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Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis
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Actor History
Unknown infant
December 2002 to July 2003
Kara and Shelby Hoffman
July 2003 to December 2003
Emma and Sarah Smith
December 2003 to November 2005
Kali Rodriguez
Lindsey Morgan

Born onscreen November 19, 2002

Changed to November 19, 1992 (in 2009)

Changed to November 19, 1993 (April 8, 2019)

Other Names

Kristina Ashton (birth name)

Kristina Davis

Krissy (family nickname)

The reluctant mob princess (Spinelli's nickname)

Princess (Father's nickname)

Cookie (Mother's nickname)


Bartender at Charlie's Pub

Bookkeeper at Perks Coffee

Former business classes at Port Charles University (2016 - 2017)

Former college student at Wesleyan University (2013 - 2015)

Former star of the reality series, Mob Princess

Formerly Yale University student (2011 - 2012)


Graduated from Madison Preparatory School


Formerly Dawn of Day house, Port Charles, NY

Formerly 122 Harbor View Drive, Port Charles, New York (Harbor View Towers, Penthouse #2)

Formerly 57 Lake Avenue, Port Charles, New York

Formerly Eugene, Oregon

Formerly an apartment she shared with Nurse Amy Driscoll, Port Charles, NY

Formerly Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut

Formerly Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Trey Mitchell [Married: Aug 28, 2012; annulled: Oct 17, 2012]


Alexis Davis (mother)

Sonny Corinthos (father)

Dante Falconeri (paternal half-brother)

Samantha McCall (maternal half-sister)

Michael Corinthos III (paternal half-brother; via adoption)

Morgan Corinthos (paternal half-brother; deceased)

Lila McCall (paternal half-sister; deceased)

Daniel Edward Morgan (maternal nephew)

Emily Scout Cain (maternal niece)

Jonah Quartermaine-Corinthos (paternal nephew; presumed deceased)

Rocco Falconeri (paternal nephew)

Molly Lansing (maternal half-sister)

Mikkos Cassadine (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Kristin Nilsson (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Helena Cassadine (maternal step-grandmother)

Mike Corbin (paternal grandfather)

Adela Corinthos (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Ric Lansing (paternal half-uncle/ ex-step-father)

Courtney Matthews (paternal half-aunt; deceased)

Anthony Cassadine (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Victor Cassadine (maternal great-uncle; presumed deceased)

Kristina Cassadine (maternal aunt; deceased)

Stavros Cassadine (maternal half-uncle; deceased)

Stefan Cassadine (maternal half-uncle; deceased)

Valentin Cassadine (maternal half-uncle)

Nikolas Cassadine (maternal cousin)

Spencer Cassadine (maternal cousin/ paternal cousin)

Petros Cassadine (maternal cousin)

Charlotte Cassadine (maternal cousin)



Flings & Affairs

Valerie Spencer (kissed)

Parker Forsyth (lovers)

Aaron Roland (lovers)

Johnny Zacchara (pretended to date)

Kiefer Bauer (dated; deceased)

Ethan Lovett (kissed)

Trey Mitchell (lovers; deceased)

Crimes Committed

Underage drinking [Jun 2009]

Possession of marijuana [Jun 12, 2009]

Driving without a license [Jul 21, 2009]

Invoved in a hit-and-run accident [Jul 21, 2009]

Failure to report an accident [Jul 21, 2009]

Was a minor when she ran away with brother to Cancun, Mexico [Jul to Aug 2009]

Broke into restaurant [Jul 30, 2009]

Obstruction of justice; kept quiet about Michael Corinthos' role in Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos' murder [2010]

With sister Molly, hacked into Ethan Lovett's computer [Mar 2010]

Falsely accused Ethan Lovett of beating her [Mar 2010]

Aided in auto theft [Mar 2011]

Attempted murder; tried to take Trey Mitchell off of life support [Jan 11, 2013]

Arrested for the assault of Connie Falconeri; received a suspended sentence and community service [Feb 2013]

Vandalism; took a baseball bat to Connie Falconeri's office [Jul 25, 2013]

Offered her professor sex in exchange for better grade [revealed Jan 18, 2016]

Hacked into mother's email account to delete email from school [Dec 17, 2015]

Health and Vitals

Born weeks prematurely [Nov 19, 2002]

Placed on ventilator [Nov 2002]

Diagnosed with a form of leukemia [Nov 2004]

Received umbilical cord stem cell transplant from Lila McCall [Nov 2004]

Kidnapped by Faith Roscoe and A.J. Quartermaine [Feb 2005]

Injured by knife [revealed Jun 13, 2005]

Went into shock after seeing Sam McCall shoot serial killer, Diego Alcazar [Nov 17, 2006]

Traumatized seeing Diego Alcazar alive [Feb 14, 2008]

Physically abusive relationship [Jul 2009 to Apr 2010]

Threatened by Jerry Jacks [Jul 30, 2009]

Blacked out and suffered sprained wrist from being trapped under a carnival ride [Sep 8, 2009]

Bruised by Ethan Lovett [Mar 12, 2010]

Hospitalized after being assaulted by Kiefer [Mar 15, 2010]

Sprained ankle playing tennis [Jul 2010]

Suffered hypothermia after a bus crash [Dec 31, 2010]

Became hooked on narcotics that Dr. Lisa Niles told her were herbal supplements [Apr 2011 to May 2011]

Hospitalized after being found unconscious by Anthony Zacchara [Sep 2, 2011]

Underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment near her spinal cord; suffered facture to C-7 vertebrae [Sep 14, 2011]

Kidnapped and held at gunpoint by Joe Scully, Jr. [Oct 1, 2012]

Rendered unconscious and required resuscitation after a car accident [Jan 3, 2013]

Depression [Winter 2013]

Held hostage by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016]

Cut to head and knocked unconscious in explosion [Sep 10, 2018]

Brainwashed into a cult [Sep 2018 to Apr 2019]

Given sedative in drink [Apr 10, 2019]

Taken to a safe house, and kept against her will [Apr 10, 2019]

Began "exit therapy" with Dr. Neil Byrne [Apr 2019]

Brief Character History

Kristina Adela Davis was conceived during a one-night stand between mob boss, Sonny Corinthos, and his attorney, Alexis Davis. Alexis was horrified when she realized that she was pregnant because she feared the impact that Sonny's lifestyle would have on their unborn child. Alexis moved heaven and earth to prevent Sonny from learning the truth, so she enlisted her ex-fiancÚ, Ned Ashton, to aid in the deception by claiming that the baby was his. Alexis gave birth to a baby girl, and she named the infant after Alexis' recently deceased sister, Kristina Cassadine.

Alexis did everything that she could to both protect and to keep her daughter close. However, Kristina was placed in the Quartermaines' custody when Alexis was revealed to have killed Luis Alcazar. When Kristina's "cousins," A.J. and Skye Quartermaine, kidnapped the Kristina, Alexis kidnapped her daughter back from A.J. and Skye. Alexis eventually returned Kristina to the Quartermaines, but she dressed up as a butler to be near Kristina. It took months for Alexis to be granted legal custody of her daughter.

In November of 2004, Kristina was diagnosed with a form of leukemia that required a bone marrow transplant. Dr. Steven Webber concluded that Kristina's best bet of a donor was from a relative, but after testing Ned Ashton, he discovered that Ned could not be Kristina's biological father. As Kristina lay in the hospital, her mother was forced to reveal Kristina's true paternity. Sonny's family members proved not to be a match for Kristina, but tragedy struck when Sonny's ex-mistress delivered a stillborn daughter. The stem cells from infant's umbilical cord saved Kristina's life.

After Kristina's recovery, Sonny and Alexis battled it out in court for custody. Alexis had married Kristina's half-uncle, Ric Lansing, to better her chances at wining custody of her daughter. After many ups and downs in court, Alexis agreed to a shared custody agreement with Sonny, and Kristina's name was legally changed to Kristina Adela Corinthos-Davis. Alexis still feared that Sonny's lifestyle would eventually hurt Kristina, and her fears were realized when Kristina was kidnapped.

At first, Alexis was suspected, but shortly afterwards, Kristina's brothers, Michael and Morgan, were kidnapped as well. It was revealed that Faith Roscoe, along with Michael's biological father, A.J. Quartermaine, had orchestrated the kidnappings to stage Michael's death. A.J. had planned to run away with his young son, but his plans went awry. Kristina was eventually found and returned home where she learned the news that she would be getting a little sister. After the birth of her little sister, Molly Lansing, Kristina also welcomed a big sister into her life when it was revealed that Samantha McCall was Alexis' firstborn, whom Alexis had been forced to give up for adoption.

In November 2006, Kristina walked into an ambush meant for her sister Sam McCall, Jason Morgan, and Damian Spinelli that was orchestrated by Lorenzo Alcazar, Luis Alcazar's identical twin brother. During the ambush, Kristina witnessed Sam shoot and "kill" Lorenzo's son, Diego Alcazar. Kristina went into shock, and she remained in a trance-like state for weeks until she wished her mother, "Merry Christmas." In February 2008, Kristina once again retreated into silence when she saw that Diego Alcazar alive -- and terrorizing the town's residents as the Text Message Killer.

In June 2009, Kristina appeared as a 16-year-old who had been caught drinking by her father's mob enforcer and best friend, Jason Morgan. Kristina had turned into a manipulative and rebellious teen, while still maintaining the picture of perfection to her mother. Kristina's feelings toward her father, Sonny, were more complicated. She admired him greatly, but she also resented him for never making an effort to play more of a role in her life. When Kristina's brother Michael awoke from an extended coma, she began to reconnect with her adoptive brother by showing him what he had missed. Michael was also in a rebellious period, and Michael ended up in a bar fight with Kristina's boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer.

As Michael and Kristina grew closer, Alexis worried that Michael was not a good influence for Kristina due to his traumatic brain injury. Alexis asked that the siblings limit their time together, especially after she found them hanging out at Jake's bar. Instead, Alexis encouraged Kristina to spend more time with Kiefer.

In the spring of 2009, things heated up between Kristina and Kiefer. Kristina enjoyed the social status that she had achieved as Kiefer's girlfriend, but she was not ready to have sex with him. As Kiefer's frustrations mounted, so did his temper. It wasn't long before his verbal abuse turned violent. Afterwards, Kiefer would apologize and do everything in his power to win Kristina back. In time, Kiefer made Kristina believe that her actions invited the abuse. Whenever anyone questioned her bruises, Kristina made excuses. She also felt pressured to have sex with Kiefer, especially when she caught him flirting with another girl.

On July 21, Kristina confronted Kiefer then drove away. Upset and crying, Kristina became distracted and drifted into the oncoming lane. A car swerved to avoid a collision then careened off the road. Terrified, Kristina fled the scene then called Kiefer. Kiefer agreed to help Kristina cover up what had happened. Later, it was revealed that Claudia Zaccahara, Sonny's new wife, had been driving the vehicle that crashed, and Claudia had miscarried her baby hours later.

Michael confessed that he had caused the accident in a bout of road rage. Michael was released into Jason's custody, but he was filled with guilt when Sonny accused him of causing his unborn brother's death. Despite Sonny's anger, Sonny made it clear that he didn't want Michael to plead guilty. Furious that he couldn't do things his way, Michael made plans to disappear, so Kristina decided to join her brother. She knew that the accident had been her fault, and her guilt drove her to stick close to her brother.

After the teens disappeared, evidence pointed to one of Alexis' cars being involved in the collision with Claudia's car. Alexis realized that Kristina had been responsible for the accident, but Alexis confessed to the hit-and-run. Sam and Jason set out to find the teens, but danger found the teens first when Michael and Kristina crossed paths with Jerry Jacks in Veracruz, Mexico. Claudia had asked Jerry to track down Michael.

Jerry had hoped to use the teens as bait to capture Jason and Sam, but Michael and Kristina were able to escape, and they soon arrived in Cancun where they found jobs working at a store on the beach. Michael found a discarded cell phone, and they both used it to send a message to their parents to let them know that they were okay. Kristina began to feel homesick -- especially for Kiefer -- and she called him, but another woman answered, informed Kristina that Kiefer was busy, then hung up.

Kristina decided to go home because she was worried that she might have lost Kiefer. First, Kristina confessed the truth to Michael about the night of the accident. Shortly afterwards, Sam and Jason caught up to the teens. After Jason, Sam, Michael, and Kristina returned to Port Charles, Kristina learned that her mother had confessed to the hit-and-run to protect her. Sam encouraged Kristina to take responsibility for what she had done, but Kristina went along with the decision that her mother had made. Claudia overheard Sonny and Alexis discuss Kristina's role in the accident, and she vowed to make Kristina pay.

In September 2009, Sonny arranged for all his children and Molly to attend the hospital carnival together. Kristina received a warning from a fortune-teller that danger lurked nearby. Kristina tried to sneak away from her family to spend some time with Kiefer. Claudia wanted to talk to Kristina privately about her boyfriend and convinced her to go on a ride. While they were on the ride, Edward Quartermaine suffered a heart attack and drove his car into the carnival. Kristina was trapped under the ride until Michael rescued her. Kristina thanked him and confided in Michael that Claudia had walked past Kristina several times, while Kristina had been trapped but Claudia had not heard Kristina's cries for help or made an effort to look for her.

Kristina's relationship with Sonny remained tumultuous during this period, in part because Kristina was jealous of the bond that Michael and Morgan shared with Sonny. Sonny had always been a part of his sons' lives. Kristina was hurt that Sonny hadn't fought more to be an active part of her life. As Kristina continued to navigate through her feelings toward her father, she also worried about losing Kiefer if she did not have sex with him. Kristina convinced Sam to take her to a clinic, and she obtained birth control pills.

On October 14, Kiefer took Kristina to a motel, and they had sex. Afterwards, Kristina regretted her decision, but she remained in the relationship. Things didn't improve. Sonny's bodyguards paid Kiefer a visit to remind the teenager to treat Michael better, so Kiefer took his anger out on Kristina. He was also jealous of her friendship with Ethan Lovett. Eventually, Kristina became afraid to be alone with Kiefer, so she began to make excuses to avoid him. Kiefer's grip on Kristina tightened further.

Alexis and Molly were unaware of the abuse because Kristina was always careful to cover the bruises or make plausible excuses for the various injuries that she had suffered at Kiefer's hands. When Claudia vanished in November, Kristina was certain that her father had been responsible. Kristina complained to her brother about their father, prompting Michael to admit that he had killed Claudia as she had attempted to kidnap Carly's newborn daughter, Josslyn Jacks.

Later, Kristina was still trying to process the shocking revelation about Claudia's death when Kiefer stopped by. He tried to get affectionate, but Kristina pushed Kiefer way. Kiefer lashed out with physical aggression. Kristina had had enough, and she broke things off with him. During the breakup Kristina tried to pursue a relationship with Ethan, but she was a minor and Ethan wasn't interested. Kiefer and Kristina reconciled, but Kiefer's violence escalated along with his jealousy.

On March 12, 2010, Kiefer overheard a private conversation between Kristina and Sam about Ethan. He waited until Sam left then confronted Kristina in a jealous rage. A short time later, Ethan found a battered and dazed Kristina, and he took her to the hospital. Kristina panicked and named Ethan as her attacker, but she refused to file charges against him.

Kiefer was relieved Kristina had protected him, although Michael, Jason, Lucky, and Dante suspected that Kiefer had abused her. Sonny threatened to make Ethan pay for hurting his daughter until Alexis convinced him violence would be detrimental to Kristina because she would blame herself for Sonny's actions. Kristina's fears were only reinforced when she heard Claudia's brother testify at Claudia's murder trial that Sonny had been abusive to Claudia.

On April 2, 2010, Kristina realized that she could no longer keep protecting Kiefer. She told him that she intended to tell the truth about what he had done to her. Furious, Kiefer beat her until she was unconscious then fled the house. A short time later, Alexis arrived home. She was horrified by the violence that Kiefer had inflicted on her daughter. Alexis loaded Kristina into the backseat then took off for the hospital.

As an emotional Alexis navigated the dark streets at high speeds, someone suddenly jumped into her path in an attempt to wave her down. Alexis slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. She struck the person then kept going. At the hospital, Kristina admitted that Kiefer had been abusing her for months. Meanwhile, Kiefer was found in a ditch and taken to the hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries. Lucky assumed that Ethan had been responsible for the deadly hit-and-run when he saw damage to Ethan's front fender.

Alexis confessed to the accident, claiming that she thought a deer had darted out into the road. She conceded that she hadn't stopped to check, but Alexis had been too worried about Kristina's injuries. Kristina feared that her mother would be sent to jail. The Bauers were determined to make both Alexis and Kristina pay for their son's death and the vile lies they had told about him. Alexis and Sonny got Kristina into therapy, which generated several questions that Kristina had regarding her relationship with her father, and his treatment of women. He attended a therapy session with Kristina, but it did not provide the answers she had sought.

Instead, Kristina turned to Claudia's brother, Johnny, to learn about Sonny's treatment of Claudia. A bitter Johnny told Kristina that his sister's life had been destroyed by Sonny's verbal abuse, and Johnny admitted that he blamed Sonny, not Michael, for Claudia's death because Sonny had driven Claudia to become desperate and unstable.

A rebellious Kristina wanted to punish her father. She convinced Johnny to pretend to date her because she knew that her father would be bothered when he saw her dating an older man, especially one of her father's enemies. The charade with Johnny went on for a few weeks until Johnny decided to put an end it to, since they had achieved their desired results. They were both unaware that Sonny had planted a car bomb in Johnny's car. When Johnny walked Kristina to his car to take her home, he sensed that something was off. At the last second, he protected Kristina from the blast as the car exploded. Neither was hurt physically, although Kristina was shocked that her father had attempted to kill Johnny.

The fallout from the Bauers ended in dramatic fashion when Warren Bauer took Kristina hostage at gunpoint. He blamed Kristina for Kiefer's death and accused her of lying about the abuse. Michael pushed her out of the way, while Mac Scorpio and Ethan tried to contain Warren. Mac and Ethan were both injured during the standoff, but they each recovered. However, Warren was killed in the altercation.

The rollercoaster relationship between Sonny and Kristina continued. They bonded when Sonny opened up about the abuse that he had suffered as a child at the hands of a brutal stepfather. Kristina appreciated his honesty and support.

On December 29, 2010, Michael, Kristina, and several friends boarded a bus bound for a ski trip. Tragedy struck when the bus crashed. Kristina developed hypothermia, but she had fared much better than her friend Ali. Her friend had suffered a head injury and died. Kristina was devastated by the loss. After Kristina recovered, Sonny and his longtime love, Brenda Barrett, announced their engagement. Kristina was touched when Brenda asked Kristina to be a bridesmaid.

The wedding turned into a fiasco when a criminal known as "The Balkan" kidnapped Brenda and had nearly killed Sam. Ethan saved Kristina, and he protected her and Molly during the chaos, prompting Kristina to vow that one day she would marry Ethan.

As high school graduation drew near, Kristina worried that she hadn't been accepted into Yale -- her dream school. A doctor named Lisa Niles sympathized with Kristina and shared her own story of being wait-listed for college. Kristina also began to babysit for Patrick and Robin Drake's young daughter, Emma. Kristina was unaware that Lisa had befriended her to gain access to the Drake residence because Lisa was obsessed with Patrick. Lisa gave Kristina "herbal supplements" to help reduce Kristina's stress, but the pills were actually powerful narcotics. Ethan recognized the pills, and he helped her kick her dependency on the pills without anyone discovering her secret.

Kristina continued her pursuit of Ethan, although he remained adamant that they would never be more than friends. When Ethan stepped in to protect Kristina from Anthony Zacchara's threats, Kristina took it as a sign that Ethan returned her romantic feelings. Desperate, Ethan enlisted the help of friend, Abby Haver. Ethan made sure to flirt with Abby in Kristina's presence and hinted that they were lovers, but Kristina refused to fall for Ethan's act. Ethan switched tactics by agreeing to spend time with Kristina but on his terms.

Ethan invited Kristina to join him for an overnight trip to Las Vegas. He hoped to scare her off, but she called his bluff. Kristina had a change of heart when she overheard Ethan admit to Skye that he felt sorry for Kristina, and that he had befriended her because she had seemed like a nice kid. Kristina was crushed. She ended up on the pier and tossed away the friendship bracelet that Ethan had given her. Just then, Kristina was hit with blinding neck pain that left her unconscious. For weeks, Kristina had been experiencing debilitating neck pain and bouts of dizziness, but she had always brushed it off.

On September 7, Patrick Drake delivered the news that a bone fragment from an old injury had been pressing against an artery in Kristina's neck. Kristina underwent surgery despite the risk of paralysis. Ethan visited Kristina in the hospital and promised to dance with her at her sister's wedding when she recovered. Everyone initially assumed that the bone fragment had been caused by the abuse that Kristina had suffered from Kiefer, but Molly had hypothesized that the injury had been caused in the blast when Sonny had planted a bomb in Johnny's car.

After the surgery, Kristina experienced temporary paralysis in her leg, but she recovered in time to attend Sam's wedding reception. At the reception, Kristina spoke to fashion editor Kate Howard about the possibility of working for her because Kristina was interested in pursuing a career in fashion. Kristina's plans changed abruptly when she was notified that she had been accepted into Yale.

The first week of November, Kristina packed for college and attended a going-away party in her honor hosted by her father. She shared heartfelt goodbyes with her family, and she thanked Sonny for never giving up on her regardless of the number of times that she tried to push him away. Ethan also stopped by the party and presented Kristina with another friendship bracelet, and he encouraged her to enjoy college life. She agreed she would try but promised her heart would be his when he was ready. Kristina left for college immediately after the party.

Kristina rarely communicated with her family, while she was at Yale, but they became concerned when she went for an extended time without contact. Their concern quickly changed to anger when Kristina suddenly returned home on May 25, 2012 and announced that she had dropped out of Yale because the other students had treated her differently. Kristina's fellow students knew that Sonny had pulled strings to get Kristina admitted to the prestigious school.

Alexis and Sonny admitted that they had used some influence to ensure Kristina's acceptance to her dream school. Kristina angrily accused her parents of wanting to steer her away from Ethan or a career in the fashion industry. Sonny and Alexis were stunned when Kristina revealed that she had not returned alone; she had brought a grad-student producer named Trey, and a camera crew to film her new reality show titled Mob Princess. Her parents refused to have any involvement until Kristina presented them with an ultimatum; participate in the show or never see her again. Reluctantly, Sonny and Alexis consented to the show, but they were not happy about it.

In June, Kristina second-guessed her decision to do a reality show when Sam's baby died shortly after she was born. Trey was thrilled with the drama the storyline would provide but Kristina disagreed and contemplating cancelling the show. Trey reminded Kristina of the humiliation that she had experienced at Yale, so she agreed to continue filming. However, she banned the cameras from Sam's hospital room and from her nephew's funeral. The uneasiness that Kristina had felt about the show returned when Trey met Michael, and Trey had expressed an interest exploiting Michael's time in prison for killing Claudia.

Kristina admitted to Michael that she had only wanted to hurt her parents, but it would make Trey happy if Michael gave his consent to be part of the show. Michael accused her of having a romantic interest in Trey, and Kristina confirmed that it was true. Unfortunately for Kristina, Trey wanted to keep things between them strictly professional. Kristina noticed that Michael had feelings for a young woman named Starr Manning. At first Michael denied it, but Michael had a change of heart when Trey and Starr both answered an ad for an apartment, and they agreed to become roommates.

Trey and Kristina continued to disagree in their vision for the show after they arrived at the courthouse because they mistakenly believed that Sonny had been charged with a crime. Instead, Kate faced charges in the death of two people -- Cole Thornhart and his toddler daughter, Hope Manning-Thornhart. Kate's alternate personality, Connie Falconeri, confessed that she had shot out Anthony Zacchara's car tires, which had crashed into another car.

Kristina did not want Kate involved with the show, but Trey wanted to air Kate's legal battle, including the admission that she had suffered from dissociative identity disorder. Additionally, Trey wanted to include Starr's perspective since it was her boyfriend and child that had been killed. Lastly, Trey wanted Johnny Zacchara's point-of-view because Johnny had been the initial prime suspect in the tragic crash. Kristina argued that the show was titled Mob Princess, and it should be centered on her.

The disputes about the show ceased after Trey announced that he wanted to end the reality show in order to pursue a relationship with Kristina. She was delighted by his offer and shared the news with her family that the show was over. Without the cameras Kristina started to reconnect with her father, and she assisted him in planning his proposal to Kate.

Kristina and Trey grew closer after her mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and hospitalized. Trey supported Kristina and distracted her with the confession that his father was in jail for a crime he did not commit. He shared that his father's legal and monetary troubles were compounded by the cancellation of the show. Trey explained that the production company demanded a few more shows to complete the season in addition to a wedding for the finale. Kristina agreed to complete the show.

In the summer of 2012, Trey suggested that he and Kristina elope in Las Vegas. Kristina questioned the urgency to marry for the show, but Trey eased her reservations about a quickie wedding. On August 28, Trey and Kristina were married. After the wedding, Starr and Michael arrived because they had learned the truth about Trey's father's sordid past with Sonny. Trey denied the accusations and reassured Kristina that he had planted the false connection to add drama to the show. Kristina chose to believe Trey.

When Kristina's family learned that she had married Trey they instructed her to annul the marriage immediately. Instead, Trey and Kristina consummated their marriage and decided to remain married because they each had developed real feelings for one another. A few weeks into the marriage, Trey confessed that their wedding had been his father's idea. Trey also revealed that his mother was Kate Howard.

After Kristina learned the truth about Trey's family, his father Joe Scully, Jr. kidnapped her and planned to kill her as an act of revenge against Sonny, but Trey saved his new bride. Kristina's family wanted to blame Trey for Joe Jr.'s actions but Kristina stood by her husband. In time her loved ones grew to accept Trey. Kristina struggled with her feelings for Trey, which became more complicated when Sonny was accused of killing Trey's father.

Eventually Trey and Kristina worked through their differences and decided to give their relationship another try. Trey was offered a job in Hollywood and Kristina made plans to move with him. However, before they could embark on their new life together, they were involved in a car accident with Kate's alter personality, Connie. Trey was gravely injured in the accident, and he passed away in the hospital. Kristina was heartbroken and blamed Connie for causing the accident, and she confronted the alter personality with a baseball bat. Connie pressed charges against Kristina, and Kristina was charged with second-degree assault.

In February 2013, Kristina received a suspended sentence and community service. The following month, Kristina was accepted to Wesleyan, so she packed up and headed to college. Kristina had hoped that the change would give her a fresh start.

On September 17, 2015, Kristina returned to Port Charles to be with her father who had been recovering from risky surgery to remove a bullet that had lodged near his heart. But Kristina had another reason for being home. She'd landed in hot water at school when she had offered a professor sexual favors in exchange for a better grade. The professor had reported Kristina, and Kristina was suspended from school. Alexis and Sonny were shocked when they discovered that the professor in question was a woman. Kristina admitted that she was sexually attracted to men -- and women.

Kristina believed that Parker Forsyth had reciprocated her feelings, but Parker had been reluctant to act on them because Parker was married. Kristina was also confident that Parker had lied about being happily married it because of the way that Parker looked at Kristina. Initially, Alexis and Sonny had difficulty accepting that their daughter was bisexual, but in time they just wanted her to be happy. However, Alexis and Sonny were agreed that Parker was no good for Kristina.

Kristina was unable to let go of Parker because Parker continued to remain in contact with Kristina despite being warned to keep her distance. Parker visited Port Charles on several occasions, and each time Kristina was more certain than ever that Parker loved Kristina as much as Kristina loved Parker. Parker continued to go back to her wife despite several heated kisses with Kristina.

By April 2016, Kristina was ready to move on. She had met a young man named Aaron Roland, and the two had hit it off right away. They had an easy friendship, and Sonny had been impressed with Aaron's ambition and love for fine cuisine. Kristina was delighted that she was dating someone who made her happy, and she began to work for Sonny's new coffee chain, Perks Coffee, alongside Aaron and her brother Morgan.

In July, Kristina learned that Parker had been booked for a speaking engagement at Port Charles University. Kristina and Parker met, and Parker revealed that her marriage was over. Elated, Kristina spent the night with Parker. Unfortunately, Kristina's hopes were shattered when Parker broke things off with Kristina the following day. Kristina was unaware that Alexis had met with the professor to warn Parker to leave Kristina alone. Alexis feared that Parker was on the rebound and would hurt Kristina, so she threatened to tell the dean at Wesleyan about Parker's tryst with Kristina.

After Parker left, Kristina realized that she had to be honest with Aaron. She told him about her night of passion with Parker, and Aaron broke things off with Kristina. When Kristina learned that her mother had meddled, Kristina paid Parker a visit, but Parker revealed that she and her wife had reconciled. Heartbroken, Kristina returned to Port Charles and tried to pick up the pieces. Kristina had befriended Valerie Spencer, and the two spent a lot of time together as Kristina's broken heart mended.

In October 2016, Kristina suffered the devastating loss of her brother, Morgan Corinthos when he was killed in a car explosion. Kristina had been particularly close to Morgan because she and Morgan had both struggled with feelings of inadequacy and rejection.

In August 2017, Kristina was shocked to learn that Parker had split from her wife, and Parker had taken a job at Port Charles University. Kristina was eager to have an opportunity to be close to Parker, and she signed up for one of her classes. Alexis was less than pleased when she realized why Kristina had suddenly decided to take classes at PCU. However, Parker reminded Kristina that a personal relationship was out of the question because of Parker's position at the university, and Parker's history with Kristina. Kristina agreed to respect Parker's boundaries, but it wasn't long before the two had picked up where they had left off.

Kristina decided to drop out of school, so that she and Parker would be free to date. Unfortunately for Parker, it was too late. Someone had reported the inappropriate teacher/student relationship to the dean. Parker was let go. Kristina was certain that Alexis had reported Parker, but Alexis denied it. Kristina didn't believe her mother, but it didn't matter because Parker couldn't remain in Port Charles without a job. Kristina was stunned when Parker announced that she intended to return to her hometown in Oregon, and she invited Kristina to join her. Kristina happily accepted. On October 11, Kristina said goodbye to friends and family then moved to Oregon with Parker.

In the months that followed, Kristina stayed in contact with her sisters, brother, and her father, but she continued to give her mother the silent treatment. On August 15, 2018, Kristina returned home. Her brother had narrowly escaped an attempt on his life, and he'd suffered the loss of a child when Michael's son was stillborn. Kristina spoke to her mother for the first time in months, and things went well. Alexis only wanted to know that her daughter was happy. Kristina assured her mother that she was.

Sam invited Kristina to stay with her, but it quickly became clear to all that Kristina wasn't in a rush to return home to Parker. Kristina admitted that things had been strained between her and Parker because Parker was busy with work and friends, while Kristina had been stuck at home feeling like she didn't fit in Parker's life. In early September, Kristina decided to fly back to Oregon to end things with Parker. Sam had accompanied her sister on the flight to lend Kristina moral support.

Kristina moved in with her sister Sam then surprised everyone by taking a job at Charlie's Pub working as a bartender. Kristina had a knack for the job, and she and Julian had found a way to coexist despite Julian's tumultuous relationship with Alexis. Kristina reconnected with Valerie, and she made friends with Daisy Kwan. A young woman who worked for a local chapter of a charitable organization called Dawn of Day. Kristina's friendship with Valerie took an unexpected turn when Kristina misread the signs and kissed Valerie. Valerie rebuffed the advances because Valerie was only interested in men.

Kristina apologized, but it was clear that the kiss had made Valerie uncomfortable. Weeks later, Kristina ended the friendship when Valerie refused to accept Kristina's growing interest in DOD. Daisy had given Kristina a copy of Every Dawn Is a New Day, which had given Kristina a new outlook on life. The book had been written by Daisy's spiritual advisor and life coach, Shiloh Archer. Kristina had impressed with the charismatic leader of DOD, and she loved how he welcomed everyone and tried to help the community as a whole.

By February 2019, Kristina had moved into the DOD house, and she had quickly risen in the ranks from novice to a valued member. Kristina invited friends and family to participate in the DOD sessions, but most were turned off by the cult-like atmosphere. Sam was one of the few exceptions, but Kristina was unaware that Sam was concerned about her sister's involvement in the organization, and Shiloh's hold over his followers.

Sam also had a personal connection to Shiloh because she had once conned his father, Henry Archer, out of a fortune. Sam worried that Shiloh might have been motivated by a personal vendetta, so she pretended to believe in Shiloh's philosophy to remain close to Kristina, and to keep a close eye on Shiloh. Sam had good reason to be concerned. Shiloh had been asking Kristina for large sums of money to pay for the various levels of "enlightenment." Additionally, Shiloh had invited Kristina to join the "Trust."

According to Shiloh, the Trust was an elite circle of trusted DOD advisors, but to join the Trust one had to offer a show of good faith by revealing a devastating dark secret about themselves. Shiloh had assured Kristina that her trust would be reciprocated by each of the Trust members once she had been initiated. Kristina was eager to join the Trust, and she provided Shiloh with a secret about one of her family members. Next, Kristina was asked to secure $10,000.00 as a tribute to the organization. Kristina turned to Julian for the money because she knew that her family had concerns about DOD.

On April 10, 2019, Kristina took the final steps to join the Trust. She had changed into the garment provided by Harmony, one of the Trust members, and she had sipped the brew that Harmony had offered Kristina during Kristina's "reflection" period. Nearby, a tattoo set waited to mark Kristina with a symbol that all Trust members had on their lower back. As Kristina drifted off to sleep, Jason slipped into the DOD house then silently entered the attic. He quickly scooped up Kristina and the cup that she'd been given then slipped out of the house.

Michael had learned from an ex-cult member that after receiving the tattoo, the Trust member was expected to have sex with Shiloh as the final step. Sonny had given Jason the order to remove Kristina from the DOD house and to take her to a safehouse. Sonny had also arranged for Dr. Neil Bryne to start "exit therapy" with Kristina. As expected, Kristina was furious when she woke up in Sonny's safehouse, and she tried to leave, but Max and Milo Giambetti had been assigned to guard the secluded location. The guards easily stopped Kristina from escaping then returned her to the safehouse.

Kristina felt betrayed when she realized that her mother had also been part of the plot to remove Kristina from DOD.

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