone, Elizabeth, Finn, Dante, and Sam all agreed that Betsy had not been responsible for the odd incidents. Elizabeth suddenly spotted a brand-new sketch of Franco that Jake had done.

Esme uploads the Josslyn and Cameron video during class

Esme uploads the Josslyn and Cameron video during class

Friday, March 4, 2022

On vacation, Sasha awoke and discovered that Brando had brought her coffee in bed. He told her that he looked forward to the rest of their vacation. Sasha asked if they had plans for the day. Brando suggested that they stay in bed, and the two made love for the first time since Liam had died.

Afterward, Sasha finally told Brando that she loved him. Brando confided that it had been a long time since the two of them had been together, and Sasha told him they shouldn't wait so long the next time. Sasha excused herself and went to her purse, where she found the drugs she had recently bought from an old acquaintance. Sasha swallowed the pills, then came back into the bedroom and stood side by side with Brando. The two held each other and stared out the window together, both happy for the first time in months.

Sasha remarked that she didn't want their vacation to end. Brando promised that he would try to make every day just as special for Sasha. When Sasha asked how Brando planned to do that, he told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. "Then let's do it! Let's get married today!" Sasha said.

At Spring Ridge, Esme flashed back to the night at the cabin when she had planted a cell phone aimed toward the bed and had recorded Josslyn and Cameron making love. She found Spencer, greeted him with a surprise kiss, and wished him a happy belated birthday. A visibly moody Spencer snapped at Esme, who asked what was wrong.

Spencer apologized to Esme for having snapped at her. He then started to weep as he told Esme that it was the anniversary of his mother's death. Esme reminded Spencer that his stay in Spring Ridge was only temporary and that she would be honored to leave flowers on Courtney's grave on his behalf until he could get out and put them there himself. Spencer raised his voice to Esme and said that the point was that he should be able to leave the flowers that day but couldn't because he was locked up at Spring Ridge. Esme responded that she had only tried to help. Spencer told her that she didn't understand. "But Trina would?" Esme asked.

Esme took offense to the notion that only Trina could experience what it was like to lose a parent, given Esme's parents. Spencer apologized and admitted that it had been the wrong thing to say. "It's just that you never talk about your parents," Spencer said. "I don't like talking about them," Esme said.

Spencer apologized to Esme again and promised that he wouldn't mention her parents again. Esme asked about the gift he had given Trina and wondered whether it was a coincidence that Laura had given Trina the gift on Valentine's Day. Spencer pleaded for Esme to believe him when he said that it had only been a coincidence and that he gave gifts to all his friends.

Just then, Victor arrived at Spring Ridge to visit his great-nephew. He apologized to Spencer for not having visited him on his birthday. Victor then realized he had interrupted Spencer and Esme's conversation and asked if he should return another time. Esme told Victor that it was a delight to see him but that she had to get to class. She bid Spencer goodbye and left. Out in the hallway at Spring Ridge, Esme stared again at the video on her phone of Cameron and Josslyn making love. "Time to get this done," Esme smirked.

Victor asked Spencer what seemed to be troubling him, and Spencer confided that he couldn't put flowers on his mother's grave as long as he was locked up in Spring Ridge. He pleaded for Victor to bust him out, but Victor adamantly refused. He told Spencer that he would not risk extending his great-nephew's sentence, nor risk joining him at Spring Ridge. "Not when there is so much in the works for the future of this family," Victor said cryptically.

Spencer impressed Victor by reminding him that they were Cassadines and that family was everything to them. Spencer told Victor how important it was for him to visit his mother's grave and asked Victor to think about all the people he had loved and lost. "There must be something you can do," Spencer pleaded.

Sure enough, Victor pulled some strings for Spencer to visit his mother's grave, and Spencer arrived with flowers. He spotted flowers that Nikolas and Sonny had left and remarked that he was glad she wasn't alone. Trina called out for Spencer at the cemetery and asked what he was doing outside of Spring Ridge.

Earlier at the cemetery, Sonny had gone to visit Courtney's grave. As he stared down at her gravestone, Sonny apologized to his sister that he hadn't been able to visit her grave the year before. He wanted Courtney to know that he still thought about her and that she was still in his heart. "Mine, too," Nikolas echoed. Sonny turned and saw Nikolas standing nearby with his own bouquet of flowers.

Sonny and Nikolas talked briefly about their mutual love for Courtney. Sonny asked Nikolas if it had been worth it to break up Nikolas' marriage to Emily, and Jax's marriage to Courtney just for an affair. Nikolas told Sonny that he had genuinely loved Courtney and had planned to marry her. Nikolas reminded Sonny that Courtney would always be the mother of Nikolas' son, just as Carly would always be the mother of Sonny's children.

Sonny remarked that Courtney would have been an amazing mother to Spencer if she had lived, and the two men both shared their regrets that Spencer had never gotten to know her. Nikolas said that he had done the best he could to raise Spencer without Courtney, but Sonny reminded Nikolas that Nikolas had made many mistakes that had changed Spencer's life and shaped his son's character. Sonny suggested that Nikolas should own up to his mistakes and move forward with the people he loved. He cautioned Nikolas not to run away from his mistakes because doing so only made a person's pain worse.

Nikolas spoke to Courtney at her grave and told her that their son was loved and that he needed to remind Spencer of that more often. Nikolas placed the flowers on Courtney's grave then left the cemetery. After Nikolas left, Sonny made a promise to Courtney that he would look out for Spencer. "Just like I trust that you keep an eye on my dad, on Morgan, Jason, and Brando and Sasha's baby boy," Sonny said as his voice started to break.

Behind the bar at Metro Court, Carly stared at a photo of Courtney and admitted to Sam that she was sad every year on the anniversary of Courtney's death. Carly recalled that the Metro Court had been named after Courtney, and she spoke of how much she missed Courtney, especially in light of Carly's divorce from Sonny and other life-changing events that had happened in the past year. Sam admitted that while she and Courtney hadn't been the best of friends, perhaps they would have become friends had Courtney lived. Sam remarked that if she and Elizabeth could become friends, anything was possible.

Later at Metro Court, Nikolas approached Carly at the bar, and the two asked each other if they had been holding up with it being the anniversary of Courtney's death. Nikolas assured Carly that Courtney would have loved everything Carly had done to the place and what it had become. "I'm sorry I've never told you that before," Nikolas told Carly, who thanked him for the kind words.

At a table at Metro Court, Ava and Victor exchanged a brief greeting before Laura interrupted and remarked that Victor had been keeping a low profile of late. Victor claimed not to have any idea what Laura meant. Laura flashed back to when she had confided in Sam -- that Luke's death had not been an accident and that it was no coincidence that the Ice Princess had been stolen around the time Luke had died. Laura had surmised that Victor had been the one behind Luke's death.

Laura remarked to Victor that there had been a lot of strange things that had happened in Port Charles since his return. She told Victor that if he had been involved in either Luke's death or in Peter's disappearance, she would prove it. Victor took Laura's words as his cue to leave and departed after giving Ava a kiss on her hand. Ava asked Laura to confide in her what she suspected about Victor.

Laura confessed to Ava that she felt Victor had made plans that could spell trouble for everyone in Port Charles. Ava pointed out that Victor had always been cryptic about his plans. What made matters worse, Laura said, was that Spencer idolized his great-uncle, and even Nikolas had started to warm up to Victor, as well. Laura encouraged Ava to pretend to make nice with Victor in the hope that he would lower his guard and confide in her. Laura added that she would not have asked for Ava's help if she thought that whatever Victor had planned wasn't serious.

Later, Nikolas joined Ava over drinks and mentioned that Carly had told him she had witnessed Ava and Laura having an intense conversation. He asked what it was about. Ava confessed that she was making more of an effort to get in Victor's good graces. Nikolas said he was making more of an effort with Spencer but bemoaned that he hadn't had much luck. Ava encouraged Nikolas to keep trying and suggested that in the meantime, they invite Victor to dinner.

On the patio outside Kelly's, Anna met with Drew and told him that she feared trouble was ahead and that Victor was the one responsible. Drew said he had been working under the same impression. Anna informed Drew that Liesl had planted a bug on Victor and that Liesl had overheard a conversation between Drew and Victor on the docks. Drew was convinced that Victor had tried unsuccessfully that night to activate his old conditioning.

Anna said she hoped to expose Victor before Valentin returned home because Victor would exploit his father-son relationship with Valentin and try to use it to his advantage. Drew couldn't figure out what Victor could possibly want out of him and noted that Victor already employed plenty of people with military backgrounds like Drew's. Anna asked if Drew thought it was possible that Victor believed Drew knew something that had been suppressed.

Drew wondered if Victor had tried to access Drew's old memories since Drew's days as a prisoner at Crichton-Clark. Laura and Sam joined Drew and Anna outside Kelly's, and Drew asked Laura if she felt Victor had had something to do with Luke's death. While there was no proof it, Laura said she and Anna both felt Victor had had plans for months. Anna wondered if it were possible that Luke had stumbled on those plans and if Victor had, in turn, been forced to eliminate Luke.

Anna said they couldn't fully stop Victor until they had proof. She said that the only way to gain proof that Victor had been responsible for Luke's death was to go to Austria, where Luke's train had crashed. Laura cautioned Anna to tread carefully because the crash had been ruled an accident, and if Anna were to reopen the investigation, it would tip Victor off that they were onto him.

Sam and Anna surmised that something in Drew's past had motivated Victor to help Peter before Peter's death. Laura asked if it were possible that Victor could have gotten to Andre Maddox and questioned him about Drew's memories. Anna said she would contact Andre to be sure, but she was confident Andre would never reveal privileged information about a patient -- especially not to someone like Victor. Sam suggested that, since Victor still believed he could access Drew's memories, they could set a trap by convincing Victor that it was a real possibility.

At Port Charles University, Professor Khan told Trina that she had seemed distracted during class. Professor Khan reminded Trina that class participation would be one-third of her grade and that she had hoped Trina would keep up.

Out in the hallway, Josslyn lamented to Cameron that she hadn't been able to spend as much time with Trina as she would have liked since the night at the cabin. Josslyn regretted that there was tension between her and Trina. She was still furious at Esme for what Esme had done to embarrass Trina. Josslyn turned, saw Trina, and asked how Trina's class had gone. Trina appeared anxious to move on, but Josslyn caught her and asked if Trina was still mad at her.

Trina said what really bothered her was that Josslyn had told Esme something that Trina had said in confidence. Trina said she needed time to process what she felt. Josslyn reminded Trina that the night at the cabin had all been a setup by Esme but admitted she had been wrong to tell Esme what Trina had confided.

As Trina and Josslyn's argument raged on, Trina asked why Josslyn couldn't just take responsibility for having made a bad situation worse. Esme, having just arrived from Spring Ridge, walked in on the argument and quipped that one could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Cameron warned Esme to stay out of Josslyn and Trina's business. Esme happily ducked into the classroom without saying another word. Josslyn offered to ditch her next class so that she and Trina could talk through their problems, but Trina said she was all talked out.

Later, in Professor Khan's class, Josslyn decided that she needed to find Trina and apologize again before things got worse between the two of them. Esme, who had been alone in the back of the classroom, used her phone to upload the video file of Josslyn and Cameron making love.

After the file was uploaded, the cell phones of every student in the classroom began to buzz and light up with messages. Professor Khan stopped class to ask what was more important than their class's subject matter when the video of Cameron and Josslyn in bed together appeared on the classroom's television.

The rest of the students all started to laugh and taunt as a horrified Cameron and Josslyn looked on -- all to the delight of a smiling Esme.

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